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Welcome to Bedok Reservoir.

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Lor mee - noodles soaked in a thick dark gravy with ingredients such as fried fish, braised pork, half a braised egg, crispy fritters and ngoh hiang

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Black & White combo.
Really nice texture, best eaten soon after scooped from wok.
Moist inside & quite flavourful.

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$8 portion of ‘wet’ yet flavourful fried Hokkien Mee, savoury sauce coated each noodles combining delectable pork belly, sliced squid and big prawn.
👍👍👍 From Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle


Fast forward a few years, while thinking where to bring my family to eat after a fast walk around bedok reservoir, this was naturally the place which came up on my list since it was less than 5 mins car ride away and it is slightly out of the way by public transport and we wouldn't otherwise visit this place. There were moderate lines on a late sat morning. It seemed that most things were sold out / not ready yet? There was no otah ($1) or begedil etc available. We could only get this standard chicken wing set ($3). On first glance, the portion seemed to be too little? But it turned out to be a just nice portion. This time round, I loved everything about this nasi lemak. From the fragrant fluffy white rice to the sweet but at the same time spicy sambal chilli, to the ikan billis with fried bits and finally the best item of the dish - the marinated fried chicken wing with seasoning powder (which reminds me abit of maggi mee snack's seasoning)! Family also had good positive reviews for this place! Thumbs up! 👍🏻 #burpple #burpplesg #lawabintang #nasilemak #nasilemaksg #chickenwing #tampines #bedokreservoir #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie

So I ended up at Desa Rancapanggung for nasi padang.
Many things were sold out by about 12.45pm, so was not able to try their popular dishes such as beef rendang and Mee rebus. Instead, had chicken curry, sambal goreng and a too-sweet mussels dish.
My lunch date had fried chicken, egg sambal and veg.
Our total: $10.50.

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This cafe has one of the worst customer service!!

I've visited this cafe at Bedok Reservoir a few times as it is conveniently located near my work place and home. Food is OK but the service has always been substandard. Employees there don't really give a damn about customer service so don't expect them to smile and greet you warmly. Manager has the "blackest" face. She's like having a bad day every time and will never put on a smile even when eye contact. So, I have known their service has always been poor.

But I am extremely appalled by their service today!! My mother and I arrived on a regular weekday, Wednesday at 12.30pm. There was a long standing queue outside the cafe and the cafe was packed. I looked inside the cafe and saw the service staff noticed me so I proceeded to stand behind the line.

The weather was hot and there are no fans installed outside. The queue was moving very slowly. After waiting for a long hour, it's finally our turn to be seated next. I saw the servers clearing away the table and we were waiting for them to signal us into the cafe. Right at this moment, a group of people queuing behind us waltz into the cafe and got seated at the table that was just cleared. My mother and I were shocked because they came 45 mins after us and how can they just cut our queue??!! I quickly went into the cafe and informed the staff (her name was Amy) that we were supposed to be seated next. To prove myself I even pointed out the couple who was waiting in front of us earlier to Amy, saying we were behind them. Amy then asked the couple if their names were on the waiting list. The couple said no. She looked at me speechless and did not resolve the issue. Left me and my mum hanging. Left the other couple lost for words but they were lucky to be seated.

What was even more frustrating was that, there was a f**king waiting list all along and none of the staff inside actually came out to let us queuing customers know that we can actually write down our names and get called when it's our table is ready??!! All of us could have avoided the heat and went somewhere else first!!

I questioned Amy why we were not informed of the waiting list. She looked at me dumbfounded and awkwardly asked me to join a table that clearly wasn't meant to be shared with. It was a table meant for 4 pax already seated by a family of three. She wants my mum and I to be seated at the corner of the table, not even seated opposite of each other. It clearly was going to be very uncomfortable arrangement for them and the family we were sharing with.

I couldn't believe that besides messing up the waiting list system, she couldn't even resolve the issue by acknowledging her mistake and politely asked those behind me to give up the table for my mother and I since we have been waiting in the line for the last hour.

My mother and I were terribly upset to be put in such awkward and bad situation. We walked away and never going to come back.

To the owner of this cafe, your staff is not well trained, especially Amy. I believe many of us can agree that customer service is extremely important for running a cafe. Of course, I am not expecting to be pampered with a hai di lao sort of service, but at the very least, your customers should be treated fairly, respected and served with a smile. Your staff has failed to deliver even the most basic customer service. You have lost yourself a customer today, I suggest you do something about it asap.

From the newly-opened Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee at Broadway Coffeeshop at Blk 760 Bedok Reservoir View just a short distance away from Bedok Reservoir MRT Station. They also do have another outlet situated in Tampines, and also another outlet opening soon at Upper Serangoon.

The Signature Ban Mian is the highlight here, and the Chicken Cutlet Ban Mian essentially adds a fried chicken cutlet to the Signature Ban Mian on the side. Giving everything a good mix, the Ban Mian here is pretty slippery and slurpy — being much a flavour bomb on its own with the molten egg yolk, chilli paste, Ikan Bilis, shallots and garlic chips lacing the noodles altogether. Especially like how umami the entire bowl is when everything is mixed together, not to mention how the Chili also provides a good kick that is pretty manageable for those with moderate tolerance to spiciness; the other elements also adding a crispness, providing textural contrast against the chewy noodles. The fried chicken cutlet came with a pretty thick batter and fried upon order; fairly decent, though best to consume while still hot as it may get a little tough after sitting around for a while. A pretty commendable bowl of Chilli Pan Mee here; something which I would not mind having again!


Over at Desa Rancapanggung, this nondescript hawker stall within a food court might seemed unassuming but oh boy, they are more than your regular nasi padang stall. Especially the beef rendang which was cooked till fork tender, this is truly one of the best versions that I have tasted as the rempah has seeped into the meat and you can truly taste the Asian flavours and herbs in each bite. Besides that, the sambal goreng is a great complement to the rice but I would wish for more tempeh in it.
📍 Desa Rancapanggung Malay Cuisine
739 Bedok Reservior Road, Singapore 470739

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One of my favourite meechiangkueh places! The pancake is super soft and chewy, and generous amounts of peanut given! Best eaten warm!

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Didn't order the big prawns. Weekday 11am but you can see a long queue forming. The soup is shiok and prawns were fresh enough. So much pork lard i felt like i was in heaven.

The buah keluak, which is actually a type of nut, imparts a deep, complex, earthy flavour.

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fish balls here amazeballs man

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