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Top 10 Places for Malay

Top 10 places for Malay

Latest Reviews for Malay

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Malay

It was so freakin good! Like so spicy and fragrant!! But this time round i ordered a plate for myself and it wasnt as nice 😔 sad ☹️ isit stolen food taste nicer? #muieats
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Craving for some spice? Why not try Minang at the basement of OTH! You can get a piece of Indonesia without even getting on a plane. They have a wide range of dishes for you to choose from, every single one of them covered in delectable curry. Don’t forget to order a side of Tahu telur (Fried tofu with eggs) if you’re coming in a group!

This has a total belly score of 4/5!

We intended to eat the international Muslim stall actually, but it was closed, so on to the 2nd best one at mizzy corner nasi lemak. The special thing about this is that they use basmati rice (although I personally prefer the normal rice for nasi lemak). The chicken wings wasn't marinated enough for me though. And because I didn't want to order the set (because I didn't want the ikan billis or egg), I think they ended up miscalculating and charging us about $2 more 😐
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Ordered this on grabfood. Loved it! The rice is perfectly cooked and the chilli was great.

Can get a cheaper alternative at the original adam road stall, but of course, you would lose the comfort of air conditioning in the malls where crave outlets are located.

Isn’t it so cool that many versions of “Rojak” exist? And they differ hugely too. Due to the influence of my late maternal grandmother who enjoyed it a lot, I have a soft spot for Indian Rojak especially. It’s one of the few hawker dishes she always requested me to takeaway for her on a regular basis. In those days, I would buy it from a stall at Bedok Bus Interchange food centre as it was a convenient stop on my way back from school, and we would eat it together the moment I got home. Time has smudged out the name of the stall from my memory but I can still remember theirs was very tasty.

The one shown above was bought by my parents from Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, and it’s good too. I like that every item tastes freshly prepared and the sweetish dipping sauce has enough spiciness to keep me happy. They do their fritters crunchy and pack a decent amount of small prawns within. Furthermore, they don’t stinge on the complimentary lettuce, cucumber and purple onions.


this malay-indo cuisine restaurant is super proud of the tilapia they serve: deep-fried while keeping the fish meat tender and it’s presented in a glorious curl, hence “dancing fish”. also try their barbecue oxtail if you eat beef, and their chilli soft shell crab for a different chilli crab experience. 😍
📍 310 orchard road, level 4 TANGS, singapore 238864
thank you for hosting us!

Huge portion for lunch. Delicious and sinful. There is a wide range of dishes to chose from. The curry over rice is the bomb!

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The crust of any epok epok or curry puff is always important as it needs to be thin and yet be able to hold the fillings in well, and is crisp. #MAKANBOLEH's Epok Epok crust hit all the right notes in this aspect. Moreover, it has a butter fragrance which is a plus point.

This Sardin Epok Epok came with huge chunks of sardine meat and small pieces of onion. On the first bite, the spiciness of the chilli pasteoverwhelmed me, before the sweetness set in. The more I bite into it, the more I love it! Sedap!

If you are a fan of Epok Epok, wait no more! Give this a try.

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Crispy chicken and fragrant rice paired with sambal chilli! It was a nice find in Lucky Plaza and you get to choose either thigh or breast. However, beware of the hostile man chopping chicken. We ordered and paid in 1 order to be more convenient.

But hey, for a $22 whole lobser that is this fresh, one can’t ask for too much. You may consider adding some fried chicken wings sprinkled with their spices too ($3).
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Visited Mizzy’s as international nasi lemak (my go to nasi lemak place in Changi village) was closed. While the rice was cooked nicely, it was not as fragrant as I would like it to have been. The chilli sauce is also on the sweeter side, and chicken could have been crispier. Hopefully international nasi lemak will be open the next time I’m there!

This has a belly score of 2.5/5