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($13.90) - Just found this new salmon dish addition to their menu. The healthy salmon fillet is served together with baked potatoes, chillies, peppers, mushrooms, broccolini and topped with poached eggs. Unlike our favourite salmon dish at @refuelcafesg which is served with tomyam cream sauce, this seems to be a healthier choice and it tastes not bad at all! If only it's slightly less oily, I would love to eat this everyday 😋🙄

Had the chili crab pasta and berry waffles. Both were pretty average but for the price, it’s decent. The queue is long here during the weekend so remember to make a reservation!

Taste 6/10

Was lazy to drive and decided to walk opposite our place for dinner. As usual, refuel cafe is real value for money hearty food! Loved the bacon and mushroom Mac and cheese ($13+) had depth of flavour and so generous with the bacon and mushrooms. The ribs were decent but a tad dry and needed more sauce, probably wouldn't order again. Liked the slaw, but the corn was overcooked and overbuttered. There's room for improvement for sure! But definitely a good place to keep going back if convenient!

Modern fish ball noodle with Onsen Egg.
Noodle is Q, coated with secret chili sauce.
Fish ball and meatball is handcrafted by the owner.
Each mouth full will have a hint of crispy porklard.
TLDR: 5 stars Value for money fish ball noodle

Traditional fishball noodles with a twist! Onsen egg in the dry fishball noodles created a perfect balance in texture between the noodles and minced meat.

Handmade fish balls and meatballs here are fresh, made daily! Awesome texture.

It tastes like Thai Milk Tea but the taste doesn't really justify the long queues. Still prefer the Chendol Sundae Cone though 😄

I think to say that the Chocolate Pie is meh is really just a way to fall back on a conventional, but lazy, bandwagon-esque opinion. Mcdonald’s is first and foremost, fast food, and the general notion is that with fast food, you are not going to get the quality of a dish that has been prepared from the hands of a culinary maestro; someone who commands a deeply diverse and wealth of experience in cooking; somebody who has the sharpest and most practiced taste buds and can transform food into a soul-bending experience.

The Chocolate Pie banked on plenty of hype prior to its release, but proves itself as a pretty formidable contender against the pretentious sceptics who adamantly believe that a massive coverage hypothesises a substandard quality. Its simplicity in taste is nuanced with a chocolate ganache filling that partially trades the taste of your regular, straight-up milk chocolate with one that is just marginally darker; it is meekly bold. No striking first impression though, but it does enough to render itself some likability.

In the ancestry of pie flavours that McDonald’s boasts, this may actually be one of my favourites. There have been the most mealy ones, some senseless ones, some decent ones, but the Chocolate Pie – that’s one formidable opponent to the Apple Pie, if you ask me. 🤤 (7.2/10)

Stumbled across this while searching for comfort food during the #wintersingapore week where hubby & I wanted something warm & soupy for dinner. Loved it because shorter queues, more ingredients (wantons & bar chor bits at the bottom!), more soup + noodles & chilli padi added that much needed kick. Sorry Bedok 85, but I think I'll stick to this now.

Super good and value for money brunch. Had the pesto scramble - well-made pesto and scrambled eggs on sourdough bread, and pulled pork waffles - bbq flavoured pork on top of a thick waffle. Super yummy. Average $15 per dish. (This is a sister cafe of Fuel Plus)

Where to go when you're craving for a hot piping mee sua? You can check out Seng Kee in Bedok! It specializes in Black Chicken Herbal Soup and Pig Organs Mee Sua. But don't be mistaken! It's actually a tze char stall which serves other pretty good dishes at cheap affordable prices and at decently big portions!

So back to the Pig Organs Mee Sua, what's so nice about them? First is the herbal soup taste, pretty lightly flavored with some Chinese herbs. Nothing much at the starts, but as you sip in more, the flavor gets there! Second is the sliced thinly, no odor and not overcooked pig organs and meesua! Really warms up your stomach into the night.

Went during the 1 for 1 pasta promotion and ordered aglio olio ($6.50 without promotion, additional $3 for prawns). Dish was tasty and had five prawns. Pasta texture was a perfect aldente and the inclusion of almond flakes in the dish added extra texture to the dish. I felt that the pasta portion was slightly small though. Wish that this place would offer some tomato-based pastas, as it currently offers mostly cream-based/cheesy pastas!

Price wise was cheap but th food here is rly mediocre. Lala, very little lala mostly shell & th pork was thinly cut. Their service here actually sucks too. We waited quite long for dishes to be out whn there wasn't much customers & they nv even bother asking what we wanna drink until th end of th meal ✔️ 2/5 Nah, not coming anymore