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Recommended lists of Best Thai Food & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Thai, Good For Groups Best Thai Food in KL Sometimes eating out can get boring. That is why we sniffed out these eight places in KL to help you spice things up with trusty Thai fare! Feast on juicy pork skewers, take comfort in creamy green curry and slurp up spicy tom yum with this guide.

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Top 10 places for Thai

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This one is pretty decent, but the meat is a bit too fat for my liking... .
💰: RM3.50
A neighbourhood restaurant in Taman Desa, serves almost every authentic Thai cuisine except steamed fish with lime and garlic.
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Cheap and delicious.
Pineapple Fried Rice, Tomyam Fried Rice, Pork Noodles Soup, Pad Thai and Thai Milk Tea.
Worth to try.

A friend introduce this new Thai Street food place to me and immediately i have fall in love with it.

Like a boat noodle place, food here came in small portion which allow you to try out more variety of food.

I had the signature braised pork leg noodle (rm4.9) which came out surprisingly generous portion for a small bowl. Flavor is on point and the generous portion of shredded pork leg that cook to fork tender.

Aside from noodle, rice, veg and small street food like moo ping and fish cake. Thai boy do serve dessert as well. However the mango sticky rice was a bit let down compare to their savoury dish.

Thai chicken soup in coconut milk is a dish that can do no wrong, and this one at Malai Thai was lovely too. It’s sweet, creamy and spicy all at once. Not much sides (eg. Mushrooms) in the dish, but they do give a lot of chicken slices.


Definitely expensive for a cup of ice tea, but I love that Malai Thai Cuisine has a non-milk option for this drink. It smells and tastes the same, only without that creaminess from the milk.


Thai Massaman curry with sweet potatoes, peanuts and chicken is a combo to die for. The broth was so sweet and creamy, and I love the hint of the peanuts that comes at the end. A little small with the chicken portion, but the pieces were so tender. I ate every drop of the curry with the fluffy rice.


What was lacking in greens (it being a salad and all), the flavours of the dish made up for it. Bright, sour and refreshing all that once, this mixed seafood salad was a really great recommendation. The seafood was super fresh too – prawns so juicy!


Crab curry RM88
Grilled eggplant RM24
Brown rice RM4
White rice RM4
Enough for two persons


RM 12 for one pax. Soft pork leg stew with one half boiled egg and brown rice. Flavourful! I like the paku with sambal belacan

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The constantly jam-packed Mr. Tuk Tuk is hard to miss with its incessant queues and a bustling dining environment. One look at the menu's less-than-RM10 prices and I was sold. The Mango Sticky Rice (RM7.80) conveniently served in a plastic container, saw the richness of coconut milk seep into the flattened layer of sticky rice with cut mango on the side. Have it to go, if you're one who prefers to sit out the crowd.


Grilled Chicken w Green Curry Sauce - RM$18.90
It’s was really a surprise fusion combo. Grilled chicken is tender and filled coated with green curry sauce. Sandwiches between two rice patty which is already slightly flavoured, which chicken floss was spotted. Pineapple in the middle makes the burger more refreshing. Additional spoonful of green curry is provided for additional kick. The sweet corn was normal but the burdock root chips was crispy yet salty, I gave them a miss and continue enjoying the awesome rice burger.
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

An interesting fusion of Japanese and Thai food produced this Sushi burger, but if you would ask me, I personally thought it was more of an onigiri burger, with spices and meat floss (I presume?) added into it.

The salmon fillet was actually nicely grilled before the wasabi mayonnaise was slapped on it. But honestly, the Sushi burger was already tasty enough, and the excessive use of sauces would mask the natural flavours of the other fresh ingredients.

Overall, the lunch was pleasant, with a damage of RM23.90, and I especially enjoyed the burdock root chips that came along with the star of the show. Eat it while it remained warm.

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