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Loved the broth! Not too salty and not too thick either.

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Interesting combination of brown sugar soymilk with bobas!

Good place to hang out and have your local delicacy craving satisfied.

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Back here again for awesome cocktail. Today featuring a new blend, suntory gula melaka. Gula melaka was a very sweet ingredient in food, mint was being added to refresh the blend to be easily drinkable. Overall, I will still prefer Suntory Lover as opposed to its brother Suntory Gula Melaka. Price: RM36 before tax, Food: 8/10

Here again bringing my besties to this extraordinary food place. Kimchi soup chilies to salt ratio are having chilies on the higher side, so it was less salty. I personally would like the salty part to be higher to balance out chilies flavor. Price: RM22.80 before tax, Food: 7/10

Nice and buttery grilled fish, with a generous bed of greens on top (which we highly appreciate after an incredibly filling start of the meal). The shio kombu butter is the winning element — boasting depth and savoury goodness.


In case I haven’t mentioned, this smart casual restobar that quietly cropped up in TTDI is absolutely the place to be if you like to eat. The concept centres around their charcoal grill, and as a result, everything that comes off it has a lovely smokiness.

We started our night on these, wonderfully creamy and cumin-y eggplant with the bright crunchy bursts of pomegranate and fragrant fried shallots.


How are sweet potatoes this good? Ask Ember. Nailing the caramelised, crisp-skinned cook on the sweet potatoes, the dish also features piquant ulam raja and smoked yoghurt below. Sweet, rich with a crunchy zing. Yum.

Also overheard someone come in to dapao this. Can totally imagine munching on a plate of this for a kinda healthy, very delicious tv dinner.

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Cold wanton mee-reminiscent noodles tossed in lovely ponzu sauce, served with sweet pear slices and smoked duck. Interestingly, the simply but excellent done noodles stood out much more than the meat here.

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Always up for healthy bowl. I ordered chicken breast for my protein and pasta as my base. They do have salmon and steak as well (with extra rm3). Price range around rm15.9-rm19.9

If you’re a big fan of Korean BBQ, and you’re also craving for Japanese cuisines, here at Super Boring Club they’ve got you covered.

This place serves fancy Korean-Japanese fusion cuisines, which Korean BBQ actually tasted very authentic and guess what? We had BBQ with Sake cocktails instead of the normal Soju (Korean tradition) which I think was actually quite interesting. Some authentic ala-carte Korean dishes were also given a different vibe. It is authentic but it doesn’t actually taste like the original. It just excites our tastebud in short.

p/s : Try this for yourself and tell me your experience. Full post on this place, is up on my Instagram

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Ramen has won the hearts of many foodies worldwide! Usually you would find the ramen to be made with a creamy, thick and full of flavour consists of Pork bones including the pork slices which is truly rich yet heartwarming that just makes everyone satisfied especially during the winter months in Japan! But now slowly, the world are getting more health conscious and so they started introducing the option to chicken made ramen.. They have a few options from their original shio to a category called extreme which has a thicker and richer broth and it is their signature ramen broth!
Initially, we were hesitant as the heavy and rich texture of the soup would be hard to achieve with chicken but from this ramen shop, it was a well balanced soup with slight heavy texture on the mouthfeel.. I had the Toripaitan Shio Egg Chien (RM17.40) which has a rich broth and there were a few options but I opted for the one with half boiled egg! The noodle texture was on the soft kind and the broth was quite flavourful without the massive heavy texture.. You can opt for the spicy broth if you are into more spice in your ramen