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Risking my appetite with 九里香 Mala as I am craving for some and hoping they make it better this time round.
Mala Hotpot($15.10)
I glad it's better than the last I had. More oil and more savoury but the 大辣(Big Spicy) & numbness remains the same, lacking. No numbness still. Spiciness isn't making me sweat. Haiz. Expensive but what to do.😅 Who ask me anyhow pick ingredients.
🚩九里香, Canteen 2, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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Always enjoy having Stuff’d! I usually stick to my standard combination but was eyeing to try more of their seasonal specials. Went with the truffle egg mayo, herbed cauliflower rice and sesame soya sprouts. Some other seasonals available were the dry laksa pasta, tabbouleh salad and black fungus celery. As usual, find the Stuff’d selection pretty good. Was quite surprised by the truffle egg mayo that came in a huge portion. It was creamy and the truffle touch was really not bad! Would skip the sesame soya sprouts as they were a bit bland.

Featuring 2GR pure blood wagyu MS9 Deckle 🐄, seared to the perfect doneness (look at that pretty pink 💗), the middle portion was fatty & super tender! 👍🏻 The exterior bark alludes irresistible smoky flavours 🔥 though it adds to the chew. Served with celeriac puree, roasted greens 🥕 & beef jus.

Those who loved durians anything would probably give this Golden Durian Mochi (S$3.45) a try. The golden balls of Mochi were still a little sticky and chewy on the inside while maintaining a lightly-coated crisp on the outside. Served warm, the durian sauce that was made of D24 durian had a somewhat nice flow to it.

However, the keyword here would be “warm”, because once the balls turn cold, they would make the experience lacklustre. And for those who would go for something organic, then the real food would still be the way to go.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we order their Matcha Mascarpone & Mango Madness for just SGD6.80 in total. I will be really disappointed😞 if I’m paying the original price for each drink.

Matcha Mascarpone - Very mild matcha taste but their mascarpone foam was nubbad

Mango Madness - Badly blended with quite a few ice chunks, and taste like the supermarket mango pudding...eee

Their naans are decent, it's slightly crispy on the bottom when it comes but loses its crisp quickly. Garlic was also v mild. Again it's barely decent but to call it your fav 🤣

It's decent, quite different from normal w its gloopy texture and sweet, no sourness at all. It's not authentic at all so guess it's more of a sinful indulgence, please don't go around saying this is the best butter ckn...

Really good. Packed full of flavour and the rice had a next texture too. A surprising find, worth trying

Btw first time at supper stretch lol, literally last week of sem 2. Yeah pretty late to the party I suppose

Pen this Halal-friendly joint down for a hearty meal of toasty, Cuban-style sandwiches! Grab a lunch buddy and come for the juicy Signature Pulled Beef Cubanos ($11.90), or the smoky and tender Grilled Chicken Cubanos ($10.90). Each sandwich comes with a generous side of chubby chips topped with cheese and chilli beef con carne.
Photo by Burppler halfeaten (Ella)


If you're a fan of spicy sichuan-style noodles, you're in luck! Nestled amongst shophouses along Telok Ayer Street, you'll find this muslim-owned restaurant serving hand-pulled noodles with the authentic taste of XinJiang. Savour tender beef with their Stewed Beef Brisket Noodle ($11.80) or opt for their Shredded Chicken Noodles ($8.80) for a lighter palate option. You'll get to choose between dry or soup-based and your preferred noodle thickness, from capillary thin to wide. Don't miss out on trying their Beef Dumplings ($8.80) as well!
Photo by Burppler Khairiyana Munawar
*100% Muslim Owned

Pop by Bali Lane for a taste of Bangkok with a pal or two. To get your appetites going, start with the fiery Tom Saap Soup ($7.50) for nice zesty kick or choose the surprisingly spicy yet creamy Green Curry ($7.50). To douse the flames, order their refreshing Lemongrass Drink ($3), and end the night on a sweeter note with their Mango Sticky Rice ($7).
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

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Excellent pastas, great cakes and spot-on service — there's not much left to be desired at The Malayan Council. You can count on the Lemak Padi Duck Pasta ($29) to blow you away with its umami smoked duck and creamy coconut broth. Save tummy space for the Classic Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($9.50). Every slice sports perfect layers of fluffy pandan sponge and pandan cream with gula Melaka bits!
Photo by Burppler Isabel Ying
*100% muslim owned