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Ordered the beef belly (my fav), thin pork belly and pork shoulder! As the staff cooks everything for you, you don’t have to worry about overcooked or undercooked meat! I have to say that they did an excellent job in doing so- the beef was tender and the pork was nicely charred on the outside whilst retaining its juiciness. I rly loved the rice ball as well! The slight saltiness of the fish roe along with the fragrant sesame seaweed and mayo went nicely with the smoky meats!

The restaurant prices themselves in their homemade soft tofu and it rly shows! This is THE SOFTEST, SMOOTHEST AND MOST DELICIOUS TOFU I HAVE EVER TASTED! The soup itself was alright~ yummy but nothing too special. This is a pretty pricey bowl of soup, but worth a try in my opinion!

Absolutely value for money. Look at the salmon and avocado.

Great quality on fish, ample avocado to support.

Very subtle sauce as to not disturb the flavor.

Portion size fair for the price. 5 stars

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Souffle pancakes. They were nicely presented.

Portion size huge. The dish was a bit messy and had a lot of cream though. It could have been cleaner.

Still fair for the price. no complaints from this dessert dish.

4 stars

Great Cafe, lovely presentation.

Beef was juicy and perfectly cooked. Sauce was also plenty and added to the flavor.

Price also fair considering the good quality. Staff could be better.

4 on 5 for me

@jooeunchung and I like OmoOmoDon because it is simple, fuss-free and fast.

The food is decent and nothing to shout about but it's a convenient option. We usually grab it on the go when we are rushing for an appointment after work and craving a Korean or Japanese bento option.

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These 7 pieces really do make up a half chicken as I identified the breast, drumstick, wing, etc. The honey butter powder paired wonderfully with the crispy chicken skin/batter (honestly couldn't tell for some pieces). But eating too much definitely gave me a sore throat the day after so I would recommend some restraint and ordering perhaps the 4 piece set instead....

Also, the waiting time is quite long so do factor that in when making plans to try this!

Overall, this dish was super satisfying!! The rose sauce is a combination of the usual spicy tteokbokki sauce and cheese sauce, and the flavors of both complemented very well. The tteokbokki was super chewy! Crispy chicken was average and mandoo was not bad. Other ingredients included the fishcake, egg, ramen, cabbage and udon! Really loved the sauce and the tteokbokki! Abit pricy though, but can fill 3 people.

Still abit expensive after eatigo discount as the chicken and glutinous rice was quite little :( Soup was rich and flavourful though! Would get other dishes when I come back again and not this.

Yummy and savoury fried chicken tender! very juicy and delicious! great place for korean fried chicken!! big portion can share with friends and pair with rice to eat 😍😍

Yummy curry rice! big portion and the savory fried chicken so delicious . Great lunch to dine in with a group of friends or family!