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The queue was not as long as I remembered. The cockles are so small these days I’m not sure adding an extra portion does it for me. Still has the same wok hei as before. The noodles are still moist and flavourful. Couldn’t find any egg in my plate though. The crispy lard was not in abundance but existed.

If I have to queue, I’ll go to Ghim Moh for my CKT in future.

😍 Char Kway Teow cravings satisfied. First time trying this popular CKT.

Ordered their largest portion at S$6 which is suitable for 2 persons to share.

Taste was good, neither overly sweet or salty to me. The kway teow and noodles are fried in dark sauce with cockles, eggs, pork lard pieces, lup cheong, fishcake, beans sprout. Expect long queue for this.

[Temporary located at Chinatown Complex Food Centre as the Zion Riverside Food Centre is currently under renovation]

No.18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow (02-25) - Temp location
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

Surprisingly good find near my hood in a old kopitiam style with only one other prawn mee stall which was not open when I visited other than the usual drinks stall.

Wok hei is there, cockles are juicy + plump. I felt like the cockles were cooked just right my companion thought they were a bit over. They are on the sweeter side but not as sweet as laofuzi. I feel like they can do with more eggs.

Was really happy with this find tbh but that was until we saw a rat climbing across the top of the electrical wiring before it went missing into some of their crockery...... will be looking for my next new favourite ckt then

Love the mix of charred and gooey bits, but the spotlight is definitely the super fresh and plump oysters. I’m still not a 100% fan of the gooey bits cos it can get a bit jelak at times, but overall it’s still delish. The only letdown is the watery bland-tasting chilli— not sure if that’s the norm or we caught them on a bad day. Will return if in the area!

This was a really good plate of Orh Lua! The egg is fried till really crispy with a slight wok hei taste, and comes with fresh and plump oysters! Love the tangy chilli sauce too. Sinfully good!

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Seems like this is one of the must-try stalls at Golden Mile Food Centre. A rather different than usual char kway teow, with a bed of Chye sim covering the aromatic fried noodles. By the way, it’s also known as a healthier version as it’s not fried with any pork lard. In addition to the delightful wok hei although this one’s slightly oily, I love the extra crisp from the deep fried whitebait, as well as the plump fresh prawns! The only downside is the small portion, enough only if you are deciding to explore other stalls within the same food centre.

Amazing chicken! Big, juicy and crispy. On par with other eateries like Collin’s and way better than Astons. The fries and rice are decent! But the best is the sauce. The sauce is amazing. Do try out their combo of cream and black pepper sauce. Service is great too! Warm and friendly.
Service: 8/10
Chicken: 9/10
Sauce: 10/10
Rice: 6/10
Fries: 5/10

Rightfully awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, the man behind the fiery wok is a legendary hawker himself and has been frying plates and plates of char kway teow for decades. With no disciple in sight or anyone to take over, all of us have no clue when he decides to call it a day. Hence, do drop by the stall, get in the queue and order up a plate of Singapore heritage before it’s all gone. Never mind if it’s not healthier choice, just savour the moment that we are able to taste an excellent plate of char kway teow with wok hei and the umami goodness now.
✨ Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee
📍 531A Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Unit 02-17, Singapore 051531
🍴 [Not Sponsored]


📍Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee, Hong Lim Food Centre📍
💸 Char Kway Teow: $4
Tend to shy away from char kway teow coz we’re just not a huge fan of yellow noodles and bean sprouts. But this ckt is something we would gladly have, calories be damned😌 Haven’t had many ckt but we love this plate - greasy, flavourful, full of ingredients and pork lard. You could see the glistening oil and shine on the empty plate! The noodles were evenly coated in moist egg unlike some other stalls where the egg is just not that well distributed☹️. We dabao-ed this time but will definitely be back to have it there, piping hot out of the wok!!

With fries, salad and soup of the day (unpictured). Come for the variety of sauces. Nothing else really stood out. Meat was decent but could be bigger. Mushroom soup seemed very homemade, featuring fresh-looking mushrooms yet not tasty enough.