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Too often an underrated cuisine, Malay food beyond the likes of nasi lemak and satay still remai...

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If you love Malay cuisine, you’ve got to get yourself a table here. I really enjoyed the nasi minyak with the rendang and Ayam Masak Merah amongst the many other goodies. So sedap!


I have to say - it looked good, smelt good and it tasted good. The rice, which is nice, fluffy and fragrant. The sambal was also excellent, though I did find it a tad spicy which is good for my liking. And damn, the fried chicken was juicy and crispy - definitely worth all the calories! Overall, Village Park is definitely deserving of its fame. 🍗 #burpple

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Imagine spaghetti with beef masak lemak, this is exactly it. Masak lemak basically is spicy turmeric coconut milk stew, and to have it with beef is something I actually enjoy. While I like to have it with steamed rice usually, I found it to be a weird combination to have it with spaghetti. I believe I will just stick to the usual rice combination and skip the spaghetti altogether in the future. That aside, the stew was nice on its own and the beef was tender too.

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This plate of Wok fried pan mee with spicy tuna, may seem like fried noodles that you can get from the mamak but trust me it’s different. It has a perfect combination of the Malay and Chinese cuisine, which actually gives a perfect twist to how the appearance is.

Rata Subang serves modern contemporary Malaysian cuisines, fancy pizzas and cocktails too. If you would love to take nice photos of your food, sit near the glass windows during the day. The place is really cozy at night.