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White chrysanthemum ice cream was light and fluffy - it surprisingly had a very airy mouthfeel. Tastewise, the chrysanthemum was strong and overall the flavour was definitely towards the sweet side along with the goji berries. Perfect if you feel like having Chinese dessert but want ice cream at the same time! 😋

The Apple Strudel was my favourite of the two. Being an avid cinnamon fan, the scoop blew me away! The name doesn’t lie - it tastes exactly like an apple strudel, with the cinnamon taste strong in the ice cream and real apple bits giving an additional crunch to the scoop. I enjoyed it, even though the texture was a little bit icy and less creamier than I expected.

Overall, Icebar is a pretty solid neighborhood ice cream shop - I wouldn’t mind dropping by if I’m around. Plus, the Burpple Beyond deal makes it such a steal, I can’t complain really! Service was great as well. The overall atmosphere of the cafe was very positive with its neon lights and chatterings of its chirpy customers. It was almost full when we visited on a Saturday night.

Committed to making quality western food affordable and accessible to everyone, head down to this casual dining concept by COLLIN'S® in Hougang! Tuck into their Mixed Grill Platter ($15) for a generous serving of 3 proteins and 3 sides, perfect for sharing or mix and match in their Create Your Own Meal, which comes with a choice of 1 protein, 3 sides and 1 sauce. Order the signature Chicken Fungi Aglio Olio ($8) and additional Beer Battered Black and Tan Onion Rings ($4.50) for sharing!\
Photo by Burppler Jeff Lim


Ordered the mix and match desserts that allows us to choose our base, toppings, and liquid topping! Ordered the aiyu jelly and grass jelling mix, qq balls, pudding, and brown sugar konjac toppings with brown sugar milk tea! Worth it with 1 for 1!

Buangkok residents can now escape the sweltering heat at this new hipster gelato spot in Hougang Green Shopping Mall! With it's flashy neon lights and unique gelato flavours, be sure to add on Waffles for $5 to go along with a single scoop ($3.90) of Hojicha, Caramel Popcorn and White Chrysanthemum & Goji Berries. Burppler Xing Wei Chua sang high praises for the Milo Dinosaur, which was "sufficiently rich without biting the throat given the “heatiness” of Milo and just sweet enough without being cloying."
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Get crowded real fast even on weekday evening. Ice cream tase wise is pretty unique. However, cafe only have 1 waffle machine so the waiting time is pretty long if u plan to order waffle.

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Generous serving for the price and really lovely decorations. The staff were really friendly and really good at taking photographs haha! Ordered 6 scoops for 5 of us and all of us had different favourites. Special shoutout to the white chrysanthemum and goji berries flavour, if you really like liangteh you will love this! Earl grey tea lovers please get the earl grey ice cream because it’s so flavourful!!

The two large pieces of fish were abnormally good. Crispy and fragrant. Not enough curry for me.

An okay bowl. Okay fish, okay soup. It comes with egg floss, no need to pay to add.

Uji Matcha (Premium - $1) X Hojicha (2 Scoops - $7.60) I felt that their ice cream cups was quite small tbh and managed to hold on two scoops of ice cream :"). I didn't really taste much on Uji Matcha but it's just normal to me. Hojicha was slightly strong roasted tea (or coffee?) taste but for me I didn't expected that it's quite so good than Uji Matcha. Wanted to try with Apple Strudel or ice cream flavours over the counters + waffles next time again :)