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Chanced upon this small gelato shop and was nicely surprised that it was quite yummy. Chrysanthemum Oolong is definitely a must try!

👍🏻Tried this Peach Basil Sorbet ($3.80) with Rosemary cone (+$1). Loved this combi. I think it goes well. Not too sweet though it seem more mango than peach but still nice! Will come back to try the rest of the flavours!

Pretty decent froyo with two toppings of choice - I got the matcha sauce and strawberries. Worth it with the burpple deal.

Hey Matcha ($7.50) got that lighter matcha (green tea) flavour for yogurt so I didn't expected that. I preferred light over heavy taste or flavour for yogurt as I didn't get bloated so easily plus most of yogurt shop made me so full or bloated. I felt that one serving of the drink can be a lunch or dinner for me already and mainly for people who didn't wanted to eat normal meal :") They got 3 drinks for $15 promotion until 31 January 2021 so you can go with your friends for sharing cost of yogurt.

The flavours were scrumptious!!! We were also given a lot of variety in the process. Must share this with at least 3 ppl cos the portion is HUGE!

An ice cream parlour I have been meaning to try, The Humble Scoop at Katong Shopping Centre certainly didn’t disappoint. For something sweet, the “In-Kueh-Dible” ($3.90/ single scoop) is a yummy blend of salted coconut and gula melaka. Though the flavour of the coconut was mild, the caramel-like fragrance of the gula melaka was distinct and coupled well with their waffle ($4/ a la carte).
Next for something rich and creamy, the "Orh-Bee-Good" ($4.90/ single premium scoop) is my favourite of the two and understandably their most popular flavour. Inspired by Pulut Hitam, the traditional black glutinous rice and coconut milk dessert, the texture and taste of the scoop was so on point. It was sweet yet not overly so, slightly nutty, a little chewy, sticky with a lovely dose of coconut.

It's quite tricky to find the shop, coz its located at level 2, while level one is a restaurant  called Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen.
Feature the Mango Toast.
Thick toast, that crisp outside while inside soft served with mango ice cream and fruits.
💰$12.9 .
📍Wan Wan Thai Cafe 127A Bencoolen St.


Super authentic gelato in tins, and the texture was so gooey and rich. The Panna Cotta flavour is one of their newer flavours and tasted so divine... Even my partner who is a chocolate fan kept stealing my ice cream 😂

Felt that the hazelnut and pistachio flavours was a bit sweet and cloying, but the amazing panna cotta flavour helped with the richness 😋

Collaboration with Light to Night Festival 2021
Made using mushroom soup gelato and truffle oil

Collaboration with Light to Night Festival 2021
Made using fish curry gelato and prata shreds