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Best Salmon Don we ever eaten πŸ˜‹
Salmon meats are fresh and tender , melts the moment it got in the mouth. Portions are very generous for just ($16)

Ordered extra dish of Clam BrothπŸ¦ͺ and Chwanmushi πŸ₯. Very savoury and really up to par.

Pop on over to Overscoop for a taste of specially curated gelatos and sorbet! If you're up for an alcoholic ride, pair a scoop of their Mou Tai Liquor ($6.20) with their Crispy Waffles ($5.50) or go fruity with their Apple Crumble ($4.20) atop their light and airy Croffles ($5.50).

Looking for amazing yet affordable Japanese food? Look no further than Umi Nami! Their range of delicious rice bowls (or β€˜donburi’) are sure to tantalise your taste buds; after all, each bowl is topped with the freshest ingredients and packed full of flavour.

Head to Overscoop Dessert Cafe for sweet treats! They specialise in waffles, croffles and gelato.

If you do not know, Overscoop’s concept refers to the mini scoop over on top of each order!

Overscoop has newly opened a new cloud cafe outlet at West Coast Plaza! They have now expanded their menu to serve acai bowls and salad bowls too!

Featured here are the following food items:
-Mochi Waffles with Acai Berry Gelato and Salted Caramel for the Over Scoop
-Teriyaki Overbowl Salad: This consists of brown rice ramen, salad, carrot, corn, cucumber, cherry tomato, pineapple, teriyaki chicken and roasted sesame sauce!

πŸ“157 West Coast Rd, B1-57 West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371

I decided to get crossiant ($16) since a lot of people order it b4. I really like the crossiant got that crunchy and crispy after reheating at oven. Got cheesy pull from the crossiant and quite savoury taste. Good thing that they add salad with balsamic sauce to prevent jelak. I also order herb garden tea to complement well with crossiant.

As coffee aficionados, we ordered the Black Creamu ($8.20) and the White Creamu ($8.70 for iced). Aesthetically IG-worthy as they came atop with dollops of smooth sweet cream and dusted with cocoa powder. The Plain Croffle ($5.50) was buttery sweet with a light crisp to it and a slightly chewy texture.

Time for an afternoon tea πŸ«–β˜•οΈ treat!

We ended our meal with these dessert cakes from The Homme Baker which are not just pretty but yums too. 😍

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

We also had a recommended starter, the grilled sourdough with pistachio butter. I don’t usually prefer sourdough bread due to its sharp tanginess, but I didn’t mind this grilled version at all. Exuding a nice smokiness from the slightly charred edges with some degree of chewiness, it was perfect to pair the rich creamy, nutty pistachio butter with. Such decadence, but could come across slightly sweet.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 mains at the price of 1!

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Celebrated my dear friend’s birthday this year at @eatat.baste where the dining concept revolves around Modern Asian-tapas, marrying Asian and Western flavours.

Started off dinner with a cold dish, the truffle capellini served with olive vegetable, chives, and a familiar Japanese umami touch of ikura. What was tantalising was the addition of Goji berry, famous for its health benefits and used widely in Asian cuisine. Although it served more as a topping, the Goji berries were essential to deliver sweetness amidst the umaminess. The capellini was al dente, coated deliciously with the earthy truffle, and complemented by the deeply savoury, earthy olive vegetable. Never imagined the olive vegetable could be paired this way, since it is a specialty of Teochew cuisine.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 mains at the price of 1!

No meal at Inochi is complete for us without their fried squid rings!

We love that their squid rings are hot, thick and crunchy. The panko bread crumb batter remains crispy after some time. We also absolutely love their wasabi mayonnaise which is so subtle and addictive!

I must add though this dish can be a little bit and miss at times as the crust comes out a little Burnt and bitter at times. I am assuming it's because the frying oil was too hot or they left it a little too long in the deep fryer!


For $4 more, Inochi serves a 'zhnged' version of their bara chirashi don which comes with 4 thick slices of fresh jumbo hotate sashimi.

We love that the hotate is smooth and firm with a subtly sweet taste. Though I personally prefer the bara chirashi don as you get more of the different varieties of sashimi!


On the 2nd of September, my partner and I decided to visit this cafe after stumbling upon it on Burpple. Excited about the potential 1-for-1 deal mentioned on Burpple, we inquired with the staff, only to be disappointed when they informed us that the deal was no longer available. This was a letdown as it was the primary reason for our visit.

Anticipating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for enjoying our coffee, we entered the cafe with high hopes. Regrettably, our experience proved to be anything but pleasant. During our visit, the staff started vacuuming, which not only created a noisy and disruptive environment but also left us feeling unwelcome. Their conversations carried across the cafe, resembling a casual gathering in their own home rather than a professional establishment. These disruptions only exacerbated our discomfort, making us feel like outsiders rather than valued customers.

While it is important to maintain cleanliness, it should not compromise the overall customer experience. We hope that the cafe can strike a better balance in the future.