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Recommended lists of Best Cakes in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Cakes Best Cakes in Singapore 2016 No celebratory event is complete without cake. Here are the best places to buy whole cakes from; whether it's a soft, light-as-air Japanese cheesecake, a creamy, rich and dense dark chocolate cake, or even a luscious banana pie; whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary or even to celebrate post-ORD (yes it is a legit reason for cake!), all 24 bakes shortlisted in this guide have risen to the occasion. So get your fork ready for a slice of the action and let there be cake, cake, cake!

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Top 10 places for Cakes

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Served warm, it is crisp externally, moist and crumbly internally. Texture and flavour are 👍👍👍. Comparable to the standard in Melbourne.
Mine served with butter and jam, if they have cream, it will just be perfect. Maybe I need to psyco @eatwithroy and @diana333 to add cream for this 😄😄😄.
Savoury scones are available as well, infused with rosemary and parmesan.
Now @littledevil_98 can get her fix of plain scones in SG.
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Pretty looking dessert. Not really worth the price though at 17.90. Rather stick w the chocolate avalanche.

Item ordered: potato french ($3.20) - a bit too gelat for me because of the rich amount of mayo

Food: 3/5 - haha is it really the best seller?
Ambiance: 4/5 - good place to chill & study! but it is really cold so bring a jacket if you’re intending to stay for long
Service: 4/5
Overall experience: 4/5

White ($4.50)
Chanced upon and was so impressed with the decor of the place. The entrance is lined with booths for people to sit and enjoy their cuppa and the walls were adorned with art for sale. Ordered my flat white made from 50% Mata Do Sino beans from Brazil and 50% La joyeria from Columbia. The result is a rich chocolaty taste with hints of almond and hazelnut. Really relaxing to take a coffee break here!

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The most expensive Kueh Salat we have ever had, but along with its price tag came a level of finesse. While there were parts of the sticky rice that were uncooked, it was mostly cooked perfectly, soft yet retaining a level of chewiness and bite. The star of the show was the custard though: it was smooth, the coconut milk tasted extremely fresh, and the pandan super fragrant. Worth a try for sure if you’re a nyonya kueh fan, for a more sophisticated and elegant version of this dish.

Can Order👍

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Bread lovers rejoice! Homegrown bakery, Barcook Bakery has launched 7 new veggie-centric buns!
Never thought that I’ll be intrigued by veggie-centric buns but some of the offerings here did wow me! .
The crowd favourite was the Lotus Trio ($2.80) which had 3 slices of lotus root topped with cheese and bechamel sauce while I liked the Veggie Fondue ($2.80) too, since my favourite broccoli was on it and was inspired by a cheese fondue ◡̈
Other offerings include Spring Mindori ($2.50), Mushroom Issho ($2.50), Tomato Basil ($2), Spinach Gomae ($2) & Leek Wasabi ($2.50)!

Oh My Cafe at the basement of Westgate looks like a fairytale-themed cafe, but it is actually a Korean restaurant! It serves traditional Korean fare such as Korean Temple Food and fusion dishes such as Jamon Parma Ham Salad. It also has a range of Korea Strawberry in Strawberry drinks series made with fresh Korean strawberries that is healthy and offers many health benefits.

From their Facebook, October November Seasonal cake: Green Tea Checkers, today FB posting: Raspberry Chocolate and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness this October: Pink Eclair (50% of all proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Cancer Society).
Great vibes!

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Location: @tiannsbakery 71 Seng Poh Road, #01-35, Singapore
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Got this lovely takeaway cheesecake surprise. And found a blueberry cheesecake inside! Texture was smooth and creamy but a little too sweet for my liking. Might consider trying their other flavours next time!

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Haha the Halibut is hidden under the saffron foam. The fresh sweet Halibut and The
savoury cured ham complement each other very well.
Marmalade Pantry Downtown
📍01-01, Oasia Hotel Downtown
📍100 Peck Seah Street
📍Singapore 079333
📞+65 6385 0741
🕛Buffet Breakfast:
🕛(Mon–Sun) 6.30am to 10.30am
🕛All Day Dining:
🕛(Mon–Sun) 11.30am to 10.30pm
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The sweet note of meringue complemented the tartness and acidity of lemon custard but I found myself scrapping off the meringue towards the end 🤣 🙊

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