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Helmed by Executive Pastry Chef Antonio Benites, European-inspired patisserie Origin + Bloom located @marinabaysands has specially curated bundle of picture-worthy Halloween-themed desserts available for takeaway from 25 Oct to 1 Nov 2021.
▪️Booooba Tea (S$12.00) which is shaped like the bubble tea with strawberry and peach
▪️Classic Salted Chocolate Ghost Muffin (S$5.00).
▪️Sourdough (S$9.00) with a Halloween scoring
▪️Sweet Pumpkin Bun (S$4.50) with Chestnuts.
Visit https://www.marinabaysands.com/restaurants/origin-and-bloom.html for more info.
Location: Origin + Bloom, 10 Bayfront Ave, Tower 3 Lobby, Hotel, Singapore 018956
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Beef Wellington — 5/5
Fish & Chips — 5/5
Scallops — 5/5

Been wanting to try this for the longest time and safe to say it did not disappoint! The highlight ⭐️ Beef Wellington ⭐️ paired with flaky pastry was so so good! Couldn’t have asked for more.

Would recommend couples that are going to just order the wellington and maybe a starter/side dish, ordering the fish and chips for us was a little bit too much! But if you’ve got a big appetite, go for it.

Don’t forget to reserve in advance!

Ordered this as part of the $36 set meal for 2 promotion which is ongoing till 31Oct, which is a really good deal since it comes with 2 ramens, 2 side dishes and 2 soft drinks.

The akamaru shinaji ramen is for garlic lovers, as it has garlic oil added to the original tonkotsu broth. A special blend of miso paste is added as well. The broth was just the right amount of richness, though I found the noodle texture to be on the soft side this time. The chashu was tender though it was quite lean. Nevertheless, it was still a good bowl of ramen with a good deal!

We visited at approx 8pm but sadly most of the flavours were sold out so we settled for these 2 fruity flavours which we wouldn't usually get.

The strawberry sorbet (50% less sugar compared to regular strawberry flavour) was really light with a tinge of sour. The was heavily contrasted with the pineapple coconut gelato which was much sweeter and creamier. Not the best combination of flavours as the latter overshadowed the former but the pineapple coconut gelato was much nicer than expected! Wouldn't really recommend the strawberry though, as it was too light for us.

Their famous watermelon that comes with the waffle chicken.

The watermelon is not pictured haha. I never expected to dabao this. Still as good.

Having always tried Ippudo's signature shiromaru and akamaru ramen at every visit, we decided to try something different today - Ippudo's Karaka Ramen! The ramen also has a tonkatsu soup base (heavier than the shiromaru ramen though), and it's distinctive feature is the sweet and spicy miso paste added to the soup. Note that the paste does not have the fiery-hot type of spiciness, and it is actually pretty gentle so those of you who are afraid of spicy dishes can still give it a try! The taste of tonkatsu is still very evident in the broth and the char siew is pretty tender too, with a pretty great layer of fat on it's exterior.

While the dish usually costs close to $20++, we managed to enjoy Ippudo's anniversary promotion, where you get to enjoy two ramen dishes, two side dishes (steamed gyoza and karaage) and two drinks for $36++! This is a pretty good deal and it lasts till 31 Oct so you may want to visit Ippudo soon to enjoy the promotion!

Went past Venchi at MBS today after dinner and we thought it would be great to grab a dessert! As Venchi's regular gelato was on Burpple, we got a one-for-one regular gelato, with each gelato containing two scoops of ice cream! :) For this cup, we got the cappuccino and matcha white chocolate flavours!

The cappuccino had a pretty intense coffee flavour and it was really legit. By contrast, the matcha white chocolate flavour tasted more like a scoop of white chocolate ice cream, as the matcha flavour was close to non-existent. Certainly not what we were expecting and we felt the cappuccino flavour was much better!

It was a little disappointing that most of the flavours were sold out by the time we visited Venchi (around 8 pm), so there were not many flavours left to choose from. Do visit earlier if you have to have more choice for your dessert!

How about Steak, Wellington and Wine night to celebrate occasions ? 😍

Always the favourite place for Wellington 👍

Felt a little peckish after having some bar bites and the cakes from Patisserie Platine so dropped by Mott 32 for a second round — probably just an excuse because we had been really wanting to try Mott 32’s dim sum offerings.

There aren’t many items to choose from off the evening dim sum menu at Mott 32 — that being said, the Dim Sum Platter is the one to go for if trying *almost* everything they have to offer in their steamed dim sum selection is what one is looking for, which includes the following:

- Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai, - Wild Mushrooms, Water Chestnut Dumplings
- South Australian Scallop, Prawn, Hot & Sour Shanghainese Soup Dumpling

Between the three, my favourite was the Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai — this pretty much throws out any expectations that one may have on how Siew Mai should turn out to be. While the Siew Mai does come juicy and tender without carrying a porky stench (I mean, they use Kurobuta Pork here) and does come with a whiff of truffle from the dollop of truffle paste atop, it is the surprise of the soft quail egg stuffed within the Siew Mai that left me exceptionally impressed as the creamy yolk explodes from within as one chews through the Siew Mai. Certainly one that was a refreshing take that I wouldn’t mind having any day.

In retrospect, the Wild Mushrooms, Water Chestnut Dumplings was something more conventional and also closer to the Soon Kueh that we know. Still, I liked how Mott 32 seemingly has included truffle in this; the aroma is pretty light but evident, though I really liked how the skin here of the dumpling here comes translucent and so chewy that it is mochi-like; goes well with the textures which goes on inside such as the bouncy mushrooms in the filling.

Taking inspiration from the hot and sour soups from Chinese cuisine, the South Australian Scallop, Prawn, Hot & Sour Shanghainese Soup Dumpling is a twist to the classic Xiao Long Bao. Coming in a bright red aesthetic, the looks of the dumpling is already hinting of its spicy broth filled within; do sip the broth slowly from the opening over the top — the broth being tangy yet spicy; should do well for those who can take moderate level of spiciness. That being said, it was difficult to detect the natural sweetness of the seafood used considering the strong flavours of the broth, though the skin of the dumplings were of reasonably thickness that was rather easy to chew through.

Given how the Premium Dim Sum Platter is priced at $12, this is pretty much a great introductory item towards what Mott 32 has to offer — something that I would also consider having if I am feeling peckish and just wanting to have a light bite at Marina Bay Sands. I am actually very intrigued by the Signature Crispy Sugar Coated Peking Duck Bun which was already sold out by the time we made our visit on a weekend night — something I am likely to order, as well as the Premium Barbecue Platter the next time I am here if the opportunity prevails.