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this drink was quite creamy with slightly sweet notes (even though i got 0% sugar) and the light fragrance of tea. get this if you enjoy a slightly creamier taste, otherwise stick to the dong ding oolong with cream, a crowd favourite. i think i prefer the dong ding tea more, though this is a pretty good cup as well. pearls are big and chewy—fantastic as usual.

7.5/10 🌟

still remember the hype for lino’s cheese tea when it was first launched haha. sadly i don’t think the cheese tastes as good as it did back then, this is quite average with slight salty notes. tea is pretty decent, good strong tea.

6/10 🌟

Redeemed the Burrple Beyond Milk Tea and Mix N Match deal. Store has a wide range toppings and the large milk tea size is generous compared to other bbt counterparts.

The Hazelnut Miilk Tea ($4.70++) has surprising roasted aftertaste which I like but it was a bit too sweet even though it is at 50% sugar level, would switch to the honey substitute next time. The Roasted Sencha Milk Tea is also nice and earthy, the honey makes a big difference. The mix and match dessert bowls ($4++) are customisable and addictive, paired one with lemon juice for a refreshing taste.

After our dinner, we were really craving for something sweet and refreshing. Knowing that there's a new boba store around the corner, we decided to give it a try - good choice! However, it can be a little pricey (since it boasts a 3-star Michelin star equivalent award).

We ordered the 25% sugar Mango Osmanthus Oolong tea with coconut jelly ($5.20) and the Fresh M with Brown Sugar Bubble ($5). the mango osmanthus tea was rich, refreshing and blends well with the mango flavour. The freshly brewed tea was strong and fragrant, with a pleasant aftertaste lingering around refreshingly.

The brown sugar milk tea was sweet and creamy but might have been too sweet for my personal liking. However the pearls were chewy and the tea had a caramelized taste (if you have a sweet tooth, you'd like this)!

Overall, the ambience of the store was really good but a pity since due to the COVID19 we weren't able to wait in store and witness the making of our teas. The glass windows were a little too dusty and was immediately noticeable but their signature teapresso did impressively catch our eyes though!

Overall, we felt that it was a little overpriced. Although our drinks tasted great, the price wouldn't be something we'd go back for soon! Maybe occasionally, but definitely not a routine.
We'd give it a rating of 8/10 for taste but 6/10 for VFM.

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The mochi was gooey and it wasn't v sweet. Not bad and I think sesame lovers would really dig this

this is now my favourite place for taro milk (tea) + pearls! I got 50% sugar (lowest available) & it was just the right amount of sweetness for me. there's a lot going on in the drink, different textures cuz of the ingredients, but isn't overwhelming like some bbt combos! as most of the reviews here have mentioned, it's on the pricier side. treat yoself ☺️

on a side note, went for a nighttime date this week & loved the aesthetic + ambience.

2 large cups for $7.80. Worth it with the 1 for 1. Fragrant fresh tea.

💵: $5.60

🤔: First time trying and i am SOLD
The tea itself was strong & fragrant, though I recommend asking for lesser ice or it would be diluted after awhile
QQ balls r 😘👍🏻 so much for a 90 cents topup only!

The next time you're in Jewel Changi Airport and in need of thirst quenching beverages, keep this instaworthy bubble tea spot in mind. Offering light and traditional renditions to the classic bubble tea, try the Smoked Plum Drink with Lemon ($5.50), Honey Osmanthus Lemonade ($6.80) or Oolong Tea Latte with Pudding ($6.80). Follow Burppler Colman Cheung's lead and get their Wandan Red Bean Oolong Tea ($6.80) for creamy red bean and refreshing oolong. Don't forget to take a pic for the 'gram with their instaworthy neon wall like he did!

Photo by Burppler Colman Cheung

Really big piece, quite normal apart from the price. Mango is juicy but not v sweet, and the mochi skin is not good

28 Jun’19, Fri⛅️⁣⁣
📍Hollin 赫里 (Suntec City)⁣⁣
- Matcha Latte🍵⁣⁣
Drink bbt cos like eating pearls, but sadly the pearls here are “on leave”, sad sia...😔⁣⁣
Glad that there are one-for-one promo, ah okay lah, I lim~🥤⁣⁣

Quite nice actually, the milk was not overpowering, while you can’t compare this with Hvala which is specialised in their matcha, this is quite up the mark as a bubble tea in my opinion...

Damage: $2.60