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Recommended lists for Newly Opened

Recommended lists of Best Newly Opened Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2019
Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Kuala Lumpur: January 2019 The new year brings with it new eateries! We scour the city to check out what’s fresh on the scene this month. On our radar so far — gourmet burgers in Bukit Jalil, a jazzy speakeasy cocktail bar in TTDI and a smokin’ hot pizza joint in Mont Kiara.

Top 10 Places for Newly Opened

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened

What I like most about the burger menu is that you can choose what patty you want to go with your burger. Unlike some where the burger is only served with beef or chicken patty. So you have a choice of beef, chicken or falafel. Since I’m a pescatarian, I chose the falafel.

Blue comes with creamy blue cheese (yummmm!!), caramelised onions and rocket leaves on fluffy soft pretzel bun. The patty was crispy on the outside and crumbly on the inside. It came with a side of fries.

Honestly, I expected a bigger burger but this size is just enough. If you have a bigger appetite, might not be enough.

This is RM33.

Honestly, I had a hard time looking for the outlet. It was hidden away in a corner. With the lot number, I expected to see it right next to Rakuzen, but nope.

Ordered the Figaro pizza to try as the topping was the most interesting. It came with goat’s cheese, mozzarella, fresh figs, honey, walnut, beef bacon and rocket leaves.

I find the goat’s cheese taste was a little overwhelming but my friend liked it. So it depends on your liking. The crust was nicely thin. Overall, I enjoyed it.

This is RM40. I think the price is a little on the high side considering the size.

Minimalistic interior and probably have around 10 tables or so. It was packed when we went with a 30 minutes wait. If you’re there for drinks, takeaway would be quicker. In frame: Signature beancurd served with soymilk and 2 toppings (choose from rice balls, grass jelly, pearls or adzuki beans).

Smooth shaved iced with grass jelly and adzuki red beans in the middle and topped with boba and crushed peanuts. Get your cameras ready as it’s being served! :)
The soy ice is already sweeten so we didn’t add the sugar syrup that came with it.

Oat milk wasn’t prominent when it was hot, but the flavour was more noticeable after it cooled down.

📷 In frame:
Tsukene [RM7]; Cool Green [RM13]; Coco in the Tropics [RM15].⁣⁣
✨: One thing's for sure-- Lucky Tora is incredible for photos. Want that perfect Instagram shot and amazing food to boot? You've found your spot. Seated outside, we got the perfect natural lighting for the gram (bless the smoking ban). ⁣⁣
The tsukene (meat stick) yakitori pictured was delicious. The generous amount of minced chicken and veg wrapped around the stick was tender and a flavour bomb in of itself. The accompanying raw egg yolk is quite an acquired taste with a strong flavour one would call 'umami'. ⁣⁣

💬: The only downside for me is the price point, but even that can be justified by the stunning decor, friendly service, and high quality food.⁣⁣
I would definitely re-visit as many menu items intrigued me!⁣⁣
On an important note, using reusable straws is a simple step one can take to save the environment. Pictured are collapsible straws (they can fold into pocket-size!) from MEKO Malaysia [] 🌍⁣⁣

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The team behind Alison Soup House takes on communal-style dining at this gorgeous, open-air restaurant in Section 17. The menu features familiar Malaysian flavours, such as a Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken (RM22) and Starfruits Assam Fish (RM28) — both pair well with the fragrant Chicken Rice (RM4). End your meal on a sweet note with a warm, super comforting bowl of Bubur Cha Cha (RM7), especially great on a chilly night.


You might know Coley Cocktail Bar for its nightly bustle, but Transparent Coffee now takes over the space in the day. Run by some of the peeps behind One Half and Artisan Roast, this coffee bar aims to highlight fair trade between farmers and roasters. We like both the Filter Coffee (from RM15) and the White (from RM10) — the latter comes with an oat milk option that offers rich, nutty flavours with a sweet aftertaste. If you're feeling peckish, there's tangy, tasty Sourdough Toast (from RM12) for a bite.


New to Bukit Jalil, Define:Food's latest burger venture grills up delicious gourmet burgers. The Salt Bae (RM24.90) comes highly recommended for its juicy beef patty, spicy cocktail sauce and salt beef slice. Upgrade your meal to a set (from RM5.90) for your choice of fries, onion rings or tater tots and a drink. If you're in the mood to splurge, indulge in the Wagyu Cheese Special (RM32.90) – expect a luxurious pairing of wagyu beef and duck bacon.
Photo by Burppler Jamri Aizat


You’ll be crushing on CRUST once you've had one of their yummy, woodfire-baked sourdough pizzas. The folks behind this large and cheerful space also own casual pizza and burger point Patty & Pie, so your food is in good hands. Dive straight for the meaty Carne (RM35) or the Greek-inspired Baba (RM35) topped with feta cheese and baba ganoush. Bring your burger-loving friends along for the ride too – the juicy Cheeseburger (RM28) is simple and super satisfying.


There's a new and healthy way to enjoy desserts thanks to Soylab's soy milk-centric menu. Order the refreshing Soy Frozen (RM13.50) that sees shaved soy ice topped with grass jelly cubes, adzuki red beans and crushed peanuts. It's served on a dish filled with dry ice, creating the perfect misty backdrop for that epic Instagram shot. The Matcha Red Bean Soyffle Pancake (RM23) is one of the more decadent options, and one that Burppler Alyssia Yu declared to be her favourite in town.
Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

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TTDI welcomes a sexy cocktail bar perfect for date nights, or for catching up with a friend over a drink. Look forward to fragrant tea-based cocktails, from the sweet and fruity Earl de Grey (RM43) to a rich matcha-based Zen Green Tea (RM45). If cocktails aren’t your thing, the spirits list might entice you — gins, wines and an extra extensive whisky list. Pro tip: Look out for a locksmith with a yellow signage to find the bar located right above.