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Omg it is damn good! I will come back soon. Love the beancurd century egg and pork cheeks

Not bad, but mine was not hot when served! Nevertheless the taste is still good !

Had one for one with burpple beyond so stopped by at this place. We had the Unagi don and Aburi Scallop Salmon don and they were very enjoyable!! Unagi don came with 8 generous slices of unagi and they were very flavourful. There was truffle omg the scallops for the other rice bowl, so it depends if you like the truffle taste.

One of the best Truffle Beef Dons!!! The sauce they use to season the beef is legit proper and salty enough. I’ve tasted those that aren’t seasoned well and it was a let-down but not this!

The man who seemed like the store manager or owner scribbled the alphabet B on the order chit and I whispered to my lunch date that he might give us lesser ingredients or truffles since we’re using BURPPLE’S ONE FOR ONE deal.

After waiting for a good 15 minute, our food finally arrived and we were greeted with bowls filled with beef!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Sorry for judging in advance, but the food was a good portion. FYI, we purchased 2 large bowls ($23.90/bowl). Honestly I would have expected more for a “large” portion but I’m not complaining since it’s on Burpple’s 1 for 1 deal. Get Burpple Beyond! ✌🏻😛✌🏻

Feature :
💕Refreshing Ichinoji Cold Somen.
Somen is soused in chilled dashi, served with smocked duck, hokkaido snow crab and signature charcoal-grilled unagi.
Paired with salmon sashimi and Tobiko and crab meat.
It’s light and refreshing..
💕Ichinoji Summer Ocean Mixed Box.
Bento of charcoal-grilled unagi, Hokkaido scallop, snow crab claw and fresh Maguro sashimi.
Enjoy summer promotion:.
💕10% off any unagi items.
💕special on 27th July, 20 % off any unagi items to celebrate unagi day. .
📍Unagiya Ichinoji Dining.
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307.
Sky Garden Suntec City.

Yumm just thinking about the fresh botan and delicious uni. Entire course was gooood

A nice, cosy Japanese restaurant tucked within Oxley Tower. Great value for their $68 omakase. Was still hungry so chef recommended a maki - simple, delicious and effective. Left the place feeling full and satisfied. Will return!

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Worth it w burpplebeyond!!! Large chunks of raw salmon beneath mentaiko sauce 😋 The truffle rice of the wagyu bowl was yummy! If only there was a truffle rice option for the mentaiko salmon bowl too. With v short waiting time and a nice setting, this is a great place for lunch.

Overall dinner was amazing! The seafood was Super fresh, esp for the price!!! I enjoyed this egg dish from the a la caste menu. Nomssss

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Nice salmon dish - truffle mentaiko salmon don!

It’s always a pleasure to dine in Ryoshi... not only are the sushi freshly made, the ratio of fish to rice is perfect! The service is fast and warm. Decently priced for the quality of the food! Definitely our favourite place for conveyor belt sushi experience.

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