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Stumbled across this while searching for comfort food during the #wintersingapore week where hubby & I wanted something warm & soupy for dinner. Loved it because shorter queues, more ingredients (wantons & bar chor bits at the bottom!), more soup + noodles & chilli padi added that much needed kick. Sorry Bedok 85, but I think I'll stick to this now.

Super good and value for money brunch. Had the pesto scramble - well-made pesto and scrambled eggs on sourdough bread, and pulled pork waffles - bbq flavoured pork on top of a thick waffle. Super yummy. Average $15 per dish. (This is a sister cafe of Fuel Plus)

Should鈥檝e shared this much much earlier. I found my way to O鈥橲ulloc Tea House located along the streets of Insadong. They are touted as the matcha haven of South Korea as they use tea leaves from Jeju, spawning many products such as tea drinks, face masks and desserts like their roll cakes (which comes in three different flavours by the way)! 馃憛

Unfortunately though, I wasn鈥檛 too impressed with this, mainly because it fell short on the bitter goodness of matcha. I did like the delicate airy texture of the cream though. The sponge cake was soft and pretty moist as well, albeit not in a melt-in-your-mouth kind of way, so it wasn鈥檛 too shabby overall! 馃嵃馃嵉

Where to go when you're craving for a hot piping mee sua? You can check out Seng Kee in Bedok! It specializes in Black Chicken Herbal Soup and Pig Organs Mee Sua. But don't be mistaken! It's actually a tze char stall which serves other pretty good dishes at cheap affordable prices and at decently big portions!

So back to the Pig Organs Mee Sua, what's so nice about them? First is the herbal soup taste, pretty lightly flavored with some Chinese herbs. Nothing much at the starts, but as you sip in more, the flavor gets there! Second is the sliced thinly, no odor and not overcooked pig organs and meesua! Really warms up your stomach into the night.

Went during the 1 for 1 pasta promotion and ordered aglio olio ($6.50 without promotion, additional $3 for prawns). Dish was tasty and had five prawns. Pasta texture was a perfect aldente and the inclusion of almond flakes in the dish added extra texture to the dish. I felt that the pasta portion was slightly small though. Wish that this place would offer some tomato-based pastas, as it currently offers mostly cream-based/cheesy pastas!

Price wise was cheap but th food here is rly mediocre. Lala, very little lala mostly shell & th pork was thinly cut. Their service here actually sucks too. We waited quite long for dishes to be out whn there wasn't much customers & they nv even bother asking what we wanna drink until th end of th meal 鉁旓笍 2/5 Nah, not coming anymore

Steamed squid, veg with eggs and prawn omelette. All served piping hot. 1001 bukit merah central. A hidden corner of the industrial building carpark.

[The Pasta Boutique]
Reviewed this 6 month old pasta stall situated in a hidden Neighbourhood in Bedok ! Tasted this bowl of Truffle Mushroom Pasta [$11.80] From The Pasta Boutique inside New Century Food House Coffeeshop! .
Plate of Pasta was infused with Truffle Oil and Truffle Cream which creates a strong hint of Truffle Fragrance brought upon being served! (Love the truffle scent馃憤)!
Pasta was nicely cooked and presented in cream base sauce with ingredients such as Button Mushrooms added that was topped with fresh parsley and grated parmesan cheese!
Not only they serve Pastas in their Menu, Main Courses like Chicken Chop and Ribeye Steak are avaliable and recommended too!

Pancakes, waffles, or eggs bennys, this place does brunch right, and without GST as well! Read more at:

Located in a kopitiam, the pasta dishes were of restaurant quality. The spicy prawn pasta in particular, was a delight with it's perfect white wine cream sauce and al dente linguine. But what stole the show was the chicken chop with herbs that was crisply grilled to perfection and absolutely herbalicious! Read more at:

Chance upon this place after seeing quite a few review in Burpple. It's really live up to its name serving quality pasta, cook just nice! I had truffle mushroom linguine. Price a bit high compare to other stalls in the kopitiam. If u love italian food like me, worth to make a trip to satisfy your craving.

Tucked away in a quiet hawker centre, the sister of the popular Ser Seng Turtle Soup Restaurant sells more affordable turtle soup for the soul.

It's cheaper because they don't serve brown rice and probably use less XO cognac in their soup, but you can always BYO. The turtle is well cooked, and the soothing herbal soup is perfect for a rainy day.

I have not met a happier couple selling humble fare in a wet market. Their warm soup makes my tummy smile, and their warm smiles make my heart melt.

In fact, they practise a more sustainable business model: They don't sell turtle eggs here, giving the baby turtles a chance to mature into adults and continue the next generation of this vulnerable highly-prized species.


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It is indeed recognised on the official寰风敓鎴愬北鐟/ website

$35 Claypot + $0.50 a bowl of rice (pictured)
[$10 / 14 / 18 / 20 / 25 individual soup bowl options]
[$35 / 50 Claypot options]