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Paid only $4.80 using bb. Super worth it! Waffles is crispy & ice cream has chunks of cookie dough

Still one of our go-tos for a trusty and rich dark chocolate ice cream treat!

New egglette cafe on the block! Love the effort on the deco, HK vibes. The owners were super friendly as well. They first started making egglettes at home because it was their son’s favourite snack (yes, they bought the egglette maker just for their son) and decided to open this cafe after perfecting the recipe. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they perfected it indeed. You rarely find cafes serving up egglettes in Singapore so I was thrilled when they opened! 🤩

You did not come if you did not get their cone.

Cone was crisp and very buttery. Cone is the star, not the ice cream. I have tried several flavours and found them to be quite mild like BOP so if you like BOP, you will love their ice cream.

Peanut butter chocolate is my fav here. At first bite, the taste of butter taste was prominent - for pb lovers.

i think i prefer the normal banana split. the fried banana’s batter wasn’t as crisp as i would have expected

Hazelnut flavour was very subtle, 3/5.
Early grey was meh, 2/5 I had better.
BB is only applicable to certain flavours so you have to let the cashier know that you’re using a deal.

Ordered Matcha & Strawberry & Milk & Sakura at $6.50 each. Matcha & Milk is both nice. Strawberry is like typical strawberry flavour in those supermarket ice cream and Sakura got a bit of hint of sour plum flavour.

Tried the 88% Dark Chocolate and Affogato with 80% dark choc ice cream and Vanilla ice cream respectively.

Loved the 88% one with the dark choc ice cream but i think i'd get the 88% ice cream next time as it was still rather sweet..

My friend had the affogato and thought it was a bit too bitter for her liking heh. soo just get the affogato only if u rly like coffee!!!

Personally recommend getting the 88% with dark choc ice cream because it goes well tgt 😋😋😋

@gelatolabo is a new chain of ice cream cafes with unique flavours that they churn out in small batches.

I am not a big fan of their flavours which are relatively mild. Their unique combinations also did not work for me and some just tasted weird. It may just be a matter of personal preference but this obviously did not work for me.

It was also rather annoying that our ice cream were in constant danger of toppling (and in fact toppled twice) as their cup was made of a lightweight and flimsy (albeit biodegradable I suppose) material.

Hvala's cheapest ($5++) and easiest pure matcha drink. For those who do not like the bitterness of ceremonial grade matcha, this is a pretty good alternative - a slight tinge of sweetness at the start, and less bitterness at the end. :) Do drink it quickly because it is much nicer when hot!

This is an outlet exclusive flavour. The maple syrup gave the ice cream a faint sweetness, and provided a nice contrast to the slight bitterness in the matcha gelato. Interesting flavour although I would personally prefer the pure matcha gelato for its stronger tea flavour.

The restaurant, however, was a really pretty place to dine at. The furnishings were primarily white and brown, which gave a pretty soothing atmosphere to dine within as well. Note however that the cafe still has a 60-minute dine-in limit, although it does not apply if there are still empty tables around.

A new ice cream cafe at Bedok (near Domino's)! The waffles were really good <3, chewy with crispy exterior! The ice cream on the other hand was quite normal.. I feel that they should make the flavours more intense eg. more chocolaty, more horlick powder and tim tam biscuits :) There's 1 for 1 on fave and burpple too