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While the passionfruit meringue was still as delicious as I remember, there was too little filling / the tart was too thick such that the buttery crisp tart overpowered the fruity passionfruit and meringue filling. It is still yummy and enjoyable with the mix of sour passionfruit & sweet light meringue but not the best around
📍@carpenterncook, #01-06, 19 Lorong Kilat, S598120 (near Beauty World Mrt)

Got the regular beef burger with lettuce, pickles, cheese & homemade sauce. While nothing spectacular, it is yummy and satisfying. The patty was well-seasoned and juicy while retaining slight crisp on the outside. The bun was soft and all the components went well together.
⚠️ Open on Wed to Sun from 12pm, I waited for it to open since 11.40 and rushed over the moment I saw the shutters lift, making me first in line 😂. It was a 15 min wait after ordering at 12noon sharp and after me a line of 10+ ppl had formed by 12. Love the new update of a buzzer that rings when the food is ready so one can just order, sit down & wait instead of having to stand and queue
📍@hambaobao, Beauty World Centre, #04-49, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road (Beauty World Mrt)

This Injeolmi bingsu from Nun Song Yee used to be our staple. Recent 2 visits, however, have disappointed us with its significant drop in portion and standard. The bowl of bingsu was almost flat when served.

S$18.9 premium. Too much for 2 adult. Everyone recommended this from reviews. I don't think it worth the damage.

Rainbow Cake indulgence after a looooong hiatus!!! 🍰💕🌈🌈🌈

Sadly @revelry_sg seems to have changed their supplier for their rainbow cakes (I had them a couple of times last year and they were much fluffier). This version was taller, denser, and seemed like it had been sitting in the fridge for days. 😱 The frosting was incredibly hard and thin, and even the rainbow sprinkles had started losing their colours... Erm. FAIL. 🤦🏻‍♀️ ❌❌❌ Defo not having this again. MEHZ.

Mandu Jeongol 만두전골
Korean Dumpling Stew ($35++)
Top two pictures - left when it just arrived, right when I just scooped it into my bowl.

A soupy dish that isn't fiery spicy nor feels full of MSG. This clear broth was very comforting especially after we got caught in the rain. I wish there were more soup, but this is just me being greedy. Dumplings become soft after a while so be sure to eat them quickly!

Daeji Bulgogi 돼지불고기
Barbecued Pork ($25++)
Looks crazy spicy but it wasn't at all-- in fact, more sweet-salty than anything else. Not a fan of this as the meat was rather tough though thinly sliced; maybe I'll try the Beef Bulgogi next time & see if that makes a difference.

Kimchi Jeon 전김치
Kimchi Pancake ($14++)
Kim's kimchi pancake is always on point-- which is great because sadly, the kimchi side dish was sub-par. This pancake was crispy & delightful with or without dipping it into the accompanying sauce. Great for sharing. I was unfortunately so hungry I forgot to take a picture of this LOL.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🙋 Service is generally pretty lousy
💦 Water not chargeable
👍 Wet towel not chargeable
🍚 Rice is $2++/bowl
📆 12 different side dishes, refillable until 21:30hrs

Love the ramen and soup. The thick pork slice was grilled on one side and quite a reasonable portion. The pork was not marinated well enough though and had a smelly pork smell. Bottom portion for $5. Upper portion for $6.90 #burpple #burpplesg #butakin #beautyworldcentre

On any given day, I will have this.

I mean look at how cloudy that soup is. The broth is so flavourful, that not single drop is missed. The superior soup set, and almost everything comes in a pair, LITERALLY. Even the greens come in a pair. What you have in the bowl, a pair of mock abalone, a pair of meatball, a pair of fish maw, a pair of crunchy and decently sized prawns (peeled), a pair of Friend beancurd, slices of pork, and minced meat, and finally a MEASLY PIECE OF GROUPER.

Honestly, it's a fish soup bowl, I have everything but except fish slices. If I knew about this, I would add $3 for added batang slices.

Oh the set, comes with a drink.

[Buta Kin]
One of the best hawker ramen stalls avaliable in the west
(Signature Ramen-$6.90)!

Probably one of the most intense and thick, lemak thai green curry I ever had in singapore. Definitely not watery, totally fragrant and mildly spicy. My kind of food for a relatively cool evening. Did I mention that they are generous with the chicken pieces? The bowl is filled to the brim, with chicken pieces, which are not tough at all. Yumz!

Rainy days call for extreme comfort food. ☔️ At OFC, the chicken is always moist and flavourful, not to mention piping hot. There are a ton of options here from oven baked to fried, bone or boneless, original or crunch.

The Original Soy Sauce chicken ($37 for boneless) is the one you’ll keep reaching out for- we ended up ordering a second portion. The spicy chicken has a sweeter undertone than most places, but still gives a good kick. Just a warning though, there are two spice levels and the second one is really an assault on the taste buds. Order it if you feel like you’re up for a challenge!

The Army Stew ($40) was chock full of ingredients, but we wished there was more soup to accompany the goodness. Unfortunately, the standard of the Kimchi Pancake ($18) has gone down a bit. There’s just too much flour and not enough kimchi, which results in a doughy texture.

Overall, I would definitely recommend OFC! It’s hardly ever crowded and it’s conveniently located next to Beauty World MRT or an open air carpark if you drive.

This arrived PIPING HOT and kept wonderfully warm in the claypot bowl, so take your time to enjoy this one! As much as I would have loved to have heed my own advice, the soup was too comforting and I wolfed it down with the accompanying rice. There was soft tofu, a few pieces of seafood, and finally an egg to complete this dish perfectly. Compared to the usual kimchi soup, this was lighter in taste, but I found it more soothing.

This restaurant can get packed during mealtimes, so I'd definitely recommend calling to reserve. Complimentary side dishes were good in variety and taste, and I especially loved the macaroni and the fishcakes. They're refillable too (I appreciated their offer despite them being incredibly busy), but please ask for refills wisely to prevent food wastage! 😊