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Below Persian Prince
Above Elderflower Mojito
Exotic & uncommon flavours.
Beyond 1-1 deal, happy feeling.

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The dark chocolate was rly rich and decadent! Would recommend you sharing it with someone for the full enjoyment 😋

Back for another round of double scoops ($6.40, + $1 per premium flavour)! Denzy has a large array of flavours, each made from superb ingredients. We paired dark chocolate with cereal milk in one, and elderflower mojito with mango blood orange & kombucha in the other. The first cup was rich and decadent, the intense cacao giving way to a sweeter finish. The second was much lighter and refreshing on the palate with bright bursts of flavour and a tart end!

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💵: $7

📈: 7/10

🤔: Could really taste the sweet potato and also loved the cut of the fries, but it was really really pricey for the portion.Would recommend getting only if you feel like splurging.

💵: $21

📈: 8/10

🤔: Fluffy pancakes topped with raspberry and chocolate, super indulgent but so so good! Recommended to share between 2 small eaters as portion is quite big.


We ordered the hazelnut and valrhona chocolate.

The hazelnut was very fragrant, one of the better ones I've had in Singapore! Just a pity I think the fridge wasn't cold enough, my ice cream was pretty melty. On top of that, the texture was not rich and smooth enough for my liking. Its also a bit too sweet for my liking.

The chocolate was pretty good. Its thick, rich and dense and texture was on point.

We used Beyond and paid $4.90 in total, having to add 70 cents for each scoop as both are premium flavours.

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Similar to their sister cafés, Curious Palette's waffles are flavorful and also crispy on the outside and dense yet fluffy on the inside. I particularly love the strawberry compote - full of sauce-y strawberry goodness with some of the bits still intact, without the sour flavor as compared to my experience with Strangers' strawberry maceration waffles. The rest of the components feel the same as waffles at their sister cafés.
In frame: Buttermilk waffles with vanilla-infused strawberry compote [$12.9]

1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Just a few doors away from Geometry, Carrara cafe is another neighborhood minimalistic cafe that serves homemade gelato and western cuisine in the Bukit Merah estate.

Their signature Bluepea Lemongrass Pandan gelato flavour, or the “Little Nyonya” flavour, was one of the flavours that earned them recognition at the Singapore Gelato Championship 2019. If you like a herbal aftertaste, then you should definitely give it a try. We had a crowd favourite, milk and honey, which was simple but comforting. I liked that it was creamy without the heavy milk fat taste (which can be quite a turn-off), and paired harmoniously with the honey floral flavour. Also went for a comparatively light flavour, oolong osmanthus. A pleasant, full-bodied, toasted black tea flavour with a hint of floral fruitiness. Waffles here were soft and fluffy, though I would have preferred an additional crispiness. Pretty disappointing ice lemon tea that was strongly flavoured and diluted.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 waffles gelato set at the price of 1!

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Price is steeper than other joints serving a similar thing and it does not taste very truffle-y. However there are more veggies that they put in so it feels like a more balanced meal. I shall stick to the usual fares next time (the croissant definitely does not disappoint!).

What initially seem to be a Nutella-drizzled waffle did not really taste like it but it was equally good. Real good. The ice cream just tops everything. This is definitely a welcome alternative to their other fruity waffles.
In frame: Hazelnut Praline Waffles [$14.5]

Burpple 1 for 1 deal

Definitely one of the nicer dishes!! The waffle went well with the waffles though reviews did say that the waffles will go soggy after awhile.

Love it that they serve it with their honey!

The beef ragu is delicious and flavourful. recommended dish!

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