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We ordered the Menu Set B ($48), Army Stew with cheese ($38+3), and grapefruit soju ($15). I hardly drink soju and the grapefruit one actually tastes quite nice! All these food for 4 adults and we were actually very full from it.

That's when you tuck into a simple tomato based pasta. There's absolutely nothing special about a those tomato based beef pasta, but that's what is so good about it: you don't need a reason to eat it, you just do.

Still one of the best kaisendon out there and you can skip the Teppei queues at this outlet (Altho these days Teppei are not as popular anymore). They don't have the crispy bits though. Compared to other kaisendon out there, i still find this one of the most enjoyable because of the tasty marinade, crunchy clams and chunky cubes of fish (some people prefer their barachirashi in smaller dainty cubes). Word of warning - do NOT eat the roast beef don here it is terrible (dry and hard)

This bowl of goodness managed to hide some surprises such as jellyfish and rice crisps for me! Though I did not enjoy the rice crisps as much as expected, I liked the jellyfish as I thought it was perfectly seasoned and added an addictive crunch to the bowl? Oh have I mentioned that brown rice was an option too? I loved it so much as it was actually more of multi grain rice (there were actually barley seeds in it) rather than brown rice?!! As for the sashimi, there wasn't a wow factor to it sadly.
Nevertheless, quite an experience with this chirashidon! :) You can top up $9 for some uni too!

I ordered this cos other reviewers raved about it. But I'm not a croquette person so this was ok only. But I must say it was very crispy and the corn was very creamy. I liked the sauce that came with it.

This shio ebi ramen was the highlight of my dinner. Indeed it was scaldingly hot. But so very tasty! It was full of prawn flavors and very very addictive. I didn't mind scalding my tongue. Wonderful soup. It stayed piping hot till the very end. The noodles were Q and to my surprise, didn't turn nuah in the hot soup, even thou I ate like a tortoise cos it was so hot. I wanna try other flavors!

This tori Kara-age was so crispy! Well marinated chicken thigh fried to perfection. And drizzled with lemon, it was epic. At first I thot the pcs were so small, but they were big on taste. I would order this again.

This was a really small portion for $16. The rice was infused with the lovely scent of prawns. Very appetizing. Prawns were fresh but I couldn't taste any garlic. All in all a very nice bowl of fried rice, but I still prefer the fried rice from Menya Sakura.

This is definitely one of the best seafood Korean pancake I've ever eaten yet! Is not too starchy and is crispy at the sides! Really yummy, with the bits of seafood inside the pancake (S$19).

From 1 August to 30 September 2017, there is a Ebi Shoyu Ramen Otoko Set Promotion which is available only during lunch. You get to choose 2 side dishes to accompany your ramen from celery salad, fried lotus, tofu, potato salad, and more. The set allows for free upsize of meat and vegetables, and comes with a barley tea, and the dessert of the day.

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Man Man Tamago Don at Teppei Syokudo till end of this month.
Teppei Syokudo @TeppeiSyokudo is collaborating with Man Man Unagi Restaurant to serve total 3 Unagi dishes that would be available at all their 7 outlets for a limited period from 19 July till 31 Aug 2017.
Location: @teppeisyokudo Outlets
#mammanunagi #teppeisyokudo #sgunagi #burpple #burpplesg

Return to senate coffee because someone was craving soba and I remembered that this place served rly good grain bowls at an affordable price! I believe it has been a year or two since I visited originally so I was eager to see if the standards have risen or dropped. Sad to say, the portions seemed to have decreased from the last time, which makes me sad because I love full and brimming bowls :-( the taste redeemed it a little however, with the teriyaki salmon (at an extra dollar) being perfectly cooked and seasoned. The three grain base offered a pleasant texture to the entire dish and went well with the chili lime cashews (still my fave), zucchini, mushrooms and purple cabbage slaw. I personally think the zuchini and slaw were a tad disappointing because they were rather one dimensional. I expected a more in depth flavor especially since their descriptions made them sound rly tasty. However, the mushrooms were definitely marinated well. All in all, I think this was still a pleasant experience and a cafe that I will recommend to anyone who loves a chill ambience and affordable healthy food!