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Piped with fresh, luscious and rich chocolate ganache in a shape of a reindeer, with salted caramel filling that provide indulgence.
The chocolate cream on top could have been better by having it with even darker chocolate and less sweet. The salted caramel went really well with the chocolate ganache. Overall, not too bad but slightly pricey.

Quite affordable at I think about $7 for the waffles and $5/ scoop of gelato. They have really unique flavours here and Keto alternatives as well.

Thought it was quite a decent combination of waffles + ice cream and they even had like a caramel sauce on the side. Waffles were not too sweet and little on the crunchy side when I had it.

Plus point, shop smells really nice all the time and they’re open till late!

A straight forward yet undeniably enticing combo of two light and airy pancakes accompanied by strips of crispy bacon, a fried egg, maple syrup and yummy seasoned creamy butter definitely satisfied my breakfast cravings without leaving me feeling overfully full.

Taste: 3/5

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Hidden in a quiant neighbourhood lies yocha, that serves up pretty good bubble tea and ice cream! We had their teas this time round. The Roasted Sencha had a good smoky flavour and we love how the tea flavour is really strong! We wanted something refreshing, and the Yuzu Grapefruit Tea definitely quenched our thirst. Very aromatic yet citrusy, this is a must try! Be sure to get it using #burpplebeyond because the total bill for these 2 goodness was just $5.40!

As I go to any Korean restaurant, I usually would order their pancake as side dish.

Sadly their seafood pancake here was truly disappointing. It is taste more of just flour without any flavours, even as it added some shrimp on it.

The pancake not just too hard to eat but totally not appetite at all.

The noodle recipe was impart from an old Korean lady – Halmuni – (Grandmother) Song. Which used secret recipe to created this unique noodles soup.

The soup was tasty and interesting to find lots of dry shrimp in it.

Oops forgot to takw photo of the ice cream.
Soursop mint in cone @ $5
Yam ice cream in cup @ $4

There's quite a few interesting flavours and it's a generous portion for the price. All ice creams are at the same price, which is something that we like and appreciate as well.

Will be back if happened to be around the area.

We decided to try a new flavour today and we thought the strawberry basil flavour would be a really interesting one! Unsurprisingly, the strawberry taste was dominant but the flavour was great because the strawberry taste was relatively light and it is not overwhelming. 😁 The basil taste was really mild and provides a herby undertone to the ice cream although it would certainly be interesting if more basil were used.

As usual, the thyme cone is great and we would strongly encourage everyone to pay that extra bit for the cone. You won't regret getting it! 😁

A good alternative for those on a coffee-diet. The tea was served in a pot with small and cute cups, suitable for sharing with friends.

The cafe itself is quite spacious with good ambience, making it a perfect work-from-cafe place! No wonder so many people brought their laptops here.