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When the waffles and ice cream craving hits, pop by this reliable joint along Hougang Street to satiate cravings. Order the Whoaffles with Double Scoop ($14) for maximum enjoyment – we recommend getting the fragrant Lavender and Pandan flavoured ice creams to pair with your crisp, fluffy and buttery waffles.
Photo by Burppler Darien Tan

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8 Feb’19, Fri⛅️⁣⁣
📍Nesuto⁣⁣ Patisserie
- C3 Cheesecake🧀⁣⁣
- Le’ Chocolat🍫⁣⁣
Becos got Burpple Beyond one-for-one, just eat only!😋⁣⁣
Probably the pâtisserie which I frequent the most...😜⁣⁣

First time trying these 2 cakes and they are just so good~

Like the base of the cheesecake, making the cheesecake a little different from the norm, like Oreo or something, the cheesecake portion is not too jelak, I can finish it on my own I guess~

As for the chocolate cake, the mousse inside is nicely filled, eating it with the base, delish~ and what not, the appearance is so “shiny”, instagram-worthy okay~

So far for the cakes I’ve tried here, find that they are all nice leh~ except for the one with cherry and liquor which I find it too “adult taste” to my likings...

Damage: $9.90 (Burpple Beyond one-for-one)

My go to bakery for fresh bread whenever I feel like I have a lil more moolAh 🤪🤙🏻💰

Am a big fan of sourdough bread & their olive bread is my personal fav apart from their cranberry flaxseed bread. Pretty pricey as it is $5 for a small portion but i dare say it’s a cut above other bakeries I’ve tried.

2 Feb’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍Hvala⁣ (Chjimes)
- Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut Cake🍰⁣
- Hojicha Latte🍵⁣

Back here again!

Like the bitterness and the milk just balanced it out which is not overpowering, nice!

As for the honey earl grey hazelnut cake, a little dry and the cake like not as compact as I expect it to be (look at the holes), not bad for a try, but I think once is enough...

Damage: $13.60

“I know I love passionfruit but I didn’t know the cake is also passionfruit flavor.” ・ 📌Carpenter and Cook ・ Passionfruit Meringue Tart $6.8 Iced Passionfruit Black Tea $5.8 タルトがね、レモンタルトだと思ってたのよね。 一口食べてハッとして。 まさかのパッションフルーツかぶり(笑) 無理も承知で、ドリンクをテイクアウトにしたいとお願いしたら、快くテイクアウトカップに入れ直してくれました。 ビンテージ家具が大好きなオーナーのこだわりが詰まった店内は、本当に細かいところまでこだわっていて、パッションが伝わってきます。 ここに来る前に、ホッケンミー食べて、エッグタルト食べて、この後チェンドルも食べに行く予定だったので、ケーキをシェアするのが精一杯。 パッションフルーツのタルトって初めて食べたかも? 好き。 パッションフルーツの酸味が絶妙。 大の甘党でケーキと言えばキャラメルとか甘〜いのが好きだったけど、最近は酸味のあるケーキも好きになってきました。 いい歳の取り方に違いない。(笑) フードも美味しそうなのでまた再訪したい。 #carpenterandcook @carpenterandcook #passionfruit #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールカフェ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポール子育て #🇸🇬 #singaporeinsta #singaporeinsiders #igsg #singaporecafe #sgcafe#sweettooth #sgcafehopping #eatoutsg #foodpics #burpple #みど朝活隊

Not really keen on this honestly. The bitter, floral, umami matcha taste was way too mild for my liking, which made it seem like another Milo drink. 😭 I’ll definitely stick to my usual Hot Coconut Chocolate drink. 🥴


This has a swirl of thick strawberry jam and smooth strawberry cream, within a strawberry infused sponge cake.
The Swiss roll cake is super soft and fluffy in texture, with a light fruity sweet sour flavour. Refreshing and bright, this will appeal to those who love strawberries.
Rich & Good Cake Shop
More details in profile & blog

This has a swirl of thick chocolate ganache, within a chocolate infused sponge cake.
The Swiss roll cake is super soft and fluffy in texture, with a deep chocolatey nutty sweet flavour. This will appeal to chocolate aficionados.
Rich & Good Cake Shop
More details in profile & blog

'Japanese sweet roll filled with imported Japanese Tsubu-an (Chunky red bean paste)'
- Very thick and fragrant red bean within a soft fluffy bun
Surprisingly good, Very satisfying especially if you like red bean
Taste: 8.5/10

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Basque Burnt Cheesecake was so good we ordered another slice. Pretty solid for sure, but the comparatively less flavourfulness and less oozing means it gets overshadowed by the original flavour. Matcha taste wasnt too strong either

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Feat their chilli crab linguine w generous amounts of crab meat $18 🤤😌😍 & their truffle foie gras linguine $24.⁣

The chilli 🦀 crab linguine was cooked well~ al dente & I polished the plate within minutes 🤤🤤 I wished they added more spice into the chilli crab cause I think that extra spice would make this dish stand out more. 🤩🤩⁣

If you like foie gras, this one was super tender and it was mixed w blueberries and truffle. Shiok~ ⁣

The ambience was v chill w great music & I loved the Alice in Wonderland theme. 😍 Swipe to my video to get a glimpse of the restaurant. 🤩⁣