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Used the Burpple Set Deal. Paid about $31 for takeaways. Disposable bowls used are of good quality. Food is appetising and fresh. Will definitely return back for more.

Using OCBC credit card
Available at @sushijin_sg till 13 June

TRUFFLE UNI Pasta (S$55)
cold angel hair pasta with sea urchin, caviar, salmon roe and shaved truffle
That rich creamy sea urchin so shiok.

assorted tuna sashimi (ootoro, chutoro, akami, chopped tuna) over sushi rice
The tuna was sinfully fatty.

Over the base of sticky fluffy seasoned white rice is topped generous thick-cut chunks of fresh sashimi, including salmon fish loin, tuna fish loin, swordfish belly, and octopus.
These have bright sweet savoury flavour with a tender succulent moist chew to texture, in particular, the swordfish belly was outstanding.
Sitting on top is juicy globules of tobiko / flying fish roe caviar with bright briny salty sweet notes, alongside soft negitoro / minced tuna fish with delicate savoury sweet notes.
Slices of juicy cucumber with vegetal sweet flavour, and tender tamago / rolled egg omelette with mild eggy sweet flavour, completes this dish.
Feels so luxurious, and is completely yummy and filling. Travels well despite delivery.
Donburi King
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Love the rice and the fish slices + sauce. There are also crushed sesame seeds which add flavor. However portion is pretty small and ikura is not that fresh.

Decent portion of salmon, rice slightly vinegary, marinate for the salmon slices can be better.

Foie Gras and Glazed Unagi [$9.90]
Two slabs of foie gras sandwiched between unagi and rice wrap. More rice for you if the rice bowls aren't enough. Unagi was tender, fatty and nicely glazed, with a subtle charred aftertaste.

Chirashi [$18.80]
Fresh mix of seafood with tasty, flavoured rice. Can be quite filling even though the portion seems small.

Salmon Kaisen [$14.90]
Chunky slices of salmon rice bowl consisting of salmon sashimi, aburi salmon belly, cubed spicy salmon and mentaiko salmon. Well it's just...salmon overload! Personally felt that flavour wise was merely decent, but this will absolutely take care of your salmon craving.

Thick cubes of sashimi, rice nicely seasoned.

Big piece of unagi! Ordered for delivery during this no dine-in period.


My go to Japanese restaurant anyday!
Very good quality jap food + the portion is quite generous. Has always been consistent since the first day I ate there (even the take away) A little pricey but for the quality, it’s worth it! MUST TRY!!