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($35++ per set) 🥘
After having bubbletea hotpot, I decided to try durian hotpot. Surprisingly, it was delightful sweet! Came without much expectation, yet enjoyed the sweet broth contributed by 4 durian pieces. Oysters within was fresh too! And I love the nasi lemak kind of sambal which came w it as the sauce. Although it is for 1-2 pax, this was a little on e pricey end for its portion.
Hotpot: ❤❤❤❤

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Agter adding the sauce, you can close the lid (not pictured) on the pint and shake the pint to mix all the ingredients together before eating it. Having done so, I was pretty surprised by how good the burst of different flavours in this bibimbap was. And the free-range chicken was really tender and of a generous portion. A great inexpensive meal option .
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They’re cooked with the same fish soup with no milk added. In case you’re wondering, the milky texture is the result of hours of high heat boiling with large amount of fish bones. The broth was sweet and stronger with prawns added. Also tried Ka-Soh fried yam with the sweet yam in the middle and crunchy on the outside. Prawn paste chicken gave a very intense savoury flavour with a bowl of comfort noodles. 🍜 Service was rather slow during peak hours. .
Where to dine?
Faai Di by Ka-Soh
78 Airport Boulevard B2-238 - 240 Singapore 819666 (Five Spice food court by Food Junction)

The Omakase courses start from $55 here, with mainly counter seats where you can have a close interaction with the chef.

In all honesty, I had this a few times when in Batam for work, but I don't know why the one in Singapore tastes better.

Must be the two hour queue it took to get these.

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I don’t take beef but here’s a savoury option from Gram! The denser pancakes are topped with chilli beans sauce and cheddar cheese, with a side of salad, sausage and potatoes.

Thank you @gram_pancakes_singapore & @brandcellar for having us and @juliuslim for the invite! ✨

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Didn't really impress at first as I tot of it as an average pancake that was very slightly dry. But after chewing more I could appreciate the development of buckwheat flavour and grew to like the texture as well. It's bound to taste different from the usual pancakes you have as this one uses buckwheat but give it a try. Comes with honey but go easy as it's very sweet. Have to admit after a while I liked it as much as I did the corn pancake which was more obviously a dessert.

As somewhat of a food purist I usually only judge the food by itself but I have to say they do a damn good job of introducing yun nan cuisine to the masses in a classy way. There's so much effort with a small write up on nearly every one of their signature dishes. Not to mention the menu was aesthetically pleasing as well. Really impressed in every manner and one of the most memorable meals in a while. Definitely a fan of Yunnan cuisine now after this eye opening experience.

Grab a group and come down cos there's so many things to try!

Superb! Corn flavour was very very prominent and the texture was really soft and fluffy as well. Pity we had to share this lol

Said small but it was actually quite a good portion and enough for the group to share.

Found this to be the spiciest dish(the blatantly spicy kind), because most of the other dishes we requested to be less spicy. But others found the slow burn of the braised frog worse.

Though the highlight got to be the beef offals. Every single part was cooked perfectly. From the soft yet flavourful tripe to the tender beef, if you're a fan of offals you're in for a treat

As the last savoury dish of the meal, I felt that they had a myriad of chili usages, from powder to soup and chili sauce that's rather different from anything I've tried. Also the execution of the dishes were on point too. Moreover it wasnt too expensive(comes to about 30per pax for 6pax, and we were all stuffed).

Thankfully the black truffle was almost non existent as I wouldn't have liked it interfering with the rest of the flavours.

Porcini mushrooms are one of the things they're famous for and true enough, it was superbly crunchy and umami even cooked in a thick sauce. The sauce was primarily sweet and incredibly good with rice but had a surreptitious and slow burn at the back of the throat despite us requesting for it to be less spicy. In other words, super shiok lol and the frog legs were cooked well too

Gotta try their porcini dishes when you're here

Really homely cooking and less potent than the rest of the dishes. We enjoyed it as well but it seems out of place with the other punchier and restaurant standard dishes