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Recommended lists of Best Desserts in Singapore, 2018
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Burpple Guides, Korean Desserts, Desserts 15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that's not all there is! We've got your cravings covered with creamy soft serve, fluffy cakes, potted puddings and more. This list will definitely come in handy for satisfying your unyielding sweet tooth!
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Top 10 Places for Desserts

Top 10 places for Desserts

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Visually it surely looks unassuming, but the cake is a moist, flavourful and textural treat - all thanks to the glazed apple slices placed atop the cake. Forgot what the plotted cream-looking thing is but it was addictive! Not sure what the cinnamon sticks were for though. 😂

Dine in and made fast. Iced cold match latte cover with Milo powder. Stir and enjoy this awesome beverage.

Serve hot. To pour into the glass, add more dark chocolate chips and stir with wooden stirrer. $6.50 for this intensely rich beverage.

Taking over the space previously occupied by Cheng's Gourmet Food Bar, this 7-month old Bistro & Bar serves almost everything in blue from main courses to desserts to drinks in a mystical environment, with blue lightings and wall murals. They even have a small alfresco outdoor sittinge area with a Tree of Souls, cozy yet romantic.
The food items are naturally dyed with butterfly pea flowers. We had the blue velvet cheesecake ($7.50) that had a light cheese flavour, and the lychee cake ($7.50) containing the fruit itself topped with white chocolate shavings, sweet and refreshing. And the star of the night has gotta be the Blue Wine ($13/glass, $55/bottle). Made from the skin of red and white grapes through pigmentation. I usually prefer white over red wine, but the blue wine has a really good mixture of both. It's also not too spicy, but the fruity sweetness can be tasted. Even water is served in lab beakers.
Another place worth checking out especially on TGIF nights! NUS students get to enjoy 10% off total ala-carte items till June 2018.

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Crispy puff with smooth Hokkaido cream! Good stuff!

The caramelized bananas are yummy and soft and pairs really well with the bread & crunchy nuts. The addition of vanilla ice cream complements the toast that while crispy & fragrant, was too dry and lacked the egg-y taste and fluffiness that I would have preferred for a French toast. Still satisfying and enjoyable nonetheless
📍@onemancoffee, 215R Upper Thompson Road

Pure pineapple and jasmine green tea a good combination.

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the tart base was crumbly and dry, with a slightly charred taste.
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