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Overall, we paid about $22-$24 per pax for a satisfying and very filling meal. As they had quite a number of dishes that I can foresee myself ordering again, I can finally understand why this restaurant has been featured numerous times in the past and I would similarly highly recommend more to come and brave the queue for this. A reasonably priced restaurant serving high quality Thai cuisine, great for groups (Less than 10 would be great as the restaurant is quite small).
Price: 8.5/10
Taste: 9/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Full review at: https://thankgodjournals.wordpress.com/2019/12/09/restaurant-review-ah-loy-thai-best-thai-restaurant-thus-far-08-12-19/

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B52nNX0gH8X/?igshid=1mbv4ww7pvseb

Zul's satay pizza ($21) topped with chicken and beef satay. Tasted exactly like satay on a stick except this was on crisp dough. So good!
Signature house hokkien mee ($13). Sweet tones of seafood jus. Just abit more wokhei and this could be a winner. A must order is the crabmeat fried rice ($13). Abundant crab claw flesh and garnished with tobiko and flying fish roe. For the "meatarians", this big meat platter consisting of beef, lamb chops, satay might just satisfy your protein cravings.
@thegong is by @drinksand co . Centrally located just above the bugis downtown line, it is definitely a chill-lax place to unwind with plenty of drinks and good food.
Thank you Amanda @thegong for the invite and the very warm hospitality.

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This is why we're here and they absolutely nailed it. I think it's my number one in a different sort of way from Amoy street chendol. So bloody good

The coconut cream is home churned apparently and it's so rich. Absolutely incredible with their gula melaka that they sourced. And their chendol itself had a strong pandan flavour as it's made in house. The pandan flavour, creaminess and sweetness of the chendol is almost remniscent of the Kaya layer in many kuehs, instead of the usual tasteless limp artificial chendol u get elsewhere.

Lets just say if they werent in fortune centre they would be an institution. Must try!

P. S. My friend adorably asked why a cantonese dessert place sells chendol and i told him dont question if it's this good. But the nice chef said they're a small place without much human traffic so really need to diversify lol

It's smooth but it doesnt taste like a dessert. It's like chawanmushi with sugar. Not really my thing, and it's served really hot. My friend burned his mouth on the first bite lol(always let your dining partner try the hot stuff first hahaha)

I can’t believe it was my first time at Ma Maison; and so in the mood for beef, I got myself the Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice ($16.80). A comforting dish to say the least, the texture of the egg omelette was exactly as it looked - silky-soft, almost creamy, and smooth. The butter rice hidden underneath was fragrant too, complementing the chunks of meat, sliced mushrooms, onions and the luscious pool of brown sauce. Savoury and well seasoned, the demi-glace was also the right consistency for me - not too watered or cloying. The beef itself was nicely marinated, with traces of pepper. In all, a foolproof lunch option!

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I like that the waffle is crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside. Quite a lot of variety of ice cream. Tokyo banana was interesting. Wasn’t a fan of the Thai Red Tea, but the salted caramel was quite good.

I really like it, fries was crispy, bun was crispy, beef was so soft and tasty❤️❤️

Muuuch prefer this to the outlet at Thomson!! The acai here is super rich and not at all icy. The triple A ($13.90) features acai layered with granola, seasonal fruit and plenty of superfoods. You get a choice of sauce, and my favourite is the cookie butter! Plus points for the friendly staff ✌🏼

The barramundi fish and chip is so crispy and tasty!