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Recommended lists for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Recommended lists of Best Ice Cream & Yoghurt in Singapore, 2019
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Burpple Guides, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Best Places for Ice Cream in Singapore 2017 As temperatures climb, we can't think of a better or more delicious way to cool down than with ice cream! We have scoured the island in search of the best of this frozen treat. Packed with icy ideas including a vegan-friendly soybean soft serve, botanical-inspired creations and luxuriously dense Italian gelato, this guide will have you cooling down in no time, Burpple style.

Top 10 Places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Top 10 places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Latest Reviews for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Was in the area and I chanced upon this gelato place which sells really interesting flavours! I got the sea salt hojicha [$4.70] which is definitely not a commoner amongst other gelato places. You can try the ice cream before purchasing which is great! Oh, one could also get a thyme cone [$1] to go along with the gelato!

Had whiskey black sesame and early grey flavour for ice cream. Very strong in flavour so felt a bit too much when i ordered for double scoop. The scoop is also bigger than I expected - I should only go for one scoop with waffle next time to be shared.

Matchaya is a green. Tea. Institution. I discovered this placed when it first opened in icon village near my office before all the hype around it skyrocketed. I’d like to call myself one of the founding supporters of this place. Hahaha. On another hand, the matcha and houjicha items here are really made with the real quality stuff, and are fragrant and refreshing.

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This has a total belly score of 4.5/5! 🍵

Finally I get to try original bubblewrap after so long time. I just went to redeem free scoop ice cream and decided to add on original bubblewrap ($3.40) (I want to try stuffed bubblewrap and its too ex). Root Beer Ice Cream taste too similar when I try it out for first time.

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At $8, it’s definitely a pricey soft serve but incredibly comforting #burpple

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I was offered a new menu item, a half Boston lobster (it was fresh and cooked in front of me!). The meat was plump and juicy and super fresh! I was given the option to have the shell cracked up for me.

Came with the Maine sauce (spices, mayo, butter and lemon juice) with mentaiko and chilli crab sauce available too.

Definitely a great steal as super markets are selling full lobsters at $39.

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Served piping hot and oozing matcha, this treat is not too sweet and extremely yummy. I had a scoop of speculoos ice cream to go along with it and they served the cookie with speculoos crumbs. Love the detail put into plating the dish! It was also v affordable with Burpple's one for one option available here.

Though a lighter profile, yet creamy, refreshing sweetness that hits your taste buds at the same time. (Got me reminiscing the one i had in Japan 😭) This got to be my favourite mystery flavor thus far ☺️🍈


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Q generous portion for $28 premium roll. Chilli crab sauce was flavourful, but try the mentaiko to taste the lobster’s freshness. Best part apart from the lobster chunks was the well buttered buns!


Generous portion of lobster chunks in a well toasted and buttered bun:) Chilli crab sauce was flavourful but not spicy, try the mentaiko sauce to have a better taste of the freshness of the lobster!

Cafe is really small and in walking distance from NEX. We used the 1 for 1 deal and bought a chocolate lava cookie with lemon curd tart ice cream, a matcha lava cookie with brown butter ice cream, and 2 tea for $13.80. Totally worth the deal! We were amazed at the cookie texture and how well it went with the ice cream. It exceeded our expectations. Gonna come here again when im in the area.