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Plenty of gelato flavours to choose from, u are naturally spoilt for choices.

Both flavours I chosen, the Maple Walnut and Sea salt caramel was very good. Very milky.

My negative comment of this place, is that the ice cream melts very fast.

This ice cream shop at Chinatown gained its popularity because of the owner, who started as an online personality on OnlyFans. Titus Low since then move on to be an influencer and as well as a boss for this place.

The space will greet you with its welcoming pastel colour, which you can find tables and chairs to enjoy the ice cream.

Serving its signature ice cream together with some waffle and drink. Their ice cream selections are in collaboration with Hundred Acre Creamery at Sunset Way,

One flavour that attracted me for its name - Salty White Stuff, which is actually refreshing salted lychee calpis. A mix of salty, sweet and milky in sorbet texture.

If you subscribe to Burpple Beyond then you definitely in treat as you could enjoy some good deals here.

Getting the single scoop will entitle you one for one flavour as well!

I would think yogurt is more beneficial than Normal bubble tea hehe. The watermelon yo-tea is very refreshing and the mango purple rice was well liked too!! Took 0% sugar for both and expected it to be bitter but it was ok!! Will be back to try others

Ordered the mango bingsoo. Mangoes were overripe but the dish was otherwise great. Ice was made out of milk and not water, and melts in your mouth like the ones in Korea.

S$ 7
Earthy flavor of oolong soft serve pair with fruity passion fruit popping boba and osmanthus jelly.

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Waffle has other flavours (red velvet, dark cocoa, pandan) @ additional $0.50. Earl grey (premium) ice cream was good

Went to The Daily Scoop and ordered a Butterscotch Pecan ($5) and Kyoho Grape ($4) scoop!😇 Really loved the Butterscotch Pecan and its quite affordable so overall ratings are easily a 10/10 for me! Would definitely be back soon🤪

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Wanted to try their waffles after seeing some reviews about it. Of course got good and bad reviews also at same time. Depends on your opinion and ideas about it also. Decided to get Banana & Chocolate Chips ($5.20) w Waffles ($5.80). I felt that their banana & chocolate chips flavour really strong and sweet taste but it was really slightly milky. But the waffles don't disappointed me at all as it's quite crispy, crunchy aftertaste and not much strong "dough" feel.

Venchi is popular for their chocolate ice cream and you can find them in a few places here.

To go with the full satisfaction, I definitely recommend to go with their large size which comes with 3 flavours.

I do understand it get melt pretty fast in Singapore weather, so it is a challenge to eat it fast before it melts.

So I would suggest you get any chocolate piece as the 3rd flavour like me on the top of it.

Tom’s Palette take on Bubble Tea
Frozen Peak Oolong soft serve topped with passionfruit boba, osmanthus jelly and citrus nut clusters

This is the best croffle with bourbon dark choc and pistachio gelatos! Gelatos are creamy, rich, smooth & yummylicious! I wished I had requested for the croffle to be separately served from the gelatos! It will remain crispy all the way!