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Unfortunately the broth lacked depth and robustness for a good bowl of Penang laksa. I was disappointed and I didn't finish it. In addition, while the thick rice noodle has a good firm texture, I was not the authentic noodle used for Penang laksa.

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Simei Penang Laksa Speciality
Yuhua Food Centre
Blk 347 Jurong East Avenue 1
Singapore 600347
Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sun: 8am - 230pm


This risotto with goose liver costs $16.90. It’s expensive, but worth trying cos it is so yummy that I cleaned the whole plate! ^^

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Haven’t had such delicious pan-fried soon kueh for the longest time. The ones from Lai Heng are amazingly fragrant and addictive, I can easily gobble up, ten pieces of these soon kuehs at one go!
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Starting from the appetiser, we have the sinfully fattening foie gras coated with the delightfully oozing truffle. Truly a match made in artery-clogging haven.

The mussels was not spectacular, despite being topped off with saffron. Good-tasting, nonetheless.

The squid-ink risotto is the choice to make for those of you who love squid and cheese, making it a creamy cheesy blend of delight. Do be advised though, that this dish is really just squid-ink risotto (squid and ink and risotto) so you would probably need an extra source to top up on those protein cravings.

Worried not, for seafood risotto would be the go-to food for those of us who require more than squid and ink to sustain us. If you love the taste of the sea waves crashing against that field of risotto, hop right on board.

Last, but not the least, lava cake with ice-cream to cool off the heat from our tropical island. You can’t really go wrong with lava cakes as long as it flows... and man, did it flow. Not surprisingly good, but it wasn’t a letdown for the tastebuds either. Certainly a good meal all in all.
And yes, they do serve beer. @pocolocosg #singapore #sgfood #sgfoodie #singaporefoodie #singapore2018 #sgig #igsg #sgeats #STfoodtrendy #mysingapore #hungrygowhere #instasg #whati8todaysg #whati8today #foodporn #onthetable #foodreviews #tripadvisor #groman #gromanfood #burpple

This is the second time i’ve been here! Tried the beef truffle pasta the first time and uni pasta for my second. Both dishes were decently cooked and plated. I note that the uni was a little torched as well! Uni did smell a little fishy initially but was still acceptable. Finally satisfied my uni cravings!

I ordered the matcha lava cake both times when i was there. No regrets. The lava was flowy and bursting with matcha goodness, and the vanilla ice cream complimented it very well. I would go there just for the matcha lava cake alone!

One interesting thing abt this place is that they have those large brewers to brew their own beer. They also have green beer! Worth a try for people who wants to try interesting alcohols! And for the gram heh!

Expected damages: Around $15 for pasta alone, if wish to get the lava cake to share will be around $20. The beer was around $8 per pint!

Note: The uni pasta cost $20, as expected as uni does not come cheap.


Picked nearly all my favourite side dishes at one go, that included braised duck, tau pok, fishcake, otah, salted egg and the highlight of the meal ~ steamed sotong served with lime and kumquat sauce and steaming hot Teochew porridge [for my case, I ❤️ to eat it with rice instead 😬] that cost less than $20!
This classic Teochew dish ~ steamed sotong deserves a special mention. The fresh squid is tender, springy and served chilled. And the best way for me to eat it, drizzled with lime and dipped in kumquat sauce ~ simply delicious!
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While it's true that my favourite bkt place doesn't always have a consistent standard, today was the worst time I've ever tried. And yet, it was still acceptably tender and I was able to detach the bone completely. Speaks volumes about the usual standard and the quality of the ingredients

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this bowl of you mian is rather special as it comes with spinach and mushroom instead of the typical vegetables you always see in a bowl of you mian. as a mushroom lover, I am satisfied with the amount of mushroom given.

One of the western food stall here, Bristen Cuisine sell various western food like fish & chip and more.


We love peppery soup style and the lean meat Pork Knuckle is also our favorite 😍😍 #bakkutteh #肉骨茶 #lunch #localfood #sgfood #hawkerfood #bkt #burpple

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