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first located at old semb shopping centre food court, the taste didn’t change much still after shifting places and opening more outlets. still keeping it at affordable price and decent portion. homely taste and feeling nostalgic. they only need to serve thai milk tea, that will complete my meal!! bought thai milk tea from nana thai located opposite of taste of thailand 🤣 #jxeatsrecommend

Celebrated my dad’s birthday in advance at Fragrance Wok Tze Char by Penang Bagus. 🎉🎉🎉While the food was generally pretty well done, the long waiting time (1 hour on a weekday night) was simply unacceptable. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Perhaps the dishes tasted better cuz I was really hungry by the time the dishes were served. 😂😂😂
Here’s the feast that we had:
🔹️Golden Yam Ring ($16)
🔹️Sambal KangKong (L - $15)
🔹️Fried Egg with Shrimp (L - $12)
🔹️Kung Pow Chicken Ball (L - $18)
🔹️Sweet & Sour Pork (L - $18)
🔹️Black Pepper Crabs (2 for $50)
As Teochews, we really adore our Yam dishes as it is with no doubt that we enjoyed the Yam Ring. ❤❤❤ The crispy exterior contrasted well with the firm yet creamy yam, making it a yammy affair especially when paired with other ingredients like cashew nuts, chicken chunks & mixed vegetables. 😋
While presenting a moderate spicy kick 🌶, the sambal kangkong had a slight bitter aftertaste - not recommended. 😔 Can’t go wrong with an omelette 🍳 but u have to settle for frozen shrimps. 👌🏻
The 2 meat dishes were decent but both meats can afford to be more tender. ✔ The sweet & sour pork leaned towards the sweet side, but I personally found the sauce to be pretty addictive. 😋😋😋 The crabs weren’t exactly the largest or super meaty but they sure were loaded with crab roe 🦀🦀 & I’m pleased that its flesh was sweet & firm, exemplifying its freshness. The sauce carried a good peppery punch but can be quite salty on its own - certainly goes well with rice. 👍🏻
While we were also charged $0.20 per wet towel, the cost of white rice ($0.80 each) was waived in compensation for the long wait. 👌🏻 With 1-for-1 deals using #BurppleBeyond, our bill totaled to $100.20 for 6 pax. Not a bad deal but I wouldn’t return if the long waiting time was a constant. 😔

Fish Head Curry - It’s similar to assam curry fish head — the flavours were well balanced, and it had a slight sourness and a hint of fruitiness. The sauce had a nice thickness and it definitely paired well with my plate of white rice.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/ga-hock-seafood/

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Spinach braised in superior stock with fresh, sated and century eggs. Love the stock, very rich and tasty!

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Chicken!! Chicken!! Mention (fried) chicken and @tenderfreshsg would be an extremely common response that most Singaporeans would give. They are everywhere and at @bedokpoint ‘s outlet, the spring chicken is accompanied by fries 🍟 and house salad 🥗. For the size of the spring chicken, I’d say it’s extremely value-for-money! 🤑 (P.S. remember to eat it hot so you get to enjoy the crispy skin and moist meat!)

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An unexpected find at a popular claypot rice joint; was pleasantly surprised by how soft the tofu was and how it went well with the egg gravy. The prawns were glossy and firm.

Got the Guinness pork ribs, 3 flavour chicken, 3 eggs spinach, deep fried brinjal. Honestly it was all nothing to squeal about; the meats and brinjal were too salty/sweet. Taste was too overpowering and wasn’t balanced well.

What was VERY disappointing was the service.
It was ABSOLUTELY bad. The waitress first told me that we could only use 1 voucher for Burpple Beyond, after which I said no, that’s not what the instructions says. Then she changed her stance and said, can use 2 vouchers but need 2 phones. Seeing the ordering taking place longer than it shld, a more senior lady (in rank) came to see what was happening, and corrected her saying 1 voucher can be used for 2 persons and 2 voucher for 4 persons. The waitress didn’t even apologised and walked away after confirming our order.

Lastly, we couldn’t finish our food and wanted to takeaway but was told that the free dish can’t be packed away. She said she mentioned this after we ordered (but she didn’t), and I said there is no such clause. She was adamant about it and say no taking away of your ‘for 1’ free dish, “I can pack the other dish, but your other free dish you can take away.” So I said, if you’re doing things to such an extend, I won’t take away anything at all then. The service here is really bad, perhaps they see us as BB users and treat us differently. Either way, if they treat customers who use vouchers differently, then it’s double standard. People in the service line shouldn’t even be treating customers like this. So I would suggest don’t come here, the food isn’t even jaw dropping enough.

Who doesn't love laksa pasta? The laksa sauce used at this new halal bistro at Bedok Point tastes strongly of hay bee (dried shrimp), which many locals will find tasty. In fact you can find tiny minced bits of hay bee in the sauce, especially towards the end. It reminds me of depot road laksa, a long time ago before it was sold to new owners. This pasta usually comes in spaghetti but you can change to penne if you prefer. Comes with 4x shrimp, a bit rubbery (frozen kind) but a reasonable size. Definitely ordering this again!
💡The lifts in this mall are an absolute disaster. Use the escalator for best results.

👍Generous with the sauce, unlike other places where you only get dressing covering maybe 5 fries.
👍Mala has slight numbing taste, but mostly tangy. Instead of oil, the creaminess comes from the mayo.
👍Fries are the skinny cut which I prefer.
👎Fries are not well fried (soggy and oily) .
Conclusion : I really like the sauce but I would choose to have it in another dish instead, maybe the prata or roti John. If only I could dapao the sauce, I would really enjoy it over macdonalds fries.

Location : JB Ah Meng. 534 Geylang Rd, Singapore, 389490
#jbahmeng #burpple #burpplesg

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