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This place will definitely satisfy your cravings for spicy food. You get to customise the level of spice to your liking from level 1 all the way to level 8.

Tis' the perfect brunch! Scrambled in golden hues of sunshine, fluffy like a blanket - this looks like the kinda bed (or rather dish) that you would want to sink yourself in - and don't want to get out from - every morning. I had bacon chop (the other option was smoked salmon) to go along cos ... nothing like a piggy comfortably settled in a warm, fluffy blanket. A pity I couldnt quite capture the bacon chop comfortably wrapped in the eggy blanket - it was amazing! Unlike most breakfasty joints that serve bacon strips that tend to be overly oily, or overly salty and dry, the bacon chop was pretty thiccc! Approx x5 the thiccccness of the typical thinly-sliced bacon served alongside big breakfast. All these goodness, enclosed within a buttery, lightly toasted croissant. Beware tho - there's pretty high chance of being sent back to bed (thanks to food coma) with this brekky!
PS: +4 for fries, or +6 for truffle fries. Both fries come in the fashion of macdonald's prosperity fries. I'd say, give it a miss if you aren't too hungry. Nothing extraordinarily good (unlike the 🥐 ,🥚, 🥓 chop combi) to shout about.

These were however pretty enjoyable. But then again how can anything fried and topped with mayo not be?

Couldn't taste any truffle. But chicken was decent at this price point. Would recommend getting your chicken rice fix at a hawker centre instead.

Items looked really good on the menu, but food was all pretty average. Like this honey char siew that attempted a glaze and char flavour but was really just rather dry pieces of meat with not very enjoyable fats. Also the Chijmes branch does not have air con...

The perfect pairing to a cold pint, is definitely wings! What more, wings with added prawn paste!

Rookery does them differently by removing 1 of the bones, allowing you to seamlessly have wings without worrying too much of the bone!

The whiffs of prawn paste fills the air when the portion touches your table & each piece of wing is piping hot & juicy!

This was a hosted tasting.

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Newly opened & taking over the now defunct &SONS, Rookery has opened their third outlet in the heart of CBD!

Their cocktail menu is small but gives you sufficient options to choose the types of flavours you'd like!

To start, I went for the Tokyo Martini; which consists of Vodka, Choya Umeshu, Dry Vermouth & Sour Plum! The combination gives you a slightly sour but refreshing cocktail which is perfect to open your palate before giving in to your dishes!

Succulent pan seared hokkaido scallops swathed in a blanket of earthy seaweed and miso butter. Flavorful and loaded with umami goodness.

Tender Wagyu beef complimented by the delicate sweetness and robust flavor of the caramelised onion purée, finished off with the aromatic garlic brown butter. Not bad at all

These plump scallops were slightly charred, and drizzled with the seaweed miso butter, were so so decadent. The scallops were juicy and thick, and not your neighborhood tiny scallops. Definitely worth a try and that burn in your pocket if you’re a fan of scallops!

These babies were seriously crunchy. The meat is tender and juicy. Definitely a good snack to go with drinks! Wished it was a tad more marinated and salty, but it may just be me since I’m very used to the Chinese style of Sio Bak! Definitely a good pork belly nonetheless.. the super CRUNCHY SKIN itself is worth a try!

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The prawn paste smell enveloped us upon its introduction to our table. These wings were bite-sized and a great pairing for drinks definitely. They were crispy and well-flavored, yet not overly oily. My only gripe was that the chilli wasn’t spicy and tasty enough for me, but I reckon it made an edible chilli for everyone, including the non-spicy eaters!