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Type: Drinks/BBT

One of my favourite bbt brands in SG! Tried the Da Hong Pao tea with Tea Cream (0% sugar, less ice) at $4.20 today and it was pretty good! I always like the tea cream from r&b as it’s unique with slight tea taste! Has Oreo bits on top too!

My rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️

In need of a caffeine fix but want to try something a little different? Opt for Yan Xi Tang’s Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffee ($4.80 for large) and you’ll get just that.

Try Tea.J’s fruit tea series if you’re looking for a refreshing beverage! These include the Orange Grapefruit Tea ($6.90), the Grapefruit Fruit Tea ($6), and Kiwifruit Tea ($6.50).

Ordered a strawberry yoghurt and purple rice yoghurt. Overall I felt that the fillings were very generous especially with the strawberry sauce. The sweetness of the strawberry sauce countered the tart strawberry flavour. I felt that the contrast paired very well. The purple rice yoghurt was also very good. Filling was generous. Would also like to commend on the staff manning the store as they were very fast paced.

Mixue is a famous Chinese bubble tea shop, and they serve some cheap and good desserts.

The Signature king cone is a must have here, its milky and the cones are good too, like those nice, sweet waffle biscuits.

The ice cream melts rather fast though.

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A relatively new bubble tea store, Cha Yu Fan Hou is now in Pasir Ris.

We got the Earl Grey Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls ($5.90 large cup 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the Passion Fruit Green Tea ($5.40 large cup 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond). The Earl Grey Milk Tea had a good fragrance without being too strong. Brown sugar pearls were chewy, but they were too sweet towards the end. 0% sugar option will be good with the brown sugar pearls!

The Passion Fruit Green Tea was light, quite sour and refreshing. Getting 0% sugar for this was a good choice! Pretty decent drinks and might just be worth it with the 1 for 1 on #burpplebeyond!

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This is so refreshing! My favourite fruits - mango n grapefruit with yoghurt. It wasn’t sweet at all so could drink it all up!

Price is acceptable but the food wise is slightly on the bland side.

The crispy chicken is good but would be great if the spiciness can be greater. 红油抄手 is not spicy at all and the dumplings skin is on the thicker side. The soup for the mee sua taste good but light, quite suitable for elderly and kids.

For instagram fans, dishes are pretty instagrammable, comes in cute jug and desserts nicely arranged.

Was excited to try this but unlike its looks it didn’t really taste like strawberries much at all. It was about 80% texture, 10% taste, 10% cute bottle.

Decent amount of taro paste giving the milk tea a very creamy texture. Least sugar was just right for me. Taro boba was nice as well but felt like there were just a handful of them.

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Type: Drinks/BBT

They finally opened an outlet in the East! Loved the Jam’s Oolong milk tea when I first tried at 313 Somerset outlet. The oolong was so fragrant and the taste was on the stronger side. Couldn’t stop drinking!! Had to visit the new outlet to get myself a cup 😋

My rating: 5/5 ⭐️

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