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Hot 100 2019
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If you haven’t been seeing my ig stories for the last couple of days, here’s the latest on my food raves: Brotherbird Coffeehouse. They reopened after a short break with a completely revamped menu and interior, and I gotta say I’m absolutely loving the new vibes — it’s a perfect spot for some afternoon coffee. My Iced White ($4.50) was very well-balanced and creamy with nutty undertones, great for those who like a milder, more mellow brew. The Iced Chocolate ($6) won a huuuuge thumbs up from us with its strong chocolatey flavour, just enough sweetness to bring out the chocolate without being too cloying and jelak, and slightly bitter, cocoa powder kinda powdery texture. Super easy to drink, and honestly godsent in this crazy hot weather.
Fabulous croissants and coffee. I would like to yell this out loud (but I shouldn’t right but I really wanna): Brotherbird’s finally open again! With a newly fitted industrial minimalist interior, their wide range of seasonal croissants, a new espresso blend, and a whole new cafe concept to come. Let’s not even get started on the upcoming savoury items yeah, the croissants and coffee themselves are worth a big hurrah. They were sold out by the time I got there, so I only got to try 2 creations. This Lemon Meringue one was gorgeous: fabulous lamination, crisp exterior and buttery fluffy insides, and a generous amount of super zingy lemon curd filling. Now when I say it’s super zingy, I really do mean that. The sourness hit me like a train and I have to admit reeling back a lil; but after the second bite I found myself rather welcoming that shockingly addictive citrusy tartness. It’s balanced off wonderfully well by the light sugar glaze on top of the croissant, and made me crave bite after bite. I loved it.
For Flavoured Croissants Originally Stateland Cafe, Brotherbird has moved a few doors down on Bali Lane. They now serve creative croissants and coffee in a minimalist space, and are expected to serve brunch on the second floor later in February. You won't go wrong with the Matcha Chocolat Roll ($4), Rocher Croissant ($5) or wonderfully tart Lemon Meringue Croissant ($5). Wash it all down with an Iced White ($5). Photo by Burppler Cassie Ong
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Salmon Grain Bowl Vs Tom Yum Seafood Pasta If you are looking for a place to relax & chill while enjoying some asian fusion dishes, you may want to drop by @dualcafe.sg which is conveniently located along Arab Street, within 10 mins walk from Bugis MRT Station. Between the two dishes, Tom Yum Seafood Pasta & Mirin Salmon Grain Bowl, I had a difficult time deciding which is my favourite main! The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta was tasty & flavourful! Loving the pretty presentation of the dish as well! While the salmon grain bowl has the best option of having a combination of both salad & brown rice, allowing individuals to enjoy a healthy diet.
Unagi, Egg & Toast Rise & Shine! Thinking about where to visit for brunch this weekend? Check out @dualcafe.sg ,located along Arab Street, a cafe which serves a wide variety of asian fusion dishes! One of my favourite dish is the unagi, egg & toast. Although it may sound like a simple dish, but sometimes it is the simplest dish that makes us happy 😊. Apart from the unagi, egg & toast, I will be sharing about the other mains from @dualcafe.sg in my upcoming post! Thank you @ariane.le for extending the invite & @dualcafe.sg for the warm hosting!
Lunch Set Bad service. They did not inform us before ordering which ingredients were not available. They waited until we chose the ingredient before telling us they ran out. What's worse was after the order was sent to the kitchen, a staff came to tell us that another ingredient was not available. After which, yet another staff came ti clarify the order again. Don't recommend their service, the food was ok. Value for money. nice music n gentle staff tho.
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Cheeky Git ($21.90) Really fork tender beef along with a wonderful bed of buttery mash potato. My only gripe with this dish is that the asparagus tasted raw!!
Yee Jun
Surprisingly Good English-inspired Cafe! Had a go on the classic Dory fish and chips ($9.90), very affordable! The dory fish was fried really nicely but still kept its flakiness and moisture. What looks like mashed potato was actually a thicker tangy mayo for your fish! If you’re feeling hungry, you can add $3.90 for another piece of dory. Wooooooorth. Ambience was really nice with a lot of for foreigners walking along Haji Lane for the added overseas feeling! Would definitely return and try other dish with Burpple Beyond!
Yvonne Qifeng
Ridiculous Service and terrible order system We walked in at 1pm into a half-empty restaurant and was told to wait 40 minutes for the food. We were fine with it as it was a Sunday at lunch hour. The system used to order food is through scanning a QR code on the phone, and ordering on the app although there were 3 staff walking around the small store. Super troublesome, but nevermind. Waited 1 hour before we were told that our food order did not go through the system even though we ordered a latte and received it 20 minutes later and it was sent through properly. Requested nicely for the staff to have our order bumped up and be verbally conveyed to the kitchen. No, it has to go through the app and we will have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the order. Don’t come here unless you want to waste your time over mediocre food and terrible service. Burrple isn’t even worth it.
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