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Standards back to norm, ckn, pork, and veggies were all on point

Third time here, the ckn was drier than previously, but still decent crisp. Maybe it's a diff guy on the grill

Their sides are pretty much world class though. Their indulgent sweet corn was tweaked to be less greasy, yet still bang on in flavour. Homemade coleslaw has a faint yuzu aroma now. Fantastic stuff, hope the meat maintains their usual standard next time

P.S. this is nacho cheese. Yeah pretty pathetic amount, can hardly taste it lol

Go for extra chili, it's not v spicy at all. I rmb it used to be pretty hot

Not their best day. The minced meat doesn't have bite, ckn could be abit more tender. Even the satay ckn was abit different from normal

Honestly I'm just guessing the price, total bill was 36 lol which was quite affordable this time around

I know I sound abit silly saying this but actually the garlic taste was abit lacking. They didn't smash the garlic and didn't peel it either. Not was it fried. Mutton was very tender though, q impressive for stir fried. Rather satisfying, if less intense than expected


Surprisingly it's a comfort dish. Wet kind of sauce, not too spicy or hot. Decent but not what you're looking for in a huiguorou

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Very mild chili oil. Surprisingly got slices of meat inside. Not for those looking for intense flavours


Red sth head. Can't rmb the name but their HK style is satisfying from the generous amount of fried ginger

The chye Poh was v spare but it contributed nicely to the sweet and salty taste profile. Recommended

Pride of Jurong! Excellent coffee and desserts. We tried the chocolate tart and it was extremely rich and quality chocolate. A great place to sit back and chill with friends!

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