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With a wide range of tea-rrific gelato flavours available - and that includes Matcha, Houjicha and even Genmaicha 🍵💚, we opted for the Matcha and Jasmine&Lemongrass to go along with the charcoal MOCHI waffles. The end result was one that tasted similar a jasmine green tea when paired together, with a characteristic lingering floral fragrance amidst the subtle earthy hues. Perhaps one of the first in Singapore to launched MOCHI-filled waffles, the charcoal mochi waffles was remarkably impressive and surprisingly surpassed expectations! 💖 Indeed an underrated ice cream parlour that fared well in both their waffles & ice cream standards 👍🏻. The waffle comes with an ideal crisp exterior and an interior that comprises of a thin layer of mochi, slightly denser than the typical ones but still retaining a pleasant chewy, fluffy mouthfeel. The batter was also fragrant and you can opt for your choice of sauce to go along with the waffles, which we chose earl grey caramel! ✨ Unfortunately the sauce was overwhelmed by the stronger counterparts of 🍨🍨, but this wasn’t really an issue, given that the smooth, creamy scoops of delight were an enjoyable companion to it! 🌟 .
[PS: Note that the Matcha flavour here isn’t for the hardcore matchaholics, leaning to the sweeter and more milky flavour profile, though the flavour was still distinct! The Genmaicha and Houjicha would perhaps be a better option for the tea lovers but I’ve gotten Matcha for the sake of visuals 🤭] .
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It was so good! Their brownie was not too sweet and the tartness of the blackcurrent really matched the brownie 😋 delicious stuff


Craving for this @creamier_sg.
I love their pistachio and earl grey ice cream... yummy 😋.
📍Creamier Gillman Barracks.
5A Lock Road Gillman Barracks


Actually the eating experience was better than it looked.
Thick warm Otah sitting on toast. Topped with an egg.
Sides of signature chips and fresh greens.


Pleasing presentation though we’d prefer it to come in an easier to eat plate/bowl! Soft serve was decently fragrant but it was also less rich and a tad too sweet from what we’d prefer, especially when its chocolate stick and brownies were sweet too. It’s not a full waffle beneath them but was an ok portion for its price. Make use of Burpple Beyond to stretch your dollar!


They call this "The Frozen Version Kinda Breakfast"!.

If that's the case, I'll definitely be up way earlier for this!. Haha, Jokes aside! That said, Fat Cat has released a Series Named: "Valrhona Inspiration". Featuring some of their Unique and Interesting Desserts that is on Rotation in this Series!. Avocado & Toast is one of them!

Not just that, Do also remember to try their Signature Waffles and Ice Cream because it's just mind blowing to an extent that I wouldn't mind ordering again! Yeap, Definitely visited this place more than just once!!.

Not a bad place if you're finding somewhere to chill in the east! Especially on a weekday! However if you're coming on a weekend! Do be here early to avoid queues!.

Lastly, thanks @eatmoresg And @wishuponatart for hosting! Not to forget @fatcatsg for accommodating us!

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Edible Tobacco? I doubted it's flavour at first sight!.

Surprisingly, it's made up of Rolled Up Smoke Chocolate filled with caramel and dusted with root beer snow that resembles as ash!.

Interesting Concept rolled out by the team behind- Fat Cat Cafe since last Christmas! Try it to know how it feels like!

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New cake menu❤👍 #littlesweetbonsbons #straybyfatcat #straybyfatcatsg #orchardcentral #orchardcentralsg #orchardroad
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Awesome dish of beef lasagne.
Simply lovely and delicious.