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The platter of soft, hard and white.

An ice cream sandwich with candied bacon and infused bowmore 18 year is the way to end all lunches. Jam pack with flavours, the dessert is a wonderful overload of sweetness and an excellent foil to that Iberico pork chop. People will remember this combination for awhile.

That Iberico pork chop with a umeboshi glaze and leek shoots by @adriftbydavidmyers .

Its minimalist look disguised the intensity of flavours from the cure and the meat as well as the pickled ume. Paired with the 18 year @bowmoredistillery Travelers series gives it that 4th dimension of sensory experience. If you like bourbon, the 15 year plays nicely with this as well.

Almond Jelly Noodles And Matcha Tiramisu

Both cost $6++ each. Interesting flavours. On the sweet side. Almond jelly had a more milky taste. Personally i prefer the matcha tiramisu. A good tip is to share between 2-3 pax. ;)


The Angus Beef Burger was a very good burger, mentioned by my boyfriend. The beef patty is thick, has a robust meaty taste and pairs well with the buns baked in Spago's bakery. The generous portions of the handcut fries which comes is a huge bonus and we can't finish it. (Enough for 2 people to eat it on an empty stomach)

Spago// Iconic Tuna Cones

We began the meal with Wolfgang's signature Big Eye Tuna Tartare Cones. These exquisite masterpieces were two crunchy sesame miso cones served in their very own ship. It is filled with fresh tuna poke marinated in spicy wasabi, ginger, soy sauce, splash of citrus and other garnishes such as bonito and scallions.

It is a lot of money to pay for bite sized cones but I must say that the taste was to die for. This turned out to be my favourite dish! Big love to @blueskiescottonclouds for the recommendation! 馃槏

Laksa Roll

Chicken laksa roll

We had expected the Laksa Spring Rolls to be just normal spring rolls but with some laksa flavouring, but that was not the case. The contents of the rolls were actually laksa noodles. Dry laksa in crisp spring roll skins. The laksa taste was mild but distinct. A very good dish. You must dip in the accompanying sauce made of lime and fish sauce. This is an interesting dish full of Singaporean vibes!

Stunning Art & Mind blowing Taste

Pistachio Pana Cotta
This has got to be the most luxurious and delicate dessert I've ever tried. Every detail in this dessert is so intricate and perfect. Full of flavours and interesting textures. It's a refreshing and mind blowing experience!

Grilled Iberico Pork chop

The grilled iberico pork chop is served medium well. The meat had a good taste but was a tad dry and bland. The gravy helped to relieve the dryness. It looked like a work of art.

Chicken laksa spring roll (part of 3 course lunch at $45++).

This spring rolls is full of Vietnamese vibes with bits of vermicelli in it, more so when it is dipped into the Vietnamese fish sauce. Then, realize that there's actually delicate laksa sauce in it, complete with calamansi, coriander and laksa leaf, and it's also very much Singaporean. It's an interesting use of laksa in a spring roll!
Thanks @gregabess for cooking up such a wonderful meal and @veronicaphua for arranging this lunch! #jiaklocal #springrolls #finedining #setlunch #vietnamesefood

Green Vegetarian

Inside: melted mixed cheese, grilled zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper and herb n spice. Very savoury and delicious.