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Served with pandan custard, topped with gula melaka syrup and coconut flakes
The soufflé pancakes are light, soft and fluffy. I could taste the strong pandan flavour from the pandan custard. The gula melaka syrup had an nice intense amount of sweetness and the coconut flakes gave a nice crunch
One of the better Ondeh Ondeh dessert I had
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Its been aeons since I had my favourite soup in this world and I figure out that I would like to try it at Angelina. It sure did not disappoint: sweet with onion pieces topped with baked caramelised crotons and cheese. While the cheese is not generously given like the one in bistro du vin, it did managed to satisfy my cravings.

San Dominigue is named after the island they get their chocolate from. It’s made of dark chocolate, plantain (Caribbean bananas) and a rum chocolate on top. This was the richest in flavour and it was comforting as well. It was paired with Moroccan mint with Cambodian lemongrass tea.

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The Jardin du Massialot is creme brûlée with 5 types of liquor used in the crust. This was simple but it tasted really good. I rarely like creme brûlée because it’s usually overly creamy or eggy but this was good. This was paired with a white grape tea with peony and lavender.

This has black sesame, coconut, red currant and almond. This was like a party in my mouth with I took my first bite. There were many distinct flavours in this that complemented each other. Plus there was the almond crust at the bottom to add that extra crunch. This was paired with berries tea with cherry, lavender and bergamot.

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This has lychee, wasabi, lime and mint. It sounded odd at first but the wasabi wasn’t that strong, though it was pronounced. The tea pairing for this was a spiced black tea and it did help to reduce the wasabi aftertaste as well.

This has lemongrass, apple, caramel flavours. The tea pairing for this was french rose lavender. This was a few of our favourites! The flavours were unique and the texture were very light.

Best dish goes to the Cauliflower Gratin! Delicious and not too creamy. While Sophia’s Risotto was pretty good but could have more flavour. Lastly, the smoked chicken was tasty but too salty.
Overall, it was a nice ambience with portions that are very reasonably priced.

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We ordered a variety of desserts but this was the best!! It is priced at $13.90, which is pretty reasonable for a dessert at a restaurant. It is a mix of saltiness, sweetness and savoury touch, and these flavours complement one another very well. Highly recommend this dessert!! Staff was nice too and the seats are quite spacious.

The breakfast set includes choice of danish below $4.80 and a cup of 8oz filter coffee.
A good place for weekend breakfast with family and friends!

Amazing raw food at merci marcel, their ceviche and carpaccio never fail to impress and always leaves me feeling full and fresh 🐟🔪🤙🏻