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Fell so deeply in love with this pan-fried bun ever since I had it for the first time in Shanghai 6 years back. It's a snack that I would gladly forsake calories for. So I was really looking forward to trying Mr. Shengjian because it's so hard to find a good 鐢熺厧鍖 in Singapore. (Like the ones from Xiang Yuan Ji at Jalan Besar)

To spot a sheng jian done nicely:
1. Must definitely have a base pan-fried till crispy and golden brown while retaining a soft bao skin on top.

2. A substantial amount of minced pork wrapped inside with a flavourful, slightly sweet porky soup. The soup is usually made of pork lard, therefore quite oily. No smell of frozen pork.

3. Some chopped spring onion and sesame seeds for a fragrant nutty taste.

I have to say the classic flavour ones here do remind me of the authentic ones in Shanghai. Pleasantly surprised to see so much soup flowing as I took a bite off the bao skin. But the Kimchi with prawns was a miss; There was no soup in the bun and felt like it was a spicy chili flavour instead of a sour fermented taste. So I would recommend to stick to the classic flavour.
Also disappointed by the size of the buns too. Far cry from that of a normal sized bun even. I should start planning a trip to Shanghai soon!

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The no milk one has a stronger fish & vegetable taste while the milk one is a nice balance of lightness with subtle fish flavour. The sliced fish are of substantial thickness and really fresh, and there is a generous amount for $5.80. The fried egg was fluffy, not too oily and the bittergourd gave a nice bitter flavour to the slightly sweet & salty egg
鈿狅笍 Reaching at 11.40am, we just beat the crowd that quickly formed soon after. By noon, there was no more free seats and a queue so do go at off peak times if you don鈥檛 want to wait. But do note that they take quite long to cook the food and we waited about 20-30mins
馃搷Xi Yuan Ji 鏂版簮瑷, 31 Tan Quee Lan Street (near #bugismrt)

New stall alert 馃毃!

Chinese - Thai mixed rice stall

In the same coffee shop that houses fatty thai wanton noodles is this newly set up mixed rice stall run by a thai lady who speaks good Chinese and dialect too 馃槉.

They were previously at the basement of golden mile but have since started operations here 3 days ago .

What caught my eye initially was the pineapple rice that was displayed as one of the dishes amongst the mixed rice varieties and the ladies finger with a spicy looking Hae bee . All the dishes looked so well presented and they were not greasy.

I had the pineapple rice with the stir fried luffa with egg and dried shrimps and the stir fried cabbage with julienned carrots. The pineapple rice was so fluffy and light and had huge chunks of fresh pineapples while the luffa in the egg gravy was so well made and generously seasoned with dried shrimps . Everything on my plate was only 2.50 - how affordable is that ?

I initially realised that I had limited cash in my wallet and only a bag of coins that I didn鈥檛 know amounted to how much and the lady boss was so kind - she said it doesn鈥檛 matter - if not enough , pay another day. Such a lovely and kind soul.

Apart from the mixed rice dishes , the stall ( which will have its sign board up in 2 to 3 days ) will also have the usual thai specialities like pad thai , fried noodles and dishes that they will cook upon your order .

The food is so homecooked and made with so much care and love - I will be coming back for more .

Please go by to support this new stall and the lovely and kind lady boss 馃槉

Fortune Food started out as a small hawker stall selling just popiah, but they've expanded their selection of food over the years "to preserve our heritage and to ensure that Singaporeans鈥 favourite comfort food will never be a thing of the past."

鈥 Soft and chewy skin, comparable to Qiji's
鈥 Superb crunch and fragrance from the peanuts and crispy bits
鈥 Wrapped nicely and tightly, hence a good mouthfeel with each piece
鈥 They even do catering for their DIY popiah sets (kueh pie tee and muah chee too!)

鈥 A little small for $1.70

Verdict: 4.5/5

If this doesn鈥檛 get you out of bed in the morning ... ..... what will ?? 馃槤

I am addicted to Dong Po cafe . Everything about it os Homemade .

This is the best bostock in Singapore ( not that it can be found widely in the first place ) and it deserves some pretty good attention. I researched and found that the bostock is actually a traditional French recipe 馃槉

Crisp sliced almonds over a layer of frangipani and on to of a well toasted homemade bread. The bostock is very light and surprisingly not sweet at all so perfect for those of you who have Low tolerance to sweets.

Already missing this sumiyaki aka Bincho-tan charcoal grilled yakitori dish from @pankosg! Light eaters might find the rich savoury mentaiko a little overpowering, I personally find that a small squeeze from the lemon provided helps a lot to give it a lift of flavour dimension 馃い it鈥檚 too bad I only had one.
Loving this relatively new Japanese Kushikatsu bar concept under the huge umbrella brand of @unlistedc, glad that it鈥檚 fitting right in at the original hipster spot of Haji Lane/Arab Street. Keep it up.
馃搷Panko Restaurant & Bar
33 Arab Street, S189197
Daily: 12pm-12am

Goatee Homemade Chicken Burger - Sandwiched between the burger buns are tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, and a very juicy chicken patty. The thick homemade chicken patty was moist, tender, smooth and springy.

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The yellow brick road ($14.9) is a must try - the combination of french toast and salted caramel banana simply cannot go wrong! The dehydrated mandarin orange doesn鈥檛 taste like orange at all but is very crispy which is very interesting. The wild mushroom toast with scramble egg ($17.9) tastes really great when you first bite but feeling a bit too much afterwards.

Tortilla chips as the base, topped with red salsa, pinto bean and pulled pork. Drizzled with chamomile yogurt before finishing off with a fried egg on top of the 鈥渕ess鈥. Messy but simple piece of yums!

It has been a common sides on most of the cafe menu now. But not everyone can execute this well. However, the fries here are coated with strong truffles oil and not too jelak. Just one not very friendly thing about this cafe is the portion size is abit small though 馃槄

A house special. Think sliders; crisp fried mantou buns, stuffed with a large slice of char siew - roasted pork belly coated in a secret marinade; along with a juicy vegetal sweet slice of cucumber.
The smoky, caramelised notes of the char siew and its deep savoury sweet salty flavour is so addictive, the ratio of fat to lean meat just right. Excellent appetizer or bar snack.
Invited tasting kindly hosted by @onebowlsg, with @chubbybotakkoala, @rain498, @fundamentally_flawed, @jellymagically.
One Bowl Restaurant & Bar
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This is an excellent appetizer, and it's one of the two starters I always order (the other being the heirloom tomatoes).
These romaine lettuces are char grilled before drizzling with sudachi (a type of Japanese citrus) vinaigrette. It's refreshing on its own, but even better when mixed with the sous vide confit egg yolk that came with their house blend of truffle soy oil.