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Slightly pricey but very delicious nasi ambeng

Ordered the Nasi Ayam Boomeranz ($7), which came with a box of seasoned rice and a fried whole chicken leg. Rice tastes good and really full of flavor. The soy sauce elevates the taste and the crumbs adds that nice crispy texture. Price point is affordable with big portions too.

Food here feels a bit like street food hence can be tad greasy / oily and heaty, as though the oil has been reheated multiple times. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth a try.

Service needs improvement. There are constant queues with long waiting times and missed orders, so be prepared to wait.

A very basic dish from an old-school eatery that's a little too dirty for me.

Still remembered how I was impressed during my first visit to Spice & Rice some time back at Amoy Street Food Centre before they became the talk of the town for their Nasi Lemak; made the order for these because was told that there was free delivery for them during the Vesak Day weekend — a perk considering how delivery kinda costs a bomb for where I live (that’s why you don’t see much posts here lately).

I like how their Sambal Cornflakes are considered somewhat of a twist to the cornflakes we are familiar with that are often retailed by homemakers during festive seasons like CNY and Hari Raya — those that are often made to be sweet and laced in honey or caramel. Spice & Rice take is savoury and spicy in retrospect; tossed with a house-made sambal and comes with anchovies, curry leaves and peanuts for a mix of textures. Their sambal is not shy on spiciness; provides quite a good kick of spiciness that most who are tolerant to moderate levels of heat should be ok with, whilst also sticky enough to lace the cornflakes up nicely for sweet-savoury note that some may associate with local snacks. That being said, not sure whether was it because of the delivery process (perhaps we are too far away), the batch we had came a little limp and soft (both cornflakes, and anchovies), with the cornflakes seemingly lost a bit of its crispness; perhaps sealed in a bottle before they were adequately cooled down — perhaps a one-off, but this could be easily fixed by popping them into a toaster oven and reheating them just for a couple of minutes (less than 5, depending on your temperature setting) with the cornflakes being back to its crispy state thereafter. Apart from that, care has also been placed to retain as much chlorophyll in those curry leaves as possible — not just for vibrant green amidst the brown elements for aesthetics, but it is also immensely crisp and hints mildly of a curry leaf fragrance when one gets to them; one of the minor details that I quite liked.

Whilst the free delivery promotion has since been over, one can order the Sambal Cornflakes and their Nasi Lemak on their webpage during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) — both pick-up and contactless delivery are available, not to mention that they are also listed on the likes of Grabfood and foodpanda. They are also still open for takeaways if any one is still returning to office near Amoy Street Food Centre during this period of time; just so if you need to get any Nasi Lemak cravings solved and prefer to get the food by yourself.

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Seriously coming to Amoy Street Food Centre for so many times, I actually didn’t know about this stall until seeing posts about them recently.

Today I decided to tabao their nasi padang and I totally surprised by the taste! It was so good and really hope I would have know of this stall much earlier.

Even though the stall is managed by Chinese auntie, but the taste remain the same as you have from those Malay stalls.

The curry was delicious and mix well with all the items I gotten. And please remember to add the mini tahu telur.

Among all the stalls at Whampoa Food Centre, this Halal stall stand up with always a queue in front of them.

Many people come here for their famous and authentic ginger fried chicken and I totally go with them.

Even I have takeaway back home to eat after sometime, the chicken still taste great especially mixing with the chili and sweet sauce, topped with crunchy bites above.

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Recommended by SPH Food Masters, which can be hit-and-miss. It's okay, but not exceptional. Expensive too.

All I can say is I'm glad to have brought a container to dapao this so that I'm limited by the space in the container. Else, I'd have probably ordered ALL the dishes available as they all look good. And they taste great too!

4 dishes in this box of rice + veggie + tofu + fried chicken drumstick + omelette for $6.30!

📍Dancing Fish, Orchard Rd TANGS📍
💸 Signature Set B (4 pax): $125++
💸 Star fruit with Asam Boi: $9
💸 Kedondong with preserved plum: $9
Happy Hari Raya Puasa!✨Had a feast at Dancing Fish and the set for 4 was really worth it, with a good variety of appetiser, main dishes and desserts that are pretty generous with the portions☺️. Our favourites were the cumi cumi bakar (charcoal grilled calamari) and Tahu telor (tofu with crispy egg floss). The calamari was grilled perfectly, with it being soft and not chewy at all and went well with the sweet and smokey sauce🦑. The tahu telor was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and having it together with the crispy egg floss and tangy sauce allowed us to enjoyed different textures and flavours🤤!! Lastly, balancing all these strong flavours by trying some of their refreshing signature beverages🍹.

Overall, a great place with homely malay-indo cuisine and great ambience🏠!

I'm back after 10 years. I know they've branched out but I still trust the HQ. I have mixed memories of this nasi lemak. When we had it after every Fright Night, it was damn shiok. Other times, it's very ordinary. This visit was no exception. The rice, chicken wing and egg were flat. At least the chilli was still good.

Nasi Lemak.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/nurul-delights/