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Slow-cooked Beef Oxtail Ragu - $17.90
Beef oxtail that’s cooked to soft and tender, served in tomato sauce. Ragu is topped with cherry tomatoes & cheese shavings. A flavourful pasta dish

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Feature :
🍰 Emma.
Pistachio chou pastry contains Pistachio crops with a raspberry strawberry heart, topped wirh a rose garage and delicate rose chocolate petal.
🍰Moka Cafe.
Creamy,smooth and not too sweet coffee ganache topped with hazelnut bits -> my favourite 😍.
Combination of chocolate and caramel latered on a soft Joconde biscuits.

2 Bayfront Avenue.
MBS #B2-89/89A. Canal level.

The place was full on a weekday night. Thankfully the wait was not very long. The pork chop sauce is heavenly! Pork chop itself is rather mediocre. Mashed potato is a go while the vongole is a no.

The truffle fries are so good that we ordered two to share! Pasta and beef dishes are good. Love the buttery mashed potato and the pork chop sauce, the chop itself is slightly thick.

This place gets filled easily despite its location, be sure to make a reservation!

Cafe was crowded so we were seated in the back area next to toilets. The vibe is quite different and not very nice, although it would be perfect for a very very private meal.
The beef cheek was really tasty and tender, going perfectly with the smooth mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce. Unfortunately the prices are quite steep compared to other cafes, I wouldn’t return without 1-for-1.

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The top was perfectly golden and cracked nicely when broken. The custard was satisfying with a great vanilla flavour (little black flecks can be seen from the vanilla bean/extract used), though a tiniest bit overcooked.
Quite expensive, best to be shared between 2!

Ordered 3 dishes (2 crepes, 1 french onion soup), bill was about 50+. Soup was the best imo. Crepes are good too, were more like very thin pancakes, but barely crispy at all. Place was busy and packed by 11.30, had a long queue when we left at 12.30.

Had the ham and cheese crepe here and the serving size was huge! Taste was quite jelat after awhile but it was a really good deal since we used the entertainer 1 for 1. Also ordered the smoked salmon on potato pancake and that was a better choice!

Can’t remember the name for this but it was $78. Not much lobster for the hefty price tag but I must say it was fresh and juicy. The pasta surprised me with its flavour and al dente texture. It was one of the rare times when I actually finished the whole serving of pasta. They also served complimentary bread (a tiny slice of sourdough and a mini baguette) which was fluffy and fresh. The baguette was just right, crunchy in the outside and super fluffy on the inside. I surprised myself by finishing all the bread too.

Also pro tip: sign up for their loyalty service (qr code is on the placemat) to get 20% the ala carte bill!

Lip smacking BBQ sauce slathered over the ginormous chunk of ribs did not disappoint. Ribs were tender off the bone, succulent and moist. I must say, the portion was huge! I was so full after this. And super worth the money with Burpple Beyond.

My only gripe would be the lack of sauce IN the ribs itself. The rub weren’t marinated such that it penetrates into the meat. But the BBQ sauce, in my opinion, did make it pretty enjoyable still! Flavour wasn’t that lacking still.

Wedges were very crispy and hot, even till the end of my meal. Very generous serving of wedges too.

(Amazing) 1kg prime rib comes with salad & free flow soggy fries.