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Feature :
🍰 Emma.
Pistachio chou pastry contains Pistachio crops with a raspberry strawberry heart, topped wirh a rose garage and delicate rose chocolate petal.
🍰Moka Cafe.
Creamy,smooth and not too sweet coffee ganache topped with hazelnut bits -> my favourite 😍.
Combination of chocolate and caramel latered on a soft Joconde biscuits.

2 Bayfront Avenue.
MBS #B2-89/89A. Canal level.

A surprise less noticed in my visits to TWG Tea Salon for my tea sessions, this Rum Baba (S$13.00) was listed on the desserts menu but was easily overlooked since I would normally go for their afternoon tea selections.

Comprising a cake soaked with rum and decorated with Chantilly cream, rum jelly and a scoop of Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream, this was like a light version of a liqueur dessert thanks to the alcoholic content from the cake and the jelly. However, it was well-balanced with the richness of the ice cream, making this a desirable dessert for two.

Where a tea pairing is concerned, try it with the Geisha Blossom Tea, as the fragrance from the cherry blossom and fruity notes could complement the dessert quite beautifully.

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Sen of Japan might be one of the rare few restaurants in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands that partnered with Burpple Beyond, but it was a must to check out their menu of mains, rice or noodle dishes.

One of the main ingredients that was stunning for me was their Uni (sea urchin). Having experienced many disappointing meals with this delicacy that was just not fresh enough in most Singapore restaurants, the uni here tasted really sweet without leaving behind that gross aftertaste.

Take this Mini Aburi Don (S$68.00) for instance. Although the sushi rice portion was really small, the deliciousness of the sea urchin and the seared bluefin tuna (Ootoro and Chuutoro) had a naturally pleasant taste especially when complemented with a pinch of fresh Wasabi. And of course, who would give the large scoop of Ikura a miss if it could add umami to this flavoursome bowl?

With so much going on in my mouth based on this dish, the price was not that much of a burn to the pocket, especially since I redeemed a Burpple Beyond deal. A point to note though, that the availability of sea urchin might be limited by the seasonal catch, so do check with the restaurant beforehand if you were solely eyeing on their Uni dishes.



This was really rich with the chocolate shortbread (more like a moist cake) + ganache, but the raspberry lychee sorbet helped to cut through the richness. The gianduja crème was my favourite component. I also liked the thin crepe-paper looking thing, which had an interesting texture and had a berry taste. This dessert got a little jelat at the end, even though I had shared it with my bf.

The pork was juicy (cooked to a medium-well doneness), with a nice char and a good lean/fat ratio. The middle pieces were more tasty. While we were not blown away, it was pretty decent. The fuji apple was the standout component, as they were soft but slightly crunchy, and was caramelised very nicely. We also liked the spiced sauce!

First time having quail, which tasted like duck, but with a texture similar to chicken. I wasn’t a big fan of the meat itself, but the sauce was really nice! It tasted kinda like a teriyaki meat sauce - sweet, with some meaty flavours. My dining partner particularly liked the brioche, which was well-seasoned and not overly mushy. The thigh meat was quite tender, but the lean parts were slightly drier and too gamey for my liking.

Another one of our favourites! The agnolotti pasta was really soft but held its shape / wasn’t mushy, and the porcini mushroom filling encased within had a good bite, as there were small bits of chopped mushroom rather than a purée/paste. It tasted like pouches of good mushroom soup. I usually have filled pastas with a richer/creamier taste, but I enjoyed this as I felt it had certain finesse, and it doesn’t get jelat.

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This was one of our favourites. The sesame-studded cone was crunchy and shattered nicely, and had a nutty, savoury-sweet taste that was somewhat reminiscent of furikake. It contained some good spicy cubes tuna, with a gentle spice kick.

The bread pouch given contained 2 bread rolls and 2 mini baguettes, and served with regular & seaweed butter. I appreciate when a restaurant serves really good bread to start the meal, but this was average.

We both preferred the rosemary rolls, which were soft & fragrant; it went well with the regular butter. The baguette was slightly tougher, and paired well with the seaweed butter.

Pork belly portion is good enough for one.

Cod fish portion is small but I do think it’s worth it.

Rice cost $3 (top up)

Total price: $45 inclusive of GST and service charge

No one would have thought about serving baos at 200 metres up in the air, but here it is. BAO, located at SkyBar, is the latest concept by Ce La Vi. The concept was first introduced in their Tokyo outlet, and features a delicious fusion between the Asian bao bursting with meat, seafood, and signature sauces. Burppler Gary Lim recommends the Black Angus BBQ Bao ($16) with cheddar, caramelised onions, bacon, and BBQ sauce, and the Sichuan Eggplants Bao with pickled coleslaw and spicy mayo ($14) for vegetarians.

Photo by BAO by Ce La Vi

Thick fat pieces. Good food but really expensive. Too expensive in my opinion. Probably good for diner with generous pockets and don’t mind spending.