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Similarly, the wait can take some time especially during lunch hours but this is a small price to pay for a plate of coconut infused rice that comes with a fried egg, cucumbers, fried anchovies and chicken wing. Comparing to Mizzy Corner, this stall wins in terms of the perfectly fried golden brown chicken wings which was well marinated and spiced. The coconut rice is slightly heavy on the coconut flavour while the sambal is more towards sweet than spicy. Overall, both stalls got their own merits and if I were to choose, I will go for the one with the shorter queue.
📍International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak
2 Changi Village Road, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Unit 01-03, Singapore 500002

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Chicken Wing Nasi Lemak.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/soulfood-catering/

Savoury beans cooked down with spices and topped with a fried egg. The crusty bread was nice to dip and eat it with.

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This is the nearest place from my house that I will visit when I craving for Indonesia’s chilli.
The chicken was tender, topped with homemade chilli (very shiok) and served with frangant nasi lemak.
And I asked for extra 2 type of chilli to served with, Coz I’m big fan of chilli 😆.
📍Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang.
51 Yishun Ave 11, Yishun Park Hawker Center.

Nasi Padang and more at #02-147, we gave this Nasi Rawon a try. Comes with an assortment of ingredients, I really liked the soft, baby cuttlefish and the spicy sambal belachan. The black beef gravy that gets poured all over was also nice and luscious, making it a very satisfying meal.


Yuuuuum, these little morsels are super delicious! Their ‘authentic kampung-style otak-otak’ is made with grated coconut, giving it a very fragrant flavour. Definitely order a few up to go with whatever you’re having at Geylang Serai Market.


Served piping hot, this plate was a real delight. Enjoyed the cuttlefish and begedil a lot!

#02-147 Shaliza Kitchen

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Didn’t know that the traditional style was coconut + fish. Fantastic flavour from the coconut and the charcoal, flaky texture from the nice chunks of fish you see. Not the usual paste-like texture at all. I will definitely buy this every time I’m at Geylang Serai!

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At Pak Mandor Nasi Lemak, you can pick your favorite ingredients ala carte but I simply pointed to the photo on the signboard and told the kak kak that I wanted the same combination which consisted of coconut rice, a fried chicken wing, a fried kuning fish, an omelette and the usual condiments like peanuts, ikan bilis, cucumber and sambal chili.

I thought a combo like this with both fried fish and fried chicken would have cost at least $4 but no, all these cost just a mere $3!

Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/11/pak-mandor-nasi-lemak-blk-645-yishun.html?m=1

Haven’t been here in approximately 5 years since it’s across the island for me 😅 While most of the basic components of a nasi lemak - ikan bilis, chilli - was well executed here, the star itself, the rice, was lackluster. It lacks the lemak fragrance and the wings, while crisp, lacks flavour. The otah was pretty well done though!

One of my fav Nasi lemak and all this huge goodness of fried chicken, egg, ikan bilis and tempeh veg for $4.50.


From Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak; $3.50 only for this colourful set.
Brisk queue.
Simple combinations in photo menu right below the stall signage.
Loved the chilli paste.