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Premium flavours @ $5.20 with burpple beyond deal.

We got hokkaido strawberry milk and apple yakult, flavours that are less found in other places. The former was mild and creamy, while the latter was a bit sour but refreshing. The serving was generous and enjoyable.

Tried the tai wah bcm. This was the $5 noodles. Loved the ingredients! Pork was soft and goes well with the chilli. Noodles were a tad dry though. Would also prefer if there was more sauce and vinegar.

Ji De Chi Dessert

Double Skin Milk w Red Bean ($4.60)

didn't really enjoy the dessert bc of double skin milk. I didn't really like the taste of double skin milk :"( and so I never wanted to order ever again.

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Herbal Jelly (Ji De Chi Dessert) ($3.60)
Taste like quite average (a bit sweet w the syrup)

Matcha Crepe Cake (Ji De Chi Dessert) ($6.60)
Hmmmm the colour is nt right for matcha 🤔 but it's quite milky and creamy texture for red bean cream.

Matcha Tofu Snowflake ($6.60) consisted of red bean, yam ball, matcha tofu and ice flake. I really like yam ball so much like smooth and thick texture. Matcha Tofu is similar to matcha snowy ice's food review (please refer bck to the review)

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Garden-themed Modern Chinese Restaurant You Won’t Want To Miss!😬

Located right outside Buangkok MRT Station (Exit B), @onechuan.sg is your friendly neighbourhood yet instagramable restaurant that serves a wide variety of Sichuan dishes with authentic rich flavours.😌

Here’s what we enjoyed…
👉Soupy Lamb Spine Pot - SGD23.80
👉Dry Capsicum Stormfish - SGD23.80
👉Special Pork with Bun - SGD18.80

Be sure to complement all these dishes with ParTea beverages, such as Rose Pu’er Fruit Tea & Jasmine Fruit Tea!😄

[Media Invite] @theprsalon

📍One Chuan 望川
277C Compassvale Link 01-13, S543277
🕚11AM - 3PM & 5PM - 11PM Daily

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Besides the photo-worthy neon signs, Icebar offers a limited selection of gelatos with unique flavours. They are also open late till 2AM on Fridays to Sundays for you to get some late-night ice cream. The gelato here is priced at $4.20 for a classic scoop, $5.20 for premium, $6.20 for super premium flavours and additional scoops for $3.70.

I went with their recommended flavour of grape Yakult (premium) which was supposed to be light on the palate while Binggrae banana (premium) for something milky. The grape Yakult flavour feels light with a very faint grape Yakult flavour. I would love it if they add more grape Yakult into it. The Binggrae banana was creamy and milky, something expectable and not too far off from the actual beverage.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Scoops for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P $5.20/scoop)

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no particular wow factor about this place but it was a pretty cosy cafe w not many patrons & they had comfy sofa seats which made it a nice quiet hangout spot. the waffles ($5.20) were fluffy and sweet but not crispy. had a choice of chocolate, maple or caramel for the waffles. the passionfruit sorbet ($4.50) was sour and flavourful but didn't really taste like passionfruit. the cookies & cream ice cream was good. redeemed burpple on the ice cream so our total bill was only $9.70! the staff were really helpful and nice too 😊

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Heard about the new Tuk Tuk Gai that had recently moved into the coffeeshop situated at Blk 279 Sengkang East Avenue — we had previously visited the coffeeshop for the now-defunct Empyrosis; a western cuisine stall that used to be within the same coffeeshop. There has since been some changes with the tenancy of the stalls here; apart from Tuk Tuk Gai, we had also found a couple of new stalls here such as Da Wei Wang 大煨王 that primarily serves up minced meat noodles, as well as the new Mana Lagi — a concept by the Fattybombom Group that western cuisine, curry rice etc. which are all halal-certified. Tuk Tuk Gai is a concept by the folks behind Yaowarat Seafood — focusing on Thai fried chicken as their primary offering, the stall offers their fried chicken with either Chicken Rice, or Coconut Rice. For those who are not into fried chicken, the stall also offers Garlic Pork as an option for their rice dishes; other Thai dishes that are being served at Tuk Tuk Gai includes Basil Chicken / Pork with Rice, Tom Yum Seafood Noodles Soup, or Thai Green Curry with Rice and Egg. The ala-carte section of the menu comprises of side dishes, while the dessert section has two items listed; a Mango Glutinous Rice and the Tapioca in Coconut Milk.

We were really tempted by the Coconut Rice with Wings and hence went with it; the item being pretty wallet-friendly considering its portion at its price point at $5.90 — comes with coconut rice, sunny side-up, two full Thai fried chicken wings, shallots, Ikan Bilis and peanuts, as well as chili on the side. On first look, one could probably tell that the dish is likely inspired from the local favourite Nasi Lemak, especially considering the condiments that come together with the plate. The rice, which comes with light hue of green, is actually pretty fragrant; comes with a light aroma of Pandan and coconut milk that was fairly alluring, yet being sufficiently moist and fluffy. The sunny side-up is also decently executed; some may call it the the typical “Nasi Lemak / Economic Bee Hoon plastic egg” considering how it looks, but we were actually surprised by how the egg yolk was somewhat runny still as we poked the yolk with the fork. Moving on to the Thai fried chicken wings, we were really impressed with how these ones went — not only were they not greasy, but while despite the fried batter being on the thicker side, we liked how each bite delivered a crunch before one reaches that juicy flesh within. The wings have also been marinated with turmeric before being deep-fried; really enjoyed that slightly sweet yet savoury note of the fried chicken here which was a pleasure to have. To further elevate the texture of the chicken wings, they have also added fried shallots to the dish to up that crisp factor as well. The Ikan Bilis were also kept well — delivered the crunch without being feeling anywhere limp from being displayed for too long, whilst being just saltish enough for flavour; the chili on the side providing quite a good spicy kick whilst being sweet enough just like how Nasi Lemak chili should have been that makes it a good accompaniment to the coconut rice.

One of the biggest draw on Tuk Tuk Gai for us was the price point — really liked how all of the mains here are priced below $10; the only item that is priced above $10 being the Whole Thai Fried Chicken which costs $12.90. In terms of food quality, we found that Tuk Tuk Gai delivered; definitely enjoyed the Coconut Rice with Wings that was a great alternative to a usual plate of Nasi Lemak in terms of its composition and price point. Overall, a spot which we are definitely happy to revisit again — value-for-money, and a gem in that Sengkang residents would likely be excited to check out.

Visited One Chuan, a Sichuan restaurant located right outside Buangkok MRT station, with my foodie friends recently. The interior here is really pretty, and dining here does give you a sense of tranquility with its nature-themed ambience.

As for the food, the ones that made an impression for me were the Dry Capsicum Steamfish (fish slices were tender and flaky!) and Crispy Fried Eggplant (taste was sweet, and it was still pretty crispy by the time we ate it!).

Clockwise from bottom left:
~Dry Capsicum Steamfish ($23.80)
~Fried Spicy Chilli Chicken ($14)
~Crispy Fried Eggplant ($12.80)
~Appetiser Cucumber ($6.80)
~Matcha Lava Cake ($6)

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quite an enjoyable textural experience with the crunchy cong + light clouds of meat + salty clear broth. But taste wise not super porky. It is more reminiscent of chicken rice soup with a pork slant + pork ingredients (meatballs, pork slices). Still a nice accompaniment to the noodles though!!

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