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I had the fish and chips and my friend had the stew :-) the stew tasted rlly home-y n the fish n chips was pretty nubbad. Food was a lil bit oily but still nice. I loved their fries hehe. n Portion was GOODD

I had the last cocktail (forgot it's name) and it was ehh i'm sorry ~ also kinda wish the deal was only for mains because i don't find the set v worth despite the alcohol but still decent !!! $20/pax

Atmosphere was extremely quiet and a lil bit awkward because there was no one there during lunchtime (weekday) and they can't play music due to covid regulations,, so the waiter hummed songs for us... HAHAHJCJEJFJF overall an okay-but-can-do-better-if-no-covid :-( experience

note: Burpple deal is now only limited to $38+ sets inclusive of main+cocktail/mocktail.

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🥢 Served with "Volcano" Chilli paste, marinated minced Chicken, Chicken Chashu, Corn Niblets, Nameko Mushrooms, Seaweed, Green Onions and a Hanjuku Egg

🧾 SGD$11.90

✍🏻 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆〘0/10〙

💬 So I initially ate this bowl of noodles a couple of months back, but I was reluctant to post it because that was actually my first time eating halal ramen and it was not good, albeit the decent reviews online. I felt that it was unfair of me to judge without having tried other halal places yet, at least for a comparison before criticising. Now fast forward a few months and having tried others, it is safe to say that my previous criticism was not unwarranted. One of the key components of ramen would be the ramen noodles of course, and when the noodles are bad it is hard to salvage the meal. I do not know what happened but these noodles were soft, overcooked and the opposite of springy. Their texture reminded me of noodles from those Chinese lamian foodcourt stalls. The broth was also barely satisfactory, tasting rather mild even though it had this creamy look and milky flavour. The "Volcano" chilli was not spicy even at level 3, definitely underwhelming if you are a spice lover. The only thing I liked were the marinated minced chicken but I cannot justify paying $12 for that. Frankly, I am still rather hesitant in adding this into my ramen log as I did not feel like I actually ate ramen. However since they do call this Japanese ramen, it will therefore be rated as one.

Capturing the stay home dining life and making it all the better with Harry's. Love the truffle mushroom pizza with it's intense truffle fragrance permeating the air and indulging our tastebuds. One of the best out there, and the crust remains crispy even after the delivery!

The beef Bolognese had a tinge of spiciness and the beef meatballs tastes very much handmade but were on the tougher side.

Highly reco, and this is part of burpple beyond too :)

I saw this on Tess Bar & Kitchen’s delivery menu and I knew I had to have it.

The whole lobster tail tagliatelle wasn’t just a treat for the eyes but for the palate as well.

It was wonderfully balanced: the saltiness of the trout roe, the sweetness of the vodka rose sauce as well as the tartness of cherry tomatoes, just made this an incredibly appetising dish.

Extra points as they packed the roe and additional sauce separately to keep the texture on point!

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Gem Bar really nailed the basics of a good cheeseburger: great buns, oozy melted American cheese, and a crazy thicc patty. Their brioche buns are really fluffy, squishable, and super buttery — just the way I like mine. Patty boasted a wonderfully charred and blackened crust, with a juicy, tender, well-seasoned and perfectly medium center. Tie that all in with a surprisingly addictive sweet and tangy relish, and you’ve got yourself the amazingly delish Gem Cheeseburger.

Freshly made tasty and wholesome food as described in the image. I love turkish food and this has absolutely the right amount of spices. Great takeaway packaging which helps us to conveniently dine just in the garden beside duo! Thankyou for the great food experience!😄

Gem bar now available for islandwide delivery and they offer bundle meals that value for money.
Bundle B (good for 4-5 pax).
• Sukiyaki Pork Belly.
• Gem-ly Burger.
• BBQ Chix.
• Hand Shake.
• Har Cheong Gai Drumlets (6pcs).
• Saigon Sticky Wings (6pcs)
• Hand Smashed Truffle Potatoes with Truffle Egg Mayo.
• Fried Broccoli and Cauliflower with Goma Dressing.
• 4 bottle of Heineken


To place order can visit this link : www.gembarsingapore.com.

Islandwide delivery for $12

📍Gem Bar.
10 Ann Siang Hill.


Unfortunately, this was an absolute letdown. There was little to no distinctive taste in the wings. Its only saving grace was that it was served hot and crispy. I definitely wouldn’t be buying this again.

We visited on a Saturday evening and it was fairly busy, though there were still pockets of seats here and there to accommodate my family of three. Service was friendly and helpful.

This pizza was average at best, wouldn’t get it again even with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal. Tasted quite similar to supermarket frozen pizzas that you pop into the oven.

We visited on a Saturday evening and it was fairly busy, though there were still pockets of seats here and there to accommodate my family of three. Service was friendly and helpful.

One last drink for the road before Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo kicks in at midnight, and @almostfamous.sg was a damn good place to have the Last Sipper. The interior decor is decidedly brutalist (fun architect fact: the name brutalism is derived from the French ‘béton brut’, which roughly translates to ‘raw concrete’. Nothing to do with its usually oppressive scale or the stiff straight planes), but the delightfully dulcet tones of the smoothest jazz tunes slithering through the speakers make for an incredibly relaxed & comfy beer binging experience.⠀

Almost Famous has fourteen taps of brilliant beer to match the music, and this beautiful blonde is @brewlander Resurgence Saison. It costs quite a pretty penny at sixteen bucks per pint before an additional ten percent service charge is slapped on, but it’s a rare brew that you can’t find on tap anywhere else.⠀

Saison is beer brewing’s yesterday man, as everyone and their dog is busy brewing up even more IPAs. However, the Resurgence Saison is definitely capable of going toe to toe with any IPA, with its controlled hoppiness and bright floral overtones. It’s delectably refreshing, a little astringent, and crisp on the finish. Truly a delightful beer for a sweltering Singapore summer day, and I’d gladly take another pint of it.


Quite a standard pasta dish, this Aglio olio was quite flavourful and tasty, not too bad with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal. Though, I wouldn’t pay full price for this dish.

We visited on a Saturday evening and it was fairly busy, though there were still pockets of seats here and there to accommodate my family of three. Service was friendly and helpful.

Back to Joo Bar but this time without burpplebeyond - of course the tofu chips was the first thing I ordered (as usual). I was questioned by dining companion, visiting Joo Bar for the first time, if the chips were really made with tofu. I agreed that it’s hard to imagine how the soft protein could be transformed into these crispy deep fried chips but all I know was the lighter chips with kimchi and avocado salsas was an item I’d order again.
On this visit I tried the honey butter chicken which were fried chicken chunk drenched in a buttery honey sauce; all I was reminded of was Chir Chir fried honey butter chicken without so much sauce but of much better value if I remembered right.