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The black Angus patty was good. The rest of it was okay. If you’re looking for a classic cheeseburger, this is it.

This is RM32.

Goan prawn curry originated from Goa. Hence, Goan.

The prawns were very fresh. The curry was rich, smooth. For me, nothing really stood out with this curry. I’ve actually not come across this dish elsewhere so can’t make a comparison either.

This is RM38.

I LOVE paneer. So for me its a must try at every new Northern Indian restaurant I go to.

The gravy is slightly sweet as it is made in a tomato based gravy. This dish isn’t spicy, at least not to me. Love the smooth, creamy texture of the gravy. If you love paneer, go for it!

This is RM31.

Batata fritters also known as batata vada in India. It means potato fritters.

It consists of a potato mash patty coated with chick pea flour. This is serves with chutney. I love potatoes so this was great!

My Gujerati friend from India said it tastes exactly like how his mother makes it. I take that as a stamp of approval from a native.

This is RM15.

This masala chai is awesome! I love it! I’ve been trying to find one in KL that tastes as good as the one I had in India. This is it! and it comes in a clay cup instead of the usual metal cups used by Indian restaurants.

If you’re drinking more than 2 cups, order the pot. Our server didn’t advise us and we ordered individual cups. We ended up having 3 cups. Also, the pot is a vintage pot, good for photos.

This is RM8.

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Why did I not discover this sooner?!

I LOVE the topping of chopped tomatoes, coriander, onion and green chilli, seasoned with salt and pepper. So yummy! A should try for me.

This is RM8.

If you’re looking for a place for fried chicken burgers 😍 Their fried chicken is crispy and juicy! My RM17.90 Double Trouble c/w a side and coke. Located near Cosan Coffee at SS15. Try their volcano spicy sauce! Definitely giving you some heat.

Average bara chirashi, proportion of rice to ingredient was significant lol. If you're craving for bara chirashi, this would hit the spot. I had the milk tea as well, while not too sweet it wasn't strong enough in my opinion. But overall, a nice casual spot for a Thai-Jap fusion meal.

Food was generally good...😋 Pork Bone soup noodles with giant char siew (RM13.90)

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Quite reasonable at RM35.20, the Australian beef goes well with the sweet sesame sauce. Most interesting thing was the salted egg chawanmushi which was delish. All in all, a flavourful lunch.


Absolutely amazing dish. The miso sauce and grilled eggplant is a wonderful combination. About RM17

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