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This may not be industrial ulu but it's certainly suburban ulu. There's a lot of good things going for this prawn mee. First, its soup was special. It's not only rich, there's a rawness to it associated with street food. It's that sensation you get when eating something dodgy but so good you close one eye. And look at it - I've never seen soup so deep it has not two but three layers. Second, this might be the oiliest lard I've eaten, in keeping with the first point. There's dry and mild lard, there's dry and umami lard, and there's this. The stall keeps it up by showering enough for you to accompany every mouthful of noodles. This is a very generous bowl, which ironically might have diluted the very interesting seasoning. Typical cheap river prawns were done very well, but the pork slices were almost repulsive.

Didn’t know that Denzy had opened a new outlet in Bedok; this one opens till 2am over Fridays and weekends! Loveeee the interior decor, super chill and spacious. Denzy offers a good range of vegan options (I got the vegan (oat milk) dark chocolate sorbet and black sesame (non-vegan)) and it’s really palatable. Hope that more ice cream/dessert places will start to offer vegan options too!

Wouldnt say it's bad but I had tried better tacos before, so will not order this again.

Had the choice of IBC, A&W or Bundaberg root beer and went with IBC. The ice cream was salted chocolate & macadamia flavour, which tasted creamy and had a peanut butter tone to it. It was a good combination, albeit slightly sweet. Would love to try other combinations of ice cream flavours + root beer!

This did not meet expectations after my previous visits here have been heightened🤯 this ice cream scoop lacked texture, was soft, melty, and very icy. While flavour was there, it wasn’t rich, rather it was diluted.

The amount of smoked salmon given was really generous! Carbonara was tasty and creamy, with pieces of bacon in it! Worth for the price after entertainer.

Worth it with entertainer app! The burger bun was crispy but a little too crispy for my liking. The beef patty was flavourful and soft. The cheese sauce was overflowing and super delicious. There was also bacon strips which were crispy and complemented the burger. Came with chips and salad which were decent. The seafood pasta was also not bad and was tasty!

Prawn Noodle

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Borobudur snack shop has been on my old school bakery / Kueh Kueh shop list radar for a long time now. But always didn't get a chance to visit as it is quite out of the way (i.e. not near bedok MRT)! Finally got the opportunity to visit recently when running errands nearby. On that particular morning, I was craving for kueh Ambon specifically. Browsed through their google map review photos and read how the other kuehs were just average. Just so happens, when we visited, their stall was filled with Kueh ambons! Snagged a packet of it (4 for $2.4) and I totally enjoyed it! Love pulling apart the vertical layers of the honeycomb cake /Kueh Ambon! Also love the brown crusty bits. hope such old school bakeries can stay around longer!💖


Loved the flavour and texture to this scoop of coconut ice cream. It was creamy and on the milkier side, but the coconut flavour still came out strong. There were also coconut bits which made the ice cream taste more delicious for some reason😂 but the bits added a more fun crunch to an already delightful ice cream. Would get this again and again.