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Recommended lists of Best Zi Char in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Zi Char 15 Best Zi Char Places in Singapore No matter the occasion, there is always reliable zi char to fall back on. The menus are extensive enough to cater to the pickiest eater and seating is aplenty — great for gathering in large groups! From a Muslim-friendly spot in the East to a hidden gem along Mandai Road, arm yourself with this guide when planning for family meals and group celebrations.

Top 10 Places for Zi Char

Top 10 places for Zi Char

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Medium sized.
Chilli Crab. Can be spicer.
Salted Egg(Wet) Crab. Though watery but the slight hint of it is there. If increase the intensity of salted egg goodness, it will bring out the best liao.
Sweet & Sour Pork. Normal.
Hotplate Beancurd. Normal.
Venison with Spring Onion & Ginger. Meat is chewy and tasty.
Food were above average. Can't expect the best due to what you are paying.
For the price, its really worth it and was yummylicious.😋
Around $22/person for a group of 6.
It was serve up pretty fast too.
Great Meal to end off the work week.😀
🚩21 Seafood, 212 Hougang Street 21, 01-347, Kovan, Singapore 530212
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🦀🦀🤤 Thanks for the awesome girls’ night out! Happy Birthday to Everyone! 人日快乐!🎂

Another must-order if you come here! Slightly spicy, this special kum hiong sauce is homemade here - you can really taste the dried mini prawns hidden in the sauce! They have the option with lala (clams) too.

The iconic salted egg pork ribs from New Station Snack Bar never disappoints! Very tender pork chop pieces drizzled with a generous serving of salted egg sauce which you'd never get sick of drizzling it over your rice cos it'll definitely make you finish your own rice. The salted egg sauce is not overly creamy and is neither too thick. Perfect consistency.

Large portion, please!! Sooooooo goooooooood 😋 It’s got Kai Lan, k! Veggies!! 😆

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This is one of my favourite dishes when I feel under the weather.

The combination of the texture from the velvety eggs , the salty flavour from the salted eggs and the distinctive pungent flavour from the preserved eggs 🥚 brings a sense of richness to this spinach dish which would otherwise be ordinary on its own .

Boon tong kee ‘s style is to do this dish with a little corn starch but I had specifically asked for sans corn starch because I dislike that gooey feel .

Well executed dish in a sweet broth :)

I love BTK’s steamed chicken for its juicy-ness and tenderness .

The glistening chicken is brought to your table and then the waiter would pour on this warm superior and fragrant soy sauce for that finishing touch😀

The standards of steamed chicken served here is always consistently excellent.

The rice however is average ( perhaps due to the type of grains used ) For chicken rice , I prefer Hyatt hotel’s straits kitchen’s or Lau Wang chicken rice at Chinatown.

Char Kway Teow, Char Bee Tai Mak & Chendol!
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Highly recommended by my colleagues, I finally made my way down to Two Chefs recently. Covered with condensed milk powder and thrown-in with fragrant curry leaves, Two Chefs Eating Place’s signature Butter Pork Ribs was utterly delightful. Wondrously tender with a melt-in-your-mouth quality, the almost fluffy texture of the pork ribs were superb. A dish seen on almost every table; the addictive snow-like dust made with melted butter combined with flour, and milk is certainly a novel yet tasty idea. Hence, with the creamy overtones mixed in with the sweet and the savoury, it was right up my alley. And not cloying sweet, I will definitely order it again!

Third dish up - Finally, my Dad’s favourite, Cereal Crayfish 麦片虾婆肉. Essentially, the crowning dish at Ban Tong Seafood, with huge, meaty chunks of deshelled crayfish, deep fried till crispy and bathe in a heap of crunchy, golden cereal. My Dad practically wipe up all the cereal.
Last up - My personal favourite, Silver Fish Omelette 银鱼蛋. This humble dish is so well executed, with the eggs wonderfully fluffy packed with flavourful silver fish in every bite!

I have to say this is really almost close to the taste of the Hokkien Mee in Penang, except the soup can be more spicy. The prawns given was huge and shell removed. Definitely will come back again to try other items on their menu. $6.90