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DIY okonomiyaki ($12 - $15)

Head down to this restaurant if you want a little more fun during your meals as you can mix and pan-fry your own okonomiyaki (with your choice of 3 ingredients)! You can also go wild with the toppings and sauces after your okonomiyaki is done, and I would recommend getting an appetizer if you're hungry because the okonomiyaki takes at least 15mins to be done (it's worse when it's cooking right in front of you). If you're lazy, you can also get the service crew to do everything for you.

While the fun factor is there, I feel that the mix-ins given were quite little and the whole pancake lacked oomph. I had to top up more sweet sauce and chilli powder to satisfy my taste buds. Similarly, the gyozas I ordered were pretty bland and could definitely do with more minced pork.

Warm service received here, but their food can be improved!

The Mrs has been wanting to try this and she bought it tonight for dinner.

Lobster Seafood Soup from FreshGeneration at the Bukit Timah Market. The soup is pretty delicious. 👍Lobster is a lil on the small side, 2 whole lobsters cut into 4 halves. Plus 9 prawns, clams and fish slices. ($58!!!) Next time we'll try the more affordable fish slices soup which is $5, now that the cravings is satisfied. While waiting for the food to be prepared the Mrs asked the stall lady some questions because she found the lady familiar. Both soon chat like old time market aunties..... coz the folks from @FreshGenerationSeafoodSoup used to be the Zhi Char operator near our place!!! (Super super long ago) No wonder both sides found each other familiar. Wonder next we order fish soup, will get more fish or not? 😂

| 🥘
At Beauty World FC other than Hambaobao 、
There's another smell which got me Hooked。 ...

Fried Kway Teow - $4 (L)
Nice mixture of mee and keys teow, providing texture. I requested for the clam to be fully cooked but it wasn't, luckily it was fresh. Overall not too bad but I still prefer the fried kway teows from the east

Cha-Shu Ramen

The main selling point of this was the Cha-Shu! It was really tenser and it melts in your mouth!!

If there’s a childhood story I'd always remember, its going to Newton Food Center and constantly badgering my mom to let me buy the “fried things”.

The “fried things” in question are ngoh hiang or deep fried fritters. Its been quite some time since I’ve had Ngoh Hiang much less a good plate that doesn’t leave me greasy and regretting life but a recent visit to Zhong Zhong Fried Spice at Bukit Timah Market has left me very contented.

Everything was seasoned well so you’re not just tasting oil. I really enjoyed the squid ($10), stuffed and deep fried till golden brown, it went well with their sticky artificially colored pink sweet sauce. Other favourites include the usual selection of fishballs, spring rolls and fried tofu. Do pair it with their simple yet fragrant beehoon ($1 or $1.50) to complete the a very sinful yet enjoyable meal.

Zhong Zhong is fast becoming one of my favourite stalls at bukit timah market, but judging from the snaking (yet fast moving) lines, it seems I’m not the only one that shares that sentiment.

Honey B

An interesting name for their desserts, the Honey B (S$12.50) is basically a set of buttermilk waffles that comes in a set of other ingredients such as honey, sliced butter, biscuit crunch, caramelised bananas and sea salt caramel ice cream.

The waffles were served after some cooling, which give them a little crispy feel. I ate them by spreading a little butter on the waffle, followed by smearing some of the sticky ice cream on top of it, then sprinkle the biscuit crunch over it. The taste of this dessert blended quite well, given a balance of sweet and savoury notes, and the ice cream did not melt completely thanks to the effort of cooling the waffles before served.

If you want to skip the caramelised bananas, which are not exactly the most perfectly done portion, you get to save S$1.50. But who knows, maybe the chef's skill will improve over time?

Popcorn Cappuccino

No kidding with the name, as the Popcorn Cappuccino (S$6.30 for 10 oz) is inspired by the taste of popcorn, as the barista explained that there is some kind of caramel added to the cappuccino. Then again, with a fanciful name comes with a not-so-fanciful taste of cuppa, I wonder if it would be better off sticking to a Flat White or Mocha. But at least it didn't taste awful.

Meatball Ban Mian

To be more specific, this bowl of handmade noodles costs S$3.00 when it comes in soup. The dry version costs an additional 50 cents.

However, I must say that the quality of this hawker food does not compromise even though the price is very well within budget, because the soup itself tasted naturally rich, and the noodles are not too thin. Then again, I guess if they added an egg into the Ban Mian, my lunch would be more than perfect.

Can add soup for free?

Sate Chicken Rice (SGD $5.50) @ The Kueh Kueh Man At Zhen Wang.

Among the few savoury dishes here. The boneless chicken thigh is juicy and meaty, coated in a delicious rempah / spicy gravy, which is creamy and lemak.
Fragrant rice, egg, a refreshing achar, and a spicy sambal complete this. Love it.
The Kueh Kueh Man At Zhen Wang
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It has been raining almost the whole day.

So we tapow Curry Fish Head home for dinner. After dinner so warm and comfortable. This and fried mee suah, less than $30!

Black Sesame Bingsu ($18.90)

This is part of their premium bingsu collection. I've been here many times and is it just me or does paying almost $20 for shaved ice seem rather expensive? 😂 Unfortunately this is the only 24hour dessert place in the vicinity so shut up and take my money 💰