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Kaya French Toast

Waited 45 mins for this; off-peak, barely a few tables occupied.

Very 'eggy' bread (the ones we whip up for a last min breakfast) , sour kaya ganache that not only has a weird colour, but taste and texture, desiccated coconut that's reminiscent of phoon huat packaged ones. The saving grace was the ice cream and that splash of Gula Melaka.

Not too sweet but the elements just do not blend well. I had to pair everything with the ice cream to get some sense of what the dish was dreaming to be like. $15.90. I'll rather go for the real deal that's one decimal place behind.

Peranakan Indulgence

I have been reading about Harrianns being rated as a fine purveyor of Nonya kuehs and finally had the chance to try them out.
They do have their choice of set meals but not being particularly hungry I chose to order a kopi o with a box of ondeh ondehs to indulge my sweet tooth.
Their kopi o turned out to be uncommonly robust and proved to complement the sweet dessert pretty well. I popped in the ondeh ondeh one at a time enjoying the rich taste of the gula melaka gushing into my mouth as I bite through it. It's been a while since I enjoyed a "proper" ondeh ondeh.
I look forward to my next visit to Harrianns should I pop by Bugis in the near future.

Matcha Latte ($6)
Stepping into this lovely coffee place always give me the happy & relax vibes.

How I wish I could stay here all day & do nothing but just sip away the soothing latte. Decided to be adventurous today & I went for Matcha Latte! Those who know me well would know that Matcha is never my cup of tea. This one I must say wowed me 馃槝 Authentic matcha powder with that slight bitterness but balanced so perfectly well with a tiny tint of sweetness on the surface 馃構Happy Friday 馃槏


Bakudan Korokke

Bakudan Korokke (S$8.90++)
Homemade Egg 馃Potato 馃 Croquette
Available at @SumireSG in @BugisJunctionXBugisPlus
It looked like a crispy ball 馃弨 when served. Smooth molten egg yolk flowing out like lava when cut opened.
Between the crispy crust and the soft lava egg, it was a layer of potato 馃 salad 馃 with carrot 馃 , zucchini and onion.
Sumire Yakitori House
Address 馃彔 : 80 Middle Road, # 01-88/89 Bugis Junction, Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞 188 966
Tel 鈽庯笍 : 6338 9963
Open 馃拡 :
PH, Sun - Thu : 11.30am - 10.30pm
Eve of PH, Fri, Sat : 11.30am - 11pm
MRT 馃殗 : Bugis (EW12/ DT14)

Unagi Toji Don Set

Brought by the folks behind Bincho (also part of Unlisted Collection), Panko replaces Longplay at Haji Lane. Recently launching their lunch menu, their lunch sets are priced competitively between $16 to $20 while coming generous with complimentary Chawanmushi, soup, pickles, kushikatsu (the reason why people come to Panko for) and dessert 鈥 it's pretty much like having a 6-course meal that's very worth the money spent!

The Chawanmushi itself was silky smooth, coming with a layer of the sticky Dashi stock that gave the steamed egg its flavour. Inside, it's packed with fish cake, ginkgo and a chunk of chicken; would probably say it's pretty filled with goodies despite being served as a compliment to the main dish. Kushikatsu sticks that come with the set includes Brussels Sprouts, Baby Tomatoes and Scallops; all of that drizzled with a sauce for flavour while being almost greaseless. That being said, the batter felt like it lacked the crispness that one would yearn for in fried food, with the batter seemingly tearing away from the ingredients too eagerly with a bite. The pickles were crunchy and juicy with a reasonable tanginess, while the Soup came with a good amount of seaweed and tofu. The Unagi Toji don comes pretty comforting with the unagi and egg cooked with Dashi broth blanketing the bed of rice 鈥 it's pretty much comforting like a good Oyako Don replacing the chunks of chicken with unagi; it is also worth being that the unagi was well-flavoured with the sauce that it was coated with and not scaly. Dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice-cream; creamy and smooth while being aromatic 鈥 it's not really outstanding on its own but still puts the meal to a great end. A simple and decent bowl that is well-executed for its price at $18, not to mention all the stuff on the side that one is getting as part of the deal; quite a value-for-money lunch menu I would say!

Back to try @brotherbirdsg Thai Green Tea Softserve + Salted Egg Burst ($15).

Very light and refreshing, isn't overpowering with its matcha taste or being too sweet. Most of the sweetness comes from the oozing warm salted egg sauce. Both of them goes hand in hand, very well done! 馃い
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[SG] We were thrilled to try out @themassessg.

Awesome food and really nice ambience! Will be posting individual food reviews later, stay tuned! 馃憢馃徏 #ahungrywessg #burrple

Coconut Water Sorbet Soft Serve ($7)

Haven't been back since a disappointing Tokyo banana soft serve. Was in the area for exercise and decided to drop by because we exercise to eat more amirite?! No regrets and I didn't even feel guilty finishing this Coconut Water Sorbet soft serve ($7) by myself. The flavour of coconut was strong; texture was slightly icy, didn't mind cos it was so light and refreshing. No surprises about the combination of toppings but it was great nonetheless, absolutely loved the gula melaka which wasn't sweet, only wished there were more almond crunch with coconut shavings!馃構

The Bomb & Lady Hyde

"Lady Hyde killed the hype". What sounds more amazing than a classic Hawaiian pizza with pork floss and bak kwa? But what sounds good doesn't necessarily taste good. How can anybody even destroy a good old Hawaiian pizza in such a way? Nuff said.

Hyde Chili Crab Pasta

Ordered this dish @ $22.90. Expected it to be pretty good after reading through several reviews here and also this dish was stated to be one of the top 10 fusion dishes by Seth Lui. However, not only was the portion super small (for the price), after a few mouths, it became overwhelmingly spicy as well.

Thai Green Milk Tea Softserve ($7)

Thoroughly surprised that this photo turned out great since the softserve isn't that different from the background in terms of colour. But anyway, I had a go at the Thai Green Milk Tea Softserve ($7) the other day and loved it!

The softserve was well-made, being mostly creamy and semi-icy. In a way, this simultaneous texture helped to capture the essence of how refreshingly delicious Thai Green Milk Tea can be. The cubes of vanilla sponge cake, the Thai Milk Tea sauce (correct me if I'm wrong) and the evaporated milk crumbs were fitting and fantastic additions that accentuated this softserve.

One gripe I have, however, would be that some of the crumbles were way too big. But that aside, that was a pretty solid flavour! 馃槢 (7.9/10)