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Price is acceptable but the food wise is slightly on the bland side.

The crispy chicken is good but would be great if the spiciness can be greater. 红油抄手 is not spicy at all and the dumplings skin is on the thicker side. The soup for the mee sua taste good but light, quite suitable for elderly and kids.

For instagram fans, dishes are pretty instagrammable, comes in cute jug and desserts nicely arranged.

Tried the matcha millefeuille pancakes 3 years ago and didnt fancy them. This time round, I decided to try the Mango Pancake (4 pcs for $16.40). Top up $1 for vanilla ice cream.

I much prefer this non-matcha pancake version! The pancake was light and fluffy, with fresh mango chunks and some almond flakes in between the layers! Belle-Ville's pancakes are known to be only 80% cooked, so it is much more eggy and fluffy! It is almost like a souffle pancake!

Slightly regretted getting the 4 piece portion, because it was too much to finish for 1 pax. So if you are dining alone, get the 2 piece portion instead (I was initially afraid that the 2 piece portion would not be enough, but it actually was sufficient haha)!

This ice cream shop at Chinatown gained its popularity because of the owner, who started as an online personality on OnlyFans. Titus Low since then move on to be an influencer and as well as a boss for this place.

The space will greet you with its welcoming pastel colour, which you can find tables and chairs to enjoy the ice cream.

Serving its signature ice cream together with some waffle and drink. Their ice cream selections are in collaboration with Hundred Acre Creamery at Sunset Way,

One flavour that attracted me for its name - Salty White Stuff, which is actually refreshing salted lychee calpis. A mix of salty, sweet and milky in sorbet texture.

If you subscribe to Burpple Beyond then you definitely in treat as you could enjoy some good deals here.

Getting the single scoop will entitle you one for one flavour as well!

Pistachio Cinnamon (3/5)

hmmm like thick pistachio cream topped on the cinnmon and got that nutty and sweet aftertaste.

Sweet Cheese (5/5)

hmmm taste like savoury cheese flavour and got that salty and cheesy aftertaste.

hmmm taste exactly like ferror rocher and got that sweet and nutty aftertaste.

hmmm like thick cheese cream topped on the cinnamon and got that salty and sweet aftertaste.

BYOB Acai Bowl ($7.50)

really interesting to see more new acai shop comeback after a couple of year back. I remembered that the acai affair really opened it out towards the market a couple of year back to 2015? After that some of the food trend take over the acai, the acai goes down again. But time proved that acai just comeback with new concept and marketing, I doubt that they will be going down that soon since more people prefer to stay health lifestyle after covid. But I wanted to get their best selling flavour (Choc "treat yo-self") as I decided to save for next time. I got original acai, granola and three fruits (green apples, strawberry and orange) for BYOB Acai Bowl. Acai don't have "icy" texture and just nice texture.

Lychee Rose 4/5
Pain Au Chocolate 4/5
Almond Croissant 4/5
Apple Yuzu Tart 3/5

S$ 38
Super tender pork ribs coated with sticky smokey BBQ sauce.
They even give additional sauce on separate saucer, makes it super flavorful.