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Thai Mookata is best with loads of lard, cooked with charcoal and enjoyed with friends who love e...
There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard...

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Pratunam Plus version of Michelin Star Bangkokโ€™s most loved dish - available exclusively at the Bugis+ outlet from 5 to 30 April 2021.
Location: @pratunamsg Pratunam Plus By Soi Thai Soi Nice - Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #04-09 Bugis+, Singapore, 188067.
#PratunamSg #bugisplus #burpple #burpplesg

Cardboard is a good comparison but if I were to be nice, the texture is kinda like pork floss. The sauce is very complex with a deep heat and Manuka honey? Unfortunately nowhere near good enough to save this sorry plate. Luckily they serve it with cabbage because else it's too dry to swallow. Seriously tho if you can't grill a piece of meat as well as the average person at a chalet what in the world are u doing in a kitchen. It's so bad it actually makes me angry, considering the standard of their desserts

Decent, less viscous than normal but otherwise pretty passable. Nonetheless because of the other stuff on the table this, being the only okay dish, seemed like an MVP. This is only the small portion though, generous amount of veggies and well cooked too. No idea why a lot of Thai place have undercooked french beans but this one was okay

Terrible. The worst moo ping I've had. Super overgrilled and dry af. How can the desserts be so good yet the grilled stuff so abysmal?

Ice water is chargeable at 0.3nett

Probably fried with rice that isn't overnight, there's this chew. Kind of like glutinous rice but not so significant. Otherwise there's no olive taste, just a slight savoury taste. Not too bad as a rice dish if you're ordering other stuff like curry

Arrived 15 mins before opening time at 12pm but already a long queue in front of us. We managed to snag a table but a couple of groups behind us had to wait for the next round. Ordered the house specialty which is the Crab Meat Omelette Fried Rice, Beef Noodles and two Moo Ping skewers.

The crab meat in the omelette fried rice were in the form of large pieces and very fresh. The fried rice could do with some more wok heat though. The beef noodles was pretty legit Thai style beef noodles and the moo ping skewers were grilled just nice. The pork had been well marinated in honey, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil.

Iโ€™ll be back to try the other items including fresh cockles!

Havenโ€™t had Thai-style crab meat fried rice before, so I have no comparison. Feel the rice lacks some wok hei and salt. Luckily it comes with some fish sauce and chilli padi to spice it up. Crab meat was plenty and fresh!

Craving for Thai food sorted thanks to the potent tom yum soup here. Itโ€™s filled with generous ingredients (we chose seafood) such as prawns, mushrooms, and squids. Glad the broth doesnโ€™t taste too artificially sour, but wish it could be more kicking with some additional (roughly chopped) chilli.

Pop by Bali Lane for a taste of Bangkok with a pal or two. To get your appetites going, start with the fiery Tom Saap Soup ($7.50) for nice zesty kick or choose the surprisingly spicy yet creamy Green Curry ($7.50). To douse the flames, order their refreshing Lemongrass Drink ($3), and end the night on a sweeter note with their Mango Sticky Rice ($7).
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

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3 lobsters, 3 super giant tiger prawns, 5 tiger, shabu collar, vegetables, seafood ..and many more. Suitable for 5-7pax for $138 only

My family and I really enjoyed our dinner here. Service was fantastic and the food was amazing. The interior, service, and food all exceeded my expectations.

The dishes looked unassuming initially, but we were pleasantly surprised by how flavourful they were. I canโ€™t name a favourite because they were all really really delicious.

We were recommended the Spicy La La (not pictured because I am only allowed one photo), and were told it wasnโ€™t on the menu. Would highly recommend this to fans of enjoy spicy food!

Spicy fried rice with chilli, prawn paste, egg and chicken.

Spicy but so shiok - different kind of spicy compared to the drunken noodles. This prawn paste spicy fried rice is addictive and not too greasy. Like it with fried sunny egg (+$1.50).

Will order again. Similar pricing to Naakon but much better.