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Home cooked tze char

Not exactly the most beautifully plated dish but I can Assure you hoy yong gives you taste and value for your ka-Ching ! The toufu is silky smooth and this dish is paired with minced pork and prawn - very unique combination I must say 😍

Scheduled my partner for a colonoscopy so he can’t take spicy stuff - my default choice would be the fiery Ma Po toufu .

Not related to food but for those of you with parents or family with a history of polyps or colon issues or are above age 45 . Please do yourself a favour and schedule your folks for a colonoscopy - I have yet too many testimonies to share about the saving of lives through early detection (sometimes it’s just about a simple day surgery to remove polyps instead of having to deal with them when they become malignant and cancerous )

Back to food 🤤... hoy yong is my all time favourite family tze char place because it is family owned. Taste the food and you know the integrity that they have as opposed to commercialised stalls out there . I have since decided not to dine at kok Sen ( which used to be my favourite ) after dining there for the last 10 years because they are simply too hyped up now and the food is too commercialised I feel.

From hoy yong - they their hot favourites like their silky egg horfun ( which I Prefer over kok sen’s ).
It has a good wok hei but isn’t oily or greasy - really takes some skill for that 🤗

Their other nice items are the steamed herbal chicken , smashed yam duck , Assam curry fish head, hei bee Long beans and their seafood / prawn dishes .


Deep-fried Duck Roll - The filling was made with prawn cubes, coriander, mushroom, water chestnut, minced meat, and of cause, deboned duck meat.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/hoy-yong-seafood-restaurant/


Not sure if it's due to the lunch time peak hour craze, the standard in the food seemed to be sub-par on the day of visit. Certainly did not live up to popularity and good reviews. Pork chop was hard and not well marinated. Just pieces of pretty tasteless, dry and tough meat....

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Looks rather appealing - enveloped with generous coating of salted egg yolk sauce. yummmms! However, the prawns didnt taste that great. It was cooked to the right level of tenderness but certainly didnt taste fresh. It wasnt crunchy/juicy kinda tender, more of 'mushy' and dense kinda tender. Fresh prawns should feel plump and bouncy in taste!

One of the more reasonably priced fish head in town! Featured here is half a fish head - enough to feed 5 small stomachs, with some side dishes added. The curry was rich and fragrant - loved how it's so filled with spices. The vegetables have all soaked up the gravy and were excellent in taste! Fish meat was tender and succulent, definitely no fishy taste!

For National day, they have a special mala flavour white bee hoon. This is a medium plate and it was pretty good though it wasn’t as spicy as I expected.


Sik Bao Sin may not have the variety in many tze char stalls, but the quality of their dishes is commendable! Ordered the prawn toufu that was drenched in a sweet umami flavour gravy- delicious! Pairing this dish with white rice was belly comfortable food. Went there on a weekday, so we were blessed to avoid large crowds and snake queues.

A rare dish to find at zichar stalls. Okay maybe this is a restaurant. This is not the ee mee you find at zichar. Only mushrooms but who cares? $8 but who cares? I love ee mee.

While this dish has a chef hat, personally, we found that the flavour was very salty and overwhelming. It's two big prawns cut into 4. For $18, it did not meet our expectations.

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The chicken is alright. The texture is very average, can be more tender. Skin was damp and nua instead of crispy.

This was the best dish on the menu. We love the thick gravy of the ytf and it came with tofu that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Other items include the brinjal and other related vegetables with fish paste.

Well done, flavourful and good texture and variety.