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Recommended lists of Thai food and restaurants in Singapore
8 Best Mookata in Singapore
Thai, Burpple Guides 8 Best Mookata in Singapore Thai Mookata is best with loads of lard, cooked with charcoal and enjoyed with friends who love eating. Find out where to go for the best Mookata in this list!
Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore
Thai, Burpple Guides Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard to fall in love with Thai food. Here are the best Thai places in Singapore that will hit the spot whenever your craving for Tom Yum/Pad Thai/Grilled Pork ensues!

Top 10 Places for Thai

Top 10 places for Thai

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Thai
Affordable Thai Food

Perfect Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($8.80+), generous and delicious Honey Chicken ($8+), but too much fish sauce HK Fried Rice ($5.80+)

馃崬/ Favourite flavour of my favourite shibuya toast 馃い
I'm getting so fat 馃槶
Hopefully I'll have more time for Instagram soon.

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[Soi Thai Soi Nice]
Coconut Ice Cream, doesn't this look like snow flakes on ice?

So pretty! So refreshing! 馃槏 The coconut ice cream was smooth, and very creamy, and not too sweet, with coconut flakes that really compliments the ice cream. What's at the bottom is the interesting part of this dessert: cornflakes & gula melaka! Who doesn't love cereal with ice cream? 馃槏

It mixes so well together, both crunchy and smooth. This is going for ($3.8) at Soi Thai Soi Nice! Definitely worth the try, especially if you are a coconut lover like I am 馃い鉁岋笍 Soi Thai Soi Nice is located opposite Ikea, at Alexandra Central, Level 2! Have a great day everyone! Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share the food love with us!

Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon ($18)
Slurpy smooth rice vermicelli with all the intensity of the seawater flavours meld together - result is an umami bomb of a peppery stock.

Very underrated food craze & totally Blanche-approved. The amount of sweet briny clams given here is ridiculously insane, so generous I could taste the entire ocean; every scoop guarantees all perfectly opened shells & tender-chew clams. Totally not complaining, what a night, what a fiesta.
P.S. You know this is a steal when you've seen other establishments selling it at x2-3 of this price.

Mookata Buffet

Everything has a first 鈥 and this is my virgin experience with Mookata; hadn't really given Mookata a go (and this is obviously not my idea for those whom know me pretty well) especially since I am more of a Korean BBQ person, and that buffets are really my thing unless a friend/clique/family calls for it and even so, my usual instinct would probably lie towards international buffets at hotels (e.g. Colony).

For $29.90 on weekdays all-day, Y Cube offers a small selection of hot food (not particularly Thai though; Samosa, Fried Rice, Cheese Fries and Ngoh Hiang) alongside a myriad of items that goes in your Mookata (the spread covers a large number of processed food, some seafood including mussels, clams, flower crabs, fish and other seafood, a small selection of meat with most selections being chicken/pork) with free-flow soft drinks (Thai Milk Tea included) and a selection of Magnolia ice-cream for dessert. For a first-timer, it was definitely intriguing to see a slab of pork fat being greased over the metal grill in place of the usual butter or cooking spray some places use; the marination of meats were pretty decent overall. The oils from the meats drip down into the broth base, which is pretty flavourful to have but let's just say I wouldn't recommend having it too much; it can get pretty oily and gloopy down there which isn't quite the healthiest thing to have. That being said, I would not mind having a Mookata some other time, though it's probably going to be a once-in-a-while affair just like how a Korean BBQ meal would be for me. Not sure how this place fares against other Mookata spots since it's my first, but it's probably decent considering it quite made me accept the concept and idea behind Mookata overall.

(PS: Be prepared to smell of the fumes once you leave; the lack of air ventilation pumps and the enclosed space of the eatery means you probably would smell like a walking Mookata afterwards!)

Green Curry with Rice!

Priced at $7.90!
Delicious green curry, spicy, yet sweet! They put in alot of chicken meat in the curry, how generous!!
Meals here generally cost <$10, pretty affordable especially for students like me!

Lovely Mango sticky Rice

$5 or $6 (cant remb cos forgot to take the receipt) for the dessert and its so nice. 馃槉

Dessert Platter (Dessert Of Lunch Set)

This is changed daily based on the chef's discretion so do check with the service. Here we have:

Pumpkin custard: really creamy and pumpkin flavour was enjoyably subtle

Pandan jelly: definitely loved this! Pronounced pandan aroma and beautiful textural contrast in the small bits within the jelly.

Yam cake: i seriously dont understand why fried shallots are used as garnish. The crispy texture and savouriness completely threw off the cake's subtle sweetness and flavour. Would have been great without the garnish

Lamb Shank 38++

This was the absolute highlight of the meal. If you have seen any steph curry mixtapes that is what the lamb shank is to the meal. Curry was absolutely stunning with much complexity, and it was addictively spicy as well. Lamb was superb and exactly what it should be: tender, flavourful, not gamey. The lamb peels off the bone so easily i didnt realise until halfway through that i was holding the spoon instead of the knife. I actually didnt use the knife at all and you really dont have to. GET THIS IF YOU COME HERE(ditch the beer massanam curry in favour of this!!)

The breaded tapioca/lotus root(not sure which one) and the potato were indubitably incredible in mopping up the flavoursome curry. Spectacular