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You know I love hotpots despite the sweltering weather these days. The soup base options here attracted me, with interesting flavours such as curry beef, and several different herbal soup bases. Here we have the “cordycep” (really I only saw 金针花) black chicken soup and the herbal soup. The buffet selection is adequate and fresh; the meat platters while frozen are generous and tasty. The prawns and scallops exceeded expectations. I enjoyed the soup which is light and warming. Best part, the buffet comes with free flow 小笼包 xiaolongbao. No more having to go to Holland V for Crystal Jade! While priced slightly more than other steamboat buffet places, seem to have better quality dishes. The joint was crowded for dinner so I suggest making reservations.

Soft and custardy soy bean panna cotta was topped with okinawa black sugar. This dessert marked the sweet end to a fulfilling meal and was heavy with the sugary goodness of the black syrup which coated the light and refreshing milky soy bean panna cotta.

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Varying levels of creaminess from the elaborate webbing of fat within the wagyu beef and the velvety uni gave rise to a morsel of staggered layers of decadent tastes and textures. The savoriness of the fatty beef beautifully complemented the sweet and umami uni, with the little spheres of caviar bursting with a salty taste of the sea.

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This was one of the most indulgent sushis we have ever had. A slice of otoro was torched with a flame so that the fats within melted ever so slightly and coated the entire sushi with it oily richness before it was topped with a heaping of negitoro. The entire sushi was a pure bite of heaven -  fatty, oily, creamy, sweet, smoky and rich which immediately disintegrated on the tongue into a gooey viscosity.

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This pure white species of shrimps are called the “jewels of Toyama Bay”. They are extremely small so it takes a lot of painstaking deshelling of several shiro ebi to construct a shiro ebi sushi. The shiro ebi had a very clean and crisp flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness, the mildness of its flesh can be compared to squid, except that the shiro ebi’s texture is a lot softer with a buttery viscosity.

The sukiyaki dashi broth infused the creamy and intricately marbled wagyu beef with a delicious sweet and salty flavor that wonderfully complemented the tender, melt-in-the-mouth buttery beef slices. This piping hot bowl was a rather hearty dish that melted the cockles of our heart, and would be the perfect comfort food for any rainy day.

Dashi jelly was served in a shot glass and loaded with tomato, uni, botan ebi and alaskan crab. The dashi jelly was refreshing and light but carried a strong savory smoky finish of bonito, while the uni was sweet and creamy, the botan ebi was sweet, sparkling and sticky, and the alaskan crab was sweet, malty with a bouncy texture. The tomato cut through the savory ingredients with its sweet and fruity tang. It was an interesting appetizer that overflowed with umami thanks to the amazing seafood piled within.


Drenched in a thick and gooey century egg yolk sauce infused with sukiyaki sauce, the block of tofu is topped with tobiko roe and century egg jelly. The sauce is rich and creamy with a tinge of acidity from the century egg yolk which complements the mild tasting soft and silky tofu. The century egg jelly adds a bouncy and springy texture while the tobiko roe provides a crunchy and juicy contrast to the pulpous appetizer.


Served in a transparent, minimalistic plastic bottle, the white cold brew from Senate Coffee is smooth, rich and velvety, leaving a pleasant touch of lingering creaminess with every sip I took. I’m absolutely intrigued by how refreshing it tastes, with that subtle hint of sweetness 👌🏼 The silky texture further enhanced the robustness of this coffee, making it a perfect midday perk-me-up with its satisfying boost of caffeine 😍😌

This place is best known for their pulled pork – so obviously I had to choose that for my choice of protein! 😚 The pulled pork, having claimed to be stewed/grilled for 8 hours, was immensely flavourful and well-seasoned! Although I found it a little too salty for my liking, it definitely matched my choice of base - the 3-grain mix - really well 😋👍🏼 The 3-grain mix consists of quinoa, bulgur wheat, and pearl barley, which had a lovely gritty texture and was pleasantly addictive! The main highlight of my bowl was certainly the glorious combination of pulled pork and grains, as I personally felt that their sides had nothing much to shout about. The zucchini and herb salad came drenched in a citrusy sauce, giving it a tangy flavour, while the marinated mixed mushrooms were garlicky and juicy, which probably stood out best amongst the rest. The purple cabbage slaw was rather disappointing as I expected it to be well-marinated given that it’s supposed to be a “slaw” and not just plain shredded purple cabbage… and the broccoli could have been boiled for longer, as the ones served tasted a tad too raw.

Overall, the portion could have been bigger as this grain bowl did not fill me up… considering that I paid $15.50 for it, I believe they could be more generous with the ingredients. Would I be back again? Hmm maybe, if I was in the vicinity, feeling rich and not too famished. Otherwise, I guess there are better and more substantial grain bowls out there 🤭

&SONS has a really affordable lunch set if you’re around raffles place. The carbonara’s spaghetti had a great al dente texture and I would come back for their other pastas- although not for this same one again. While photogenic, it proved to be a bit too dry and the crispy bits of bacon were a bit too hard and just got in the way of the pasta. The steak is $13.90++, although I wouldn’t recommend it as it was actually pretty tough and the roasted potatoes in this dish was sadly rather limp. Maybe a flop since they’re busy during lunch time, but I wouldn’t mind coming back to try other dishes.

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Infatuation is not a sin - sirloin steak in black pepper sauce. Old favorite at the National Library.