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Too often an underrated cuisine, Malay food beyond the likes of nasi lemak and satay still remai...

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Very generous with gravy, beef rendang are on the sweet side. Worth trying, and will come back to try their other dishes.

Join the growing line at this roadside stall for amazing nasi lemak. Everything is self-service here, so wait in line for your packet of rice and take your pick from the variety of sambal (sambal ikan bilis and sambal tempeh), protein and vegetable dishes. Fill your plate with the stellar Ayam Goreng (RM4) that's fried to golden perfection. Petai lovers, you won't want to miss the Udang Petai (RM3), which goes superbly well with the fluffy rice. In addition to the usual fried and boiled egg, the folks here offer Quail Eggs (three pieces, RM3.50). Pro tip: The queue starts forming at 8am and the food sells out by noon. Come early!
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Malaysians NEED their Nasi Lemak fix every now and then or rumour has it that we might wilt and die.
I almost felt sorry that this stall isnโ€™t as popular as Village Park because truthfully the Malaysian dish is just as good here.
Fluffy and warm rice that comes with a burst of flavour with every bite, deliciously spicy sambal, and fragrant fried chicken (and I like that itโ€™s not soaked in oil).
There was a bit of a crowd at 8am and I now know why. Everything is self service (including drinks as you will need to collect your order on your own at the counter).
Although a little more expensive than the usual roadside Nasi Lemak, I cant complain much since their food is amazeballs.

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You can never go wrong with a good plate of Nasi Lemak from Village Park. Everything done just right! Fluffy fragrant rice, peanuts and Ikan bilis adds to the crunch factor of the dish, fried chicken undoubtedly juicy and aromatic. Itโ€™s no wonder people were willing to get out of bed at the crack of dawn on a public holiday just to get their hands on a plate!
Come early to avoid the breakfast crowd.

No stranger to locals and tourists alike, Village Park is your go-to when it comes to a โ€˜confirm goodโ€™ nasi lemak experience. Order their signature Nasi Lemak with crumby and gingery Ayam Goreng (RM11). The wait is long on weekends, so come early before lunch hour to get a good seat in the air-conditioned area.
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There are two stalls at Medan Selera 223 that dish out scrumptious packets of nasi lemak, but it's the stall marked in red that we keep coming back for. The tiny brown packets (from RM1.50) hold together fluffy coconut rice, sweet sambal and half an egg โ€“ a solid meal for one. For something more substantial, order the Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken (from RM5).
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Freshly fried chicken (ayam berempah) on steamed rice (nasi kukus). Complemented with tasty curry sauce, sambal Tempe & spicy sambal belacan. Rm7.00 tastiness ๐Ÿ˜‹

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A mixed of crackers served with Trio sambal. RM35 per serving.