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crispy type of orh luak with light wok hei served with big plump oyster, and tangy garlic chilli.
📍Hougang Fried Oyster And Char Kway Teow.
Block 453 hougang avenue 8.

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Having been around since 1949 but queues at Armenian Street Char Kway Teow have gotten longer and longer since the cockles-related phrase shot to fame. Besides, remember who the MP of that area is now? 😉 Be prepared to queue for the uncle fries only one precious plate at a time. It was a pity that they had ran out of cockles already at 5pm, but we were still fortunate enough to get ourselves a plate of the wok hei-filled noodles with each strand coated by the sweet dark soy sauce. What was delightful was not just the crispy pork lard and lup cheongs, but the aromatic garlic and chye por (preserves radish) of extra crunchiness.

Check out their business hours and waiting time on their Facebook page before heading down at https://m.facebook.com/ArmenianStreetCharKwayTeow/.

There is always a queue at this corner stall on the ground floor of Amoy Street Food Centre.

The old uncle has been frying his plate of wokhei goodness for as long as I can remember. I personally the wet gooey mess at Hong Lim but this is good too!

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They can be quite inconsistent these days especially if the grumpy old man is not the one cooking.

This time the old man was in good mood! Although slightly wetter than his usual, the plate of CKT was nicely fried with huge prawns and lots of other ingredients! I like! 😋

Read more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEG-2ndDcJq/?igshid=193iwa7p066un

Back at one of our regular spots for orh luak - great if you’re a fan of more crisp versions. It’s seasoned very well and comes with these plump creamy oysters. Still haven’t got to try, but also heard good things about their char kway teow!


Come at 9am, 930 will have a queue of 10 ppl alr

It's so different you cant judge by normal CKT standards. The wok hei is decent, and it's v soft and flavourful. Chili was shiok as well, the heat is real. Without the heat it's really comfort food haha. I certainly enjoyed my plate, but maybe not to the extent of queueing 45mins normally. It's very unique, not necessarily much better than a good plate somewhere else

Sufficiently charred and aromatic. I'd called this a 'balanced' plate of kwayteow - with greens atop the protein (3x prawns), carbs and fats... The smallest serving goes at $4 (up from $3), a tad too small to fill the tummy but good in you've plans to go on a Golden Mile food excursion, conquering 2-3 meals in a single hawker hunt!

The queue very short, maybe becoz i went 9 am morning.
Char Kway Teow was flavourful,with light wok hei (its 9 am, so not complaining 😉), served with hum and crunchy pork lard.
📍Outram Park Fried Kway Teow.
531A Upper Cross Street, unit #02-17.
Hong Lim Food Centre.

📍 16 Bedok South Rd, Bedok South Market & Food Centre, stall 01-41, Singapore 460016⠀

Most local foodies would be familiar with this stall and would agree that this is definitely one of the top 10 Best Char Kway Teow in SG 🇸🇬. They are also listed in Singapore Michelin Guide too! Be prepared to join the q and wait for at least 20mins during lunch hours. ⠀

We are in love and hooked with its strong wok hei flavours in every bite we take! The black sauce they used were so tasty, not too sweet taste for our liking. A sinful yet goodness pack of char kway teow fried fragrantly with generous servings of Chinese sausage, beansprouts, cockles, eggs and also our fav crispy pork lard! Indeed, it’s so heavenly good and satisfying! ⠀

Quite a bit of wok hei, and I particularly like the way they do their eggs. Definitely a solid plate of ckt, tho it wasn't very intense in taste

So i did homework to find out which Char Kway teow that have delivery service.
And i found Lao Fu Zi from Old Airport Food Centre has delivery service.
So i gathered neighbours (yes, im the host this time 😆, all for ckt ),and placed order ystd.
Finally i can have char kway teow.
Its still warm when reach my house, sweet and spicy (i asked for chilli) ckt with light wok hei. .
💰$5 for small.

Delivery fee $6 for radius 5 km and islandwide delivery fee $10.
To place order,can WhatsApp 8614 9191. .
📍Lao Fu Zi.
51 old airport road, #01-12.

If you know me, I have high standards for ckt. This was good enough for me on any random occasion.