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2.5⭐ Saw that Hongdae Oppa is on MeRewards app. WB always wanted to try as we always saw long queue whenever we walked pass. We ordered the 1 for 1 Pork Kimchi Jjiggae, original price is $14.90. After drinking a spoon of soup, both of us wondered why is this being charged at restaurant price when the food is subpar of foodcourt standard? Definitely would return anymore.
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It was a very amazing meal here. I've always heard of Masizzim but never had a chance to have my meal here until I finally decide to give it a try. We ordered the single beef stew, potato pancake, tuna rice ball and steam egg. It is really tough for me to pick my favourite dish as all of them are equally as good and I will definitely go back to eat again!!

The soy garlic chicken was delicious! I liked that I could taste the little bits of garlic and almond flakes in the chicken. I would recommend the honey butter chicken for those with a sweet tooth :) the peach tea with mint was refreshing and complemented the two types of chicken well.

A Korean lifestyle cafe with an extensive menu offering of bingsu flavours. Can't decide? Try a variety by having the Traffic Light Set that gives you the option to choose three different flavours served in small bowls (size of rice bowls). We had the watermelon, mango and cheese bingsu. The mango was the sweetest of the trio while the cheese version was slightly savoury as there was cheese on the ice. Other than I was amazed at seeing a cheesecake being shoved in shaved ice, my taste buds did not like this version of the icy treat. Bingsu is definitely a refreshing treat in hot humid SG. Highly recommend to share as the bingsu were really sweet.

Went there with a friend. We got the Topokki and Cheese, Spicy Chi-Bap and Half Garlicky Chicken. The food is good, and staff were nice, would recommend.

A decent version, noodles that were a little bit soft were particularly good.

Recently they have added chili PADI and a lot of customers have complained about it. Unnecessarily spicy, hope they change it back soon

Otherwise the seafood is only average

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I realise theres a base of peanut, but it's a very small part, mainly still the spicy sauce that dominates. Octopus was still the almost watery bouncy texture, which is similar to the mich guide place I had in Seoul. Good stuff again, having it a second time made me appreciate it more

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Bibimbap (Chicken) ($15)
Basically what you'd expect from bibimbap with sauce? Pretty pricey for what you're getting there.

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Japchae ($13)
We picked the chicken one, and this was one of the better dishes for its strong sesame oil flavour!

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Kimchi Fried Rice ($15)
Choice of Egg/ Cheese - we picked the cheese one here. Nothing much to shout about, probably just comforting again. Do mix the cheese in quickly, as it would solidify really quickly.

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Kimchi Pancake ($13)
Didn't like that there was quite minimal kimchi taste, as I personally prefer a much stronger kimchi flavoured one, and also wished for thicker pancake with a crispy exterior!

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Volcano Cheese Rice Cake Noodle ($15)
If you are a fan of korean noodles with slight spice, and with the addition of cheese & rice cake, this would be a dish for you! Didn't taste amazing, but was more of comforting imo!

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