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One of the most reasonable platters in town.

Personally love the rillette and the terrine to bits; the cheeses were wonderful and the bread...oh the warm and comforting. Good food, great company!

Hokkaido Corn Croquette 🌽($6.50)

Saw Veronica's recommendation on Burpple and knew we had to get this. NO. REGRETS. 😂

Ridiculously smooth, you'd wonder how it's possible that it's potato in there. Coupled with a good amount of those corn kernels and the ultra light, crisp shell, it gave this inconspicuous side dish a really awesome texture and bite.

Sashimi Don


Chose brown rice for this. The brown rice was actually sticky (half expected normal brown rice that has not been seasoned with vinegar so this was a nice touch). No shoyu will be given as the rice & sashimi cubes were already seasoned. Asking for shoyu would result in the service staff giving you the side-eye & a slight condescending tone of which-part-of-already-seasoned-do-you-not-get (yes, tried & tested). For that price you get a small plate of salad tossed in kewpie sesame dressing & miso soup. Decently priced but service was a bit of a letdown.

Green Curry Set ($10.90)

Pretty normal thai food. Lunch set at $10.90 includes egg omelette. Green curry serving is quite small.

For Ramen with a Unique Prawn and Pork Broth

Those hankering after a comforting bowl of ramen should head to this ramen-ya in China Square Central (opposite Wang Dae Bak). Instead of the more commonly known pork broth, Jimoto Ya specialises in a unique pork and amaebi (sweet prawn) broth made from amaebi prawn heads. There are five items on the menu (from $16.50) including the crowd favourite Ebi Shio Ramen ($16.50). The flavourful yet light tasting broth is ladled over al dente noodles, crunchy cabbage, ajitama (marinated egg) and minced meat. Note that the restaurant swaps out cha shu for minced meat, claiming that cha shu doesn't go well with their soup base. For a hearty and satisfying meal, opt for the value-for-money sets that are available for both lunch and dinner. Each set ($19.50) comes with a ramen, a side (opt for the ebi tempura!) and complimentary tea.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Justin Teo

Never Coming Back

It began with a poorly done steak. 2 medium rares and a medium were ordered, but the waitress served us medium well steaks instead. My two friends suffered in silence attempting to chew through tough meat while I chose to give a feedback to the chef, and the waitress attempted to tell me it is all the same. After a bit of back and forth, she sent the plate back to the chef where I requested for a rare instead, seeing how they couldn't handle a medium rare. What came back on my plate was another medium well steak. The manager came by to ask again for my feedback, to which I showed him the overly cooked steak with an obvious lack of red. He offered a complimentary coffee, which was not heard by the waitress so I was never served. Nevermind that, I booked a reservation using the app "eatigo" which offered a 10% discount. But the waitress still gave us the bill offering no discount, and my unhappiness was showing when I told her to recheck the bill as I was supposed to get a 10% off.
Sure it was a value lunch deal, but the lack of effort put into the food and unsatisfactory service has put my friends and I off from ever visiting again.

Sirloin steak ($14.90)

Where else can you find a steak at this price in the CBD? I was warned that the meat will be sinewy and tough, but mine was served a perfect medium rare with delicious potatoes and salad on the side. Will come back for their value-for-money options for sure.

Great Lunch earlier at Mouth Restaurant!

We had a whole table full of food... Dim Sums, noodles, their signature steamed Chicken and our most favourite is the Deep Fried Prawn Spring Roll!! This is the bombbbbb! Damn crispy and shiokkkk! @mouth_restaurant #mouthrestaurant #mouthrestaurantsg #chinasquare #chinatown #dimsum #deepfriedspringroll

We went for the shio and shoyu ramen sets.

We got a set A (chicken karaage) and a set B (prawn tempura) which includes free flow of water or iced/hot barley tea. Each set costs $19.50 nett! The broth is a mix of sweet prawn and pork. Very yummy. #burpple #tingzieeats

Have to drink lots of coconut water too.

So we decided to stop by here. This is their better together - a mix of raw coconut water and flesh at $5.70. #tingzieeats #burpple

Pondering your lunch options?

How about a bowl of pork+amaebi prawn broth ramen paired with crispy fried corn croquette/chicken karaage/fried lotus root/ebi tempura from @jimotoyasg ? Really love all the fried nibbles here! Especially the corn croquette!
Where to find this?
Jimoto Ya @jimotoya
3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row L1-44, S048660

Mon to Sat: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10pm; Sun: Closed

[Official Opening Tomorrow] Hiyashi Cyuka ($18.50).

This dish takes 8 mins to make because it is cooked a-la-minute when the kitchen receives the order, and I like that it was al dente, fragrant and refreshing.
There's a hint of spice due to the use of spicy oil, and lots of fragrance from the ebi oil used in the noodles. The interplay of texture and taste from the various ingredients used work well, with the pork loin, minced meat, sakura ebi, nori seaweed, cabbages, sesame seed, and sliced leek working with one another.
To fully enjoy this dish, mix it well before eating. First squeeze the lemon to give the dish some zest, then mix it around throughly and eat it as you would a pasta, with a spoon and fork.
This is taken during a tasting.