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Update: Store owners have annouced on Facebook that they are retiring with immediate effect.

Guan Kee was a Michelin Bib Gourmand listed stall located at Ghim Moh Market.

When I went to queue for this 1 month ago on a lunch time Sunday, had to queue at least an hour.

Their CKT tasted very flavourful, wok hei was evident and the entire dish had just the right "Wetness" to it.

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There is wok hey and the portion is rather decent for a $5 one. It’s not dry but rather more ‘wet’ which is to my liking
Will definitely go back again

Meng kee char kway teow has been hyped up recently on social media, for being 1 of the best char kway teow in Singapore. Just YouTube search char kway teow.

It is really good, the lup cheong quantity is very generous, wok hei is evident and the entire plate felt eggy, just the way I like all my CKT.

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didn’t really hit the spot :( extremely oily and wet. taste was q forgettable too

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is niceee even though it’s on the starchier side! but portion v small :(

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When cravings hit hard, you gotta satisfy them. 🤪 As with every visit to Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow, they have been pretty spot on with the wok hei and portion of ingredients of the Char Kway Teow - there's no denying me from the pronounced sweet-savoury flavour in this sinful mess. I like that the noodles/kway tiao mix leans towards the wetter side and is not too oily. Every strand is evenly coated with an eggy aroma & medium brown hue of the dark soy sauce, but not to the point of being chao ta. I prefer my blood cockles/hums to be cooked a little longer, but I can still taste how fresh & plump they are.

Also, this should be enjoyed as piping hot as possible for the best flavour profile! That explains why I only took a few quick shots before chowing down the entire plate. 🤭

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The folks behind Nan Yang Dao 南洋岛 do seem like they are pretty much on a roll — the expansion of their operations seem to have been pretty aggressive thus far, with outlets in various locations spread all around Singapore ever since they had first started operations from their very first location at Serangoon Central. While the outlet at Hillion Mall had only been in operations. For a couple of months, the folks at Nan Yang Dao have already opened yet another new outlet at Heartland Mall which is just walking distance away from Kovan MRT Station. Their Heartland Mall outlet takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Xing Hua; a rather tightly-packed space where there are clear attempts to maximise the seating capacity of the space. Despite so, the interior of the space still largely sticks to theme that Nan Yang Dao locations are generally based on; one that features more Southeast Asian-style flavours with white tables and rattan-esque dining chairs that is mixed with cushioned seating — the use of royal green as for the colour theme is also largely consistent to what is known to the brand name. Nan Yang Dao has been consistently adding new dishes to its menu all these while — the menu having been expanded to include categories such as Appetisers / Side Dish, Signature Dishes, Noodles, Main Course, Rice, Ricebowl Series (think offerings similar to the scrambled egg rice bowls offered by Dan Lao 蛋佬), Fried Rice Series, Nanyang Nasi Lemak and Desserts. Newly-introduced to the menu of Nan Yang Dao ever since the opening of their Heartland Mall outlet includes their Signature-Nanyang Sam Hei series — this comprises of items like their Butter Polo Bun and Puff Pastry Egg Tarts. For beverages, Nan Yang Dao offers drinks like Nanyang-style Kopi and Teh, as well as a Tea Series, special concoctions like the Bear Iced Coffee and Special Milo Dinosaur, hot beverages such as Chrysanthemum Tea and Warm Barley and a selection of soft drinks as well.

We had been eyeing on giving Nan Yang Dao’s Puff Pastry Egg Tarts from their Signature-Nanyang Sam Hei series a go for quite a while. These were initially unavailable at Heartland Mall when they had first started their operations there; that being said, they are still pretty elusive items to go for considering how there is a limited production of the Puff Pastry Egg Tarts at 500 pieces daily — these while have been usually sold out for the day if one were to drop by Nan Yang Dao during the evening. Since we are pretty much into egg tarts and that the Signature-Nanyang Sam Hei series marks Nan Yang Dao’s very first venture into serving bakes and pastries, we were very much excited to give these a try when we had noticed them to be in-stock. Truth to be told, we found the Puff Pastry Egg Tarts to be decent; good enough to be paired up with the Iced Kopi for a leisurely snack but wasn’t something which we found to be spectacular. Served to the table after being warmed up, we did feel that the Puff Pastry Egg Tarts delivered in terms of texture — the puff pastry holding up the egg curd seems to be crisp, buttery and flaky; almost akin to that of a Danish pastry. That being said, this also meant that the pastry did feel a little greasy — the sheer size of the Puff Pastry Egg Tarts at Nan Yang Dao also meant that it came a little jelat after a while as a result. The egg curd does carry a rather balanced sweetness; probably more suited for those whom prefer things to be less sweet, though we did wish that the eggy notes could pull off a little more here just to give it that “oomph” it requires. The Butter Polo Bun was also decent in terms of texture — if anything, we did enjoy the light and fluffy texture of the bun with a light and crusted top which made it a fairly easy eat. That aside though, the buttery, milky sweetness for the crust typical of Polo Buns isn’t particularly prominent here, though this is easily if one goes for a little bit of the condensed milk that attempts to bring out those notes from the bun as well. The main stars of the show at Nan Yang Dao do seem to be their Malaysian-style noodles and appetisers still, though it is interesting to see the variety which they are providing to their patrons to get them come back for something new every time.

Arrived at 11.57am and placed my order for one plate of black char kway teow (you can order white as well) at $5.00. The stall supposed to start at 11.45am but today they started preparing late so didn’t start cooking until 12.09am. Already I was #10 in the queue.

Finally got my plate at 12.33pm. By then the queue was 30 plus orders with many still in the queue, yet to place an order.

The plate of char kway teow was not too dry, got some wok heat but a bit sweet. You can ask to add lard bits but no prawns for the small serving. I am guessing only from $8.00 onwards. There’s a few decent sized cockles inside, along with Chinese sausages, bits of fish cake, bean sprouts and a few stalks of Chye Sim vegetables.

Overall a good plate of char kway teow worthy of their Bib Gourmand award. But you must be prepared to queue during peak hours. Maybe 40 minutes or more!


This legendary char kway teow stall used to sell at Armenian Street coffee shop, before the place was demolished.

After many years, the founder’s son continue to carry the name and serving their signature char kway teow in the neighbourhood of Sengkang.

Just a small plate of it already very satisfying for me, it was full of flavour and taste.


The fried kway teow flavourful, not overly sweet, moist and not dry, all balanced with moderate wok hei.
Served with pork lard and cockles.
Swipe to see how clean I eat my CKT 🤣
📍Outram Park Fried Kway Teow.
Blk 531A Upper Cross Street, #02-17.


Priced at $5 for the smallest portion, there was already a queue once the shutters were up. Waited for about 15 mins as each plate were individually fried and prepared. The dish was packed with wokhey and the it was a comfortable sharing dish/ portion for 2 people.

A decent and nice plate of char kuay teow. I find it unbelievable that I can still find this at $3 in 2023. Plenty of cockles given for a $4 portion!