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Quite pricey if it’s without the 1-for-1 deal. The mentaiko is amazing, if you’re up to treat yourself, this is the place to go!

Anago is basically a salt-water eel, or unagi’s cousin as I would like to call it!! It’s thinner and less oily as compared to unagi! The anago was grilled and was super soft, even the bones were pretty soft and I didn’t really have to chew much before swallowing them. Wanted to try the salmon dons but I was feeling under the weather so I ordered this instead. Will be back to try the salmon dons soon!!

Taste: 7.5/10
Presentation: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10

Reminds me of the mini drumlets served at Pizza hut. Plump and tender, a well cooked drumlet.

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This is supposed to be a burpple one for one offer, but the shop owner gave us another menu when we want to use burpple. The pricing of the set menu is $30 for a pax. After they settle the bill, it’s as good as there is no one for one deal. This is unfair

There's a special menu for those using the burpple 1 for 1.

There's the grilled prawn, salad, iced green tea and a standard sized Don that you can choose from.

The prawn is really nice. Fresh, sweet and slight char taste when you bite into it. Makes me want to finish it, shell and all. Salad arrived chilled, but overly dressed. There was enough sesame dressing left for my Don.

The Don is well presented, nicely stacked. Sauce isn't too overwhelming, which is a plus. It allows the individual flavours of the various sashimi to come through. The rice isn't that fantastic, but the focus is mostly on the sashimi. The wasabi is of the tube variety, so nothing to rave about. There's a large sheet of seaweed, so I guess you can do a handroll if you want to?

Good ambience though think it can get cramped if it's full. There isn't alot of space to move about.


Aglio olio is a simple dish that most people can hardly execute well, but Le Coq is not most people. I love how smokey and garlicky this dish is, although it is definitely not for the purists. Loaded with mushroom to give an earthy note, the angel hair pasta was addictive and a lil spicy.

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Though a tad clumpy (cos it was sitting for a while), the cold somen was refreshing even after all the feast that we had earlier. The truffle aroma might come across too strong but was surprisingly not overwhelming in flavour. Enjoyed this more than I expected.


📌 bestie and I grabbed anago don and she told me that’s unagis cousin (her words, not mine!!)

The servings were pretty generous & it was rly fresh!! Was $9/each after the burpple deal & I guess that’s alright.

Will defo be back to try the other items on the menu!!

Chill place and definitely value for money dons, even more with burpple beyond!

Mentaiyaki kaisendon x Unagi don
Unagi don was better than the mentaiyaki kaisendon, mentaiyaki kaisendon had a bit too much mayo in the mentaiko? Became jelat after a while, did not really enjoy it.
Tofu in sesame sauce was ok, tofu could be colder. Mentaiyaki ebi was pretty interesting and nice. Soup had many ingredients but it was unable to bring out much flavour.

Uni was decently fresh and creamy, which is quite hard to get in most places. Hardly can go wrong with the burst of umami on a slightly crispy toast.

The combination of crabsticks, Japanese mayo, tobiko and chives is indeed fail-proof and addictive. Rice cracker was as thin as paper, but firm enough to hold the "dips" together. This makes a very appetising starter.