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Recommended lists for Thai

Recommended lists of Best Thai Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2019
Burpple Guides, Thai, Good For Groups Best Thai Food in KL Sometimes eating out can get boring. That is why we sniffed out these eight places in KL to help you spice things up with trusty Thai fare! Feast on juicy pork skewers, take comfort in creamy green curry and slurp up spicy tom yum with this guide.

Top 10 Places for Thai

Top 10 places for Thai

Latest Reviews for Thai

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Thai

Delectable. It’s a step above the usual red ruby with coconut milk. The Red Rubies are crunchy, and the jackfruit fresh. Opt to have your ice cream arrive just before you finish your meal, to give it a chance to melt - otherwise you’ll be chipping away at the half-frozen ice cream.

Okay, I have to admit. I didn’t know this salad was going to be so huge when I ordered it. The portion is more suited to a group of four than just two people, and would make a great appetiser. At RM25, the portion is well worth the price. The dish is completed by the dipping sauce it comes with, which is a sweet chilli sauce laden with toasted crushed peanuts, minced pork, dried prawns, red onions and chillis. I’d definitely have this again.

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The salad consists of fern shoots, prawns and squid, tossed in a VERY generous amount of creamy coconut sauce. It comes with a hard boiled egg and is topped with crispy fried onions. At RM20, it’s a little pricy, but the portion size is definitely worth it. The sauce is much heavier than the one used at Frame Thai, so it’s more of a main dish than a side salad.

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Creamy, spicy, and fragrant tom yum is what you’ll get here. For its price (RM22 for 2 pax), the curry is generously laden with chunks of chicken and mushrooms. I would actually be content to just order this with a bowl of rice - it’s that good.


Fresh fern shoots, prawns and half-boiled egg make up the bulk of this Paku Salad (RM15). It’s tossed with dried chillis, dried prawns and a spicy coconut-milk dressing that will blow your mind... and make you blow your nose.

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Frame Thai’s Pad Thai (RM10.00) is served on a hotplate, atop a generous omelette and piled high with fresh rice noodles, chunks of tofu, crunchy bean sprouts and crushed peanuts. It’s probably my favourite dish here, and while some might argue that other places do this dish better - I just love this one.

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Add a sunny side up and some papaya salad, that’s all I need for a happy lunch. I knew I had to get some today after seeing @veronicaphua’s post. Thanks for @borntobegreedy, I am reminded of this place which dishes up pretty authentic Thai street food.


Sporting an airy space that puts you in the mood for Thai street food, Jatujak scores high on our list when it comes to group-friendly dining. The variety of meats and seafood grilled upon order is excellent. Start with the succulent Grilled Pork Stick (RM11, for three pieces) and a round of Grilled Cockles (RM10) for snacking. Then for the main event, count on the slurp-worthy Red Tom Yum Chicken (from RM22) and Green Curry Pork (RM30) to satisfy. P.s. You're gonna want rice for this!
Photo by Burppler Anna Wong

Great lunch! Try the steak with Thai spicy sauce. Meat is juicy and tender. Sticky rice is nice too! Spaghetti is a bit salty but still alright. Love the dessert. Complete the meal with Thai milk tea! That pretty sum up my KL trip! This is the first time I’m trying to twitch my photos a little bit with the help of snapseed! •


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