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Recommended lists for Malay

Recommended lists of Best Malay in Kuala Lumpur, 2019
Burpple Guides, Malay Best Places For Malay Food in KL Too often an underrated cuisine, Malay food beyond the likes of nasi lemak and satay still remains a mystery to many. If you too have been missing out, there is no better time to make your way to these places for Malay fare in KL. Rice is of course a staple, but there are also glorious meats steeped in satiating sauces, assorted kuihs in cheerful colours and soft rice rolls in creamy fish broth!

Top 10 Places for Malay

Top 10 places for Malay

Latest Reviews for Malay

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Malay

[Episode 2]

Firstly, they managed to heed my “no plastic straw” request. Featured in this photograph from @bamboostrawgirl #VarunBYO Also CC#TakNakStraw (@mytaknak perhaps? Hehe.
The food is served in the bamboo towards customers, though I felt it was more of a marketing gimmick.
The taste of the briyani rice was great, and the side dishes was slightly spicy.
The main qualm of the restaurant is the service crew’s delayed responses to food items and inattentiveness.
The biryani is great but a lot for improvement in other aspects (6.5/10)

Puchong, Selangor, West Malaysia, Malaysia
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Situated nearby Sunway College (but might add time to the drive due to the hectic jam zzz). Please make sure to drop by early so you don’t have to wait too long just for a buttermilk chicken rice. You can choose either 6pcs or 9 pcs. Other than their signature, saw quite a lot of people ordered for their fish and also vege. Price is from RM8

The chicken was crispy and flavourful and I liked the sambal chilli that went well with the coconut rice too! 😋 This place might be a little out of the way but there are cafes in the area too so that made the trip more worth it ☺️


Here it’s perfect, right amount of santan and grated coconut inside.

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So yummy all of them especially the kueh koci. My cousin’s husband said the kuehs here are so different (properly made and has that traditional flavour) that he can finally appreciate them.

My first time trying this. I love how tasty the freshly grated coconut was, perfectly paired with the glutinous rice but what floored us was the gula Melaka. I wish I had snapped a shot of it. It wasn’t overly sweet but so fragrant. Nothing like what I have ever tasted. I soon discovered why, the next day through an article which tells me how passionate @sitikader is, how she sources what she believes is high quality ingredients to create authentic traditional flavours.

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You’ll be spoilt for choices, large menu covering Malaysian and Western. Can’t be more Malaysian than serving Durian Fried Rice or Teh Tarik Coconut Milk...

More than 3000 reviews on Google Maps and a full house at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon attests to the popularity of Village Park. And while some locals might argue otherwise, I found their signature nasi lemak very good. Though not the most “lemak”, the rice was light, fluffy and fragrant. It is the chicken that is the real star though – fried till crisp, crackly and golden brown, yet somehow managing to retain a moist, juicy interior. Even more addictive was the mound of heavily spiced, crunchy batter scattered atop the considerably large chicken quarter, which we mixed into our rice along with the sweet and spicy sambal for an explosion of textures and flavour in the mouth.


Eggplant & Wild Mushrooms (RM24) and Chili Chicken & Pineapple (RM26). Definitely loving Chili Chicken & Pineapple pizza especially the spicy sauce on top mixed with greek yogurt. If you don’t think pineapple deserve to be on a pizza, then this might change your mind. It’s an interesting twist of Hawaiian pizza, and definitely have to eat with coriander garnish. The grilled eggplants mixes well with the shiitake, chestnut and oyster mushroom. A harmony of earthy flavours on one thin, crispy dough. I’m coming here again with friends for the pizza. Perhaps we’ll try the mains too next time 😉