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Really love their mac and cheese as they are really generous with their cheese and it’s served on a hot plate which allows the cheese to continue melting upon arrival on the table. However portion could be bigger for the price. 7.0/10

It comes with shred potatoes and sweet bulgogi beef topped with sour cream.
The disappointing thing was that the rösti was not crispy enough and falls apart easily. Will not recommend this as there are better rösti available elsewhere. Nonetheless the innovation is commendable. 4.0/10

Second time dining here and fragrance of the korean fried chicken still made me want to dig in straight.
A whole chicken together with fries, onion rings and a citrusy mango salad as sides.
The chicken was extremely crispy and juicy. This dish took a little longer to arrive but it was definitely well worth the wait. Will definitely return for this and the 30cm beef. Highly recommend this if you’re a fan of fried chicken. 8.0/10

I like the truffle cheese fries more than the cheese fries. Cheese fries was too ‘jelat’. It’s good for sharing, i doubt you can finish it all by your own if you’re having other dishes too..

New burger joint in town! Tbh, I was abit skeptical at first but wow the buns got me in it. It’s so soft and to my liking. Bulgogi burger was unique and great, better than the cheese burger. Maybe because there are too many other competitors for good cheese burgers. Love that they also serve mustard as one of the condiments.

From popular Korean fast food chain Mom’s Touch - As though fried chicken is not sinful enough, the crispy and very juicy fried chicken patty comes also with ham and fried egg, sandwiches between two sesame buns. Liked that the patty wasn’t too greasy! Thought their Cajun fries were pretty good too.

Their Mom’s Thigh Burger set is going only for $6.80 (u.p. $8.20) till 31st Oct, so if you’d like to try, it’s a good time to😛

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Winter sunrise; $4.20 probiotics drink with some cream thingy? Looks very pretty and tastes delicious too!!

Brown sugar boba; $3.50. Riding on the super craze of brown sugar and gotta say at least they didn’t disappoint. We really like R&B’s brown sugar fresh milk and this is good too. Not diluted and sweetness can be a bit too much but just let the ice melt first. Pearl wasn’t as chewy as hoped for but still nice. And good value for the amount too!!

Got this via foodpanda so no Beyond redemption!

Una Una is a new Japanese unagi restaurant in Bugis+ that sells one of the cheapest hitsumabushi in Singapore at just S$9.80.

Surprisingly good and service was excellent. Staff were friendly and offer chilli and gloves for better experience. Cajun fries were very good too. Too bad that the coke were less sugar version. Outdoor seats were very cooling in the hot afternoon

First time trying Hollin’s, and I have to say, their rock salt pearls tasted pretty unique at first, but after awhile, it becomes jelat and a little weird(?) as it felt like I was eating a lot of dangos with matcha.

In contrast, I quite liked the Strawberry Green Tea Macchiato with sugar pearls (because that tasted more NORMAL) 🤨

The nyonya fried wings are prepared with special seasoning, served with belachan mayo. The wings were really crispy and flavourful. I just prefer belachan on its own without the mayo 😆

This was quite disappointing because all that’s different is the crepe being an egg one instead of the usual one. It did add to the flavour and I liked the change but I did not like the fact this costs $6.50, I can buy many popiahs at the market with that.