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Recommended lists of Best Thai Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Thai, Good For Groups Best Thai Food in KL Sometimes eating out can get boring. That is why we sniffed out these eight places in KL to help you spice things up with trusty Thai fare! Feast on juicy pork skewers, take comfort in creamy green curry and slurp up spicy tom yum with this guide.

Top 10 Places for Thai

Top 10 places for Thai

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Our dinner
1. Tomyam Seafood 10/10
2. Lime Steamed Fish 10/10
3. Butter Soft Shell Crab 10/10

All the dishes are so good. Really recommended. The tomyam is superb, taste like no other place.

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While waiting to watch the Crazy Rich Asians and haven't had our dinner we found this... Very polite service staff they have and while we were thinking is just some common taste thai food... To our surprise other than not costly the taste was magnificent authentic Thai... If I did not remember wrongly we spend RM$49.20 for 2 drinks, 1set and 2 plates of the pork skewers (in photo no. 2 we had 2plates) based on dining in a restaurant with good service and the conversion rate is amount to around SGD$17 for 2pax... ;)
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I love this tender pieces of pork leg. It was soft and without that gamey taste of pork. If you really like this dish, I think one person can finish the whole plate, it is not that big portion. Price: RM25/pax, Food: 8/10

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I’ve forgotten name of those dishes. Something to worth mentioning is that their portions are quite big so if you’re someone who can’t really eat much, please do consider of sharing food as i couldn’t finished mine 🤣🤣
Their Tomyam seafood soup tastes really good too!


Khao Kha Moo (ข้าวขาหมู) is a central Thai dish that has its origins in Chinese cooking. This dish is similar to the Hokkien tau yew bak, but has a more pronounced Thai spice. The dish consists of braising pork leg in soy sauce and dark soy sauce, star anise, cinnamon, pickled mustard greens, Chinese five spice, and palm sugar. The dish is served with a side of pickled mustard greens, kailan and a braised egg. The key here would be the garlicky chilli sauce.

The Khao kha Moo here never fails to impress, with its meat tenderly simmered until it pulls apart with a simple tug. The broth is served on the side which has an intense sweetness which complements the dish. The dish is served with a side of brown rice, but the star of the dish would definitely be pulling everything together in a burst of flavours when you top it up with the chilli sauce.

💵 RM8.00 / portion
💫 5 / 5
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OMG! The Thai vegetarian food here is mind blowing🤯😳 It taste so good that you forget that you are eating vegetarian food. A great hidden gem in SS17.

Shown above is Gai Yang Esan (Grilled lemongrass chicken)

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