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The Works was great, especially the bacon slices.
They were our favourite.
Truffle Mushroom Pasta was average, mushroom was an overkill. Good for people who loves mushroom but that’s about it.

😱 Scrambled eggs with Halloumi and honey mustard mayo in croissant. Brunch is made of. New menu launched at @rookerysg and some items include:
Smashed Avocado Toast ($15)
Meatballs ($17)
Roasted Cauliflowers & Quinoa ($17)
Ebi Sakura Capellini ($14)
Crabmeat Pasta ($24)
Dark Choco Lava Cake ($14)
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P1: Sakura Ebi Capellini $14
Kombu | Furikake | Chives
The pasta is cooked al dente.
Setved cold with Crunchy Sakura Ebi. Very addictive.
P2: US Kurobuta Bone-in Pork Chop $29
Fries | Mesclun Salad.
Pork Chop is Served Medium yet tender & very juicy.
P3: Pork Cheek Pasta $23
Pappardelle | Tomato Sauce | Red Wine | Parmesan | Herbed Breadcrumbs | Parsley
Adore the pappardelle with the pork cheek.
P4: Signature Scramble $20
Croissant | Halloumi | Honey Mustard Mayo | Scrambled Eggs | Mesclun Salad
The scrambled egg is soft, cooked to perfection.
P5: Fried Chicken Sandwich $21
Fried Chicken Thigh | Glazed Bacon Chop | Lettuce | Tomato | Gouda | Honey Mustard Mayo | Mesclun Salad
P6: Scallops $22
Seared Hokkaido Scallops | Seaweed & Miso Butter | Toast
Fresh, Succulent, cooked to perfection.
P7: Meatballs $17
Beef Meatballs | Tomato Sauce | Parmesan | Herbed Breadcrumbs | Toast
Tender, Juicy meatballs
P8: Smashed Avocado Toast $15
Guacamole of Tomatoes & Corn | Poached Eggs | Sourdough | Baby Radish | Furikake
Love the runny yolk flowing over the sandwich.
P9: Grilled Mackerel $24
Roasted Baby Potatoes | Garlic & Tomatoes | White Wine Stew
Grilled to perfection, fish is not flaky. Flavourful.
P10: Roasted Cauliflower & Quinoa $17
Halloumi | Sesame Dressing | Cherry Tomatoes | Cucumbers | Pomegranate | Baby Radish
Adore the roasted cauliflower. Personal favourite.
168 Robinson Road
Capital Tower
# 01-08
S 068912
Tel: 6221 0968
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-11:30pm
Closed on Weekends & PH
Thank you @jeremeliang for the invite & hosting; @rookerysg & Service Team for the warm hospitality as always.
#FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG
#burpple #burpplesg

Had the Bunker Cheeseburger and the Armoury Burger, both were decently-sized and tasted great! Beef patty was super think and juicy, and w a generous portion of fries. Also upgraded to truffle fries for $2 ( it was alright, nothing special). Overall great place, nice ambience for a chill dinner, worth it with burpple beyond.

the last time i ate this was more than a year ago and i remembered it tasted better... but still p tasty!! love how generous they are w the cheese and meat!!! got this w burpple beyond but i think even without the deal, it's still p worth it bc it's v filling! the other sandwich we got was the turkey classic which tasted v fresh and healthy.

2nd visit here. Great deal & good food.
The Ribs are on the heavy side for lunch, and the salmon is recommended.

Try it

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Perfect for lunch or dinner.
Nicely seared, externally crisp and juicy internally. Simple lunch, with such a fulfilling Oink Oink.
Full reveiw of @rookerysg will be up on Chubbybotakkoala.com in the near future.
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I think they recently revamped their truffle fries from thick slices of potato to curly fries and this was so so good if not better than the previous version. Every bite was so fragrant and crisp!

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I have a love for crab meat pasta and this was pretty good! Tasty sauce, al dente tagliatelle pasta and generous servings of crab meet! The herbed breadcrumbs and parsley added a really nice touch to the pasta. Save more with #burpplebeyond

With pesto, squid ink and spiced sprout salad - this was really good barramundi. It was so fresh, soft and tender, and the avo and pesto on the side was such a nice touch.


With pickled jalapeños, mushrooms, mozzarella - the steak was so flavourful and the flatbread was incredibly crispy. We loved this dish as well! Perfect for sharing and light enough so that you can order more dishes.

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The burrata was so, so fresh and creamy and we were given a pretty decent portion! The asparagus was so thick, tender and juicy. We finished this plate off clean, inhaling every drop of burrata. So good!