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decided to try out this quaint roadside restaurant/bar-ish place for dinner & was pleasantly surprised with the generosity of their fish portions! got the bara chirashi don ($28+) and mentaiko salmon don ($28+). fish was fresh - salmon was creamy and tuna didn't have the iron/blood taste. would be back again to try their $10 magheritas and $18 happy hour tiramisu cocktails next round !!! vv worth with the 1-1. 8/10!!!

🍟 we also ordered curly fries on the side but unfortunately that was a miss :-(

We tried this Mentaiko pasta today at Pasta & Co. It was pretty good! The seared scallops were good as well! Would definitely come back and try the others.

ordered the salmon baked rice and lu rou fan from their lunch menu, burpple deal also came with either coffee or tea! meal was good considering the price and location, paid a total of $21.38 for 2 meals.

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it’s a deep fried wrap over rice. v satisfying and i loved the crunch

would particularly recommend:
- beer-battered fish tacos
- chipotle chicken quesadillas
- la tropicana mocktail

Unlike the fried rice, this wasnt piping hot. We opted for no corriander. The bun was soft and fluffy. The pickled vegetable could be chopped smaller. The meat was tender and fatty. A fancy version of kung ba bao.

The fried rice is very flavourful. There are bits of scallop and sakura ebi. If u want a basic fried rice, would toally recommend this.

The fried rice tasted like the wok hey one but with a lot more egg. A lot of chunky bits of crab meat so u can taste the sweetness of the crab meat. Overall, a good plate of fried rice.

Ordered mentaiko and ragu pasta, both full portion . Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot also haha but
Both were tasty
Truffle fries was meh
Cold Brew tea was carbonated :( Would appreciate if it was stated in the menu HAHA… cos i don’t like carbonated drinks and there’s were anyother non carbonated drinks in the menu except water or wine…

Delicious! Decent portion and tasty! Worth it for 1-for-1 mains

Done to perfection! Tasty and good portion size. Eligible for 1-for-1 mains deal

Typical of fortune center, some seats in a separate area from the store. My friend and I ordered the Vongole Rigatoni and Ragu Fusilli using the 1-for-1 coupon.

Tasting sized portion was small but staff was very transparent about it and showed us the pasta portion beforehand. Suggest to upgrade both to full sized, looks pretty value for money as well. (Picture is tasting portion)

You can choose the type of pasta you want. Pasta itself is a little lacking in salt but the flavour of the sauce is pretty good. Would choose the pastas that have more surface area for the sauce in the future.

Overall rating: 8/10