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Rare to find ochazuke at this price in Singapore. This comes with a bowl of rice topped with lots of salmon flakes, a few cucumbers and ikura, and a pot of a savoury green tea soup that you pour into the bowl of rice. There’s some seaweed in the rice and the combination of rice and soup is very tasty. I changed the onsen egg to a hanjuku egg for no additional charge.

Wow this was hands down rly the most value for money salmon don I’ve ever had in my life.... most of their bowls are only $10.90 or only a bit more and yet they gave 8 nice salmon slices and were so generous with the other ingredients...

Rice was truffle infused omg SO YUMMY rly only bad thing in the bowl was that the rice was a bittt clumpy but yes omg would definitely come back again!! 😊😊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

we got the aburi scallop salmon don and special salmon don :) decent amount of salmon for both. the scallop and cucumbers were very light and refreshing, and the mayo in the special salmon don was nicely seasoned. overall a great meal!!

Menu prices are generally ok, visit preferably during happy hour when the oysters are $2. You can mix the oyster flavours when you order the half or dozen oysters.

I ordered the mignonette, Bloody Mary, and ponzu oysters. The mignonette was overly onion-ed, my fingers still smelled of onions when I reached home, Bloody Mary didn’t really taste special... best to stick to ponzu (nice pairing with Ikura) or raw with lemons and a dash of Tabasco... although it might just be me but my oysters had a slightly bitter aftertaste, probably just me :v

Bara Chirashi Don was tasty with an alright value. The wife ordered an Unagi Don, it came with warm sushi rice; normal rice will be best for unagi don... warm sushi rice with grilled unagi makes it taste like shit honestly...

Taste: ★★★☆☆
Price: ★★★☆☆
Value for money: ★★★★☆ (during happy hour, oysters)
Service: ★★★★☆

Food is tasty in general but (1) restaurant is too small and can serve only limited tables due to COVID measures. The long queue outside gave us abit of pressure and we hurriedly eat and left. (2) portion size considered abit small for the price (average of $30 per set before burpple 1-1 discount). Will probably only visit again if there is strong craving for jap food.

• generous portion
• fresh sashimi
• light and easy to eat

there are many japanese eateries at vivo and harbourfront but this unassuming “pop up” restaurant serves fresh sashimi. look at the glistening ikura 🤩

You will only find 2 beverages on the menu and this is shown as “Must Try!”. So decided to go for it and I totally love it.

A sweet dessert like almost 0 alcohol sake. I don’t feel like drinking alcohol at all. It is really taste as what they have described. Definitely worth tying. $5++

Don’t miss out trying their sushi that come in 5 pieces. The cheapest options come with sea bream, swordfish, tuna, sweet prawn and salmon; for $9++

Even thought it is not that direct to find this place (they are hidden at level 3 and you need to look for the signage), but I see lots of diners coming here for their Japanese food.

They have a few rice bowl options including this. A chewy pork cheek topped with onsen egg. Every donburi comes with salad and miso soup.$20++

The burpple beyond set was pretty worth the price - we left the restaurant feeling pretty satisfied. The food was alright, would give it 3.5/5. The ingredients were fresh but it’s not the best kaisendon we’ve had. Portions were okay but if you are big eater, this might be too little for you. It’s a pretty small shop and we came around dinner time, pretty crowded. Service was great. Would come here again :)