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Got it when the queue wasn't very long. The pearls are too soft and not nice. My bf and I do not like it as opposed to many other good reviews out there.

What an odd combination of two of my favourite local dishes — Fried Hokkien mee & salted egg calamari that surprisingly tastes good and actually goes well together!
We totally digged the fragrant and crunchy pork lard cubes and the noodles in a wet, gooey gravy despite a tad lacking of ‘wok hei’, as well as the fried calamari rings with crispy batter coated in rich and savoury salted egg sauce that’s so yummy! 😋
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💵: $16

📈: 7/10

🤔: Ordered zhong la and the spice was exactly how zhong la should be like. The ingredients were well-coated and well-tossed, so there was no need for any further mixing. No complaints whatsoever other than the fact that it was too numbing, but it's ma la xiang guo so that is not even considered a legitimate complaint.

They have started serving on Fri and Sat. No more rest day! 😱🤣👌
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Didn’t realise it while ordering but $9.80 for one small lava cake is expensive! The good thing about this is that Beans & Cream serves really good lava cake. It was made fresh. One pierce into the soft lava cake resulted in warm chocolate lava unapologetically spilling forth. The warm lava is super chocolatey and thick, and makes for such a decadent and indulgent treat. The contrast between the warm chocolate lava and cool ice cream is simply heavenly. We paired the lava cake with a premium flavour Biscotti (+$0.80). The biscotti flavour was the sweetest flavour we had for the day (out of Dark Chocolate and Mao Shan Wang), but personally I felt it matched the lava cake well although my dad felt it was too sweet. I liked the generous amounts of crisp biscuits inside, but I would try a different flavour the next time I visit.

This cake probably one of the best lava oozes I have ever seen, but that still wouldn’t justify the hefty price tag at this casual ice cream parlour. Go for the waffles and ice cream for a more budget-friendly option.

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Ordered the waffles with two scoops of ice cream ($9.80). After much consideration, we chose the dark chocolate and Mao Shan Wang (Premium flavour, +$0.80).

The waffles are made to order, so you have to wait for a while as the waffles are prepared on the waffle iron. It’s worth the wait though. The waffle textures are on point, crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy inside.

The ice cream here is also awesomely creamy and rich. They don’t melt that quickly, so you have time to savour the flavours at your own pace. The Mao Shan Wang comes at a premium but it’s well worth the extra $0.80 if you love durian because this was chock full of durian flavour. It’s made with real durian, and I was even chewing on real durian flesh in some mouthfuls! We all had durian breath and burps after finishing the ice cream. Still blown away by how good their rendition of Mao Shan Wang ice cream is! The Dark Chocolate is one for real chocolate lovers. It’s got bittersweetness, and one taste is enough to land you in chocolate bliss.

Beans & Cream plays it quite safe with their ice cream flavours, and you probably won’t see crazy innovative combinations here, but these people know their ice cream and do them well. Definitely recommended for some good ice cream and waffles in the heartlands!

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A little ice cream parlour located in a HDB estate, Beans & Cream was still drawing in the crowds on Sunday night. There’s not much seating, with approximately 10 cramped seats indoors and another 10 outdoors. It’s a bit hard to manoeuvre in the shop because the space is tight.

They have a good range of ice cream flavours, nothing super creative or fancy, but they’re classics that work. The waffle textures are on point and the lava cake checks all the boxes. However, what would have been a fantastic experience was marred by lousy service. Both staff members couldn’t care less and were doing just the bare minimum to get the orders out. The sweet desserts are affordable and tasty at Beans & Cream, but it’s almost comical and ironic how sour the staff’s expressions and attitudes are.

Personal recommendations:
- Waffles
- Lava cake
- Mao Shan Wang ice cream
- Dark chocolate ice cream

Probably the best in the West. Ordered Thai style beancurd, chicken feet, roasted chicken and steamed chicken. Cost about $23 for the three of us. Chicken meat was tender and placed on a bed of crunchy beansprouts. Homemade chilli with a hint of sourness.
Do note that they close early on weekdays!

Probably the best in the West. Ordered Thai style beancurd, chicken feet, roasted chicken and steamed chicken. Cost about $23 for the three of us. Chicken meat was tender and placed on a bed of crunchy beansprouts. Homemade chilli with a hint of sourness.
Do note that they close early on weekdays!

Good deal costing $9 for two scoops and waffles. Flavourful creamy ice cream with fluffy waffles. Hands down to one of the best matcha ice creams around.

was a pretty good mala stir fry! xiao la was not spicy enough for us so we'd probably order zhong la next time. the mala was fragrant and flavourful and the environment was pretty chill. our only gripe was service was a little lukewarm and the location was not exactly the most convenient. however would totally come back for a good bowl of mala in the west!

Now handed down to the second generation as the father passed away. It was a pity since i haven’t tried the father’s cooking before. There is still a queue now that the son took over, however, i heard in the heydays when the father was around, the queue was easily doubled. For this, I’ve requested for extra chilli and pork lard but still find this bowl of bcm somehow lacking of flavours. Not enough of that spicy and vinegar kick which made a bcm shiok.