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🍋 Lemon Zest Fries $8 | Thick-cut fries with lemon zest, served with homemade mayo. ‘Just the right level of thickness - every bite was a great balance of crisp and potato-ey fluff. The hint of lemon was mild, best tasted when you’ve the fries plain (ie, no mayo dip!)
Pork-a-licious Burger ($29.50) A juicy patty with tender pulled pork, this burger is quite memorable. Despite the copious amounts of sauce given, the marination of the meat still permeates the meal. The burger is also pretty massive so it is likely to leave you satiated. The dish is not a main so it does not come with fries. Drinks also have to be ordered separately but no water is provided. There is only an additional service charge. I would still recommend this place though especially for their burgers.
For Hearty Burgers in Tanjong Pagar Jot this new burger joint in Duxton down for date nights. Available till October 21st is The Most Expensive Burger In Singapore ($250) that's made with a 24-karat gold leaf covered bun, butter poached lobster tail, pan-seared Foie Gras, Japanese Kobe wagyu, champagne braised shallots, black truffle and caviar (all proceeds will go to The Children’s Charities Association of Singapore). If you're unable to catch it, pop by anyway and try their Singapore Fling ($35) for wagyu beef topped with crab meat or the Hangover Burger ($27.50) with black Angus beef, grilled pancetta, a sweet red wine onion compote and a sunny-side up — both doused in Lombardo's homemade burger sauce. Photo by Burppler Alex Loh
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Lemon Lavender Honey Cake Newly opened at Everton Park, the better half is a gorgeous bakery cafe to visit for its instagrammable bakes and decor. Ordered the lemon lavender honey cake which costs $5. The hint of citrus was a nice blend with the florals, melty sugar frost and lavender honey sponge.
Gula Melaka Avocado Cake Moving into a brick-and-mortar shop space at Everton Park recently, The Better Half serves up specialty coffee and a wide variety of cakes and bakes in the quaint neighbourhood, though with limited seating both indoors and outdoors. Being one of the items which had caught our attention while skimming through the variety of bakes and cakes on display at the counter, the Gula Melaka is double-layer cake that features Gula Melaka Sponge, Gula Melaka Avocado Buttercream and Toasted Almonds. Really liked how the cake was not overly sweet; the Gula Melaka Avocado Buttercream is the main driver for the flavours of the cake here — the mellow sweetness of the Gula Melaka with its deep, earthy undertones completely matched the buttery smoothness of the avocado-laden creamx while the Gula Melaka sponge was rather light and fluffy. Despite its height, the Gula Melaka Avocado Cake is pretty manageable; a cake that is not too dense nor sweet and comes even with a herb-y (rosemary?) note that helps to cut through the slight tinge of sweetness to keep things interesting and providing a harmonious contrast of flavours. A space we would most certainly step in again for a quaint setting with satisfying cakes and good coffee; that is also pretty much depending on luck hoping that there are empty seats while passing by the small space...
Xing Wei
Pumpkin Spiced Tea Cake [S$8.50] Matcha [S$6.50] ・ Spiced Pumpkin Cake | Cream Cheese Frosting & Butterscotch Drizzle | Spiced Crumble ・ Sugar, spice and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to make @TheBetterHalfSG’s Pumpkin Spiced Tea Cake! Initially I was worried both pumpkin and the spices would be overwhelming but it’s actually on the opposite. Semi warm, soft and moist cake along with sweet frosting and light spice fragrance is just perfect to kick start the festive vibes (when you’re feeling generous in calories & moolah)🎄 ・ As for Hot Matcha, found the balance of sweetness and bitterness just right✨ ・ 1 Everton Park #01-43 Singapore 081001 ・ #Burpple #FoodieGohOutramPark ・ ・ ・ ・ #foodietribe #tslmakan #instafood_sg #yummy #foodstagram #foodgasm #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #foodsg #singaporefood #whati8today #sgfoodporn #eatoutsg #8dayseat #singaporeinsiders #singaporeeats #sgfoodtrend #sgigfoodie #thisisinsiderfood #foodinsingapore #foodinsing #followme #follow #pumpkinspiced #dessert #matcha
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Miso Bacon Mushroom Risotto (S$23.50) The Miso Mushroom Risotto was an interesting take on a classic risotto by Apollo Coffee Bar. Overall, the dish wasn't bad for me but I felt that the one I had was slightly underseasoned - only the bites with the salty bacon felt really satisfying. That said, I am someone who enjoys big, bold flavors hence my comment. The dish was still fairly well done; I especially loved the crispy enoki mushroom which had an incredibly crisp texture as well as the soft boiled egg. One word of caution is that the risotto was a little on the wet side so it's up to your personal preference because I like risottos that are dryer. Still, a decent dish all round!
Nori, Avo & Egg ($18.50) and Wurst Rosti ($23.50) for breakfast. The former consist of smashed avo, nori jam under a mountain of kale on crispy ciabatta, with creamy scrambled egg on the side. Whereas the latter will bring a smile to your face. Run by the same team behind @AtlasCoffeehouse, @LunarCoffeeBrewers & @ColumbusCoffeeCo, the month-old @ApolloCoffeeBar makes a great addition! Apollo Coffee Bar Address: 65 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555961 #apollocoffeebar #burpple
For Breakfast in Serangoon Gardens From Atlas Coffeehouse And Columbus Coffee Co. comes this cute cafe that's great for when you're craving a cuppa in the North. For an elevated take on the Egg McMuffin, have their scrumptious Breakfast Burger ($16.50) that sees scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon sandwiched in a broiche bun. Also good is their crispy Wurst Rosti (S$23.50) hidden beneath a blanket of sunny side up eggs. End your meal on a sweet note with the Miso Caramel Soft Serve ($7) topped with caramel popcorn. For coffee, don't miss out on the Cosmos Cold Brew ($7), or Milky Way Cold Brew ($7). Photo by Burppler Sarah Lim
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For an Unforgettable Anniversary Dinner Come to this gorgeous space and enjoy Chef's Rishi's unique cuisine that exquisitely marries east and west. The 7-Course Dinner Menu (from $158) includes inventive dishes like Jeju abalone with curry leaves and kangaroo tail consommé, Western Australian marron in yellow curry, and lamb with jackfruit. On desserts, there's a rich yet refreshing Honeydew, Grapes, Caraway Mascarpone Parfait. Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua
Cloudstreet Captured (Part Of The $198++ 7-course Tasting Menu) Another delicious dish that only made its appearance on my second visit to this restaurant was the Jeju abalone served in an abalone liver sauce with barley, tiny curry leaves and a kangaroo tail consommé. Yes, a marsupial made an appearance in my dinner (it tasted like a light and clear beef soup to me). Besides loving the contrasting chewiness of the smooth shellfish and the textured grain, as well as the aroma from the fresh herb, I felt this was the course that encapsulates the essence of Chef Rishi’s Cloudstreet best. If you’ve had this dish, do let me know if you agree.
Petit Fours Cola and beer lollipops Wattleseed madeleines Bergamot pate de fruit Vegemite on toast Enjoyable petit fours to end the meal! The cola and Beer lollis are refreshing and fun to eat! Picked up a new ingredient - wattleseed. so, wattleseeds (edible seeds from Acacias) are the unsung heroes of Australia, they are roasted and grounded commonly used in baking for the coffee, chocolate and hazelnut flavor profile.
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Bak Chor Mee (M) With the generous portions and delicious ingredients, this meal is definitely value for money, especially with Burpple 1-for-1!
BCM (M) 8nett (used Beyond) Note the deal ends on 31st dec so hurry Almost a robbery at basically 4nett per bowl, that's filling for one and in an air con environment. And clearly the ingredients were really generous. You'll feel bad for redeeming this deal as u wonder how much loss they incur from u haha Noodles were slightly soft but the mushrooms had a nice slight chew to them. Sambal had a rather strong ikan bilis taste, but not overwhelming to the point of unpleasantness at all. There's a slight citrusy brightness to the sambal as well. The highlight is definitely the soup which was incredibly flavourful and chock full of ingredients. The numerous slices of pork liver were all cooked to a perfect softness somehow, despite being a lot more well done than usual stalls. Maybe because of that, the porky stench is almost nonexistent. Fishballs were soft, springy and ginormous. Prawn was fresh and not the crystal kind as well. And finally the meatball was utterly delicious with a soft texture yet retaining some bite. What an absolute gem. My friend declared on the spot that he's definitely returning
Fishball Bak Chor Mee - M ($8) I got the meepok w vinegar only while my lunch bud got the normal meepok (chili, vinegar & ketchup I think). Components that I liked best: soup, noodles & fishballs! Added more vinegar to my noods bc I love vinegar. A spoonful of the nicely cooked noods + garnishings (fried garlic, lard & spring onion) + mushroom was gr8. The soup is tasty, prob from the natural flavours of the ingredients (don’t think there’s MSG). Fishball didn’t have a fishy taste, tasted like the fishballs from my childhood (cc margaret drive fishball). The prawns, fishcake and pork slices were decent too, the pork slices are not the dry lean kind. My lunch bud liked the liver (I don’t like it so I gave it all to him), he said that it was cooked well, kinda like medium rare such that it’s not too rubbery. This has 1-4-1 so I’ll gladly pay $4 for this!
aggs & xi
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