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Bold flavours abound here, with premium ara fish dressed in a savoury medley of sweet breads, bacon and italian parsley. The foamy, golden sauce made from chicken wings boiled for 6 hours is refined yet packed full of flavour, truly delicious.

Taste: 4/5

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Paying homage to a French classic, Beni's version is elevated with foie gras and black truffle. The savoury finale to what had been a very fine meal so far, the whole golden duck pie which emerged from the oven was nothing short of stunning. Pity we only got a quarter each, because it was excellent.

The buttery, burnished pastry was par excellence, and what it contained inside was even more indulgent – a thin layer of black truffle, sandwiched between ground duck meat and foie. Not letting up on the decadence, a commanding Sauce Rouennaise was served alongside the pie. Its dominant duck liver flavour might put off those with less adventurous tastes, but I absolutely loved it. And we added black truffles for $10, because why not.

Taste: 4/5


Succulent pork slices atop Japanese fried rice, with tofu, cucumber and radish to make it a more balanced dish. The rice was sufficiently wet and very flavourful - just the way I like it. They also serve Western food, and I always go for their mac and cheese ($14.90), which I also highly recommend! Service was excellent too.

A lil strange to be stopping by here for purely desserts since they seemed to be known for their skewers and mains, but the 𝙎𝙢𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙙 𝘾𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙤𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚 (~$15) was done well 👌🏻
I tasted bittersweet chocolate upon first bite, but was quickly hit with the smoky aftertaste soon after. This was definitely different, and in this case I’d do different bc the smoky taste was addictive 😛 Paired tgt with the light sour yoghurt sorbet, this wasn’t a heavy and overwhelming dessert — perfect to end a heavy main.🍰
The cornflake (?) and blueberry sides didn’t do much to add any flavour, and the chocolate cake could do with a lil more fudgy chocolate/ moist texture, but this is something I wouldn’t mind having again for sure 🤩

Ig @goodfomood

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Chef Kenji Yamanaka's Japanese influence really comes to the fore with this dish, which sees alabaster hunks of fugu meat coated in sticky rice and deep-fried to crisp, flaky perfection. Despite this, its flavour was incredibly delicate and natural, and the subtle chicken stock sauce peppered with pomelo and olive bits only served to enhance the fish.

Taste: 3.5/5

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Beni's fine dining is of the Japanese-accented French ilk, characterised by luxurious ingredients, immaculately prepared and delicately plated. We enjoyed this starter very much, with chunks of fresh, springy lobster well contrasted by crunchy radish, Italian broccoli and baby parsnip. Textures of lobster such as squares of wobbly lobster jelly and a scattering of umami lobster roe powder solidified the theme and the encore of concentrated lobster bisque was an unveiling of deepest umami. Great!

Taste: 4/5

The restaurant is located in a revamped shophouse with a communal setting and open kitchen. I thought the cooking was very assured and confident. I loved the wasabi sorbet in the starter, it provided a playful kick yet wasn’t too overpowering. Sauces were punchy and full-bodied; the duck, cod and scallop dishes were all complemented beautifully. Wife and I also enjoyed the bread course which came with butter in 4 colours - natural, beetroot, charcoal and spinach! 9/10, there is passion and heart evident in every dish! #foodie #foodsg #foodiesg #foodgasm #foodporn #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #instafood #instafood_sg #burpple #hungrygowhere #delicious #delish #whati8today

Super value for money weekday lunch set in the orchard area! Especially hard to find affordable lunch places around Tanglin. Surprised to find this deal at Paul (as it looks very expensive haha) but for seafood and a amazing slice of chocolate cake, it’s really worth! And serve fast for people on a rush👍

The service here was fantastic and me and my partner enjoyed the Cosy vibe very much too. Every dish that we had was Bon appetit!

Part of their valentine day set meal! Very delicious!

Last evening I visited this new restaurant along Duxton, which is serving up good mussels at very affordable prices. These aren't the usual Australian mussels that we are so used to having, these are really good seasonal Bouchot mussels from France and across Continental Europe.
BTM Mussels is inspired by owner Olivier Bendel’s restaurants at the Léon de Bruxelles group in France, where he has developed 250 recipes for mussels. At Duxton, only seven of the most popular flavours are available at one time. But they're planning to rotate the flavours, so progressively they'll be serving more of the 250 recipes they've developed.
One of the seven flavours available at the moment is Red Curry. While it has some cream in it, this flavour also included white wine and butter in its mix, and some parsley and onions. It was served with crisp golden French fries, which will also come with any mussels ordered here.
But there were some other flavours that I like more than this curry mussels. I'll share it with you next time, or you can DM me if you're going soon, and I'll tell you what to order.
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looked so good that I Forgot To Take A Picture! Yum! The Squid Ink Pasta Was Good! Food arrived fast too :)