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Tanuki Raw at Jewel (together with The World Is Flat bar) has a slightly different menu. Being one of the cheapest dons on the menu, the portion was quite value for money! You can see that they gave quite a bit of chicken, nicely cooked and well-marinated with garlic teriyaki sauce. You may want to request for less sauce (or separate) as I felt like the sauce was a bit too much. Onsen egg was cooked perfectly and went well with the dish!

SGD12.00 excluding GST and Service Charge

Visited Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee’s new space within the shophouse located at 446 Joo Chiat Road — the cafe was formerly situated within Katong Point, and is one of my favourite hideouts apart from Brawn & Brains within the same neighbourhood given the underground vibes of their former space.

The revamped space is now brighter and a whole lot more Scandinavian as opposed to that of their former location even despite the use of the very same furniture as they had previously, but I am glad that they are still serving up almost the same selection of food and drinks as before. This was an item that I have had my eyes on for quite a while; something which was also unfortunately sold out during my last visit. Going for the chicken bratwurst option (the beef was already sold out when we arrived), there is simply no regrets for this one. It’s a really simple deal here; toasted bread roll, egg mayo spiked with truffle, and a chicken bratwurst in the middle — nothing too complicated nor hidden; really enjoyed that fluffy and light toasted bread that is slightly crusted which holds are firmly to every bite, while the chicken bratwurst comes with a good snappiness as one chews on the meat. The sausage comes just nicely saltish; all that being well complimented by the truffle egg mayo — a mix that was not too creamy, yet carries a whiff of truffle that helps to ante up the flavour profile of the egg mayo without overwhelming the other elements of the entire dish.

Simple as it is, but very satisfying — the Bjorn’s Truffle Egg Mayo Hot Dawg is much like the other items I had tried from their menu; a dish that is pretty straight-up in the face with the elements that they use without trying to be too fancy nor pretentious. Congratulations to the folks behind Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee on the opening of their new space; definitely coming back for more of the Hot Dawg buns, as well as giving that Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Bagel a try soon!


Armoury Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato. We opted for truffle fries as well & we paid an additional $2 for it. Burger was really good! The patties were soft & tender & juicy (everything you’re looking for in a good burger) & their buns were they were soft & buttery on the inside & slightly crispy on the outside. They were also definitely generous w their portions! The truffle fries were a disappointment tho bc we couldn’t taste the truffle at all but we would definitely come back for the burger!

Mexican Guacamole Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce & tomato. Opted for the sweet potato fries & paid additional $2 as well. Burger was similar to the armoury burger reviewed above, except that there was additional guacamole inside which gave the burger a nice texture. Sweet potato fries were really good as well, super crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Also, their prices are nett, highly recommended!!! 👍🏼 (oh they also serve plain water too)

We’ve reviewed the burger in our previous post but for this we changed our fries to onion rings for an additional $2 & the onion rings were really bomb!!!!! We loved it so much bc the batter was crispy & flavourful & it wasn’t too oily! Highly recommend y’all to get the onion rings!!! 🤩

Heart of Darkness V2.0, now at Keong Saik Road, brings the same good vibes and hospitality regulars have come to expect, in a bigger and better space! Enjoy 25+ craft beers on tap along with a wide variety of wines, creative beer cocktails from, and a full kitchen cooking up delicious western fusion dishes. Burppler Evan Mua's choice of poison is Brutal Instinct Brut IPA ($15.50 for standard size) was an intriguing brew — first greeted by bright fruity notes, which elegantly faded into an endearing dryness, before sliding down my gullet with a long and dry finish."

Photo by Burppler Evan Mua

Very strong coffee based Tiramisu, fluffy, drenched and flavourful.

On the less sweet side.

Choice cuts has shifted to next to Cat Socrates!

A roasted maitake mushroom sourdough sandwich w house sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing. So the first thing I noticed about this was the sourdough bread!! To me, bread can make or break the sandwich, regardless of how good the filling is. While I’ve never rlly fancied sourdough bread cuz it’s hard but I will have to say that this bread good! The bread is sliced thinly and has been most likely toasted on the stove, creating a crunchy yet chewy texture. Wonderful. The sandwich was rather refreshing and light in terms of palate thanks to the pickles and mushroom. And with the addition of Swiss cheese, it created a nice balance since it wasn’t too citrusy.

Although I will say that I’m someone that prefers stronger flavours, I can appreciate the lightness of this sandwich. It’s something that I’d picture bringing on a hot mid afternoon picnic.

I prefer this as finger food since it’s light so maybe as a snack but not as a full meal since I prefer heavy, full bodied flavours ❤️

Wow I have to say that I’m in love with this burger 😍😍
I feel like what makes this interesting is the chicken patty. Most of time, I’m used to eating chicken sandwiches w the chicken whole and intact (picture a Mcspicy chicken cutlet), but this burger had a pleasantly different texture. The chicken itself was cut up into smaller pieces and mixed in with onions and other seasonings before being coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. It was similar to the texture of tempura. The oily deep full flavour of the fried chicken was balanced out with cabbage slaw and the lemon wasabi kewpie mayo, which makes for a satisfying finish.

Even though I usually don’t finish my food, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to eat everything since the flavours were not too overwhelming and I felt like I could eat more.

The chicken is so well seasoned and I haven’t had such a unique texture of chicken anywhere else. It a light fried chicken burger for when you don’t want something too oily on the palate. I think it’s worth a try!

1 for 1 mains so we ordered the chicken&waffles with the pulled pork tacos! It was more than enough for 2 as the chicken was huge and they served a generous portion of pulled pork! Service was fast on a weekday lunch! Worth a try!

Was expecting more variety when it came to their pasta range as it was the only promotion that was allowed on Burpple Beyond but we took it anyway and didn’t regret it. Got their Vongole Aglio Olio ($14) and it was a damn good, no nonsense plate of vongole aglio olio. Clams were fresh, gravy was not too salty and pasta was cooked to a nice al dente. Was slightly spicy but not too overwhelming so it’s all right for people with low spice tolerances. Won’t mind coming back!

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• Small linguine portion, but the taste of garlic and butter is infused into every strand
• Limited ingredients, only 3 medium-sized prawns along with the pasta
• Prawns were average, not the freshest
• Overall Rating: 3/5

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