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While I normally get the normal seafood kimchi pancake, I decided to try the cheese version out of curiosity today! Cheese was really stretchy and it was nice that the cheese was layered only at the tip of each piece. This allows you to try the pancake both with and without the cheese. :)

The only issue is that there was a lot more kimchi than seafood, so we are not very sure if it is worth the $23++. But it shouldn't be an issue if you are sharing with friends. :)

Gimbap with pickles, carrot, cucumber and a small piece of sausage. More than enough for two, at only $10++. Pretty standard dish that won't go wrong!

Today, I went for the yum yum chicken with the sweet sauce as the spicy version previously made my tummy a little uncomfortable after dinner. It certainly didn disappoint! Furthermore, there is an option to go "boneless" and if you don't want to get your hands dirty, this is the way to go. The half serving is just right for 2 and it might be a little small for 3 or more, unless you are ordering fried chicken with multiple flavours. :)

Worthhhh. It was crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. Their garlic sauce and chickpea puree was so so flavourful as well!

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Last week I had this intense craving for butter chicken, so I got me some from Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant. Packing quite a bit of heat, their rendition of the classic Butter Chicken Masala was lusciously creamy and perfectly spiced. The tandoori chicken chunks were tender and nicely seasoned. But the highlight was truly the uberly buttery gravy. Flavourful, the sauce was thick and full of tangy sweet-savouriness. And of course, the ideal companion to mop up all the richness is a warm garlic-studded naan. Yet a tad heavy for one to finish in single seating, the masala is best shared.

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Boneless chicken ftw, best for the lazy us 😂 Really enjoyed their fragrant and fluffy rice that’s not as oily. Chicken was tender, but would have personally liked them to have a tad stronger flavour. The queue gets pretty long, but you can also call in to make your pre-orders. More details on their Instagram, on @sengheng.1980!

The texture of the Mung Beans were good and had a good consistency without being diluted or starchy. Look at the beans, they are still in shape and not too mushy.

This braised pork rice stand out from the rest in Singapore because of the pickled sliced cucumber. The tanginess of the pickled cucumber goes very well with the braised pork. Their onsen braised egg is also unique

Their Chives Pancake is also very good and an authentic Taiwan snack. They are freshly made and pan fried upon ordering. But at $8 for two pieces, it a bit expensive.

Yet for me, this is a place worth coming back to.

They have the most complete list of comfort food like Chee Cheong Fun, Curry Chicken, Fish Ball noodles, etc. But their Pork Trotters Bee Hoon is by far the best. And you can add on stuff like otah, fish cake, luncheon meet, even though it already comes with eggs, Chye Sim and load of canned pork trotters.


If you are craving traditional Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce, glutinous rice, yam cake, soon kueh, Laksa or bee hoon with pork trotters, this is the go to place in Bukit Timah. Not necessarily the best tasting but I must say I am impressed with their long list of comfort food and they even have Cantonese sweet desserts (糖水).

I’ll be back.

The jjm noodles were softer than expected, sauce was very savoury and got a bit salty towards the end. But there was a rather generous portion of onions + beef pieces. Decent but I’ve had better! It’s kinda similar to hawker beef noodles with 粗米粉.

Stew was meh, I didn’t have much of it. There is a part of a small crab which was surprising. Banchan was also average.