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Got the tomato broth which was okay-ish? I think the broth choices abit limited too. Didn’t like the Maggie though. Bad thing about this is they charge by weight and will end up over ordering. Paid $15 for this which I think is super not worth. Doubt I will be back again

Banana gelato mixed with coconut and gula melaka

Having @mixuesg strawberry icecream and also brown sugar pearl ice cream for $2 each! soft and fluffy ice cream 😋🍦🍦
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A Korean lifestyle cafe with an extensive menu offering of bingsu flavours. Can't decide? Try a variety by having the Traffic Light Set that gives you the option to choose three different flavours served in small bowls (size of rice bowls). We had the watermelon, mango and cheese bingsu. The mango was the sweetest of the trio while the cheese version was slightly savoury as there was cheese on the ice. Other than I was amazed at seeing a cheesecake being shoved in shaved ice, my taste buds did not like this version of the icy treat. Bingsu is definitely a refreshing treat in hot humid SG. Highly recommend to share as the bingsu were really sweet.

Very special nasi lemak like nothing I've had before, only partly because of the onsen egg. Had the chicken cutlet version which was crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. The coconut rice fragrance was so good, I often forgot take it with the sweet chilli. Overall, the impression I got was that of an Indonesian holiday resort. Really lovely!

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the triple flavour salmon selection ($5.50) had 3 types of aburi salmon nigiri:
- nacho cheese
- mentaiko mayo
- something mayo but was my fav!!

the seared beef sushi ($3) was honestly damn worth. v flavourful and the beef strip was very long. there were 2 nigiri too for the price this is such a steal!!

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a thick NY cheesecake with a layer of candied sweet potato on top. kinda giving donki vibes. i think there’s sweet potato incorporated into the cake too!


the slices were LEGIT THICK super worth. we saw the table beside us immediately order another 3 more plates👀

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since it’s from Sushi Express, they do also have their usual $1.50 plates on the conveyor!!

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A wordplay of 寿司家, Sushi Plus is a contemporary sushi dining concept from Sushi Express. You still get to enjoy economical prices starting from $1.50++ with the addition of premium items that cannot be found at Sushi Express outlets. Ordering was fuss-free with our mobile phone using the QR code that was given to us. Orders will then arrive swiftly on a sushi train, similar to Genki Sushi and Sushiro concept.

I felt that their quality is better than Sushi Express outlets with very economical prices. Of course, you have to be realistic and not expect high quality tasting sushi at such a price. The thick-cut salmon was really thick, fresh and firm which made us order more after having one. The garlic butter scallop was interesting and they have really cheap and good teriyaki scallop skewers. If you love clams, go for their miso soup with clams that come with a generous portion of clams swimming in there.

Thick-Cut Salmon Sashimi 》$4.50
Mentaiyaki Tamagoyaki 》$2.20
Triple Flavour Mini Hanamaki 》$3
Grilled Mackerel 》$4.50
Garlic Butter Scallop Sushi 》$2.50
Miso Soup with Clams 》$2.50
Teriyaki Scallop Skewer 》$1.50

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Ordered the Half Garlicky Chicken, Chir Chir Mi Chir, Topokki & Cheese and Mac & Cheese.

Started off with the Mac & Cheese, it was really creamy, with a slightly stronger flavour profile, it would be perfect.
Next was the Topokki & Cheese, such an interesting concept, like the Mac & Cheese but using Topokki instead of Macoroni, and it works! Creamy & Tasty; the Topokki was soft & chewy, also loved the extra bacon bits & ham on top of it.
Tried the Half Garlicky Chicken, a huge recommendations is to add $2 for the Topokki & Sweet Potato, perfectly glazed, it was absolutely delicious and combines well with the sauce from the chicken.
The chicken itself was tender & delectable! Loved the Garlicky Flavour.

Lastly, we had the Chir Chir Mi Chir, the chicken was meaty and tender, the sauce that came with it, rich & creamy, and the spaghetti was a nice added touch to the dish.
It was like a creamy carbonara in a form of a chicken.

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