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Eggplant with Miso Sauce. Perhaps one of the dishes we really loved at Makan Koryouri. That eggplant which is cooked all to softness and being a tad gloopy matched well with the Miso Sauce (that we really liked) — a little sweet, yet a little savoury with a slight bean-y flavour; it’s something that is bound to grow on the tastebuds after a couple of morsels. Definitely something I wouldn’t mind trying out again when I see it elsewhere.


From Early Bird Cafe; the cafe that took over the spot of now-defunct Artistry that is also brought by the same folks behind Revelry — the new spot serves up brunch fare, sweets and pasta alongside milkshakes, specialty coffee (roasted by Allpress Espresso) and tea.

This may be an item that scores a little low on aesthetics with its brown-on-brown nature — a twist on the Southern classic of Chicken and Waffles. Coming with housemade Buttermilk Pancakes, the crepe-thin Buttermilk Pancakes were delightfully crisp and buttery; the only qualm was the slight alkalinity that it carried seemingly from baking soda. That could be easily overcome when one dabs the pancake on the Chili Maple sauce; the maple sauce adding sweetness to provide that classic combination that never fails, while the light hint of spiciness seem to stem from chili flakes which could be distributed albeit more evenly rather than clustered together at a corner of the plate . The chunky fried chicken came with a crispy golden-brown batter; reasonably tender and succulent whilst also served in chunky portions and pretty generous — works great as a item to be shared between two.


Ash & Elm showcases the finest European dining with 3 culinary theatres - charcuterie & cheese room, wood-fired oven and charcoal grill, using premium produce sourced from around the world.

Crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. This is best eaten on the same day or within a day of purchase. I like how this was the perfect size for two open sandwiches.

You can get the fishnet shopping bag for $5 and get 50 cents off your next purchase when you bring it!


This is the perfect treat if you're feeling a teenie weenie bit indulgent. Love cookies that have gooey chocolate chunks instead of tiny chips.


We initially wanted to have this to go, but when we found out that we came just in time for a new batch fresh out of the oven, we couldn't resist gobbling this up there and then.

I wish there was more dough lamination, but it was buttery and flaky enough. It's good that the base is not too sweet as it comes filled and topped with frangipane.


Scrumptious but could do with more layers. It's not too sweet so you can slather some jam after heating it up in the toaster to crisp it up (if you're getting this to go).


Quiche was tasty although a little underseasoned. Portion could be slightly bigger too. Coffee's pretty solid and smooth, which shouldn't come as a surprise since they use beans from Sarnies.


Love this small yet crowded little 酒屋
Now they even have more tables outside the shop.
They serve many small bites dishes good for drinks. Oiishiiiiiii.
*Note: no children allowed*

Small ice cream shop in bussorah street. One of the signs claimed they are the first egglet waffle ice cream shop in singapore? Ordered the half half (buttermilk & red velvet) with caramel sauce and taro yam ice cream ($8.5). Ice cream sure does have that yammy taste. Egglet waffle was really goos, crispy and warm, compliments ice cream really 4.5/5


Quaint small coffee shop around in arab street. Hippy kind, dark dim lighting

Blueberry pancakes ($20)-Eggless pancakes, still fluffy and had slight crispiness to its edve. Served with usual fruits, cream maple in addition to the poached blueberries 4/5


Be it sipping straight from the straw or after some good shaking, LiHo's latest Brown Sugar Pearl series offers sweet satisfaction with their slow-cooked brown sugar pearls. Infusing them with a distinct caramel flavour and fragrance, the chewy warm tapioca pearls is balanced with the creamy flush of cold fresh milk so you get that lovely hot and cold contrast.

Launched during the Michelin Guide Street Food Festival in April, the upgraded version of the Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk Party was also well-received and comes very much like a dessert in a cup. Topped with peanuts, oreo cookie crumbs, caramelized biscuit and creamy cheese foam; the layered treat had a nice depth and great textures which really enhanced the chewiness of their signature pearls.

And with plans to expand the series next month in June, keep your eyes peeled for new intriguing pairings of their warm chewy pearls.