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Seafood pancake fried till crispy. A little bit oily but very enjoyable with the sweet onion soy sauce. $12 after Eatigo 50% discount.

One of the best I’ve eaten. The sourness was just right, and quite spicy. Wonderful as an opening dish to open up the stomach for other dishes. $7.50 after Eatigo 50% discount.

A super sized bowl of chewy noodles that was bigger than my head. It was huge. 2 of us couldn’t finish this, despite our best efforts. The sauce was on the sweet side, with chunks of meat and loads of onion. Only $8 after Eatigo 50% discount.

One of my two favourites from O’ma spoon. The fine snow-like ice shavings were well flavoured with...milky drizzle and a dollop of cream (not ice cream!). It came along with a rather chunky size of cheesecake and really sweet mangoes. I liked the dried cranberries added on top. There could be more of the fruit to provide more twang to the sweet bowl of goodness. Finishing off, there’s almond flakes and peanuts added on top too!


Walking on Sunshine is a Korean cafe cum salon located in a secluded area of Orchard Central (Pro Tip: you can find this cafe by cutting through Uniqlo). The cafe serves very instagrammable food and drinks in a garden themed ambience. Featured here is their signature soufflé pancake that is very aesthetically appealing and quite delightful in taste too.


While their 8 Colors Set is a little dear at $98++, you can rest assured that the pork being served is serious top shelf quality, as the pork is from the highly prized Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs. Those piggies are basically Hungary’s version of the famous Spanish Iberico pigs, and they are every bit as delicious.

The eight marinades slathered on the pork bellies are (from lightest flavored to heaviest), original, wine, honey ginger, curry, herb, miso, red pepper paste and kalbi. While the first three marinades were effectively there only in spirit, it allowed the superb natural flavors of the pork belly to really steal the show. The pork is fatty but utterly unctuous, and so so tremendously tender.

All the flavors taste exactly as expected, but the miso & kalbi marinated ones daintily danced away with my heart thanks their stellar flavors. There’s always a waitstaff who’ll patrol your general area and cook your meats for you. They’re pretty on the ball too, so all you gotta do is kick back and turn those Monday blues into a Monday boom.

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💵: $21.90++

📈: 6/10

🤔: Was super wow-ed by the finger steak so we wanted to try this, but I think I’ll just stick to the finger steak next time. Steak was slightly drier and tougher than the finger steak, and fries were just normal frozen fries. Still an okay dish, but I’d definitely recommend the finger steak over this.

Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything

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💵: $12.90++

📈: 5/10

🤔: Didn’t really like this as the flavours didn’t seem to go that well together, but then again, this wasn’t their signature item so I shouldn’t have expected much. Might have been tastier if they added more red pepper paste. Won’t recommend this, the rest of the food I’ve had there fared way better!

Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything

💵: $13.90++

📈: 7/10

🤔: Although I’m usually not a fan of Korean marinated meat as they tend to be sweet - which this one was too - I found myself reaching for more. Toppings also include peppers and cherry tomatoes which helped to cut the greasiness and cheese which gave that little cheese pull. Don’t think the bread was really 50cm, or maybe that’s just bad ‘guesstimation’ on my part, but it is definitely filling and a dish for sharing.

Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything

💵: $14.90++

📈: 8.5/10

🤔: If you are craving for cheap steak, this one here will definitely satisfy your cravings! The cut is substantially juicy and well-marinated and comes drizzled with a yummy bbq + pepper sauce. The steak lies on a bed of toppings such as cherry tomatoes and broccoli, all of which paired well with the steak.

Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything

This is a pretty dessert to look at and yet very tasty. Not too sweet. Having that vanilla fragrance plus slight tanginess from the fruits, it’s a happy dessert. $20.50 ++

Jjamppong ($14++)

Very very slight spicy only. There were mussels squid and shrimps inside.

Would like the soup base to be stronger in seafood taste and more spicy. The soup base was also a little too garlicky.