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PSA yoji replaced by orh-ni, coconut remains but yoghurt? Replaced by yam

Literally the closest patisserie to my house, yet never found the time to visit until now lol

Slight tang from the banana, and there's the choco-banana taste GG on from the hazelnut ganache layer. Need a bit more crunch, and the flavours could have been more pronounced.

Take note they only open at 12noon

The chicken was a bit tough though q juicy. The melted cheese was not bad tho

Comes w 2 sides. I got the cheese pasta(meh) and the coleslaw which was impressive. There's a smooth crunchiness that's satisfying

It’s sweet but it’s so good 🐝

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The bittergourd soup isn't actually too bitter, and the soup was v flavourful. Grouper slices weren't as good as I expected though, probably stick w batang

Popped by Lee’s Confectionerybecause it’s the only patisserie in Jurong and ya’ll know I love my desserts.
Tried their Kuri ($8) Kuri is a 🌰 chestnut dessert made with milk chocolate, chestnut and Dango (mochi)! It was quite an interesting dessert with a whole mix of textures!!
Lee’s Confectionery is quite the humble hidden patisserie where owner Lee Yin Quan makes everything from scratch by hand; each plate is crafted to order for you 🍽 I hope more nice stuff comes to Jurong HAHAHA

Verdict: 9.5/10

Please please please don't order the soon Kueh. Tasteless and peppery, their other stuff are MUCH better

Realised I've never reviewed the laksa here

Not sure if it's been too long since I haven't had it, but it's even better than I rmbed? The soup has a sweetness, depth of flavour, and not too thin. Mix in the sweet sambal for even more umami and spice. Absolutely stunning, not to mention the stellar rice noodles.

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(~ $1 )
Hope everyone had a great weekend going out finally and laughing at political memes🤭😂 meanwhile, check out my very first visit to #yuhuahawkercentre 💕 and finally tried #laihengteochewhandmadekueh 🤩 my parents said it’s better than my nearby hawker kueh🤭 lucky Jurong peeps✨ it’s interesting how they sell both steamed and pan-fried kueh at less than $1 each!!!❤️ Lai Heng Handmade Teochew Kueh offers 4 types of tradition kuehs. They are Soon Kueh, Gu Chai Kueh, Cabbage Kueh and Png Kueh✨ I love the chives kueh, the skin is not too thick and crystal skin-like✨ the filling is perfectly seasoned not too oily. Will definitely grab some back for my fam if I’m around the area☺️ lucky Jurong peeps once again😂 (pardon the shitty second pic, my parents devoured them before I could take a proper one😂)
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Flavours from top-left clockwise direction; Pure Hazelnut (C), Earl Grey Lavender (P), Strawberry Fields (C), Rich Dark Chocolate (C).

Cosy little spot around the neighbourhood that serves up delicious vegan ice cream as well as other savoury items. Can really taste the ‘healthiness’ of the dessert with a slight touch of graininess from the rice (I assume)! Despite it being a healthy alternative, natural flavours still managed to stand out but the crowd-pleaser got to be Rich Dark Chocolate. You can never go wrong with anything Chocolate! 🍫