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Tipsy Grape Beer, a seasonal special from @heyteasg 🎉.
Made of Kyoho Grapes, Chang Beer and Aqua Green, this small cup cost around $9.60 in stall and $10 for #grabfoodsg
I love that there were chunks of grape in the drinks which came it the chewy texture of other types of bubble tea with toppings. You can taste the refreshing notes of the aqua green that pairs perfectly with the light malty taste of the @changbeerglobal. The grapes adds a sweet note to the drink. The drink is light and refreshing. Though it is not very strong, it was still decent.
My friend commented, 'Why they never use tsingdao beer.'
Good point. We ordered @grabfoodsg and it came in a car hehe. But this is available at Heytea's ion outlet.
Try the seasonal special before its gone!

The Royal’s Romance - combination of vodka and osmanthus oolong, laced with a sprig of thyme and coupled with a splash of zest from fresh lemons.
Scarlet’s Heart - refreshing watermelon-pink tipple topped off with a layer of foamy egg white. Combination of fresh fruits, pineapple pulps, cognac brandy and jasmine green tea.

A refreshing drink, would definitely order it again. I found the drink abit sweet, will reccomend ordering 25% as the mango itself is sweet

I preferred this over the brown sugar boba tiramisu. Mainly because I like a more fragrant floral flavour and the lychee on top gave a burst of sweetness to it.

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I love the soft texture of the tiramisu, definitely can taste the brown sugar. Would’ve loved a little more sponge in it. I felt that it might be slightly overpriced, but I enjoyed it overall.

The idea that tea can help you whiten your skin tone is definitely rather ridiculous, but I was quite piqued by the idea and even though the tea was $6.90 for a medium cup I decided to give it a shot.

The tea has a Jing Syuan base sweetened with stevia. It also had some fruit pieces like grapefruit and citrus fruits floating inside. Apparently it is also infused with some Recherché Skin Brightening Plus for UV protection. There was also pink-hued sakura aiyu and white pearl as the topping.

It tasted really refreshing. Not too sweet or too citrusy. There was this delightful peach flavor lingering in the background. And the toppings were really delicious; from the slippery aiyu jelly to the chewy yet bouncy konjac pearls.


It cannot be any more ordinary! Doesn’t taste significantly fragrant or special from normal milk tea, tho the staff introduced this as one of the more “intense” teas, alongside dahongpao. Without Burpple beyond, this would be a disappointment and a pain to the purse😔 Not that bad but not fantastic either

Mango Cheezo with skinny sugar (~$8.20) 🧀 was probably the most disappointing... thing... ever...... Switched out the cheese to ice cream at no cost but even that couldn’t save the drink 😭
The first thing I tasted was this duriany taste, followed by the sweetness of the mango and the aftertaste was ????? 😫😫😫 I can’t even describe it properly but I could barely stomach this :-(( idk why it’s so disappointing

Ig @goodfomood

First time trying out r&b’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk (~$3.80) and I think I found my FAV BROWN SUGAR MILK!! 😍
Tbh I’m really not a fan of brown sugar in general bc most places always make it so sweet, but r&b balances the sweetness and milkyness perfectly 😋 Most of the brown sugar taste came from the pearls, which were nice and bouncy 🥤
Light and smooth fresh milk paired with a subtle but present brown sugar flavour, it’s no wonder my friends always rave about it 👌🏻

Ig @goodfomood

Taro milktea with pearls. Was surprised that it tasted quite sweet with 0% sugar level and this reminded me of Ondeh ondeh.


Oolong with white grape - delightfully fragrant and sweet!