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Their kway chap paled in comparison to the other dishes we had but it’s still not too bad - would have really liked a stronger herbal flavour in the broth with silkier kway! The sides of beancurd, mushrooms and more were simmered thoroughly in a slightly sweeter base.


Parents’ fav out of the dishes we had was this! Served bubbling hot in a claypot, the thick laksa broth was rich with a good coconut fragrance. They threw in lots of ingredients here like beansprouts, beans, crispy beancurd, etc., making it quite a filling portion.


Came back several times since the first visit and though the spice level isn’t always that consistent, the flavour is. This mlxg is not cheap (there’s also a minimum of $10 for each bowl), but we figured out that the most value for money option is getting their maggie! We really like the ma la here as it’s fragrant, always fried very thoroughly and not oily. It may be a little too salty for some but just let them know if you’d like less salt or get rice to pair.


3/5 - $12
Not bad in terms of taste. I find it difficult to find really nice salted egg in singapore, but this is not bad. As compared to the one at Far East, 3/5. In general 4/5

$9 This is smallest size.
Meat is tenderised and quite fragrant

it’s not considered drinking milk stuff.....right???
So if you guys didn’t know I’ve been trying to consume fewer dairy products, hoping to see if it will help with my cystic acne issue 🧐
And umm.. pathetically failing cause I keep forgetting and end up buying milk teas and drinking them ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Anyhoo sometimes I get sick of drinking Koi or Gongcha so I go to iTea which is in my neighbourhood. It’s CHEAP and tastes good enough for the money I’m paying.
Westies - any other non-mainstream bubble tea shop to recommend??⠀
ALSO anyone else here a Matcha lover? You have to try Matcha Macchiato!!⠀
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Very refreshing. Ordered 50% sugar, but not sweet enough for me. Would like it more if the Matcha was more gao

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Crispy waffles and flavourful home made ice cream. You can’t get this anywhere.

Been to this little shop many times, and it’s still my TOP favourite.

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- Milk & Honey Gelato @ Bukit Batok Hometeam NS.

I can never go wrong with this perfect combination - Crispy quaffles with double scoops of Milk & Honey Gelato and maple syrup topped with blocks of honeycomb. 😍


At a standard $3/100g across all ingredients, the ma la xiang guo here is no doubt much pricier than the usual stalls, BUT I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS because it’s vegetarian!! Nestled up on a short hill at Phoenix, a LRT stop away from Bukit Panjang, Green on Earth has a good range of zi char style dishes, noodles and MLXG. I’ve no idea how they did it, but the flavours were on point, definitely comparable or even better than some non-vegetarian ones!

I’d recommend their wide sweet potato noodles and maggie, the former soft but still had a nice bite, unlike many that are done overly chewy and tough. Everything we picked soaked up the spice and flavours nicely but warning about their spice level - their medium level of spice was almost equivalent to the high level of other stalls, so go easy on the heat especially if you’re unsure!

Take note that there’s also a minimum order of $10 (sigh my only gripe is the price) for each bowl, so it’s best to come in a group and order everything together!


Couldn’t decide what else to get apart from our MLXG, so we went with the staff’s recommendation for this kway teow soup, one of the five daily specials up on the menu when we visited (others were kway chap, laksa, braised rice, etc.). Doesn’t look the most appetising for sure but we really enjoyed it! Ingredients were vegetables, mock meats and mushrooms. The soup had a nice comforting sweetness to it that we’re not sure how to describe, but it’s something we don’t mind having again!