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not sure if this buffet is still available??
forgot which ice cream flavours were in this pic but they have 4 flavours available:
- peanut butter mud pie
- mexican vanilla pod
- earl grey lavender
- artisan chocolate
i only had 2 plates bc the kroffles were so filling… ok it was good but the chocolate ice cream was toooo jelak, i had it for my second plate and literally felt like puking tbh 😭
service was rlly good tho, all the staff were q friendly!

good cuts and well-marinated pork and beef

also can help yourself to free-flow banchan.

use eatigo for discounts

This was a miss for us, considering there was almost nil kimchi flavour, and it was just doughy without any crisp as well :')

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Could have been stronger in flavour, and I personally enjoy thicker stews, but those who don't like overpowering flavours might enjoy this better.

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For those who like soy-marinated raw crab, here's a place to try them! Don't really eat raw crab myself, but it has a sort of jelly texture (?), and a slight fishy flavour.


This was a little too dense for our liking - would have preferred if it was much airier and lighter!

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Beef short ribs were nicely marinated and goes well with the salt, or to wrap it in the vege they provided.


Iberico pork was quite thick, but doesn't have much flavour on its own so would reco pairing with their sauce and kimchi!

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Are you a fan of KBBQ, or are you looking for somewhere to try Raw Crab in Singapore?! @daejim.sg is located at Craig Road in Tanjong Pagar, and serves up these dishes for those who're interested!

Cheese Dakgalbi ($32)
Spicy stir fried chicken with cheese - this was prob my favourite dish out of everything we tried - it had a good cheese pull and strong cheese flavour. The chicken was also decently soft and paired well with the cheese, although you got to eat this quick as the cheese will harden quite quickly.

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We all prefer the Yang Nyeom chicken more, the chicken is tender and juicy inside, while outside crispy and coated in sweet spicy sauce.
Beside the chicken, we tried the assorted fish cake soup and Tteokbokki. The Tteokbokki is chewy and quite spicy (good pair for beer).
They do have promotion happy hour till 8pm for their beer ($13 for one pint hoegaarden).

πŸ’°$27 for half Yang nyeom and $24 for half crunch.
$20 for Assorted fish cake and $15 for Tteokbokki.

πŸ“Oven & fried chicken.
17 chun tin road


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Jjm was pretty good! Noodles were chewy, sauce was flavourful with generous portions of soft onions and pork. It was served piping hot so it was extra shiok.

Tangsuyuk was crisp and served in thick meaty chunks, they are once again super generous with portions, but I found some pieces a tad dry / hard. The sauce was quite tangy, reminded me of lemon chicken sauce. I liked that it was served separately on the side instead of being poured directly onto the meat - we get to decide how much sauce we want!

At this price point, it is really v value for money given the quality and portions, I would definitely come back for the jjm and also try their other dishes!

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