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First time trying it and it’s not bad! There’s an individual pot for everyone and you get to choose your own soup base as well as meat/vegetable selection.

A nice place to enjoy comforting hot soup together with some good company.

Crabmeat linguine was quite nice, there was quite a decent amount of crabmeat and the sauce wasn’t too thick. Also got the truffle fries and I liked that the fries was crispy!!!! Very worth it with burpple beyond 👌

Yep, this is the $7 add on to every hotpot buffet order at Guo Fu, the Male Vitality Soup. Which I’m just gonna call the Super Male Vitality for the memes, and if you get it you get it. So the Super Male Vitality makes a man long, strong, and ready to defeat the shadowy globalist cabal out there...or at least it’s supposed to.⠀

What I can confirm, however, is that this soup base is free from chemicals that would turn the frickin’ frogs gay. Instead, it’s fully loaded with an entire traditional Chinese medicine hall’s worth of herbs, and it’s a little harshly herbal at the beginning to prove its herbal heritage.⠀

Once you boil down some corn, and cook off your meats, the Super Male Vitality transforms into an unctuous, umami broth with a decent body & enough herbal qualities to make you feel extra healthy. I’m sold on this being a superb soup base for your hotpot, but I’m still not sold on this being able to morph you into an alpha Chad that eats globalists for breakfast.

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All I’m sayin is, y’all had no idea how delighted I was when the hotpot buffets reopened. Sure, there ain’t no more sauce bar thanks to the corona, but you get a waitress coming over with a condiment cart at the press of a button. I ain’t pressed, I actually quite like the tableside service.⠀

Guo Fu Steamboat has been on my must try list for the longest time, and my gaaawwwddd it’s the perfect first post lockdown hotpot buffet. The lunch buffet is reasonable enough at $25.90++, and you get free flow EVERYTHING for two hours straight. Yes, even the xiao long baos. Of course, some things are far more worthy of your stomach’s real estate than others, and the special pork on the left & the premium beef on the right are undeniably worthy. Just look at the marbling, man. That’s decent quality right there.⠀

Unfortunately, the soup bases incur an additional charge, and my choice of the (Super) Male Vitality Soup was an extra seven bucks. Still, service is stellar for a hotpot place, and Guo Fu’s individual hotpots are certainly the new meta during this coronavirus chaos. They don’t really heat up that well, but they are ideal for enforcing social segregation so you don’t get the big coof.⠀

Sure, $25.90 is kind of a lie when you slap on a soup base that starts at $3, but it’s within reason, and it certainly ain’t as extortionate as places like Beau-*COUGH**COUGH**WHEEZE*

The 1 for 1 lunch set on burpple serves a huge portion of seafood/ meat and the food was very fresh as well. The soup was decent (you can pay to top up to a better soup) and the amount of sauces available were extensive too. Overall, the hotpot tasted really good and the service staff were friendly and pleasant. We enjoyed the food and will be back again!

Was pleasantly surprised to find a generous amount of meat in their crabmeat pasta ($18). Sauce was pretty thick too.

Burpple 1 for 1 options are a bit limited as we could only choose the aglio olio ($10), vongolle ($14) and crabmeat pasta.

Comes with sliced char siew, sliced beef, mussel, scallop, egg, crab meat stick, prawn, pickles, corn, seaweed, bamboo shoot, spring onion, fried garlic in Kyushu soup. Basically every ingredients in one bowl of ramen. You also can choose the level of spicy. $16.80++

Previously called Mr SU dry la mian, it's the exact same thing

PSA super popular apparently, fully booked for a week so book in advance

Pork was disappointing, it's slightly chewy and tough but still acceptable. The noodles though, full of sweet umami and the hits from the hae bee were spectacular. Really unexpected. However the most stunning part was the soup; the lotus soup had so much depth from the pork ribs and beans, and a muted sweetness.

PS lunch set costs 9 only lol

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Surprisingly delicious, you should try if you love pancakes over waffles 🤭

☕ Drinks: Iced Mint Mocha - I love mint, but i think this combi isn't for me, felt abit more bitterish tbh like cough syrup😅

Gosh it's huge, we took away at least half lol. Good to share amongst 4 as a side dish

Nonetheless, this is got to be the best Korean pancake I've had in terms of texture. It's so crunchy on the outside and creamy inside. The kimchi came as a slight sourness, though the sauce provided much more garlic flavour. MUST TRY!

The runaway surprise of the meal. The soup itself was so full of seafood sweetness, I finished half the bowl myself. You gotta try it to believe it, a MUST ORDER!!

Chicken was nice, lightly marinated. Pork was of a good quality, and the kalbi was tender. Nothing special, but nothing too shabby either