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$2.40 each

Cheesy creamy flowy lava filling

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Glad that they use really good bananas and the banana taste comes thru more than anything. The egg is actually barely perceptible, except for contributing to a fluffy texture. Though I specifically clarified that it's a dessert prata, for some reason they still served it with curry lol.
Though the egginess is mild I would still recommend getting any other of the dessert prata as the egg doesn't gel with the banana well

P.S. feel free to ask them for condense milk to be drizzled

The sweetness wasn't as prominent as I had expected but there really was a lot of umami from the mayo and the chicken luncheon meat. Though finally this seems to be the line lol, because of the ingredients even they can't get this prata to be crispy haha(understandably ofc). Again, probably worth a try after you've had their excellent kosong, egg and red bean pratas

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The soy flavoured one. Personally don't get the hype of these Korean fried chicken as the true colonial KFC tastes better to me. Still feels kind of nice to be having something Korean with beer.

I think that the portioning for the little poke is just nice, not too much yet not too little (unlike some poke bowl - sometimes you still feel hungry after gobbling it down!!). I’m not a Super big fan of the poke but I love the variety of toppings 😛

Pocket Pita With Falafel ($8)
✅ Falafel is seasoned well and goes well with the pocket pita!
✅ 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond

Long queue during dinner due to our muslim bros and sis breaking fast, so decided to order takeaway.

Smells good.

Taste good.

Chicken is so juicy.

But the standard really drop.

I recalled enjoying this more the last time

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Noodles is lean and springy, broth is very flavourful. Must visit again soon! #ramen #japanesefood #japanesecruise #sgfoodtrend #sgfoodblogger #sgfoodstagram #hungrygowhere #burpple

A well-loved player in the Poke scene, you get fresh sushi with generous toppings to go on rice. My favourite way to have this is to add on Kale Chips for a crunch in the bowl!

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