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The Crispy Hot Chicken was a hot mess. In a good way, of course. I have never been good at handling burgers or sammies, especially those with slaw that makes them slide around, so I'm thankful I'm home savouring this, away from stares that would make me conscious of myself. ⁣

Juicy chicken thigh drenched in chili mayo and tex mex slaw, slapped between hot potato bun, mmm, all I'm lacking now is an iced cold beer. Drinking during the day is acceptable during this CB period, right? As if the burger wasn't enough, I was further blessed with this Pastrami Dirty Taters, which is pretty much self explanatory - chopped pastrami on tater tots with cheddar cheese bechamel. My only gripe? Not enough sauce! But this is essentially sin in a bowl, and I fear for my waistline after this CB ends, who else is with me? ⁣

Nothing spells bliss like a free brunch delivery, thank you for making my day💕

Here’s Poms’ small hoard of craft beers - a favourite was the Founders Breakfast Stout which had really aromatic coffee and chocolate notes ❤️ Another interesting one was the Chrysanthemum Mead by Lion City Meadery for days when you need both liang teh and beer 🤪
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Islandwide delivery / takeaway available (pre-order via whatsapp, check FB for details)
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Some things are just not worth clogging your arteries for. Take Sideway’s 𝙍𝙞𝙗𝙚𝙮𝙚 𝙎𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙙 𝘽𝙤𝙬𝙡 (~$22) for example. I could literally FEEL fatty deposits in my arteries every mouthful I took, which was probably why I stopped at 1/5 the bowl. I’m serious, even every grain of rice was oily.

The eggplant that came with it was reeked of an acidic/sour mouthfeel, and though they were generous with the bowl portion, I’d much rather have something worth the calories.

Ig @goodfomood

The food was tasty and the meat was cooked well. However, do call in and check the price of the dishes and if the menu is up to date before ordering. The sides to my dish were different from what was mentioned in the menu and the prices were different too.

While it wasn’t crispy by the time we got home, it was still really tasty especially with that subtle kick of tom yum 😋
#SaveFnBsg #StayHome
Islandwide delivery / takeaway available (pre-order via whatsapp, check FB for details)
#poomsandpoms #foodies #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgeats #sgfoodporn #singaporefood #sgfoodtrend #eatmoresg #eatoutsg #foodinsing #yummyinmytummy #fatdieme #sgbars #bars #stfoodtrending #8dayseat #burpple #tomyumgyoza #almostfamouscraftbeerbar #chijmessg

Another disappointing experience with their chicken dish. Not only was it hard and dry, they glazed/marinated the meat with vinegar that didn’t turn out well. With some coffee to the rescue to wash off the unpleasant aftertaste.

Besides ready-to-eat meals, @level33_sg has a selection of individual Meal Kits for takeaway too (best accompanied by a bottle of their own craft beer naturally).
Each of the meal kits is a balanced nourishing set with fully prepped ingredients, which means they’ve been washed, portioned and perfectly seasoned. Clear instructions are included to help you put together a restaurant-quality meal in under 20mins.
Me and my itchy backside opted for this when Gastrosense PR emailed to say they wanted to send a meal from Level33 to me and my family. I chose the Black Garlic Carbonara Pasta ($13) for us because after gawking at @casanostrasg’s Antonio’s pasta lessons (beautifully filmed by his wife Jasmine), I was seduced into thinking even I could try my hand at a carbonara.
Granted the Meal Kit was a bit of a cheat 😆 and I had a little help. But it was easy and fun to follow the step-by-step guide that led to the plate-up mere minutes later. There wasn’t even a need to turn on the stove since I used a kettle to boil water for the pasta.
I think the result was very flavourful, due in part to the almost alcoholic sweetness of the black garlic and the rich bacon oil (slightly unconventional carbonara ingredients but shhhhh....). However, in my #noobness, I think I left the pasta languishing a little too long in the hot water and thus, it was soft rather than al dente. Oops.
If you aren’t into a heavy carb, fret not. Several other Meal Kit choices await at the link in @level33_sg’s Instagram bio. Vegetarian ones too.

But time and chance happen to them all. This is especially true when you’ve got a pandemic that comes straight outta nowhere and shuts down entire countries. It’s especially bad if you’ve just sunk an enormous amount of capital into starting up a swanky new place, such as in the case of @wearehopstationsg.⠀

When I visited last month, the Hop Fish & Chips ($18++) were screaming my name and it wouldn’t stop until I chose it. ‘Twas a commendable choice, as one rarely ever goes wrong with two flaky fish fillets coated with a crunchy beer batter and deep fried to glorious golden perfection. While I detest peas, the mashed peas on the side were sumptuous & zesty enough to make me tolerate it.

It definitely needs more of that tantalising tartar sauce, and both the fish & chips do need some salt and vinegar shaken (not stirred) over it. Still, it’s a fabulous fix of fish & chips, and if they manage to maintain their standards, I would definitely return for it once the lockdown is over.

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Teochew Fish Porridge ($16.00) from @the1925jc Islandwide delivery at just $8.00 with a min spend of $50.00
Visit for more info
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#meatymondays just ain’t the same when you’re quarantined, so it got me reminiscing on that time I had a carnivore’s paradise on a platter.⠀

The elegantly named Platter for 2 ($60++) has redolent ribeye steak, fabulous fried pork belly, chicken tikka, @tacomantra own chicken wings and samosas stuffed into a little metal tray. The most outstanding item in the platter is doubtlessly the succulent steak. Fabulously fatty, sensationally sapid, superbly succulent and tantalisingly tender, the steak was quite impossible to stop eating.⠀

The chicks were pretty delicious. The chicken tikka was immensely infused with Indian spices and cooked decently, while the wings had that savoury spiciness that made it rather palatable. The wings were a tad overcooked, but when you wash it down with a brilliant beer, it doesn’t really matter.⠀

The pork belly was fantastically fatty with a decently crispy crackling, but it was overly salty. But Taco Mantra has mastered its market very well, they’ve studied their customers and they’re making a 400 IQ play. When you eat something extra salty, what’s your first instinct? That’s right, you reach out for a drink. And what is @freehousesg game? Spot on lad, it’s a beer pub. Thank me for this revelation later.⠀

Also, samosas are better bar food than French fries, you can’t prove me wrong. All these elements make for a real piquant platter, and while splitting sixty two ways is a touch costly, the quality & variety is downright decent. Pretty posh pub grub if you ask me, and it’s undeniably unctuous.

Oh, Freehouse now delivers these platters straight to you doorstep, so now would be a good time to get your meat on.⠀

Mucho grassy ass to @tacomantra for generously hosting us, and to @burpple for setting this up!

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Set menu for a family of 4 pax that includes:
▪️Braised Pork Belly
▪️Braised Duck Breast
▪️Braised Egg
▪️Braised Peanuts
▪️Home made pickled mustard greens
▪️Braised Tofu
▪️Mixed Vegetable Stew (Chup Chye)
▪️4 servings of Flat Rice Noodles.
Add on their highly addictive Lotus Chips ($10.00) to pair with @the1925brewingco Beers:
🍺 Liang Teh, Lager
🍺 Yellow Van, Pale Ale
🍺 Blk622, Dark Ale
Islandwide delivery at just $8.00 with a min spend of $50.00
Visit for more info
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This tasted as good as it looked! The scramble was fluffy and slightly runny, I was really impressed! Croissant was crisp as well. My lunch buddy had the bacon chop and offered me some, but I feel that the smoked salmon was a better choice (the bacon was a bit heavy for me). I’ve been to rookery a few times now and I haven’t been disappointed. Prices are a little on the high side if not for the 1-4-1 deals on eatigo/burpple/ShopBack, so thank goodness for that :)