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had the Belgian for brunch and it was really good! waffles were pretty crispy and great paired with the mango and toasted coconut shreds, portion was pretty big too. the latte was served as a glass of coffee ice cubes and a bottle of warm milk, which was kinda cool tbh HAHAH

Just sharing these few options that has been consistently good over the years •

Part 1:
Poultry - Whatever style you wish to have, you name it, they’ll probably have it ! Diverse cooking style of half/whole chicken that stands out from its own element, from fried to steam chicken. Not only that, a promising one-bone pork dish that doesn’t cheat you off it’s fat but a good ratio of lean meat ! •

Also, I’m a sucker for home made tofu. Silky soft tofu with different condiments - either seafood based or XO sauce with lots and lots of mushrooms #highlyRAEted •

#seksyen17 #chinesecuisine #daichow #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl #klnow #poultry

Just sharing these few options that has been consistently good over the years •

Part 2:
Seafood - Because of its Sang Har Mee staple, people often assume it’s an expensive restaurant that can only be enjoyed over an occasion. Though their Sang Har Mee is remarkable and quotes quite a price, there are other few simple “easy going” seafood dishes that are fresh and doesn’t punch a hole in your wallet, be it fried/steam fish or salad prawns •

Don’t forget your greens too, peeps. As long as it’s fresh, no other complains there #highlyRAEted •

#greenview #seksyen17 #chinesecuisine #daichow #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl #klnow #seafood

• Pesto Paneer & Caper Relish
• 9.5/ 10
• RM26.90

A huge fan of this! Think spicy bibimbap, but you have the option to turn em’ into cute little rice balls, FUN!

To me, service is key, and this cute spot along Jalan Mesui aced that factor. Quick service, observant and friendly staff members, knows exactly what the customers need. Very impressive!
Food wise, it was terrific. The meat cuts were fresh and juicy. Who doesn’t love a good Korean BBQ?
Of course, this comes with a slightly higher than average price tag. Nevertheless, I would go back for special occasions!