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Sweet sauce chicken wing, curry vegetables, hae bee hiam. There aren't many places that survive on being average. This one does. I'd return, but I always found it meh.

For the lamb curry puff, I personally liked the curried potato cubes and chunky lamb meat that are generously stuffed within the pastry. It is almost like dry rendang.
But best of all, it is affordably priced at just $1.30 which is the same as their chicken curry puff and sardine curry puff. It would have easily sold for at least $1.50 across the road!
As for the spring roll, there is really nothing to complain about. The skin is crispy, the size is huge and it is filled with piping hot mang guang (shredded jicama) that is deliciously sweet. Oh, I love it!
The goreng pisang is another winner here. Biting past the crunchy batter, the banana encased within is soft and creamy - almost molten-like as its sweetness spreads in my mouth cavity. If I could describe it crudely, I would say it is like having an orgasm in my mouth!
For $1.40, I am getting the whole ripened banana and not the usual halved slices where it is sold at $2 for 6 pieces elsewhere (those are usually unripe with a tart flavor).
Trust me, one Selera's goreng pisang will never be enough. Do yourself a favor and get a few more to indulge in.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2021/03/selera-restaurant-15-mackenzie-road.html?m=1

Ordered their Set A Basmati Coconut with Classic Fried Chicken ($7.90) and added on some Butter Chicken ($3). Given that their food does not contain MSG, I find the taste pretty good!

Basmati rice was not Lemak enough for me but for those who want a healthy meal, this should suffice. Their Chilli isn’t the typical salty ones as well and is definitely way healthier! Would have to say that their butter chicken is good too, not as flavourful as many other places (but again, healthy alert!). This bowl is probably for those who wanna be healthier but craves local food imo. In addition, the eggs were cooked to a wonderful consistency (runny yolk) and their fried chicken was really flavourful and the Star of the dish!✨

💕Nasi Lemak with Thai Green Curry Chicken
💕Nasi Lemak with Basil Chicken
💕 Pearly Thai Milk Tea.

Enjoy this seasonal " Taste of Thailand” menu, available across all outlets and exclusively on @foodpandasg for delivery till today, 6 April with 30% discount.


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Fragrant basmati rice with crispy chicken skin. Finally had a chance to try this stall since I was around the area. Worth it for this price.

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nice fish fillet nasi lemak and fish pekat nasi lemak 🤤👍Great with their chilli

They use basmati rice instead of white rice, the chilli is more to the sweet side type of chilli.
The highlight is the chicken. It tasted like Indonesia yellow fried chicken that cooked with tumeric.
💰$ 4-5 (coz I added begedil).
📍Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak.
2 changi village Road, #01-26

From Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring
Takeaway version. 嘟嘟糕
One of the best hand crafted putu piring.


There are two options for the $1 Nasi Lemak, you can go with either the kuning fish or ikan bilis.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/kedai-makan-muhajirin/

the hokkien mee has a nice char to it. the bandung grenade has only a faint taste of grape yakult, and it isn't too sweet

this place just opened a while back so I was pretty excited to try it out!

Thanks to them for keeping the price down so the community around could enjoy good breakfast at affordable price.

For only $1, you could grab a package of nasi lemak from this stall. Definitely worth queuing and buy some to start your day with their nasi lemak.

The mutton briyani here is absolutely fantastic. The meat is fork tender and simply melts in your mouth. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get the bone in mutton, which comes with the bone marrow. Definitely makes your day!

Now let’s talk about the rice. It’s fluffy, fragrant and packed with flavour. You don’t need to douse the rice with gravy to make it tasty. The rice is a dish on its own.

Now you’re probably thinking, what’s that in the curry?
It’s TETELAN of course!!!! Beef fat that has been rendered and melts in your mouth. Absolutely Divine.
Don’t be shy and ask the Makcik for it!

Finally, the achar. There’s the cucumber and sour plum. Please get both! Just trust me. It brings the dish to another levels and cuts through the richness of the meal.

And of course, the Makcik serves it with a smile <3
So if you are ever thinking of eating, please call the Makcik in advance to avoid disappointment.
And cancel all your plans for the day cause this meal is an event; a near religious one.

This is Aqil ❤️