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My family loves this restaurant and we would go there whenever we are in the east. Highly recommend the butter squid dish, olive fried rice and baby kailan.

BILL: $87.20 including 3 canned drinks and 1 rice

WAITING TIME: Queued at 6pm on Sunday, food arrived at 6.12pm

Big Prawn Hor Fun Medium, $36 (Yep, price increased. Also available in $18/54)
-- Still tastes as good as when as the previous times. But a little too many fried shallots mixed in the sauce.

Claypot Yong Tau Foo $15
-- SO GOOD?!

Crispy Roasted Chicken $14
-- Skin was crispy but meat was dry. Not nice enough to order again.

Bittergourd pork ribs $15
-- Thankfully not too bitter. Not nice enough to order again.

lala n0t that fresh as bef0re, c0uld taste é "sand", p0rti0n als0 smaller?
but 0verall their f00d is still g00d & yums
Will definitely patr0nize them again 😊

The boss here claims to serve the most expensive tau suan in Singapore. Unlike those hawkers where tau suan are prepared and left there for hours to keep warm, the tau suan here are made to order.

The boss shares that the split mung beans are first steamed, left to cool, packed in small bags before keeping it in the refrigerator. They would only start cooking the ’soup’ upon order and they uses gula melaka instead of sugar. The you tiao is super crispy too!

We also got to learn the proper way of eating tau suan so as to prevent the soup from turning less starchy/watery. The reason why tau suan turns watery it’s because it came in  contact with our saliva and not from stirring. The recommended way was to eat tau suan with 2 spoons - 1 for scooping from the bowl and transferring to the next spoon and 1 for eating where it comes in contact with our saliva. We tried and it works》$3.20/portion

A decent and comforting plate of Japanese tofu served with eggs, minced pork, mushroom and prawns》$10

Butter oatmeal prawns but I couldn’t taste or smell any fragrance of butter. The oatmeal were dry and not properly coated like how the usual oatmeal butter prawns should turn out. It’s just feels like we are eating on plain fried prawns. I would advise giving this a miss as they have other better dishes to try》$16/250gm

Another recommended dish by the chef. I’m quite surprised how this was delivered with a super crispy skin without looking oily at all. The boss shared that this was cooked withiin a certain high temperature to obtain it’s super crispy skin and jelly fats while retaining it’s moisture in the meat. This came with a special dipping sauce》$40/XL

While most of them likes this, I personally find the smell/taste of pork is too strong for my liking. Otherwise, the crispy skin was good!

This was one of the better dishes we had. Comes with assorted vegetables and fresh fish head. The curry is not too spicy and comes with a distinct sour kick》$5/100gm

We were advised to place order for their claypot rice (if we intend to order) before looking through the rest of their menu as they needed 17mins to cook this. Not to mention they cooked this over charcoal with no msg added.

I saw quite a number of good reviews to their claypot rice and decided to give it a try. They uses basmatic rice which is lower in calories and healthier. It was fragrant but not as tasty as it smells. It feels like it wasn’t cooked long enough. I prefer my claypot rice to have a layer crispy and charred rice》$23/Large

Damn Good!!!
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