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I finally understood why 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist is a popular hunt for many when they are craving for char siew and roast pork, even if I wasn’t at the main outlet.

Known for their biscuity roast pork, the ultra crispy roast pork skin crackles differently from many others out there. However, what I personally didn’t really like though, was the chunk of fat in each piece that made it too oily and jelak. Perhaps the next time I should request for leaner meat. On the other hand, I found the char siew here pretty memorable and unique. The extreme caramelic skin was one to die for, as it also comes with a touch of smokiness. I really like how sweet caramelic it was, but the downside is that the skin could get stuck to your teeth easily. Again, the meat could come across slightly fatty.

Highly recommended to pair the meat with their thin egg noodles that doesn’t have any alkaline taste. Tossed in lard oil, the bowl of noodles came really aromatic, but also remember to ask for their chili because the flavorful though slight fiery chili was a perfect pairing.

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Went under the old impression that the Burpple deal was still $16 for 2 pax of chicken chop… unfortunately it has increased in price to $21 for 2 pax! So be aware :)

But other than that no complaints la it’s still good food, just increased in price.

Randomly tried this. The chicken was not bad. Good enough breast meat. The sides were terrible though. The fried tau kwa was tasteless and the greens were bitter. I loved the green ginger sauce. The chilli damn spicy, we barely touched the surface.

Another stall at Changi Villlage Hawker Centre that open early in the morning, selling fishball noodle and minced pork noodle.

Situated at the back row, you can find Lai Heng Fishball Minced Meat Noodle stall here.

Pretty much an ordinary and comfort bak chor mee for the morning.

This aging stall is small, but still attracts a queue for its tasty South Indian dishes, serving quietly since 1986.
Amongst them is this chapati set, 2 pieces of soft chewy unleavened flatbread with grainy savoury sweet smoky flavour, nicely warm.
Served with a delicious potato masala that is soft with bright earthy starchy sweet spice in flavour; and a tender chickpea / chana masala with savoury salty spicy earthy notes.
Kamala Restaurant
@ Tekka Centre, 662 Buffalo Road #01-16
More details:

Seah Family is one of the stall here that sell duck meat with rice, noodle or kway chap.

Most people would come here for their kway chap set. Comes with tender braised duck meat, beancurd and braised egg.

The kway itself has a smooth texture soaking in a rather peppery of herbal soup. The chili sauce was light but easily to enjoy with the dishes.

Take note this is the one pax one, there's also a 2 pax one which is the more prominent one on the menu

It's passable, not nearly intense enough. There's also a lot of potatoes, much more than chicken pieces(tho they were enough)

Somehow i have to admit it's a bit addictive though, not very sure why. Also something interesting is that these 3 things:noodles, ckn and potato seem to harmonise extremely well, when I take a bite of only 2 of them I need to chase it with the third otherwise it doesn't feel complete

Chili absolutely sucks though, noodles werent very good either. It's stuck together and a bit hard, not the mention the shape is a pain to eat.

If you must order this, ask for knife shaven noodles as the experienced customers do. A lot easier to eat

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Minced Pork Noodles 肉脞面 (S$4.50)
Available at @bedok85bcm

Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian 興記肉脞麵
Address 🛖 : Blk 85 Bedok North Road, # 01-07 Fengshan Market & Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 460 085

Kung bao frog legs are cooked till incredibly tender in an immensely savoury and thick sauce with a lingering heat from the dried chilli. While 1 frog cost $8, they have a “buy 2 get 1 free” promotion at $16 and it is only logical to order more to enjoy the promotion. The savoury and thick gong bao paired perfectly with the plain porridge. The most ideal way is to drizzle some sauce over the thick and smooth congee to go along with the tender and juicy froggies. It is always good to have such warm and comforting food for the rainy weather.

》$16 / 3 Frogs (buy 2 get 1 free)
》Plain porridge $3 / Medium