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Aburi Kaisen Bara Chirashi Set [$29.80] Flame seared sushi rice bowl with diced salmon, grilled eel, scallop, prawn, salmon roe, fish roe, avocado & tamago. Really enjoyed the myriad of flavors with the mix of freshly diced seafood. Not usual to find eel in a Chirashi but it really works! Especially from the sweetness it introduces. The best part for me was the delicate mildly flavored vinegared rice which had a really pleasing texture. Good even on its own! Set includes choice of 1 side dish. I chose the grilled salmon belly which was really juicy and yummy! Other options include: mini steak, mixed tempura, pork belly stew. So much value in this set really!!!
Beef Sukiyaki Choose between beef, salmon belly, chicken or pork! This was the sliced beef & it came with vegetables & a bowl of onsen egg by the side. Sukiyaki has always been on the sweeter side but it was tasty & satisfying. Perfect for a rainy day like today! I wanna try their spicy kimchi sukiyaki next. Do you like sukiyaki? 📍: @sunwithmoonsg 💵 : $20.80 👄 : Will I return? Yes 🌟 tips - pour the onsen egg in the sukiyaki broth to enjoy! Pricing was very affordable for this portion. Chicken or pork sukiyaki were even cheaper!
Kamemashi $28++ Everything here is average-to-slightly-above-average, the food, service and pricing. The food is good, but nothing to scream about, even the ‘famous’ kamemashi. Uya one level below at Wheelock Place is more unique, while Japan Town at nearby Wisma Atria has more interesting options.
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Special Chirashi This special chirashi bento for $35 was worth every single cent. Seafood was fresh and sliced into generous portion.
Wasabi Tei. Located at 14 Scott’s Road, Far East Plaza #05-68/70, Singapore 228213. Was recommended by a friend who brought us to this hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant tucked in a corner at Far East Plaza level 5! They occupied 2 separate units with a limited of 15 seats in it, looks and feels of an authentic jap restaurant.. We ordered Aburi Salmon Maki $16, & Unagi Sushi Maki $15. Both comes with gigantic roll of 6 pcs each with thick slices of Salmon & Unagi.. Maki is stuffed with Tamago, Cucumber, wrapped with seaweed and finished with a thick slice of salmon before touching to perfection, and added roe to it! 😍😍 A mouthful of happiness! It’s so tasty, fresh and simply SUPERB! Fyi there’s NO GST & Service Charge too! Next time you know where to head to for a yummy Japanese lunch when you are at Far East Plaza! #hungryunicornsg #wasabitei #aburisalmonroll #fareastplaza #unagimaki
@ Wasabi Tei A hidden gem I found in a dead mall!! And I always thought I’d see myself going to FEP only for the sushi bar but omg I’m wrong😱 Found this 15-seater jap restaurant just behind the famous salted egg shop. Their sashimi is by far the THICKEST cut I’ve had in sg, thus explaining it’s price point and it’s worth every penny!!! Also like how the seats are counter seats as in sushi places in Japan - transporting me to places where my wallet refuses to take me😂 I like seeing how my food is being prepared especially hap food!! Hehe pls be expected to queue if you come cuz seats are limited😛 Was rly contemplating to post this cuz I don’t want more ppl coming to queue for this, I don’t need more ppl stealing ma food😭 But then I guess good things must share right 😒 - 🍽 FUD FOR THE TUMMY • Chuka Wakame ($5) • Chuka Kurage ($5) • Aburi Salmon & Unagi Maki ($16) • Salmon Sashimi ($13) • Salmon Chirashi Sushi ($22) • Green Tea ($2)
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Matcha Feast For 2 Persons ($18 Per Pax) Sending our love to y’all. It’s Monday! Let’s rock it!! 🤟 ***** We had quite a matcha feast this weekend @hoshinocoffeesg. We were surprised by the interior (private cubicle for each customer group). How delightful the whole experience!! Hot matcha $7.50 and matcha latte $9.00 were served in Japanese style ceramic bowls. ☺️ . The double matcha pancake $16.90 comes with double layered pancake, matcha ice cream, black beans and extra maple syrup for pouring on top. Perfect for 2 people sharing. Service charge & GST applies.
Celebrate Hoshino’s 7th Anniversary with these great ‘7’ Deals! 4 of us and we were happily stuffed with the $77++ Deal (3 main courses, 3 drinks & 1 dessert) 😋 We were super happy & satisfied with the delicious Chilli Tomato Carbonara ($17.20), love the just right kick from the spiciness 🌶 Salmon with Wasabi Cream Sauce ($16.50) was not bad too though slightly creamier and was down played by the more enticing Chilli Tomato Carbonara 🍝 Teriyaki Chicken Steak with Onsen Egg ($18.30) was a good try. I like the slightly crispiness on the outside of the chicken and love the silky salty sweet onsen egg especially when I dunked in the toast 🥚 We each enjoyed our drink choice of Hot Matcha Latte served in a big bowl, Hot Soy Latte and Hot Fruit Tea in my favorite see through glass teapot set 🍵 For dessert, it was a no brainer. Double Pancake Soufflé Style ($12.50) of course!! Freshly baked on demand & so be patience for 20mins, the light fluffiness enjoyment was worth the wait! 🥞 #burpple
Hoshino Coffee Pt.2 Part 2 of the $53 National Day Promotion (2 mains, 2 drinks, 1 dessert) until end of August. Ordered the seasonal strawberry pancakes as the dessert ($16.90 ala carte) pancakes were fluffy and good with 3 huge strawberries a dollop of ice cream and cream, portion was quite big so good for sharing after a meal. Fries with wasabi sauce ($6 ala carte, +$5 to the set) were pretty average, wasabi sauce was too watery and fries were not crispy enough can skip this one.
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Originally from Hiroshima, Bari Uma Ramen has been around for a long time but they’re always not mentioned in the same conversation as your ippudos and your keisukes. However its a decent alternative as thenkutsu broth served in the Ajitama-uma here is hard hitting and super rich. • The noodles are on the slightly thicker side and more chewy which i love while the pork has a decent split of meat and fat. Service staff were a bit awkward even though they had good intentions. • 📍: Bari Uma 🚂: Orchard 💰: $20 ⚖️: Will be back if Im at that side of town but unlikely I'll made a special trip out
Caboodle Boil ($299) Includes lobster corn sausage potato prawn lala muscle and many more! The portion, service and food was fantastic! We had a table of five and every tummy was full and satisfied. A place perfect for gatherings and parties!
Bari Good~ Located 1km away from Orchard Mrt, I was ready to judge this ramen shop as not-worth-the-extra-mile. BUT upon stepping into the place, I felt like I was instantly transported back to Japan with the loud and cheery ‘irrashaimase!’ and great service! Ramen broth was thick and flavourful, the noodles and egg were nicely done. I also love how they gave 3 prices of nori! I felt that the char siu could have more fats though as mine was a little dry. They have a lunch combo where you can add 3 gyoza and a cup of green tea for $3.50. Overall, definitely worth a try especially if u r in the area. Cost: 16.90 before GST #worththecalories #lunch #solodiner #goodramen #noqueue
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