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Waited patiently and changing my birthday lunch twice with the forever changing rules of Covid-19.

Thank you for bringing the restaurant I wanna go to my home Buddies 😍😘😍

Finally tried my CCCC pasta 😋 I love it!!
Totally love the food!!!!
I'd eat them again anytime seriously.
🍽️ Kueh pie tee with crabmeat
🍽️ Braised purple Cabbage, scallops, ikura, dashi blanc, prawn head butter
🍽️ Jerusalem Artichoke - miso butter
🍽️ C&C&C&C pasta - crabmeat, chorizo, caviar, confit lemon, lobster sauce
🍽️ Duck confit w/ wok hei noodle 😋
🍽️ Char siew Lamb rib w/mint sauce
🍽️ Octopus lobster porridge

Croque Marcel [$23]
Two huge sourdough with bayonne ham and sunny side up. Sourdough tasted really good and paired well with the cheese. Egg however wasn't runny and the ham was overly salty for our liking.

Ravioles de Royans [$18]
Fun-sized dumpling pasta filled with cheese. The cream sauce was cheesy and rich, yet doesn't feel heavy. A flavour bomb dish and definitely a must try for cheese lovers.

Crème Brûlée [$10]
The crispy charred caramalised sugar gently breaks apart upon tapping it lightly with a spoon, revealing the smooth, creamy and luscious custard. If you're looking for a light sweet treat, this is definitely the one.

This was No.06: Goat Cheese, Tomato Chutney, Basil, Roasted Bell Peppers ($16). So simple, yet so, so fulfilling. It’s a flavour medley that really dances well together. Can I just add that galettes are a whole new realm compared to crêpes? Please try it if you haven’t.

Probably the best whole chicken I’ve ever had?????? Never been to Poulet before but WOW omg the creamy mushroom sauce was delicious and the chicken was so SOFT and MOIST uggggggh it was cooked with love for sure 😭😭😭😭 10/10 will come back to try em all 💫

One of my favorite crepe places in Singapore:) love the variety and crispier dough finish!

It was love at first bite for me when I had a plate of @chef_y.doi_bistrot’s Red Wine Beef Tongue Curry Rice at @bistrotetroit. And that was AFTER gobbling up a multi-course dinner of fine French fare also prepared by him. Am thankful he decided to offer it as a takeaway item during this period when dining-in is put on hold.
Priced at $30, the portion is decent in size. More importantly, it travels well and tastes as fabulous as I recall. The red wine curry with its “secret ingredient” of coffee powder, has a slightly thick consistency that boasts a lovely nuance and subtle heat. Those tender chunks of beef tongue are pleasantly soft chew and deeply flavourful (I felt compelled to close my eyes as I slowly relished each piece). Providing an ideal cut-through, crunchy purple slaw with a modulated acidity.

Verdict: This is one of those one-dish meals that looks plain but can knock your socks off.

If you want to order, do note Chef Doi is sold out until this Saturday, 29th May. He is able to accept orders for after that date. To submit yours, please Whatsapp 8869 8477. It must be done in the following format:


Pipping hot, the Truffle Fries ($12) were good too. Thicker than shoestring fries, their rendition was rather addictive. The golden-brown exterior stayed wondrously crisp, and the grated Parmesan cheese is always a plus on well-seasoned fries. Though I could only wish that the portion was bigger.

The new restrictions are a real downer but that also means more options and opportunities to order in. Hence, with my recent visit to Beurre over lunch, I definitely see myself ordering their Wagyu Gold Mash ($18) again. Served with a savoury black pepper sauce on the side, the medium-rare wagyu steak was succulent and juicy. The protein was also nicely seasoned and well-executed, pretty decent for the price point. Sitting below the thick, hearty slices were glorious Yukon gold mashed potatoes. The silken mash was perfectly buttery and creamy - went exceptionally well with the meaty flavour of the wagyu.