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Lemper Ayam Original (S$6.80)
Available at @ratulemper
Glutinous rice sandwiched with savoury shredded chicken
Moist with a slightly sweet taste

Ratu Lemper
Address 🏡 : 31 Arab Street, Singapore 🇸🇬 199 730
whatsapp ☎️ : 9813 2450
Open ⏰ :
Tue - Thu : 10am - 2pm
Fri - Sat : 10am - 6pm
Website 🌐 : https://ratulemper.com/

Rather pricey tbh, but commands a long queue nonetheless.

Grilled ckn was pretty solid, crispy, well marinated, and quite tender.

Their achar is almost dessert like, it's unabashedly sweet and fruity. Brilliant addition of raw carrots.

Bittergourd was decent.

Sambal was full of spice but not as hot as expected. So that's a relief

Overall decent place, avoid lunch hours

Expected not to be treated with good customer service and politeness when you deal with the staff who taking orders. Been told to wait 30 mins till it ready the satay is ready.

This was my first time visited Haig Food Center, apparently the hawker seems divided by halal & non halal food row & seating area section. The malay satay stall doesn’t want to deliver your satay if you sit on non-halal food section. The cleaner doesn’t want to clean the tray of halal food if you’re sitting on non-halal sitting area. What a mess, given the Haig food center was totally crowded on weekend. Uncleaned trays & leftover food was left on the table because the cleaner is picky.

When it reached 30 mins I came to pick up my satay, and the staff wasn’t so happy as the satay has been ready for quite a while perhaps. Saw he also rude to one lady who’s going to place satay order.

Now, let’s judge the satay quality itself. I would say the meat was hard. All of three, beef, mutton and chicken. The peanut gravy was in orangey colour and just taste sweet with peanuts tiny chunks inside. I don’t know why this stall if famous for 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even infamous satay stall at Geylang Bahru Food Center near my house taste better.

Verdict: overrated satay stall in most of food guides online.

Satay: 6.5/10

Interesting dish but never again! Super salty and gimmicky.. more on the sweet side than savoury, only savoury flavour was salt and MSG!!😂 egg was a nice addition though.

Huge fried drumstick that was crispy and flavourful. However, the aglio olio didn’t taste like much, it felt like soy sauce noodles😂 rather pricey for such a dish and Low standard of pasta. Dish was overall dry. The only decent think was the chicken drumstick.

nice food, nice setting. All halal.

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What I like about their Nasi Lemak is the Chilli 🌶 😋
Location: Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak, #01-106, 221B Boon Lay Pl, Singapore 642221
#boonlaypowernasilemak #burpple #burpplesg #nasilemak #sgnasilemak #sghawker #sghawkerfood #hawkerfood #mightyhawkerfood #boonlay

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Nasi Lemak [email protected] Round Market:
They used Basmati rice. Otah is nice. Nuts&ikan bilis are crunchy and not too salty. Egg is alright. Chili is Abit sweet and spicy, it takes some time to take effect. Cucumbers are crunchy and fresh. Chicken is crispy and flavorful. Like a small little Nasi Lemak from Changi village is at Tampines.

Hadn’t really been this enthusiastic about Tenderbest group’s concepts in the past, but my recent visits to Tenderbest Makcik Kitchen at [email protected] had me fairly impressed — and that’s how I found myself heading down to Kedai Kopi when they had announced the opening of the coffeeshop concept.

With many tenants located under one roof in this Muslim-friendly concept, we ended up ordering from a few stalls such as Mee Bagus (i.e. the Muslim-friendly alter ego of Gimee Face 爱面子 that has stalls in Hougang and Ang Mo Kio), Mr Teh Tarik Express and Joy Satay. This item came from the menu of 380 Nasi Lemak — a stall that is seen as a revival of Nasi Coco which was previously situated at NeWest, and is aligned with the same Muslim-friendly theme of the coffeeshop. While the other elements were actually pretty well-executed here, the main star or the show here seemed to have fell a bit short — the XXL Crispy Chicken Leg seem to have lost most of its juiciness from being pre-fried and displayed at the counter for an extended period of time; the batter being a tad limp, though retaining much of the crunch, but the flesh being rather tough and dry. Otherwise, the other elements are pretty commendable — the basmati rice came infused with an evidently aromatic coconut-y fragrance with the grains being pretty fluffy, and the sambal being a nice mix of sweet-savoury and carrying a moderate punch of spiciness that most folks should find easy to handle. The Ikan Bilis also remained crunchy, while the sunny-side-up comes with somewhat of a runny egg yolk.

While this item from 380 Nasi Lemak does come with hits and misses and definitely has some room for improvement, Kedai Kopi is certainly a spot that remains as an appealing option to dine at if in the area for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. Of particular mention, we found the Seafood Laksa from Mee Bagus to be delicious — sufficiently “lemak” with an evident hint of flavours from the rempah spices, and coming with hum, fish cake, and prawns. Crowds seem to be a little crazy given the press coverage on this place lately though — you have been warned!

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Chicken rice ($8 nett)
$8 dollars for chicken rice?

Yup. But it tastes like normal 3 dollar chicken rice.

You're better off eating in kopitiam before coming over to RWS. Unless you're confident of making a killing at the casino, then i guess you probably have cash to spare.

Food Quality: Excellent
Overall Service Quality: Excellent
Cleanliness: Excellent
Order Accuracy: Excellent
Speed of Service: Excellent
Value: Excellent
Overall Experience: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent
Overall Service Quality: Excellent
Cleanliness: Excellent
Order Accuracy: Excellent
Speed of Service: Excellent
Value: Excellent
Overall Experience: Excellent