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Kind Kones Vegan Ice Cream has landed in Singapore! Right in the bowels of the very nondescript Forum Shopping Centre.

Besides the usual waffle cones and brownies to go with ice cream, they have choices such as cookies and banana splits too!

I'm usually quite skeptical when it comes to this kind of things but well, it's pretty good and I could get used to this. 📸: @michellechun_
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Comfort food, Frozen Yogurt! Their lotus caramelised cookie sauce is the best and its so addictive! The original yogurt is mildly sour, good for those who are not a fan of sour yogurts. Fruits are fresh 👍🏻 Priced at $5.90 for a medium serving, good for two to share.


not my first time but goodbto hv a fav at half the price :”) yeeeet got the 2xparfait one matcha one hojicha friend thought was A lil too much but I thought was delish portion all’s good

Milktea Boboshake ($5.90):
✅ Strong tea flavour
✅ Right amount of sweetness
✅ Soft and chewy pearls

Generous servings and a wide selection of unusual flavors to choose from.

Kindred Folk is one of the rare places with both Burpple Beyond and Entertainer 1-for-1 where you can choose to use the deal for Pasta or Dessert. We used the pasta deal, where a single bowl of pasta would usually cost $13.90. This is pretty pricey for a single pasta dish at such a casual cafe, but actually very affordable and worth it after using the deal.

Both the pastas were fantastic as the noodles were done al dense and I loved how firm they were. If you’re a fan of bold flavours, go for the Spice It Up which is a tom yum aglio olio linguine with sautéed prawns. For a slightly muted but aromatic dish, go for the Green Eyed Monster which is penne and chicken breast tossed in a Thai green curry cream sauce. We enjoyed both pastas and will be back to use the other deals too!

Pleasantly surprised by how good this cup of matcha latte at Kindred Folk turned out. No extra points for elaborate latte art but props for trying at least. Anyway they don’t need any of those points for what a delightful cup of green tea goodness they delivered. The rich bright green colour of the matcha latte was a good sign, but my first sip of the beverage sent an explosion of thick matcha flavour and a lingering earthy bitterness right to the tastebuds. Definitely one of the best versions of matcha latte I’ve had recently and I really didn’t expect to find good matcha latte here! Such a nice surprise!

Açai soft serve twist with yogurt - chocolate almond flavour (limited time)

soft serve twist - half açai and half froyo
don’t get the froyo, it tastes very diluted unlike Yole (if you’ve tried Yole before, it’s much better)

chocolate almond flavour - toppings: dark chocolate sauce, almond butter and almond flakes
almond butter was thick and good, a bit too sweet for my liking but my friend tried and she thinks it’s good so it should be okay for most people!

overall, wouldn’t go back again although the price is very reasonable - you get a much larger portion than most places for $7.90. unfortunately, i couldn’t find any superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, cocoa nibs etc. it was jsut almond butter, chocolate sauce and granola, making the entire thing too sweet for me. I also prefer a thicker texture to the açai which u get at most places but maybe because it’s soft serve, it had a very light texture. would rather pay more for better tasting açai bowls w chia seed puddings or coconut sorbet etc. but if ure nearby and feeling like grabbing açai, maybe u could try their smoothie bowls?

food rating: 5.75/10

have been wanting to check out this place for the longest time ever and i finally did it!!! m a fan of both matcha and hojicha, so this drink is perfect bc i don't have to choose!!! love how rich the drink tasted, unlike at other places whr it tends to be more milky.

Here’s the Godiva Cone - A soft serve made from GODIVA chocolates 🍫😋🍦