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Recommended lists of Best Korean Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Good For Groups, Korean Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce leaves. If we've got you drooling, this will be your (almost) definitive list for the best Korean food on our shore!
Korean The Korean Wave The latest craze of food in town ever since Koreans shook things up with their K culture from drama serials to K-Pop. Find out the places that does them proper here!

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Ordered it because it was on their top sellers list and it was truly worth it. Wish they could have given more sauce or mayonnaise though! The kimchi stew was too sour for my liking. The kimchi was too fermented (and very authentically korean) but didn’t match my taste buds. The side dishes were rather foreign to me too. I only enjoyed the macaroni with mayonnaise, the kimchi was too sour and I wasn’t familiar with the rest of the side dishes. That being said the side dishes were free and free flow so I was quite impressed! :) Also, loved the deco and cosy set up of the restaurant! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
💰crispy chicken $18++, kimchi jiggae $14++ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🌟3/5⠀⠀⠀ #burpple #koreanfood #friedchicken

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Lovely side dishes

I was here for lunch on a weekday afternoon and pretty shocked to see the restaurant so empty .

Then I figured why - the main courses were a little pricey and there wasn’t an affordable set lunch option.

The Kim Chi soup set came with a pretty small pot of soup and rice and came up to be 15 dollars before taxes .

The side dishes were However pretty high in quality but don’t expect hearty refills . At most 2 rounds and perhaps that’s all .... get the hint ?

Serving portion was ample and taste was perfect! Will definitely be back again to try the other items on the menu.

Oh My Cafe at the basement of Westgate looks like a fairytale-themed cafe, but it is actually a Korean restaurant! It serves traditional Korean fare such as Korean Temple Food and fusion dishes such as Jamon Parma Ham Salad. It also has a range of Korea Strawberry in Strawberry drinks series made with fresh Korean strawberries that is healthy and offers many health benefits.

A clever adaptation of the Japanese tamago, this fluffy egg roll is deliciously stuffed with savoury tuna and seaweed. Requested for the mayo and ketchup on the side, but I guess it was very much needed to round up the entire dish - it provides moisture and an additional tang to the egg roll. The egg itself may not be as smooth as a typical tamago, but the components come together making the overall mouthful equally satisfying.

Also, I got this free with a stew thanks to Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deal 🙌

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When they said spicy, they really mean it is really spicy! My tongue taste nothing after having a few bites of this. But the chicken inside was juicy. $16.90++

Mac & Cheese lovers should look forward for this and try this that comes with shrimps. $11.90++

This pizza won’t taste too overwhelming like the others and it comes with honey sauce. This pizza contain mixed nuts; topped with mozzarella and cheese fondue sauce. $11.90++

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Shrimp eater would love this, comes with broccolis and tomatoes. Get another (equal or lower price) for free with your Burpple Beyond. $13.90++

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They have this interesting and refreshing cocktail with cider that big enough for two people. $13.90++

Shabu-Shabu (Spicy/Non-Spicy) - Served in the same style as Masizzim’s signature stews - in a cast iron pot over an open flame, the Shabu-Shabu comprises homemade dashi soup, assorted vegetables and mushrooms, Korean ramyeon, and the diner’s choice of sliced pork collar, beef short plate, or wagyu beef. Each set includes Masizzim’s special dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, chili, onion and wasabi.

Prices as below:
Pork - Single ($17.90) | Double ($29.90)
Beef - Single ($19.90) | Double ($32.90)
Premium Wagyu Beef - Single ($24.90) | Double ($40.90)
Add on available:
100g Pork ($3.50) | 250g Pork ($8)
100g Beef ($5.50) | 250g Beef ($12.90)
100g Wagyu Beef ($8) | 250g Wagyu Beef ($19)
Mixed-grain Rice ($1)
Rice Ball ($6)
Raw Egg ($1)

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