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Today i tried the shirmp arrabiata😍😍 i love how their pasta were always cooked till al dente😁 and also i love how their tomato sauce tasted very homemade and not those conventional overly-tangy ones.

Damaged: $13.80 because the rocket salad was complemnentary😅😅 issit because i am a frequent diner so they sent me an email code. Ooops hahahaa am i eating too much for a onemanshow😅

Thanks to the stuff at snowcity outlet who kindly allowed me to change the lemon olive dressing for the salad to lemon vinaigrette😁😁 #feelinggrateful. Anws the salad was very biggggg!! So filling~ I love how they dont have service charge but the service was still good.

No go
Can go
Must go😊

Ratings: 8/10 because of the affordability. The selections of pasta here are definitely above average and very tasty but dont have that mindblowing factor that shook me.

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The cafe itself is dressed in an elegant white decor, and their pastries are all gorgeously plated (and not in the trite cafe style to pander to youngsters).
This Madu ($8) was elegantly rested upon a bed of honey delicatelt drizzled in the shape of a honeycomb. They beautifully layered the pastry with light airy cream, caramel and honeycomb. It delivered a lighter and more balanced sweetness, and not cloying. The airy cream and the crunchy base also mixed for a pleasant texture.
I've tried many cake stores in SG and few came close to Nesuto's standard. I might have found another favourite.

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Crispy, flaky. Hazelnut praline and coffee cream. Earthy and nutty tones. Best paired with a spot of tea.
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Westies, gather your pals for a chill afternoon of tea and pastries at this dessert cafe near Chinese Gardens MRT. Start with Jiao ($8), a moist banana sponge cake with cinnamon and oat crumble. Dale ($8) is a matcha-lover's delight, with matcha sponge, matcha mouse, and passionfruit jam. Accompany your cakes with their Berries Merah tea ($4) or coffee (from $4) made from quality beans from Tiong Hoe Specialty Roasters.
Photo by Burppler SG Food On Foot

So you can have unique home-brewed beers that is stored in these giant cylinders in the outlet itself.


ジュロンイーストのsnow city内にあるイタリアンレストランで、サイエンスセンターやKids Stopに行った時の御用達。




Bacon e Funghi $15.9
Granchohio Pizza $17.0



ここだけのために遠征する価値のあるレストランだと思いますが、場所が場所なので、サイエンスセンターやKids Stopにお越しの際はぜひ利用してみてくださいね。

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Nice pastas and sides. Well balanced flavours that does not overpower the sweetness of the seafood. Price is reasonable.

Very ulu and its situated at 2nd level without lift access. Not very suitable for elderly or physically challenged individuals.





TART (Lime, Almond) $8
HAZE (Hazelnut Praline, Coffee) $8


コーヒーもTiong Hoeで本格派。
(コーヒーが苦手なわたしでも美味しいとわかる。頼んだのはラテだけど(笑)) 超幸せな時間でした。

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Madu ($8)
Must try for those with sweet tooth. But I personally like the lime tart which I expected it to be very sour but it turned out to be just nice. Do drop by if you are around the vicinity!

Ham was average but really liked the soft egg in the middle. Don't really like the pancake as it takes a while to chew and goes down way after the fillings disappear from your mouth. My friend loves that though, so I guess up to individual preference

Pocoloco is a place that have been in my list for a period of time. Known for serving quality Italian food for very affordable prices, they have since expanded the business and have a few outlets islandwide. We went to the snow city outlet and pictured is one of our orders: the mentaiko pasta. Being a fan of mentaiko, this was the perfect pasta for me to savour the carbonara creaminess, salty and umami-ness together at a go.

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Puck ($8), Madu ($8) & Berries Merah ($4)
A quiet cafe in the HDB neighbourhood, good for chilling with friends. Cakes are uniquely presented and tastes not bad. Tea was fragrant.

Delicious! This version of Chinese curry had a sweetness that permeates your mouth, as well as a slight bite and quite well spiced as well. Absolutely loved it. Generous amount, lovely fried egg, and just overall an addictive bowl

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