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📍ATLAS, Parkview Square📍
💸 Afternoon tea: $64
*Prices not inclusive of GST/Servvice Charge

We've been wanting to try Atlas' afternoon tea since forever but it's so difficult to get a reservation🥺. Really lucky we managed to book a slot a few months in advance🙏! We really liked the pastries and desserts. Each had pretty unique flavour combinations that are different from the norm🍞. Usually for afternoon tea sets, there would be some items that are misses for us. But for this, all the items were pretty good🍮! Lovely selection of tea as well, we really enjoyed the Kukicha Green especially🍵. We'll be trying to book their Christmas afternoon tea next, hopefully we'll succeed!😄

🍗 Grilled Chicken + Taiwan Egg Fried Rice + Black Pepper Sauce
This dish was easily our favourite. The Taiwan Egg Fried Rice was fragrant and cooked to perfection. The grilled chicken was also cooked well, with a juicy and tender texture that paired perfectly with the rice. But what really set this dish apart was the black pepper sauce. The sauce was rich and complemented the flavours of the chicken and rice beautifully, and we found ourselves wanting more with every bite.

🍗 Grilled Chicken + Udon + Signature Brown Sauce
The first thing that caught our attention was the aroma of the signature brown sauce. The flavour was rich and savoury. The grilled chicken was perfectly cooked, with a juicy and tender texture that complemented the brown sauce nicely. The dish was well-balanced. However, the dish did get a bit heavy after a while. Despite this, we must emphasise how good the signature brown sauce was. It was the star of the dish, and would recommend ordering it again with other dishes on the menu.

🐟 Grilled Salmon + Taiwan Egg Fried Rice + Tomato Sauce
The flavours of the dish didn't quite match up. While the salmon was perfectly grilled and the egg fried rice was fluffy and flavorful, the tomato sauce seemed out of place. The tomato sauce had a texture that was more akin to dried marinara than the fresh tomato sauce we were expecting. This dish didn’t live up to our expectations. However if you're feeling adventurous, you may give this dish a try and you might just find the combination to your liking!

Each main dish comes with a mini buffet bar and a D.I.Y bubble tea station, so we were thrilled to try them out. The buffet had a wide selection of options, including Chilled Marinated King Oyster Mushroom with Chili Oil, Mee Sua, and Grilled Corn with Taiwan spices. While some of the sides were delicious, we felt that a few didn't quite live up to our expectations. The bubble tea is perfect for those who prefer a creamier, milkier tea, and the boba was delightfully chewy.

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S$ 7
Earthy flavor of oolong soft serve pair with fruity passion fruit popping boba and osmanthus jelly.

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I saw the burrple feed that people order it with roasted tomato basil soup as a ala crate. It's quite nice when it's warm when it's served on the table. Cheese Toastie ($16.90) got that melted "pull" and when we pull it side by side. I do recommended to order if you're got cheese vibe or lover. But I decided to add on Tater Tots for $4 as side dish but got "fishy" smell on it. I guess that they cooked with fish side by side. They got spam bagel and buttermilk pancake as their specials on the menu.

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I’m back at Pasta & Co. once again for the fifth or sixth time! I’m glad to say standards are still well maintained at the establishment, though I must say my usual Lamb Merguez was a tad bit too spicy this round.

My friends had the Ragu, Mentaiko, and the Pasta alla Vodka. Alcohol taste in the pasta wasn’t too visible and was probably the favourite of the night.

Total spent $62.80 for 4 pax’s full-portion (after Burpple Beyond); doesn’t break the bank. I’m happy that the establishment is doing well. Michelle (lady boss) always serves with a nice smile; service is still fantastic. Would always recommend someone to try this place.

Tom’s Palette take on Bubble Tea
Frozen Peak Oolong soft serve topped with passionfruit boba, osmanthus jelly and citrus nut clusters

Among the longest-serving, most well-known brands, they still attract long queues daily for their reasonably priced and tasty dishes. Queue moves relatively quick, averaging a 20-minute wait.
The fresh and boneless mackerel fish fillets, both natural and fried, are served in a generous portion. Large and chunky, yet tender flaky in texture, each fish slice has lovely meaty sweet savoury flavour.
The garnishes of crunchy cabbage and juicy tomato, lend lovely vegetal sweet flavour. Nice pairing with fluffy white rice, with grainy sweet notes.
The robust broth carries bold sweet savoury salty flavour, from stewing fosh bones for hours. I prefer the rendition without milk, where you can taste the depth of flavour in the soup.
Fish Soup
Xin Yuan Ji
@ 31 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-01
More details:

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Serving a wide array of Donburis and Premium Omakase, @gyosensg is helmed by 2 chefs with over 30 years of experience each; One was previously from Chirashi King Kong and the other from House of Chirashi! That explains the slight similarity in plating, as well as the delicious earthy mushroom rice specially unique to @gyosensg!

Here’s what we enjoyed…
👉Salmon Mentai Don - SGD21.90
👉Chirashi Don - SGD28.90
👉Anago Chawanmushi
👉Truffle Edamame
👉Yuzu & Goma Ice Cream
👉SaSa Noha
Japanese Mochi w Hokkaido Cream Custard, wrapped in bamboo leaves

Affordably priced, all the Donburis here are served with a bed of their house-special mushroom rice and guess what? You can enjoy this in 2 ways! Eat the mushroom rice on its own first before mixing all the condiments at the side together for another new flavour explosion. Highly recommend getting their Salmon Mentai Don if it’s your first time visiting. Pretty sure this won’t be the last time here…

For the complete experience with desserts, go for their SaSa Noha which was surprisingly impressive, though I’ve to admit it was quite pricey.

[Media Invite] @theprsalon

Fortune Centre
190 Middle Rd 03-16, S188979
🕚Closed on Sundays
🚇Near Bugis/Bencoolen MRT

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Order their fish variation ($5) this time and it is not bad. Fish is fried to order and it was hot and crispy.

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Set in the old building of 📍 Fortune Centre (Bugis area), you can enjoy handmade pastas at @pastaandco -- choose between interesting choices such as squid ink tagliatelle and roasted capsicum with paprika spaghetti with your sauce base. For me, there were hits and misses but I don't think I'll return.

🌠 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond ! 🌠 But take note that the 1 for 1 is only for the small sizes so you'll have to pay the difference in price (~$5) for each dish if you want to get the full size. I do recommend you do this because even the full size wasn't that hefty.

This pasta was the star of the show! I doubt I'll ever be properly satisfied by a solely cream or tomato based pasta ever again after tasting this. To be honest, the vodka doesn't taste like much but the piquant tomato, savoury bacon, and cream formed a perfect combination of flavours. The dish comes with "bird's eye chilli" as well but the spiciness wasn't too bad.


This was a fair attempt at the Italian classic, but came across a bit dilute and too peppery. Oh well. At least the fusili lunghi was fun to chew on!


Crispy but a bit too chewy inside. Worth a try but it's nothing special.