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Signature Roast Chicken ($15.90)
Fan base of @lecoqsg has been growing steadily recently with so many wishlisting this place on burpple. Dining here has never been more worth it than after #burpplebeyond came about. So we got 2 regular mains for the price of 1 and ended up paying only about $10/pax for their signature roasted chicken platter and spicy salmon don. The roasted chicken is largely similar in taste to those found at good chicken rice stalls but what makes this plate amazing to me is the quinoa. Not a fan of qinoa but the way it had been prepared here surprised me. Utterly delicious and complimented the roasted chicken as well as the usual oily chicken rice did. This main also came with a shoyu egg with a runny centre and a bowl of collagen chicken soup. There’s also chicken rice option available for substitute if quinoa isn’t your thing.


Rly enjoyed the dish although the sauce was slightly too sweet. But the beef was tender, soft and packed w flavour. Truffle was fragrant n perfumed the entire shop. Onsen egg added a creamy touch when cut into. All in all v good n value for money for sure!! Would def revisit

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Burpple set was rly worth it man I especially love the mentaiko tamago wow so generous w mentaiko n the egg is perfection too. Pairs amazing tgt :’) The sashimi n rice were alright, gotta eat w wasabi n soy sauce for flavour. Set comes w miso soup n salad which is gr8 :-)

$9.9. pretty decent salmon don at this cozy corner of tanjong pagar, & it’s decently priced too! the seating area isn’t super big but we were able to get seats. the utensils are packed in this cute small pack also hahaha. would go back 👍🏻

200g marbled striploin, mash, cabbage slaw, red wine jus.

Blown away by the depths of flavors from the meat such a humble looking dish. Trying is believing. Don’t forget to use the 1-1 deal from Burpple beyond!


Signature roast chicken leg, quinoa, collagen broth, cucumber apple salad, shoyu egg.

Was so impressed by the presentation, and boy, it certainly is a generous portion. Impressed with how flavorful the quinoa tasted, having been cooked and seasoned with ginger and spices, like what you’d expect or chicken rice. And the chicken was really tender and juicy, even better with the condiments that came along to take it to the next level.

Super satisfying meal and best part is the too good to be true 1-1 deal you get to enjoy with Burpple beyond! Will definitely be back again to try the other items from the promising menu!

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Comprises mostly salmon slices and some cubed tuna, on a bed of green lettuce, red cabbage and cherry tomatoes. Served with goma dressing upon request.

This was a letdown, despite the cheaper pricetag of $25.90 for 2 bowls of barachirashi + miso + salad, the barachirashi was disappointing. I’d say a good 35% of the ‘fish’ was actually huge cubes of cucumber. Mentaiko was good but the fish serving (without the huge cucumber cubes) was subpar. Fish wasn’t too fresh either. Wouldn’t recommend this without burpple beyond. With burpple beyond, perhaps worth a try if you really don’t know what else to eat.

Average chicken wrapped in lemongrass served in a way to mimic satay. Probably better off with their chirashi bowls.

Umi Nami never fails to deliver?? Aburi salmon and scallops were very nicely seared. Though scallops were rather thin, it still tasted decently fresh and paired nicely with the small dollop of salty caviar-like paste! Portions may be a little small for most, but can’t be too unreasonably demanding at this price. Even at $17 nett, this bowl already surpasses my expectations but with burpple beyond’s 1-for-1...?? 🤯🤯 Definitely a must try! (Or their Aburi Salmon Don which is even cheaper what even) Service is rather meh but water is provided in a nice casual environment! 👍🏻👍🏻


Quality fresh ingredients. Might look small but surprisingly filling. Get the one with the mentaiko tamago because the amount of sashimi is the same as the regular choice!

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Just happened to stumble upon this place at random but golly, this was such an amazing value for money find! We had the Mentaiko chirashi, which had fresh seafood and umami Mentaiko sauce slathered all over it. The sides were equally impressive, with the miso soup filled with ingredients including mushroom and seaweed. Mentaiko tamago was a sweet addition to the set. Thumbs up!
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