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Don't let the no frills shop fool you. This shop offers very high quality cakes. Coffee is good and cheap. Now you dont have to go to town to get equally good desserts! Come after makan at the yuhua foodcentre nearby or after a swim!

People who have a sweet tooth and loves caramel will appreciate this cake way more than me. I personally thought there was way too much caramel that I could barely taste any honey in it. In addition, it was way too sweet for me. Lee‘s seems like a quaint shop that is growing in popularity so do remember to go early if you want to secure seats!


I thought I already tried the best cake when I visited Nesuto but it seems like Lee confectionery has a lot to offer as well. The shop is tucked away opposite the JE swimming complex and stationed below a block of HDB. The shop had a rather simple and minimalist decoration which went well with their cake creations. Puck was made mainly of chocolate mousse and it was so well made that you could taste the richness of the chocolate with every mouth. Even though it's a little costly at 8 dollars, I would say that it's really worth. Look forward to coming back to try the other cakes too

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Compared to the sweeter versions out there, this one was lighter, more savoury, with a slight herbal note. Reasonably tender as well with a slight chew

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It comes with a small serving of matcha sponge cake as well, using beans from Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee. Robust flavour there, can definitely do with one more cup. Good spot in Jurong East to just have coffee even if you are not into desserts.

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Coined as Dale, this matcha cake from Jurong East has passionfruit jam within, along with a crispy Pailleté Feuilletine base.

Perhaps expectations were too high, but it is our least favourite flavour amongst the 6 flavours we had as the others are more memorable. Good to visit this patisserie with a big group as we have more capacity to try every flavour, especially after a heavy meal!

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Dale ($8) ~ matcha sp0nge cake with matcha ganache & passion fruit jam 0n a pailleté feuilletine crumble

A hot piping bowl of Penang laksa is what I crave for, on days when I need a perk-me-up. Be prepared to queue for 20 minutes if you want to get your hands on this bowl of thick vermicelli in a watery broth filled with tamarind flavour from Simei Penang Laksa Specialty. I couldn’t really taste the fishiness from prawn paste that I was looking for, but the generous chunks of mackerel, some fresh mint leaves and onion slices, as well as the sweet pineapple slices made up for that emptiness. It was not the best penang laksa tasted here but a decent bowl, that was still packed with a sweet, sour and spicy experience. Got a little too spicy for me, or else I would have finished the entire bowl of broth. The other popular dish from this stall was the Penang Char Kway Teow, good to try the next time!

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I can say that PUCK is my favourite cake, having it twice on both of my trips here.

The top layer is made out of a dark chocolate mousse paired with a sea salt chocolate base. Having the base alone will result in an immense saltiness straight to the palette so I recommend having the mousse and base together for a perfectly balanced flavour.

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Just across the entrance of Jurong East Swimming Complex, Lee’s Confectionery is the place to be if you are in the area for a light midday treat. A cosy spot to settle in and escape as you sample on their exquisite cakes. And of those few displayed, one that was recommended to us was JIĀO ($8) - a banana sponge cake with an oat crumble base.

Wordplay on banana and caramel, the fun dessert is injected with banana compote and mascarpone. Soft in the center and crunchy at the bottom, the cake was well balanced in terms of texture. Similarly for the sweetness, the elements complemented nicely with the plated sliced brûlée-ed bananas and spots of salted caramel.


The TART (S$8) was absolutely lovely. The thin, crunchy crust confines a naturally tangy lime cream and fragrant almond sponge. There’s also a flakey layer of toasted almonds which add texture and complexity to the pastry. Plated gorgeously too!

Coffees are served with little biscuits on the side, making it the perfect afternoon pick me up drink, while sharing pastries with the gals.

Worth a trip to Jurong East? Absolutely.

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