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Been a few months since I came down and found out they added more items to their food menu.

Had the new Prawn Burger, crispy and so flavorful. Had the Ice Man after which was perfect for sunny Singapore. Had other off the menu cocktails wonderfully done by the team. Awaiting their new menu launch !

we got the laksa prawns spaghetti. disclaimer: the menu makes everything look more savoury and larger in proportion than it actually is. as for the flavour of the laksa itself, it was pretty good and authentic to the original that you’d get at hawkers. didn’t rly seem that much of a “fusion” dish, just looked like a dry version of your regular laksa made with pasta instead. the biggest disappointment were the toppings - ESPECIALLY THE EGGS. i guess i just expected more incorporation of western flavours and spices. but it’s a tasty dish nonetheless!

In collaboration with popular hawker stall @chinawhampoahomemadenoodles, @revampcocktailbar along Tanjong Pagar Road is offering diners local delights in a chic bar setting. That simply means you can pair your favourite ban mian with Revamp’s world class cocktails🍸🍹, all under the same roof.

To celebrate their partnership, they have came up with a brand new dish!
👉The Fire Breathing Dragon - SGD29.90
A potent union of fresh seafood (lobsters🦞 & scallops) and flaming🔥 brandy🥃 in traditional ban mian, topped with meatballs, sliced mushrooms, ikan bilis, fried shallots & greens

Other best-sellers include...
👉Homemade You Mee with Crayfish - SGD18.80
👉Tom Yum Homemade You Mee - SGD18.80
👉Abalone Clams Homemade You Mee - SGD6.80
👉Wu Xiang Platter

What stood out most for me were their al dente springy noodles, tasty homemade meatballs and fresh ingredients👍! But let’s not forget their selection of homemade chilli sauce which elevated the ban mian to another level😋.

Thanks @shewyn_fantasia for the invite💌 and @chinawhampoahomemadenoodles @revampcocktailbar for having me!

Super good deal with the 20 for 20 beyond deal. Love the coriander with pork skewer, satays and the chicken skins.
Mantou came too big for us, dont really recommend.
Lychee and yuzu beer was great!

Using 2 deals for 4 pastas. TSL only has 4 pastas, we hv ordered all 4. Laska and he bi hiam consider ok. Gong bao feel like normal mee. Lor ba not worth to try.

Armoury Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato. We opted for truffle fries as well & we paid an additional $2 for it. Burger was really good! The patties were soft & tender & juicy (everything you’re looking for in a good burger) & their buns were they were soft & buttery on the inside & slightly crispy on the outside. They were also definitely generous w their portions! The truffle fries were a disappointment tho bc we couldn’t taste the truffle at all but we would definitely come back for the burger!

Mexican Guacamole Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce & tomato. Opted for the sweet potato fries & paid additional $2 as well. Burger was similar to the armoury burger reviewed above, except that there was additional guacamole inside which gave the burger a nice texture. Sweet potato fries were really good as well, super crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Also, their prices are nett, highly recommended!!! 👍🏼 (oh they also serve plain water too)

We’ve reviewed the burger in our previous post but for this we changed our fries to onion rings for an additional $2 & the onion rings were really bomb!!!!! We loved it so much bc the batter was crispy & flavourful & it wasn’t too oily! Highly recommend y’all to get the onion rings!!! 🤩

$23 | Wow. It’s so good. Both crispy thin crust pizza was served piping hot! We love the truffle pizza as it’s very flavourful and the truffle was so fragrant! Honestly, would love to have it everyday if I can!

Do take note that menu is slightly different, they do not have Okonomiyaki Pizza anymore. It was changed to Hawaiian. Ambience was really nice and staffs were really friendly.

We used the Burpple 1-1 however they do have in stores promotion. OCBC Cardholders can have 1-1 for their mains too.

The food was good and well executed, though I felt a tad overpriced. The decor was nice, though a bit cold and sparse. Overall a pleasant place, but lacked that little bit extra.