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2 Feb’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍Hvala⁣ (Chjimes)
- Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut Cake🍰⁣
- Hojicha Latte🍵⁣

Back here again!

Like the bitterness and the milk just balanced it out which is not overpowering, nice!

As for the honey earl grey hazelnut cake, a little dry and the cake like not as compact as I expect it to be (look at the holes), not bad for a try, but I think once is enough...

Damage: $13.60

Today we MUNCH-ed on...🤤
📍Butterknife Folks, Funan📍
💸 Double Scoop in a cup: $9
🍡Flavours tried: Ms Maple Teatime Treat + Miso Sexy
Butterknife Folk rotates the flavours quite frequently as everything is one pan only and once it’s finished you’ll never know what comes next🧐
Super excited to share the flavours I’ve tried this time!! Ms Maple Teatime Treat was strongly recommended to us and is essentially toasted white chocolate with balsamic strawberry whereas Miso Sexy is a white miso gelato with generous sprinkles of caramelized black sesame brittle!! When they say generous sprinkles, it is REALLY generous and you could taste the strong black sesame taste in almost every bite🤩 Really glad that I gave this place a second shot because the flavours they had the previous time didn’t exactly make me go ‘wow’😂

Such a soothing shade of blue. 💙___💙 This was an exceptionally creamy gelato - in fact, I could tell it was going to take on this texture when I saw the service crew scooping out from the tub. I suppose that is a weird deduction to make, but I wasn’t wrong so I’m good with that! 🤣



- Double Chocolate, $3.50
- Red Bean Paste w Warabi Mochi, $3.50

Dark Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian
Lava Cookie Set - $10.90
The MSW durian lava cookie set comes with exclusive Pandan Charcoal cookie, plus 1 scoop of ice cream. Selected the Secret Garden ice cream, which’s made with 1872 Clipper Tea’s Eternal Garden Tea, comes with a hint of Rose flavour. The Mao Shan Wang sauce inside is not too overpowering, you will still be able to enjoy the flavour of the ice cream. Do note this autumn special set was till 30 sept only, no longer available. You can consider the Red Velvet Cream Cheese lava set ($8.90) if you are cream cheese lover like me

Located underneath the block of HDB flats opposite ABC brickworks, Geometry makes an ideal place to unwind after a hearty meal. As compared to other places, the prices of ice cream here is significantly lower with a good variety of standard and unique flavours. Still have space in your stomach? Pair the sweet treat with some light fluffy waffles.

Raspberry gelato was really good on its own, as it goes well with the raspbery powder sprinked on top. The sweet and sour flavour is really refreshing. However, the balance was thrown off when you bite it together with the chimney cone. Somehow, the both doesn’t match off well with each other.


Homemade chocolate gelato paired with chimney cone and dusted with pistachio bits. The chimney cone actually taste like a pastry, not too hard but is flakey. However, it does pair quite nicely with the chocolate gelato. The chocolate gelato is overly sweet if you ate it separately from the cone.

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This is only available for a limited time. Matcha dough that is filled with premium Valrhona dark chocolate custard. Thick and gooey dark choco custard was love!

Matcha dough for a change and the sweetness for the red bean is just nice here!

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This came with original dough, and the matcha custard was slightly too sweet but was neutralise by the dough itself.

Super thin layer of matcha dough with sweet red bean that was source from Pingtung, Taiwan and also one of their shop specialty, warabi mochi which adds on the chewiness to the pancake.