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Made with Rwanda Superior Coffee, the Tiramisu comes in a cup and is very thick and full-bodied in texture. It is not the “wet” kind but firm-ish, extremely creamy and on the heavy side. So it can be filling but you won’t care because you’ll be too busy savouring its heady aroma and scrumptiousness.

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On the street level of ION Orchard (#01-15/16) is the newly open @bachacoffeeofficial which happens to be the first international outlet of the Marrakech-born coffee specialist brand. The original Bacha Coffee, built in 1910, is still housed in the Dar el Bacha palace or “House of the Pasha” and if you explore online, you can see how beautiful it is. Naturally, the Singapore venue is nothing but stunning as well. Coffee-lovers will have a field day here as it houses over 200 single origin 100% Arabica coffee beans from farmers in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and beyond. From fine flavoured and fine blended coffees to naturally C0₂ decaffeinated coffees, there is something for every palate. The company’s focus is on achieving the perfect roast and grind to accentuate each coffee’s unique qualities and complexities, and I had the pleasure of trying three types (each pot costs $9++) beginning with the strongest, a Single Origin from Ethiopia’s Sidamo Mountain. It had a spicy, fragrant aroma, very full body as well as floral and cracked cocoa bean notes. From the fine blended coffee range, I was served the malty-flavoured, nutty-overtoned “Three Volcanoes” that contained Central American and Arabian beans. It was my favourite of the lot. Named “1910 Coffee”, the third was a fine example from the fine flavoured section with its mesmerising fragrance of strawberries and cream. I think it might be the one that can convert the non-coffee drinkers because it’s really lovely, especially with some chantilly cream or milk (these accompany every order of coffee here).
To be frank, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the food because at first look, I thought it might be a “style over substance”. How wrong I was! The food menu may not extensive but what I had by Head Chef Jeremy and Pastry Chef Ryo were very good. These are what I recommend: the superbly buttery Croissants ($8++ for 2), the Scrambled Eggs with Truffle and #brioche that’s TO-DIE-FOR ($24++), the Tiramisu with Rwanda Superior Coffee (love its incredibly luxurious mouthfeel) and the Strawberry Soup with vanilla ice-cream, a most delightful and refreshing creation ($12++ per dessert).

Away with standardised salad/grain bowls in CBD area. YOBO offers pay per portion concept, with bonus add on macros nutrition information. Excellent for girls as there won’t be food wastage due to those standard sized salad/grain bowls. You can have a bowl of 400 kcal (recommended kcal for me) for approximately $7! All items, including sauces are made in house! Would recommend: broccoli purée!

The roasted rice tea is very fragrant and I opted for the no sugar option but the drink itself come with a bit of a sweetness from the pearl and milk. My overall experience with this drink is great. One of the best bubble tea I’ve tried. Super recommended!


Simple fare in a beautiful space. Great for catch ups.

Love love love the rice. It’s like the elevated version of nasi lemak coconut rice. The beef was lean and tender and the flavour was amazing. If there’s one savory dish you should order here, this is it.

Extremely flavourful filled with tomato base. Duck was very tender and soft

Most people came here for their coffee, but they do have some pastries available here. I could say it wasn’t really as good as other but definitely worth having it. $3.20

Their lemonade is really refreshing with a hint of sourness from the hawthorn that balances out the sweetness (I got less sweet). LOVE IT. Bought this with burpple 1 for 1. Not the cheapest bubble tea at its full price but for the quality definitely worth every dollar. Will want to go back to try their other drinks, esp the kombucha!

Try it for the first time in Hong Kong last year and finally now I can try more of it here at their first outlet in Singapore.

I needed a strong taste of coffee so I went for the Americano. Cold and hopefully it can wake me up throughout the day. $6.60

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THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. The pu-er is fragrant with tinge of sweetness. The chestnut pearls are awesome - chewy yet crunchy at the same time. Will definitely head back to try the other drinks on their menu!

Ordered Gyu Don ($9) and Lor Bak Bowl ($8). Portion was pretty good for the price (as compared to cafes outside)! However, it was slightly disappointing that they ran out of the Cold Brew Tea that was supposed to come with the main course and they did not offer any other drink options.

Overall, food is good and will consider coming back again!