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Featured In 1 Guide
Shiok Maki the mother of all maki!! we keep going back for this and the standard is always there! really shiok!
This is by far one of my favourite combination - unagi on a bed of tamago egg sizzling away on a hotplate! This particular dish holds a lot of meaning to me. My mum used to bring my brother and I to this Japanese eatery at the basement of Bugis Junction when we were in primary school. As I was young and ignorant back then, I was unable to appreciate good Japanese food. Hence, I always ate the "safe" option - sushi. After a while, something clicked in me and I decided to try a new dish, which was unagi with tamago egg served on a hotplate. It was the best thing I have tried at that age, and I converted to a fan of Japanese cuisine since then 😂 After a while, the eatery either closed down or moved away. My single regret was that we did not take note of the name of the eatery (as we did not expect it to close), and so, were unable to locate it after it disappeared 😔 When I tried this dish at Koh Grill's, I felt that I was immediately transported back to my primary school days, where I cultivated my love for Japanese cuisine. The combination of the unagi and fluffy egg emanates a certain fragrance and explosion of flavour that invokes a sense of nostalgia within me. It might not have been from the same store or cooked by the same chef, but it was enough to spark my memory of how my love for Japanese cuisine began. The ANTicipated scale ⚖ 👅Flavour: 9 ants 💰Value: 7.5 ants 📍Convenience: 7 ants
Shiok Maki, Gen 1 ($16.80) - Definitely not an ordinary maki roll. Assembled with premium ingredients like salmon, unagi and tobiko which blend perfectly with one another. Their house made secret sauce was rich and creamy, with a tinge of sweetness which I suspected that mayo was part of the ingredient. The last touch of aburi added the charred flavor. This dish may be a little jelat for one, so do share! Do try out their salmon belly soup too!
Boon Keng
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Hot 100 2019
Decent Bowl Of Unagi Hitsumabushi 90% as nice as Man Man’s, but at least you dont have to Q for this
Loong Wye
👉Hitsumabushi👈 Opening its doors at @wheelockplace just beginning of last year, @uya_sg aims to deliver a grilled unagi which is exactly the same as you will find in Nagoya. The tare used is made using a sauce base that has been a family secret and passed down over four generations. 。 Without any live killings of fresh eels and no DIY grated wasabi like Man Man Unagi, I was slightly disappointed that the grilled unagi didn’t match up to their strong competitor. There were many soft bones here and there which destroyed the overall pleasant mouthfeel. Made with the condiments (Spring Onion, Wasabi & Nori) and Dashi broth, the Ochazuke (rice with soup) was underwhelming and lacked that umami kick. 。 P.S. I guess I’m left with the last specialty grilled eel restaurant, @unagiyaichinoji to decide who’s the best 😋. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
Krispy Bone ($9++) The menu hasn’t changed much since the restaurant opened (only minor additions), but the place has become better known and justifiably popular in spite of the high prices, so do book in advance or be prepared to queue. The unagi here are crunchier, smokier, and more flavourful than those served at non-specialist restaurants. One must try the Hitsumabushi, which they recommend to eat three ways - on its own, with wasabi and other condiments, or with a broth; each is delicious in a different way. They use all parts of the eel: ‘Crispy bone’ is scrumptious, grilled liver is interesting, liver ponzu is less good than ankimo (monkfish liver) as it is less fatty. Efficient and polite service.
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Featured In 1 Guide
Mixed Berries Dutch Baby Pancakes from @dutchbabycafe The pancakes are soft in the middle with crispy sides. I like the fresh fruits topping. ============================ Dutch Baby Cafe @dutchbabycafe 📍PARAGON 📍290 Orchard Road, B1-13 📍Singapore 238859 📞6836 9488 🕛Daily 11:30am to 10pm ============================ Blog: ============================ Eatdreamlove made an anonymous visit and paid for the food reviewed ============================ #singapore #burpple
Dutch Baby Pancakes Chocolate and banana ditch baby 🥞 pancakes So happy to be meeting my sister for a girls night out over a lovely dessert . Called pancakes but actually more like fluffy crepes , this was enjoyable . The “ pancakes” were well executed and beautifully presented . The only thing was that the quality of ice cream and the chocolate sauce were lacking. If it’s a perfect dessert , then all components have to be perfect . The chocolate ice cream tasted like walls ice cream and the chocolate sauce was more like chocolate syrup rather than a rich genuine dark chocolate sauce I was hoping for. A little surprised as I thought that the Japanese owners would take care of little details as such 😊 Nevertheless, the friendly service made up for everything and the flexibility to choose your pancake size was a nice gesture since we just had a full dinner and wanted something smaller. Opt for the set deal and get their hot Yuzu green tea which was incredibly fragrant . A nice cosy cafe to rest your legs and get some girls talk done 👧🏻
Butter Lemon Dutch Baby Pancake If u like the German / Dutch style pancakes and donuts , this one is it . Soft & mushy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside .
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