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Recommended lists of Best Zi Char in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Zi Char 15 Best Zi Char Places in Singapore No matter the occasion, there is always reliable zi char to fall back on. The menus are extensive enough to cater to the pickiest eater and seating is aplenty — great for gathering in large groups! From a Muslim-friendly spot in the East to a hidden gem along Mandai Road, arm yourself with this guide when planning for family meals and group celebrations.

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Top 10 places for Zi Char

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everyone who knows me personally knows my insatiable love for tofu!! + who doesn’t love the sizzling eggs on a hotplate, with a bed of vegetables, prawns, homemade tofu and braised minced meat and mushrooms laying atop it 👅 a simple yet well executed dish that makes all the difference!!!!

yalong bay is one of my fam’s top few tzechar picks!! we have tried almost everything on their menu and they’re all delectable!!

The no milk one has a stronger fish & vegetable taste while the milk one is a nice balance of lightness with subtle fish flavour. The sliced fish are of substantial thickness and really fresh, and there is a generous amount for $5.80. The fried egg was fluffy, not too oily and the bittergourd gave a nice bitter flavour to the slightly sweet & salty egg
⚠️ Reaching at 11.40am, we just beat the crowd that quickly formed soon after. By noon, there was no more free seats and a queue so do go at off peak times if you don’t want to wait. But do note that they take quite long to cook the food and we waited about 20-30mins
📍Xi Yuan Ji 新源記, 31 Tan Quee Lan Street (near #bugismrt)

Was too full when we ordered so only ordered asam laksa and lala hokkien mee. The asam laksa’s soup is so much thicker than expected that it looks like a sauce rather than soup. The lala hokkien mee is very tasty with wokhei! Be prepared to wait for dishes during Sunday - we waited for these two dishes for more than half hour...

This was part of my nasi lemak Beef rendang set. Very small bowl, but quite intense. Strong lemak flavor. Not at all like the usual ones from food courts and hawker centers. Not very sweet but the taste was amazing.

This was served hot, like steaming hot. Very thick, with lots of coconut cream. I loved it. Not sweet either.

The menu described it as “a pair of scads stuffed with chili. Deep fried.” No price was indicated so I guessed it must be market rate, kinda like crabs. They quoted us $10 but bcos my brother in law told me that this was a rare find, we decided to take it. I have no idea what scads are, but this was a fairly good sized fish to me. Got lots of bones so I took forever to eat this. The fish meat was fresh, bouncy and chewy. Despite my dislike of fish, I finished 1 side of one. Got pounded chili stuffed inside the fish, which made it really delicious. Very spicy indeed. Best to eat with your hands.

We were all amazed when this came. A large plate piled high with bee hoon in lots of gravy. At this price, the quality and quantity were incredible. Spicy tangy gravy was flavorful and got good amt of liao inside. Very value for money.

This was a pretty small plate but the quality more than made up for the lack of quantity. The sotong was cooked just right, not tough at all. I loved the sweet black sauce. With the cut chili adding a tiny hint of spiciness, this sweet savory sauce provided an intense burst of flavor to the naturally bland sotong.

Their nasi lemak was called nasi kuning, a light yellow rice filled with coconut fragrance. This was a set lunch that came with dessert. The beef rendang was on the tough side so I didn’t like it very much. But the egg omelette and fishball lemak were good. Went very well with the rice. The fishball was bouncy and it was not very spicy. Ikan bilis could have been more crispy. A very home style cooking. Amazing array of dishes listed on the menu with very competitive prices. This place totally destroyed my idea that Peranakan food was expensive.

I usually like lady’s fingers stir fried in sambal chili, but this was quite meh. Bland, with only the taste of pounded chili. Menu described it as “okra topped with chili”, and that was exactly what it tasted like. Little to no seasoning at all. I prefer my lady’s fingers sliced thinly but this was the super thick cut type. Not my style.

Mixed vege in spicy coconut stew. Hubby’s fav. The stew had a light curry gravy that was easy on the palate. Not very spicy. So good to drench our rice with it. Vege was fresh and delicious.