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blue cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, pickled onions, prosciutto, sourdough

Redeemed Burpple 1 for 1 deal. However, the 1 for 1 is only for 1 full portion and 1 tasting portion. (not 1 full for 1 full portion) So please take note guys. Nowadays there are a lot of merchants in Burpple beyond who have additional terms and conditions that are not indicated in the app. Hope Burpple can look into this so that customers are not “blinded” and only to know when they are told by the staff.

Pasta is al-dente & shaped similar to instant noodle; sauce is with right amount of creaminess but overly peppery for my tastebud; truffle taste is quite mild; not as my expectation but thankfully ordered a tasting portion which is half of the full portion..

Grains are well-cooked to soft & with balance amount of wetness; felt the sauce is overly creamy for my tastebud & lack of mushroom taste; topped with generous portion of soft & juicy mushrooms slices which taste quite good..

Pasta is al-dente with light capsicum taste which complement the sauce well; sauce is flavorful with natural sweetness from the clams; mild alcohol taste; clams are big, fresh & juicy; topped with bonito flakes; dish worth a try..

Al-dente pasta tossed in flavorful & rich laksa broth; broth is thick & appetizing, not overly creamy, coconut milk taste not overpowering the dish; right amount of sauce to cover every strand of noodle; with addition of taupok (fried beancurd) that absorb the sauce; tiger prawn is fresh, firm & well-grilled with light smoky taste..

Pasta is al-dente, no beetroot taste; mentaiko sauce is flavorful & surprisingly light; right amount of sauce to coat every single pasta; with 4 pieces of scallop that are fresh & juicy; green tobiko is fresh & with popping crunch; topped with shredded nori; best pasta among all & 1 of the better mentaiko pasta I've eaten..

The food here is really good. The main problem was that we were told that the Burpple one for one really only entitled you to one full sized dish and then one tasting portion, which is half of a full sized dish.

Visited Burger Bar New York the other night and we love how it’s so secretively hidden in a back alley! Made us feel like we were some secret society members 😬 they sell a series of no-frills burgers here that really hit all the right spots. Portion sizes were also surprisingly massive and we left feeling very full and content. Would recommend it if you’re in the Telok Ayer area!

Was surprised to find such fantastic pasta at a bar! This crab and clam pasta is from Mischief which is located in Esplanade. Was expecting a full on tomato base but this was mixed with a little cream to neutralise the tartness of the tomatoes. Pasta was Al dente and seafood was super fresh as well. Portion size was also extremely generous!

‼️Note: Not indicated on Burpple app, but the Beyond 1-for-1 deal is only eligible for one full and one tasting portion only. Only learnt abou tit when we visited.‼️

Tucked away in Fortune Center, a stone's throw away from Bugis MRT, we came here for lunch on a Friday and it was quite crowded. The restaurant is cosy with an open concept kitchen. Despite there being available seating however, the service staff did not prioritise having us seated, and we were told to wait at the door for about 5 to 10 minutes. It later also took about another 10 minutes for us to place an order as it was difficult to get the server's attention.

As mentioned above, we were told that the Burpple deal is only eligible for 1 full and 1 tasting portion only, so we settled on a Vongole (full portion) and Mentaiko (tasting portion). We also ordered the Mixed Berries Sparkling drink ($5) to share.

Boy: Vongole ($24.90, full portion) with Roasted Capsicum and Paparika Spaghetti. A bit light tasting and I can't really tell what the pasta tastes like. It's not your regular sphaghetti and has an appetising orange color, but I didn't think there was anything special. Portion is a bit small. Usually I get very full from eating pasta but I was hungry soon after this. 6/10

Girl: Mentaiko ($16.90, tasting portion) with Beetroot Fusilli. This was an exquisite dish for me. The pasta was al-dente and the perfect sweet savory of Mentaiko, which was laced generously with tobiko. The serving came with 2 scallops that were well seared, and whilst the serving is indeed quite small if you are planning to have it as a main, it would be a good sharing dish size. 9/10 as it was very appetising.

Overall, the place was rather noisy at lunch time but still cosy. Just a bit difficult to have conversations overunch. I would come back again and probably order 2 full portions, with the the tasting portion from the Beyobf deal to share, as I do genuinely enjoy their handmade pasta. I must mention parking turned out to be a bomb (about $4 an hour) so I would recommend making a reservation and probably going at dinner if you drive since parking is flat rate then. Or if you commute by public transport, it would be better weather on your walk there, too.

Ambience: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 5/10
Price: 7/10 (with Beyond, but note portions are small)

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1 main (full size) for 1 main (tasting size) at @pastaandcosg
Using #BurppleBeyond membership via @burpple app

Thought will be getting 2 same size dish but turned out to be a full size with a tasting size. Wish that it was indicated in the Burpple app.

Mentaiko (S$16.90/ tasting size)
Scallops, Mentaiko sauce, green tobiko & shredded nori
With roasted capsicum with paprika spaghetti
The sauce was great, rich and creamy but the pasta would be better if cooked slightly longer. Could still see the uncooked white part in the centre.

Mushroom Risotto (S$17.90/ full size)
Dashi king oyster, honshimeiji, shiitake mushroom & cream
Very umami, full of flavours, well cooked too! Yummy 😋

Sparkling Mixed Berries (S$5)
Recommended by the staff but I didn’t quite taken with it as it was just a soda drink. Can’t really taste the flavours, although got berries in the bottom.