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Pretty great matcha soft-serve ice cream for $5.90, although the ice cream is on the sweeter side rather than on the bitter side. Serving size is pretty decent as well, although the cafe is already pretty cold and the ice cream just makes you feel even colder 😅😅

Well, when it was near le birthgiver's birthday, I decided to order an entire durian cake just for her as a indulgent treat! (She loves her durian after all.)

I was eyeing a couple durian cakes - including the one from Sinpopo but alas, I was in a rush and needed it the next day, hence I decided to go with @fourseasonsdurians eyecatching Charcoal Rosette Cake with layers of pure D24 durian puree inbetween soft egg sponge and covered in charcoal buttercream.

I've not had that many durian cakes in my life, but the one thing that stuck in my mind was how I hoped that any durian cake should be the epitome of durian galore. Four Seasons Durian's Charcoal Rosette Cake was pretty good, though I felt that it only scratched the surface of durian goodness and could definitely use more more more of that durian puree. I did like the amount of charcoal cream to cake ratio; though I must admit that if it was somehow infused with durian essence or flavour, it would put this cake on a whole other level. Not to mention, the blackness of the charcoal cream got everywhere and every thing it touched.

Of course, it's still a pretty good durian cake in it's own right and for the price, it's actually one of the more affordable durian cakes out there for it's size!

Though still not that adventurous to give their more unique and funky flavours a go, I found the Nom Gelato’s Classic flavours ($5 for single scoop, $8 for double scoop) that we got plenty exciting as it is. With a hint of savouriness, the Mascarpone & Honey Figs was light on the palate. A nice balance with the touch of cheesy aftertaste and sweetness from the bits of figs as well as swirls of fig jam. A tad milky for me but the texture was really creamy and smooth.

For something a little sweeter yet wonderfully refreshing, the Mango Sorbet was a perfect choice. The fruity flavour was pronounced and brightly balanced - one of my favourites from the handful I have tried. Texture-wise, it was pretty smooth, not all that icy, and with a pleasant sticky consistency.

Much love for their Roasted Sesame, the scoop was a lovely mix of white and black sesame. Not too intense, the nutty swirls were fragrant and rather addictive. I also liked the fact that the earthiness wasn’t so “in your face” and didn’t resemble the taste of sesame paste - very palatable. And likewise, the consistency was smooth and creamy.

Next, a flavour that I wouldn’t usually go for, the Strawberry Balsamic was perhaps a little out of my comfort zone. More tart and tangy than I would have liked, the taste of the balsamic was distinct and a touch too strong in my opinion. However, it does add a nice depth to the sweetness of the strawberries.

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Located in Vision Exchange at Jurong East, this cozy dessert cafe serves up both classic and bold, exciting gelato flavours to satisfy every palate! Hide away from the hustle and bustle here while indulging in their wide assortment of ice cream flavours — Strawberry Cream, Mint with Cookies and Chips, Mocha with Biscotti and Chips, Hojicha Green Tea, Thai Milk Tea, Black Sesame, Coconut Cream and Sea Salted Caramel w/ Almonds — all at just $3.80 per single scoop!

Westies, you're in for a smokin' good time at this gelato bar in NEWest! As the name suggests, expect your waffles and coffee to come with a side of smoky goodness (literally!). Order a scoop of Fior De Latte ($5) and Scarmoza ($5) that will balance the sweetness of milk with the savoury smoked cheese flavour. Top up $8 to pair your creamy gelatos with their Buttermilk Waffles that had Burppler @tasteoftasha 🍴 raving about the "smokey fragrant it adds to the buttermilk waffle which adds a little complexity to the waffle." Sip on their creamy Flat White ($4) or aromatic Long Black ($3).

Photo by Burppler @tasteoftasha 🍴

Oreo Bing-su (S: $7.50, L: $11.90)
Honestly came for the Speculoos bingsu, but it was sadly sold out that day. Really surprised by the huge portion, esp for the large one. Their shaved ice was really soft, but it was just lacking the milky flavour I was looking out for. Also didn't strike me as Oreo, but closer to cheap choc kind of flavour, although I really wouldn't mind heading back to try their Speculoos considering the huge portion and price.

[Desert Dessert]
Located in the neighborhood of AMK, with the nearest MRT being Mayflower Station (new Thomson–East Coast line), @desertdessert.sg were pretty packed on a weekend night when I visited.

Belgian Waffle ($5.50)
Added $4 for Pistachio Icecream (Premium Scoop), and I was pleasantly surprised by the Pistachio Icecream which was really strong and nutty, except that it was a little sweet - the kind that would make your throat hurt a little.
The waffles also retained its Crispiness even after some time, and paired pretty well with the Honey.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

A collab with Grab for Hari Raya. So good. My new favourite ice cream.

Visited on 10 May 2021 (finally)
I had No.08 Fresh spinach, pork pancetta carbornara style, organic egg sunny side up, onions (17++ on the left) while my colleague ordered No.04 Chiffonade of ham, organic egg sunny side up, over sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese (17++ on the right).
Really yummy and a different kind of brunch. Flavours can get gelat after a while so it’s good to share.
Have to reserve way beforehand!! I tried my luck a few times while passing by but always have to wait but finally managed to visit when I saw a last min cancellation on their website.

Another must try is their signature Gelato Bun, which is a choux pastry that is really crispy and light! We paired it with Genmaicha & Roasted Pistachio gelato flavours and both were rich and flavourful (especially the Genmaicha), pairing really well with the bun!


If it’s your first visit here & also happen to be a huge durian lover, I’d recommend getting their Four Heavenly Kings as this set has all their popular durian desserts! The platter consists of 2 D24 Durian Puffs, 2 MSW Craquelin Puff, 2 Durian Mochi, and each of them was tasty on their own, although my favourite one is the Durian Mochi! The Durian Mousse (also part of the set), which had generous amount of durian flesh, was also really good and creamy too, although my personal fave is still the one at Serangoon Gardens (if you know you know)!