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As of last Saturday, my favourite grilled cheese sandwich in Singapore leveled up. How is that even possible? Two words: Black. Truffle.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you now have the option to pimp up the already incredible sandwich of housemade cranberry walnut bread with ooey-gooey melted gruyere and mozzarella.

When you decide to spoil yourself with this extra decadent version, know that it includes a generous slather of specially-made black truffle butter and freshly shaved black truffle within. Then when the piping hot, crispy deliciousness appears in front of you, more freshly-shaved black truffle will rain upon it.

Do note that Chef Greg does not use a single drop of truffle oil in this. So please do not order it expecting the same strong scent of truffle you find in truffle fries. Because real truffle is a lot more sensuous, possessing a subtle and rich earthy aroma.

Here is some info about pricing. The original grilled cheese sandwich costs $18++ but you can savour it for $14++ during Spago’s “Sundowners” (Mon to Thur, 4pm to 7pm). The version with Black Truffles is available everyday between 6pm to 10pm for $45++.


These tarts had a decent flaky shell and the filling wasn’t too sweet, but it needed a bit more time in the oven.


Awesome fried bird!! Juicy and tender! The waffles was soft and fluffy and it was so good to go with some maple syrup for that sweetness added. That spiced 🍉 is so refreshing to go with the chicken! Slightly pricey at $38 for that extra waffles but it's worth it. Otherwise go for their "Lunch Special" which is only about $18 (I think) and comes with 2 pieces of chicken/spiced 🍉/butter biscuit. In fact my order is too much as it contains total 4 pieces of chicken including a whole chicken breast!

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Kinda regretted not getting the vegetarian option that would come with more mushrooms! Texture of the noodles was on point, but we would have really loved for a more distinct shrimp flavour.


🍔 Well, firstly, the portion served was definitely substantial at Bread Street Kitchen. With regards to the taste, this wasn’t a omg-this-is-absolutely-mindblowing burger 🤔 Patty was cooked to a medium rare upon request with decent seasoning.


There are so many nice dishes to order in Din Tai Fung, but I would love to spend that S$8.30 to order a small bowl of Original Hot & Sour Soup (酸辣湯) as an appetiser. Being very mildly spicy and lightly sour, it also contained lots of tofu strings and black fungus for a mix of texture.

Too plain for your liking? Up the challenge with their Spicy version, at no extra cost! A small portion could also be divided into 3 to 4 small bowls, but I could take one full portion by myself selfishly without feeling shy about it.


While last year’s R21 sendup was one of my startlingly memorable gustatory moments of 2017, being intoxicatingly smoky and arrestingly bitter, methinks this year’s M18 creamier version (still pretty darn good, mind) sucketh too much milk-laden teat.

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I love how ice cream can be the vehicle for exploring the vividness of flavour and Spago does a simple trio of sorbets ($24) so well. Plated beautifully are even-sized quenelles of Raspberry, Mango and Coconut ice cream each being little riots of color and zingy flavour. The yuzu tuille adds a crunch and an extra embellishment of luxe. Pricey Yes, Worth it? Immensely.

In three words: Elegant, seasonal flavors
Will I return?: Yes, on special occasions.
Pro-tip: Come for lunch, they have a competitive priced set lunch at $45 for 3 courses.


A genuinely surprised brother (you should have seen his face 😆) and a scrumptious chocolate cake served with lychee and raspberry sorbet. Yup, the early birthday celebration I wanted to spring upon Lennard was pulled off in style by the team at Spago.
Then again, I am sure they are amazing at fulfilling every guest’s request with that winning blend of warmth, sincerity, flair and panache. Which is the kind of service that inspires many return visits in my opinion. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the food here is very good too.


When I had a family dinner at “Spago” a few days ago, Chef de Cuisine Greg Bess surprised us with this yet-to-be-launched snack, the “One Bite Kaya Toast”. Scheduled to appear in their Summer Menu rolling out in mid June, his interpretation of our local favourite has it evolved into an exquisitely refined gem.
Sandwiched between two crunchy, buttery Sucre cookies is a generous amount of flawlessly smooth, creamy foie gras mousse seasoned with soya sauce and a sweetish housemade coconut egg jam. We were told to pop the whole thing in our mouths at one go, so the components could be relished altogether. I recommend following the instruction to a T because you’ll be rewarded with the remixed and amplified soul of a classic “kaya toast” reimagined as this single-bite wonder. Even my parents had only praises for it and that is an extremely rare event.
I am now eagerly waiting to return soon to feast on their new Summer Menu in its entirety.


This entire set-up is a sugar rush from start to finish! Thick, syrupy and most importantly, FRESH peach slices are served piping hot beneath a sugary layer of marzipan crumble - careful not to burn yourself when eagerly chowing down, each slice literally bursts with warm oozy juices upon biting!! You can beat the heat by pairing each scoop with some creamy French vanilla ice cream, which comes nestled in an intricate Florentine almond cookie bowl that’s almost as decadent as the cobbler itself. Needless to say, the final addition of the flaky cinnamon twist binds it all together and undeniably makes this plate every sugar-fiend’s wet dream! 😂


Decent enough, after the disappointing Beef Wellington. @bsksingapore
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