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Waffle drizzled with gula melaka sauce, sea salt custard cream, caramelised walnut and lastly topped with vanilla ice cream and boba

Soft-launched in early April, DOUGH is opened by the folks behind Glyph Supply Co. and Runes, and the café has a Korean-inspired interior with a self-service counter to pick up your own bakes. Perhaps the most popular bake from the café is the Strawberry Brioche ($5), a brioche bun with a crispy meringue top layer and strawberry custard filling. It can get a bit too surfeited towards the end as the creamy custard is a bit on the heavier side but something different about it is that there is a hint of basil in the mixture, which gives it a unique touch.
📍 30 Victoria Street, CHIJMES, Unit 01-30, Singapore 187996
🍴 [Self Funded]

With two ombre Mother’s Day exclusive cakes available, the Yammy Mummy ($38.80) is made with Dajia yam from Taiwan layered with yam chiffon cake, yam filling, pudding cubes and fresh cream. The cake is then dressed in buttercream and hand-sprayed with purple cocoa butter before topping with fresh strawberries, blueberries and butterfly décor. In addition to the cakes selection, there is an assortment of buns such as the Yammy Croissant ($2.50) that contains mochi and yam paste, Mochi Cheese ($2.20), Blueberry Cheese Brioche ($4.80), So Yammy ($1.80) and Sweet Pur-tato ($1.60), all part of the Mother’s Day series. To pair with these bakes, you can wash it down with the Butterfly Pea Lemonade ($2.40) and Pur-tato Soy Milk ($2.40). Exclusive to the BreadTalk e-store is the Rolling with Yam ($12.80), a swiss roll of yam chiffon cake with yam filling and pudding.
✨ BreadTalk
📍 Available at all retail outlets islandwide
🌐 https://www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Potong Pasir is pretty much a foodie enclave these days even when it comes to places that seemingly captures the more hipster options — gone were the days of how it is a sleepy neighbourhood, and now it seems to be filled with new dining establishments such as that of Sweet Cheeks Gelato, Ho Jia Ga, Ms. Durian etc.; all of which are establishments which I would think about visiting whilst in this area.

Kizuna is probably the establishments that bridges the new and the old — taking over the former premises of Shangri-La Confectionary & Delicatessen, the cafe is also run by the third-generation of owners of the afore-mentioned bakery. Whilst the signature would the Tau Sar Piah from “the old bakery”, the recently Nasi Lemak Scone + Sambal signifies more than just a fusion of old and new — also an item that probably sees local elements infused into Singapore’s colonial past. The Nasi Lemak scone is essentially a Pandan-infused scone which comes with specks of Ikan Bilis and Peanut embedded within; the scone still carries a slight hint of buttery saltishness like any other scone whilst being less dense and fluffier than most we have come across, but comes with a hint of Pandan that lightly perfumes the batter within — the flavours of which intensifies when one goes towards the middle of the scone, with the peanuts and Ikan Bilis delivering a soft crunch. While that alone may be quirky enough for some, Kizuna hasn’t forgotten how the English will always have their scones with clotted cream or jam — they have interestingly settled for sambal as the “spread” to bring the Nasi Lemak Scone further. As quirky as it may seem, the buttery saltishness of the scone worked pretty well with the savouriness of the sambal chili that they had opted to use here — as weird as it may have sounded, but it ended up being a very palatable combination that we actually enjoyed.

I recalled going to Kizuna for the very first time during Election Day in 2020 when they had just opened their doors — but this recent visit felt different; perhaps a more matured rendition of the space that seems to meld the old and the new just right with a story to tell. Very few establishments has a heritage behind them, and not all of them carries the character and image well to their advantage — but Kizuna strikes a good balance in between the two by offering something familiar, and also providing patrons with local flavours whilst also exploring on innovative ways to showcase that sense of local identity into their legacy. This is also why Kizuna does seem to carry an appeal of its own that some people find so charming — something which I am finally able to understand if not for making this revisit whilst being in the neighbourhood.

A trio of gula melaka cake, berries waffles with soft serve and ice latte. Definitely the place to go for a sweet weekend. Seating space is a tad small so be ready to wait in line.

13 Apr’21, Tue🌤
📍Equate Coffee
- Solid Gold (House Blend)

Fully Washed
Chocolate/ Nuts/ Caramel

Running out of coffee beans at home and decided to give Equate Coffee’s a try, for a change~

Pretty nice I would say, for 250g of whole beans at $14, quite worth it eh!

Damage: $14

13 Apr’21, Tue🌤
📍Equate Coffee
- White (Tall)☕️

Who say cannot go cafe on a weekday?

Pop by to grab a cup of coffee during lunch hour...

Heavy-bodied, creamy foam, caramel nutty finish, latte art even for to-go, nice!

Damage: $5.50

Used the burpple 1 for 1 on the mains + drinks. Nothing outstanding, the food was decent but the drinks were diluted. Nice cafe to relax on a weekend.

Usually sardine tastes horrible but this tomato sardine Kueh is actually edible. Doesn't sound like a compliment but damn the execution is unbelievable. The balance of tomato and sardine was on point. It's worth a try simply because it's hard to believe sardines in tomato sauce are otherwise edible >

Not bad at all, there's a thick sweet fine-grained sauce which is kinda reminiscent of satay sauce. Delicious on its own