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Got this salted egg chicken waffle and the smoked salmon Rosti. The rosti was pretty average but the salted egg sauce was decent and the chicken was tender. Interesting combination with the waffles. Too much carbs with the salad though.

The cookie was crumbly and served warm, which was super satisfying! The brown butter ice cream was surprisingly nice too, it wasn’t overly sweet.

After having Malay food at Penang culture, we look for this ice cream place to cleanse our palette. The location is a bit tricky (just walk towards the end of food corner and you shall find them). The matcha soft serve is nice though not very strong matcha scent coming out.
Note that Burpple deal (1 for 1) includes soft-serve (3 flavours): Hokkaido milk 100%, matcha and strawberry | creme brûlée but not include gelato.

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Great for those with a lighter palate, Dopa Dopa Creamery’s Avocado and Home Roasted Pistachio were perfectly gooey [Double scoop $7.60, +$0.70 for premium flavours]. Both were also very natural tasting; none of the cloying, artificial, thirst-inducing effect that you sometimes get with other ice creams. For a more substantial treat, the Butter Croissant ($4.50) was a good vessel to soak up all the nutty goodness from the Pistachio. Made with their home-made nut paste, the subtle lingering fragrance of their signature flavour was enjoyable. And in comparison, the Avocado had a refreshing quality and a pleasant bit of sweet earthiness.

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I like that the waffle is crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside. Quite a lot of variety of ice cream. Tokyo banana was interesting. Wasn’t a fan of the Thai Red Tea, but the salted caramel was quite good.

so so flavourful!! there were lots of nuts in the banana honey roasted nuts one and the banana flavour was really natural. i tried a good pistachio ice cream in ireland and i think tom's palette's pistachio is just as good!! the intensity of flavour was just right.

Three fixed flavours of dark chocolate ice cream with burpple beyond 1-for-1. Really worth trying if you’re a chocolate lover. Dominican republic has the most bitter taste, costa rica is slightly on a sweeter side but these two are my favourite when you’re alternating sweet and bitter. If you have at least 40 minutes time to go for a date of bitter ice cream enjoyment, try this.


got d 1for1 grainbowl w drink !!

ordered pork miso & the mentaiko salmon hehe pork miso was rly gooOd and d dried maggi fragmentS were cri$P & gives the whole meal an xTra crunch !!! mentaiko salmon was a lil gelaT mayo>salmon mm “texture of fish is like tuna” LOL but d cafe is rly qUaint & qwoot !! wld totally go back hehe xd ~~

Oh my the creme brulee exceeded expectations!! It was pretty damn slurpssss 😛 I got this with matcha, but there's fresh milk and strawberry flavour as well!

Back from winter wonderland ❄ in Europe & suffering from the merciless heat 🌞 in Singapore! I say it's perfect time to enjoy some GELATO!
Introducing @amosgelato which has just officially opened yesterday on 7 Dec 🎉 at The Poiz Centre (Potong Pasir MRT)! With a scoop going at just $4.50! 👌🏻, their gelatos are handmade in small batches with natural, high-quality ingredients, without preservatives! 💯 Plenty of flavours to choose from but here's what we tried:
🔹️Hei Zhi Ma (黑芝麻): made with Japanese Black sesame, this is not roasted so it is aromatic without the bitterness! 🌟 Whole sesame seeds are included for a nice crunch! FAVE ❤
🔹️Yuzu Kochi: tart & citrusy gelato crafted with Japnese yuzu from Kochi! 👍🏻 Love this too! 💕
🔹️Berries Berries: a blend of blackberries, blueberries & strawberries 🍓 Very fruity!
🔹️Couch Favourite: savoury milk base with chunks of housemade biscuits, made from potato chips, Pretzels & Nestum. Very sweet - indulgence at its best 😉
Love some icy treats anytime! 🍦

Taro milktea with pearls. Was surprised that it tasted quite sweet with 0% sugar level and this reminded me of Ondeh ondeh.