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LOVing these scalLOPs so much! ❤ It's your last chance to enjoy the EnTHAIsing Siam buffet at @thediningroomsg before it ends tomorrow! 👌🏻
Besides some of the previously introduced 🇹🇭 dishes, here are some perennial favourites at the buffet line alongside some Thai mains! 😍
🔹️Fresh seafood on ice such as scallops, scampi, prawns, crabs & oysters 🦐🦀
🔹️Sushi & sashimi 🐟
🔹️Roast beef 🥩
🔹️Lard Hed J (Spicy mixed mushroom 🍄 salad, crispy fried shallot, roasted rice)
🔹️Yum Som-O Gai Cheek (Spicy pomelo, shredded chicken 🐓, peanut, shallot & roasted coconut salad)
🔹️Miang Pla Thord (Crispy fish 🐟 served with raw mango 🥭 & Thai herbs with chilli sauce)
Don't forget some chilli condiments when grabbing your food! 🔥
Buffet prices are as such:
✔Lunch: $58++/$29++ (adult/child)
✔Dinner: $78++/$39++ (adult/child)
📢LUCKY DRAW📢 Every guest who dines during this period stands a chance to win a pair of return economy tickets to Bangkok on Thai Airways & 2night stay at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park! ☘

Nicely charred Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye, cooked to medium-rare.
The texture of the beef is succulent with a solid meaty bite on it.
This is the last week of Sizzlin' Specials at AquaMarine @marinamandarinsg . Full review is up on or copy the link to your browser: .
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Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road brings back its crab-themed buffet till Nov 22!
Executive Chef Vincent Aw and his team has created a no pork, no lard buffet line for crab lover. Lots to choose from, including cheese, pumpkin broth and chilli crab.

🦀A seafood lover’s burger with pretty strong seafoody taste (from the mentaiko and fish roe bits). The soft shell crab was fried to a nice crispy touch and sandwiches between brioche buns slathered with a good amount of mentaiko sauce. The pillowy buns nicely complemented the crispy soft shell crab in terms of texture and...taste too! Cos the crab, when eaten on its own, was a tad too salty - according to the boyfriend. The thick cut fries could have been crispier, or replaced with potato cuts. It was a lil’ soggy for most but then again I guess the highlight and deal here’s the soft shell crab and buns, instead of the fries right?

“Get this if you’re a cheese lover!” recommends the waitress. And so I did! Verdict: hmms...the additional cheese portion comes with a bowl of cheese which you can dip your burger and fries (nacho cheese fries!) - a pretty good deal if you like nacho cheese. Personally, I prefer the melty cheeses in burgers, not the more liquidy version of nacho cheese (never a fan of nachos). I’d expected melty cheddar but it wasn’t! 😔 nevertheless, the nacho cheese dip served me well - I dunked my fries into it and it was a good portion for 2 servings of fries! The charcoal bun added an aesthetic touch to the burger but it was a lil’ more stiff than their brioche. Beef patty was cooked to a nice medium, with bacon well done & cheese nicely melted. A very, very sinful meal and a pretty good deal with no service charge and gst!

Featuring a spree of THAItalising highlights such as-
▪️Khao Yum (southern thai rice salad with assorted toppings)
▪️Miang Pla Thord (mango crispy fish salad)
▪️Yum Som-O Gai Cheek (pomelo chicken salad)
▪️Gaeng Khuai Poo Bai Sha Pool) (Coconut red curry crab)
▪️Taeng Moo Pla Haeng (watermelon salad)
Lunch $58++(adult), $29++(children)
Dinner $78++(adult), $39++(children)
📸 & 📝 @myjream
Location: @sheratontowerssg
#sheratontowerssg #burpple #burpplesg

Topped luxuriously with cherry tomatoes and a dollop of homemade pesto.

Free flow bread of your choice .

Part of 10 scotts tea buffet .

this is a super underrated place!!! they have a huuuge variety of meats with many flavours, such as lychee, bak kwa and curry, that i don’t usually see in franchise kbbq outlets so that was an eye opener! furthermore their pork belly slices have a reallyy good ratio of fats! not only is the pork meat good, the chicken is tender while their beef is chewy and full of flavour. what’s more, they even make waffles for you upon request that you can pair with various ice creams, from chocolate, to blueberry ripple, and even green tea.

the amazing thing is that with burpple beyond, i only paid about $15 so it really made my whole experience sooo worth 😭
rating: 8/10

with eatigo’s 50% off, my hotpot buffet lunch only cost me $12 😱!!! suuuper worth it and they also recently introduced two cuts of beef - short plate and cube roll; which made the shabu shabu experience feel more atas hahah! i definitely love the beef short plate the most as it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat; it basically tasted like pork belly but beef version 😍 we also ordered the tonyu miso soup base which is my personal favourite as it has a rich milky taste that does not overpower the meat flavour at the same time, yet is not too salty or heavy on the tongue.

rating: 8/10 (w eatigo!!)

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Ending the week on a SWEET note with these Thai desserts 🇹🇭 that never fails to capture my heart with their fragrance & rich flavours!! 💯 From now till 23 Oct, @thediningroomsg offers you a wide range of desserts, including Thai classics as well as other perennial favourites. 😍😍😍
Tempting you with some of the sweet treats!
🔹️Mun Chuem (Sweet tapioca topped with coconut milk)
🔹️Khao Niew Ma Muang (Mango with sweet sticky rice)
🔹️Sago in Coconut Milk with Young Coconut
🔹️Gluay Buad Chee (Banana boiled with coconut syrup)
🔹️Sang Kha Yha (Pumpkin in sweet custard)
🔹️Assorted Pralines
🔹️Pandan Opera
🔹️Pineapple Chocolate Tart
🔹️Mango Coconut Dacquiose
🔹️Raspberry Bandung St Honore
Do not give their Durian Crumble a miss! ❤ If you like icy treats, there is Affogato ☕ & Thai Milk Tea ice cream, as well as Raspberry Yoghurt & Vanilla soft serve! 🍦
Buffet prices are as such:
✔Lunch: $58++/$29++ (adult/child)
✔Dinner: $78++/$39++ (adult/child)
📢LUCKY DRAW📢 Every guest who dines during this period stands a chance to win a pair of return economy tickets to Bangkok on Thai Airways & 2night stay at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park! ☘
Time to head down for EnTHAIsing Siam at @SheratonTowersSg! 👍🏻

At $53.90 you get unlimited sashimi, grilled items, noodles, sushi, soup and many many more. A very worth while Japanese buffet at The Central area.