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Came here for dinner with 3 girlfriends as part of Hen's Day for 1 of them who is a Bride-To-Be. Love the chill vibes and tranquil ambience! Food was delicious - every single dish was just memorable. Definitely have to try their Truffle Garlic Mash

(26.90 SGD) Pasta Fresca let’s you choose a sauce and fresh pasta to pair it with. I picked the tomato crabmeat sauce with whole grain tagliatelle. The sauce was a basic tomato with garlic but the star was the fresh crabmeat about the size of mince meat. Was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of crabmeat, you get a decent amount in every bite without the overall dish being too fishy. Tagliatelle was fresh and perfectly cooked al dente which nicely complimented the dish. The outdoor seating area got a bit stuffy due to the lighting and when they closed the blinds for the rain.

Have your favourite drink &
Cheer on your favourite team.
@cafefootballsg is a dream,
You'll surely leave with a beam!

Here's what we tried…🤤
👉Carbonara - SGD17
👉Team Mates Platter - SGD20
upgrade to truffle fries (+SGD3)
👉Champion Burger - SGD19
👉Salmon Belly Skewers - SGD14
👉Boozy Baileys - SGD15
👉Back Pass - SGD9

Swipe left👈 to the end for their food & drinks menu

Special shoutout to the tantalising Salmon Belly Skewers - the skin remained crisp despite being left untouched for awhile. The Team Mates Platter will also be an ideal fuel for you and your group of excited football fans.🙌

I'm not kidding when I say you can have your favourite drink as they have an extensive menu of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.🍻🍹

Their Back Pass is a refreshing drink that almost acts like a palate cleanser with its lychee and minty flavour. Goes well with the slightly heavier-flavoured food offerings on the menu.👍

TLDR - Great place to chill at with your football-loving buddies!⚽️

💌Thank you @cafefootballsg for having us!😊

📍Cafe Football Singapore
PUB Recreation Club, The Arena
48 Woodleigh Park, S357844
🚇#widWoodleigh #widSerangoon

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The one for one made the meal very worth it. However, restaurant seemed to be understaff. Have to wait long to just get cutlery. Food wise, it tasted a bit bland and the meat was not as juicy and tender as what I was expecting. Will return if there is one for one.

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Feature :
Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake, Peanut Butter Mascarpone.
Three of us only can finish half of it, it’s very huge , balance between dense chocolate cake and peanut butter mascarpone.
💕Pasta from main set lunch.
Linguine, wild mushrooms,truffle oil.
💰$48 for 3 course
💕 PENNE CARBONARA fr a la carte.
Prosciutto, Bacon, Onion, Romano Cheese
💕Grilled Cod from main from set lunch.
Squid ink risotto, fried oyster.
💰$48 for 3 courses.

10 Bayfront Avenue.

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📍Anti:dote, Hotel Fairmont📍
💸 Mother’s Day High Tea: $58 per pax
*Not inclusive of GST/Service Charge
Pampering ourselves during the long weekend with Anti:dote’s Mother’s Day High Tea!🌸✨💃 Generally more of a savory person but have to say that their sweets were better and not overly sweet😅 Favourite item has got to be the Madagascan Vanilla scones especially when it’s served warm😌

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Havent been back here for a year! The whole place was packed full of people! It was like back to pre covid time! Very impressed with the decent pizza oven in a pub!

We ordered way too much food and the food portion was huge!

Nacho: so ok. The salsa and avocado on top were not spread evenly, a lot of plain empty trtilla trip.

Popcorn chicken: I didnt eat…. It was just me. I just dont like popcorn chicken

Pepperoni pizza: very amazing pizza , Little Miss W was very happy

Dukkah Cauliflower: nice one with indian spice. Just the size was double i would have imagined

Wagyu burger and cripsy pork belly were not my main. Had a bite of the pork belly. It looked and tasted like chinese siu yuk without the salt. Skin was very cripsy

Grilled octopus tentacles : very good for value for this big portion. It was very well cooked and the green sauce was nice to dip. Just wish it could be more char to give a extra grill flavour.

The whole place was packed. Food waiting time was told over an hour but all the food was about in about 45 mins to one hour. We had some nacho to nipple on so didnt feel that we waited long time.

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visited MONTI solely for this. the risotto was mixed in a parmigiano wheel after vodka was poured in to melt the cheese and topped with truffle shavings. perhaps my expectations were too high? this was quite underwhelming and the vodka taste was too prominent.

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loved the presentation!! taste-wise was not bad butkind of tasted like a chinese dish…maybe because of the spinach

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tasty pork and beef ragout pasta! but nothing mindblowing

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Looks like a messy plate, but this Dry Beef Hor Fun ($5.50) is probably the best I've had. This plate came generous with beef slices and I'm so pleasantly surprised that I am able to taste the strong wok hei flavours within this dish! The hor fun slices were also very silky smooth and definitely not overcooked. Beef slices are tender and flavourful as well. This is one really wholesome meal!

Asian Wok

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Really tender and worth it since its $22. We also ordered the furikake truffle pasta with it and it’s also good! Friday’s the day for live band if anyone wana know!

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