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Oven & Fried Chicken mainly serves fried chicken, but this roasted chicken was touted as the “healthier option” amongst the numerous variations of fried chicken on the menu. The roasted chicken was so tender and juicy, served piping hot from the oven with chilli and mustard on the side. Price was slightly on the steeper end, and the portion pictured above is the half-chicken portion. Overall still yummy and highly recommended!

It’s supper time. Finally, I can have my supper at 10pm on a weekday night without having to worry about waking up early the next morning.
This sizzling stone pot rice topped with a mixed variety of vegetables, seasoned beef and spicy sauce is such a fun and delicious way to have my bibimbap. ❤️ the bottom layer of rice which is just slightly burnt, giving the dish a nice texture and flavour.
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Nothing makes me happier than having cold noodles on a hot day. Three Meals a Day, located near Beauty World MRT Station, serves bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles) which is chewy, flavourful and refreshing. They also serve an array of side dishes that are tasty and remind me of Korea as well 😋 Yay craving finally satisfied 😌


Had a lovely brunch in this quiet corner @ Bukit Timah Plaza; got myself Ocean’s Thirteen and it was really really good! :) one of the better sourdough I’ve had, and they’re generous with their portions too! Will definitely be back to have more!

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Better than most so called Japanese ramen restaurants out there. Generous portion priced at $6.90, you can’t beat that price!

This is probably what Ng Kim Lee is most famous for, and they proudly display a newspaper clipping featuring their muffins right above the muffin display.

Although there are a variety of flavours to pick from, including original, chocolate, Oreo, banana, pandan, cheese, walnut and lemon, I didn’t detect strong tastes in any of the muffins to distinguish their flavours. Might be an effect of them being packed with the banana flavoured muffin, but they all ended up tasting like a mix between plain-banana. They’re still an affordable and comforting little treat anyway, and super worth it at 60 cents! Get a minimum of 6 pieces if you want them to pack it in a box for you (yes clearly I couldn’t resist popping one in my mouth before realising I forgot to snap a photo 😂). The muffins are soft, moist and cake-like, not too dense, and not too sweet. Not much more you can ask for, and I always make sure to buy some when I pass by!

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Can’t really tell the cheese and original apart. They look alike, and honestly neither have a distinctive taste. All the flavours I bought ended up tasting faintly of banana.

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Despite being the original plain flavour, it still tastes faintly of banana. A lovely, light and addictive treat nonetheless - where the true danger is when you just can’t stop yourself from popping more pieces in your mouth when you know you should stop.

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There’s a few specks of cookies inside the batter which might have been Oreo. Other than the colour of the muffin, it tastes the same as the other flavours, but don’t let that deter you from getting this delectable bite-sized treat.

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Pandan aroma is pretty faint, but overall still a delicious little treat.

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Moist and light banana muffin - perfect little snack to pop in your mouth!

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