Recommended lists for Newly Opened

Recommended lists of Newly Opened in Singapore
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: November 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: November 2017 Get your tummies ready for plenty more exciting new finds this week. We checked out (yet another) acai spot in Katong, this time specialising in acai soft serve; ate our hearts out at an unassuming coffeeshop stall in Havelock that dishes out the most flavoursome zi char plates; and mopped our brows after a sweat-inducing but utterly satisfying meal at this Sichuan-style grilled fish specialist. What better way to cool down then than to join the queues for the lusciously creamy and cheesy ice cream from Japan? We hope you're hungry.
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: October 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: October 2017 Singapore's already exciting food scene is getting buzzier, and we had such fun putting together this week's newly opened guide. From a swanky steakhouse and a laidback Italian brunch spot in the new InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay to excellent coffee in Hillview and hearty brunch grub in Thomson, this week's guide is packed with delicious ideas that'll have die-hard foodies trekking across the island. Enjoy!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: September 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: September 2017 There's always something new to try here in food-crazy Singapore, and we LOVE it! This week, we got busy sipping on stellar brews from this famous Tokyo coffee house, tucking into super saucy lu rou fan in the CBD and going gaga over durian desserts in Chinatown. We hope this Newly Opened guide makes you as hungry as it made us. Ready, set, eat!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: August 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: August 2017 Watching the unending stream of new openings, we are quite ready to eat our way through August and possibly into September, and we hope you are too! Rock up to Keong Saik, home to several new joints, and ready your appetite for smokin' Szechuan yakitori, Asian-inspired grills and comforting bistro lunch plates. Away from Chinatown, there's yummy zi char with a twist in Alexandra, Michelin-starred kushikatsu in Oden Towers and wagyu roast beef donburi in Amoy Street Food Centre, and more. We hope you're hungry!

Top 10 Places for Newly Opened

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened

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Osaka Corn Dog - The sausage was encapsulated in this pound-cake texture batter and topped with Japanese seasonings, such as tobiko, shredded nori and a teriyaki-mayonnaise.

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Chicken ramen with a choice of clear/ creamy stock. We went with the creamy stock which was a bit of like creamy mee soto soup. Don’t expect the oomph and creaminess that boiled pork bones give but imagine a lighter soup.
What really won me over was the juicy sous vide chicken breast slices. The ramen eggs were also had perfectly liquid centers. 😋 Definitely liked the amount of cabbage and black fungus strips to balance out the meal. Springy ramen noodles that weren’t too hard nor soft. .
For $10, this was pretty worth it!
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The pork ribs tasted tender with a nice sweet and hint of smokiness together with the collagen that melted and turned into soft gelatin. The ayam panggang was tender and smooth with a slightly sweet flavour. Squid bakar tasted tender with minimum bite, not those rubbery squids that you and I hate. Nasi goreng was cooked well, such that the grains were separated giving a rich and complex flavor. Not a fan of bakwan jagung corn fritters as it was too oily and lack of the corn sweetness. Preferably sweet and not too ripe goreng pisang so this is not my choice. It might be a little challenge to locate Monkey Warung as the logo is not obvious. It is located in Capitol Piazza close to 1933 By Toast Box.
Orang Dua Set at S$60
Where to dine?
Monkey Warung
15 Stamford Road, #01-84, Capitol Piazza, 178906

TGIF, hope my weekend would be more zen after a hectic week.
In love with the cutlery used at Misato. Yes, their cutlery, as much as the good. Each dish here is presented as attractive art, using exquisite cutlery. Even a $3.90 green tea came with this elegant teacup and teapot 😍. I also liked the tea, as the premium green tea leaves used gave it a lovely and delicate herbal flavour.
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With their menu filled with fusion flavors of pizza & pastas, one of their standout dishes is this one ingenious combination - Tater Tots & Guacamole ($7.90). Crispy & almost oil-less tater tots are topped with guacamole, salsa & corn, making it a perfect light snack on the side for one to munch on.
Apart from this, please have a go at their World Is Mine! Pizza ($14.90) which is their Laksa-based pizza, or their popular pasta version, Al Capone ($13.90). •

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Freshly bake, Light and fluffy. A Simple, Quiet Venue With Homemade Ice-cream. Try The Peanut Butter Flavour!

Buttermilk/Red velvet waffle with 3 scoops of ice cream plus 2 toppings and additional marshmallows ($0.50 - additional toppings). A total of $13.40 for this delightfully delicious waffles!!

For taro lovers... you might wanna try their Taro Yam and Coconut ice cream flavour!! So sedappppp!!!

Unfortunately it was pretty underwhelming in the sense that I have already had better Japanese cheese tarts. That said, it is not a bad dessert. The mousse-like filling is light and could have more cheese taste, though the apricot jam adds a nice touch of sweetness. The crust is pretty firm and tough to break and I do wish that it was a bit more crumbly.

This was an utter disappointment. Bought an offer on FAVE which entitled us to 2 starters (soup/salad), 2 quinoa bowls (beef/salmon/pork/chicken) and 2 juices, but only to know that the soups and chicken are not even on the menu. That aside, my friend and I got 2 different salads but they came out to be the same vegetables with just a different dressing, and juices which tasted like store-bought ones but presented to us in mason jugs 😑 As if these weren't enough, the mains didn't taste good either. The quinoa was bland, the vege sides were EXACTLY the same as the salad, and the beef was topped with unpalatable, uncracked black pepper (just look at those huge peppercorns). The salmon was still fine.

Really very upset with the food being served here because there are actually positive reviews from the Esplanade Xchange outlet! It was also mentioned that they ferment their own vegetables, but that wasn't what I see on my quinoa bowl.