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RM25++ per adult - Normal pack; pork belly, grilled chicken, and various side dishes.

RM30++ per adult - Full pack; above plus kimchi pancakes, pork slices, and Korean ramen.

Sit back and enjoy while them helpful workers help to grill strips of sliced pork belly and pork shoulder over hot charcoal that should not be missed out ! Shoulder part would be leaner so do expect lower fat percentage and tougher texture whereas the belly part was hella juicy, a good combination to have together 👌 •

Well marinated spicy-paste baby grilled octopus that wasn’t rubbery but a good kind of crunchy chew to it. Fret not, it doesn’t fall anyway near the spicy category and comes in fun bite size which makes it very much enjoyable. Garlic lovers, don’t shy away from it. The grilled garlic chips adds an extra flavor to the octopus •

Let’s not forget about the eye pleasing marbling on the boneless beef ribs (sorry no pic 😅) and then grilled to perfection as each bite of the ribs would melt in your mouth unlike most grilled beef that turns out overly hard/unpleasant to chew ! It’s boneless and comes with king oyster mushroom •

An underrated side dish here is the bombastic (piping hot) soufflé steamed egg ! It lives up to expectation of it being jiggly, soft, fluffy and so tasty with chopped veges for the extra crunch •

All banchan will be served upon sitting with a platter of bean paste dip, sesame oil with salt dip, chilies and fresh garlic but feel free to top up as you please ;) just don’t waste food ! #highlyRAEted •

Set 3: Sliced Pork Belly // Pork Shoulder // Grilled Baby Octopus RM59 • Galbisal (boneless beef ribs) RM80 • Steamed Egg RM15 •

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Eat all you can. Each pax RM42 only. Our berbonding time but we still practice social distancing..

I mean, eye ! 👁🐷🍎 •

As in indicated in the name, a swap for greens with apple slice as a wrap; free flow “banchan” and not forgetting available options for Korean instant noodle too •

Apple Samgyupsal is skilled by attendants who are always on their toes, ready to assist-barbecue and cut your meat into slices before it reaches your plate •

To ensure the pork has its apple-sweet flavor, it is marinated 24 hours in apple sauce and smoked with apple wood chips after. It doesn’t stop there, after meeting the grill and ready to be eaten, dip it once again into their apple purée sauce 👌• Using apple as a wrap, sandwiching a pork/beef slice in between, it has an add-on refreshing sweetness to it. Like a combo of sweet and savory ! I can only imagine the effort for the neatly thin sliced cut apples •

Wang Galbi Pork RM32 • Samgyupsal - Original Pork RM25 • L.A. Galbi Beef RM48 •

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• Kimchi Jjigae
• Japchae
• Tteok-bokki

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It was a total sadness having dinner at this restaurant! They kept sending wrong orders, meat was very thin...it was really the lowest grade meat and it was not fresh at all. Never did i felt so disappointed in other Korean restaurant. The Chinese guy/owner just sits there even he heard me complaining to his staff. RM180 for really bad food! First & the last.... puih!

It was pretty spicy and totally unsubtle... yet so awesome we had to have a second order (pic 3). The kimchi was well-aged (this and the generous dollops of kimchi spices were what gave it the edge). It was the quiet recommendation of one of the serving staff. When i asked him for his first recommendation and then another, he named this dish both times... The budaechigae 부대찌개 (swipe) and the sundubu chigae were ok, but nowhere as awesome. The banchan (helmed by the kimchi) were above par.