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Burpple Guides, Late Night Tastemakers Guide To Best Supper Spots in Singapore Suppers have a way of bringing people closer together and making food taste a little better. Add a dose of spontaneity to your life and wrestle for Yong Tau Foo at the stroke of midnight, share tasty Northern Chinese dishes with your friends for the first time or have a comforting bowl of peppery Bak Kut Teh after a long day at work. Our Tastemakers have trawled the island to uncover the tastiest places to eat after dark, so go on, quieten that growling belly of yours with this definitive guide to the best supper spots!
Burpple Guides, Supper, Hawker Food, Late Night 10 Super Supper #Hawkerpedia Stories From stressful and terrifying (but so worth it!) midnight yong tau fu adventures, to post-mahjong kuay chap cravings and impromptu late night prata sessions in university, these nostalgic #Hawkerpedia stories are testament to Singapore's undying love for food, any time of the day.

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Top 10 places for Late Night

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Fresh fruits, passionfruit sauce made the thin french toast very fresh..but that overly salty butter(?) Spread on each of the toast ruins it 2.75/5

This oven roasted pork knuckles are from grain fed pork, marinated with proprietary spice mix and infused with beer.
The skin was light and crackling, and you could already hear that when you cut this through. Dip the flesh in mustard or any of the 3 condiments provided, have some sauerkraut in between, and a beer to go along. Everyday could be a weekend like this.

Number 1 of 23.
Because the owner Ken, had the luck to secure 5kg of neck meat from one cow, his head chef made twenty-three burger patties using 100% Soya Misaki Wagyu beef. My friend Abbey and I shared one last night, which left 22 but that number’s probably dropped even lower by now.
Having heard my food-loving friend Sze Liang rave about the burgers here several times, I‘d been dying to visit for a while. As luck would have it, our timing was impeccable as the opportunity to try the new patty was presented.
I loved the ratio of bun to beef here, and incidentally, those were some mighty fine buns ass well (pun intended 😏). Done medium-well (because that’s what the boss prefers), the patty was flavourful, smoky and a little fatty. Melted on top was a double dose of gorgeous American cheddar. The other components included crisp lettuce, a slice of tomato and a housemade sauce. Together, they triumphed - creating a burger of crazily intense deliciousness. And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I found out that it‘s served with truffle fries. Really. Good. Truffle. Fries.

My go-to place for waffles that never disappoints..
On-point! 👌🏽😋

Crisply fried chicken skin coated with a southern spice mix. One of the better bar snacks that I would order at Alter Ego. If I can get this to go, I would sneak this into the Esplanade Theatres and snack on them while watching shows!😂😂