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idk why this isn’t on the menu but it should be because the chicken is soo tender and crispy🍗 much more worth than the wings set

The rice was fragrant, the fried chicken was crispy outside, inside tender n juicy, the chilli is more towards sweet side.
Good food and affordable at orchard area, but need to prepare to queue.
📍Aa Shiifa.
Lucky plaza #06-52.


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Very flavourful nasi lemak, love the crisps on top of rice that adds crunch to the palate. Ordered chicken cutlet, grilled chicken and assam pedas fish, all were well executed. Rice was fragrant, sambal was a combination of spicy and tangy, achar was super nice, ikan bilis and peanuts were crunchy. Onsen egg was the cherry on top of the tart. Will be back!!! Why didn’t we try this earlier 😮‍💨

Swing by the Singapore Food Festival and totally blown away by Rempapa’s Wings. It gives a real kick in your mouth and the heat slowly builds. Chicken is fried to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Expected Damage: $12-15~/3pc


1 veg + 1 chicken + beef rendang @ $10.30

If I could marry food, I would marry to this. Coba coba never disappoints though a bit shocked at the price this time. Nevertheless the satisfaction at the end of the meal makes it worthwhile.

Trying this chicken for the first time, super tender and the sauce is sweet, a little spicy and with the lime a little sour but all super well balanced.

The beef rendang and sambal kangkong are as good as always.

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More expensive than hawker nasi lemak but everything on the plate was amazing. Rice is super fragrant and flavourful. Chicken is big and juicy. Chilli is spicy and tasty. Egg has a melty centre. Ikan bilis stays crispy. Achar is good to eat on its own. This is a place you need to upsize on the rice!!!

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Best nasi lemak in Singapore. Simply delicious!


From Adam’s Corner
Had the tasty curry with crispy prata.
Teh tarik also not bad.


Taste good with the gula melaka sugar and grated coconut.


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Mangolicious @ $9.80+

Was a bit surprised to see the mango slice on the side. Overall a nice drink especially on a hot day.

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Lemak chilli api crab pasta @ $16+

Overall this seems a bit ordinary but still tasty and not bad. Soft shell crab a bit on the salty side. Comes with prawns and some sotong.

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Smoked duck laksa @ $12+

Fusion laksa that contains usual laksa broth + linguine pasta + smoked duck. The broth is flavourful and creamy, while the pasta is nicely cooked. However we felt that the smoked duck didn't quite value-add to the dish.

Also comes with taupok, cucumbers, taugay and egg.

Star of the dish is the chilli which is spicy and sweet and brings the broth to a whole new level.

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