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we ordered the chicken waffles and the pork collar. the chicken waffles was a great mix of sweet and savoury with the fried chicken and egg + waffles + syrup. the pork collar was tasty and tender, and it came with potato. the chicken waffles was our choice dish!

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Your girl knows I’ve got the sauce, raw sauce – just like this plate of radioactive red beef and veg swimming in a salty, peppery pool of msg-laden goodness. Bonus: the sambal here is pungently potent. Fire. In. The. Booth.

Taste: 3.5/5

The hot chocolate was good. The caramel latte could do with more caramel, as it tasted like a flat white, which is honestly fine as well as it tasted nice. Both drinks were pretty standard.

We enjoyed our hot drinks in the comfort of the second floor of a cozy little cafe, overlooking the roads.

We got this as part of the Pastry + Coffee deal - you can pick any drink from the Coffee section of the menu. As for the pastries, you can choose between carrot cake, brownie, or quiche. We paid a total of $13.20 for 2 pastries and 2 cups of coffee.

Yeast Side bakes their own sourdough loaves - when we got there at about 11.30am, they were only left with the seeded ones. The sourdough was moist and had a nice balance of nutty and sour. It was really tasty and I could eat it on its own.

The loaves were quite big but they don’t slice them for you. I wish they did, because not everyone has a bread knife at home, and cutting through the loaf is quite tough.

It’s quite a good deal with Beyond 1-for-1, making one loaf $5 each - I would definitely get this again.

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I must say the portions were generous. It’s well worth it only if you are using burpple beyond 1-for-1 during weekdays!

Came here for the steak buffet and service was quite fast compared to last time as we came at 8pm Thursday this time. Food was not bad considering it as a steak buffet of $33

Burpple advertised a 1-for-1 Pastry and Coffee set at Yeast Side. When I got there, I was told that this offer is only available on Friday to Sunday. No where was this stated on Burpple. It’s either Burpple left this out or Yeast Side has changed the deal without updating Burpple. Whatever the case, call before you make your trip to the outlet to check if the deal is available on the day you intend to patronize this outlet.


Maybe because I grew up eating Subway, I found this quite overpriced.

Would sing praises for the super creamy burrata but the overly salty prosciutto & rock-hard bread (literally got tired of cutting it💀) made me wonder if my wallet-friendly Sub would satisfy just as much.


I really liked the almond hazelnut butter used in place of standard pb! Think ferrero rocher in liquid form🤩

Only wished there was more spread, esp the jam, to go with the brûléed brioche, which could have been more eggy coz you know frEnch tOAst

Hot Fried Chicken ($16)
Not the fluffiest of buns but everything else was really good! From the thick slab of tender chicken thigh🍗 to the chili aioli & slaw, I enjoyed every mouthful!

Just a stone's throw away from King Albert Park MRT, you'll find this alfresco bistro & bakery housed in KAP mall. Full of chill vibes and good bites, pop on by for a cuppa coffee, pastries and signature Sourdough Loaf ($9) freshly baked every monrning! Some of their crowd favourites include the Carrot Cake ($6), which was "pretty yummy, perfect if you prefer the less-sweet type of cakes with a stronger taste of spice. It was moist and light, not the dense kind, which was great for a tea snack." according to Burppler Audrey & Cady.
Photo by Burppler Audrey & Cady

Quite unique steak presentation & flavours in a plate. The medium rare steak was quite tender with a bed of fresh avochimmichurri, accompanied by charred asparagus and potato salad. Suitable for a light meal dinner. Paired it with a glass of red wine and you’re set for the night.