[2022] Krakow, Prague, Brussels, Paris, Milan, Modena, Rome Our long-awaited and long-overdue Eastern and Western Europe trip from 18 Nov - 7 Dec 2022
[2022] Johor Bahru, Malaysia Loving such short trips across the Causeway as the borders have finally opened up!
[2022] Bangkok, Thailand First vacation in almost 2 years+ after the whole COVID pandemic. Going to revisit several of my past favourites food hunts and explore a new ones during this trip.
Travel, Local Delights, Hawker Food Craving For Simplicity On the hunt for food at its purest form; food that is simple, no frills, authentic, stripped down, presented in its intended form and lastly down-to-earth. With the blurring of food cultures and fusions going on in the world out there, where can we find these original foods before it get lost into the history books?
Homemade / Self-cooked, Healthy, Cheap & Good Deliveries/Takeaways/Homecooked During the circuit breaker, many people either turn to food deliveries/takeaways or become chefs trying out different recipes.
Breakfast & Brunch, Popular, Cafes & Coffee Specialty Coffee Single origin? Mixed blend? Take your pick.
Cafes & Coffee, Local Delights, Popular Malaysia, Truly Asia (Ipoh) A compilation of delectable cuisine as I search for the best foods around the globe. The best experience of the culture of a country.