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crispy type of orh luak with light wok hei served with big plump oyster, and tangy garlic chilli.
📍Hougang Fried Oyster And Char Kway Teow.
Block 453 hougang avenue 8.

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I came here for their novel dishes, such as ma la pasta and lava egg burger, but most were off their menu. This pasta was al dente and deserves praise, but the salted egg was more sweet than anything. Both the fish and the execution were flawless.

Back at one of our regular spots for orh luak - great if you’re a fan of more crisp versions. It’s seasoned very well and comes with these plump creamy oysters. Still haven’t got to try, but also heard good things about their char kway teow!


Loved the spice of the UFO Topokki but the fried squid was quite disappointing - was too tough to chew and not crispy. Bulgogi fries was good though.

⭐️ 2.5/5, book in advance as it is a small place!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Price: $8

Can’t really taste the truffle but it was a good and generous portion of thick french fries.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Price: $18 - Crispy Up; $20 - Ganjang

One of the BEST Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore. Thin and crispy chicken skin. Super tender, juicy and delicious chicken meat. Both Ganjang and Crispy Up are equally good. Will be back to try the others!

Texas put my previous review for this item in their latest promo video so I figured I should review it properly. This round was definitely more impressive than that time. Apart from the trademark juiciness Texas guarantees, how they always beat KFC is they make a X chicken, not a X-flavoured or X-coated chicken. This item was marinated with salted egg, then topped with salted egg, so it's legit. Not to mention in a market flooded with salted egg theirs actually tasted like good salted egg.

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A great find! The homemade tofu below was good as usual, but chai por plus very soft broccoli elevated it.

The sauce and the tenderness were great, but the meat flavour had that metallic taste quite common in zichar pork.

If you know me, I have high standards for ckt. This was good enough for me on any random occasion.

I was first recommended this hidden gem a few years ago and it was fantastic. Finally back and it's still very good. Both the crispy and the sticky were first-class. Oysters larger than most places. This is the $6 and it's generous.