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The seafood was really fresh and everything was reasonably priced. Must try the orh nee, the best orh nee I've had. Great restaurant for family dinners.

Although we had already paired the other dishes with a bowl of steamed rice each, I wasn’t going to let us leave without trying Shao’s “Vegetable Hor Fun”.
It turned out to be better than any of us expected. The moment it landed on the table, salivary glands were triggered. My first chopstick-full confirmed the noodles’ tastiness. Masterfully fried with just soya sauce and bits of chopped up “kai lan”, it dazzled with an intense “wok hei”. In short, a seemingly simple but very, very tasty dish that’s worth a try.

we got the laksa prawns spaghetti. disclaimer: the menu makes everything look more savoury and larger in proportion than it actually is. as for the flavour of the laksa itself, it was pretty good and authentic to the original that you’d get at hawkers. didn’t rly seem that much of a “fusion” dish, just looked like a dry version of your regular laksa made with pasta instead. the biggest disappointment were the toppings - ESPECIALLY THE EGGS. i guess i just expected more incorporation of western flavours and spices. but it’s a tasty dish nonetheless!

My parents and I were bowled over by this Red Grouper Claypot Teochew Style. Apart from it being really generous in serving for a small-sized order, the simmering broth was extraordinarily appetising thanks to the addition of several “sng buay” (sour plums). It was also chockfull of thickly-sliced grouper (other types of fish are also available), “tau kee” (dried beancurd skin), “tau hu” (soft beancurd), Chinese cabbage and tomatoes.
Best thing to enjoy this with? A bowl of steaming hot rice. Mmmmmm...


💵: $6.50

🤔: My new favourite salted egg yolk pork place....
The sauce was creamy, savoury, slightly sweet with a tinge of spice, so uber delicious especially when paired with the crispy boneless pork ribs mMmMmmMm delish
topped up $1 for the egg but it was cold and the yolk was UNRUNNY, can do without

Using 2 deals for 4 pastas. TSL only has 4 pastas, we hv ordered all 4. Laska and he bi hiam consider ok. Gong bao feel like normal mee. Lor ba not worth to try.

I was wondering why @shaobbq’s signature Squid Ink Sausage tasted even better than ever today. Then I learned that they changed suppliers. This dish to me, is a must-order. Delightfully springy with a meaty bite, it is gloriously rich in umami-ness. I am sure this makes a great snack to have with alcohol too.


Everything tasted super homely. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes, which are mostly characterized by spices. I especially enjoyed the soup with meatballs - the soup was very tasty and hearty!

Definitely a place to visit with friends and family. One gripe would be the acoustic of the place, for some reason noise is echoed and reverberated through the restaurant, so might be hard to talk with your dining company!

JB San Lou Meehoon (L) - $14
A dish with lots of wok hei. Tasty bee hoon fried till crisp on the outside, still retaining the Q-ness on the inside. The bee hoon is also accompanied slices of meat and egg for the extra fragrant. A must try at the shop
JB Ah Meng

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