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Look at this spread! My first time trying Mediterranean food and it was refreshing. The pita bread was warm and fluffy. This set comes with 8 pita breads, baba ghanoush, falafel, hummus and tabbouleh. I loved the baba ghanoush because it was on the tart side and reminded me of sun-dried tomatoes. The hummus could have done with a little more flavour.

Sawadee ka! πŸ™πŸ» I am sure many of us miss the days where we can just hop on a plane to BKK (mine was budget airline..πŸ˜›) over the weekend for authentic Thai food and endless massages.

The authentic, scrumptious dish offerings @folkscollective defo made me reminisce the good ol’ days. It covers a wide variety of target customer segments for all occasions. Yes, including vegetarians!

πŸ•° The unique, vintage décor focused around the theme β€œWhere good folks gather”, to enable patrons to enjoy communal dining & reconnect with good friends & family over authentic Thai food.

The monthly Chef’s Menu [curated by their 4 Thai Chefs] offers a refreshing option to the main menu that keeps you in anticipation what the next month will bring!

🌿Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten free, no egg or no garlic options available upon request
🐢 Pet friendly for their outdoor dining

Got a 50% off mains. Paid $5.27 for this meal. Super worth it! Beef Rendang was on point and portion was huuuuuge! Will visit again.

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Who can resist a good kimchi pancake? I always crave for @wangdaebakbbq kimchi pancake because it’s just so good! So crispy and flavorful!

The stall offer ramen spiciness level from 0 (non spicy) to level 8 (flaming hot). I choose level 3 which already quite spicy for me. This humble Japanese ramen shop may not be popular at the outside as it has old exterior & interior look, but definitely worth try since their food quality is good with reasonable price.

Working around the CBD offers endless lunch options but why not try something new? This casual Mediterranean cafe is located in Nankin Row along Pickering Street, serving up classic Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes such as Falafel and Eggplant Pitas at $11 each. Try their $20 Big Dipper Set , which comes with Falafel, Hummus, Tabbouleh & Babaganoush. Burppler Nicole And sang high praises and "Love how the flavours come together to give such a satisfying taste."
Photo by Burppler Nicole Ang


As the name suggest, this came right after the mediocre Satay we had. Its a Nasi Lemak. I would personally choose this over their Satay any time.
Huge thighs, well marinated. After slicing through, steam came out and the meat are juicy, succulent and flavourful. What more can I ask for to end the day with it.

Damage: $19.80

As we used burpple deal, we were charged the mediocre Satay on price instead.

Unsure if I would return for the Satay, but if I'm around here and famished, I would order this only.

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They have 3 types here. Namely Signature, Special & Singapore (Fruity).
Signature are separated pieces of lean and fat pierce onto the sticks.
Special are lean & fatty blended.
Signature are sweet type supposedly for Singaporean tastebud. Hmm really?

Anyway we had the Pork Special ($26.80) and all I could say was meh~ Paying premium but each stick was small and taste average. Not something I would go back specifically for. I personally believe lau pat sat or even some hawkers satay might taste much better.

I would skip this if I ever come back here.

With the 1-1, I recommend the fried chicken nasi lemak instead, really.

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Melts in the mouth. I just found my favourite omakase japanese restaurant in Singapore.

Find affordable Nyonya food at Brosis Eatery located in Hougang for a sumptous lunch with your family on the weekend. Try the Assam Fish ($8.50) and Curry Chicken ($8.50) served with a side of rice. Burppler Russell Leong especially enjoyed the signature Babi Pongteh ($8.50), which "was quite delicious, with the pork stewed to supple softness. Due to the time taken for that, the umami flavours of the stew liquid has infused every last fibre of the pork and makes it tremendously tasty." End the meal on a sweet note with their Cendol Dessert ($2.20) and more!
Photo by Burppler Russell Leong


Extremely wholesome and refreshing Mediterranean vegetarian food! Love how the flavours come together to give such a satisfying taste. Definitely will be back for more!


I like it that you can customize your spice level from level 1 to 4. I ordered level 2 spiciness and the soup indeed packs a punch🌢. Personally, I feel the noodles were too soft for my liking. Lying atop the bed of noodles are corns, seaweed, bamboo shoots, spring onion and fried garlic. Overall, it feels like a bowl of ramen I got from NTU canteen but at a much higher price point.

The only saving grace was the braised pork belly. It was tender, soft and flavorful, with a good ratio of fats to meat. However, it’s not something I would wanna go back for.