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Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Good For Groups, Korean Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce leaves. If we've got you drooling, this will be your (almost) definitive list for the best Korean food on our shore!
The Korean Wave
Korean The Korean Wave The latest craze of food in town ever since Koreans shook things up with their K culture from drama serials to K-Pop. Find out the places that does them proper here!

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Spicy Pork14.8++

Flavour is pretty on point but not only are the pork slices thin i feel theres more veggies than pork lol so stick to their stews imo it's better

Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll 9.8++

Rather overpriced but i guess it's novelty. Tastes pretty good with the mild but distinct honey mustard flavour, and the gooey cheese, but definitely get it to share cos all those elements become abit hard to down after a while

Squid And Leek Pancake 14.8++

Squid was soft and slightly chewy, pancake was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, and the leek was really soft as well. Truly, nothing is wrong with the pancake but it is underseasoned so that u can dip it into the accompanying sauce. Except the sauce is q light lol. Maybe the seafood pancake chili sauce will work a lot better here. If youre looking for some carbs i would still recommend this dish just for the nicely done pancake though


First time trying this restaurant but the overall rating was kinda meh. Everything is like your average korean restaurant and its a little on the pricey side but i had this tuna rice ball mix and this is highly recommended😍($10?) this is a 9/10 but the other dishes is an average of 6.5/10 im sorry😅

Crabmeat And Roe Rice Balls(10.8++)

Apparently u are able to upgrade the rice from the stews to this so that's what we did. Portion's rather generous and i think this actually feeds 1 quite well without the stew. Unfortunately while the crab meat and roe were already rather generous, the amount of rice given means that after you mix it, the crab meat and roe flavour arent that noticeable

Beef Stew For 2 (32.8++)

They say for two but it comes with two rice AND glass noodles so it actually feeds 3 if you're getting side dishes. This is one solid beef stew and u get to choose the spicy level. 1 is enuf to tickle ur tastebuds so i guess 2 will be great for most people. Anyways they use beef stock so there's a really profound beefiness about the stew, and it's really thick as well. Beef ribs were used which develop very deep beefy notes after stewing, and they were definitely stewed to perfection. Maybe not the extremely lean portions, but the fatty ones were fall off the bone(literally, it came to us separate from the bone) and the ones with tendon were stewed till gelatinous. Theres eryngii and rice cakes as well inside, which makes for a stew with lots of "liao". The glass noodles can be q hard to chew but i found out unintentionally that microwaving it can help soften them up so do dabao if you cant finish. Anyways some good beef stew that's attested to by koreans lol so give this dish a try

Tuna Rice Balls 9.8++

They might have tweaked the recipe cos this was not very wet. If anything the tuna was a little dry but well balanced by the kimchi. And the kimchi they use here isnt the normal one, it isnt even the same as the one they serve as complementary side dishes i think. Either ways this is worth a try rather than having rice with the stew imo

Set A comprises of JjaJangMyeon, Jjamppong & Tangsuyuk ($45) & KimchiJeon ($18).

Service:👍 & prompt, food were served hot & fast maybe cuz there a huge q outside?? 😁😁😁 Food: 3.5/5 more to improve but we love Jjiamppong's soup!
Price: approx $20-25/pax
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