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This was a showstopper, a sugar rush and something worth sharing.

Came with a couple of cookie pieces and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and ALOT of whipped cream which we eventually scraped off and finished out with cookie crumbles.

The vanilla cookie shake was rather pleasing, not too sweet but really, it’s recommended for sharing.

This can be a meal on its own.

We literally fought for this. Truffle and angel hair is like match made in heaven. Always. The chef had been generous with their ikura, that added layers to flavour to the comforting sweet, creamy bafun uni and crunchy and savory sakura ebi. Totally worth the 38 bucks.

The otoro left a sweet bouquet in the mouth with every bite, totally delish and wished there were more of that. The bafun uni was sweet and creamy. Generous serving of freshly grated wasabi was the icing on the cake. Totally satisfied..!

The classic Kaya Toast Set is redefined as a single bite at @spagosingapore. And as @sulyntan mentioned, it is a beautifully nuanced creation of savoury and sweet.
While the housemade kaya and brioche toast appear as more straightforward components, the chilled butter is replaced by a rich slab of foie gras terrine. And the sidekick of half-boiled eggs is distilled into blobs of golden egg yolk jam. Soya sauce and pepper, both must-have seasonings for the eggs, are re-imagined as a soya salt. It joins the streaks of coffee powder (which stand in for the standard accompanying cup of coffee) as a topping. But that’s only half of the coffee story because Executive Chef @gregabess also serves an exquisitely earthy and almost-chocolate-y Keluak Coffee to enjoy with the elevated kaya toast. A decaffeinated blend is used, so no one is going to be left sleepless in Singapore.

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Amazing Burger and really good service from the staff. Wide variety of deserts as well

Aside from their burgers, this is rly good too! Love their generous portions and the sauces: house buttermilk-dill, kbbq and lime honey mustard. However this place isn’t suitable if you’re dining in groups of > 5. Can’t make reservations after 5pm and they are packed even on week days. Ended up separately seated.

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You either love or hate tripe. And if you love, you tend to love it hard. Like I do this Cassoulet of “Trippa Alla Romana” ($29++) at @spagosingapore.
It’s not just that the pieces of tripe are always perfectly jiggly-soft and tender but the thick, spiced-up tomato sauce they are cooked in, which is thickened with burrata, is extremely appetising. Love that the dish is served with mini grilled baguettes too because it is criminal to not mop up every bit of that sauce.

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Everyone who watches Hell’s Kitchen will probably want to know how beef wellington tastes like, that includes me obviously.

Babe knew that I wanted to visit @bskitchen since ages, he made a reservation on my birthday for a taste of hell.

The ambiance of bread street kitchen is on point, with the complimentary birthday cake. Beef Wellington would need a 40mins waiting time, and they do serve some bread for appetizer so snack away, but don’t eat too much as you might be way.too.full for the main course.

My first impression of beef wellington is that it is a little dry (without the sauce), and the pastry is delicious. The red wine jus is necessary to make the whole beef wellington to taste good, as both the beef and pastry will soak up the red wine jus and give a refreshing taste.

Other than the waiting time being rather long, I still highly recommend it! While my babe had roasted black cod which is also really soft and fresh! Pair them with their sweet wine,2018 Moscato d’Asti, Sori dei Fiori, Piedmont, Italy, making the whole birthday celebration sweeter.

🤤 4.5/5
💸 $149++ (if you spent more than $150, you get complimentary parking coupon!)
📍 @bskitchen
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A nice place to try some special dim sum such as:
1. Crispy Swan Puff with Cod Fish in Cream Sauce - SGD8.80/3pcs
2. Golden Pear Stuffed With Minced Pork Dried Shrimp - SGD5.80/3pcs
3. Steamed Red Rice Roll Wrapped with Crispy Rice, Scallops and Shrimp - SGD8.80/plate
4.Pan-Fried Wagyu Beef Bun - SGD8.80/3pcs

The service is very good as personnel is very attentive and friendly.

@wakughin Basque Cheese Cake
Location: Waku Ghin, Level 2 Dining, L2-03 The Shoppes at, 2 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, 018956
#wakughin #marinabaysands #mbs #burpple #burpplesg #basquecheesecake #cheesecake

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The 2nd half of the duo of tartare: hamachi with avocado on a cracker. One of my favorite courses in the chef's menu in spago singapore. The sashimi is well marinated with a burst of citrus and savoury flavours that goes with the hamachi's fresh and sweetness.

[Sakura Martini]
Made from Sakurao gin limited edition, distilled umeshu, tried and true vodka, mancino Sakura vermouth ✨🍸quite a strong floral kick🌸