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actually pretty good. the chicken is so well marinated and roasted and juicy but slightly oily. salad base also has melscun which is pretty good

forgot the flavours but i think everything there is not bad. what is unforgettable is the in-house made cones!!!! super fragrant and crispy . would die for .

waffles are a lil inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes bad but somehow their basic vanilla ice cream which is just some generic mass bought one is pretty good! love the vanilla flavour.

forgot the name of this waffle, some girl name. anyways it was straight bad just don’t get it. waffle not even crispy just soggy. and a sad sad amount of greek yoghurt. at least the fruits were fresh and decently generous. granola was stale

they don’t sell pastas anymore unfortunately but when they did, it slapped and it slapped hard

I chose dark chocolate peppermint + earl grey lavender. It was great 😋

Had the charcoal waffle with salted caramel and earl grey ice cream. Both are classic flavours. Didn realise the waffle came with salted caramel sauce so is like double saltiness. The earl grey ice cream had tasted like milk tea with a tinge of earl grey. For me, salted caramel was abit too salty.

Bailey's brownie
The last I had bailey's gelato was...... many years back and am glad to locate another gelato house that serves similar! The brownie bites certainly added some texture to the ice cream but in terms of taste, there really isn't anything to shout about and would prefer no brownies! It's kinda like, extra calories without incremental satisfaction on the tastebuds. This is a gourmet flavour, so top up +$2! Still pretty much value-worth if you're on Burpple Beyond (:

'Cos we utilized burpple beyond 1-1 deal and I selected the Bailey's brownie (gourmet), it made sense to order a serving of the Pistachio, the only other flavour in the gourmet category. I hesitated at the fiance's choice - insisting that pistachio gelato is quite common everywhere else, and he should really go for the Honey chrysanthemum (premium) that he enjoyed v much at B.O.P. Unsurprisingly this was yet another time he stuck to his choice and I'm so glad he did - the pistachio gelao was so, so, so incredily rich. In terms of creaminess, it's on par with the likes of Creamier/Venchi. In terms of quality and generosity, it surpassed both solely based on the fact that every other bite came with a generous crunch of WHOLE pistachio. Yes, you read that right. not pistachio pieces but pistachios in WHOLE - in the same way you see it when you shell off a pistachio kernel.

way too overpriced ($18 ish) but taste wise the bagel was pretty well buttered and toasted and the bulgogi was very well marinated. lettuce super crisp and fresh too. overall would def rather spend on two men bagel house but if u happen to be here, this is worth trying

Waffles were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. It can get a little dry though. The ice cream was mediocre but portion was huge. It would be good to share with ~4 pax. I would recommend it for fuss-free gathering with friends.