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This might be one of the largest scrambled eggs I’ve ever had at a cafe. There’s so much of it, and it’s so soft, fluffy and creamy, and salted and peppered just right. Love, love the scrambled eggs so much! They gave a humongous amount of hummus too, and the toast was crispy and nicely buttered. I couldn’t finish as the portion was so large. Very worth it for the price!

Pork shovel is an assortment of pork, including pork jowl, pork belly, rib fingers and pork collar. Meat quality was pretty great, and the waiters at the restaurant would be there to help you grill it to perfection.

Restaurant was also generous with the side dishes, which included kimchi, seasoned leeks, fishcake, radish, seasoned green beans, pickles etc

Overall, 4/5 and would definitely come back (though slightly on the pricier side).

Spent around 48 per pax.

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Located within the SUTD Building along Somapah Road, find this spot for affordable western dishes and signature Croffles -— a cross between a croissant and waffle! Start off your mornings with the D'Star Brek O'Croffles ($14), which comes with a side of sunny egg, bacon and cherry tomatoes, or crowd favourite Fish & Chips ($12) and Messy Chicken Burger ($14). End off the meal with a roast cuppa of Flat White ($4), Earl Grey Blue Flower ($3) tea or homemade Iced Honey Lemon ($4).

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Had the Soya Bean Paste Beef Soup ($15.90) for lunch. Food was not bad and there sides include fish cake and potato which I really like it.

Served on a large round hot plate, the Bunsik Wang Pan was filled with a combination of gimbap, tteokpokki, fried mandu, assorted fried vegetable and seaweed rice balls. The combo was served with sides of steamed egg with corn and melted cheese that was superb for dipping. Unfortunately the gimbap fell apart easily and everything felt dry as the tteokpokki red sauce dried up really fast. Nonetheless it was great for sharing with a variety of food.

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Second visit at Daehwa as I was craving for some vegetarian Korean food! You can trust Daehwa for yummy Korean food that taste just like the original non-vegetarian versions :)

Army stew was a bit costly as it was recommended for 2 pax ($42) but it came with a lot of ingredients! Instant noodles, enoki mushroom, Chinese mushroom, sweet potato noodles, vegetarian hotdogs and luncheon meat, tofu, kimchi, and a slice of cheese. Flavour was on point 💯 and we were definitely v full by the end! Our order also came with free flow banchan and 2 bowls of brown rice.

The tteokbokki was nice and Gochujang sauce was sweet. Unfortunately there wasn’t much taste of cheese as the name suggested, most of the time it felt like we were just eating the regular tteokbokki as we could only taste the Gochujang sauce mainly. Which was a little disappointing given that I expected a super cheesy dish (and I love cheese).

We visited on an early weekday evening and managed to get seats for two - it got quite busy during dinnertime though so you might want to come a little earlier to get seats.

Not too bad a bowl of ramen, the soup was super salty though, and the pieces of luncheon meat inside the soup made it a lot more saltier. Was tasty, but a little too salty for our liking.

We visited on an early weekday evening and managed to get a seat for two. It got quite busy towards dinner time.

Was attracted to this place for it's beautiful ambience, but ended up impressed by how delicious the food is, even so for a newly opened restaurant! The dishes were not uncommon, yet the tastes were obviously elevated by brilliant tweaks of the chef. Here we have the beef cubes (18$), mentaiko pasta (13$?), nanban chicken, fried chicken skin, and pork collar skewer. Together with 2 alcoholic drinks (they serve Hendricks midsummer solstice!), total bill was about 80$+ with the use of burrple beyond :) I'd just say I wouldn't pay this price for a newly opened restaurant usually but this is an exception :)

Dalgona latte was pricey. Probably will stick to regular coffee latte. For insta and ambience, definitely yes.

Teochew Porridge
with sambal kang kong, braised chicken feet and beancurd skin