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I have waited for a long time for “The Bird” or “Yardbird” to arrive in Singapore.

News stated its coming since about a year back, the hoarding up on The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands for many months.

Of course the Southern style Lewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken is the highlight, cooked with a 100-year old recipe. The chicken would be brined for 27 hours before mixed in a medley of spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper and garlic powder.

Not bad, not bad, quite juicy and tender.

There was a tiny level of disappointment. ”Is this it?” The waffle unfortunately was the let-down. Not as crisp on the outer layer as expected, but at least the pieces were fluffy.

Peach Cobbler ($25++)

This was baked fresh upon order and proved to be a comforting, hearty treat. I ended up sharing it as the portion's large.
Across the top was crunchy marzipan crumble which, once broken, revealed piping hot slices of syrupy American peaches. Those were really juicy and tasted wonderful with the housemade French vanilla ice-cream that came in its own little Florentine almond cookie bowl. The long stick of cinnamon twist was also nice to nibble on.
I was told that this dessert isn't always available as it's dependent on whether peaches are in season and if they are worthy enough. Otherwise, another type of fruit, like apples or blueberries, would be used as substitute.
Desserts at "The Bird Southern" are generally sweet, American-standard sweet. Which means if you are like me who can only handle that much of it, a cup of black coffee with no sugar is a necessary accompaniment.

Maple-glazed Bacon Donut (4 for $13++)

The Bird Southern's donut tastes very similar to Krispy Kreme's classic one but the glaze on it seems to cling on a lot better and does not flake off as easily. Also, it's polka-dotted with bacon bits (made in-house using U.S. pork), which gives it an irresistibly sweet and savoury combo. Served on the side is extra glaze for dipping but I find it completely superfluous.
If you want to offset the sweetness, I suggest having the donut with a cup of unsweetened black coffee.

Steak 'N' Eggs Churrasco ($38++)

Craving a blast of protein for brunch? You can consider the Steak 'N' Eggs Churrasco but only if you like your beef lean.
The U.S. beef, served sliced, had a negligible bit of gristle but was done perfectly medium-rare like I'd asked. It was laid on a bed of scallion cream, and topped with a very mild chimmichuri. I found the meat a little chewy but that's likely due to it being cut along, rather than across the grain.
Also, even though the menu had stated "bacon hash" as a part of the dish, for whatever reason (I wasn't given any explanation), two quarters of a round cheddar waffle showed up in its place. Not that I am complaining as they were tasty in a crunchy, savoury, crumbly way.
As expected, I could choose how to have my eggs, so fried they were.

Deviled Eggs ($14++)

Regardless of what you decide for your main course, I recommend getting these to start.
The swirls of light, fluffy yolk have been blended with savoury trout's roe, dill and chives before being piped into the hardboiled egg white halves and finished with briny pops of ikura. Utterly fabulous.

My 3rd Ramen within 8 days & each visit was tastier & tastier 🤗
This time instead of my usual order, I went for the Store Exclusive: Hakata Niku Soba Special ($23) served with poached egg, pork belly slices & seaweed.

I love the springy soba with medium softness. The broth was rich yet not oily, so yummy that I slurped the bowl dry 😋
Ishiyaki Buta Don ($12) Hotpot rice with flavorful mix of thinly sliced pork belly topped with poached egg. A yummy stable & every mouthful was tasty
Yasai Itame ($9) 8 kinds of mixed vegetables sauté with original sauce. Fresh crunchy veg with a tint of the refreshing yuzu citron sauce. Simple but Healthy & Tasty!
Spicy Boiled Gyoza ($9) Chicken dumplings boiled and served in a flavorful mix of special spicy sauce. The skin was so thin & soft! If only the filling was a bit more & the sauce was spicier, that would be even more wonderful


Best of Singapore Food at Rasa Pura Masters MBS (S$26.80).

Available Mon to Fri 2pm to 5pm. To dine on weekends, reserve at 6506 0161 or [email protected] 😋
Savour 10 Dishes plus Coffee/Tea/Bottled Water at a specially cordoned area. Set includes Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh, Thye Hong Hokkien Mee + Carrot Cake, Song Of India Prata + Nasi Briyani, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Popiah, Chicken Satay, Laksa & Ice Kacang! ♥️ I will recommend it for one if you are having late lunch or for two of you are having a high tea.
Where to find this?
Rasa Pura Masters
2 Bayfront Ave, B2-50 (Canal Level), S018972

Chicken N' Watermelon N' Waffles (honey hot sauce, chilled spiced watermelon, Vermont sharp cheddar cheese waffle, bourbon maple syrup) from The Bird Southern Table & Bar, a newly-opened comfort/fried chicken concept at Marina Bay Sands.

The tender, strippy chicken possessed a punchily spice-rubbed skin, with the tender flesh soaking up the memorable, degenerately drunk bourbon maple syrup with gusto. Elsewhere, the waffles evoke memories of the crusty, toasted tops of cheese buns from the neighbourhood confectionery, and the juicy, limey watermelons were little cubes of mocktail magic. 4.1/5

$45 — good for 2 pax

Southern fried chicken that is brined for 27 hours before being fried to a golden brown with spices and served with a cheddar cheese waffles. The accompanying hot honey sauce pairs well with the former, while the bourbon maple syrup works with the latter. I'd return for the fried chicken as the chicken and waffles combination was too heavy for me. Thankfully, the chilled spiced watermelon helped to balance it out.

Butterscotch Cake from The Bird Southern Table & Bar, a newly-opened comfort/fried chicken concept at Marina Bay Sands.

The nutty, sweet cake had the common, burly density of a Jalan Besar coffeeshop pot-bellied beer-drinking uncle, with the ice cream possessing an accompanying nose-dizzying potency. 3.8/5

Bubble Tea

Cheese 🧀 Jing Syuen Tea ( S$4.10/ M)
Available at @LiHoSG in @MarinaBaySands
Just what one needs to keep cool 😎.
Sugar level adjustable.
Liho 哩喝!
Address 🏠 : 10 Bayfront Avenue, Bay Level, L1-72
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 🇸🇬 018 956
Tel ☎️ : 6688 7431
Open 💈 :
Sun - Thu : 10.30am - 11pm
Fri - Sat : 10.30am - 11.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Bayfront (DT16/ CE1)

Norwegian Salmon And Matcha Beurre Blanc ($28)

This dish is one savoury meal with a powerful creamy combination. If you are a fan of creamy stuff like me, you will enjoy this. Otherwise you will be quite turned off by this strong cream based dish.

The caramelised salmon with teriyaki sauce is well flavoured, slight juicy on the inside. Beneath them is a bed of coconut ginger rice in the middle of the green Matcha Beurre Blanc sauce, like a treasure island of sort. You could probably already tell from here it's gonna be a clash of flavours: coconut, green tea and teriyaki. Each of these flavours are strong and stands well on its own, fighting for your taste buds.
I might say, even though I find this enjoyable, the flavour packed in this dish is really strong for me as well. I would definitely order this another time, if I'm unable to find something I would like to try on the menu, but for now, I would prefer to try something else.