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NEW Baileys Boboshake from Heytea! I prefer the Iced one.

This photo is what happened when you order Hot Baileys Boboshake with “Cream On Side” on HEYTEA iOS app 😂 We were wondering what cream on side. Why is this a recommended option?

Baileys Boboshake $9.90

NEW Baileys Boboshake from Heytea! Oooohh I like this one, baileys infused with Ceylon black tea and chewy taro bobo, able to opt for brown bobo but I prefer taro bobo.

Baileys Boboshake $9.90

💵: $5.70

📈: 9/10

🤔: Finally trying this because I always thought it would be overrated but boy was I wrong! Super fragrant tea mixed in with a condensed milk base. Pearls were also delicious and chewy, but some (just a few!) were a bit soggier than I'd have liked.

Toppings are quite nice, chewy pearls and pudding that isn’t too sweet. Earl grey taste is pretty strong too.

Located at 25 Arab Street, Singapore 199724. .
The highly raved Bubble Tea is finally here in SG! Brought to you by @angjunyang .
Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta, $7.50. This is @jaychou favourite so of coz we also have to get our hands on it to try! Love it’s adorable and Instagrammable bottle👍🏼💕. Black Milk Tea is very fragrant and not too milky for our liking. You can also choose your sugar level, we ordered Lite Sugar and it’s perfect!!! Their soft Panna cotta at the bottom is so addictive with edible bits of Vanilla seeds. The right way to enjoy it, is to put the straw deep in and do not shake it. .
@machimachi_singapore @machimachi__official #hungryunicornsg #machimachi_singapore #machimachi #machimachiofficial #blackmilkteapannacotta #pannacotta #jaychou #angjunyang

The first thing u smell when u step in is the grape oolong smell which is the drink I ordered !:) it’s recommended on the menu and truly awesome drink! I love it :)


Find some respite from the heat in this calming, minimalist tea bar on Tan Quee Lan Street. The teas are freshly "pulled" using an espresso machine. Have the incredibly refreshing Grape Oolong Tea ($6.60) and the complex Grapefruit Genmaicha that's pleasingly bitter and very fragrant. Alternatively, follow Burppler Dex Neo's lead and opt for the Pear High Mountain Oolong ($6.30) that's sweet and fruity.
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Lim


Checked out this new tea cafe located at Tan Quee Lan Street (beside Kin Moo) last week, and was impressed with the minimalistic interior the moment I stepped in. What’s interesting is that all their teas are brewed to order using an espresso machine!

Ordered the recommended Grape Oolong, and i really liked it! The taste was really refreshing, with the sweetness from grape juice, tartness from pressed grape skins paired with a highly floral Oolong tea all forming a perfect balance!

They are also available on Burpple Beyond too, which means more reason for me to return to try their other teas!

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The fried intestines and oysters were great. The mee sua itself could have more flavour in it. I had to add the entire saucer of vinegar in. 7/10

Was pleasantly surprised with this. It has the right amount of sugar and milk ratio. 2 cookies to top it off and the bubbles inside were soft and chewy as the warm beverages keeps it that way. 9/10

It was really quite tasty. The taro balls were soft and bouncy. The green tea sauce wasn’t too overwhelming. The soufflé itself could have been softer though. Overall, it was still good. I’ll give it a 7.5/10