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The restaurant bears no signage – look for lilac coloured walls hidden behind bushes, and take the stairs up.

On greens, the crunchy paku came recommended and it was such a good choice. So crunchy and spicy and just damn simple and good. There are bits of tiny prawns cooked with the greens.

Simply named otak-otak but this dish is anything but. The coconut is chock-full of fish, prawns and squid cooked in a delicious and spicy sauce (or curry). All you need is a bowl of white rice.

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Such a generous portion even when we asked for small! Look forward to shreds of crunchy mango doused in a sweet-spicy sauce – be careful when you eat. There’s small slices of red and green chilli mixed in! Perfect to munch on to balance the heat from the spicy otak-otak.

Such a simple dish but done extremely well. Unwrap the pandan leaves to uncover juicy chicken. Good in its own, but also great when dipped into the sweet chilli sauce.

One of the best Thai milk teas I’ve had in a very long time. Not overly sweet, fragrant and still very creamy.

This came in a hot claypot to ensure constant warmth for the best enjoyment. I appreciate the effort!
Loaded with chicken and vegetables. The flavours were all balanced just right.

No-fail aromatic and rich green curry. Not too crazy with the heat, just the perfect dish to eat with a bowl of steaming white rice.

Golden fried rice with sweet pineapple bits, sausage and crunchy cashews sitting in a pineapple boat, this is what dreams are made of.

Indeed a Thai classic. Fragrant fried rice that comes with runny fried egg, bite-sized pineapples, crunchy cashews and prawns. Enjoyed every bite! Drizzle some lime juice over the dish and you’re all set for a delish meal!

WILL NEVER STOP RAVING ABOUT THIS DISH! Creamy, slight hint of sweetness and that addictive spice! I can imagine it going extremely well with rice. Emptied the bowl as if it was soup!

I have always been a fan of Papaya salads. With the intense heat from the chilli and the refreshing crunch from the sliced papayas and peanut bits, you just can’t get enough of it (despite the tongue numbing spice).
This plate definitely proved its worth!