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never really heard of cinnamon ice cream until i came here to try it and it was pretty interesting

had this right after examsss and it was so fulfilling!! earl grey lavender and dark chocolate

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Decent beef bowl, especially loved how the rice was drenched in a sauce that tasted like teriyaki. The meat was a little soggy, though.

Great Middle Eastern flavours packed into this salad of cauliflower done 2 ways – pickled in rice wine vinegar and charred. Layers of depth already from the primary ingredient, but add on the tart and creamy tang of pine nut labneh, crunch of pine nuts and sweetness of pickled grapes, pomegranate as well as homemade honey mustard, and the complexity is through the roof.

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Taste: 3.5/5

😂 Stay calm & have some Iced ChocoLATE! 💕
Strangers’ Reunion, one of the pioneer ‘hipster’ café in the local food scene, celebrates their 7-year milestone on 28 Mar this year. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Be ready to excite your taste buds with their redefined café dining concept with a new all-day brunch menu! 🤩
If you’re a coffee lover, you just can’t give their cuppas a miss! ☕ Helmed by award-winning baristas with a dedication towards the use of quality coffee beans roasted in-house, you’re bound to get your cup of strong aromatic coffee, be it espresso-based cuppas or filter brews ($6.90++ per brew). 😋😋😋 Fret not if you are going easy on caffeine like me - you can opt for their Sea Salt Chocolate ($6.90++). 🍫
Served chilled, this creamy concoction carries a distinctive sea salt taste amidst the smooth chocolate that boasts of citrusy notes, which perfectly cuts the sweetness and richness. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 To me, it was reminiscent of the orange-flavoured Van Houten chocolate which I loved when I was a kid! 🤤
Truly a decadent indulgence that I enjoyed! ❤
Thank you @oo_foodielicious @sixthsensepr @strangersreu for the invite & hosting! 😘

Apiary is easily my favourite ice cream place (alongside creamier & birds of paradise). I’ve been frequenting it since its opening, and it has never disappointed. Out of all the flavours I’ve tried, my favourites are the pistachio and rocher, just a personal preference, as all their other flavours are really good too. Love this place and I would recommend it to everyone!

Dish: Charcoal Waffle with Milo/Cookies and Cream IC
Price: $7.20
Thoughts: Waffle texture was moist inside and crispy outside. Not too sweet just nice!! Ice cream was sweet enough such that the combination between the waffle and ice cream was perfect! Finished it within 5mins lol
Verdict:4.5/5 (a little pricey)

“お姉ちゃんには内緒で” 脳震盪から10日間経って、インスタを見れるくらいまで回復してきたので少しずつ。 と言ってもこの10日間は息子の送り迎え以外はコンドから出てない、いやほとんど家から出てない、と言うよりほとんどベッドの上だったので、ちょっと遡っての投稿になりますがご勘弁を。 脳震盪を起こすちょうど12時間前のこと。 息子のベビーチーノデビューしました。 もうベビーじゃないけど(笑) お姉ちゃんには内緒だよ🤫 ・ #内緒って何?と聞かれる #痛恨のミス #息子は内緒を知らなかった #はじめての #ベビーチーノ #atlascoffeehouse #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールカフェ#シンガポール生活#海外生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#igsg#singaporecafe#sgcafe #sgeats#sgfoodie#hungrygowhere#nomnomnom#eeeeats#cafepics#burpple#みど散歩 @atlascoffeehouse

The inner lover of milk and all things creamy in me really shouted WEWWW aloud when I tried this interesting blue milk flavour. Don’t think I’ve had any flavour like this before!!!! And it’s not just yummy, the light blue colour of this scoop is also very pretty 😌

The pistachio ice cream is one of the better pistachios out there - the good pistachios have a nutty fragrance while there are others that leave you feeling ‘Ahh?? Liddat ah?’ because the deep green colour you see isn’t quite commensurate with the flavour you expect. So this one at apiary is quite good! But I don’t mind it being a little bit less sweet.

Will be back to try more flavours!

Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream Cone 🍦 Love their earl grey flavour as usual because they have a slight taste of lavender to it. But this time round they surprised me with this really bitter cone 😭 I couldn't even finish the whole thing because it was so bitter oh gosh. Nevertheless my love #myheartapprove for you will still be the same but might not be ordering the cone any more 🙃.
🤑: SGD: 9
👅: 3/5

It’s a little noisy and packed on a Sunday night. They serve coffee and some finger food such as truffle fries. Generous portion and perhaps the cone is too small for 2 scoops of ice cream. So better eat fast or else you will end up in a mess. Maybe opt for cup or waffles will be a much better choice.