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Hey guys, check out this amazing 🦀 promo from House of Seafood!

From now till 30 June 2021, purchase any 600g Guaranteed Meaty Grade A Crab for $58, and you can just 𝐓𝐎𝐏 𝐔𝐏 $𝟏 for another wildly caught GRADE A crab that is big and meaty (worth $58)! Plus, there are up to 100 flavours of Crabs for you to choose from! 🤩

That said, here’s what I had for lunch earlier with my family:

~Signature Black Pepper Crab
~Chili Crab
~Pork Ribs w/ Chef’s Special Sauce
~Crispy Beancurd w/ Chef’s Special Sauce
~Homemade Prawn Rolls
~Mee Goreng

Both versions of their Sri Lankan crabs were delicious! They were really fresh and meaty as well! But if I had to choose a favourite, it would probably be the Black Pepper Crab, because in terms of flavour it had a slight edge over the Chili Crab. Other favourites from this selection are the creamy Pork Ribs w/ Chef’s Special Sauce and the Mee Goreng, which had a good spicy kick!

If you are keen to order their food, you can check out their pages (FB/IG) for more info. Self-collection or delivery is available.


As usual, I asked more spicy to enhance the flavour of the sauce, and pair it with plain Porridge, shiok 😋.
💰$25 (for 3+2).

Can place order by WhatsApp 8666 0234, free delivery islandwide for order above $50.

📍G7 Live Seafood and Frog Porridge.
163 Geylang Rd.

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The Assam sauce was bomb, really tangy and quite hot too. Unfortunately the squid was quite overcooked

Really expensive place imo, idk what I was expecting though

Think there's a 10% markup

The ckn was tender, q mild. Good thing is that it's boneless and quality ckn meat(prob thigh) but the mountain of ginger slices more than made up for the convenience of deboning. Not to mention it covers the fact that there isn't that much chicken

Find this zichar stall in Shenton Foodhall for wok hei-infused fried rice! From $6.50, tuck into a plate of classic fried rice — Gong Bao Rice Style ($6.50), Black Pepper Rice Style ($6.50), Sweet & Sour Rice Style ($6.50), Spring Onion & Ginger Rice Style ($6.50) and Sambal Chilli Rice Style ($6.50)

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

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Located at an ulu industrial area in Tampines, @goodyearseafood has been operating for around 14 years, offering a variety of yummy zi char dishes, as well as Pontian style herbal Bak Kut Teh. Just like many other unfortunate F&B establishments, their business was badly affected during P2HA, due to its remote location. After tasting their food, we all agreed that it’s really a pity they aren’t getting as much attention as they deserve…

Featured are some of their popular dishes!
👉Assam Fish Head - SGD28
👉Garlic Steamed Sotong - SGD14
👉Golden Garlic Fried Pork - SGD15
👉Poached Chinese Spinach w Assorted Eggs - SGD15
👉Bak Kut Teh (S) - SGD6.80
👉Good Year Yang Zhou Fried Rice - SGD7

The MVP here was no doubt their Assam Fish Head. Comes with a generous serving of vegetables, the fragrant Assam curry was thick, well-balanced and nothing too overwhelming. I liked that it wasn’t too spicy, hence leaving a pleasantly sweet-sour aftertaste in my mouth. Most importantly, the fish head was fresh and meaty too!😋👍

Special mention goes out to their Signature Golden Garlic Fried Pork. I must admit this dish didn’t quite survive the delivery but after throwing them into the air fryer, miracles do happen!🤩

❗️FREE Bak Kut Teh (M) worth SGD12.80 for every SGD80 spent if you self collect
‼️PROMO 2 for SGD50 crabs (450g-500g each)

💌Thanks @goodyearseafood for arranging this lunch feast for my family and me. We enjoyed it very much!☺️

📍Good Year Seafood Restaurant
15 Tampines Ave, S529788
📱9642 5800 to enquire/order
🚚Islandwide Delivery
(FREE if SGD100 & above. Please order 1 day in advance)

Check out @momma_kongs ‘s crab broth Hokkien mee 🦀 zinger up from using only prawn heads but also crab stock to achieve a rich unami flavor💕 they also made their own signature Belacan sauce 🌶 it’s bit on the sweeter side to complement the savory noodles✨.

Do get their bottled cocktails 🍹 perfect for the recently hot weather 🥵 with their refreshing concoctions like spiked white peach fizz 🍑✨

add on some bar bites as well - their mala chicken skin 🐔 is so addictively good and crunchy shiok👍 other options are like luncheon meat crisps and crispy cereal squid 🦑❤️

Do check them out and support Fnb during these tougher times 💪 stay safe everyone

[ Food Week — Heritage Restaurants ] Over these couple of years, I’ve been surprised time and time again by how different similar dishes can be when recreated by different dialect groups. And after tasting the variants, I’ve become even firmer a believer that we’ve to preserve these individual threads of heritage lest they become products of distant memory.

One of the dishes I tend to associate with the wrong dialect group is the quintessential fish (head) steamboat. It became one of my fav comfort foods as I was growing up, and whenever there were any signs of impending rain, I’d strongar-, suggest we get it for dinner.

So imagine my surprise when a certain someone’s fam decided to bring me to have fish head charcoal steamboat… in one of their fav Hainanese heritage restaurants, Jin Wee!

Located in Siglap in the unit next to the area’s Wine Connection stall (pst, you can cross-order from JW to there and vice versa btw!), as a testament to its reputation, meal times are characterised by extending to the far edge of its territory. Even then, you can still find hordes of eager patrons — families, couples, and friends alike — perched at its perimeter hawking for seats in eager anticipation.

As someone who never really had Hainanese food I was astounded by the restaurant’s popularity.

Oh, and they’ve these huge porcelain pots that sit amidst diners in the alfresco area as well. Housing both soups and pots of their renowned Jiao Hua Chicken, it’s very worth the order if you’ve the stomach space for it.

We ended up with an order of their Red Grouper Charcoal Steamboat, Hai Nan Pork Chop, Claypot Chicken, and Chap Chye.

The pork chops were as delightful as I’d expected them to be — the crunch they boasted under all the sauce would give even a good Korean fried chicken a run for its money! The fish steamboat had me ladling bowl after bowl because of how flavourful it was (defo on par, if not more, than the Teochew ver). The main difference was a subtle simmer of sweetness and the slightly thicker, almost milky texture courtesy of the sheer amount of yam present. The other two dishes were fab too: The veg was fresh and crisp, and the chicken was smooth and tender!

The main reason I came here.

Sauce is good and crab is fresh.

Sauce is thick and sweet, the way I like it.

This is very good. Must try. No regrets.

Comes with "heart attack" fried rice.

Exceeded my expectations totally.

Ordered this via delivery app. When the food came, still hot! I ordered the followings: chicken porridge, chicken prawn paste chicken skin, fried carrot cake, steam pork belly buns, rice roll with fried fritters and chicken pot stickers. Overall the food is good. I like their porridge Abd rice roll which very nostalgic taste! Will order again from them.

Hakka crispy pork ($11.80) 🥓 7/10

The pork was quite tender and certainly crispy on the outside, but overall not that special. It was a bit flat and small for its price.

Salted egg shrimp balls ($15.80) 🍤10/10

Golden perfection. These pre-peeled nuggets of joy were springy inside and oh-so-crispy outside. They were coated with a loving amount of glistening salted egg sauce.

I just think there were too few pieces (only 7) for its price but I'll overlook it seeing how these were the best damn salted egg prawns I've ever tasted.

Bamboo clams in garlic kumquat sauce ($12.80) 🦪 8/10

These bamboo clams were succulent and fresh but if you're not a fan of sour food, definitely DO NOT go for the garlic kumquat sauce. The pricks of citrusy sourness is too much for the average person to bear.