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The cafe was filled up quickly after they open their doors at 1130am. I read some good reviews about their coffee and was eager to try but was utterly disappointed when our flatwhite arrived with no latte art. One of the worst ever. We can’t even make out what that was. Their mentaiko pasta and egg ben waffles on the other hand were rather decent though one of the eggs was overcooked. We used the burpple beyond 1 for 1. Had a single scoop of their bestseller lemongrass blue pea ice cream and it was great.

📌 Denzy Gelato

📓 Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut, Chocolate Chip and Vanilla. Ice creams were good but nothing spectacular! Was a shame that we could not dine in for the 1-for-1 Burpple promotion. Ambience was great!

Hidden inside Katong shopping centre lies one of the most unique ice cream flavours. To those who loves pulut hitam, you have to try this

Friendly cashier. Rum and raisin not to my liking but the mint chocolate and FOF is good. However, feel that the staff should only allow customers to go in and find a table after they ordered instead of customers going in to hold a table while the other individual are still in queue to order.

Ordered the truffle spaghetti and sandwich using the 1-for-1 deal - along with 2 drinks.

Food is decent given the price, but think their waffles might be better than the food.

Very generous amount of smashed avocado to go with oozy organic jammy eggs and sourdough. Love the brilliant refreshing sweet cherry tomatoes & basil watermelon with fresh cream on the side.

We chose the flavour “despicable”, which is a banana ice cream with brownies and walnuts. I liked that it had a fresh banana flavour, without any artificial banana essence taste. They were also rather generous with the walnuts which provided a good crunch element.

Waffles-wise, it didn’t impress me much, but it was decent as it was a little crisp outside and slightly chewy inside. It’s a rather light waffle, so it doesn’t make you feel too full. Will be back to try other flavours, but maybe not the waffle.

Pistachio had a strong nutty flavour, and the texture was great too - smooth and almost sticky/chewy, which to me is the hallmark of great ice cream, as you know that they’ve really taken the time to churn it properly.

Bounty was a bit of a miss for me, as the coconut ice cream felt a bit heavy, and I personally prefer lighter/more refreshing coconut sorbets. My friend enjoyed it though, so it’s really a personal preference!

Bought their tarts and cakes again on a 9/9 Qoo10 promotion, all for $19!! All were amazing and I especially loved their new PB&J tart 😋😋

Back at Tom's Palette ever since they moved out of Shaw Towers to 51 middle road! Left to right: mango, yuzu, white nori, matcha. 1 medium cup (can choose 1/2 flavours) for $5! The most affordable ice cream place and with many interesting flavours to choose from! Would have wanted to try the tausarpiah flavour, but sadly it was an excluded flavour (along with mango sticky rice) for the one for one Burpplebeyond deal. Do note that only takeaways are allowed for Burpplebeyond 1 for 1 deal

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Read reviews that the mentaiko and truffle pastas weren’t great, but this pesto pasta ($16) was pretty satisfying! Was quite a pleasant meal except that the portion on this plate was slightly small. Got the ham and cheese sandwich that came with fries ($13) and they include 1-4-1 drinks as well.. I have a suspicion they use the Nescafe capsules because it tastes exactly like that for the matcha latte. I might be wrong! But the hot chocolate was served cutely! I think I will be back.