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From Jjajangmyeon to Budae Jjigae (Halal option included!) to Korean fried chicken and Gamjatang—...
We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecu...

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Great ambience, overlooking the fountain of wealth

Ordered the salmon and beef options. Bogo offer on burple beyond

Total cost for 2 including drinks and offers $20.

Just perfect. Will definitely visit again

With their new addition of fried chicken and fried stuff. I think Dooki have become a value for money korean place.

Made with signature Black Rice Dough, the pizza is loaded with 1kg of rich stringy cheese. Though at the risk of clogging our arteries, it’s gratifying to chomp down on this glistening molten pizza. Dip into the honey sauce for a delightful sweet finishing~

Pizza Maru
Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, Unit 04-03/04, Singapore 188067
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Don’t usually order army stews as I’m not a big fan, but this was one of the best ones I’ve had so far! Really liked that the kimchi broth base wasn’t overly sour or thick. It was well-balanced, drinkable and the staff regularly came around to top up more. It’s definitely a pricier stew, but had lots of ingredients too - pork belly, kimchi, cabbage, instant noodles, bean sprouts, tofu and different types of sausages. We were impressed by their meats, especially the sausages. They were not the usual chicken franks, but those of better quality! Extra instant noodles go for $3.50 while top up for cheese is at $2.

🐔🍗 A little mountain of fried chicken never fails to brighten up my day. It gets even better when the chicken is slathered in sweet and spicy Korean sauce but crispy underneath! I always frequent this place for their original fried chickens and huge mugs of beer that come with free flow keropok! 🤗
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The japchae was seasoned and fried well, but the portion was really small for its price as it was mostly vegetables 😔 Skip this and order their other noodles!

Bought a voucher from Fave for $7 that includes one MVP set, one drink and a free toast. Chose Bulgogi, Ham Special and cold americano. Tried
Isaac before in korea and was quite disappointed cause what I have gotten was far from the ones I tried there. Not sure is it cause its a voucher deal as the sandwich was significantly smaller? and the sauce was on the sweeter side and got really
sickeningly and oily till the end. Lucky I got the ice americano if not we couldn't have finished the sandwiches. Overall, $7 was a good deal compared to their original pricing in Singapore but quality wise...no.

Don Dae Bak is a cosy Korean barbecue joint located at Kreta Ayer offering authentic and pocket-friendly Korean BBQ buffet. Enjoy high quality meats cooked over charcoal that are well seasoned and served in huge portions with free slow steamed eggs and side dishes.

Besides their barbecue, they also offer a wide range of Korean food. I recommend trying the nourishing ginseng chicken soup, the comforting Jajangmyeon, the tasty seafood pancake, and the crispy & flavourful Korean fried chicken (cream onion & soy garlic).

Come down for an authentic Korean food experience!


Absolutely loved the soufflé pancakes, it was not too dry and was very fluffy. The added cream and the fresh fruits gave it a very refreshing touch. The maple syrup also went very well with the pancakes. One of the best I’ve had! Would recommend trying!

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Cured salmon rice w soya bean paste soup & seared tuna buckweed noodle w seaweed soup. Food was great except the seaweed soup which was not so nice. You can add any of the 3 sauces available for self service as well.

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Instead of the usual sized Korean pancakes, Hyang Yeon does them more bite-sized! While it was fried well with crisp edges and easy to eat, it didn’t have as much seafood as we hoped for. We really liked the dipping sauce though, it had a good balance of sour-sweet and savoury. This was the medium and they also serve a large version at $20.

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One of my go to places for cheap and good korean food! 😋😋 Though this place may not serve up the best dishes, but they consistently serve up piping hot down-to-earth no-frills korean food! The spicy beef soup came with generous slices of beef and vermicelli noodles while the kimchi pork came with pork belly slices, tofu and kimchi! 🤤🤤 The winner for me is definitely the number of side dishes at this price points, and especially love the korean black beans! 😍😍 With fast service and free flow of barley tea/water, this is the perfect place for family gatherings or large group gatherings. Only downside is the ulu location, but it’s still situated pretty near town so definitely worth a try!