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$98 Omakasa Part Two

The prefect sushi experience. Every action she did was taken in account - From The degree of the lime zest was sprinkle to the finger movement she chose to make the sushi. .
Hotato (Scallop)
A dash of lime zest and salt was all it needed. .
Akami (leanest part of the tuna)
Completely melted in the mouth. .
Sea robin
Noticed the fine cut between the sashimi. Not only it soften the texture, the shoya been trapped in between helped to season the fish perfectly. .
Black fish .
Ika with uni
This was how uni and ika should taste like. The soft and sweet ika carried the uni flavor to extend its stay on the palate. When you though the uni was the best thing ever happen, the toasted sesame came in. Nuttiness cleansed the entire palate. I literally gave an applause to the chef. .
At first I didn't understand why sushi was less compressed and looser, until he end, I understood why. Because all the fish was aged, the texture will be softener than usual. Thus, in order for the flavors to merge completely, the rice couldn't be as compared. .
Mini chiraishidon
Red bean and sea salt ice cream/ Sakura ice cream
Even the dessert was served to perfection. Just make sure to get all everything into one spoonful to 100% enjoy the flavors. .
I had tried to explain the experience to the best I could. When you have the chance, please go and try their omakasa. #BurppleSushiMonth

$98 Omakasa Part One

Introduced by @that_dex, led me to this little omakasa restuarant with only 11 seater. The chef attention to the details was the reason why I love this place. The speciality here was that the chef aged her own fish with different "salty" base. This aging process encouraged to bring out the hidden flavors within the fish which heat just won't meet the mark. However, it was a very difficult skill to master. She could only count on her experience and judge by the fat content leave over on the blade. The amount of "salty" ingredients used and duration of aging could only be judge by her years of experience. .
Vegetables with Yasai miso .
Golden stripe mackerel .
Raw onion with tuna belly shavings, ponzu and yuzu dressing .
Onsen tamago with hokkaido ikura and truffle .
Seared Fugu with Himalayan rock salt and lime (Special)
Incredible type of fish which was famous of its deadly flavor. The aged fugu torched and sprinkled with lime zest and Himalayan stone salt. The more you chewed, the more it's juice released while the salt and lime deepen the taste. .
Aged saba with white miso
The SWEETESSST saba I had! No sugar added! The white miso brought out the sweetness from its fat which normally would be dispensed by the heat. After I tried this, no more normal saba!#BurppleSushiMonth

Iberico Pork Collar ($42)

Ok doesn’t make sense for me not to write about a meat dish so yes the Iberico Pork Collar - juicy and smoky pieces layered with apple slices and isomalt shards made with sesame and mixed nuts (we witnessed the impressive process of making it!) which give a sweet crisp profile to the dish.

This restaurant spells trouble for quadrupeds, especially with the words “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad” emblazoned on its wall in front of the kitchen.

I’ve always wondered why the name “Salted and Hung”, and then I saw the chunks of meat hanging in the cabinet... in-house curing!
One of the signature starters/snacks is the Lardo ($15), white strips of cured pork fat drizzled with truffle honey and sprinkled chilli flakes. The smooth slices of lard were pleasantly light on the palate, and I really liked the sweetness from the honey melding with the fat that kickstarts the appetite - never knew I can enjoy lard so much without it being roasted or fried! These were served with cumin seed crackers for some crunch.

Sotong Hitam ($18).

Sotong in a black soya sauce which is infused with lemongrass. Not a big fan of this as the sotong was a bit too tough to chew. The lemongrass was a bit too much such that its tangy flavour was clashing with the sweet black sauce.

Big Breakfast | 22bucks

Artistry's Big Breakfast Platter, now served with..
Fried Kale 💚
Not forgetting the usuals; creamy scrambles, spicy pork sausage, streaky bacon, roasted mushrooms, pommes noisette and a mini butter croissant. The epitome of what every happy child / hardworking employee / deserving parent should be served for breakfast. That's probably everyone.
Thankyou Prashant for graciously hosting us, and Burpple for the invitation x

; Crabby Patty

Well it seems like @artistrycafesg has gone on to further perfect their all time best seller Crabby Patty's secret formula and it's now ready for the public's palates (eye) 🤤.

A fistful of meat from the blue swimmer crab encrusted like a croquette, sandwiched between buttered Sundried Tomato brioche buns. Served with a side of either Mesclun Greens or Shoestring Fries and their punchy housemade chilli crab sauce. Expect some good heat from the sauce but it'll have you double dipping everything from your fries to crab patty and even your burger buns in them.
Thankyou Prashant for graciously hosting us and Burpple for the invite x

Roasted Barley Tea Softserve

Roasted barley tea softserve with homemade maple granola and soy toffee sauce ($7)

For Customisable Tendon Bowls

This new joint at Bugis Junction serves up fairly decent tendon, and it wins points for its fully customisable tendon bowls. Getting to select your choice of tempura (prawn, chicken, vegetable or mixed), your carb (rice, udon and soba) as well as spice level (from 0 to 3) essentially means you can put together the bowl of your dreams. If it's your first time here, you won't go wrong with the Mixed Tendon ($15.80), which comes with a good variety of vegetables, prawns and chicken tenders, all battered and fried till crisp and golden. The spiced sauce adds quite a kick, so go for 2 or 3 only if you're up for some heat! Alternatively, request to have both levels 2 and 3 on the side, and customise the heat intensity according to your preference. Add on $2 for the set, which comes with chawanmushi and miso soup or green tea.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim

For Ice Cream in Kampong Glam

Neighbours to Fika Swedish Cafe along Bussorah Street, head to Lickety for a refreshing midday snack. This pastel-themed ice cream joint, complete with cheery and welcoming decor, serves Hong Kong-style Egglet Waffles ($4.50) folded into a cone to house your ice cream. Choose from waffle flavours such as Red Velvet or Buttermilk, the latter being light with a crisp exterior and a buttermilk fragrance. For something creamy, try their Coconut & Taro ice cream (from $4.50), earthy with distinct taro notes and hints of refreshing coconut. Dark Chocolate is a good choice as well, it comes with little nuggets of chocolate cake, providing a delightful chew with each bite. A wide variety of toppings such as Pocky sticks, mini marshmallows and crushed Lotus biscuits are available, guaranteed to end off your sweet treat on a high note!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See