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Not sure whether there was a mistake but my bowl only had 1 piece of pork (compared to my friend鈥檚 special which had 3). While #butakin is my go-to for cheap and good ramen, I feel that the quality has dropped slightly. The soup isn鈥檛 as tasty and is lacking the rich pork broth that one loves in ramen. The egg while runny wasn鈥檛 the best in terms of taste. The pork is still really good though, especially because it is chargrilled, giving a slight crisp and smoky flavor on top of the tenderness.
馃搷@buta_kin20151214, #04-28 Beauty World Food Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road

From Nyonya Chendol at Bukit Timah Food Centre; the stall takes over the former premises of Zhong Pin Noodle House at the food centre.

There's better Chendol around (my favourite could be either the one from ABC Brickworks or Four Seasons Chendol; I am fine with both), but this works considering the lack of decent Chendol options at Bukit Timah. The mound of ice is carefully shaped into a neat mound, before that thick and sweet Gula Melaka and coconut milk is being drenched atop the ice. Next to end up on the bowl would be the squiggly and chewy Pandan Jelly, before that rich, pungent XO Durian sauce is drenched atop everything as the finishing piece. It's not overly sweet, and there is pretty much enough of everything to last the entire bowl of ice; a pretty decent dessert option at the food centre.

Food took 20 minutes to arrive which was okay I guess considering that we arrived 30 minutes after opening hours. Ladies Finger was $6.90 for the small portion which was really small, something I should have expected when I read the reviews, but was quite tasty and a tad salty but goes well with rice. 1/2 a keluak nut in the Ayam Buah Keluak but the chicken in it was not bad, not dry or tough. The Ngoh Hiang ($7.90) was quite good albeit a bit too oily but there were 5 pieces or so which was just enough if not slightly more than enough for 2. We also both 2 kuehs which were not bad, especially the Kueh Lapis Sagu which had a nice coconut flavour of sorts.

Service was okay i guess, did not expect much because of the reviews I read. Waiter semi-slammed our small saucer of sambal on the table and did not even offer an apology when there was a loud sound and I distinctively remembered ordering 2 plates of rice but only received 1 so when I asked the waitress, she did not bother to clarify but went on to tell me that I only ordered 1 plate of rice in a not-so-nice tone. Originally wanted to order chendol which I read quite a fee reviews about but was too tired to deal with the service and attitude so we decided to just leave. Don鈥檛 expect smiles on their faces because we received none too.

Cooling weather this week had me craving for all things hot and spicy! Finally came by to Myung Ga II, a small family Korean eatery in Bukit Timah Plaza that I鈥檝e been wanting to try for a while now. They have a nice variety of items with a different menu for dinner but I went straight for the fiery red jjamppong and it was so satisfying! It was loaded with ingredients - clams, mussels, oysters (albeit not as fresh), octopus, squid, vegetables and a generous amount of noodles. It wasn鈥檛 too spicy but sufficiently so, with a rich savoury broth and a subtle sweetness from the onions. So shiok! Lots of jjamppong around will leave a thirsty after feeling due to msg but I was really glad this didn鈥檛.

There鈥檚 another similar named 鈥楳ing Jia 鍚嶅鈥 Korean eatery here on the same floor of the mall and not sure if they鈥檙e under the same owner, but the food here in Myung Ga II is definitely better. Spotted that they have Oyster Seaweed Soup Rice too, something I had in Korea and really enjoyed. Will definitely be back for that and the other dishes!

馃搷鍚嶅 Myung Ga II Korea BBQ
Bukit Timah Plaza #B1-55

Stole a few mouths of my mum鈥檚 kalguksu and it was good too! Soup was lighter than the jjamppong I had but it was a comforting and hearty bowl. The noodles used here are thicker, firmer and more springy, paired with lots of ingredients as well!

There鈥檚 another similar named 鈥楳ing Jia 鍚嶅鈥 Korean eatery here on the same floor of the mall and not sure if they鈥檙e under the same owner, but the food here in Myung Ga II is definitely better.

馃搷鍚嶅 Myung Ga II Korea BBQ
Bukit Timah Plaza #B1-55

If you're craving for a burger that's not from a fast food joint and also not expensive, Hambaobao is where you should be at, and this Crispy Pork Belly ($5.50) is what you should be ordering!

Think generous pieces of chunky, crispy, meaty and fatty pork belly, where the rind is so crispy, you can really hear the crunch, and the fatty meat is so tender, it melts in your mouth pretty effortlessly. Adding on to the sinful savouriness are hoi sin sauce and English mustard, along with cucumbers for an extra bite, and perhaps also to prevent the burger from impending jelat-ness. 馃

The portion might not be filling for a big(ger) eater but the quality of this burger no doubt guarantees a value-for-money experience. I'm down for this again should I be around Beauty World. 馃榿

I鈥檝e been going to this cafe for some time. Seems like the portions are getting smaller for the same $$ and not as nice. The Kueh Kosui I had today had a weird ginger taste and costs $5 for 4 pieces :(
I don鈥檛 remember the Kueh Kosui to cost so much in the past when they would put some in a bag and say $3 or something. I鈥檓 sure their rolling business still has some clout to it but I鈥檓 probably not going to buy their stuff for awhile till they improve.

The pork belly is indeed very crispy and works well with the Hoi Sin sauce and cucumber. Top up $1.50 for their Hand-Cut fries as well!
However, the beef burger patty was a bit dry and overcooked.

$14 for half a chicken. This great chain has good quality control and the chicken rice is consistently good across all their outlets. They also have very aromatic rice and a solid chilli sauce. Highly recommended.

Good tender chicken with jelly goodness, chili is a must have

Overall not WOAH but definitely good chicken rice