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Featured In 1 Guide
DIY Pizza from Picnic! I like the concept of DIY pizzas, where you get to choose your toppings and cheese. I got turkey ham, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. Tasted pretty good. Would be better if we could choose more toppings though! Price: $14.90 for 1 meat + 2 toppings (got 1-for-1 with @entertainersg ) #halfeatenblog #picnicsg #pizza #burpple
Omakase X Impossible Burger Set ($22.90++) Picnic’s concept consists different individual stores in area, where they have ramen, pasta, Omakase burgers, chicken rice etc. Decided to try the burgers at Omakase because I was curious of how the impossible burger would turn out. The impossible burger is vegetarian, so mock meat is used. The mock meat is really good and as a meat lover, it really tastes like the real meat!! Chose the chilli cheese fries for sides and it’s really nice and not spicy at all (would prefer for it to have more kick).
🎶The only one for me is you, and you for me~ SOU happy together~🎶 If you are gluten-intolerant, Picnic is THE place that you can head to with your friends to enjoy a plate of light & fluffy SOUfflé pancakes! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 In collaboration with Kumo Keiki, @picnic.sg has introduced healthful gluten-free rice flour soufflé pancakes instead of using commonly-used wheat flour! 💗 . True to its name of ‘Cloud cake’ in Japanese, the stack was pillow-soft & ‘jiggly’ with an almost melt-in-the-mouth texture! ☁️ Also made with Japanese eggs & Kagoshima brown sugar, I really adored the eggy fragrance in every bite! 🥞 As all pancakes are made fresh, a 15-minute waiting time is required, but it’s certainly worth the wait! 💯 . Out of the 8 choices, I tried the Matcha Soufflé Pancakes ($17/$20 for 2/3 pieces) 💚, which was drizzled with maple syrup & topped with whipped cream, red bean paste as well as a sprinkle of icing sugar & matcha powder 🍵. While I wished for the matcha taste to be stronger as the maple syrup dominated the dish, it was still an enjoyable treat! 😋
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Tebasaki ($6 a stick). I'll be here often, in fact already my second time in a month. It's a causal joint that serves very good yakitori, and prices are good for its quality as well. Excluding drinks, a Friday night dinner here would be around $100 to $150 for two persons. 🔸🔸🔸 #jinjosg #foodphotography #fujifilm #burpple #eatoutsg #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #sgig #yakitori #eeeeeats #burpplesg #晩ごはん #夕ご飯 #夜ごはん #おうちごはん #うち飲み #おうち晩酌 #和食 #デリスタグラマー #chickenskin #orchardroad
Chicken Skin ($4 each). I wished I discovered this place earlier, and I would have a regular place to go to on Friday nights. That's when I need casual fuss-free food that are also yummy. 🔸 Following the closure of Otowa after the previous Japanese owner-chef went back to Japan, it's not easy to name another good yakitori place in Singapore. Jinjo could fill that spot, albeit with much better ventilation that will not leave you smelling like one of the skewers. 🔸🔸🔸 #jinjosg #foodphotography #fujifilm #burpple #eatoutsg #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #sgig #yakitori #eeeeeats #burpplesg #晩ごはん #夕ご飯 #夜ごはん #おうちごはん #うち飲み #おうち晩酌 #和食 #デリスタグラマー #chickenskin #orchardroad
Crispy Tofu Is A Must Try! Infused with the flavour of carrot cake, this crispy tofu tasted so much like a finer version of cai tao kueh 😍 it has a super unique texture too. Yum!
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Plan your year end gatherings @tenkaichi.sg and make good use of their 1 for 1 promotion for their Ultimate Buffet! (That’s $139.80++ for two person)! I really think it’s a good deal - Think free flow wagyu beef(!!), pork belly and Asahi Beer! Definitely jio all your buddies for an indulgence night 🤫 No voucher or code required, all you have to do is present yourself and mention “1-for-1 The Ultimate Buffet” and you and a friend can start indulging! Available now till 31 Dec! Psst.. they are on #burpplebeyond as well for their Duluxe/Premium Buffet ($59.90++/$109.80++).
Fantastic Meat They've got a promotion going on their website itself so I didn't use beyond for this. Skip the Deluxe buffet and go straight for Premium. For 75 per person (inclusive of gst and all), I thought the meal was really worth it. The meats were beautifully marbled and melted in your mouth. We couldn't help but get more orders of both the kurobuta karubi and wagyu karubi. Highly recommend getting their tonkotsu soup for your hotpot too, it's lovely and sweet.
1 For 1 Burpple Beyond This set was $22.90 but with 1 for 1 it was quite reasonable. Honestly, was expecting more quality for the food but it was average at best. The rice did not look like Japanese rice, I think they used jasmine rice instead. However, the unagi was quite good but I’ve tasted better before. I liked the sashimi! However, portions were quite small and the chicken in the chawanmushi was pink and I did not dare to eat it. Overall, it was quite okay, would not go back there again if I were craving Japanese, could probably get cheaper and better quality food elsewhere. Food: 6.5/10
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Lunch Set Kuroson Lunch Course (S$68++) Available at @ginza_kuroson_takashimaya Started with Jimamidofu which was tofu made with peanuts. Anchovies, Duck, Sweet Potato, Jimamidofu, Meatloaf, Jelly, Egg Roll, Edamame Bean, Marinated Salmon, Marinated Clams. Chunky sashimi Mayonnaise topped grilled fish, served with pickled radish. Lightly battered tempura Multi grain rice topped with medium cooked beef and crispy garlic slices. End with yuzu sorbet, too dry cheesecake and forgettable chocolate pudding for dessert. Ginza Kuroson 銀座黑尊 Address 🏡 : 391 Orchard Road, # 03-10 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 🇸🇬 238 873 Tel ☎️ : 6235 3785 Open ⏰ : 11am - 11pm MRT 🚇 : Orchard (NS22)
Awesome Value Lunch Sets! Since the Robertson Quay branch closed its doors I find myself frequenting the one at Takashimaya more often now and my go to is always the Nagekomi Don, otherwise known as fisherman's catch or fresh catches of the day. The selection doesn't always vary too much and features the usual staples like tuna salmon, negitoro, anago and ebi but on some lucky occasions the bowl has featured shiroebi, hotate and more. The set comes with a miso soup and some chef appetisers and is filling enough to leave me in a food coma for the rest of the day. What I truly love is the mixed grain rice that delivers a different depth of flavour on its own and adds to the complexity of the clean bowl. I've been here many times and will keep returning just to sate my regular sashimi bowl cravings. At under 30 nett, its definitely a steal and for affordable than the expensive Ala Carte dinner menu!
Nagekomi Don $24++ Very worth it chirashi! Sashimi is not cold but warm. I like this cos I’ve eaten cold ones and didn’t feel as nice going down my belly! Fresh sashimi and huge variety! Large serving and couldn’t even finish it! Came with miso soup, pickles for appetiser and a jelly for dessert. Really worth it for the price!
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