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📌 initial plan was to grab lOr meE but they ran out of it p eArleH around 12pm!!

🍤The noODles were abovE avErAgE I wouLd sAy!! Would gIve it a 7.5/10. LoVe hoW thEy dOnt slicE the prAwns into smAller pIecEs (scAmmEr shIt y0)
& the cHilli sAuce wAs rLY goOd!!

PersonAlly wOnt trAvel dOwn fo this boWl of noODles but p conVi fOr me sinCe bUbz livEs nEarby. dO be PrepAred to qUeue siNCe the lUnchtiMe cRowD is crAzY.

MiGht be baCc to tRy the LoRmEE!! Or mAybe juSt sAve that StomAch spAce for arnOldS

Small waffle, but rather nice.
Pleasant dish.

Love the phad thai, it’s my comfort thai food. Prawns are springy.

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The previous bcm at this kopitiam was Ding Ji, not sure how that died. I don't usually try an unknown and here's why. Although the meatball-within-meatball was yummy and large, the noodles were pathetic. Might be the most alkaline-tasting mee I've eaten, which points to how lousy the cooking was. Drenching so much soy sauce barely helped.

Tried both flavors and I appreciate how thick the flesh was, flavor not as much - the spicy flavor weren’t as strong as I expected it to be; was more sweet than spicy. Also tried their seafood pancake and it was flat, thick and very unlike the usual Korean pancakes. Seafood taste wasn’t there too - don’t recommend ordering that.

Jackpot!!!! Awesome!!!

🍗: Ganjang & Yangnyum - $13/4 pcs
📍: @chickenupsg Singapore

A comforting bowl of seafood aglio olio cooked with generous bits of crab meat and tiger prawns. The overall has a mild cheese and garlicky flavour on the spaghetti which I liked. Not to mention the portion of pasta served is indeed generous and super worth the price tag especially when it comes with chef Bernard's cooking skills and quality seafood》$18.90

Selection of cooking style includes aglio olio, spicy tomato, fresh herbs tomato or cream sauce. Additional $1 for carbonara or tomato cream.

A dependable chain where you can always get good ban mian. The seasoning of black sauce and chilli sauce lifted everything. The egg, dropped in the tasty soup, remained runny.

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with sweet potato fries, broccoli, zucchini and teriyaki sauce》$12

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with aglio olio, red bell pepper, roasted cherry tomato and mango sauce》$12

Common grill by Collin’s have their own customisable menu where one can create your own meal to your liking with 1 protein, 1 carb, 2 sides and sauce. Additional carb/sides is also available at $1 per extra serving.

Collin's has been my all time favourite place when it comes to having an affordable, value for money and hearty western meal. Members get extra 10% off across all Collin's outlet incl coffeeshops 😀

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Lor Mee ($4.00) includes 2 pieces of fried fish fillet and a few slices of braised meat. I added on with an extra touch of vinegar. Its one of best selling bowl at the stall. During lunchtime (12 p.m. to 1 p.m.), the queue for the stall will be formed. The food will be usually sold out by 1.30pm, so it is better to head there for late breakfast or early lunch.

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