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Top 10 in China Square Central

Top 10 places in China Square Central, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in China Square Central

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in China Square Central, Singapore.

Ok for a set lunch. Even tough the best gamja tang is still on korea :)
Better service than my last time here

Welp i didn't taste much, if at all, of the sea urchin flavour in the cream sauce. Gonna be back here someday to try their other pastas though; like their Tagliatelle with duck ragu and foie gras recommended to me by the waitress
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[Non-MealPal price $13.80++] Another option that I have not tried before at my regular spicy noodle haunt. The tempura was well fried and the prawns fresh. sauce was a bit too sweet for me so probably served on the side would be better. Udon was a nice change from ramen but can't be made as spicy, so I think I'll still stick to my usual four chilli level of ramen. 3.5/5.

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📍Meatballs & above drink from @clubmeatballs

20 Cross St
China Square Central
Singapore 048422

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acai bowls are gr8 if you wanna have ice cream for dinner but still wanna be healthy HAHAHA their signature bowl is topped with fresh fruits (blueberries, strawberries, bananas) & sunflower seeds, cacao nibs, coconut flakes & chia seeds🍌🍓 their acai is blended with guarana, apples, bananas & coconut water & tastes pretty good by itself too!! 😌😌 price 💸: 3/5
ambience ✨: 3/5
aesthetic 🌻: 5/5
veg-friendly🥦: 5/5
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Koreans will wrap that in a huge lettuce and add some Banchan with it and send that huge goodness in the mouth. While you're there, you can also order dishes such as Korean kimchi pancake and spicy rice cake with cheese! Lastly, Grilling your food on top of the charcoal fire gives the food a distinct smoky flavor!


Not sure if this is still on the menu currently as I had it a looooong while back ops. 😂 Ordered it for the uni sauce and even though it was pretty buttery, it was much more subtle in its uni flavour. The baccala cakes however, were nicely fried crispy on the exterior while the cod in the middle was still moist.


decided on steamboat for a rainy last day of the year. while everyone was chiong-ing the korean bbq, this restaurant we visited was kind of quiet. not that im complaining though. felt like having our own private dining space. 😂
images are arranged in order of my personal likes. for sides, we had century egg tofu, hakka pork chop, drunken chicken and pig trotters in vinegar. the first three were alright but the pig trotters was the win. so vinegary that i super liked it. and we ordered rice to share so we can 下饭 with it. its that good.
the first soup base was chicken broth served with chicken meat and a mini abalone for each diner. the soup was still hai hao.
we ordered wagyu beef, pork belly, a vege and mushroom set as add-ons. we opted for a off-the-menu king prawns as the jumbo scallops were out of stock.
the alcoholics ordered the signature cocktails with tea. when the drink was being served, i could smell the atrocious 白酒. and indeed it was. took a sip and bye bye. and the girls still said its 香. 🙄 we also ordered a wagyu steak noodles to share. a dish to have on its own if you are solo-ing.
after having the chicken soup, we added in the prawns and the entire soup base transformed into a seafood soup. instant shiok-ness. the super fat prawns were very fresh. the meat was firm and crunchy.
we then added pork belly and wagyu. the soup base was transformed yet again to a beef broth. still flavourful in its own way but the wagyu beef was very good. not too thick and they cooked easily. even after cooking for a long time, the meat was not tough. it had its own nice beefy taste without the need for any condiments.
overall, a very nice place for steamboat but i would suggest a minimum of 4 pax for the meal to be more wu hua.
$44 per pax.
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We used 2 Burpple Beyond deal for 4 sets of meatlover's set 😍

Each Set comes with 4 plates of meat (choose from 7 types which incls chicken, pork, beef and fish), assorted vegetables, egg, choice of noodle/rice and dessert 》$34.90++ (2 Sets)

Very value for money especially with this Burpple Beyond deal and portion are definitely enough else you can order ala-carte add on. There may be additional charges for some soup base and price excludes beverage.

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