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Usually use burpple for reviews but hardly post cause I am lazy. This place definitely deserves a post from the lazy me! Super good food, the toast from the chicken stew was great, the chicken cutlet from the spicy noodle was tasty. Green shot (matcha with espresso) nice too :) will definitely go back again!

Cheeky indeed. The umami pork burger is well seasoned and well cooked. Looks simple but taste great! The curly fries complement the burger well too!

The chilli crab scrambled egg is great as well! Not too spicy, slightly sweet and flavourful. Goes well with the toast provided.

Great place to visit and chill!

We ordered this dish after seeing multiple reviews on Burpple, but it’s not as good as we expected! Perhaps it’s cuz we went late at night, but the crackling was way too hard and overcooked.

Crabmeat pasta was pretty good and generous w their toppings! My bf had the kurobuta pork chop and he loved it as well.

Love how they take pride in their freshly-brewed craft beers - and the tasting platter is perfect to start off the weekends, alongside the day slowly giving in to the gentle night. The IPA beer tasted the wheatiest to me, with a heavier taste. Their wheat beer's hint of bananas also made it more funky. It gets slightly crowded come sunset,

This highest urban microbrewery hideout will be definitely perfect for a quiet afternoon escapade. A skyline that makes you proud of home

($28+ for 5 craft beers of 0.1L)

One for one donburis for lunch via some telegram promo. I had the jewel chirashi which had a good mix of seafood. Also tried char siew grilled unagi which was interesting some char siew flavor. The char siew flavor filled more like it was just grazed to the unagi rather than ‘infused’ in it. Not too sure what the restaurant was going for. Either way, a worth it bowl for TGIF lunch!

My fav pasta is probably pappardelle in a tomato based sauce, so this is right up my alley! Pasta was cooked al-dente, sauce was rich and had good flavour, pork cheek was tender and easy to cut/bite. Had a very slight spicy note (think they put some chili powder) which was a good idea! (Most people would probably not be able to taste the v slight spiciness, I can only taste it bc I’m weak HAHA). Most places do a beef pappardelle, so this was a nice change.

My lunch bud had a crab tagliatelle which I had a bite of, it was not bad! Shall have it as my main next time perhaps :)

This was nice with fluffy potato buns having scrambled eggs, bacon, caramelised onions, cheese and special sauce in between. This was tasty but not that special I feel.


We had a PB&J sandwich and it was nice but not something that I like 😅 if you’re having this it would be good to share because it’s sweet with peanut butter and there’s a chocolatey flavour from the chocolate bread. There are cornflakes on this to give that extra crunch too!

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I liked these significantly more than the seafood platter. When they came, they were hot and crispy but slowly became soggy and limp as I sipped my wine and enjoyed the good conversation. So probably not the best choice for a bar snack.

But they tasted quite good as far as sweet potato fries go, despite a niggling feeling that they were frozen, packeted and refried sweet potato fries rather than being cut fresh. Still incredibly sweet and well-flavored, with a huge portion. Like a really generous mountain of fries, and very addictive.

I literally ate and drank 3000 calories in a single night. But regretted none of it :)


wow this unassuming fried chicken sandwich from @rookerysg was really really good. Would rank this on the same or higher than their cheeseburger! Get it one for one with #burpplebeyond

Okay first things is not appetizing at all when the plate comes and the entire thing is the same color. Granted, its a delicious deep fried golden brown, but still.

They ran out of slipper lobster and had to replace it by adding some other elements, which was a pity. There is calamari, battered shrimp, battered fish, and fries (am I detecting a pattern here). Also a very miserable-looking salad covered with thousand island dressing (which is also tragically an orangey brown color).

The individual elements were good, don't get me wrong. The fish was piping hot and perfectly cooked. Calamari was delightfully crispy and still quite chewy. Prawns were bouncy and crunchy (such nice prawns were definitely wasted by deep frying them). And fries...its hard to screw up fries.

Its just that as a whole, this $30 platter left me feeling bloated, a big lump of oil and just in general a feeling that it wasn't value for money. Also much to be desired in terms of presentation.


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