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Rainbow bagel with seasalt butter and homemade kaya. It is more expensive than their schmears ($6/$7 on average). The butter and kaya is served chilled.

Rainbow bagel tasted like their plain bagel. They are very generous with the kaya, butter and seasalt. Their homemade kaya is good. It is creamy, not so sweet and thus you don’t get gelat finishing the overflowing kaya.

This is the bagel to get if you need an excuse to eat kaya and butter. I hope homemade kaya can be on their schmears menu in the future.

A high-street specialty bagelry with a delish soul. Not a fan of bagel? Well, you still gonna love this as @twomenbagelhouse did it so well! .

Thank you @filbert_yeo for sending these delicious bagels for us to enjoy❤️ #twomenbagel #notsponsored #earlybirthdaytreat #bagel #bagelsandwich #surprisetreat #mybirthdaytomorrow #sandwhich #healthyfood #bagellover #handmadebread #toast #brunch #opensandwich #foodreviews #brunchathome #tgif #sgfoodies #burpple #earlybirthdaytreat #nyceats #foodilicioussingapore #lecker #foodilicious_diva #sgcuisine #stfoodtrending #instafoodsg #straitstimesfood #supportlocalsg #savefnbsg #foodinsingapore

1-for-1 Shogayaki Don (S$13.90+)
Stir-fry sliced pork in ginger sauce on rice.

Available at @yayoisg in @northpointsg
Not more free return vouchers.

Address 🏠 : 1 Northpoint Drive, # B1-103/104 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 019
Tel ☎️ : 6970 5592
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)
Open ⏰ : 8am - 8.30pm
Note 📝 : Got 7% GST

Lox is never my first choice because I’m not a fan of smoked salmon and I didn’t enjoy Fisherman at their TP outlet but this, I love.

Beet Cured Lox, Cream Cheese, Alfalfa, Pickled Beets & Onions, Capers Dill add-on tater tots in olive bagel. The beet cured lox makes all the difference for me.

The acidity from the pickled beets cuts through the saltiness of the salmon and the tater tots adds another textural dimension and goes so well with the cream cheese. Chocolate chip and Olive bagel are my favourites at this outlet and olive bagel is the perfect choice for Zoidberg.

Sausage fest with choc chip bagel and this (Zoidberg add on tater tots on olive bagel) are my to go at this outlet.

The aptly named Hangover Helper is a godsend to the alcoholics amongst us. A wondrous mashup of bacon, scramble, cheddar, tater tots and parmesan aioli is sandwiched between chewy bagel buns, a sure cure for low spirits after a night of imbibing spirits. The ingredients might all blend into a greasy homogenous mess and be a little worse for wear after travelling some distance, but it sure as hell still satisfying af.

Taste: 3/5

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Bagels 🥯 for lunch! Sausage fest (cheddar bagel) and biggie smalls (garlic bagel). Got to say the sausage fest was really mind blowing, love the tangy Carolina mustard with the juicy sausage patty along with the melted sharp cheddar. So much gg on in one bite! Did not enjoy biggie smalls as much, comparatively as I found the mint gremolata a little too intense and drew attention away from the flank. The charred broccoli in it was yummy though! And the toasted garlic bits on the bagel really made the entire bite more flavorful.

No mcbreakfast wrap? NO PROBLEM COS DIZ BAGEL SANDWICH FROM TMBH IS A GOOD ENOUGH SUBSTITUTE. Though I would prefer to pay less than half the price for mcdonalds hahaha. This american breakfast inspired bagel-wich is rly better than I expected! I like how the bacon isn't overly salty, and it goes rly well with the other ingredients inside ❤

spaghetti, pounded pine nuts, shaved parmigiana

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Went there last month (4th April) to try the watermelon rose cake before the start of Circuit Breaker and I wasn't disappointed! The cream is very light and with the watermelon chunks, the cake was so yummy that I cannot stop eating!

The espresso tonic is refreshing and slightly fizzy! Thus the combination wasn't jelak at all And now I crave for it again hah. If only this cafe is located under my block!

📌The Food Peeps ・ RANCH CHICKEN & AVO SANDWICH $14 SPICY GARLIC PRAWN BURGER $15 Key Lime Pie $5 Rich Chocolate Fudge $5 ・ インスタでこのエビアボカドバーガーを見つけて一目惚れ。 調べたら今ならisland-wideでデリバリーしてるというので早速オーダー。 大きめのプリップリのエビとアボカドがゴロゴロ入っているのに、サワークリームとレモンジュースでさっぱり。ほんのり甘いブリオッシュバターバンズもふわふわさくさくでよく合う! ケーキはウェブサイトのメニューには載っていませんが、毎日日替わりで焼いているそうで、今回はその中からキーライムパイとチョコレートファッジを。 チョコレートファッジはファッジというよりチョコレートが濃厚なブラウニーという感じで、しっとりずっしり、見るからに美味しい。 キーライムパイはキーライムという普通のライムより小さく酸味と風味の強いライムが使われていて、キーライムの酸味とコンデンスミルクの甘味とザクザククラストの相性が抜群。酸味も甘味も強めなのThe Americanな感じなので、好き嫌い分かれそうですが、わたしは大好き。 オーダーは、お近く(タンパガ周辺)にお住まいの方はGran foodかdeliverooで$20以上のオーダーで無料で配達してくれます。 エリア外の方は直接お店に電話しまたはWhatsAppでオーダーできます。 サーキットブレーカー発動のちょっと前にオープンしたらしいこちらのカフェ。 美味しいのはもちろん、最初から最後まで丁寧に対応してくださいました。 オープン早々、通常営業ができなくなる自体になってしまって、本当に苦労してると思うけど、これからも応援したい、そう思える素敵なカフェでした。 詳細は今夜ブログに更新予定です。 #thefoodpeeps @thefoodpeepssg #keylimepie #chocolatefudgecake #briochebun #おうち時間を楽しむ #飲食店を応援しよう #stayhome #sgcafe #cafesingapore #sgcafehopping #sgcoffee #singaporecoffee #singaporetrip #travelsingapore #singaporeinsiders #singaporediaries #singapolife #싱가포르카페 #싱가포르생활 #กาแฟสด #สิงคโปร์ #シンガポール #シンガポールカフェ #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールカフェ巡り #シンガポール暮らし #burpple

This is chopped roti prata mixed with chicken and vegetables and we didn't expect much when we saw the description. We were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this more than we thought we would. This was a right amount of rich and spicy with the prata soaked in curry.

The fried beef cheek with sweet tamarind and lime was very tender and there was a unique flavour to this. This was slightly spicy as well but very tasty.

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