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Pleasantly surprised that the sashimi cubes were pretty fresh!

Love coming here for Chirashi! The price is affordable and the sashimi are fresh :)! Let the picture serve justice

Bursting with flavours with wagyu, truffle, scallop, unagi and more. There is a side of wasabi for a hint of spiciness.

Delicious mix of chirashi. There was a mixture of different types, some soft to the point of melting in the mouth, some firm, and all smooth and fresh. The rice is brown rice with a special seasoning, so it tastes like an upgraded version of sushi rice. I rarely eat rice but I finished up every grain of this. The miso soup also tasted better than any other miso soup I’ve ever had, and had lots of beancurd and seaweed in it. Absolutely delicious dinner. 1-for-1 with Entertainer made it especially worth it.

Soft tofu in century egg sauce with spring onions and tobiko on top. The sauce is thick and has an overwhelmingly strong taste of century egg. Quite an interesting side dish.

used the burpple 1 for 1, ordered scorched beef rice and truffle beef yakiniku rice! both were rlly good! they were generous with the beef and sauce and serving size. rlly yummy! upgraded both to sets , total was about $28!

Set includes two bowls of don, two salad, two drinks and gyoza. add $2 to change sashimi to all salmon.

sashimi was rly fresh and nicely seasoned. but gyoza skin was too thick and tasted like smth you can buy off from the supermarket.

Fresh fish sliced and diced with sweet rice. Chunky and chewy! Sugoi!!!

Sushi and sashimi were fresh and delicious. But the portion for sushi is quite small. Don is probably more value for money.

Always always always enjoy my visits to KKD! Very worth it! 🥰

Omakase Aoi $60++

From my first visit to @kauntasg. They specialised in aged sushi. The fishes were stripped of moisture, bringing out flavours as well as the dense & firm texture.

In-House Smoked Salmon
Squid w/ Seaweed Miso
Shima Aji
Seabream w/ Red Wine Miso
Maguro, aged 10 days
Spanish Mackerel, aged 12 days
Chutoro, aged 10 days

Hot Dish

Hot dish was excellent, the unassuming prawn ball was unlike any out there. The named-printed & truffle-infused Tamago was a fitting end to the intensive flavoured meal.

The second time I went, about 3/8 sushi were different. I like that the fishes used were not fixed, giving the element of surprise despite not being the first visit.

My friend's phone was flat and the waitress was very kind to help us charge it:) thank you! Food was good too, we enjoyed the sushi rolls (miso and takagi unagi)

Had cheese chicken, chawanmushi and croquettes too