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Strong houjicha taste which is not overly milky; good cup of drink..

Meat is lightly seasoned & lightly battered then deep-fried to crispy inside while retaining its tenderness inside; love the refreshing & flavorful truffle mayo with strong truffle aroma; not a fan of fried chicken but this is surprisingly addictive; good for sharing the calories..

Rice is soft, fluffy & mixed with crunchy pickles; with kombu & garlic; truffle taste was very mild though; opted for medium beef but came well done, nonetheless still tender & succulent; topped with a sous vide egg; rice & beef portion is tad small..

Quinoa is well-cooked to fluffy, mixed with kale & pomegranate; felt the taste is quite bland & subpar compared to their original outlet; love the thick piece of salmon fillet which is well-cooked to medium well with crispy skin..

Came early at 7am on 1st April for the crossiant campaign of 7 crossiants. The crossiant original price is $4 and it is the best crossiant I had. The skin is crispy and flaky and the astastic look capture my heart.

This dish is a must order! A little spice kick from the curry, the lamb was generous and goes well with the yoghurt dressing.
Great bite with a nice cold beer!

We order this after seeing review that this was very nice. Was a little disappointed with this dish as the beef was very veiny hence it was hard to enjoy the dish properly though the sauce and vegetables were nice.

Instead of being pounded flat, the pork chop was a thick piece of kurobuta pork breaded and deep fried till crispy. I found the meat a little hard though.
The fries were nice and stayed crispy even when cold.

Enjoyed the Halloumi Salad with Falafel so much! Will definitely recommend this dish to those that love Halloumi as much as I do. Could have given slightly more Halloumi though but still loved it nonetheless 😍

The Seafood Paella was pretty much on the average side though & was pretty pricey as well. Expected more seafood to be in it. Definitely worth it with the 30% off the total bill. Do drop by during the happy hour if you wanna get pints/selected wines to go along with your meal!

Thought the pistachio flavour was actually not bad, but didn't enjoy the icy texture of their Icecream.

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Was lacking the vanilla beans in the custard, which would have added good flavour to this creme brulé.

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