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10/10 would come back here again just for this.

Initially was a bit skeptical because we don’t always hear of octopus in tacos but this turned out really great! Octopus was nice and tender and blended really well with the other flavours.

Big bowl of silky noodles filled with loads of ingredients in tastisfying, spicy, numb & savoury broth.
Sliced tender beef, quail egg, black fungus, beancurd skin, yellow bean sprouts, enoki mushroom, bok choy, hai dai seaweed, peanuts & parsley are what can be found in it.
The broth taste is quite well balance in spiciness and numbness unless you accidentally ate the Hua Jiao and is comforting too.
I like the beef. Neatly sliced, beautiful and flavourful.
All in all, a good bowl to unblock my nose and make my body to sweat out.😂
🚩Da Guo Mi Xian, the other side of Koufu, North Spine Food Court, 76 Nanyang Drive, N2.1, 02-03, Nanyang Technological University, 637331
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So many types of noodle to try. want to come again try them all.

This mega platter feeds up to 4-5 pax, which you can gather your friends or family to enjoy it at any of their 5 outlets. This feast comes with a huge lamb shank rendang, skewers of satay chicken with peanut sauce, sambal udang, grilled sambal stingray, crispy garlic chicken cutlets and sambal telur to go alongside the achar, ikan bilis and blue pea nasi lemak rice.

Also making a return are the golden bread bombs - Chicken Curry Bomb ($9.90), Assam Seafood Bomb ($10.90), which are served in a bun. The chicken option comes with a whole boneless chicken leg cooked in a rich coconut curry with potatoes while the seafood option contains prawn, sotong and lady’s fingers cooked in a tangy spicy assam broth.
✨ Penang Culture
📍 1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity, B2-23E, Singapore 098585
🌐 https://delivery.penangculture.com.sg/
🍴 [Media Invite]

It was too pretty to resist. The scones is delicious, not too dry. Topped with raspberry icing, has alot of chocolate bits within.

Sweeten your day with assorted cheesecakes to share with friends and family from home! Other than their classic Over The Moon ($5.90) New York cheesecake, other noteworthy flavours include the tiramisu-based Sicilian Wild Cats ($6.90), Milo Dinosaur ($6.90) and the molten Basque burnt Charred Eclipse ($5.90). Spoilt for choice? Have a go at their Fickle Feline ($20.90) — an assortment of 10 classic flavours — instead!
Photo by Burppler serene goh


Did not have beef noodles in a long while, and I am glad to have my fix at tongue tip! The large bowl of signature beef noodles ($12.90) was definitely very satisfying. The broth was very comforting and so full of flavour I had to finish it. So glad for the huge selection of noodle types, as I can choose my favourite thicker noodles 😍

We were looking forward to try this unique looking pizza which looks like a mega curry puff instead of a traditional flat base pizza but we found it underwhelming. The crust was not bad, slightly salted and chewy, though at the edges it got a bit too dry and hard. Guess that's what the small cup of tomato pasta sauce is for – to dip the edges? The filling (mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, ham) was not very well distributed as the majority of it was at the centre. Even when we reached the centre, we thought that there wasn't enough filling and perhaps more ingredients (maybe onions and capsicums?) could be added to make the taste less monotonous and more flavourful.

We ordered this as part of the pizza set under bupple beyond, and overall we would say that the set is worth the money and a try since it comes with bruschetta, truffle fries and 2 drinks as well for $39++.

The Burpple Beyond pizza set meal also included bruschetta as an appetiser and to be honest, the set meal is very worth it because you also get truffle fries, two drinks and a pizza for $39++, so you will definitely be able to fill your tummies.

There were two different types of bruschetta served - (1) the traditional bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and garlic and (2) a more interesting one topped with mushrooms and cheese. Both were served atop toasted baguette! The traditional bruschetta was nice although we think the amount of basil leaves used was too much and the taste of basil was a little overpowering. The mushroom bruschetta, on the other hand, was a little too salty for our liking.

Restaurant had space available on a Monday night so we didn't have to make a reservation, although we did just to be kiasu 😅

The Burpple Beyond pizza set meal came with truffle fries as a side dish and the fries were really great. They were extremely crispy and the amount of truffle oil used was pretty generous, so you can smell the fries from a distance away. However, the fries were a little too oily for our liking and it would be great if Squisito used less oil to deep-fry their fries.

As part of the Burpple Beyond pizza set meal, I got the Blue Ocean drink which was a really bad choice on hindsight. Don't get it because it is overly sweet but if you do decide to get it, remember to mix the drink very thoroughly and don't drink it as it is in the photo.