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For 1-for-1 Beverage (save ~$6) On an afternoon frolick in town? Visit this beverage stand (with an automated brewing machine!) housed in Paragon for the perfect afternoon recharge. Pick from a range of healthful raw manuka honey drinks, such as the refreshing Manuka Passion ($7.40), featuring citrusy passionfruit paired with sparkling water and manuka honey. Otherwise, the Iced Lavender Honey ($4.50) with honey jelly is a good alternative. Photo by Burppler Pei Ling Tan
Immalty Zest $6.80nett Burpple 1 for 1. Very friendly staff at the outlet who will also introduce the different kinds of honey they sell in tubs! Interesting varieties and some I’ve never tried before. I’ve also learnt new knowledge such as lychee honey (from Thailand) does not have a lychee flavour but it’s from the plant! So it doesn’t taste like lychee at all! Some of them have really distinctive tastes that you will either like a lot or dislike. Interesting place to get your 🍯 fix! This drink was not as nice as Manuka Passion if I’d have to compare both. The honey is slightly more intense with a deeper taste. But I love aloe Vera so I chose this initially.
Manuka Passion $7.40nett Burpple beyond deal!! I think I’m gonna get addicted to this! It’s so good and feels healthier than bbt!! of course the price tag is high too. But I think I’d rather get a healthy drink than a Starbucks frapp. This was really refreshing and the passion fruit goes well with the manuka honey and sparkling water. Highly recommended!!
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Hitsumabushi ($9.80) Did you say $9.80 for Hitsumabushi?!? With the opening of @UnaUna.SG a unagi specialty restaurant, get to polish off these charcoal-grilled unagi Hitsumabushi from just $9.80~ That’s value-for-money, though you might want to upsize to their Regular ($14.80) or Double ($19.80) for more Unagi.
Regular Hitsumabushi Giving the other unagi specialty restaurants a run for their money, Una Una’s Regular Hitsumabushi ($14.80) was pretty darn satisfying especially due to the fact that I didn’t have to compete with a snaking queue. Surprisingly good, the eel did not have any fishy odor and was quite plump. Fairly smoky, the best part of the charcoal-grilled unagi was the soft interior as some tend to dry out while trying to achieve the glisteningly crisp exterior in my opinion - so their rendition had both. As for the array of condiments, namely spring onions, wasabi, nori and dashi; they were pretty standard. Though my main qualms were that the dashi that lacked oomph and the slightly sweeter tare could be made more savoury. Nevertheless, it was a steal for the portion!
| 🍱 Cheap Tasty Unagi Hitsumabushi !... ~ · Unagi Hitsumabushi Double Serving - $19.80 · Freshly grilled unagi served in a rice bowl, comes with dashi and some typical garnish & condiments. The meat is flavourful, especially after adding unagi sauce, but the pickles, dashi and rice can do better. Enjoy the first portion of the hitsumabushi with its original flavours, before mixing the second portion with seaweed & spring onions. Lastly is to add in dashi to wash down all the flavours. May not be the best in the market but definitely coming back for its high CP value · Una Una
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Carbonara (Creamless) I read about this carbonara on their website and how they make it in the traditional Italian way. Normally carbonaras are too heavy for my because of all the cream but this was great and pretty light since it was creamless. Made with generous servings of bacon, pecorino cheese, egg yolk and al dente spaghetti, I wish I had ordered this for myself instead cos it was so good! Price: $20
Homemade Beef Lasagna It was odd to see the tomato sauce at both ends of the lasagne and not inside it, within the layers. Nevertheless, it wasn't too dry since there was sufficient creamy ricotta cheese and minced meat. I have to say that the Burpple Beyond deal is a MUST-HAVE to make this more worth it. It was a 15-20min walk from Sixth Ave Mrt and we had to climb a pretty steep hill, walk through stretches of dark houses and dark paths to get there for lunch. Good to have a car to drive there straight or just Grab there. Price: $24++
Pretty Good Pasta, Weird Billing The carbonara was great! A few odd things though: The mushroom soup was served after the pasta, without bread. I used the burrple beyond promotion. As you can see from the receipt, the server first billed both pastas, then removed $20 from the total bill. If you've studied basic math, you'll see there's something wrong with that process, as the other pasta will still be charged for service and GST. Now, I'm not sure if this was the server's intention, but I haven't been charged for service and GST for the free meal at other places with the burrple promotion.
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No Cha @ Bacha Haven’t been yet as I don’t drink coffee, but will be back when they serve mint tea with couscous.
1910 Coffee and Chocolate Croiaaant From Bacha Coffee, a new coffee room at ION Orchard which had taken the space opposite Nespresso on Level 1; a space that had been vacant for quite a while which saw various plans for quite a number of F&B establishments that did not turn into fruition. A brand that hails from Morocco, the coffee room at ION Orchard is their very first of such concepts internationally. Serving up Moroccan dishes for the hot food selection and a wide variety of viennoiseries, pastries and desserts, the 1910 Coffee and Chocolate Croissants come in a portion of two for a serving. Coming with coffee flower honey on the side, the croissants came aptly flaky and buttery; the infusion of coffee helps to add a light hint of earthiness and roastinese to the croissant, while a knob of chocolate helps to provide a sweetness to the pastry. Sprinkled with sea salt over the top, the sea salt adds on to the butteriness, further enhancing those flavours. The coffee flower honey is not quite required here, considering how the chocolate helps to provide some sweetness to the croissants — that being said, it still adds a nice sticky and gritty texture similar to raw honey with a floral sweetness that is absolutely alluring. A spot that would most probably be a tai-tai hangout for a pot of coffee after a day's worth of shopping — the TWG-esque Moroccan vibes with the classical music here is what I absolutely dig, with the impeccable service which is just very much on point.
Xing Wei
Enjoy Your Cup of Coffee Like a Royal Here Croissants - the thin, flaky, buttery layers were stuffed with delicious fillings. Read more:
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