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Used 3 Burpple deals (6 of us) and it was rly worth it! Got the pork jowl ($28), pork neck ($28) (not in the online menu), soy chicken thigh ($22), army stew ($24) +$5 for ramen, seafood bean paste stew ($18) + $5 for dumpling, and Kim cheese fried rice ($20).

Meat was good and they came with some mushrooms and onions! They will cook it for you as well so it’s a bonus. As for the stews, I think you can find better ones outside - broth can be thicker and could be more generous with the meat. The kimchi fried rice was something special tho, worth to try.

Overall the food was good, but it’s on the pricier side without Burpple beyond deals.

Bingsu love, will walk 8.5km for bingsu!!

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Came at lunch and not many options were available. Better to come at dinner. Ordered the mentaiko pasta and the beef cubes.

The mentaiko pasta was good with the Spaghetti done al dente and fairly chewy. The mentaiko sauce also coated the pasta nicely with more than enough sauce leftover. Although on first bite the sauce may seem salty, it gets more bearable with subsequent 'bites'.

The ikura also gives the mentaiko a good seafood taste but left a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Try and pair it with the pasta and mentaiko sauce for maximum flavour, not eat it alone like me.

Overall I guess it is okay with burpple but probably will be best with some beer on the side.

The meats are good quality, the set worth the money and sides dishes taste good too. Recommended!

The hot stone bibimbap was very delicious! It came with carrots, beansprouts, cucumber, spinach, mushrooms, some korean veg (I rly dk what it is), beef slices and a fried egg. The mushrooms and beef were particularly flavourful, and I liked that there were crisp rice bits at the bottom! It rly retained heat well, and the food was still piping hot towards the end of the meal. The soup of the day was a fish cake leek soup which was quite peppery, and for the sides I chose the beef, seasoned beansprouts, broccoli and lotus root. Didn’t rly like the beef side dish as it was tough; beansprouts were tasty; broccoli was average; my fav was the crunchy and sweet/savoury lotus root. Kimchi was great too! They also give a free drink, I chose hot barley and it was like the typical roasted barley drinks you get at korean restaurants. I was really really full after this meal!

At $12++, this is v good value because the food was really quite delicious and I think the portions are big enough such that 3 pax can share 2 sets. Will definitely be back!

Portion so big we couldn’t finish. Not the best but definitely good enough to satisfy the craving for korean street food

Sweet and spicy and cheesy! What could be better than this kfc combo.

The jeon platter is just like what they will eat for festive celebrations. Love it! A nice change from the typical dishes found at korean restaurants.

We ordered the 1 for 1 main dish and I gotta say we were really impressed! We were also surprised how the staff were the ones who were cooking for you as well instead of the usual how you would be the one cooking your own meats. A big plus was how they were all really friendly and considerate as well towards us! We will definitely come by again.

Damage done:
☆ Soy Chicken Thigh ($22)
☆ Spicy Chicken Thigh ($22)
☆ Kimcheese Fried Rice ($20)*
☆ Warm Water - comes in a jug ($2)
☆ Hot Green Tea ($2)
☆ Hot Yucha Tea ($4)

Total: $30.60/pax

* Kimcheese fried rice is a must order! They also said their pork was their speciality.


Crispy juicy slab of fried chicken thigh, grilled pineapple, onion marmalade and fresh rocket sandwiched between toasted burger buns. Served with dropping nacho cheese sauce and side of shoestring fries.

Or soontofu as they call it. Pillowy soft and silky handmade tofu embedded in a sea of gochu pepper soup (you can choose your spiciness level, and it is less spicy than it looks). I've gone with the comforting Mild spice, and seafood mix - that offers a heavenly combination of squid, clams and prawns! I do think the soup runs out fast especially with the abundance of ingredients.

It comes with banchan side dishes, a fried fish and traditional claypot rice too. Esp love the crispy rice. What a feast. (~$20). Ps. There's complimentary yakult too.

If you're here for the first time, checking out the combo may be worth it

Ended off my meal here with the Coconut Coffee Smoothie, which was somewhat like a creamy frappuccino with a faint, but unmistakable coconut fragrance.

With a beauty lounge right next to it, you can always pop over for a hair treatment, manicure or pedicure session while having brunch! It's the tai tai life we all dream about yaw ~