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Steamboat hot-favorite Soya Ring Rolls - Dip them only slightly in the soup if you wish to still enjoy a crunch. Otherwise, submerge the rolls entirely in the broth to soak it all up.

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The most popular cafe in Bedok Reservoir draws in the crowds with unpretentious, hearty food at pocket-friendly prices.

The eggs are poached to wobbly, runny perfection and lightly coated in a well-balanced, none too rich hollandaise, served on a bed of tender, moreish pulled pork, that while overly sweet was still enjoyable.

Taste: 3/5


This cafe is definitely well known in the east, serving up delicious all day brunches. The Pulled Pork on Toast (I can't remember the real name) ($13.90) came with generous portions of pulled pork, and I really appreciated the perfectly poached eggs on the toast 😍 The Salmon Scramble ($14.50) is on another level though; the pesto scrambled eggs, together with the smoked salmon and naan was the perfect pairing!

Service is really fast and wonderful here. Great for good quality time here with your loved ones ☺️

Soft tortillas served w battered fish, lettuce, salsa fresca & spicy mayo. This was the star of the show! Although their burgers were average, this was to die for! They were very generous w their portions & the fish was crispy on the outside & soft on the inside without being too oily. Tasted soooooo good! It also came w nachos & cheese which we preferred compared to the salad & potato chips that were served w the burgers. This is a MUST TRY!!!!! So worth w the 1 for 1 on entertainer too 🤩👍🏼

Brioche bun served w pork patty, cheese, arugula & bbq pulled pork. Honestly, couldn’t taste the bbq pulled pork at all so it was quite a disappointment. However, the pork patty was more flavourful & tender than the beef patties. This was our fav out of the 3 burgers we tried!

Brioche bun served w beef patty, cheese, caramelized onions, arugula & spicy mayo. Felt like this was better than the truffle beef burger. The patty was more flavourful & the spicy mayo went well w the burger. The buns were nicely toasted as well. Would recommend u to get this instead!

Brioche bun served w a beef patty, cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, arugula, truffle oil & mayo. Nothing special about this burger, the truffle taste didn’t really come through & the arugula didn’t really go well w the burger as it left a bitter aftertaste (would have preferred the normal lettuce instead). Beef patty was slightly chewy (not the soft beef patties that I love) & it wasn’t as flavourful. It also came w a side of potato chips & salad. The salad was disappointment bc it was just a bunch of plain lettuce (we couldn’t taste the sauce at all) & the potato chips were just your typical lays salted chips. Would not recommend this but luckily there was 1 for 1 on entertainer!

Slow cooked chicken rendang topped sunny side-up and sandwiched between brioche buns

this affordable cafe serves really good quality salmon and side vegetables for its price 👍🏻

there was a unique lemongrass taste in this pasta which elevated the flavours! definitely a different take from creamy carbonaras

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The food here was robust in taste and full of flavour. The different texture and varied levels of spiciness, sweetness, nuttiness and “lemak-ness" of the different dishes just come together so well with the steamed rice. I especially enjoyed the beef rendang and curry chicken. Oh and the mee rebus was impressive too.

They say good stuff aren’t cheap and cheap stuff aren’t good but this place has proven the saying wrong.

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