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Recommended lists of Best Thai Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Thai, Burpple Guides 8 Best Mookata in Singapore Thai Mookata is best with loads of lard, cooked with charcoal and enjoyed with friends who love eating. Find out where to go for the best Mookata in this list!
Thai, Burpple Guides Best Thai Restaurants In Singapore There's no other cuisine quite like Thai. Simple yet robust and complex in flavour, it's not hard to fall in love with Thai food. Here are the best Thai places in Singapore that will hit the spot whenever your craving for Tom Yum/Pad Thai/Grilled Pork ensues!

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Top 10 places for Thai

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Located at many locations. Stir-fried long beans with salted egg yolk, $8! Salted egg yolk gravy is so finger-licking good! The long beans were totally infused with the salted egg yolk flavours and it’s so savoury! These gravy taste so good that we just need a bowl of white rice to goes with it! @nakhonkitchen #hungryunicornsg #nakhonkitchen #nakhonkitchensg #nakhonbedok #bestthaifood


Northern Thai curry w egg noodles and topped with crispy egg noodles. Northern curry is coconuty and smooth, spices are strong but not overpowering. It comes with a whole drumstick that is perfectly cooked. For every ala carte item, top up $1.50 for a drink (if not it’s $2.50 for one)!


Located at TaiSeng, you can now find affordable Thai food for lunch and dinner now! End your meal with Mango Sticky Rice(Seasonal) 😋


Featuring their Pad Thai, Stir-fried rice noodle with eggs, tamarind pulp and fresh bean sprouts alongside with roasted peanuts for a texture contrast.
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Tasting Hosted by @tooklaedeesg and @brandcellar
Location: @tooklaedeesg 18 Tai Seng, #01-34/35, Singapore 539775
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This Lala noodles was a bit too spicy for me with the chili padi that can kill you silently but still quite shiok in a way (if you get what I mean). I liked the kang Kong here the most and my friend enjoyed the Tom Yum which was slightly on the sweet side, as compared to the usual more sour taste. Maybe don’t order the chicken ball with soft bone (even though it looks cute on the menu) because it’s quite meh unless you like soft bone.

Overall, I think the prices are reasonable considering it’s town area, would return again to try the other dishes if I’m around the area.

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Sad to say they are closing down the Yishun (Not Chong Pang) branch the next day after we ate there! Food was good, affordable ($90+ in total) and even have some special dishes such as deer meat! I personally like the Fish Maw Soup and the Braised Tofu dish the best!😍

Coconut Shibuya $11.20 at @siamesecatsg
The bomb 🤤 Love the buttery taste toast!

I acclaim this the most “reliable pad thai “ because anytime I needed a good pad thai , Jai thai would be the default place .

The noodles are QQ and the pad thai is neither too oily nor too sweet , just the right balance of flavours .

The prices at Jai thai are also very very affordable a - making it my default place for thai food in general .

Do also try the basil chicken steamed tofu , prawns Claypot vermicelli and the tamarind fried fish slices - very outstanding dishes .

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Jai thai has one of the best Tom yum soups .

The broth is flavoured with very generous aromatics ( Lemongrass , galangal, kaffir lime ) and of course a generous wallop of chilli paste that makes this a fiery treat .

The prawns add a touch of the taste of the sea to this otherwise already very tasty soup .

Recommended to have this with a bowl of rice and for the health conscious - you will be happy to know that Jai thai serves brown rice .

Tried this newly opened Thai food watery but I must say it’s disappointing. Long waiting time when there’s few customers and a lot of kitchen and service crew. Quality of food is not good at all.


Located at many locations. Deep Fried Pork with Garlic, $6! Nakhon Kitchen is our choice when we have Thai food cravings as their food are all so deliciously cooked and the price are all so reasonably priced! These Pork were deep fried on the outside, yet juicy tender as you bites in.. the garlic adds more flavours to it and it was so fragrantly yummy!!! @nakhonkitchen #hungryunicornsg #nakhonkitchen #nakhonkitchensg #nakhonbedok #bestthaifood