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Recommended lists of Best Waffles in Singapore, 2018
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Top 10 places for Waffles

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This was so good for so many reasons- the cornflakes were especially crunchy, I think it was probably deep fried because it felt like there was a layer of batter on it that gave it the crunch and sweetness! Also the pancakes were nicely warm and fluffy, and the vanilla ice cream was a rly good finishing touch, complemented everything!! Worth the wait and price!

Light, fluffy pancakes paired with fried egg, bacon and bratwurst sausage. Second time trying this and it did not disappoint! The pancakes are especially good when eaten with a generous drizzle of maple syrup! Everything complemented well, although the sausage could have had more flavour.

Pumpkin pancake topped with smoked salmon, poached egg and a generous serving of hollandaise sauce and roe. The spiced pancakes were the star of the dish (perfect for cinnamon lovers like myself!) Felt that the savoury toppings were a tad heavy and did not go too well with the pancakes. Nonetheless, this dish is worth a try for the great pancakes alone👌🏼

Had double scoop ice cream ($6.50 for non-premium 1 for 1 burpple beyond) and ordered the cookies and cream, vanilla, salted caramel and dark chocolate ice cream. Firstly I got to say the scoops were HUMONGOUS and would definitely require more than 2 to share.

The cookies and cream and vanilla were decent, as its difficult to go wrong with it. The salted caramel was interesting and was a good blend with the other ice cream flavours as its saltiness can offset the sweetness from the other flavours.

The dark chocolate ice cream on the other hand, was LEGENDARY. Its definitely a must get, as the amount of cocoa in it is amazing. Dab your spoon in the ice cream and you know how thick it is. With a strong cocoa flavour, and it's smooth melty texture, it's a real orgasmic moment in your mouth.

They serve really good waffles , a little crisp on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside.
Flavourful earl grey ice cream !!

Food was very yummy, however, the portion was huge for the fries! Best for 3-4 pax. Price wise, cafe price. Not cheap yet not overly expensive.


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Mushroom layered with cheese, tomato sauce and flat pasta.
So comforting every mouth.
Tasty and delicious!

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Feat. Ferrero soft serve & Earl Grey Lavender soft serve. 2 flavours for the price of 1!

To be honest, the chocolate flavour standard has dropped and could barely taste the hazelnuts! What's a ferrero without notes of hazelnuts?! (1/5)