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forgot the name but really good i love the taste of the sauce because it’s rly unique

The food here was robust in taste and full of flavour. The different texture and varied levels of spiciness, sweetness, nuttiness and “lemak-ness" of the different dishes just come together so well with the steamed rice. I especially enjoyed the beef rendang and curry chicken. Oh and the mee rebus was impressive too.

They say good stuff aren’t cheap and cheap stuff aren’t good but this place has proven the saying wrong.

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Forever my go-to meal at refuel because when I am there I lose all sense of adventure, give in to vulnerability, and retreat back into my comfort zone to enjoy a plate of spicy, creamy pasta that I’m sure wouldn’t disappoint. I have to admit, the spiciness level has dropped, which made me a little sad, but I made that up with Tabasco so alls good. But I always appreciate the authenticity to its taste, light but creamy (you won’t get sick of it!), spicy but not the common tomyam taste you’d get from other fusion pastas. With a generous amount of seafood - fresh prawns and mussels, this pasta is an alternative take on tomyam pastas, as it still gives a spicy kick!🌶

Chose it because it was recommended and it seemed like an original - and I guess this was a pretty decent thirst quencher which exceeded expectations. It tasted like normal lemon tea at first, but I started to appreciate its natural sweetness and fruity notes that came with it. There were citrus flavours because of the lemon and oranges inside, as well as grapefruit and mint leaves I believe. It was not diluted, which was also a great thing as the overall drink flavour was really light to taste, making it a good choice of drink on a warm day.

The last time I ate this was before they revamped their menu. While I always believe a menu upgrade would elevate the experience, this dish fell short of expectations. They now use penne instead of macaroni, which is really odd because it is called macaroni & cheese for a reason.. I also feel like penne did not properly encapsulate the taste of the three cheeses they pride themselves on. They now add zucchini too, but placed them in large zucchini chunks, which was really out of place for this dish. Perhaps smaller slices would’ve sufficed. Nonetheless, the dish was adequately cheesy, and the base sauce was more bolognese, and there was a pretty generous amount of meat. However, the flavour got a little bit too salty at the end.

This cup of mocha is pretty decent. Strong, not too sweet, and just the right amount of chocolatey. Wished the texture was smoother, but it was still not bad.

always drink swensens one but this is way better

wish there were mantous to dip in but good pasta overall~

love the glaze and it was really good