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I got the Purple Rice Yoghurt and really liked it! While the taste of the yoghurt is much stronger, the hints of the purple rice and texture compliments the yoghurt well together! I think it’s great for those who don’t really have a sweet tooth but want to get something soothing for a drink :)

Thank you to the lady that took our orders, great service!

Healthy drink and not too sweet, I really liked that the sugar level can be adjusted and it's my first time drinking a 'bubble tea' incorporate in form of yogurt drink!

Having @mixuesg strawberry icecream and also brown sugar pearl ice cream for $2 each! soft and fluffy ice cream 😋🍦🍦
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A really interesting twist of the classic bubble tea with yoghurt! Bought the Mango Purple Rice Yoghurt and the Dragonfruit Yo-tea and was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted. The purple rice added a sweet chewiness texture to the drink and the yo-tea was a good blend of yoghurt and tea.

Ordered a bunch of dishes in this cafe selling Taiwanese food and here are my favourites:

Golden Chicken Fritters ($8.50) - now this is bloody addictive. The outer shell is really crispy and the chicken is tender and succulent and very well flavoured.

Panko Canadian Pork Chop ($10.90) - equally as addictive, with an even crisper outer skin. The pork meat within is tender and flavourful too!

Taiwan Lu Rou Rice ($13.50) - I especially loved the braised sauce, although it isn't authentic. The sauce still has a good bold braised flavour and the generous fatty meat they gave was really tender and full of flavour!

Strawberry Soufflé Stackers ($17.90) - definitely a dessert enough to share with 4 people. The Soufflé Pancakes were very fluffy and went so well with the strawberry jam and strawberry yogurt ice cream. Add the condensed milk for extra sweetness!

Sadly, the Oyster Mee Sua ($14.50) was a miss as the oyster and pork intestines seemed not fresh 😢

All in all, I feel like the food items were pretty expensive, but perhaps I will be back for the rice and fried snacks once in a while 😍

super refreshing and workers were super helpful in recommending drinks! first time trying but will definitely come back for more😋

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Burpple set ($17.90)
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴Former BBT shop Cha Nung has rebranded and introduced taiwanese food at affordable prices (mains from $7.90), made more value-for-money with @burpple beyond. Each set comes with two mains and two bubble teas.

We enjoyed both our chosen mains that were classic taiwanese fare done well in being flavourful and hearty. Have always been a fan of 卤肉饭 (braised pork rice) and theirs had well-marinated pork and rice with good lean meat:fat ratio, alongside fresh carrot and cucumber. The 牛肉汤 beef soup noodle (+$1 to the set) had ultra tender beef pieces and thin-cut light noodles (almost beancurd-like) in a fragrant beef stock with light spicy undertones.

The signature milk tea was a tad too milky, and would have preferred stronger tea notes. The passionfruit green tea was refreshing and tangy with a bittersweet profile.

📍@zesttaiwancafe, 01-57, Duo Galleria, 7 Fraser Street, Singapore

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this is from the mochi bread series: banana chocolate! as u can see there’s actual mochi in it (white bit). very indulgent, filling is rich and worth the money compared to any typical bakeries

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Was recommended to check out this new drinks place, and I can definitely recommend. Today's cravings included Passionfruit yo-tea w brown sugar pearl and Blueberry pineapple with crystal jelly.

The fruits are fresh, and the yoghurt really delicious and gives the drink a rich smoothie like texture. The passionfruit tea was sweet with a sour tinge, really refreshing and smooth to the taste.

The blueberry pineapple was a unique combination that I really enjoyed as well, and the crystal jelly is a great addition.

Would recommend!

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📍 Don't Yell At Me, Orchard Central📍
💸 Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea: $4.30
💸 Grapefruit and Lychee Tea: $6.30
The weather's been really hot these few days, we had to get some drinks to cool down🥵!! Both drinks we got were really light and refreshing, especially the Grapefruit and Lychee Tea🥤. The Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea had a herbal taste from the Chrysanthemum, kind of reminiscent of Yeo's packet drinks? Hence, we're not sure if it's really worth the price tag🤔. However, it seems that one of their specialties are interesting toppings such as Sweet Potato🍠 and Taro Pearls which we did not add on as we were too full. Will try adding these next time if we decide to get these drinks again☺️!

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The worst deserts I have ever tasted. I'm serious. We ordered mango soufflé and waffles. Waffles is cold and poor tasting. Soufflé heavy and Caley. Ice cream tasted like low end quality. And even my Walls ice cream cart below my house tasted better? Maybe can pay for a food connoisseur to come guide you all in making food?

Wanted some cool drinks respite from the hot weather. Came to Wanpo bcos there's 1 for 1 deal and indoor seats. We selected the fruit teas as we are not fans of bubble tea and there's a choice of ice and sugar level. WB had the Sugar cane baozhong tea with no sugar, the taste of the tea is quite rich and WB likes it. I had the grapefruit green tea with 25% sugar. It's slightly sour and there's grapefruit pulp in the drink. We are satisfied with the drinks and will return again.
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