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Risotto was to die for. So creamy and smooth with bites of mushroom in every mouthful.

Steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Sweet potato fries were addictive!

This is twice the cost of a Ya Kun Set A (and without coffee!) but the kaya jam is really something unique that is worth trying at least once. It’s very coconutty and you can taste the lumps of kaya curd which is great fun for me. The Hokkaido bread was all right and soft-boiled eggs were nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. The kaya is really the star of the show here. Too bad they don’t sell the kaya as a standalone item!

This platter was very hearty and certainly filling, though no standouts for me save for the creamy scrambled eggs and vine tomatoes!

Service was excellent, though. I appreciated that the waitress made casual small talk with us when checking into SafeEntry etc. – these light touches go a long way!

Oreo Bing-su (S: $7.50, L: $11.90)
Honestly came for the Speculoos bingsu, but it was sadly sold out that day. Really surprised by the huge portion, esp for the large one. Their shaved ice was really soft, but it was just lacking the milky flavour I was looking out for. Also didn't strike me as Oreo, but closer to cheap choc kind of flavour, although I really wouldn't mind heading back to try their Speculoos considering the huge portion and price.

[Desert Dessert]
Located in the neighborhood of AMK, with the nearest MRT being Mayflower Station (new Thomson–East Coast line), @desertdessert.sg were pretty packed on a weekend night when I visited.

Belgian Waffle ($5.50)
Added $4 for Pistachio Icecream (Premium Scoop), and I was pleasantly surprised by the Pistachio Icecream which was really strong and nutty, except that it was a little sweet - the kind that would make your throat hurt a little.
The waffles also retained its Crispiness even after some time, and paired pretty well with the Honey.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

we ordered their big breakfast, salmon mac & cheese, 2 portions of garlic butter pasta and a tiramisu.

as shown, the portion for the big breakfast is huuugggee! we couldn’t finish it, unfortunately. the tater tots & scrambled egg were the highlights of this dish — tater tots were perfectly crispy and the scrambled egg had a nice balance of butter, salt and general egg taste :•]

salmon mac & cheese was good too, the cheese pull was very satisfying, there was a nice mix of mac, salmon & broccoli and they were fairly generous with their salmon portion too! i liked that the dish was creamy enough, but not overwhelmingly salty/jelat.

garlic butter pasta had a really nice flavour at first but the dish soon became a little too salty. the flavour was there & smelt really good so i think all’s superb as long as the salt is toned down a bit.

finally, we got their tiramisu (original plus). they had to defrost the tiramisu for this flavour so it was a bit icy when we ate it. though i would’ve preferred a completely defrosted one, we gobbled it down and before we knew it, we were debating over the last bit in the bottle … XD i liked the coffee flavour and felt the finger to cream ratio was quite balanced. the fingers were full of moisture and not dry, really liked the tiramisu.

the environment was not bad and their name card is especially adorable. especially with the 2 pax limitation, the space was roomy and very comfortable. the cats paintings on the walls were very adorable too hehe

we spent a total of $50+. if not for the burpple discount, the costs would be too much. would return if not for the costs/low wallet budget of mine 🥲👍🏻

overall: 7.2/10


Visited on 12 May 2021
~$15 after 30% off with Burpple
Choice of poached or scrambled eggs
My friend and I felt that it was rather bland and only when we were almost done with the food then we realised salt and pepper were self service -> tasted much better after that 🙂
The paywave machine had some issues on that day so it kinda interrupted our meal as the waitress tried a few times before we resorted to paying with NETS.
A quaint and nice cafe to chill.

At 9.20 am, no even 1 soul is in the whole Cafe (Punch next door is packed), waitress blur like sotong, hv problem of explaining how the 1 for 1 Burpple Deal works (insists we get the exact same item instead of mixing & matching), getting the bill wrong (full charge despite Burple redemption), staff hv different of getting my bill, hv to keep asking different person for it. Through out an hour we were there, no one was at the dining area (all staff r in the kitchen). We were presented a piece of untoasted Sourdough, some tasteless smash avocado with generous amount of pumpkin seeds, the whole experience certainly make us feel like we step into a wrong unchanted cafe operated by inexperienced operator.

Best muffins I had for quite some time.

These muffins are made with Yogurt. How interesting.

The muffins are very soft and moist. I really enjoyed the double chocolate and the caramel sea salt.

The double chocolate muffin was so soft and moist and have chocolate fudge sauce inside as well. Damn good

The caramel Sea salt muffin have this retro taste, like something I used to eat when I was young back in the early 90s.

A little pricey, one muffin costs $2. But 5 get 1 free(when near closing time)

When definitely return for more.