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It’s been a while since I last ate at Waa Cow. Absolutely ❤️ their tender and smoky flavour wagyu beef slices with an onsen egg, tobiko and add-on foie gras.
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Probably their most well-known gimmick. Ramen (that's like soba) in cold soba soup. The "beer foam" is created with egg white foam. Enhance the noodles by throwing that dish of nori, spring onion and sesame into the mug. Accompanied by kakiage, kaisen tofu and tori karaage. The tofu was especially delicious.

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I was set on ordering this when I saw it. You can't go wrong. The ebi was fried damn well, perfuming the entire roll. All these ingredients eaten together is just unfair lol.

Good but like most drinks in restaurants is overpriced.

Aka burdock root. A very nice combination of ingredient and execution. Crunchy and fragrant. But it would be a lot better if it's thicker and more. The unidentified sauce was delicious - I detected sriracha.

Aka tuna with sticky mountain yam. Seasonal item that's supposedly quite premium. It's not easy to describe. It's not nauseatingly fishy like some sashimi but it's very fishy haha.

3⭐ Redeemed the Jpassport Birthday rewards 1 for 1 deal. There's 4 outlets to choose from: Natsume, Maruya, Maruki and Teppan Do. We decided to have the pork katsu and ebi. The pork katsu is mediocre while the ebi is considered smaller in size compared to the one we had at Ma Masion Tonkatsu.
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Tuna, salmon, hamachi, snow crab, spicy negitoro, ikura, tamago and house-made pickles over steamed rice, seasoned with special blend of furikake and tare. Sashimi was very fresh and portion was just right.

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Had a very affordable and delicious bowl of chirashi don at Doraya, a stall located in Don Don Donki Clark Quay Central foodcourt. The Soy-Marinated Chirashi Sushi Bowl ($16) comes with soy-marinated maguro (bluefin tuna), toro (fatty tuna belly), tuna, salmon, salmon roe and tamagoyaki (rolled omelette). The sashimi is really fresh and the toro melts in my mouth🤤 The price point and quality definitely exceeded my expectations!

Been here thrice and I love the food (and the extensive menu) here! The most recent set meal I’ve ordered, Steak Moriawase Set ($56.80) was greatly satisfying given the amount of food that came in the set. There are three cuts of meat in this platter and all tastes great with the sauce pairing (I chose Yuzu Pepper and Ponzu). I preferred the Wagyu and the Canadian Sangenton Pork more, so I would definitely order those sets during my next visit!

Be sure to order Ama Sake Cocktail ($5) too, it’s a very refreshing drink, not overly sweet and contains less than 0.5% alcohol! I tried White Peach flavour one, will be back to try the rest!

Had the kei signature Kaisendon before trying the mentaiko one this time. Had to say that I prefer this as having the normal one became abit too fishy for me. But this gave abit of char and really gave the dish a different flavour.

The way I had it was I tore abit of seaweed and placed abit of rice and chunks of fish wrapped it and ate it. Soooo good. Wished I had asked for more seaweed. 11/10

The service here is one of the best I had from their chain. So cheerful and kind, very fast as well even tho it was full at that time. Waited for like 5-10mins that was all. 100/10

Still recall the first time I had foie gras, it was at Tanuki Raw. The way the duck liver just melts away in my mouth in fatty goodness.

Meat quality was alright, nice flavour in the beef atop a nice bed of white rice. Oysters were on promotion, plump and fresh! Sashimi slices were thick and fatty, melts in the mouth as well.

A good place to have a meal if I’m around the area! :)