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not very sure of the prices, rough estimate!
- fish ahoy ($12.90)
fish fillet came with PERFECTLY fried curly fries. it was so tender, when i cut it with the knife it kinda fell apart so i had to resort to the fork
- hawaiian pizza ($10.90)
flavour was a little off compared to the hawaiian pizzas i’ve tasted but i love the crunchy thin crust

Price is such a steal, with a min order of 6 pcs. But badly disappointed on how far from fresh these are. Lemon & vinegar slightly saved the dish. Hope it was just a bad night 🙃

Lesson learned: stick to their meat haha

Note: promotion available Mon-Wed


📍 Brotzeit German Beer Bar and Restaurant - VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, 01-149 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

#burpplesg #brotzeit

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White Negroni 2/5
Malita 2/5
Ants 3/5
Achar 3/5

Wanted to have a bite before boarding my flight at 10pm as other food places were closed or closing soon.

Was placed on wait list for a table of 6 pax. Explained to staff Teck Wai (I think he is the manager there) about my situation in hope to have a quick meal to fill my stomach before boarding. He explained as there weren’t limit on seating timing and that the bigger tables which could accommodate 6 pax were still occupied as the guests were still chatting after their meal. A small table of 4 pax left and I requested if possible to seat us at that table, that we’re okay to squeeze and will not take too long to dine. He was empathic and helpful, even though the section was closed, he sat us down.

Food wise, standards as good as usual. Love their coconut both, refreshing and hydrating. Specific dishes which I would usually order at beauty in the pot: beancurd roll (Ling Ling rolls), meatballs with soft bones, the prawn and meat pastes, prawn dumplings. The Celtus and Chinese yam were good too, 2 mins in the boiling broth for the crunchy texture. When cooked too long, the Chinese yam tends to turn powdery and dissolve in the broth. Tried the seaweed which was new on the menu, cooked tad too long and the seaweed dissolved into the broth (oops)! Love the complimentary Yuzu shaved ice served at the end of the meal.

Additionally, 20% off food items after 10pm.

Excellent food and service, will be back for sure. Thanks Teck Wai for the great service!

One of the popular spots to chill out along Upper Thomson Road.

For first timers here I definitely recommend to go with their signature salted caramel, which very strong on the taste itself; making it creamy and tasty.

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Brotzeit is no stranger for their meat dishes. Ordered their platter of a small selection of Nürnberger sausages (farmer’s, thuringer, and spicy chicken), served with red cabbage, pickle, sauerkraut and roast potatoes. Personally liked the thuringer with its herby taste; rest were average

Would’ve ordered their pork knuckle also if they have a smaller portion 🙃

Good for sharing and good fix for random sausage cravings


📍 Brotzeit German Beer Bar and Restaurant - VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, 01-149 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

#burpplesg #brotzeit


Guinness baby back ribs $28
The sauce, meat and fries were extremely tasty. Portions were huge. The Guinness beer was smooth and pairs perfectly with the food

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Had the fish and chips, and it was so delicious! I loved the chips especially, fried to a delicious crisp, crunchy and flavourful. Definitely add the malt vinegar to elevate the taste of the fish, definitely would recommend this place for its cozy vibes and yummy bar dishes!

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came here after a hike and we decided to order the Captains Carbonara Pasta ($16) +$3 if you would like to add pasta

1. Spaghetti: The texture of the spaghetti is 10/10, very well cooked !!
2. Sauce: Well marinated and goes well with the bacon and spaghetti so I’ll give it a 10/10 too !
3. Bacon: it’s really salty for someone like me with a strong taste buds so I’ll give it a 6/10 .

Well served in a aesthetic pasta plate-bowl but TBH, I believe they can do so much better for a cafe as you can see on the plate there’s some water droplets(?) but we’re cool and happy with the food !


Had a good dinner over the weekends with The Drunken Poet. We love the bangers and mash. The mash potato is super creamy and matches really well with the crispy onion on top. It has a nice ambience, a good choice for our weekends catch up!

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The fish and chips is a must have at this place!


Would highly recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a nice place to have a beer and Irish food! I got the fish and chips which was very fresh and had a nice crisp on the outside. Definitely one of the best pubs I’ve been to!

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