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First time trying the spam rice balls ($8+)! Anything is nice with Japanese rice. But just the ingredients in it were only spam, seaweed, carrot and green onion. (On the other hand, massizim's rice ball has more variety such as crabmeat etc) the other must order food here is the soya wings ($12+ for 4 wings)! The buangkok outlet doesn't charge service charge! 👍🏻 #burpple #burpplesg #eatigo #eatigosg #chickenup #spam #spamriceballs #riceballs #soyawings #soyachickenwings #chockenwings #chickenupsg #food #foodiesg #sgfoodie #whati8today #8dayseat #vscofoodie #iweeklyfood #foodporn #foodstagram #vscofood #foodphotography #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #sgfoodstagram #singaporeeats #exploresingaporeeats #exploresg #whatsgoodhere #sgfoodie

Just come good' ol fish & chips! Fresh, flaky & slightly unhealthy fish fillets served with rather bland-looking fries. Thank goodness the potatoes tasted better than they looked!

Anyone who’s known me for a while will know of my predilection for orh luak (fried eggs, starch & oyster). Sadly, other than Ah Chuan who’s currently playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ with his ever changing hours, I haven’t really found any other orh luak that’s been stunningly stellar. That is until I stumbled upon Hougang Fried Oyster.

That gooey, greatly gratifying starch mixture is fried fantastically till it’s half gooey, half crispy before the egg goes in and is fried till slightly crispy and plenty fluffy. And that, ladies & gentlemen, is where the fresh, fat oysters come in. About ten of those briny, plumptious beauties are briefly fried before the whole hot mess is carelessly plated up, ready for a torrent of sharp, sourish chili sauce to drench it.

It does get too oily at the end, but there’s no denying the bountiful amounts of enjoyment derived from this ugly delicious plated for fried fabulousness. Besides, if it does get too rich at the end, just splash on more of that sapid, spicy and slightly sour chili sauce! For only five bucks, this is damn good eatin’.


My to go place for 蚝煎 located at the backyard of My hood😍
Blk 435A Hougang Ave 8
[Hougang Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow]
See you there 11.11
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It’s a gem find at this area. Authentic Thai food served by Thai. The basil pork with rice is $4.50, value for money! I had the Tom yum soup, it’s more on the sour side but it’s good!

Pretty surprised how this was located within a Prime Supermarket; a concept that seems to be a new addition to the newer outlets located at Buangkok Square Mall and Blk 461 Yishun Avenue 6, Fishy People Cafe serves up only three items — all of which being fish-related dishes such as Fish & Chips, Fish Soup and Poke Bowl.

Was pretty impressed by the Fish Soup as well as this; the former being a clean-tasting, tomato-based version coming with a choice of either sliced, fried or mixed (mix of both sliced and fried fish) — pretty refreshing. The Fish & Chips was undeniably a stunner; whilst coming slightly more expensive than that served in a coffeeshop or food court at a price of $10.00, this was one Fish & Chips that is of a decent quality for its price — not particularly greasy, generous portions of fish with a crisp batter that is not too thick, and crisp fried that are well-seasoned. Have had many renditions of Fish & Chips elsewhere, but this is certainly more than what I would expect out of a supermarket's diner — one that surpasses that of some coffeeshop stalls and even cafes that serves similar dishes up. And now, I am only left with hoping for a Prime Supermarket to open in my neighbourhood...


Ordered the Pad Thai ($6), Prawn Tofu Omelette ($12), Red Seafood Tom Yum ($7.50) and plain white rice ($1).

The pad thai was very well-seasoned with their mix; you can taste a tinge of spice in the noodles. Noodles were cooked perfectly. Served with fresh, springy prawns (but I think there were about 2-3 only).

Omelette was oily and fluffy throughout! The tofu did little for the egg though, and I feel that you could just order a plain omelette the next time round.

Tom yum was okay, very mediocre. The first spoonful was fishy and the seafood used didn’t taste very fresh.

Space was very private; we were the only diners at 8:30pm on a weekday night. Staff were friendly!

📌 initial plan was to grab lOr meE but they ran out of it p eArleH around 12pm!!

🍤The noODles were abovE avErAgE I wouLd sAy!! Would gIve it a 7.5/10. LoVe hoW thEy dOnt slicE the prAwns into smAller pIecEs (scAmmEr shIt y0)
& the cHilli sAuce wAs rLY goOd!!

PersonAlly wOnt trAvel dOwn fo this boWl of noODles but p conVi fOr me sinCe bUbz livEs nEarby. dO be PrepAred to qUeue siNCe the lUnchtiMe cRowD is crAzY.

MiGht be baCc to tRy the LoRmEE!! Or mAybe juSt sAve that StomAch spAce for arnOldS

Love the phad thai, it’s my comfort thai food. Prawns are springy.

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The previous bcm at this kopitiam was Ding Ji, not sure how that died. I don't usually try an unknown and here's why. Although the meatball-within-meatball was yummy and large, the noodles were pathetic. Might be the most alkaline-tasting mee I've eaten, which points to how lousy the cooking was. Drenching so much soy sauce barely helped.