Recommended lists for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Recommended lists of Best Ice Cream & Yoghurt in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Best Places for Ice Cream in Singapore Burpple's guide to the best places for ice cream, from intense matcha creations to luxuriously dense gelato to cool you down on hot, hot days.
Burpple Guides, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Best Places for Ice Cream in Singapore 2017 As temperatures climb, we can't think of a better or more delicious way to cool down than with ice cream! We have scoured the island in search of the best of this frozen treat. Packed with icy ideas including a vegan-friendly soybean soft serve, botanical-inspired creations and luxuriously dense Italian gelato, this guide will have you cooling down in no time, Burpple style.
Burpple Guides, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Best Ice Cream, Froyo & Gelato in Singapore Because it's perpetually summer in our little island, our friends Ice Cream, Froyo and Gelato are always on our mind. Come rain or shine, here are 20 places to get a brain freeze — from Japanese parfaits to yoghurt popsicles to coconut gelato and much much more! Lick away, Burpplers!

Top 10 Places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Top 10 places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Latest Reviews for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Look nice doesn’t mean taste nice.
A good shop for deserts but as for mains... perhaps nay.

Served warm, it is crisp externally, moist and crumbly internally. Texture and flavour are 👍👍👍. Comparable to the standard in Melbourne.
Mine served with butter and jam, if they have cream, it will just be perfect. Maybe I need to psyco @eatwithroy and @diana333 to add cream for this 😄😄😄.
Savoury scones are available as well, infused with rosemary and parmesan.
Now @littledevil_98 can get her fix of plain scones in SG.
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Pretty good bowl of mushroom soup and wings:)

Pretty looking dessert. Not really worth the price though at 17.90. Rather stick w the chocolate avalanche.

Items ordered:
1) beef truffle cream spaghetti ($19.80) - really fragrant 👍🏻
2) oven baked salmon with parmesan herbs crust ($20.80) - comes with mash potato, which I feel goes really well!

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5 - cozy place, good for families
Service: 4/5
Overall experience: 4/5

Had grapefruit alishan from Yuan Cha in the afternoon but couldn’t resist getting this refreshing option for desserts after dinner! Second time back at Cottontail and even though service can be improved, their scoops are still as good. This wasn’t too sweet and was nicely balanced with that distinct bitterness you’d get from fresh grapefruits.

Salmon was soft and nice, and the onsen egg added a nice touch to the kimchi fried nice which wasnt too spicy or salty. The kimchi wantons was a surprise but the combi was rather nice and interesting :)

The combination of the trio was magnificent! 💚💛🍡🍬
Subtle sweetness and nutty flavour of Kinako きな粉 and Kuromitsu 黒蜜 elegantly complimented the delicate bittersweet Matcha 抹茶 flavour, pleasantly left a clean invigorating aftertaste lingered on my palate. It gives a soft, and rather chewy texture
If you knows me well, you would know I’m a big fan of traditional Japanese confections 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬

Original flavour yogurt with mixed berries❤️

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Pictured here are the Valrhona chocolate (dark brown) & Milo fudge cake (light brown) flavours. The chocolate is super dense and rich, and the milo has a very light and flavourful malt taste. Love both of these flavours!
The waffle is also really worth it. It's a small square but super affordable compared to waffles in other cafes/restaurants.

Price: $3.50 for one scoop, $6 for double scoop; $2.50 for one waffle square, $4 for two waffles.
This was $6 + $2.50 + $0.70 (cuz the Valrhona chocolate is a premium flavour!) #halfeatenblog #icecream #merely #chocolate #milo #scoop #waffle #dessert #food #sgfood #foodsg #foodie #sgfoodie #instafood #burpple #foodblog

The fun part is, there will be a change of flavours twice a month on the 1st and 16th, so there’ll always be something new to try. Choose a flavour (or two), cup/cone and pick toppings as you like. My favourite would be their popcorn - made in house - while those with a sweet tooth can go for the super fun (and also pretty) popping rock, toasted marshmallow or fluffy cotton candy to make your soft serve ott!
The soft serves here are very smooth but also melt pretty quickly so keep your photo-taking sesh short😁. We tried all 3 flavours on the menu (sea salt, ribena and sesame) + taro, lychee and pistachio which are available in tub. Pistachio was my favourite out of everything as it was fragrant, roasty and not too sweet. Sesame flavour is quite strong and earthy so it’s recommended to have it on its own so as not to overpower. We found the sea salt a little too mild by itself, but paired great with the ribena! While I wasn’t a fan of the ribena flavour by itself, its subtle fruity sweetness seemed to bring out the saltiness better.

Thank you #burpple for the invite and Aqua S for having us! 🤗