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Neighborhood Cafe

Unpretentious cafe serving comfort food at reasonable prices. The chicken with bbq sauce is one impressive main, the meat is tender and well marinated. We have lemon meringue, apple pie and the waffle which topped with van cashew ice cream was really amazingly delicious. We will definitely come again!

yesterday's my daring attempt as a guide but ball of a time with @burpple for a #tastytastemakertour in the west.


hey everyone, here's some fun facts: the west of singapore is 1 of the 5 regions in the city-state. the region is the largest in terms of land area, second most populous region after the central region and home to about 903,010 residents.
yes, am professional like that. ha.

oh, to the east folks, we're not part of malaysia

Pistachio ice cream ($3.50) 🍦
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴The #smoocht ice creams are all artificial-free, dairy-free and egg-free, making it a healthy treat of only 100-150 calories!

Despite the healthy take on ice cream, it was still yummy and I loved the pistachio flavour for its richness and natural nutty taste + the crushed bits of pistachio that added crunch to the smooth scoop. If you're wondering, the ice cream is made with organic brown rice milk & evaporated cane juice - cheers to healthy guilt-free desserts 🎉
⚠️ This new cafe only opened around 2 weeks ago and is having a 1-1 promotion on ice cream & drinks till 13 July!
[email protected], 319 Jurong East Street 11, S600319

Matcha Waffle with Loco Coco & Dancing King Ice-Cream

From Smoocht, a new cafe-cum-social enterprise concept that had recently opened at Blk 317 Jurong East Street 31 — they are run by the same folks behind Brownice Ice-Cream, so expect vegan ice-cream served here, vegan pizzas as well as almond milk/soy milk options for the coffee here.

Both ice-cream flavours are done pretty well here — they are a little more dense overall than the usual ice-cream; the Loco Coco is a coconut flavour that was thick and creamy while being very refreshing, almost akin to having the fruit itself. Dancing King was a potent durian flavour that was rather pungent — bound to be a hit with durian lovers. The Matcha Waffle was however a little dense and doughy despite being crisp; the Matcha flavour a little hard to detect as well — felt like it could do with a bit of tweaking in the recipe.

For Handmade Teochew Kueh

For ultimate homey comfort, nothing quite beats a breakfast of Teochew kueh painstakingly made by hand. Choose from an assortment that includes Rice Cake (png kueh), Chinese Chives Cake (gu chai kueh) and Turnip Cake (soon kueh), all priced between $0.70 to $0.90 each. The kueh skin is delicately thin and chewy, and the fillings are generous and tasty. The stall offers you the option to pan-fry the kueh, which adds a lovely crisp and char. Take Tastemaker Marc T.'s advice and order the pan-fried version, and swing by early if you intend to bag home a few boxes as the stall usually sells out around 2 to 3pm daily.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Marc T.

For Silky Smooth Congee

Located within Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, this stall draws the crowds in with its silky smooth congee. Business starts at 7am in the morning, so plan to have this for an early breakfast before heading to work. Otherwise, expect to wait 15 minutes during peak hour, as each bowl of congee is made upon order. Follow Tastemaker Amanda Liu's lead and order the Century Egg with Lean Meat Congee ($3) that comes topped with fried shallots, spring onions and a freshly fried dough stick (you tiao). Be sure to add on an Egg ($0.50) too! Don't be fooled by the congee's lacklustre appearance. Tastemaker Amanda loves the consistency of the rice grains and how every spoonful is so rich and flavourful!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Amanda Liu

handmade teochew kuehs ($0.70 - $0.90 / pc) @ lai heng

what's for breakfast? honestly nothing beats eating freshly made bites made painstakingly by hand. at lai heng, they sell nothing but just petite bite size teochew kuehs; rice kueh, soon kueh and chinese chives kueh. perfect for breakfast or that little afternoon snack indulgence.

the extra touch here had to be the option to pan fry your kuehs. quality of skin is already a lovely thin and chewy to begin with (especially the soon and chinese chives) but that extra crisp and char after frying really up the game. for a real authentic treat, go with the chinese chives fillings which they serve generously. then, drizzle with complimentary dark sweet sauce and have a hearty one, teochew style at only $0.70 - $0.90 / pc.

Lai Heng Teochew Handmade Kueh - Steamed or Pan Fried : Jiu Chai 酒菜 (Chinese Chives), Soon Kueh 芜菁 (Turnip) & Png Kueh (Glutinous Rice) 💵S$0.70-S$.090 each.


It's quite a rare & nostalgic sight seeing these type of authentic kuehs being handmade everyday upon order. Their Jiu Chai & Soon Kueh fare better than the Png Kueh, not the best around but definitely one of the most traditional, seeing the symphony of movements made by the aunties crafting the next batch of Kuehs . 😋

ACAMASTIPS & GTK💮: There's a Steamed & Pan Fried Version. Order the Pan Fried ones to eat on the spot & Steamed ones to go. Go as early as you can, they only open while stock lasts. 🖖🏻
📍Lai Heng Teochew Handmade Kueh
347 Jurong East Avenue 1
#01-218 Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre

Handmade Teochew Kueh

4 munchies: There's a reason why a long queue is always spotted at this stall – the gu chai kueh (Chinese chives), soon kueh (turnip), and png kueh (glutinous rice) are handmade fresh daily and stuffed with generous fillings. While the steamed kuehs taste just as great, I'd highly recommend you to get the ones that are pan-fried to order for a crisp exterior and chewy interior. Be sure to grab a few boxes home early because they sell out by 2-3pm each day! #BurppleBestofJurong #Burpproved

Century Egg With Lean Meat Congee ($3)

The perfect bowl of breakfast comes in a form of a pipping bowl of congee, topped with a fresh egg, freshly fried shallots & lucky for us, freshly fried you tiao.

What I love most of congee is the consistency of the rice grains & how every spoonful is always so rich & flavorful!

Expect to wait about 10-15 minutes for this bowl of congee, but trust me, it'll be well worth it!


Century Egg With Lean Meat Congee ($3)

Every hawker needs a good porridge stall and Li Fang Zhou Pin definitely fits that bill.

Expect a 10 minute wait for your porridge as they prepare it piping hot. Worth the wait though, with grains boiled down to a smooth gruel and generous ingredients. The clincher for me was the freshly fried you tiao! 😜