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Recommended lists of Best Malay in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Malay Best Places For Malay Food in KL Too often an underrated cuisine, Malay food beyond the likes of nasi lemak and satay still remains a mystery to many. If you too have been missing out, there is no better time to make your way to these places for Malay fare in KL. Rice is of course a staple, but there are also glorious meats steeped in satiating sauces, assorted kuihs in cheerful colours and soft rice rolls in creamy fish broth!

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Top 10 places for Malay

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For breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Craving for a fix, we drove to tapau some for supper and we chose the red stall as the queues here were snaking long and the sambal supposedly to be less spicy and perhaps kid friendlier.


Crab curry RM88
Grilled eggplant RM24
Brown rice RM4
White rice RM4
Enough for two persons


The large deveined prawns have a nice snap, and swim in a delicious sweet and spicy sambal that will have you wanting to add more rice. I wish I had more time to try more dishes at Ho Li Chow, but it’ll have to wait till next time. #burpple


Ho Li Chow is the mother/grandmother/aunty that decided to open a restaurant. They offer a best of Penang Nonya style food that’s home cooked with passion. The tau yu bak is slow cooked and not too salty. Offset with the bite of peppercorns. Stuff of my childhood. #burpple

Nicely cooked bang kwang with a nice bite and right amount of moisture to not be soggy or dry, and topped off with a sour spicy chilli sauce. The shells are delicate and not too thick. This is the food of my childhood. #burpple

Delicious lemak pork curry cooked down to a thick sauce and served with fluffy long grained rice. Very generous curry to rice ratio. #burpple

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I am a first-timer in Sarang Cookery. For RM8.50, a little steep to me, but I found out that the ingredients that go into this plate are fresh. I am heavy on my salt but the lack of it on this dish is quickly being made up for the sambal. The side sambal is superb. It is the old school. You may ask for more of it. There are no prawns but there are some chicken in the rice. Do give it a try, not as a solo, but as a beautiful addition to their main gravy based dishes. I was not well enough for gravy dishes. 🤣

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The kerabu here is pretty good and best part is this place is just a stone throw away from home. .
Easy to get here via Waze but tricky to find it as their signage is so dem small. Spot for their tiny signage below Blook warehouse. .
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Nasi Kukus King, Tea Jebok (Teh Madu) & Nasi Kerabu Ayam Bakar.. All tastes woohoo good! No wonder the long queue!


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The portion is big and inexpensive (RM23). Taste was delicious as well. They have daily specials, so if you pop in on Tuesdays, you get 20% off on burgers and hotdogs. Would recommend to try.


Mixture of raw sliced cabbage with herbs and an salted egg. I added the ayam bakar instead of ayam goreng, it was so moist and soft on the outside &inside.
Rate : 9/10
Price : RM7