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Not often you’d find a bibimbap at a authentic Korean restaurant without pork. This is one of it. The gochujang is thick. Came with 8 side dishes, 1 bowl of delicious soup and steam egg.

One thing I’ve always loved about this place is their kimchi. Sooo delicious! Can’t find one that tastes as good from the Korean marts.

This is RM23.

Hot udon soup is a specialty from Daegu for supper. While I wasn’t sure how much the ones here resembles its origin, this is definitely comforting on cold nights. Piping hot udon soup made of fish cake, prawn, seaweed, chopped spring onions and korean enoki mushroom. RM18.80 per serving.

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Spicy marinated pork ribs that tasted a bit like the Chinese BBQ Pork. RM24.80 per serving.

Definitely one of the better Toppoki! Even got a friend who hasn't tried it before to try and he loved it! Would recommend ordering.

Really tasty marinated bbq beef! You guys would also like to hear that the staff happily cook for you here and it is ridiculously well ventilated (or at least when I went).

Their signature is still the 8 orders of pork if you want that.

A really nice dish overall, definitely on the spicier side, so this is the dish to get if you're feeling a bit more bold.

RM260++ | Ordered the set menu for 3-4 pax which includes kimchi ramyeon, steamed egg, samgyeopsal, beef, squid and kimchi pancake. Meat doesn’t feel too greasy which is a huge plus! Kimchi pancake was really good - make sure to dip the sauce. Had naengmyeon at the end of our dinner to ease away the greasiness of the meat.

The side dishes and lettuce are free flow so do feel free to ask the staffs for refill. As for the meat, you can choose whether to grill it at your table or outside - where they grilled it for you and bring it to your table.

Bill comes out to be only RM260++ with all the dishes and 2 bottles of soju! Super good and affordable KBBQ place in Kuala Lumpur.

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Pen this Korean joint down for fun, yummy AND affordable Korean barbecue dinners with the gang. Begin with Set C (RM87) that is perfect for three to four hungry people. Look forward to excellent quality meats like the soy sauce lamb, pork belly and grilled chicken. For cuts worth splurging on, the U.S Angus Beef Premium Rib Eye (RM75) and Pork Ribs Marinated in Special Soy (RM31) are worth an additional order. Cap off the meal with a bottle of Soju (RM29) to share.
Photo by Burppler Audrey Chew

I'd go so far to say this is 8.5/10 which is fairly decent considering it's only 20 over bucks 👍🏽 The Honey Butter Garlic Pork is so honey-ly sweet and so butteryyy! I always wrap my BBQ meat with lettuce and eat it with garlic, pepper and gochujang. But it's such a waste eating with its cause you can't really taste the buttery and sweetness from it... It's so nice eating on its own.

Whenever I'm in a Korean restaurant in mood for carbs, Kimchi Fried Rice it is (RM19.90) comes with seaweed soup and refillable banchan. I was craving for some cheesy rice (in my mind was thinking of fried rice surrounded by cheese ring like those dalgakbi), so requested to add on with cheese (another additional RM5). At the end, when they said cheese is added it's just your usual kraft cheddar cheese mixed in which was super dissapointing. The stickiness of the fried rice is on point and stir fried with tons of pork cube. Hence it is super filling. It certainly isn't "sour" enough to my liking to be called kimchi fried rice.