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This was a showstopper, a sugar rush and something worth sharing.

Came with a couple of cookie pieces and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and ALOT of whipped cream which we eventually scraped off and finished out with cookie crumbles.

The vanilla cookie shake was rather pleasing, not too sweet but really, it’s recommended for sharing.

This can be a meal on its own.

Ordered the pulled pork tacos and chicken and waffles using 1 for 1. Portion size was huge for the chicken and waffles. Could probably feed two person. The batter and chicken was nicely seasoned, although the ratio of batter to chicken could have been better. The waffles was crispy, but bland. The pulled pork tacos was good with generous filling. Overall, this place has pretty nice ambience. Good for chilling.

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Last couple of days to pick up this pho-nomenal sub at @parkbenchdeli’s pop-up at @sugarfin.sg! A crazy thiccc layer of shaved roast beef with the signature flavours of Vietnamese cuisine in that crunchy herb salad in a crusty French roll; all to be dunked into this slick, rich pho dip. Now, better hold on to your buns a little tighter than us, or you’ll end up in the pho splash zone, but that didn’t detract from how dam tasty this whole ensemble is.


Amazing Burger and really good service from the staff. Wide variety of deserts as well

Limited choices for burpple beyond discount
Drinks only cold brew
Pastries only scones, banana cake, brownies and carrot cake available
But taste good

Aside from their burgers, this is rly good too! Love their generous portions and the sauces: house buttermilk-dill, kbbq and lime honey mustard. However this place isn’t suitable if you’re dining in groups of > 5. Can’t make reservations after 5pm and they are packed even on week days. Ended up separately seated.

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was really looking forward to this place but all the food was so so only. chicken was huge but the waffles were quite dry and tough so it ended up being quite hard to finish. not sure what kind of syrup it is but i thought the taste was kinda strange and didnt go very well with the other two items. tacos weren’t great. really enjoyed the cajun fries tho! probably will not be back again

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Chicken n waffles were so good the chicken was crispy n tender n flavourful. The maple bourbon sauce was yums too. The carbonara rly stole the show the sauce was so amazing man just an awesome plate of carbonara u gotta try it if u go. Mama June’s sweet tea was refreshing n perfect for the weather tho a lil ex. anyways the restaurant has country vibes af n good songs (even some country songs too) felt like I was in Houston or sth hahaha jk. I loved the ambience luh. Would revisit foshure n p worth w the burpple 1-1 would say :-)

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Erm pls take not that each of the bowl there costs $20 before GST and service charge
Firstly i would like to comment on the poke bowl, extremely not worth, portion was very small can hold on one palm it was honestly very mediocre and there was not a lot of salmon
As for the pasta it is not impressive as well the chicken inside does not even take good

Went Kreams Beer to chill out. Nice cosy bar which is well decorated with cherry blossom decos, lamps, little ornaments and plushies. The menu has wide selections of beers and light bites. Crackers and fruits are free flow for all tables too!

Just by looking at their fruity based beer section on the menu had me spoilt for choices! They have like watermelon, lychee, graprefruit, yuzu and many more! We ordered the grapefruit infused beer and a Queen's Honey (lager + honey). Both beers are smooth and light on the palate. I enjoyed my grapefruit infused beer, which was citrusy with a hint of sweetness. If you are not sure what to drink, but like something fruity, go for their grapefruit infused, it's a popular choice which usually won't go wrong.

Overall great friendly service and nice ambience, suitable bar for chilling out with friends, date nights or girlie night out. Worth a visit, will come back again! 🍻

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I haven’t really tried a lot of tacos anywhere else before this but this was really good! The shell was somewhere in between soft and crispy which might not be to the liking of all, but it was alright for me. The salsa was delicious and tasted refreshing! The pork was juicy and cooked tenderly. Portions were just nice, I read some reviews stating that they were too filling but it was ok for me! 5/5 ⭐️


Ordered the brownie, banana cake and cold brew. It was so freaking good and I really loved it. Super worth with the 1 for 1 offer too. Hoped that there were more selections for their pastries as I really wanted to try their other pastries. Will definitely be back for more!!!