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We arrived at Adam Road Hawker Centre with the intention of trying the famous Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak (my dad used to dabao this home.. I would have been a whole lot more thankful had I aware of the queue he had to brave), but boy, the queue was pure madness. We gave up and opted for the less popular No.1 Nasi Lemak stall tucked neating at a corner. I got the standard chicken wing, otah and egg set - it was not amazing, but definitely not bad either. My brunch buddy got the rendang set for comparison. The rendang was surprisingly VERY VERY GOOD - it was extremely tender and aromatic!! ๐Ÿฎ The gravy mixed with the sambal chilli also complemented the coconut flavoured rice perfectly โค๏ธ

Taste: 6/10 (rendang oneโ€™s a 7.5)

Ambience: 5/10 (Adam Road Hawker has been plagued with birds for the longest time. I absolutely hate when they hop onto the table the moment diners leave to snack on the leftover food..)

Tin Mug Teh Halia: smooth, spicy & slightly sweet.
Ice chilled drinks: Teh Tarik Dinosaur & Iced longan.
Comfortable priced.


Tasty plate of deep fried crispy boomerang (chicken drumstick) with fluffy rice & coleslaw


Tasty plate of smoked duck penne with Thai sauce.

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Best nasi lemak. Fried chicken wings are fried to perfection and rice is very fragrant! Chili is shiok!!!

- I ordered 2 sets of nasi lemak, one is 5.5 SDG and the other one is 4.7 SDG and one lemon juice with the price of 1.2 SDG. And how do I feel after leaving the restaurant?โ€”>fulfilled
Long story short, I was starving and having a crave for Nasi Lemak. The 1st time I tried Nasi Lemak was in Malaysia in 2014 and to tell the truth I didnโ€™t like the dish very much. The 2nd time was at Universial Studio in Singapore in 2019 and I loved it. May be because when I was in grade 11, I hadnt been abroad much and I was kinda struggling to digest the food. But we are talking about 21 years old me who adore the dish so much. The 3rd time (today on Sep 15, 2019) is at this place. It was a simple dish got done right with all the flavor comes to life (no exaggeration people). The chicken was fried beautifully keeping all the moist inside and it is crispy on the outside. And I think I really need to steal the coating powder recipe because that piece of chicken was so delightful to bite. Another star of the dish was the rice cooked with coconut, the smell of coconut fat just spices up everything else and melts in my mouth. Speaking of the fried fish with crunchy peanuts, god heaven, I love how joyful it is when you hear yourself chewing the thing. With a touch of some slices of cucumber, they bring out all the freshness like weโ€™ve been hiking under the scorching sun and stop for a sip of water, like, how refreshing is it, right? Another ingredient that helps neutralize the dish is the basted egg, soft, creamy and rich. One more thing we canโ€™t overlook is the sauce called โ€œsambalโ€, truly is the cherry on the cake. Overall, this is a good start for me in Singapore and you should check this place out if you are happened to be nearby.

I'm a regular here. Love this chicken and biryani dish. Everything is delicious. Big portion for the price. They also add a side of pickled spicy cucumber which complements the rest.

My new regular place for nasi lemak, at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. We've probably tasted many different nasi lemak in Singapore and Malaysia - some heavier, some lighter, some using Jasmine rice, some using basmati rice, some enhanced with flavour essence, while some have a lighter natural fragrance.
This one sits at one end of the spectrum which is lighter, for many reasons - it uses basmati rice, so it's more fluffy, less sticky, less cloying. It also has a light, natural fragrance from coconut milk, so it doesn't feel overly lemak or guilty. It's one nasi lemak that is easier on your tummy.
But as with all nasi lemak stalls, you need a bit of luck when it comes to the fried accompaniments. It's really good when it happens to be freshly fried, but at times you could get those that has been left to air for a while.
Still, it's one stall I'll keep coming back to whenever I'm here.
Aliff Nasi Lemak
Stall 27
Serangoon Garden Market
49A Serangoon Gardens Way
Singapore 555945
8am to 5pm daily (according to Google map)
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This place looks like a hip bar but still has a casual vibe. I used Burpple Beyond and staff explained helpfully that the cheapest item was free. Limited to ala carte menu. We enjoyed the food. The rice was nice and fried condiments were crunchy. Bar seats and we got there just before the crowd.

Find this gem in Seah Im Food Centre. Order their dcadent Ayam Penyet ($5), where a succulent, deep fried chicken thigh comes buried in an avalanche of crispy batter bits and is served with sour-spicy sambal balado chilli sauce. Pro-tip: Add a dollar for extra chicken โ€” you won't regret it!
Photo by Burppler Gin ๐Ÿ’›

Formerly from Changi Airport T1 canteen, this stall at Amoy Food Centre serves many Malay cuisine such as mee rebus, mee soto etc. Recommend the mee siam here, the gravy gravitates towards the sweet and tangy, but do add the sambal chilli which elevates this dish to a new level. The begadil ($0.60) is really good too!