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Menu was limited, but taste, alright. Some dispute with MBS points. Could go when there are discounts

Charred Octopus ($32.00++) Celery, Endive, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fennel, Oregano
📸 by @oo_foodielicious
Tasting Hosted by @lavosingapore and @marinabaysands
Location: @lavosingapore 10 Bayfront Avenue, Level 57, Sands Skypark Hotel Tower 1 @marinabaysands Singapore
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$9 per pax. Great price for the location and quality

Traditional Chicken Tikka with less oil. Perfect for the calorie conscious

I highly recommend this place called Indian Express. It’s one of the first few shops as you enter Rasapura in Marina Batra Sands

Served with honeycomb butter, banana and maple syrup. While pancake texture was nice, fluffy and not too thick, liked their blueberry pancakes better. I guess that one has the sourness and cold and cold contrast 4/5

a weekend brunch special. Served with chorizo, tosst feta and pineappld. While it was creamy abd fluffy, had that asian toucb to it with the chilli, i kinda expect it to be creamier from gordon ramsay's youtube tutorial 😅 4/5

This dish can make anyone that hate vegetables learn to love vegetables. .
Homemade garganelli with wild mushrooms. The texture of the pasta was beautiful, al dente with a little chew. The sauce is tangy, savory and a little sweet at the same time. The pecorino sardo had a beautiful flavour that complimented the tanginess. Lastly of course the unaniness from the mushrooms 🤤🤤 we polished off everything off the dish in no time!
This was part of the $45+ express prixe fixe menu.
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This could actually be one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, I was so blown away by the combination of an airy crust, sweet slow-roasted tomatoes and fresh burrata. It came together so well and the Sicilian oregano was subtle yet added a great dimension to the pizza.

This cake recommended by the waiter really “surprised”; It is a creme brulee tart with strawberries.
I am not a huge fan of creme brûlée but the sourness from Strawberry balances the caramel sweetness really well.. and also provided a different texture against the soft custard above and the tart base beneath (and at the sides).

All my favorites on a plate.. especially the crushed potato with chili oil which tasted more fragrant than usual.

The toppings are unlike the ones we usually eat - goat cheese with bacon, leeks, scallions and whole garlic. And the crust is very very thin (Suggest to brush teeth or head home after eating hehe🙊)

Spago's Garganelli with Wild Mushrooms was the unanimous winner amongst all the mains that we had at todays lunch. Richer than it's Romano sibling, the addition of pecorino sardo transformed a seemingly ordinary pasta dish into a giant plate of umami.

A perfect match for the sauces, the homemade pasta was super delicious as well.

I'm sure you'd agree how important an antipasti is, not just staging the expectations of what is to come, but sometimes it is that which steals the show. Such is the case of this clam appetizer which wets our appetite with the savoury of the ham (some would say it's super saltish), sweetness of the clams and wilted spinach to balance it all up. Served with a crisp thin cut baguette with herb butter, you'd drain the Beurre Blanc (white butter) sauce in no time. I have even saved some of it to drizzle over my pizza!