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Peanut mian jian kueh added extra peanut butter sauce 🥜


So warm, yummy and generous with the filling and sauce!!

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“It’s Salmon Time” from @refuelcafesg remains to be one of the only few cafes in Singapore that I would visit for the salmon fillet. Personally, I love how their salmon fillet is cooked to the perfect point which is neither too dry or overcooked. The salmon fillet goes well with the perfect poached egg with runny yolks (scroll to watch the video). The dish is also served with baby potatoes, chilli, mushroom, brocollini (all of my faves).
Definitely one of my comfy food for the weekend.

This stall, Long Ji Wanton Noodles, used to be located at Kim San Leng Kopitiam just behind Tampines Round Market. They shifted to operate their stall in some industrial area and my hub and I miss their wanton mee since then.

Tried their wanton mee out (grudgingly) by chance one day when Tampines round market was closed for cleaning.
Boy I’m so glad I did! Amazing good!

Their thinner-than-usual al dente mee kia with their unique sauce is CONSISTENTLY GOOD. This is also what I love about this stall. The one who cooks the noodles is usually the Husband, but the Wife cooks just as well.

It is so good you can eat the noodles with JUST the sauce on its own. They have fried wantons for the fried food lovers, but their boiled wantons is what I love! There’s a subtle taste of aromatic “tee por“ (dried sole fish) that permeates their boiled wantons. Their char siew may not have charred bits but they are nice and not the paper-thin kind.

In my opinion, even the Xing Ji Noodles stall (with Super Long queues every weekend) that is located in the Tampines Round Market cannot match this! No horse run! Sadly, there are Long queues for Granny’s pancakes and the briyani stall but not for this good but relatively unknown small stall tucked in a corner.

One day, when we decided to visit Bedok North Street 3 Market for breakfast, I saw a banner advertising for Long Ji Wanton Noodles and decided to check it out. Bang! We found Long Ji again!!💖💖💖

Yes!! Long Ji has shifted out from dunno which ulu industrial area to Bedok North Street 3 Kopitiam!!!

I don’t know the name of the Kopitiam, but it (the Kopitiam) is at the corner of block 539, NEXT TO New Century Food House Kopitiam.

They used to work only the morning shift when they were in Tampines, but now, they are opened till 8pm.

If you were never a fan of wanton mee, you really ought to try this stall out. You will like wanton mee after this. If you like wanton mee, then you should also try this out because this is one up from your average wanton mee. This will set a new benchmark for your wanton mee. This is a mind-changing bowl of wanton mee! I am more of a hawker-centre person than a Kopitiam person but because of this stall, I am willing to head towards a Kopitiam for breakfast instead.

Like Ping Ji Bo Bia of Berseh Food Centre and Soon Wah Fishball Noodles of Newton Food Centre, Long Ji Wanton noodles is a gem 💎 that truly deserves more appreciation, attention and recognition.

By the way, next to the drinks stall in this Kopitiam, there’s a pancake stall that sells crispy pancakes. They spread a thin layer of savoury peanut paste on their thin, crispy pancakes. Makes a good snack! Yum!

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Pancakes very special. Soft and delicious, not sure what batter they use but it is very nice. Salted caramel had special taste too. Not the typical salted caramel you have outside

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Came with quite alot of bacon. Quite decent agio olio. Love it !

From Yin Sun.
Fluffy Steamed Bao so yummy.
Wallet friendly too.

$1.40 Big Bao
$0.60 CharSiew Bao
$0.60 Red Bean Bao

$0.90 Kopi O nearby stall.

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Bak Chor Mee in Bedok = soup noodles

Hmm... Looks like the phenomenon isn't just confined to the famous Fengshan 85 Food Centre.
Over at the 511 Hawker Centre, the focus is on the dumplings instead of the minced meat slush (can I call it a slush?). Good enough to fight with the two shops at the other end of Bedok, but I wouldn't make the trip specially to this more inaccessible location unless I was hankering for dumpling soup.

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The absolute top is at Food For Thought at the Singapore National Museum, Bras Basah Road.

More about this one. The Biscotti on top provided a nice crunch but what was really cool was that they let the expresso cool down before putting it together so that the Icecream is unmelted
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Made from sliced onions, lightly flour battered

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Chef Bob's western grill has many tasty surprises that we like. This is one of them. The (slipper) lobster thermidor is another. One secret (at least secret till you read this) "off the menu" item that we love are the lightly flour battered onion rings.

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Tried their porky egg waffle and I would definitely come back. Not because of the mindblowing experience but because the food is nice and priced fairly. The waffle is sweet and fragrant while the pulled pork and scrambled egg is pretty savoury, a good combination and good for a chill day around the hood. #igotfoodcoma #burpple