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Eight standout izakayas that hit the spot for wind-down Japanese dinner and drinks, every time.
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Cloud Nine (S$23) - Gin, Kyoto Murasaki Liquer, Vanilla Syrup, Lemon Juice, Calpis and Lemon Juice - think of this as elevated (and alcoholic) adult grape yakult - all with a side of cotton candy for the kid in you / the young at heart 😉

Black and White (S$22) - Abuelo Anejo Rum, Caramel Syrup, Black Sesame Miso Paste, Milk and served with warm muah chee - this is truly a mod-sin cocktail cum dessert come to life!

These are essentially deep-fried Oreos ($20), served with a malted vanilla milkshake (to dip the Oreos in). A classy take on the classic Oreo and milk snack. I love whimsical, tongue-in-cheek desserts. My dining partner and I were subtly fighting over these. 😂

The Oreos were served hot and the cooking process somehow breaks down the crispy cookie texture of the Oreo, so it becomes soft and blends in with the icing. The milkshake is so thick its essentially semi-melted ice cream (I can actually see flecks of vanilla bean in it). So rich and delicious.

Overall, LAVO did a really good job of elevating a nostalgic childhood dessert, giving it a twist and making it fancy 💯


My dining partner and I ate in silence for a full five minutes, savoring every piece of this incredibly delicious steak.

It is an intimidatingly thick piece of meat; but so good. The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare, and super tender (and NY strip isn't known to be the tenderest cut) with a beautifully broiled exterior, blushing pink center and juices just flowing out when cutting into it. Plus that rendered line of fat running down the side...ohhhh yes. 🤤 It's served with some house-made spicy BBQ sauce, switches up the flavor of the beef even more.

For sides had the garlic mashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, sautéed spinach and asparagus. (We initially ordered three sides but somehow the spinach got tacked on there😅) I liked the mash the most. The flavors of the potato shone through without an overwhelming garlic flavor. The asparagus had a lemony pop which I really liked.

(steak was 10/10 but minus 1 point cause the sides were on a whole very average)

This place has pretty great sharing platters, and some nice arcade games to play alongside!
📷 (1) Fries, fries and fries and (2) Seafood Platter📍Level Up
#sgeats #sgfood #burpple #sharingplatter #tgif

Love me a good risotto and this one was REALLY GOOD!!! Creamy without being too jelat, the portion was just right and didn’t leave me feeling overly full.

Yes, the folks from @dashijiabigprawnmee has collaborated with @tigerbeersg @jewel to give you the best of local #uncagestreetfood with our very own tiger beer!
Choose between signatures like
▫️Indonesian Curry King Prawns
▫️Wok Fried King Prawn White Beehoon
▫️Salt Pepper Crispy Shrimps with Curry Leaves
▫️Tiger Infused Crispy Baby Sotong
All these and more plus Tiger’s very own seasonal and signature beers!
The food certainly did not disappoint and to dined in at this cooling venue with great ambience is perhaps the perfect dining experience! So make your way to Tiger Street lab soon!
Thks to @sgnomster for the invite and @tigerbeersg and @dashijiabigprawnmee for hosting!

A hot, perfectly crisped slice of thin-crust pizza served on a long wooden board ($34), topped with three different kinds of cheeses: Mozzarella, Scamorza and Gorgonzola. I love how the pizza is just the perfect thickness and how the blend of cheese results in a perfect cheese pull.

The crust really shines in this pizza; it's so crispy and perfect. I even helped myself to the end slices where there is less cheese, just so I could enjoy it in its unadulterated glory. Dip the pizza slice in some marinara sauce for the ultimate level of shiok-ness.


I know I shouldn't fill up on their bread service. But this is so good and ya girl just loves her bread too much. Fresh and warmed to order with a perfect ratio of soft and fluffy to crunchy and crusty, exactly how I like it. :) it's flavored with some rosemary among other herbs and finished with a sprinkle of cheese.

And the marinara sauce is obviously home-made, it is delightfully tangy and there is none of that artificial syrupy sweetness to it. I spread the sauce like butter and it just gets soaked up by the bread...so delicious. 🤤

From 9², which had recently made its comeback into the F&B scene in Singapore after the closure of Hotel Innotel where it was situated; now located at Dawson Place — a neighbourhood shopping mall in Queenstown.

A pretty simple iteration here; fuss-free without all that marination of the raw fish; just salmon sashimi slices coming with Chili padi for that raw punch of spiciness, while the shallots help to add a crispness to the dish. Not a fan of the warm bed of rice underneath; always found it to be a weird temperature contrast with the raw fish over the top, though the rice also comes with a lightly savoury sauce for some flavour. The Ikura helps to add a umami burst as it pops in the mouth; a pretty decent Donburi spot that is conveniently located in the neighbourhood — not the best, but quality here is pretty respectable to say the least.


Highly recommend their new soup base - beef broth mala soup base. It was more flavorful compared to the usual mala soup base. Will visit again!