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$2.40 each

Cheesy creamy flowy lava filling

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1-for-1 Burpple Beyond $6.8

Pineapple reserved unsweetend
No no no. It tastes like apple vinegar I don't know why. I won't ever order this again.

It tastes like apple juice + soda.

Healthy is pricey and not tasty. I'm not sure I want it. Hahaha.

Milo lovers will definitely enjoy each bite if this delectable dense George Milo ($5.50) cake that is not cloying sweet and packed with Milo goodness.

Enjoyed this very much compared to Dessert Cloud Nine Soufflé (which is miso soufflé & we thought it tasted quite confusing/weird haha).

Also ordered a Must-Try on its menu which is green tea peach (?) with cheese for $9.50 but was nothing special.

Peanut Butter Slice ($8.90)
A superb cake loaded with thick luscious and rich peanut butter @awfullychocolatesg . Definitely on the sweeter side but the savoury peanut butter helps cut the sweetness a tinge. The cake is a perfect match with the signature Hei ice cream ($8 double scoop) as the dark bitter notes of the chocolate compliments the peanut butter so well.

Kind Kones Vegan Ice Cream has landed in Singapore! Right in the bowels of the very nondescript Forum Shopping Centre.

Besides the usual waffle cones and brownies to go with ice cream, they have choices such as cookies and banana splits too!

I'm usually quite skeptical when it comes to this kind of things but well, it's pretty good and I could get used to this. 📸: @michellechun_
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Comfort food, Frozen Yogurt! Their lotus caramelised cookie sauce is the best and its so addictive! The original yogurt is mildly sour, good for those who are not a fan of sour yogurts. Fruits are fresh 👍🏻 Priced at $5.90 for a medium serving, good for two to share.


not my first time but goodbto hv a fav at half the price :”) yeeeet got the 2xparfait one matcha one hojicha friend thought was A lil too much but I thought was delish portion all’s good

Cravings satisfied! I really like their acai and this is my second time here. We got the large one, I think the smaller one costs around $8. This is a good dessert for sharing with 2 or more people but I can totally see myself finishing one bowl on my own :)

At first it tasted like a sugary coating on top but after the first bite melts in your mouth the savory taste of the foiegras leaves an impression

$16 nets you a gigantic (comparable to chicken parmigiana size) chicken thigh glazed in Gochujang. I understand they’re still tweaking the spice level so it is a little on the mild side now.

Served with a side of thick-cut fries and accompanying kimchi “salsa”, the chicken sits on a dollop of guacamole for a really nice counter to the spice and acidity of the gochujang and kimchi. It’s a really well-executed fusion dish.