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We had the Koji, which was a delightful combination of cream, coconut and lychee surrounded by a great crispy crust. The best part is always watching Chef prepare the desserts in front of you - an honor!

“There are many famous stalls in this hawker, you don’t need go each place for the purpose.” ・ 📌Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre ・ Leeさんのケーキ屋さんに行く前にどこかで腹ごしらえ、と言っても近くには何もなく・・・ なんてことはありませんでした。 Leeさんのケーキ屋さんはお初だけど、ここら辺は詳しいと言うお友達がすごいホーカーを教えてくれました。 まずはオーチャードのチキンライスと言えばのラッキーチキン。 そして、ホンリムで有名なスンゲイのラクサ。 それからアレキサンドラで有名な点心屋さん。 一気に3店も有名店が味わえちゃう。 他にもまだまだ美味しいお店があるそうで、またLeeさんのケーキ屋さん行く時に寄ろう。 最後の一枚はお友達がくれた、Leeさんのお店の前でまさかの定休日により始まった、大人たちの作戦会議をしてるのを待機してる息子と花壇(笑) そうそう、当初ホーカーの後LEEさんのケーキ屋さんに行く予定でしたが、なんと定休日。 確かにGoogle先生によると水木定休日になっているけど、HPは定休日は水曜のみ。 まさかのHPよりGoogle先生の方が正しいと言う結果に。 #グーグル先生の大勝利 #定休日には気をつけましょう #xingyunhainanesebonelesschickenrice #luckychicken #famoussungeiroadtrishawlaksa #yuhuamarket #ホーカーズ#シンガポールグルメ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポール子育て #singaporeinsta #igsg #singaporeinsiders #🇸🇬 #hawkerfood #hawker #singaporelife #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodies #foodpics #burpple #みど散歩

Laksa is one of my favorite comfort food. The laksa here has a nice gravy that's fragrant and not too spicy, which really hits the spot for me. Plus the noodles were not cut short, so you can get the hearty mouthfuls of noodles with gravy, which is really shiok!

The shop is generous with hum (cockles). Even though I asked for less hum, the amount I got was still more than what I usually get from other shops, so if you love hum with your laksa, this is the place for you!

For $3.50, it's worth the money and calories!

Never a Fan of mee Rebus but this one was slightly more palatable. The sweet and viscous sauce had a nice consistent compared to some other places that are too goopy, and the yellow Noodles that are my least favourite kind of Noodles also had a more bearable texture than most other yellow Noodles.

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Puck (V2)
| Sea Salt Reconstructed Tart | Dark Chocolate Ganache | Valrhona Kalingo Chocolate | Flourless Sponge Cake Core |
Chocolate taste is just right, not too sweet, and a tinge of Saltiness that balance out the flavour.🍫🥧🍫🥧
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Embedded with distinct chunks of Mackerel, this doesnt have the mushy texture that some otahs have, not that it's too firm either. The well seasoned sambal was almost liquid in texture, and has a kick that doesnt appear immediately, but sets in quickly afterwards.

Btw the nice owner let me try the rice and she said this isnt the normal nasi lemak rice. If im not wrong it's nasi kukus and just as she said, the fluffy long grained rice were well separated and very fragrant.

Tried the matcha cake and the dark chocolate cake (forgot the name) but both were really good 😋 Presentation was so pretty too! The cafe is minimalistic, the perfect place for afternoon tea ☺️

Tried the matcha cake and the dark chocolate cake (forgot the name) but both were really good 😋 Presentation was so pretty too! The cafe is minimalistic, the perfect place for afternoon tea ☺️

A rather light version with more sweetness than im used to. Best for those are arent into super savoury kinds

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Usually i dont like dumplings but this was not bad as it was slightly crispy and the filling was soft and juicy, with just enough leek so that it wasnt too pungent

“My favorite patisserie” ・ 📌Lee’s Confectionary ・ もうすぐ新作が出るという噂を聞きつけて、今あるケーキの食べ納めに。 新しいケーキはもちろん楽しみ。 でも今あるケーキを全制覇したい。 そんな風に思えるケーキ屋さん。 Leeさんが作るクロワッサンも絶品と聞いて、併せてオーダー。 大好きな老舗ロースターのTing Hoe Specialty Coffeeさんの豆を使ってるラテと一緒に。 MADU (Honey Malt) $8 JIAO (Banana Caramel) $8 Croissant (Black Sesami) $3.5 Caffe Latte $5 ケーキはね、もう何も語る必要ないレベル。 いいから食べて。(笑) クロワッサンは本当はオリジナルを食べるべきだと思うんだけど、息子が黒ごまがいいというので。 本当、クロワッサンまでも、クロワッサンが美味しいと有名なパン屋さんより美味しいんじゃなというレベル。 ケーキはオーダーしてから一つ一つ丁寧に仕上げてくれるのですが、息子がカウンター席を選んでくれたおかげで、Leeさんの職人技が目の前で見れて超幸せでした。 ずーっと見てられる。 最後の一口を食べた瞬間に息子が眠りに落ちたのをいいことに、そのままカウンター席でLeeさんの作業をじっと見つめてました。 やりづらかったでしょうね(笑) 私たちしかいなかった店内も14時半を過ぎた頃から続々とお客さんが来てたちまち満席に。 雰囲気からして皆さん常連さんのよう。 HDBの下にあるにも関わらず看板などもなく、決して出しゃばることなくひっそりと営んでいるところも好き。 場所は少々難ありだけど、一度行ったら虜になっちゃう。 あぁ。好きすぎる。 @lees_confectionery #leesconfectionery #patisserie #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールカフェ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポール子育て #🇸🇬 #singaporeinsta #singaporeinsiders #igsg #singaporecafe #sgcafe#sweettooth #sgcafehopping #eatoutsg #foodpics #burpple #みど散歩 ・ ブログの過去記事でも紹介しています。 プロフィール @dorimingo813 のURLから飛べるので、よかったら覗きにきてくださいね。

The famous stalls are the fish soup, lai lai u mian, penang laska/mee rubus/ meesiam stall, traditional handmade teochew kueh (i love their chives dumplings) and this spinach soup~

There are 2 spinach soup stalls (one halal and one not) i tried the non-halal one which has 3 options: Seafood and minced meat, salted egg century egg and minced meat as well as yong tau foo. Love how the broth is very light and it feels so healthy and clean after eating~~ (idk the name of the stall because its in chinese and my chinese isnt very good!?!?! Ooops) but yeapsss love it! Hahaha its a nice and healthier hawker meal and i love how the soup isnt too salty. Though it isnt mindblowingly delicious, its a good comfort food i would say. Definitely a good meal option if i want something light and healthy.

Hehe then i loaded abit more blueberries, cherry tomatoes and dried apricot as my post gym snack.

No go
Can go 😁

Ratings: 7/10 (because will the broth is nice, i prefer the spinach soup that i tried at Tanjong pagar) which has a more herbal-like broth and taste even lighter and cleaner😅


Oops accidently upload 2 repeated photos. Oh well~😅