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An Indonesian styled chendol that full gula Melaka flavour, coconut milk and soft green chendol. The big kidney beans are a great complement.

Note this one down for cheap and good lunches in the East. For strong local flavours, order their Laksa Pasta ($12.90) that comes either in spaghetti or penne and is served with four whole prawns in a thick shrimp and garlic base. Big eaters — the generously-portioned Tenderbest Maggie Ayam Goreng ($8.50) comes with a humongous piece of fried chicken and stir-fried noodles will satisfy! Wash it all down with the sweet and unique Gula Melaka Kopi ($2.20).
Photo by Burppler Smitten Angel

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It’s always a perfect accompaniment to your meal and the one at Pu3 is a $7.50 tower of deep fried beancurd and egg mixture. Topped with shredded carrots and cucumbers and a heap of peanut, each element provides a contrast of textures while the kicap manis at the bottom balances out the flavours with sweetness. Your dietician will definitely not recommend you this dish, but I will, because it’s so damn good to pass on.
Pu3 Restaurant
Address: 111, Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, Unit 02-20, Singapore 238164
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We were glad the Kuhlbarra Barramundi (1st pic) with Truffle pasta ($20.90) fared far better than their Teriyaki Salmon (2nd pic) with Truffle pasta ($10.90) and proved to be at least worth the price difference. The Barramundi was light and fresh where the Salmon had a strong fishy smell and taste.

The Chendol ($5.90) was simple & boring and lacked the strong flavours a good Chendol should have. Perhaps they were looking for a 'Healthier' version 🤔. The Caramelized Goreng Pisang (Banana Fritters) with Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce ($8.90?) was commented to be hard, with the banana lacking the sweetness banana fritters should have with an attempt to coat the sweetness through the caramel syrup. The ice cream was a basic ice vanilla ice cream with less bean notes.

Lesson to be learnt: Order the Mains, spare the desserts. (Perhaps try their appetizers OR spend those calories on Mr Teh Tarik SG drinks instead!) #Burpple #BurppleSG #tenderfresh #tenderbest #makcikmarket #localfood #SGrestaurants #Halal #foodie #SGfoodie #Burpplereview

Didn’t take me too long to decided that I wanted some Nasi Lemak. Picked Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak over the other Nasi Lemak Store since my photowalk Kaki vouched that Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak has better Nasi Lemak. Well, then again, if the Prime Minister of Singapore can arrange for their Nasi Lemak to be served to Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo when he made a state visit to Singapore - and if the Sultan of Brunei have this Nasi Lemak for breakfast each time he visits Singapore - I’m sure it has some standard, right...?
Ordered the “Full House” that came with rice, chicken wing, otah, fried egg, ikan bilis, and the sambal chilli. Something different about this Nasi Lemak - they use Basmati Rice instead of Thai Rice - it had a light texture, super fragrant and it tasted so well with the sambal chilli that was slightly on the sweeter side. The chicken wing was pretty good too - perfectly crispy and well-marinated with turmeric and spices that made it so flavourful that you wished you had ordered two - or even three wings instead. As for the otah- it was alright.
Was it that good...? I think so. But you do have to take my word for it - if you’ve never tried it before - just head down to Adam Road Food Centre and join the loooooong queue at the store and give it a try yourself...!! 😊
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place that I will come back when I missed my hometown food.
Love the paru, which is very tender and the red Chili.
💰$14.30 for 2 plates.
📍coba coba.
156 Yishun St 11, #01-106.

Known for their nasi ambeng, I had to order their Nasi Ambeng Solo ($9.80) when I’m there. If you are not sure what’s a nasi ambeng, it’s a communal platter of dishes, designed to be shared with a group. This solo platter is specially created for a single pax’s consumption and it comes with wingbean crispies salad, bergedil, chilli peanut anchovies, chilli eggplant, sambal goreng and the all-important beef rendang. You essentially get everything that you want in a single platter which makes nasi ambeng such a joy to savour.
Pu3 Restaurant
Address: 111, Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, Unit 02-20, Singapore 238164
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Located at 238 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437026. Opens 5.30pm to 1am, closes on Thursday. .
Nasi Lemak, $8.30. Finally here to try, always seen a Long q for this stall when we drove past. Indeed, very fragrant and delicious!! Rice is very fragrant with coconut, and texture was good! Dishes were hot and freshly fried so it’s so crispy and piping hot! We ordered Chicken Wing, Fish Fillet, Otah and Meat Roll (Ngor Hiong). Everything on this plate is superb👍🏼👍🏼 They even have a price list at the side so it’s very transparent. We personally find this nicer and tastier than the other outlet at Upper Serangoon Rd! .
@ponggolnasilemak #hungryunicornsg #ponggolnasilemak #nasilemak

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Each $1.

Fluffy rice with fried egg omelette, signature sambal chilli, fried crispy peanuts & ikan bilis and sliced cucumber.














もうこれだけでも満足だったし、大きなパンケーキと並べると見劣りしちゃうけど、Golden crab burger $16の美味いたるや。





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