Celebrating the Luxurious Oyster: Five Ways To Impress Everyone at PUTIEN

Thinking about where to host your dinner guests? Here’s a spot that will impress.

It’s that time of year once again when calendars quickly fill up with dinner dates and gatherings. It is ALSO the time of year when PUTIEN celebrates its annual oyster festival. Celebrate the luxurious oyster with five dishes that’s perfect for all seafood lovers. from business associates to picky kids — even grandma! The best part? You can mix and match any two oyster dishes for just $33.80!

For Feasts with Fellow Foodies: Seasoned Oysters 

Seasoned Oysters

We all have that one friend who adores food that is not over-seasoned or sauced and believes that quality always trumps quantity. They love a good black coffee, and think sourdough is best enjoyed toasted and with unsalted butter. The purity of flavour in PUTIEN’s Seasoned Oysters ($16.90) will suit them just fine. Kick the meal off with these oysters prepared in a traditional Putian culinary technique, where they are served simply seasoned with salt to preserve its natural briny flavour.

For Indulgent Lunches with Colleagues: Pan-Fried Oysters coated with Bee Hoon

Pan-Fried Oysters coated with Bee Hoon

Bet you've heard this line one too many times, "Eh what to eat for lunch ah", right? For a treat-yourselves lunch, gather the colleagues for a food adventure at your nearest PUTIEN (there are 13 outlets across the island, such as Marina Square, Raffles City and ION Orchard). Tuck into this hearty plate Pan-Fried Oysters coated with Bee Hoon ($16.90) to help forget work woes for just an hour. This dish is the newest edition to the oyster festival, where the famous Putian Heng Hwa Bee Hoon is pan-fried till crispy golden-brown and topped with oysters and egg yolk. Elevate the experience by adding a dollop of their signature Spice Mum Chilli Sauce (bring a jar back with you for just $6.80!). 

For Dinner with Friends: Deep-Fried Battered Oyster with Seaweed 

Deep-Fried Battered Oysters with Seaweed

Swing by with your mates after work for a seafood feast. Start your night with the Deep-Fried Battered Oyster with Seaweed ($16.90) featuring juicy oysters wrapped in PUTIEN’s delicate seaweed and fried to a crisp — the perfect snack after a long week. These babies are far from greasy, so indulge and double up with an order of PUTIEN’s Crispy Oysters ($17.90), a constant on their menu. The best part? It’s just $33.80 when you order any two oyster dishes! 

For Family Reunions: Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup 

Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup

Kick it old school with this comforting soup that warms the belly with every sip. The older folks will especially appreciate this Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup ($16.90) for its traditional Fujian’s local home-style preparation — spiked with white vinegar and seasoned with white pepper. This is comfort food at its finest, perfect on its own as a starter or when sipped on throughout the meal.

For Weekends with the Kids: Pan-fried egg mixed with oyster and supreme laver 

Pan-Fried Egg mixed with Oysters and Supreme Laver

A favourite of both the young and old, PUTIEN’s Pan-fried Egg Mixed with Oyster and Supreme Laver ($18.90) is a delicious, seaweed-wrapped introduction to oysters. Did you know that oysters are high in zinc, calcium and iron? They are also known to help strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, enhance brain development and boost brain function — perfect for the growing child! 

These oyster dishes are available at all PUTIEN restaurant outlets island-wide, from 1st November 2019 until 31st March 2020. The offer is valid for dine-in only — enjoy any two varieties of oyster dishes for a special price of $33.80 (terms and conditions apply).