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I like how the shakes here are customisable so I got a bacon, peanut butter and malted milk shake and I enjoyed the savoury flavours in it too.

The Cajun fries were very tasty and came in a large serving but I feel like they were overpriced.

Got a bacon burger with A1 sauce, lettuce, jalapeños, grilled mushrooms and pickles and it was very flavourful and juicy but a bit too greasy for my liking.

Belly Buster ($6)
Sucha nice and refreshing drink! I love how the Apple Cider Vinegar is so strong and it goes well with the Raw Honey and Ginger too. Not too sweet, felt like a nice detox to my belly! And what’s more great is that... they do nice coffees too ☕️

📌Double Up Coffee ・ SPRO W MILK $5 ・ ちょうど入った時にバリスタのお姉さんがメニューを書いているところでした。 そのメニューはとてもシンプルで、BUSINESS(コーヒードリンク)とPLEASURE(それ以外のドリンク)とCHOW(ペストリー)の3つに分かれています。 Sproはエスプレッソの俗語だそうで、ラテがSpro with Milkになります。 ミルクの温度を手で感じながら、一杯一杯丁寧に淹れてくれるラテは、Bearded Bellaのほんのり酸味のあるコーヒーをミルクが優しく包み込んでくれるコクのある一杯。 ペストリーはブルーベリークラストのみでしたが、焼き立ての香りが店内に広がってきてすごく美味しそうでした。 にしても、ミニマリストカフェが最近のトレンドであることに間違いないですね。 Double Up Coffeeも先日行ったLUCIDのようにグレーを基調としていて、シンプルで無機質な雰囲気のカフェです。 LUCIDと違うのは、店先の赤、黄、青の椅子とステッカーがびっしりのスケートボードのテーブルが置いてあって、ファンキー感と遊び心を感じるところでしょうか。 サービスウォーター用のガラスコップもフランスのDURALEXでカッコいい。 肩の力を適度に抜いた感じの雰囲気とかすごく好き。 ブギス散策中のちょっとした休憩にもってこいだと思います。 #doubleupcoffee @doubleup.coffee #spro #doubleup #sprowithmilk @bearded.bella #beardedbella #minimalistcafe #industrialcafe #sgcafe #cafesingapore #sgcafehopping #sgcoffee #singaporecoffee #cafestagram #singaporetrip #travelsingapore #singaporeinsiders #singaporediaries #singapolife #シンガポール #シンガポールカフェ #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポール旅行 #シンガポール女子旅 #シンガポール在住 #シンガポールカフェ巡り #シンガポール観光 #シンガポール暮らし #burpple #みど朝活隊

sugar, Bordier butter & lemon

The sweet, mellow, soft roasted pears worked so well with the generous amount of crispy bacon and creamy ricotta, and when you put all that yumminess on a really good slice of bread — serious toast heaven. What I found to be an especially great touch, was the fried sage leaves liberally sprinkled over. It adds such a surprisingly earthy, savoury, and wonderfully herbaceous note to the toast, completely elevating it imho. What I didn’t really like though, was how sweet the caramelised onions were. They would’ve been fine in dishes without other sweet elements, but here, together with the roasted pears, it made the entire dish a little too sweet for me.

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Since their official opening, they’ve switched out their espresso blend to one of a medium-dark roast from Taiwan. I love it, LOVE IT. I’m a big fan of darker roasts and bolder, nuttier flavours; so if I liked their coffee back when they were having a milder, more acidic brew, what more when they’re using beans of a flavour profile I prefer? 🥰 The current blend makes for a delightful iced Strong Black ($5) with a great balance of bitterness and really mild acidity, and of course works wonders in milk-based drinks. I tried their iced Mocha ($6.50) as well, and I’d call that among the best mochas I’ve had in Singapore. It’s not one for the sweet-toothed, focusing on the quality of the coffee and chocolate instead of masking it all up with sugar. The chocolate comes in as a nutty, cocoa kinda earthy sweetness towards the end, complementing and even imho enhancing the flavours of the espresso. Let’s just say I’m now a huge fan.

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I’ll be brutally honest: I was a little turned off by the whole copycat act, but I have to admit being curious about a couple of their spice-infused flavours so alright give it a shot I did. Gotta say I really really liked their pepper-specked cones, shockingly even more than I did BOP’s thyme-scented ones 🤔 you can really taste the pepper here, but in a very nuanced, mellow, aromatic way. It was very fragrant! We tasted a couple of their flavours and settled with the Coconut Pandan and Sea Salt Gula Jawa. The former’s a light tasting sorbet that’s really refreshing, though I’d have liked a stronger hit of pandan. The latter was my fave of all the flavours I tasted. It’s a less aggressive take on the classic salted caramel. The salt hits you first, pretty strongly I have to say but not overwhelming at all, with a very nutty kind of sweetness kicking in at the end. It’s very well-balanced and they definitely exercise enough restraint with the sugar, so it was really easy to finish a scoop on my own. In fact I’d do 2 😉


Delicious broth! Good sized and amount of beef. Come early as the wait is long (20min).

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Just sharing crepe moments with friends deserving of my time.

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💵: $10.90

📈: 9/10

🤔: A really comforting bowl of noodles, with the pork lard, shallots and yummy chilli paste, definitely worth every calorie. Can't wait to return and try other items on the menu!

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