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Top 10 places in Chinese Garden, Singapore.

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Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Chinese Garden, Singapore.

A Horlicks cream encases a caramel and honey center, with a honey cornflakes base (think CNY goodie!). See layers in the second picture (please excuse the poor slicing of the dessert!) This dessert is light and refreshing, not too sweet, with the malty Horlicks, the rich caramel and the fragrance of honey. Definitely a head turner. I will be back for more. #leesconfectionery #burpple

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This pretty pomelo cheesecake exceeds my expectations and tastes every bit as good as it look. ❤️ the soft and light cheesecake sprinkled with pomelo pulps in the color of blushing pink, lending a citrusy and refreshing taste. Separately, the lime and almond tart has a layer of squidgy almond filling within the crust tart which complemented perfectly with the zesty lime cream.
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A delightful lunch experience. A generous portion of ingredients and Terrific mouth feel. Brought me back to an enhanced Penang Gurney Road holiday. A must try for Penang Food Lovers.
Excellent Value for Money starting at S$3.50 each.


This is most amazing to me. Jiao is a dessert comprising of a banana sponge cake filled with a banana compote that has complementary sour fruity notes and creamy mascorpone that goes well with the cake. A thin layer of delightful white chocolate covers the external of jiao. It was a very experiential dessert: white chocolate shells cracks with crisp, then you feel the textural transition from the fluffy sponge to the booming of flavours of the cremes, and finally the hard and crunchiness of the bottom oatmeal crumble.

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Back at lee's confectionery again to try their other desserts. Their lime and almond tart became my 2nd favourite item of the shop after visiting the place for a second time.

The citrus flavour was not artificially piney, making the cream a very pleasant combination with crispy crumbly tart shell. Another textural delight was the incorporation of crunchy almond layer within the tart.

Ang Ku Kueh!

Lots of exotic flavours including Milo. Interesting choices. Skin has a nice chewy firmness, but I prefer a more delicate texture. They were a bit too generous with the bean filling (good problem to have), but it made the kueh too heavy-going. Still, plus points for the flavour variety! Worth a try.
📍Kueh Garden, 348 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore 600348
💰SGD ~0.90 to 1.20 SGD

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Dark chocolate glaze and mousse, followed by a sea salt base. The chocolate nodes were perfectly rich, but the mousse was light and the base added a nice texture and hint of change in flavour. It sounds decadent, but in fact it was a perfect balance of richness and lightness. I would definitely come back to try the other desserts available. For the price I’m paying, it’s worth every dollar for the amount of effort and skill that went into this plate. It’s more than just a dessert, it’s an art.

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I am really excited when I found out a gorgeous minimalist patisserie is in the vicinity. Not a common sight in jurong. Will definitely visit this place again to try their other offerings. In the picture is Puck: a delish seasalt dark chocolate entremet. If you cut it into halves, you can see the intricate layerings and core. The most outer is a lovely dark chocolate glaze. The crust is a densely dark chocolate cookie crumble that is slightly salted and buttery. The interior is a dark chocolate mousse- thick and solid from the refrigeration.

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Puff: Earl grey kaya creme sandwiched between 2 circular feuilletines. The creme was luscious and deep, thick with coconut and pandan, containing slight hints of the tea incorporated. The feuilletines are flaky, crusty pastries that gives the dessert a crispy crossaint-like crunch.


Discovered this quaint pastry shop at an uncommon location [right at a corner shophouse unit besides the carpark gantry of block 343] while I was doing my weekend grocery shopping. We tried the strawberry cheesecake [Beri], kaya & earl grey tea [Puff] and banana & caramel [Jiāo] from a variety of six pastries available. My favourite out of the lot was the Jiāo. I ❤️ the soft sponge cake with banana bits & biscuit crumbs based paired with dots of salted caramel and perfectly torched sugar crust on top of the sliced banana. YUM! 😋
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