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The highlight is definitely the pizza which comes in a pan crust and is topped with mala marinated chicken, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and a good drizzle of the in-house mala sauce. Pictured is the level 4 Extra Spicy 特辣 level and I dare say that the spiciness will burn while still having the aroma of the mala spices. The fries are tossed in a mala seasoning and the wings are coated with a spicy numbing sauce.

Available for delivery and takeaways via the Pizza Hut’s website or mobile application, the Chinese New Year specials can be ordered ala carte or in meal sets. There are other irresistible deals such as 50%OFF pizza to check out.

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✨ Pizza Hut
🛵 www.pizzahut.com.sg
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Ordered the Tom Yum Pasta and it was pretty good! Price wasn’t too expensive too. In general, their food are quite wallet friendly !

The crabmeat portion was generous, but I felt that it could have been spicier in my opinion! Overall good meal though, worth it for the price :)

Yummy and value-for-money chicken cutlet ($4.80). Asked for the lady to take out the mayo and add more cheese 😋 while they are very generous with the cheese, it can make the crispy skin soggy. Still very delicious! Chicken cutlet was juicy and thick. Really worth it!

The Xiao Long Bao was delicious as usual, but one broke before we got to dig in 😢 the Red Bean Pancake was surprisingly delicious. The bread part tasted like a butterfry, with some red bean inside. The sesame seeds made it really fragrant as well. Please give it a try if you happen to be around 😊

Pancakes were delish, fluffy and with crispy outsides! wasn't expecting them to be this good! Service wasn't fantastic but the food made up for it and my son enjoyed the meal. Dessert pancakes aren't part of Burpple promo so we paid $24 (GST and service charge included) for a $15.90 stack of 6 mint chocolate pancakes + $1.90 peach add-on + $5.90 flavoured latte. Will come back again!

Look at this spread! My first time trying Mediterranean food and it was refreshing. The pita bread was warm and fluffy. This set comes with 8 pita breads, baba ghanoush, falafel, hummus and tabbouleh. I loved the baba ghanoush because it was on the tart side and reminded me of sun-dried tomatoes. The hummus could have done with a little more flavour.

Felt that these time was worse than their previous. Ordered the normal ones with spice and tasted salty and dry. Don’t understand why it would run out on day one of selling 🤨.

Tiramisu was quite nice and calamari was great! Carbonara was ok

It was a pretty decent meal! loved the calamari rings and the tiramisu, but felt like the carbonara was a little too eggy for our liking. The squid ink pasta in the picture was not bad, though it felt like there wasnt much crab meat tho it was a crab meat pasta. Would come back with my muslim friends!

• Truffled Mushroom Risotto •
it was creamy and filling! sauce is cheese and very flavourful, however not much truffle taste but it was full of umami flavour! would order it again. ($18.95++)


• Fettuccine Carbonara •
the pasta have a nice bite to it and the sauce is creamy and not cloying. nothing amazing but a good plate of carbonara. ($17.95++)


• Truffle Fries •
Strong truffle flavour! fries were crispy and not oily at all. serving size is alot too! (ate some before the picture 🤭) would order next time round. ($11.95++)


the service was great! very friendly and attentive staff. Would recommend making a reservation before dining there!

Kaya Butter Toast(2 slice) - Super soft bread that is toasted lightly, spread with stingy amount of kaya and butter in it. Not my ideal kind of toast. Prefer it to be more toasty and spam more Kaya and butter.
Half Boiled Egg(2 pcs) - Not perfect but still acceptable as the egg yolk is 3/4 done.
Coffee/Tea - I had normal Kopi which means coffee with condensed milk. Coffee taste was moderate, milkiness normal, just a bit too watery.
All in all, although it filled my stomach but not quite tastisfying.🙄
🚩Drinks Stall, Canteen 2, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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The pita bread was so soft and fluffy. I like that it was generously filled with falafels, tahini and salad to make it that much healthier. Each bite was a beautiful medley of flavour, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
Overall I find the wrap tastes really deliciously authentic and a great value for money.