Top 10 Places for Newly Opened

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened

After dinner, my friend and I decide to have some dessert. We decide to give a try to this new dessert shop in Bangsar. We have order their tasting platte1r that consist four different type of ice-cream for RM15.90. You can choose any flavour of the ice-cream. Their tasting platter is a opening promotion for this July only. We have choose Earl Grey Tarik, Black Forest, Musang King Durian and Rum & Raisin. Earl Grey Tarik taste okay but is not my taste because I can't stand the strong smell of Early Grey. I more prefer their Black Forest ice cream, it taste more better compare to other ice cream but is still a bit sweet to us. Rum & Raisin tasted more like a vanilla , I can't feel any special of this ice cream. My friend and I put a quite high expectation on the Musang King Durian but it disappointed us. The musang king ice cream taste salty , they do have the taste of the durian but you can taste it does not have strong durian taste and let us feel it is really not a very pure natural durian ice cream. According to the waiter, all of their ice cream are handmade without any preservative and pigment but frankly speaking overall their ice cream tasted not good. Hope they will improve since is still the first month of opening. You guys still can give a try if you are ice cream lover.


Jammy quartered eggs, fragrant mustards seeds and gherkins (pickles?? should鈥檝e asked) on a single sourdough slice. Costed a bomb (for an open faced toast) but definitely worth treating yourself to, when you want a classy, no-frills breakfast. Or brunch. Or tea.


Hello fellow cheese-loving friend, welcome to heaven. Sweet, stringy and slightly milky, the straciatella makes the perfect topping to pile on their sourdough slices. Expect the occasional crunch from pumpkin seeds and the bread鈥檚 ultra-crisp crust. Gotta love mopping up that herbed Italian oil with bread 鈥 if only they had supplied a slice or two more.


Or at least we do when we go. Case in point: last night's lovely sausage party, featuring an agglomeration of vaguely country-themed hot doggus. We liked the Malaysian one best (yay national pride) thanks to the textural tapestry of the peanuts and chopped-up crispy anchovies. Good stuff. And we understand the hot doggus will be making their way into the past-5pm menu at Alta. Yay.

But not as yay as the laboriously homemade stracciatella with raw honey and olive oil and pumpkin seeds. Or the ricotta! Look at that pretty plate. And the accompanying sourdough est fantastique. Chewy, resistive and crusty in all the right amounts. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

Maybe even more than the food, though, this foodgae likes the layout and the general feel of the place. Airy, open and inviting, Alta consistently beckons and we consistently heed the call. Great sourdough, delicious cheezes, lovely natural wines - just bring the company.

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Cheap and delicious.
Pineapple Fried Rice, Tomyam Fried Rice, Pork Noodles Soup, Pad Thai and Thai Milk Tea.
Worth to try.

A friend introduce this new Thai Street food place to me and immediately i have fall in love with it.

Like a boat noodle place, food here came in small portion which allow you to try out more variety of food.

I had the signature braised pork leg noodle (rm4.9) which came out surprisingly generous portion for a small bowl. Flavor is on point and the generous portion of shredded pork leg that cook to fork tender.

Aside from noodle, rice, veg and small street food like moo ping and fish cake. Thai boy do serve dessert as well. However the mango sticky rice was a bit let down compare to their savoury dish.

Could this be my new favourite ice cream joint in town? It might be! Frozen by Ken has a variety of flavours from familiar local snacks like this Kaya Toast. I love how it wasn鈥檛 too sweet and the bits of pastry (to resembled toast) folded in the ice cream. The Mango Sorbet was recommended, and it鈥檚 a great treat if you want one that鈥檚 not too heavy. Love how strong the mango flavours are too.


This new ice cream parlour along Telawi serves quality scoops! The guys recommended the D24, so durian lovers go crazy, but I played safe with the pandan kaya and passion mango sorbet 鈥 both delicious. The pandan kaya is rich and creamy, with crumble laced in for crunchy bits while the passion mango hits a nice, refreshing balance of sweet and tang.

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Thai chicken soup in coconut milk is a dish that can do no wrong, and this one at Malai Thai was lovely too. It鈥檚 sweet, creamy and spicy all at once. Not much sides (eg. Mushrooms) in the dish, but they do give a lot of chicken slices.


Definitely expensive for a cup of ice tea, but I love that Malai Thai Cuisine has a non-milk option for this drink. It smells and tastes the same, only without that creaminess from the milk.


Thai Massaman curry with sweet potatoes, peanuts and chicken is a combo to die for. The broth was so sweet and creamy, and I love the hint of the peanuts that comes at the end. A little small with the chicken portion, but the pieces were so tender. I ate every drop of the curry with the fluffy rice.


What was lacking in greens (it being a salad and all), the flavours of the dish made up for it. Bright, sour and refreshing all that once, this mixed seafood salad was a really great recommendation. The seafood was super fresh too 鈥 prawns so juicy!