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Their fish curry is more creamy than the usual. Flavorful but it would be nice if they can remove the scales 😄

Disappointing, especially given the brand. The chicken was clearly pre-cooked, therefore it's very dry. The kecap manis was trying desperately to hide that fact.

There was a time Arnold's represented nostalgia and satisfaction. I was craving it. Although this was fine, it's no longer ahead of the competition. It's juicy but the marinade was confusing. The fries were a bit too thick for me as well. The best thing was actually the coleslaw!

Oreo milk tea tasted a little diluted. Belgium cocoa milk tea with pearl is good. Pearls are chewy and soft. Would come back to try the rest.

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Hidden in a humble kopitiam in Hougang is this stall that sells some darn good hokkien mee ($4/5) at night. You know its good when there's a huge queue for the beautiful plate of slurp-worthy goodness. The broth used is very thick and flavourful, and ingredients are very fresh. It's interesting how they use some kind of braised meat as well! This is one shiok meal but I must warn you, the Hawker does not really adhere to his opening hours so you will be lucky if you are able to catch him 🤣

Gelato was good but waffles meh 🤷🏻‍♀️ (tried the coffee waffles!!) Nice place to chill and grab dessert hehe ☺️

This is one of my fav prawn noodle places because they’re so generous with the ingredients for the price. The prawns are sweet and the cut of pork that they use is really tender! (My mum says it is pork shoulder.) The seasoning for the noodles is addictively tasty and slightly peppery. The soup on the other hand probably has a ton of pepper inside because it tastes way too peppery for my liking, but my little brother still likes it so it’s probably a matter of preference. This place is famous for their lor mee too, which I love as well, but they sell out really early!

$9.80 for two scoops of premium ice cream and waffles! Very worth using the Burpple Beyond subscription. Love the ambience. Very easy to talk as well. The ice cream was rich and creamy, the waffles came drizzled with chocolate sauce (choice of chocolate, caramel or maple syrup)! We paid extra $1 for the premium ice cream scoop. Great for date nights.

Texas Chicken has brought its highly-raved REAL Salted Egg Chicken menu back for a limited time period only from now till 8 September 2021. The menu features the legendary Salted Egg Chicken, along with Honey Butter Biscuit and Sjora Mango Peach.

I rather enjoyed their Salted Egg Chicken – the salted egg taste was legit, and did not taste artificial! It was generously coated on the crispy chicken skin, which made it so addictive!

Get yours now at all Texas Chicken outlets, or order via delivery.

$1 each. Your choice of flavours. This is peanut. Although it’s not the typical Penang crispy version as it tastes softer & thicker.

The minced meat is the unique element at this otherwise normal ytf stall. Unfortunately it's nothing special. It's my first time using ee mee for ytf and it's quite amusing. They do have some uncommon ingredients, which are important for me to buy ytf lol. Shout-out for the big serving too. I just don't understand why it's so oily.

White chrysanthemum ice cream was light and fluffy - it surprisingly had a very airy mouthfeel. Tastewise, the chrysanthemum was strong and overall the flavour was definitely towards the sweet side along with the goji berries. Perfect if you feel like having Chinese dessert but want ice cream at the same time! 😋

The Apple Strudel was my favourite of the two. Being an avid cinnamon fan, the scoop blew me away! The name doesn’t lie - it tastes exactly like an apple strudel, with the cinnamon taste strong in the ice cream and real apple bits giving an additional crunch to the scoop. I enjoyed it, even though the texture was a little bit icy and less creamier than I expected.

Overall, Icebar is a pretty solid neighborhood ice cream shop - I wouldn’t mind dropping by if I’m around. Plus, the Burpple Beyond deal makes it such a steal, I can’t complain really! Service was great as well. The overall atmosphere of the cafe was very positive with its neon lights and chatterings of its chirpy customers. It was almost full when we visited on a Saturday night.