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Feature Negitoro with sushi rice and special topping(marinated egg yolk ,tempura flake,nama sujiko,negi ) roll with seaweed.

Part of omakase from @fukusenrestaurant..
📍Fukusen Restaurant.
33 Jalan Sultan, #01-02.

This has a swirl of thick strawberry jam and smooth strawberry cream, within a strawberry infused sponge cake.
The Swiss roll cake is super soft and fluffy in texture, with a light fruity sweet sour flavour. Refreshing and bright, this will appeal to those who love strawberries.
Rich & Good Cake Shop
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This has a swirl of thick chocolate ganache, within a chocolate infused sponge cake.
The Swiss roll cake is super soft and fluffy in texture, with a deep chocolatey nutty sweet flavour. This will appeal to chocolate aficionados.
Rich & Good Cake Shop
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Ramen Champion @ Bugis+
Tonkotsu Ikkyu

Note: Price is exclusive of 7% GST

- Egg was unfortunately overcooked. It was slightly sweet but would have preferred a stronger flavour.
- Firm noodles
- Rich, umami and porky broth
- Char siew had a fantastic charred caramelised taste and was very meaty, not the fatty kind but still had ton of flavour just felt that it could be less oily. Very satisfying and significant portion given.
For the price, I didn't think this was quite substantial though a huge portion of char siew meat was given. Would have preferred an option for complimentary noodle upsize and perhaps some vegetables or thin slices of char siew to be provided as well?
Taste: 8.5/10

More pictures at:

Been a regular of Narrative for a few months now ever since Tong joined forces with the original couple behind Dancing Goat and I was contemplating whether to review or not because I didn’t want this place to get more crowded than it already is. But I do want them to succeed so here’s my review!

I always order the dirty matcha with soy milk (not on the menu) and I love it unsweetened. The contrast between the bitter matcha, and distinct well-bodied espresso roast, is rounded off and goes great with soy milk.

After much feedback, they’ve also started to become more adventurous with their baked items and this was the first weekend they baked the sticky date pudding. I taste tested it the day before, and fortunately they decided to warm up the butterscotch sauce to drizzle and serve it today. The sticky date pudding isn’t too sweet, and it’s moist plus soft. Not the best I’ve had (that would still go to PS Cafe), but it’s pretty decent and makes a nice accompaniment with their drinks.

One of my favourite coffee places in SG. The fragrance of coffee beans wafted through the minimalist, white storefront. I had this years ago at their Osaka outlet, which was hands down the best coffee I had (and also props to the beautiful river before the store)

The latte was smooth. Coffee was bitter — but the right amount of bitterness that doesn’t take away the aroma of the coffee. It was a perfect balance of taste. The milk perfectly complemented the acidic nature of the coffee.

Would probably be a regular customer here if not for the steep price. But worth a treat once in a while!

Love love love this spicy fried chicken with fries! Not sure what spices were used but they are delicious! Love the crispy and well marinated skin and tender meat on the inside. The spicy level is equivalent to medium spicy (中辣) at the Mala store.

Smooth Flat white by Early Bird. A little on the acidic side but still acceptable for me.

Fried chicken done right! Crispy skin with lightly salted and tender chicken 😋

Pancakes is a little salty, well made, soft on the insides and a little crispy around the edges.

Maple syrup gives it a sweet lift and complements the entire dish.

Back for more truffle pasta! Unfortunately, it was a little too salty today. Comes with bits of mushrooms for $19.

Crispy, flaky, laminated viennoiserie pastry filled with generous Almond Cream is just marvellous✨ Thanks to Sis, I had a good @MotherDoughBakery breakfast🤤

749 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 198717

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boat noodles were mediocre but i rlly love this steam bun w kayaaaaa 💖 &&& the ice blended thai milk tea