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In line with their cute concept, the Monster Waffle ($10.90) was shaped into the store’s adorable Roji mascot. Eggy and slightly dense, the warm waffle disc had lovely crispy edges that matched well with their soft serve ice cream. Milky and smooth, the ice cream was pretty rich and not too icy. The waffles were also served with small dabs of homemade matcha cream and chocolate syrup.

Made for the ‘gram, Roji Monster’s selection of specialty shaved ice does score on the aesthetics with the cute gooey icing sugar eyes but perhaps a little too pricey for the portion. Worthy of a try, the Uji Matcha Monster Ice Cream ($12.90) was my favourite of the two with a good dose of earthy, bittersweetness. Though it melted a tad faster than the Black Sesame Monster Ice Cream, the lingering and well-rounded tea flavour of the Uji matcha was something I enjoyed.

Packed with a pronounced black sesame flavour, the Black Sesame Monster Ice Cream ($12.90) was somewhat “sandy” in texture but the nuttiness was certainly welcomed. Robust and rich, the layered ice was not too sweet and overall features the strong earthy notes of grounded black sesame seeds - perfect for goma fans if you can get past the mouthfeel. Oh and each order of their monster ice cream comes with a choice of two complimentary toppings.

Pleasantly surprised that this came as a croissant as it was stated as a sandwich / toast on the menu. The croissant came with bacon, a sunny side up, mozzarella and aioli. Though the bacon strips were slightly too salty and tough, the croissant was quite nicely flaky. We preferred this out of the two items we had, but was still pretty average.

Recently did work in this bright and cute little space tucked in Ulu Pandan CC. While we found the food we had were average, the friendly service was fab! This sourdough toast had smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta and a sunny side up, with a side of salad. Was hoping for a creamier smashed avocado topping, as well as a stronger tang on the sourdough.

Wonderful dining experience here.

The menu was well thought out such that every dish ordered complemented each other and went well with the wines we ordered. Particularly enjoyed the Grilled ox tongue, Wagyu and Mac & Cheese. As expected, Fat Belly did not disappoint with their steaks - the Wagyu Zabuton and Rib cap were well-marbled, tender and juicy. Burnt blue cheese cake was surprisingly enjoyable as well despite my initial worry that it will be too pungent (it was not).

To top it off, service was excellent. Shout out to Alfian for his attention to details and friendly disposition, really made us feel welcome at the restaurant.

Went in on the 14th for a dinner and it was one of my best dining experience so far.

Fat Belly has everything - delicious food, helpful staff, and cozy ambience.

Had a few different small plates - but my personal favourite has to be the Uni, Lardo, Caviar! A perfect blend of premium ingredients makes this a must-try for everyone. I can't emphasize enough how delicious this dish is.

The Wagyu Zabuton and Wagyu Rib Cap is definitely one of the best I've ever tasted. Cooked to perfection and every bite is a flavour burst!

If you're near the area, and looking to treat yourself - Fat Belly is the restaurant for you.

Bingsu love, will walk 8.5km for bingsu!!

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Soft-launched in early April, DOUGH is opened by the folks behind Glyph Supply Co. and Runes, and the café has a Korean-inspired interior with a self-service counter to pick up your own bakes. Perhaps the most popular bake from the café is the Strawberry Brioche ($5), a brioche bun with a crispy meringue top layer and strawberry custard filling. It can get a bit too surfeited towards the end as the creamy custard is a bit on the heavier side but something different about it is that there is a hint of basil in the mixture, which gives it a unique touch.
📍 30 Victoria Street, CHIJMES, Unit 01-30, Singapore 187996
🍴 [Self Funded]

With various concepts housed in this 24-hour coffee house, we tried several of their items such as the Mama Wee’s Hainanese Curry Chicken Drumstick Set ($7.80) from Newspaper Curry Rice, Gula Melaka Kaya & Butter Hainanese Toast ($1.80 ala carte, $4.80 set with soft boiled egg, kopi/teh) from The Hainan Story Coffee & Toast stall and a variety of British Hainanese Swiss Rolls from The Hainan Story Bakery.

The curry chicken drumstick rice is something that is not to be missed as this recipe has been passed down the generations and you can truly savor the aromatics from the curry rempah and the lemak-ness from the curry that goes perfectly with the chicken and rice. Another point I would like to highlight is how well the rice is being cooked as you can literally see the steamed grains, without any lumpy or mushy rice that you might encounter at other places. For each curry rice set, it comes with a choice of a homemade vegetable and egg dish. Next in the agenda is the gula melaka kaya & butter toast which totally wowed us for its aroma and subtle sweetness from the brown sugar. Our favourite place to get such as a toast is from YY Kafei Dian and this rendition from The Hainan Story will surely put up a good fight. The generous slab of melting butter on top of the toasted bread with the gula melaka kaya will surely lift your spirits from the first bite.

Moving on to desserts, and possibly the most crowded stall with a separate queue just for takeaways as well, are the swiss rolls (gifted), made by the recipes of Chef Pang Kok Keong, previously of famed patisserie Antoinette. With a total of five different flavours with prices ranging from $3.80 to $6.80 per slice, I will recommend the Premium Old Tree MSW Durian Roll and Hainanese Coconut Pandan Roll to end your meal on a high note.
✨ The Hainan Story
📍 500 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Boss, Unit 01-09, Singapore 199020
🍴 [Self Funded]

This place is perpetually crowded especially during Fridays and weekends.

Tried their premium flavours - apiary and pistachio.

Apiary was a honey flavour with cacao nibs. It was pretty light on the palette, similar to the white chrysanthemum from BOP.

Pistachio was more robust in flavour and I loved the nuttiness of it.

This features the signature Indian flatbread, stretched, tossed, and smashed, then pan-fried till crisp flaky on the outside and doughy chewy on the inside, with bready sweet savoury flavour.
The prata is garnished with creamy black truffle paste and fluffy bits of egg mimosa (an egg that has been fully boiled, shelled, then crumbled into itself), which lends robust earthy eggy sweet savoury flavour.
Loved every bite of this, yum.
Qin Restaurant
The Clan Hotel
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