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4 small sizes of The Original Mocha Ice Blended / Pure Dark Chocolate Ice Blended, $19.90 (Usual Price $28.40). All 4 cups have to be of the same flavours.⠀

If you miss Coffee Bean’s Ice Blended, you should seize this opportunity to ease your cravings! We placed our order with Deliveroo and it arrive in 35 mins, wow so fast. It’s still super icy cold and hadn’t melt abit, so shiok and satisfying!!! Definitely one of the best indulgence we had so far! ⠀
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Old-fashioned hot chocolate "L'Africain" 》$13

Made up of three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. The secret recipe for this chocolate mix is specially put together for Angelina. Served with a cup, saucer and fresh whipped cream along with a pitcher of steamy & famous "African" hot chocolate so thick and creamy that if it were a tad thicker it would be classified a pudding.

Chou pastry, pecan praline light cream, crunchy pecan praline heart 》$15

A classic of French pastry. An important attention was given to the textures, thanks to the choux craquelin, the adding of crunchy caramelised hazelnuts and a delicious hazelnut crunch.

Chou pastry, dark chocolate cream filling, dark chocolate icing 》$12

An éclair that reveals all the intense aromas of chocolate, worked in both the cream filling and the icing. A creation for true chocolate lovers!

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Meringue, light whipped cream, chestnut cream vermicelli 》$15

The signature pastry of Angelina. Crispy and dry French meringue under a smooth creamy dome of light whipped cream, covered by chestnut vermicelli. Its shape was apparently inspired by the trending women hairstyle at the time: the sleek short square bob.

I also tried the Angelina's special flavoured tea that contains Oolong tea together with exotic fruit flavours, pineapple pieces, marigold and carthamus petals 》$9.50

2 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 18972

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Wagyu Burger Salad
• wagyu beef
• fresh mozzarella
• arugula
• roasted tomatoes
• roasted pine nuts
• chimichurri
• shaved parmesan

Pretty solid but simple burger, would recommend 👍🏻

1) Cotton Candy Crazyshake ($22)
2) Vanilla Classic Shakes ($12)

Ordered them milkshakes for the gram but it’s soooo sweet, we couldn’t finish it.

Would not order them again!! For health sake and for the sake of my wallet.

The service staff are really friendly and attentive. The waitress took the time to explain the different types of soup bases. She even advised us against ordering too much food and she was right because we ate till we were really food and it was lucky we listened to her. Food wise I must admit that the place is pricy but it's a good quality soup which I will be willing to pay for because you do not get such good quality ingredients in a hotpot soup base in other cheaper places. What you get is quality good for health nutritious flavourful soups and the beef cuts and belly cuts were pretty tender. I order the fish maw premium soup and spicy soup base, snowflake beef, pork belly and naibai. Do note that the spicy soup packs quick a spicy punch. They are not kidding.

Probably the signature dish of BSK, the beef wellington at $80++ is pricey but worth a try. Good for 1-2 people, if 2 then i'd suggest buying additional food items to share.

The beef was cooked perfectly, juicy and tender, and I'm very impressed with the side dishes as well. Just look at the glazed carrots, and the mashed potato was so smooth. The pastry surrounding the beef wasn't so crusty, more of the soft thin kind. Personally, I feel it's a good combination. A bit pricey, but definitely worth the experience.

This restaurant definitely is an Instagram Worthy venue. Food is nice. Interesting cocktail. Will come when there is special occasion.

Tea foam was pretty sweet but it did balance out my oolong tea at 30% sugar. My personal fave would still be the normal roasted oolong milk tea