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Carbonara Al Funghi Set Lunch [$11.90] Saved this spot for a long time and just got to pop by to try! Went with the set lunch and it was very value for money. Apart from this carbonara, they have 4 others to choose from - Creamy Chicken ($9.90), Puttanesca ($9.90), Arrabiata ($11.90) and Ragu Ala Bolognese ($11.90). Each also comes with a refreshing cup of cold brew earl grey tea infused with lemon and rosemary, originally priced at $5.90. Tipo serves handmade pasta and you get to pick from 3 daily offerings upon order. I went with the squid ink mafalde. You also get to choose to top up parmesan cheese, chilli flakes and olive oil at no extra costs, unless you want an extra portion of any. I added the first two and enjoyed my plate. Would have just liked the mafalde a touch bit less soft, but the cheesy and creamy sauce coated each strand nicely. The chunky mushrooms came in a satisfying portion as well! Pasta upsize is at $3, and set lunches are available from 12pm to 4pm on weekdays, excluding PHs.
Wei Zhi
Delicious Fresh Pasta The noodles are are really done R I G H T! It wasn鈥檛 just about the unique flavours that the restaurant comes up with, but the perfect and I mean P E R F E C T al dente texture of the noodles. I would think that because of the constant rotation of pasta flavours, one would never get bored and always come back to try more! The sauce was pretty good too, obviously the noodles outshone the sauce in my opinion but still not too shabby! I ordered the beef ragu which was enjoyable, loved the generous and chunky beef. Also managed to try the truffle mushroom pasta which tasted SUPER truffle-y! I think it鈥檒l be difficult to finish it on your own tbh so get a few pastas to share around with your friends!
Fried Calamari [$8.90] These were lightly battered and tender.
Wei Zhi
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Classic Beef ($13.90) Really juicy beef patty complemented by the delectable onion jam. An instant midday mood-lifter :) I ordered directly at the shop and managed to get my food within 20 min, which is quite fast considering the number of orders they probably get through food delivery apps!!
Bloody Solid Burgers, Can鈥檛 Believe I Didn鈥檛 Try This Place Earlier Working Title has been on my radar for quite some time but I don鈥檛 know why I never bothered trying their burgers before, and I鈥檓 pretty damn pissed with myself for not trying them earlier. Finally got the push I needed to head down and get my hands on one of these masterpieces because I saw that they were on Burpple Beyond and let me tell you this, if I try something on Burpple Beyond and after that say that I would pay full price for it, you know this shit be banging. Was skeptical about the duck burger but decided to YOLO and give it a go and hot damn it was a good YOLO. Idk what they did with the duck but the marinade was on point and it was wedged between two ultra crisp and fragrant charcoal buns that didn鈥檛 lose their texture even after I spent a solid 15 minutes snapping photos of my food (what a insta hoe I am). The fries just sealed the damn deal for me. They were THICCCCC and outrageously crispy yet the potato insides were oh-so-soft and fluffy, UGH. Will be back. I miss their burgers already.
(triple) Cheese & Whiskers Very very indulgent burger with triple of cheese mixes - mozzarella, cheddar and provolone. The patty was served medium- slightly charred and very juicy within. Brioche was lightly toasted and glazed with sour ranch sauce, dabbed with pickled red onion 馃 (a v.much more palatable way for onions on the tongue!) The burg was truly an indulgent treat, and definitely paired more sinfully with very very very crispy thick-cut fries. I鈥檓 not a fries-lover but I couldn鈥檛 help but munch on the crispy-outside-fluffy-inside potatoes 馃
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Fish & Chips Gathered here for team lunch! Gotta agree that the ambience is chill and relaxing. The fish was fried crispy yet juicy, not dry unlike some. The fries were fried just nice. Overall I liked how it tasted. Will definitely be back for more of their interesting menu!
馃幎Oh my TOSH!~ Baby let me~ Did it again, so Imma let the beat rock~馃幎 Serving up American food with a Malay twist, @tash_tish_TOSH is a hidden gem nestled along Kandahar Street! 馃挄 Opens Tue-Sun 11am-2am, let this halal-certified restaurant delight you with their specialties! 馃槉 . Here's what we tried: 馃敼锔廈uffalo Wings (6pcs $11.90) - their signature dish! 馃槈 Spice level is very manageable! 馃尪 . 馃敼锔廠moked Salmon Bruschetta ($8.90) - a nice starter! 鉁岎煆 Can't go wrong with savoury salmon 馃悷 with smoky notes on buttery toasted bread 馃 with garlicky aroma! . 馃敼锔廙othership ($27.50) - HIGHLIGHT! 鈿 A combination of Tashookah, 3 red bone Toolangs (mutton & beef) & chunks of meat all on a pizza dough, this was certainly an eye-catcher! 馃槏馃槏馃槏 Loved the gravy so much! 鉁 Being my virgin Toolang experience, i sucked up those jelly-like marrow with a straw - slightly gamey but v unique. 馃憣馃徎 . 馃敼锔廝MS Belachan Arrabiata ($16.90) - MY FAVE! 鉂も潳鉂 The belachan chilli sauce renders a SHIOK fiery kick 馃敟, which imparts so much flavours to the linguine & accompanying seafood - Prawns, Mussels & Squid! 馃挴 . 馃敼锔廋ream Basil Soft Shell Crab ($18.90) - very rich cream sauce lusciously coats the linguine, with the taste of basil cutting the heaviness a bit. 馃憤馃徎 Liked the crispy soft-shell crab! 馃 . 馃敼锔廈riyani Burger ($18.90) - only available on Tue Wed & Thu, the patty could be more moist & juicy imo. 馃崝 . Found this to be a really nice place to chill with friends over some food (their pastas are good! 馃崫). Thank you @tash_tish_tosh for the invite & yummy spread! 馃槝
@tashtishtosh ,halal restaurant that located at Kandahar street, serves American food with Malay touch. @tashtishtosh famous for their buffalo wings and battleship. But beside that, this PMS Belachan Arrabiata is another dish that I enjoyed a lot. Al dente pasta cooked with sambal belachan and served with prawns, mussels and garlic bread. .馃挵$16.9 馃搷Tash Tish Tosh. 50 Kandahar Street.
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Pretty Disappointed. Good Service But Subpar Food. Have been wanting to try this place out for almost a year now and we finally got the push we needed when we saw that they were on Burpple Beyond! They specialise in hearty British fare such as fish and chips, pastas etc. Got the Bangers & Mash ($17.90) and Carbonara Duck ($18.90) and sadly, we were quite disappointed. The Bangers & Mash were average and we found the sausage a tad bit too salty for our liking. The mash was all right and had a good creaminess to it, but if you don鈥檛 like lumpy mash, this isn鈥檛 for you. The duck pasta in our opinion, even after the Burpple 1-for-1 deal, was completely not worth it. You can easily make a plate of this at home yourself for less than $7. The pasta sauce tasted like it came from a jar and the pasta wasn鈥檛 cooked to a nice al dente. The duck slices were okay but they honestly didn鈥檛 add much value to the dish. Went back later on to read the reviews and realised we weren鈥檛 the only disappointed patrons and they seemed to be consistently pushing out subpar plates of food. What a waste. The staff, however, were very friendly and nice, which is pretty much the only plus point of the experience. We hope they buck up soon and the food quality will improve if we ever come back!
1-for-1 Mains (~$17.90) + Butterbeer Ordered Tandoori Fish, Hunky Dory Aglio Olio (+ prawns and onsen egg) and Butterbeer (separate order). The sauce for the Tandoori Fish was packed with spices and flavours however the fish is really small and consists of two small pieces. Doesn鈥檛 feel very worthy of the $17.90 pricetag. Hunky Dory Aglio Olio (not shown in pic) is pretty good, addition of the prawns and onsen egg is a superb choice! However do note that the addition of prawns & onsen egg (~$5.80) is not covered within the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Mains promotion, which we were quite dismayed to find out as the staff failed to convey this to us prior to ordering. The pasta by itself cost $10.90, wouldn鈥檛 say it鈥檚 very worth to obtain that as the free item since the free item is redeemed for the item of lower value. Butterbeer ($8) is good, worth a try as you don鈥檛 see this beverage commonly sold outside! Overall the cafe is quite aesthetically themed, might be a bit warm during the afternoon as there鈥檚 not much air-conditioning.
What A Masterpiece! We ordered the Pesto Cream Dory Fish and it was such a colorful masterpiece. The ingredients used were fresh. The pesto wasn鈥檛 overbearing and allowed the flavor of the dory fish to shine. The dory fish was silky, soft and decadent. It had a crispy layer of fish skin, which gave a nice change in texture to the velvety fish. The mashed potato ain鈥檛 your regular mashed potatoes. It was so smooth and buttery, and it absorbed all the essence of the dory fish and the pesto sauce. The dish was light on the palette yet so satisfactory. We also ordered the Butter beer (Homemade butterscotch soda, $8) excluded from the 1-for-1 deal and it was totally worth it. The soda wasn鈥檛 as sweet, with a hint of bitterness and was fragrant. The foam was sweet, smooth and flavorful, which blended harmoniously with the soda. However, it gets sweeter as you drink because of the foam. Overall, it was truly a unique experience with great ambience. Definitely coming back again!
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