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A simple and heartwarming dish with kimchi and pieces of chicken. A little too spicy for me to finish the entire bowl but it's definitely shiok to have this on a rainy day 》$9.80

Bibimbap with a choice of beef, pork, chicken with loads of crunchy vegetables and egg. It is a crisp and light selection that is already filling in of itself when combined with the fluffy rice. I like the use of the stone bowl which helps to keep the food warm especially when dining in an air-conditioned place 》$9.80

While I normally get the normal seafood kimchi pancake, I decided to try the cheese version out of curiosity today! Cheese was really stretchy and it was nice that the cheese was layered only at the tip of each piece. This allows you to try the pancake both with and without the cheese. :)

The only issue is that there was a lot more kimchi than seafood, so we are not very sure if it is worth the $23++. But it shouldn't be an issue if you are sharing with friends. :)

Gimbap with pickles, carrot, cucumber and a small piece of sausage. More than enough for two, at only $10++. Pretty standard dish that won't go wrong!

Today, I went for the yum yum chicken with the sweet sauce as the spicy version previously made my tummy a little uncomfortable after dinner. It certainly didn disappoint! Furthermore, there is an option to go "boneless" and if you don't want to get your hands dirty, this is the way to go. The half serving is just right for 2 and it might be a little small for 3 or more, unless you are ordering fried chicken with multiple flavours. :)

Ahtti is a little Korean bistro in an office building in Jurong East. It specializes in everyone's favourite Korean Fried Chicken.

Ahtti's KFC comes in several flavours: original, yangnyeom, ganjang, chilli padi and honey butter. Ahtti also serves stews such as a hearty soondubu-jjigae.

I had the original and ganjang flavours. Fans of chicken skin (like me) will love that Ahtti's golden brown batter is shattering crispy and retains its crunchy texture even after awhile. The ganjang sauce was sweet and savoury but not overwhelmingly so.

Ahtti's kinda out of the way but worth the extra mile for good crispy fried chicken!

Enjoyed this Spicy Chicken STEW with Rice at @seoulyummy! 🇰🇷 Their weekday lunch value deals at $10.90++ are pretty worthwhile, especially for a better TGIF lunch or catching up with friends! 💗
The soup base was moderately spicy with a kick 🌶 from the abundance use of Korean chilli flakes but tasted pretty light on the palate, which got me going for more! 🤤
Topped with spicy chicken slices 🐔 & vegetables 🥬, as well as beaten egg which adds some eggy fragrance, this made a hearty meal! 😋

Got a set of 4 as they were having promotion (4 for $10, usual price $2.80/pc).

From top left corner in clockwise direction:
- Taro bun: the taro cream is perfectly done, not too sweet and not too bland. The cream and bun are of very good texture too, and this is our favourite flavour.

- Nutella bun: likewise, the cream is also delicious (you can't really go wrong with Nutella cream) and the bun texture is also soft and yummy. The top part is flaky, so just be careful with the chocolate chips falling off while eating.

- Injeolmi Red Bean bun: while the taste is good, the bun and cream texture seems a little bit different from the other two buns. Nevertheless, the fillings still taste good.

- Matcha bun: likewise the texture is a bit off, but the taste is yummy. Top part with chocolate chips is also flaky, which is good, just need to be careful with them falling off while eating.

Will be back to have them again and also try other pastry!

(Just a note that the bakery can be accessed from the outside of Djitsun Mall, so don't have to go into the mall to get to the bakery.)

Very niceeee tried bulgogi pork & teriyaki chicken. Love the sauce and well cooked meat. price is reasonable even better with the 1 for 1 deal!

Pick a main, 5 sides, base, add-ons (optional) and sauce. Shake it up together with the sauces for maximum flavours and let’s bibim!

My order goes like this:
Main - Cured Salmon ($11.90)
Sides - Beansprouts, carrot, corn, pickled cucumber and kimchi
Base - White Rice
Sauce - Soy Garlic Jang

This bibimbap is pescatarian. They cured their salmon in-house using Korean sea salt to give a melty tender fish texture. A healthy (<500kcal) meal that’s perfect for dine-in/takeaway and have it on-the-go.

Not bad. The sugar and the savoury hotdog go well together. The cheese is inside. I wish there was more cheese though.

It's literally instant noodles. Not even a hint of meat. And it's $7. There's way better food mere metres away.