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Recommended lists of Best Thai Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Thai 8 Best Mookata in Singapore Thai Mookata is best with loads of lard, cooked with charcoal and enjoyed with friends who love eating. Find out where to go for the best Mookata in this list!
Burpple Guides, Thai Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard to fall in love with Thai food. Here are the best Thai places in Singapore that will hit the spot whenever your craving for Tom Yum/Pad Thai/Grilled Pork ensues!

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Finally somewhere in Singapore that serves cheap and good thai food in Singapore! The food here is cooked to order so you have to wait a while but it's worth the wait. Your food comes steaming hot to you! The pad krapow came with a strong hint of basil but did not overpower the dish and the saltiness of the meat blended nicely with the fluffy white rice. The runny yolk of the egg was a delight too! The green curry was also not as strong as expected but complemented the rice really well and the chicken meat within was flavourful and tender. A cheap and good thai fix overall! .

Can't wait to fly off to Bangkok next week for the real deal. Any suggestions on where to head to? ◡̈

I was the last few customers so they ran out of charsiew and normal wanton. The fried ones are ok but overall the dish was rather oily, even if well-flavoured. Will give it a go again next time to see if they improve!
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still overkill but not too kua zhang. egg this time round wasn't too oily which made it even better. ingredients in the tom yum soup were generous. and spicy to me.13 per pax. #koratthai #thaiczechar #shadytowers #burpple #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #whati8today #igfood #foodstagram #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfood

So fragrant and spicy. This was a great plate of Tom Yum fried rice. Seasoned just right. Not oily but got wok hei. I enjoyed the raw onion slices with the rice. Prawns and sotong were fresh. Delicious!

So darn good. Absolutely love the icy blend of coconut milk and the chewy and crunchy red rubies 😍


Food was great! Ordered the clear Tom Yum soup with prawns, the prawns were very well cooked, not overly done. Soup tasted delicious! Great balance of sour and spiciness. Also tried the stuffed chicken wings, definitely something you don't see everywhere. They were stuff with minced chicken meat I believe, with Thai chilli sauce at the side. The chilli sauce was pretty good! Really enjoyed this place.

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This plate of fried rice is filled with wok-hei flavored and each grain of rice is nicely coated with the aroma of the eggs. Is suitable for those that couldn’t take spicy food. (S$6.90).

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Crispy sea bass fillet on the menu, but I think the Thai name is Nam Tok Pla. I had this years ago in Bangkok and have been searching for it since on these shores; happy to say this version is a welcome find. Decent amount of fish with that subtle but refreshing zing to awaken the palate. I’ll be back!

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Love their tom yum soup with strong spice punch! #maggiemee #tomyum #thaifusion #thaifusionfood #sgfood #foodsg #sgfoodie #coffeeshop #friedfosj #seafood #burpple