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Enjoyed this dish! Sweet potato glass noodles went well with the sauce and mushrooms :) must-try if you are there, although a tad on the pricy side as I thought it was usually a side dish.

An array of mixed banchan from my favourite Korean family restaurant! :) my favourite is the pickled kimchi cucumber with its wonderful refreshing taste. Appreciate how they will oblige with refilling of the sides of you request for them and the 2 mini yakult-ish probiotic drink they provided :)

I鈥檝e read many good reviews on the passion fruit meringue tart.. however me being a chocolate lover still prefer the Chocolate sea salt caramel tart馃槣

Smoked salmon eggs benedict on croissant roll is good!(What can go wrong with this combi^^)

My first time to bukit timah food centre and also first time trying white bee hoon馃槵 The broth was very savory and tasty..馃憤馃徎

Recommended. First time trying after my colleague introduced. Love the texture and the flavour well mixed together. Its light and not too oily. The stall is 02-165 at Bukit Timah Food Centre. Only open during the mornings. Best come before 10am. After eating, i prefer this to crawford lane bcm

crispy and eggy. the other two were just ok imo. average of 3 per dish. #hawkercentre #burpple #sgfood

Again the amount of pork is ridiculously generous. Super Crispy broiled sio bak, and further crisped up on the iron plate, the chef makes sure to orient the pork in such a way that each bite contains the crackling skin. Also the fat is rendered out on the iron plate so everytime u squeeze the burger u get oil dripping out. Totally deserves the queue

Can taste the spice in the pull pork, but I don't feel it works well with the lime mayo. However for this price the pulled pork patty us ridiculously generous. Definitely a steal at its price(come around 12pm)

Love to order this to go with a garlic naan to dip up all the delicious sauce. The chicken is nice and tender, but the star of the show is the gravy!

Half a chicken that was extremely tender, three egg spinach and crispy tofu for only $44 in total! They had the best ginger sauce to go along with your rice and chicken too.

Love the side dishes here. BBQ鈥檚 not the best I鈥檝e had but good enough to end Sunday with a bang 鉁岎煆