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Best Chirashi don, very satisfying meal! Do go for the multigrain bowl too!

Don’t quite know where to begin for this, but wow. Finally understand what everyone was saying about not needing a knife, cause this has to be one of the most tender beef cheeks I’ve ever encountered 🤭🤭 Juicy and fork-level-easy tender, this is definitely a must try and still can’t get over how good this is?? Even the roasted peppers and olives on the side were delicious (I hate olives btw), with a normal side of mash. Only gripe would be that since it’s such an amazing dish, it’s only lacking that extra touch to the mashed potatoes to complete the perfection. Definitely do try especially when there’s eatigo 50% at dinnertime, and every other app possible like burpple/entertainer 👍🏻👍🏻

Although clearly store-bought pasta, appreciated that the pasta was done al dente and nicely tossed in olive oil. Half expected the dish to come in tomato sauce, but like this version as well! Decent serving of toppings and definitely quite a satisfying olive-oil-based pasta! 🤤🤤 Really worth it especially with eatigo/burpple/entertainer for the food and anbience 👍🏻👍🏻

Understood nothing of the name but so glad we ordered it!! Essentially two salted cod cake with cheesy uni sauce, and both of went so well with each other and the salted cod cake was so good with so much flavour with every bite?? 🤤🤤 Don’t quite know how to describe this so do try this for yourself!! (especially since this place is available for eatigo 50% off at dinner time too!)

I’ve had mixed experiences at SONS over the four years I’ve fined there and I gotta say, your experience really depends on ordering the “right” things that the restaurant is stronger in

The Squid-Ink Tagliolini [$24++] is one of those dishes that could satisfy the tastebuds with a few tweaks. The tagliolini has a good bite and yields characteristically briny flavours from the squid ink, and the wild cuttlefish tastes fresh and has a similar spring to it. While the portion of pasta was enough for me, I did wish that SONS could be more generous with the amount of cuttlefish. That said this pretty much does the job if you’re looking for some lunchtime indulgence!

🚇: Telok Ayer
💵: $10 - $25+

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took super long to find this place god bless but environment was very nice!! açai was inconsistent with one being more watery than the other but overall still gr8

Went there for lunch with colleagues. We ordered 2 Set B, 1 Set C and a serving of Prawn cake. Prawn cake was decent, the set meals were terrible. The food was not hot, not even warm at all! Chicken in set C tasted like it had been cooked for a while.. Dry and tasteless. Shame considering the ambience and interior are nice, service was mediocre. Would not recommend to anyone.

Their BBQ meats were as good as some others we have eaten at. The free-flow egg around the BBQ plate was a nice touch. Their menu also offered a pretty good variety of Korean dishes (but not my favourite Jajangmyeon).
Undisputedly, the star of the meal was their Korean pancake served in a straw basket. Larger than any of our faces, it was alluringly golden brown and amazingly tasty. The best pancake we had in SG by far. The order allowed half-half combination for kimchi and seafood which was great for trying both flavours. So yes, their pancakes would be the reason for us to visit this over other Korean BBQ places.

And there's even japanese mountain yam hidden beneath the yolk. The sashimi may not have an icy feeling like some others out there but it was really fresh. Be warned though, they only serve 20 bowls of this a day
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This acai bowl tasted pretty nice! Portion size is ok for its price, although i would have appreciated more sauce!

Available on burpple 1-for-1!

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Was there on weekdays during lunch break. It should be one of their peak hour as the tables are almost full. However, foods are served efficiently.
They have limited choices if you are using 1 for 1 promotion, however, the portion for this Duck Leg Confit is surprisingly generous! It comes in 2 pieces whereby most of the restaurants only serve 1.
Foods 7/10
Service 9/10
*price is on the high side

This photo absolutely DOESN’T do this massive beef cheek any justice!!! As I sunk my teeth into one bite after another of the meat cooked until just light pink, I wondered to myself how on earth could it be so tender and succulent. The sauce was somewhat one-dimensional and a little salty for my liking so thankfully, there wasn’t an excessive amount of it. But overall, very good deal with burpple beyond! (Paid only $16pp after GST and service charge WEW 👍🏼)