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Had sesame paste with vanilla ice cream ($6.10) and mango pomelo sago ($6.50). My first time having cold sesame paste and it’s gooooood.

I love motherdough - today I got the chocolate malted cereal cookie ($3) and sesame semolina sourdough ($8). The cookie is super yummy and delivers on all the promised flavours! I haven’t tried this sourdough yet but on a previous visit I had the plum croissant (forgot the price) and mini baguette (forgot the price), which were both AMAZING.

We order Taiwan mazesoba nagoya style and mazesoba with braised pork. The former taste delicious and the latter is just okay.


I thought I can just use my hand to eat but oh my gosh! The mochi skin is so so soft, everything breaks apart when I lift it up 😆 It’s yummy but so messy and kinda pricey

Wasn't a believer of the hype, but this cup ($8) was actually pretty good and easily one of the better coffees I've had in Singapore.
Unlike many popular cafes nowadays, the Arabica blend isn't the overly safe balanced kind. I like balanced coffee of course, but sometimes it feels too boring - and lacking that je ne sais quos. Arabica's blend possessed quite a depth of flavour: it had a mix of a deep aromatic nuttiness which was laced with traces of chocolate, and left a lingering hint of fragrant bitterness in the mouth.
They did well to balance it out with a good dose of rich milkiness, which alleviated some of the heaviness and made it really easy to drink. It also gave it a tad of balance, but not so much that it gets robbed of its full-bodied and robust personality.
$8 feels a tad steep for iced latte, but it may not be that unreasonable for a popular Japanese brand like this. If you luck into a short queue, it could be worth checking out.

From the new Yat Ka Yan at Fortune Centre, located at Level 2 just a few doors away from Motsu-Ya, serving up Cantonese and local desserts with a couple of light bites such as Yam Cake, Glutinous Rice and more.

Went with Steamed Egg, available only as a hot dessert. Featuring a wobbly egg custard, the Steamed Egg comes silky smooth; pretty slurpy and slides into the throat easily. Coming with a mellow sweetness just for flavour, the slight contrast provided by the ginger helps to keep things refreshing as one goes through the entire portion of the dessert. A very well-executed dessert that we would not mind having again.


Juicy and tender sliced mushrooms breaded and fried to a lovely golden brown. This was as satisfying as eating a breaded chicken cutlet in my opinion, and it comes complete with fries, salad and baked beans. The cutlet does need to be cut into smaller pieces with a knife, because it is quite hard to chew the whole mushroom. While this isn’t a dish I would usually turn to at Sauté, it’s a great Western vegetarian option for when you’re in the mood for chicken cutlet or fish and chips.

I can’t resist handmade mee hoon kueh, and this is a dish I’ve ordered multiple times. However, I haven’t visited Saute in a while. Unfortunately, a few things have changed, and not for the better. Firstly, the portion size seems to have downsized a fair bit. It’s almost half of the amount of what I remembered. Next, the noodle texture isn’t as great as I remembered. It’s thinner, more slippery, and doesn’t have as much bite. The seasoning and ingredients are pretty much the same, but I would go for a different main next time.

The perfect dish for people who love crispy and chewy eggs in oyster omelette but not the oysters. Sauté serves up a vegetarian version with mushrooms and a great chilli sauce that’s slightly spicy and sweet. One of my favourite places to visit for “oyster” omelette!

*Saute is opening a new outlet at Funan this year too!