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Apple slice + pork belly = divine! I really like all their banchans, the salad vegetable banchans are so refreshing and very appetising. It helps wash down the greasiness from all the BBQ meats. Love how attentive their servants are. Apart from the pork belly, their sausages are to die for!

Home to scrumptious marinated pork is this spacious Korean BBQ restaurant. Bring your colleagues and dig into the Palsaik Signature Set (RM138) recommended for two to four hungry people. Alternatively, go big with the Substantial Party Set (RM238) that can feed up to six people. The friendly staff does the grilling for you, so sit back and get ready to feast! Look forward to Palsaik’s signature marinated pork in eight flavours including ginseng, pine leaves, miso and garlic. All sets also come with free-flow kimchi and a big bowl of soup. Cheers to your evening with a bottle of Soju (RM28) or Maekgolli (RM28).
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This comes with the Palsaik set, and they allow you to top up with clear soup if you’re done with the first round.

Recommended for 2-4 pax but it fed the 5 of us (along with some sides) very nicely! This set comes with all eight flavours of the pork along with a soup. Also comes with free-flow kimchi – no wonder we were full. Meat was grilled perfectly, and also appreciated the fact that there’s someone to cook and serve you.

Solid pancake at this buzzy Korean BBQ shop. Crispy edges with a soft yet crunchy middle. Also appreciate the generous veggie-to-flour ratio.

Kimchi soup is my type, sour and spicy one! Unfortunately the veg is not refillable. Each BBQ meat comes with one plate of lettuce only. Rabokki sauce is delicious, dipping with the bbq meat and wrap it with lettuce.

Taking inspiration from Chuncheon's well-known barbecue chicken, SeoulNami serves delicious pork-free Korean barbecue. A must-try is their Famous Chuncheon Chicken (from RM59) – tender marinated chicken thigh available in four tantalising flavours including sweet Honey Butter and spicy Hot Pepper. Bring a group and order the Signature Tasting Set (RM269) for a worth-the-splurge meal for four. The set includes a variety of dishes to fuel the party – think Chuncheon Chicken in three flavours, Crabby Kimchi Jjigae and Fist Rice (DIY rice balls with seaweed and chicken). Also indulge in the popular Korean Bone-in Short Ribs. (RM139).
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Cooking is therapeutic for me especially when i have all the ingredients within reach and i don’t have to do any washing or cleaning! Pay, cook and eat all i want. This authentic Korean BBQ place allows us to do more than BBQ.. you may cook your own Korean instant noodle or even make your own pancake in the designated area. Well done to my new friend @ Honeycomb BBQ 😋 #koreanbbq #proteinloading #workoutday