Recommended lists for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Recommended lists of Best Ice Cream & Yoghurt in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Best Places for Ice Cream in Singapore 2017 As temperatures climb, we can't think of a better or more delicious way to cool down than with ice cream! We have scoured the island in search of the best of this frozen treat. Packed with icy ideas including a vegan-friendly soybean soft serve, botanical-inspired creations and luxuriously dense Italian gelato, this guide will have you cooling down in no time, Burpple style.
Burpple Guides, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Best Ice Cream, Froyo & Gelato in Singapore Because it's perpetually summer in our little island, our friends Ice Cream, Froyo and Gelato are always on our mind. Come rain or shine, here are 20 places to get a brain freeze — from Japanese parfaits to yoghurt popsicles to coconut gelato and much much more! Lick away, Burpplers!

Top 10 Places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Top 10 places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Latest Reviews for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Ice Cream Soirée - $18
Pick 3 ice cream flavour for the custom platter, served with dark chocolate sauce, caramelised almonds, chocolate tuile and almond tuile on a bed of almond crumbles. Flavours: Signature 80% Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Butterscotch, Sweet Strawberry. One is fruity sweet, butterscotch is mild, while the dark chocolate is definitely the best item you can order. I would consider it an indulgence eating that signature 80% dark chocolate! Shiok la
The Dark Gallery

The soft serve is topped with a generous serving of crunchy honey oats and cookie crumble for added crunch and texture.

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Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: SGD 18

Straight from their menu - "Crafted for chocolate lovers with our signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil and decorated with chocolate meringue, tuile and mousse to indulge your senses."

Signature Dark was a little too bitter for my partner but I thought it was pretty rich and smooth. It was surprisingly less bitter than my Signature 66% Dark Chocolate Drink.

My partner preferred Signature Milk. However, it wasn't exactly to my liking because I can't really taste the chocolate. Perhaps the Signature Dark was too overwhelming that I could no longer taste the others.

Signature White is supposedly White Chocolate but we thought that it tasted more like Milk or Vanilla. There was hardly White Chocolate flavour to it.

Overall, we loved the chocolate soil/cookie crumbles/biscuits and the chocolate meringue, tuile and mousse. We thought that they complemented the ice cream very well. In fact, we like them better than the ice cream.

We'll definitely visit again soon!

P.S. Thanks again Burpple for this great opportunity!

Rating: 🌟🌟

SGD 6 Cappuccino (Iced)
SGD 9 Signature 66% Dark Chocolate (Frozen)

I was never a fan of Dark Chocolate. Dark Gallery has truly brought a whole new experience for me. Their Signature 66% Dark Chocolate was not entirely bitter and if you're wondering what exactly is the frozen version??? It is really just milk blended with their dark chocolate cubes.

I think it would have been more gratifying if i've ordered their Frozen Chocolate Cube Latte because then i would be able to witness the melting of chocolate cubes as i pour the milk from a separate jar. Anyways, according to their website/menu, the Signature 66% Dark Chocolate is "made with The Dark Gallery’s signature chocolate blend of pure Valrhona chocolate couvertures" and they are "smooth, rich and luscious!". So is it true? Well, I agree but of course do expect some chocolate clumps in your chocolate drink or not if you're lucky 🌞

P.S. Also thanks Burpple for the experience! I've finally made it to The Dark Gallery!

Thought it was going to be plain but you can choose sea salt caramel as a filling! 🤤 plus you can never go wrong with their durian flavoured icecream~ Their icecream hasn’t failed me since the first scoop. 👍🏼

Rich black soy w a combination of tofu makes this a perfect guilt-free treat. With a wide variety of toppings, I strongly urge you to try the different types of ‘pearls’ which contains a jam-packed amount of flavor that explodes in your mouth! 2 toppings for this size!

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My go-to place for waffles that never disappoints..
On-point! 👌🏽😋

Though the torching did mask the pinkish cube, the gooeyness of the marshmallow goes very well with their dark chocolate to make it a sweet and rich happy-food.
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Well grilled pork chop with asparagus, mash and beetroot. Yum! @chapter_55 .
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