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The herbal soup is not as strong as compared to the previous time I ate, ingredients is lesser too. Nevertheless, it is still a decent bowl of mee sua especially during rainy weather (S$4).

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This plate was served with no gravy but the lamb was well marinated. It was juicy and with an acceptable portion of fats. One of the best lamb chops I’ve eaten at Hawker Centre western stall (S$9).

2nd time here, and so far I haven’t tasted anything that sucks here. Their mac and cheese is pretty good and decently priced (actually everything is very decently priced, with most mains averaging at $14-$15. Other must trys - oreo milkshake, porky egg waffle, mushroom soup, and this cauliflower cheesy mashed potato. It’s SO GOOD!!! ~ $20/pax only!!

Nice little cafe usually nested in the heart of Bedok Reservoir HDB estate. The "It's Salmon Time" and "Fuel Me Up" are wholesomely cooked and serving portions are more than adequate. The banana pancakes are delightfully fluffy and ideal for sharing after a heavy meal. Kudos to Refuel for pricing their menu reasonably. Definitely worth a subsequent visit.

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A big reason why I prefer the Bedok food centre branch of “Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup” is that their steamed fish never fails.
Whatever type of fish my dad and I pick, it’s always covered in leeks, “kiam chye”, “tau cheo” and tomatoes, heat-boosted with a splash of chilli sauce (you can ask for it to be left out) and steamed to perfection. And yet even with all that seasoning, the freshness of the fish is still apparent.
My parents and I use to have dinner here very regularly for years before the hawker centre closed for renovations. Am so glad it’s reopened - we can get back into our happy little routine again.


Today’s stormy weather triggered a need in me for hot soup. So when it was time for dinner, a quick hop to Bedok North’s “Kaki Bukit Market & Food Centre” transpired for a fix of Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken’s “mee sua with pork, liver and kidney”.
This is the only stall I would have this dish from because I feel they do it best. Even their other outlet on Changi Road can’t match this original stall in terms of delivering the same taste and quality every single time.


Teochew style mee pok with fishball, fish cake and fish dumplings. I had mine with ketchup cos I don’t take chilli and found the noodles coooked just right - al dente almost. The fishballs/cakes were fresh and not too fishy, was also impressed with the fish dumplings which was of a lovely slippery texture yet not too flour-y. A hidden gem in a quiet neighbourhood.

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One of the best bowls of noodle soup i have had. The broth is thick, herbal-ish and very aromatic. If you have the chance, go on down and try it yourself. The pig organs are cooked just right, not too tough and the lean meat tasted clean and smooth. I like how they chooses to use meesua(wheat noodles) for the soup, it is a type of salted noodle and compliments the aromatic broth well. Try it soon!

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Fuel plus/breko cafe's sister cafe i believed in bedok. Similar more affordable brunch and western menu with some changes here and there. One of the exclusives here is the pancake banana ($9 5). 3 banana pancakes with sunflower seed, chocolqte syrup and ice cream. While the pancakes are much thinner than your usual, it still still a little bit of fluff, banana was not really tasteable in the batter though they served this with banana 4/5


This is one of those dishes that always intimidated me during my childhood days, but gradually became more disarming, eventually reaching the point of being enticing.

The Dried Chili Chicken with Rice ($5) from Padi Emas was a humble Malay fare that could have been great, if it weren’t for how coagulated the sauce was and how tough the chicken dice were. But generally, the symphony of flavour-packed ingredients like garlic, spring onions, ginger, dark soy sauce make for a harmony that has a perennial appeal. Throw a fried egg into the picture, and you have a meal fit for virtually anyone! Although…it may possibly have the population of ‘white people’ who are constantly badgered by the Internet — those whose reputations are partly defined by their notorious disdain for spices, or their bizarre lament for the lack of crispiness in their chicken rendang — shaking in their shoes. (7.4/10) 😬


Had the chili crab pasta and berry waffles. Both were pretty average but for the price, it’s decent. The queue is long here during the weekend so remember to make a reservation!

Taste 6/10