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viet coconut coffee ($6.50) - loved the creamy foam on top and it blended well with the coffee🥥☕️
softshell crab summer rolls ($12.50 for 3 i think) - vvv well stuffed and quite huge pieces🦀🥬

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The Seasonal Cobbler ($22) is a Southern classic that is great for sharing and it comes with brown sugar oat crumble with two large scoops of vanilla ice cream and topped with a red caramel tuile. For something tangy, the Key Lime Pie ($16) will awaken your tastebuds with the toasted mint meringue and seasonal fruits.
🍽️ Yardbird Southern Table and Bar
📍 2 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Unit B1-07, Singapore 018972

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For the starter, the signature Big Eye Tuna Tartare Cones is definitely something that you must try as it is topped with umami shaved bonito and a hint of spice from the chilli aioli and wasabi.

My main was the Snake River American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak (top-up of $25) which comes in a perfect medium rare doneness that has the nice seared crust with a tender bite in the middle. The steak is served with stir fried bok choy, red onions and shiitake mushrooms which you can enjoy with a bowl of rice.
🍽️ Spago Dining Room
📍 10 Bayfront Avenue L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel, Tower 2, Singapore 018956

Beef wellington was superb and tender. Although we did wait ~45 mins, I did feel like it was worth the wait. Bookings do have to be made 1-2 weeks in advance as they can get quite packed. Wellington easily feeds 2-3 people as the serving size is huge. Comes with 2 sides which as truffle mashed potatoes and maple carrots. Overall, I would come back again!

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Venchi is popular for their chocolate ice cream and you can find them in a few places here.

To go with the full satisfaction, I definitely recommend to go with their large size which comes with 3 flavours.

I do understand it get melt pretty fast in Singapore weather, so it is a challenge to eat it fast before it melts.

So I would suggest you get any chocolate piece as the 3rd flavour like me on the top of it.

Ordered the Old Fashioned ($24), Onion Ring ($12) and the Cakeshake ($22). The Old Fashioned is still as good as I had especially the beef patty. The fries and thick and nice too. Their onion ring is a first to me and I like the big onion display and the onion inside. However I was expecting more flavour in the batter. The Cakeshake was offered to use with Strawberry shake in it as we wanted the New Yorker but it was sold out. Their crazy shake is really crazy and wild which is the highlight of the restaurant.

Overall, great food.

Feature :
💕 The La Cervelle de Canut.
It’s my fav for the appetiser, is a Lyonnaise specialty of herb flecked farm cheese dip served with crisp Spring vegetables.
💕 Poireaux Vinaigrette.
Tender Leeks served with Egg Mimosa, Hazelnuts and Mustard Dressing.
💕 Salade Gourmande
Foie Gras served with White Grapes, Haricots Verts Arugula and Verjus Vinaigrette.

💕 poulet à la crème.
tender chicken braised in wild mushroom cream and served with fragrant herb spätzle
💕 Oeufs en meurette
Poached eggs served with Bacon, Pearl Onions and Crouton.

💕 Baba au Rhum.
a fragrant light moist sponge cake soaked in rum (a lot of it 🤩) and vanilla and served with crème Chantilly.
💕the l’ile flottante (floating island).
For the sweet tooth, a pillowy meringue floating in a pool of crème anglaise with rose praline

💰$98++ for 3 courses dinner menu.

📍 db Bistro & Oyster Bar.
The Shoppes at MBS , #B1-48

PS: Don't forget to try their Cocktail or Mocktail. The Bartender is 👍🏻

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Cold Free-Range Chicken, Szechuan Peppercorns, Chilli Sauce

prime burger, kale, apple, crumbled blue cheese, avocado, dried cranberries, house buttermilk dill dressing

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Molten dark chocolate, crunchy praline. Love how this isn’t too sweet and there’s so much going in that makes this so good. A must try!

Mango, scallion, crispy rice. Refreshing maki with extremely fresh sashimi that was well marinated in their sauce.

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