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Recommended lists of Best Buffets in Kuala Lumpur, 2018
Burpple Guides, Buffets Best Buffets In KL It's that time of the year when celebrations bring us together to eat, eat and eat, and thankfully calories don't count (at least that's what we tell ourselves). From refillable pans of seafood paella to baskets of dim sum that magically reappear and a ravishing spread of International flavours in one place, this list will come in handy for superb ideas that will satisfy not one, but everyone!

Top 10 Places for Buffets

Top 10 places for Buffets

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If you like Korean bbq this is the place for you reasonably priced and a large selection of items

The unlimited porksss beefsss lambsss and chickensss for the Japanese style hotpot! It goes well with thier signature sauce 😋

The always crowded hotpot place in the starling mall, uptown.

There are 4 types of soup base available for your choice. Shabu shabu, sukiyaki, kimuchi or miso base. We had shabu shabu the clear soup and sukiyaki the sweet soy base as our choice.

Beef, lamb, pork and chicken available for order. While from the self service buffet, there are veg, mushroom, beancurd, prawn and clams that you can help yourself with.

As you can tell from the restaurant name, small range of sushi is available from the buffet line as well.

Dinner at 39.9 per pax, I guess this explain why it's always crowded.

Buffet Lunch - RM$92.45
Serawa Durian Served with Glutinous Rice
It’s Malaysia highest restaurant, at 282m above ground, it’s also a revolving restaurant! Located at KL Tower, the buffet lunch is slight pricey but you get to view the whole of KL under you eyes as you dine! The place offers modern authentic Malaysian & international cuisines. The dessert was what caught my attention. Warm durian purée, of which every spoon is smooth and you could chew into some of the durian bits, reminding you it’s the real deal. Dipping a couple glutinous rice into the purée and let it soak as you eat it bits by bits, it’s so shiok. That alone with the million dollar view it’s already worth the price. The night view would be much nice but take note the ticket price will double
Atmosphere 360

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Eastin Hotel, PJ offers one of the best Malay and Indian food in town I think. During Ramadhan month, many of the food featured in buffet are flavourful and spicy stuff. I wasn't able to stop sending scoop and scoop of food into stomach as they are so good! Fragrant, not too spicy, bold taste is the way I think these food should be. Except the main dishes, I added a few serving of their potato salads too. It was refreshing and having multiple texture. Only the master knows how to make carbs taste less powdery, and this is one who knows well. Price: Unknown, Food: 8/10

The food is not fantastic with a pretty limited selection, but what I find special about this place is that the restaurant is revolving at around 1.5 hours per complete round. That kind of wrap up the whole lunch experience, with a live singer to jazz up the atmosphere.

Selfies, wefies or paid photography is a must to capture the moment, but I thought one of the more delicious dishes is actually the Serawa Durian served with Glutinous Rice, which was what I define as watery but undiluted Durian Pengat, thanks to the coconut milk and Gula Melaka added into it.

If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur just like me, I suggest you book a table in advance. The regular price for this meal is RM92.45 per adult.

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Chilled durian pancake is one of their signatures and hell yeah, twas as delish as they said it’d be. Wanton skin draped over whipped cream and durian pulp.#foodporn #burpple #durianpancake #laichingyuen #klfood #thefoodchapterinkl


This halal establishment actually surprises on many grounds. #thefoodchapterinkl #foodporn #burpple #dimsumkl #celestialcourt

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