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🥤Yaxi Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
A really interesting drink, it is super refreshing with a strong lemon flavour, but also a hint of herbal-ness. Though it was something new, I found myself really liking this.

🧉White Moonlight Coconut Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
Very similar to the above drink, just that it is milkier with a coconut aroma. Dont expect a coconut shake because its pretty liquidy, never expected coconut and lemon to pair but it works!

🍉Watermelon Snow Ice ($18.30)
When we were served this, we thought that this was a cake at first :p but nope its actually bingsu! Love the cute and unique presentation and the flavours definitely hit the spot too. The watermelon flavours are pretty prominent and the dessert as a whole isnt too sweet.

🥞Honey Souffle ($21.50)
I was blown away by this pancake as it was super light and fluffy with a moist, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The pancake has a slightly eggy taste and pairs perfectly with the syrup and berries. The syrup is quite sweet though so just a little is enough to elevate the flavours!

Sip into bliss at Cha Yu Fan Hou (茶余饭后) in Le Quest Mall! Enjoy the best of bubble tea and fruit tea with our irresistible 1-for-1 drink deals. Don’t miss out on the crowd favourite, the popular Premium Pearl Milk Tea with Brown Sugar. A refreshing treat awaits!

The price showed in App was not correct. Actual I need to pay $7.20. Merchant claimed App price is not updated.

Regular sized
Would be nice if you stick to the standard sugar content/ level.
The mochi and mashed taro combo has an interesting texture but can get filling if you have too much.

Popping Barley Salted Caramel Fresh Milk (S$4.60/ M)

Popping Barley Avocado (S$5.60/ M)

Popping Barley Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (S$4.60/ M)

Ordered through app and collected at counter.

Can select
sugar type : sugar/ stevia,
sugar level : zero/ least/ less/ more/ extra,
Ice level : normal ice/ less ice/ no ice
Optional toppings at additional charges : golden pearls/ brown sugar pearls/ white pearls/ aloe vera/ coconut jelly/ coconut noodles/ highland barley pearls/ Osmanthus crystal/ brown sugar gems
Free gift : Mr Yuen Straw Ring

When bitten, the peal pop out a barley.

Address 🛖 : 930 Yishun Avenue 2, # 01-17 Northpoint City, Singapore 🇸🇬 769 098
Open 🕰️ :
Mon - Fri : 11am - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun, PH : 10.30am - 10.30pm

The taro was goodddd it wasn’t sweet, tasted natural like taro, and I’ll definitely try it again. Though it’s on the expensive side and portion isn’t the biggest, it’s taste is quality and definitely worth a drink.

I genuinely enjoy the yoghurt drinks as they are made from real yoghurt and not sweet at all! I enjoy their purple rice yoghurt the best although this time I tried the Taro one. It was really good too. Though it’s a bit expensive

Loved the "Very Grape" drink! The staff are all super busy making drinks and they have various choices from fruit teas to yoghurts. I have always loved their Yoghurt series but I decided to try their fruit series, definitely didn't disappoint. Will be looking forward to more selections from them! :)

($5.50) Finally tried their drink for a long time passby the stores but I felt that adding less sugar and the taste got less for oolong drink. But milk tea didn't really covered up the tea taste. I wanted to try their matcha latte next time.

I just wanted to order rsm instead of usual latte tbh. Green Tea ($3.80) was slightly less sweet as opt out for 25%. For RSM + RS Pearl ($1.10) just taste savoury taste.