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Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri. A common dish I would have at home. This is spicy, flavourful and very nice. They did not alter it to be more western like the masak merah which is highly appreciated. I would have this set again if I ever go back to Siti Li. That and the cekodok. And perhaps the teh tarik (pulled tea)

I'm sure everyone in KL would have been here or at least heard of this place as its nasi lemak is known as 'the best nasi lemak' in town.

I can't say if it is the best but this place definitely lives up to its fame. The fried chicken is the real star - it is crispy and well-marinated, and amazingly tender, moist on the inside. It is topped with lots of fried crispy bits of spices, which adds extra flavour and crunch when eaten with the rice.

Even though the rice might not be the most fragrant, it is very fluffy with each grain perfectly separated. Mix the rice with the well-balanced sweet-and-spicy sambal, so BOMB! Service was quick and efficient too as our food came in less than 10 minutes.

It’s an okay ish dish, would prefer the accompanying sambal to be more spicy than sweet and preferably for the ayam to come with cauliflower and long beans (like how the usual ayam kunyit would be served).
Waited a long time for this dish but it’s not really something I would drive all the way for.

Durian King 70s same row with Satay Station Shah alam have various fruits depending on season, so happen they have mangosteen 😍 goes perfectly well with durians 👍👍👍

Overall just have to say its the best local Malay chicken rice I ever had. 👍👍👍 #brianleowfoodhunt #nasi #rice #sambal #friedchicken #nasimanggey #curry #spicy #leowbrian #burpple #burpplekl #delish #local #chicken #foodporn #insta #instagram #foodphotography #instafoodie #foodphotos #malaysia #photo #photography #photographer #curryrice #bestnya #eats #traditionalfood #super #takeaway

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• Pesto Paneer & Caper Relish
• 9.5/ 10
• RM26.90

My friends weren’t big fans of the pasta but I quite fancied its creamy, nutty and herby flavours. Big props to the service though! I loved our waitress, super attentive and friendly!⁣

💬 No one could vouch for the mutton fried rice 🥴 ⁣

I’d definitely be interested in trying all their funky pizzas 🍕

What have you got to lose ?! •

OR available every Friday only - chicken rice; either as an individual set or a whole chicken 🤤 can’t say no to its fragrant rice that goes well •

Not to mention another underrated dish here, fish ball noodle soup; handmade fish balls that are generously huge and fresh kinda bouncy 🙊 •

Watched it grow from a single store to 2 stores now, wonder if it’ll expand and take over Random Food Store’s space since it’s no longer operating #highlyRAEted •

Half Hainanese Chicken RM22.50 • Fish Ball Soup RM 7.90 • Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng RM10.40 •

#villagepark #damansarautama #nasilemak #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl #feedmytummy #malaysiancuisine #halal

They have tons of choices here including preloved shops on the opposite. But the parking here is a bit eh 🥴
🍚 Tiga Budak Gemok (RM10): I have to admit, the ayam kicap is damn good cause it taste like my late grandma’s ayam kicap 🥺(its hard to find people who make ayam kicap this way). Also the sambal is super spicy, if you’re not a spicy person, you might wanna seperate that 🔥 The only thing I didn’t like is that I can’t choose the parts of chicken I prefer. I’m only a thigh and drumstick kinda person & they just give you whatever they have in the pot so yeah its your luck sis⭐️9/10 @tigabudakgemok
🍨 Mango Bingsu Mix (RM19.90): This looks super pretty with all the star candies 😂 +1 for the presentation hehe. Its quite pricey but its what its worth, mango pieces are big, theres also grapes & strawberries. No complaints here, its yummy! ⭐️8/10 @bingsueat
🕒 Mon-Sun 5pm-2am
📍[email protected] Gombak, Jalan Gombak Kuala Lumpur @kantinsg