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Go-to place for ice cream not because its very nice but because its super near my house. Black charcoal waffle is especially nice tho. Simple yet very fulfilling. This place also offers many exotic ice cream flavours like D24 durian, nasi lemak, otah, etc but i would give those a miss cause it taste quite artificial. But their classic flavours like rocky road, mint, salter caramel are pretty good. Tried their pistachio cake once and it was not that good. The cakes doesn鈥檛 look visually appealing as well hence i didn鈥檛 bother to try to rest as well so some might be good? All in all, a cosy and nice place with decent waffle and ice cream!

Living the Korean lifestyle of KFC with beer. They have this ongoing promotion of 10 pcs for $17 which is very worth it. Available flavours: original (aka plain), soya, spicy yangnyum.

I personally prefer the spicy yangnyum one cos it is more flavourful. Try having it with the grapefruit soju mixed with beer!

Melon bingsu is refreshing especially with the vanilla ice cream. A pity we had to waste the rest of the melon flesh as it was kinda difficult to dig the melon.

L to R: Seafood Pancake, Lotus Roots Fries, Bulgogi Fries

These are the recommendations from a friend. I love that they use thick-cut fries for the Bulgogi fries and the lotus roots fries are so addictive! If you order the beer during the happy hours, you would receive free lotus roots fries too!

Slightly more exp than usual ice cream cafes- Almost $9 for two big scoops with the cone. However, definitely one of the better ice cream cafes in the area, worth a try if you're ever near punggol park as it is situated in the area behind the park.

A little too sweet but I鈥檓 not complaining. 馃構
Sea-salt caramel ice cream ($3.50): Can鈥檛 go wrong with this.
Bask in the strong hipster vibes in this not-so-heavily patronised neighbourhood cafe in Upp Serangoon, conducive for some light Saturday afternoon reading with a glass of iced mocha.

Enjoyed my time here at this hidden gem located in Hougang. Pose with me ($10.00) Toasted French Brioche with Pistachio Ice Cream, Banana, Granola and Caramel Drizzle. .
Location: @minglemanglesg Blk 476 upper Serangoon View, #02-07, Hougang Capeview, Singapore 530476
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A hidden gem in the Hougang neighbourhood, a place to mingle with friends and family with a cup of coffee and some unique freshly made ice cream flavours. On top of these, check out their interesting waffles flavours like Rum & Choc Chip / Churrios / Cookies & Cream / Salted Caramel and more. Priced from $6.50 to $7.50 each. Top up with a scoop of classic ice cream at $3.90 or premium ice cream at $4.60.
Location: @minglemanglesg Blk 476 upper Serangoon View, #02-07, Hougang Capeview, Singapore 530476
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So expensive though $34. This is my first time trying Arnold's, some thoughts; their chickens are better cooked than KFC. Very juicy and tender, not bloody or dry. However it is very oily, not much spice or flavour. The mashed potato is tasteless. I would still rank KFC as my favourite but Arnold's can cook better 馃槀 maybe lesser MSG?馃槀

Served with potato wedges, fresh saut茅ed vegetables and mint jelly 銆$22.90

Grilled to perfection. Served with homemade mashed potato, fresh saut茅ed vegetables 銆$23.90

A compact space nestled in the Hougang Green shopping district, The Stressed Stop offers a number of, proudly claimed to be made from scratch. Their gelato is supposedly done using the French custard ice cream method, which incorporates tempered eggs (hot milk into eggs and then whisked vigorously to prevent them from cooking/scrambling) into the mixture. 馃崷馃嵆

I had a fairly decent experience here. This place spans only over a few square metres and has limited number of seatings. It felt like a take-away concept, but the owner strongly suggested on dining in instead, to ensure the food's freshness. He, who had an amiable, cheery and enthusiastic disposition, kept the ambience casual and chill, and can be frequently heard engaging in friendly small talks with somebody. When it came down to business, he was on the ball, ready to give proper introduction to his products and current promotions. That helped to prime me on what I should go for, which includes their waffles and ice cream, cookie sandwiches and even cr茅me br没l茅es.

I had the Waffles w/ Butterscotch Ice Cream ($4.50). It definitely left more to be desired. The textures of the gelato were a little too sticky and gummy for my liking, but the more pronounced taste (thanks to the approach of creating their gelati) is certainly detectable. The waffles were bent on the chewy side, but I will say that I was digging the cinnamon flavour that was racing throughout in a tributary-like fashion.

The Stressed Stop is a decent and modest dessert parlour for denizens near Hougang Green to get their quick fix of ice-cream, but they can definitely kick it up a notch with a few tweaks. Otherwise, I'll be back to try more soon when I'm around the area! 馃檪 (6.9/10)