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Top 10 Places for Korean BBQ

Top 10 places for Korean BBQ

Latest Reviews for Korean BBQ

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean BBQ

Grilling meat over a charcoal fire — now that’s a smoking hot dinner to enjoy with the gang! Make sure to come with hungry tummies as the BBQ Set A (RM63) comes with large plates of pork belly, pork shoulder and baby octopus. You'll also want to snag an order of their signature Spicy Rice Balls (RM24) coated in shredded seaweed. Roll these into little rice ball babies and pop 'em on the grill — a delicious hint of smokiness comes through from the hot sauce that binds the rice together.

The Wang Galbi was one of my favourite meats of the night. Tender and so flavourful!

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Crunchy sweet apple slices with the flavourful tender pork meat. Topped it up with a dash of sesame oil or apple honey.

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Pair your meal with their signature Apple Makgeolli, made with 100% fresh apple juice. Best to drink when it’s still cold.


RM60 for 5 different types of pork, kimchi pancake, soybean soup, rice, 8 refillable side dishes, rice and also ice cream.
Food quality is above average, service was ok, but we think it’s a super good deal from FAVE . Could barely move after the dinner...burp!


Sweet, soft and chewy is the best way to desribe this dish! I was super surprised thag it came with a side of dipping cheese as its not mentioned in the menu. Along with some kimchi and rice/ramen this is the perfect kbbq lunch . Recommended for one person but i think it fills you up even when shared .

Da Sa Rang is my family go-to Korean restaurant, the variety of ban chan (side dishes) they served always win my heart. I especially love their fermented kimchi, the taste brought me back to times when I was in Korea. Price is consider reasonable for the quality and quantity of food, we always order their set meal 'BB4' (RM109) which included 2 BBQ meat (spicy chicken and soy sauce pork), dolsot bibimbap and a kimchi jjigae, add on a plate of tteokbokki or another bibimbap (RM25) is more than enough to feed 5 of us. Another good point of this restaurant is they help you to grill the meat at a seperate table, so the smoke wont make you smell like BBQ for the rest of your day. But if you want to enjoy the grilling experience, you can also request to grill straight on your table.