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This was halfway done. Original portion is probably double

Not very good at all, quite tasteless. The leek smell is strong but there wasn't much leek flavour

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B is the one w veggies

Between xingyun and this I much prefer xingyun due to their craftsmanship but this is really shiok too. They got a super long queue when xingyun is closed

The rice has a subtle umami and a slightly sticky texture with bite. Their chicken is ok but what elevates them are their sauces. the sauce that goes with the chicken is brilliantly savoury and aromatic, with some sweetness. Similarly the thick sauce that goes with the veggies is much better than the run of the mill bland blob too

When I first saw the price I got a shocked, but I have to say is worth it ! With the taste and the effort put on the plating, it’s definitely worth the price.

Below are the price for eat in πŸ₯’ :

1. Pigo; Honey Mango, Pistachio Cream & Cake, Almond Tart Crust ($10) πŸ₯­
2. Dale; Matcha Sponge, Matcha Yuzu Cream, Butter Cookie ($10) 🍡
3. Ice Black Coffee ($5) β˜•οΈ
4. Ice Mocha ($6.50) β˜•οΈ

Quiet and cosy environment πŸ‘ Definitely will come back again 😍


1.5/5 🌟

Very normal. Flavours feels like they are lacking something, wish they were more robust. I ordered the one without "hum" (cockles in hokkien) so they gave a lot more "taupok" (fried beancurd in hokkien) and fishcakes.

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Finally had it dining in, unfortunately while it isn't limp while freshly pan fried, the crust was more hard than satisfyingly crisp. It's not bad but since it's hot it's rather difficult to eat, I'd rather chow down on the cooler steamed ones

[Revisit] Hanging around @lees_confectionery to try out their Orni.
Choux pastry filled with shallot-infused taro paste and chunks and topped with coconut cream.

🍽 Taro Coconut ice cream at $10

Lychee Oolong Tea - Refreshing enough to cool you down πŸ₯Ά

The skin is good as ever. They were serving kuehs here before the rebranding as Kueh garden? Anyway the coconut filling was really moist, but as u can tell from the colour the gula melaka isn't strong.

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Quite pricey. The centre was chewy and sticky, honestly idk if it's Yam at all lol save for the colour. It's expensive apparently because of the nuts inside. Pastry itself was not that good

For those who have been too Swatow, you will know that Soon Kueh and Koo Chai Kueh there are pan fried, cut open and served with chilli sauce. This stall which recently got their Michelin Bib Gourmand is true to their Teochew roots and will pan fry your kueh for you for 10 cents more.m so $1 per kueh.

So the kueh is now crispy on outside, soft and chewy on the inside. The filling is a mixture of bamboo shoots and jicama. Unlike most others, there is no overpowering taste of pepper. It is sweet and crunchy jicama although I wish there would be more dried shrimps. The Koo Chai Kueh is nice as well, with fresh chives and dried shrimps. This one I would recommend not to pan fry as it ends up very greasy from the extra oil in the chives filling. The portions are small, literally you can finish off each with one mouthful. And as my breakfast kaki commented, if the Soon Kueh is good, you don’t need chilli and sweet sauce.

Well done Lai Heng! Certainly coming back for more.

Baguette size.

Surprisingly decent, the texture was sorta hefty yet soft, u can taste the cranberries and there's a nice fruity aroma to the whole thing.

Char siew is the honey caramelly kind(texture is the standard for this kind, similar to toffee I'd say). Just a tad on the dry and tough side for their standard, still good.

Sausage was intense. Full of flavour and very sweet.

Finally tried all their meats. Now I can rank them properly
SS tier roasted ckn
S tier white ckn
Good tier sausage, siobak
Average tier duck, char siew

The exact same thing I ordered thru grab, except for lettuce instead of noodles. Literally half the price. Don't get scammed by hawker food on grab, literally double the price(with a promo no less)

This is better when you dine in. The siobak isn't as fatty and is thus more enjoyable, the crisp is strong. Duck was tender and juicy, with a tinge of herbal aroma but no crisp. Overall still very competent.

Next time I come I will try the char siew and sausage, then I can rank all their meats finally