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Finally got to try this! Noodles were QQ and the minced meat was flavourful too. Enjoyed my meal (:

Chicken was tender, rice was well cook! Love the chili too!! Definitely will come back again!!

One of my sec sch favourites! The fish is quite succulent, with no fishy smells! Also, they give tang o veg, which I enjoy. The soup is pretty flavourful - my dad and I drank it allll up. I have to give a shoutout for the rice - it’s of a decent quality, and it is separated / not clumpy so it’s great for drenching in fish soup :)

Matcha Bo Bo Cup Cake (September 玖月) ($5.90) I didn't expected that it's full of whipping cream plus didn't enjoy their matcha cream (taste so weird). I really like their boba pearls but it's quite sticky for me. It's a bit disappointed for me and ppl pls don't order this dessert even though it can be takeaway easily.

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Revisited Obba Jjajang after two to three years. Am on my hunt to try more Korean Chinese food. So if you got any favourites, let me know!

Obba Jjajang is probably one of the better places to get your jjajangmyeon at an affordable price point.

Jjajangmyeon is essentially noodles with thin slices of pork belly, onions and chunjang - a thick, gooey sweet bean sauce. Enjoyed every bit of it from the sweet, savoury sauce to the generous bits of diced pork in every bite.

Stir the noodles quickly before it gets all clumpy. The portions are big. You may want to share this with a friend. I was too hungry to take a photo of how it looks after we stirred the noodles.

Am on my hunt to try more Korean Chinese food. So if you got any favourites, let me know!

JJAMPONG - a Korean seafood soup with chilli powder.

Obba Jjajang is probably one of the better places to get your jjampong and jjajangmyeon at an affordable price point.

Can you believe it that this is my second jjampong in my entire lifetime? So what you can expect is a HUGE BOWL of noodles is an abundance of prawns, mussels, clams and squid. For greens you get some pak choy, chives and onions.

The mildly spicy seafood soup was delicious and rich in seafood flavour. A comforting treat for the soul.

Heard Buta Kin before since opening Downtown Line back when I still studying poly around 2015 and didn't really wanted to explore there at that time. But I think I should be making a trip to Beauty World for food and my friend said I will be doing it most of time. Travelling for food is one thing that I wanted to do most of time. If you didn't what to order from Buta Kin, you should be ordering Special Tonkatsu Ramen ($7.50) and trying their broth and ramen out. Oh yes, they got different kind of broth from original, black (garlic), red (spicy) and vegetable (non-meat) and making a lot of variety for the Tonkatsu Ramen. I didn't really like their ramen and it's quite normal tbh. Their charshu was really hard to chew lol and don't be impressed me at all =.= but their half boil egg made me so wow and got that yolk flowing out. I really wanted to try Top One Handmade Noodle and also BIG BOYS Sizzling next time for lunch :")))))


My go-to place for my coffee runs, highly recommend getting the double shot Flat White if you like your coffees strong and nutty! 💙

Double scoop ($7.60)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Yes, I’m slow to the game but #saltedcaramelsg might be among my favourite ice cream spots. They offer a whole range and we went with unique offerings of lemon cheesecake and kaya toast. To our amazement, they tasted highly similar to their description with the former having a nice sour balance from the lemon and creaminess of a cheesecake. The latter reminded us of yakun kaya toast with its pandan gula fragrance and even had a bit of a toast-like crumby sort of texture which made the flavour more believable. We are already planning to return to try their delicious ice cream of a whole range of flavours!
📍@saltedcaramel.sg, 01-08, 17 Lorong Kilat, Singapore (other outlet at 246F Upper Thompson Road)

Very affordable phad thai as the portion was huge! It came with a few prawns too and was authentically spicy. Flavour wise, more tamarind could have been used.

Time for Thai offers affordable Thai food right in the heartlands of Singapore. This bowl of clear tom yum soup was filled generously with fish slices, squid and prawn. Equal parts sour and spicy, it was super shiok to have on a cold night during this rainy monsoon season.

I woke up this morning craving for yam cake.

And this is the only place you should get yours if you have a craving too.

Thick and generous yam chunks, tender yam cake . I make my own yam cake too so I know how much work it takes and how much yam you need to produce such a good yam cake.

Have eaten here for years and the auntie’s hospitality never fails to touch my heart ❤️.

Paired with her homemade chilli which is a healthier version made without bleachan.

Do try her home made vegetable chee Cheong fun too - really interesting and tasty combination ( think popiah fillings with chee Cheong fun)

Her yam cake is available for pre order for Chinese New Year and it makes a nice gift .

Sold per tray at 60 dollars ( 30 pieces per tray ).
Be sure to get some of that delectable home made chilli too .

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