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LiHO (Hougang 1)
Jolly Black Forest Chocolate (M Size - $6.50) First time I felt that LiHO was quite good in making blended drink but I went toilet after that. I tasted a hint of blueberry flavour (sour) within chocolate drink (sweet) so it really enhanced the drink so well and I really enjoyed with it after a short time of chocolate rush (sugar mood). If you ask me that if the shop don't have or selling matcha flavour for ice cream or dessert, I will be choosing which flavour? probably chocolate or recommended flavour that they have for in store, I guess so?

Recently I just know about this place that was also originated from Taiwan, focusing on their fruits blended drinks.

Button’s colour was stand up among the rest for me. It was a mixed of Banana, Honey, Raspberry, Pineapple, Orange & Sparkling Water. Giving a very refreshing taste actually with some nut bites which I couldn’t identify.

REALLY GOOD! they gave quite a lot of pearls and really liked the layer of cream on top. It's about 6+. Check out the eatigo app for small discounts!

Had a hard time locating the place as it is located along the parameter of the mart. Shop is clean and has sweet smelling aroma of waffles and candy. Bought the mixed dessert bowl, with 3 choices or topping each. Definitely worth it, 2 bowls for 4.60

Utilised my Burpple Beyond 1-for-1, ordered Black Tea with creme brûlée & Creme Cheese Foam Black Tea. The deal is excluding toppings. My choice of toppings: extra mini tapioka & extra mini taro balls. Total bills around $9 with GST.

The creme brûlée is a better choice compared with creme cheese foam black tea (too bitter to my liking).

To be honest it’s considered very expensive if you don’t have Burpple Beyond. Even with it, it’s definitely not cheap. Unfortunately they don’t have indoor sitting area, the shop is relatively small with only 4 chairs outdoor.

Ordered their top two drinks, Honey Lemon Oolong Tea and Black Tea Latte w Pudding.

The oolong tea was refreshing and thirst quenching. The black tea latte is like a light milk tea.

1 for 1 beverage applies to any beverage below $6.60. Pear Oolong had really great pear fragrance. Peach Tie Guan Yin has really nice tieguanyin aftertaste. Matcha latte was good but not extremely memorable. Wuyi Oolong Latte tasted kinda like bubbletea but was good too. Should have asked for less sugar as I prefer drinks that are less sweet. Best part of this place was the chill and quiet ambiance. Tucked away in a small corner of the street, I enjoyed an afternoon of chatting and chilling at the shop on a weekday afternoon without being pressurized to leave. Will come back when looking for place to chill at Bugis.

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The honey osmanthus oolong tea ($6.50) was smooth and fragrant, albeit sweet even at 0% sugar. The lemon green tea with aiyu jelly ($6.20) stood in stark contrast - shockingly tart even at 50% sugar. But it grows on you, and the aiyu jelly helps soothe over the sour tang. While pleasant and refreshing, I don’t think the drinks are worth its price - the teas are pre-brewed and stored in dispensers, and flavours are mostly from syrup. Pales in comparison to the espresso-brewed ones, especially at this price point!

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Visited @bawangchaji_sg for the second time @funansg

Tried their Forever Spring Oolong Tea ($4.90). It comes with a cheese foam on top.

This shop is pretty serious about their tea and there are no toppings available!

The tea itself is fragrant, light and with a slight bittersweet aftertaste.

I am not a fan of cheese milk foam but this was surprising light, lightly salty sweet and enhances the overall taste of the tea.

Definitely will visit again.

They do have a small sitting area but it's always pretty packed.

📍Ba Wang Cha Ji 霸王茶姬
Funan L2 (took over Milksha's space)

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Grapefruit Boom 🍊 Probably not thinking straight when I ordered this cause firstly the weather is cold enough and secondly I asked for 0% sugar when this is grapefruit 😑 Nevertheless it's not as sour or bitter as what the cashier has mentioned. It's quite bearable after a few mouth and you even get to eat the real grapefruits after this. The shaved ice on top gave the drink a different kind of texture. Anyway not a bubble tea fan to judge much on this but I guess it's #myheartapprove (?) But please ask for at least a bit of sugar 🤣 the drink is huge so do take your time to enjoy it!
🤑: SGD 5.90
👅: 3/5

CHA NUNG (水巷茶弄) is one of the pioneer bubble tea brands from Taiwan and they landed on the shores of sunny Singapore about a year ago. Their teas are all freshly brewed every few hours to ensure the finest quality of fragrant tea as the base for their drinks. Definitely a good class above most other bubble teas available in the market today and my buddies from The Gastronomistz and I thoroughly enjoyed these for our New Year’s Eve Party! My NYE favourites are their Kanten Ai Yu【消暑解热】(super refreshing with basil seeds, Ai Yu jelly and more) and Winter Melon Macchiato 【芳香扑鼻】(sweet and refreshingly aromatic, balanced by the creamy savoury frothed cream).

Wanted to order the mango one but it was sold out so got this instead. It was so good!! Totally understand the hype now. Would definite want to try the mango one someday!