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BMS Organics is a popular organic grocery in KL, with some of their outlets comes with a cafe space for dining-in.

Their curry was surprisingly rich in the taste and spicy enough. Accompanied by some vegetables and beancurd.

Also if you dining-in at their cafe, all meals will entitled for a package of their healthy supplement to try.

An old school Chinese desert place in Pudu famous for their smooth texture of the black sesame paste.

There’s a few mixture that you can go with such as this Cha Wu, a mix with peanut paste.

And interestingly every orders they will create some drawing on the top.

Something to enjoy if you are in Pudu after meal.

As early as 6am in the morning, you would already find this place swarmed with lots of people at the ground floor. Everyone is here to grab their breakfast before starting the rest of their day.

This place is not stranger to many, as you get all sort of foods right under one roof here. And this particular spot is one of the most famous place to grab your breakfast here.

Hainan tea is unique for its combination of coffee and milk tea. Making it very rich with the taste, a mixed of bitter and sweet at the same time. A good kick to begin your day with a cup of Hainan tea.

Of course you can’t just have a cup of Hainan tea here, do grab some of their breakfast such as this kaya toast toast. There’s also a few food stalls that you can try also.

I’m pretty sure everyone of us would drop by to visit this famous street in KL whenever you are here.

Then since you are here, some of the street foods like this one shouldn’t be missed out.

I was lucky I got the last batch of mush chee before it all gone by early afternoon.

It is simple enjoyable with the muah chee texture that goes well with the peanuts.

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This pioneer chicken rice shop at Chinatown has been serving their chicken rice for many years, and recently gained their recognition on Michelin Guide with Bib Gourmand.

If this is your first time here, then you definitely must try this unique steamed village chicken, which I find it more tasty and firm in texture as compared to the normal one.

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This famous Hainanese restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants you can find in KL, and they continue to serve their authentic and traditional Hainanese cuisine in the city.

I decided to come here early morning to grab some breakfast with this Hailam Noodles, which is a noodle dish of noodles braised in soy sauce.

Of course they also offered other Hainanese foods that worth trying as well.

(Continued from previous post)

(4) The curries served alongside the prata were very watery, & so was the coffee.

(5) Everything was operationally messy & chaotic.. Even the billing took a while, & they asked us for the plastic billing card - despite them having taken it away from us after we ordered. Seems like the SOPs aren’t clearly established here; which makes it very confusing for the customers.

I’m unlikely to return here again. I do wish this had been a better experience, but it is what it is. Do not recommend having a meal here unless you are absolutely starving or something.

(Continued from previous post)

(3) The quantities & delivery of our food messed up majorly. Unsure if the root cause is an error on the ordering waiter’s part, or the kitchen’s, or both. (Regardless, that was really off-putting to me, because we were strangely denied the opportunity to key in our own orders electronically.)

- Ordered 2 egg & cheese pratas, but 3 were served. Told the boss about it, & he said that the orders are directly sent to the kitchen. Don’t know what kind of a non-response that was, but I couldn’t be bothered to remind him that WE weren’t the ones who keyed in the order. We offered to, but he told us not to, several times.

- The tissue prata that we were looking forward to never arrived. Several other tables that ordered later than us got theirs first. We eventually cancelled it because we were unimpressed by the other dishes we had already consumed.

Extremely sub-par experience here. So many odd things that happened, & food didn’t match up to the 4.3 stars shown on google maps.

Appreciate the effort of the boss (I assumed that’s who he is) to serve us & take us through the menu, but ultimately the quality of food & experience fell flat.

(1) We had already keyed in our entire order using our phone/QR code, but was asked not to submit it (after many bewildering rounds of clarifications). Instead, we told to pass our phone to the server for him to refer to, & manually take down our order to submit to the kitchen. Very inefficient & strange, especially since we had already done all the keying in work.

(2) The Chicken Masala was heavily pushed to us; apparently tourists from China especially enjoy it. It was at best just okay (with the context that in our home country, we have this cuisine readily available).

Review continued in subsequent posts with accompanying photos.

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Since I’m staying in Chow Kit, then I shouldn’t miss the chance to grab my breakfast here at this original chili pan mee place.

Open as early as 7am in the morning, yes I guess you would probably ask who will wake up so early for a bowl of pan mee that mixed with chili flakes.

But you did find people start coming in from 7am to have their breakfast here.

You should be familiar with this name, Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee gained some exposure few years back when they opened an outlet in Singapore along Macpherson Road.

Basically a bowl of tasty pan mee topped with lots of ingredients. Then you need to add as many chili flakes as you can bear with. I must warn you that it can get very spicy as you add more.

Every dry chili pan mee with accompanied by a bowl of hot soup that goes well with the noodle.

Everyone coming to Damansara Uptown should be familiar with this authentic KL style Hokkien Mee place that has been serving for many years at this neighbourhood. They have since expanded into a much bigger space now.

KL style Hokkien Mee used the thicker kind of noodle, cooked with meat, veggie and prawn soak in sweet dark sauce.

While this coffee shop has a few food stalls, you would find many people coming here for particularly for one stall.

Everyone would patiently waiting at their own table after making their order from this char koay teow stall.

Many said it is one of the best char koay teow you can find in Penang, and the wait could be up to half an hour.

You would enjoy the wok hey taste with 2 pieces of prawn there. Close to the airport, making it a perfect stop for brunch before flying off.

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