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I had this toasted and it was fantastic. Apart from the crisp and it being less oily when hot, there's lots of flavour and complexity, esp from the bits of herb in the middle. I had two in a row haha

As you expect, the sauce inside amps up the umami(probably not v healthy tho)

The custard was mild but interesting, the texture kinda like a sugee if it were soaked in oil(not that this was oily). Very familiar and quite unique too

Small shop with only one bench as seating area. Burpple deal can be used for any drinks in the menu. For food, they are only serving wraps and takoyaki for now. Got 2 drinks and sides for about 10 bucks. Quite worth it.

shopee earl grey milk tea with pearl ($2.49) (0% sugar) so I just want to grab drink and earl grey milk tea just taste quite more strong taste but the pearl just don't suitable for tastebub (chewy and a bit hard texture)

Green Tea Milk Latte ($4.60) taste really quite refreshing but for milk latte taste quite a bit weird :")

I ordered the oolong milk tea with 50% sugar (no ice) and it is too thin/diluted. I prefer a stronger taste of tea with heavier/thicker milk. The whole drink just tasted a little bland and diluted to me 》$5.30/medium

The honey osmanthus oolong tea with 0% sugar (no ice) has a pleasant osmanthus scent along with a subtle oolong tea fragrance. Not too sweet and refreshing 》$5.50/medium

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A new favourite! If you love orh nee, you will love this blend of savoury taro, fresh milk and taro cubes 》$5.90

Chope deal with choice of tea is just 4.9nett

Nonetheless still not worth it, this was quite average. Tastes "healthy" lol

Had the green tea. Love that customers can select different sugar level and whether to include ice in your beverage. If only the service was warmer! Definitely one of the best bubble teas around!

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Love this!!! Definitely will be back!! Also super worth w burpple 1 for 1!

We used burpple for the pure teas. Got peach lychee oolong and lapsang souchong. Amazed they had lapsang souchong haha. Really nice to walk by this stall on a hot day 🌞