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💕Pig Trotter Bee Hoon - $12, New.
💕Chicken Ribs - $13,New.
💕Curry Fish Head -$25.
💕Salted Egg Prawn - $18 (S).
💕Dried French Bean - $10(S)

The pig trotter bee hoon is more to saucy version, slighlty wet,the bee hoon did not taste soggy and retained its bite.
I like their curry fish Head, the fish was huge, fresh,quite lemak and tasty.
For more information, can visit this link https://www.shi-zhi-wei.sg/

📍Shi Zhi Wei Kitchen outlets


You can thank me later…

Originally a hawker stall called Chef Lam at Golden Mile Hawker Centre, @lamsgarden0229 specialises in local Tze Char dishes of hotel quality at relatively affordable prices! Did you know Owner-Chef Lam Loon Tuck has over 20 years of experience working at Shangri-La group of hotels?👍

Here’s some of their Signature dishes we enjoyed…😊
👉Signature Seafood Crispy Noodles Twin Towers - SGD10
👉Signature Curry Fish Head - SGD28
👉Crispy Garlic Spring Chicken - SGD15
👉Sweet Clam in Superior Broth - SGD12
👉Wok Fried French Beans w Silver Fish - SGD10

No kidding, this is probably the best Crispy Sheng Mian I ever had in my life. Don’t worry if you’re doing self pick-up or delivery, they will pack the crispy noodles and gravy separately. YAY! I heard some customers actually purchase their crispy noodles (without gravy) and enjoy it as a snack.😂

The other dishes were really well-executed too. Can’t wait to be back again to try their Signature Fishhead Steamboat.🤤

❗️Click the link in @lamsgarden0229 bio to order now
‼️Delivery Timings: Tues to Sun (Closed on Mon) - 12PM to 2.30PM, 5.30PM to 8.30PM

💌Thank you @laoniangagency for the arrangement and @lamsgarden0229 for having me!☺️

📍Lam’s Garden 林苑
City Gate Mall
371 Beach Rd 02-29, S199597
🚚Islandwide Delivery SGD8
(Min. order of SGD30)

The claypot rice was pretty nice, though not mindblowing. The pieces of in-bone chicken were tender and soft, and the flavour reminded me of my fav sesame oil chicken from clementi 448. The leaner chicken breast pieces weren’t as tender, but not dry either. The rice was decent, with crunchy burnt bits below. Could have been more fragrant tho, there’s a lack of the sesame oil smell. Lap cheong was of good quality! Not the lousier tasting cheap kind. They gave a reasonable amount of veg too! Overall it’s rather decent - tho not the best I’ve had, but still quite satisfying :)

Penang Char Kway Teow ($6)

As with any Penang food, the go-to includes Penang Char Kway Teow ($6), Assam Laksa ($5) or Chendol ($3). The first comes with a whiff (not that I'm complaining) of “wok-hey”, making you salivate and gets you excited before you dive in for the first bite. The chewy “QQ” noodles were fried to perfection with charred bits at the edges.⁠
Pro-tip: join the queue early (6pm or earlier) to reduce waiting time!⁠

📸 & ✍🏻 by Tastemaker Amanda Liu (@alhsx)

Roast Duck Rice ($6.60)

This is a stall that my family patronises very often, I must say that the roasted duck is done pretty well - fragrant roasted skin with a thin layer of juicy fats, together with tender but firm meat, this is such a treat!
The magic lies in the drizzling of that addictive gravy & a spoonful of roast duck oil that they collected from the roasting process - the ultimate essence! Makes both the meats & rice so irresistible!

📸 & ✍🏻 by Tastemaker Serene Goh (@serenetomato)

Generous amount of salted fish.

Quite popular with the residents here, long queue to order during dinner time.

Saw articles pasted in their seating area that their hor fun is good. Will try that next time.

Sambal kangkong as good as previous, so got consistency in its quality.

This has been one of our favourite haunts for XO Fish soup bee hoon, the humble Holland Village XO Fish head bee hoon stall tucked away at a coffee shop between Buona Vista and Dover MRT! Since we made the trip here, we decided to get the 3 pax portion even though there were only two of us and it was more than enough to fill our tummies!

The soup was milky with a tinge (maybe more than a tinge) of alcohol and it came with a generous serving of 粗米粉! The fish slices were also lightly fried and they were really thick, although we think they were cooked a little too well as some of the pieces were a little tough. Although this was a great dish overall, we felt that the soup was a little too milky today for our liking and we would have personally preferred the alcohol taste to be stronger.

We heard that this stall was where XO sliced fish soup bee hoon was invented and we would be happy to come back here again for more! 😋 Do give it a try if you are in the area as well although it can be a challenge to get a seat here on weekends!

I was pretty excited to discover that there’s a coffeeshop stall named Kushibuta selling yakitori, but after sampling their food, that excitement turned into disappointment.⠀

The grilled pork bowl turned out to be more deep fried than grilled, and they were very simply seasoned with nothing but salt. The rice is absolutely plain, and neither meat, nor mushroom, nor rice, were drizzled with the customary teriyaki sauce that everyone expects from yakitori. Worst of all, the bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms had an awful, alkaline & acrid taste to it.

I love it when enterprising hawkers put their own spins on different cuisines from all over the world, but this ain’t it chief.⠀

Lunch for one
Penang Fried Kway Teow (S$6)
Spicy with smoking taste

Penang Fried Lor Bak (S$8+)
The meaty filling quite juicy.

Nutmeg Juice (S$2.50+)
Quite refreshing. Tasted like bits of sour plum.

Penang Homemade Chendol (S$3+)
Loved the green jelly strips.

Note 📝 : Got GST

Chendol with an Italian twist
Pandan noodles and gula melaka atop sweet coconut cream pudding

Highly recommended by the boss as it is one of their best selling dish

Verdict: fish head curry gravy with hor fun and chicken pieces, can be abit too salty but definitely an innovative and very filling dish. Bonus on the wok hey too!

•Must Try•