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Was rly surprised to find earl grey toast in a coffee shop! The spread was milky, with a hint of earl grey flavour and subtly sweet. A rly nice change from the usual kaya-butter toast šŸž

The mocha tasted more like a kopi-milo cham but was rly thicccc and rich.

Will come back next time to try the other toasts!

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$2 for a decent portion; the best part of this dessert is their thick gula melaka!

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Had 2 Foodaholic set. the traditional kaya butter toast set, bread was crispy with a thick slab of butter and kaya. The modern matcha milk toast set was interesting but matcha was slightly bland. Eggs and coffees were good. Drinks are value for money for the size. Would totally try their other drinks which comes at a very affordable price range.

A better alternative to truffle fries but nevertheless still very addictive and very tasty .

Umamific mentai Sauce over potato slices and covered with cheese and baked .

I can go on and on forever ... ...

The last I had a good Okonomiyaki was probably in Osaka , 8 years ago .

It never daunt on me that I can find a place that serves up a fresh Okonomiyaki and made on a hot pan right in front of you and you get to savour it immediately .

The fun part is that you get to see how your Okonomiyaki is prepared and you can opt to cook it yourself at a 10 percent discount.

A generous amount of cabbage and your choice of condiments like chicken, bacon , Kim Chi , prawns, scallops, squid or cheese , mushrooms etc can be added to your Okonomiyaki and together with an in house batter and an egg , this forms your Okonomiyaki.

Then TOP it with Okonomiyaki sauce , seaweed powder , mayo and lots of bonito flakes.

The best part about eating at a restaurant like ajiya is that service is friendly and helpful and the layout makes you feel you are almost in Japan . With a hot pan right in front of you , you can be sure your Okonomiyaki is still piping hot as you relish it slowly piece by piece .

Wonderful experience - highly recommend :)

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Fried chicken lovers alert šŸšØ

Was introduced to this place by a friend ...
And I certainly have been missing out not knowing this hole in the wall that does a wicked Okonomiyaki.

This tori Karaage was crisp outside and moist and juicy inside and marinated in an addictive marinate.

Pair this with a fragrant bowl of Japanese rice .

Almost feels like you are transported to japan šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡µ

Tried their yong tau foo previously and had written the stall off. But this spinach soup ($3.50 + $0.50 for rice) impressed me so much!! First of all, the portion is huuuge. And secondly, the soup was so fragrant! It was filled with the requisite spinach, mushrooms and wolf berries. The prawns were sweet and succulent. Was also surprised to find chunks of minced meat inside, all seasoned well! This might become my go-to meal at the hawker centre šŸ„³

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Ordered the Cornflake Chicken ($7.90) and the batter is really crispy and the chicken was tender.

Will try their fried fish one next.

sausages were really juicy & super filling, mashed potato was awesome too!

Good service, nice ambience, wifi + free infused water

Really soothing for a dry throat and the crazy weather .

I say skip the black sesame paste ( which was clumpy) and go straight in for the almond paste .
Smooth velvety almond paste which is very close to the standards of my homemade one .

Enjoyed the not too sweet desserts that this establishment makes .

Iā€™d prefer this outlet over their Raffles Place outlet . Food here is fresher .

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Location: Peace Japanese Cuisine, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-03, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177
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