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PSA they are a dongbei establishment, the chef's are from that area also. So their dongbeicai are very authentic, but the same can't be said of other styles. If you're here grab the dongbeicai as well as skewers for maximum shiokness

It's the same sauce as their other yuxiang item, the claypot eggplant. Very thick, super sweet and sour. It's not bad but get this to share in a big group, very intense and difficult to finish

Look at the ingredients and toppings, it's full of oomph. The skin was abit tough but otherwise it's delicious, save for the obscene amount of oil. Worth the indulgence though

They didn't say it's fried rice because it's really not. This is terrible as fried rice but it works if you treat it as a normal plate of rice to go with their other dishes as the laoganma chili oil has black beans which provide occasionally bursts of saltiness

Lol don't order this. It's not their fault they probably tried their best but quail isn't meant to be grilled this way lol, the meat was pretty tough and rubbery, it's annoying to eat, and the spices don't rlly go in

Didn't expect to review this again cos I hoped their standard didn't drop, but it was cold this time for some reason on one side. I was assured this was made daily and am confident it's a one off, otherwise the spices and meat were still delicious

Use to come to this stall in Yu Hua at least once a week while I was working in Jurong area. It’s been 20 years since my last visit. Must say I am happy they have survived all these years.

Back then, I would have rated this as one of the top BKT places in Singapore. Today, with the rise of Ng Ah Sio, Song Fa and others, Hwa Xing is still good but not as spectacular as before.

Same peppery taste that I remembered. Same slightly bloody kidney. Same salty vegetables. Same long wait for your food to be served. So what is missing? I think branding, service and ambience.

They have to change or they will not last another 20 years.

This is really a gamble. It's clear the execution is not off, it's simply that some day they do a milder version and other days it's a lot more flavourful.

Didn't intend to review this again, again, but this wasn't anywhere near as stunning as the first time we had it. That was amazing and now it's pretty insipid

Didn't intend to review this again but the standard dropped. It was plump and full of umami previously, this wasnt as soft

On the firm side this time. Brother loved it but i prefer it more tender. Sauce is on point as always tho