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This is my third time at brotzeit and Weici’s first time. I vaguely rmb the first time I went was w my family where we ordered a sausage platter that we couldn’t finished. It was just too western and meaty for my fam. The second time I went w my ex-colleagues for their rosti meal which was pretty good but pricey for its portion. And this time, here we are, trying their classics and sausages.

Fladen Schinken (Bread) - $22
Kasespatzle (spätzle with cheese) - $21
Smoked Salmon Rosti- $19
Bauernwurst (Sausage w potatoes) - $20

The dishes were okay but wasn’t filling. Sadly, the sausage platter and pork knuckles are excluded from the Burpple deal. Definitely will try these next time! From all the 4 dishes we tried here, I find myself loving the sausage the most, it’s very tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. The rosti is cooked pretty differently to that of the ones I always had, this is softer, wet and less crispy. Fladen Schinken and Kasespatzle definitely go well with a mug of beer! I find Kasespatzle to be most interesting, if I were to use local terms to describe it, it would almost be like mee hoon kueh marinated with tons of cheese (Mac & cheese)! It’s nice tho!

To end it off, I would give the service here 10/10! The staffs are very helpful and friendly to us. Great evening spent here. ☺️

Price: $12.5/pax (w Burpple Deal)
Rating: 7/10

Very glad there's now a @baristartcoffee_sg in @jewelchangiairport so I can have easy access to one of these crisp and light cream puffs with smooth custard cream made with biei jersey milk. Had one with their robust iced latte and my day feels complete 😌

The Shirokuma is refreshing on a hot day and went well with the Biei Jersey Milk given. However it was actually quite difficult to eat because it was made round to look cute but there was too much ice compared to the ingredients in this and ice started dropping everywhere.

The beef in the stew was very tender and the stew was thick and savory. It might be too salty for some, but my friend and I still really liked it, more so than the shepherd's pie. The bread that came with it was crunchy and garlicky, perfect for dipping into the stew. My friend ordered shepherd's pie.
I'm not the biggest fan of the dish in general, but from what I tasted, it was decent.

The curry gravy was quite nice. A pity its flavour failed to penetrate into the meat. Happy hour drinks are 5 dollaes

This is my second time trying Turkish food. I must say it’s pretty worth it with the deals! But I would prefer it to be more grilled and flavorful.

- Beef steak ($29.90)
- Lamb kofta ($26.90)
- Falafel
- Arayess Kofta chicken

Nevertheless, I would definitely visit them again for their great service and their hype friendly staffs!

Price: $16/pax (with 1 for 1 Mains Burpple deal)
Rating: 7/10 (+1 for the great service!)

I must say the portions were generous. It’s well worth it only if you are using burpple beyond 1-for-1 during weekdays!

香辣鱼. good ambience and took the mild spicy one. Is just right for me.

Tbh, I was really surprised that the Pork Ribs is included inside the 1 for 1 deal! My initial thought was that the Pork Ribs would be small since it’s 1 for 1. But to my surprise, it was huge and it comes with fries! The Pork Ribs is covered with BBQ sauce that was just nice and we added est. $2 to change to truffle fries and it was amazingly good too! Nothing to complain about it cause it was delicious!

Worth for its 1 for 1 deal!! Wouldn’t mind coming again! ☺️

Tried the “Poet’s Burger” for the 1st time and it was really delicious! The patty was juicy and it made the whole burger really yummy as everything was well seasoned! It comes with fries too!

Super worth it for 1 for 1 !!

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australian wagyu with uni! meat was tender, juicy and well-seasoned while uni was fresh and creamy! worth the visit if you are craving for a decent beef don!