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Reinventing the timeless “Old Fashioned” with a Malaysian twist using palm sugar(gula malacca), Bramble Gin Liqueur, Angostura Orange, pink grapefruit juice and orange peel to garnish. I’m blown by taste and indeed a vigorous drink. RM45 per glass.

Homemade sourdough topped with fluffy scramble, chunks of crabmeat, and drizzled with chilli oil. The chilli oil gives a spicy kick to cut through the heaviness of the eggs and crabmeat. It’s a rather large portion so prepare your stomach!

Fluffy scrambled eggs on fluffy rice, topped with ikura and nori flakes. It’s a simple yet filling dish, and will only set you back RM13.

Baked egg in deliciously spicy marinara sauce, with mushrooms and a generously sized chicken sausage. Served with a side of homemade sourdough and priced at RM19.

In the heart of Damansara Utama (Uptown), I’m sure y’all know how busy can that place get but Ground is located a few mins away, a neighborhood cafe I would say.

The coffee that they serve are usually using the beans from Singapore (for pour over coffee) and it varies. Their usual blend is from BEAM Specialty which is a combination of Brazil, Colombian and Indonesian coffee beans.

It should taste nutty, slight floral and fruity with caramel aftertaste. The strong body comes from the Indonesian beans.

Name after Mr.Martin Hudak, who’s a very experience bartender and barista, notable to many for creating coffee cocktails. Hudak is very interesting coffee based cocktail with Jameson whiskey, passionfruit syrup, Gula Malacca, nutmeg and sumac Belacan cream. The first sip was creamy and savoury from the top Balacan foam. The following sip makes you wanting more if you are a coffee lover. Though I wish there was more whisky but I think the cold brew coffee was overpowering. RM42 per glass.

I personally love the combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup, and Provisions does it right. The cheese is savoury and flavourful and goes well with the sourdough. Tomato soup was fine, definitely enough sweetness and tartness to it. Wish they had put more cheese in the sourdough, if I was going to be eating sinfully I’d want to go all the way 😂

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Fans of Cheese put your hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Travelled all the way to get my hands on their Grilled Cheese sandwich (RM15) Opted for sourdough between the choice of sourdough and brioche, and also feeling "extra" to have chicken sausage as add-on (RM6). Sandwich did not cut through, it's cheesy but very bland for a trio cheese combo. I however like the side salad seasoned with salt and pepper.

They come for the dessert, I don’t mind the different selection of food on the menu.. at least it is not your usual boring stuff you get in most cafes

Would be really awesome if they can do up the outdoor space..

Hotate Cheese spaghetti! Comes with 6 pieces of hotate and melted cheese on pasta. But the Spaghetti's sauce is tad salty to my liking...

Soft shell crab ontama curry rice (RM21). Curry is thickand fragrant, the type of curry that I like. Soft shell crab is alright not the best but ain't bad either.