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I will stick to the sweet bean filling one, the peanut filling is a bit too dense, like a dry-ish paste. The skin is nice as usual but it would help if their peanut filling is more flowy. That said, flavour-wise it was not bad, a good balance of sweet & savoury.

I love jixiang, it’s my fav place for akk! The skin is not too thick, the sweet bean filling is well balanced. Have eaten this since young so of course I’m biased towards it. I find this better compared to poh cheu, but if you prefer a big variety of flavours you might be better off at poh cheu. But I like sweet bean-filled akk best so it’s always jixiang for me :)

The glutinous rice had a thick consistency and was not overly sweet. The rice grains were firmer than usual, which would suit those who prefer to have more texture in their glutinous rice. It was fragrant and enjoyable, but we were hoping it would be served hotter as it was only lukewarm.

Unfortunately, the coconut ice cream was underwhelming as you could barely detect any coconut flavour. However, this would still be a decent choice for diners who are not a fan of their signature durian desserts.

The durian mousse caught me by surprise, as it was more like a durian ice blend than the typical mousse consistency one might expect - however, it was very refreshing in the afternoon heat. Highly recommended to top up the additional $1 for the double shot of durian flesh, which was rich and creamy with a bittersweet flavour characteristic of quality durian. I may have gotten a sore throat afterwards, but no regrets.

This used to be really good when the chain was newly opened but I find the quality not as good now. The fish is bland without the sauce. Fries are cold and limp despite having many patrons that day. Not sure why the fries could not newly made? The only thing I enjoyed was the chilli crab sauce, which I’m glad to pay a premium over the original fish & chips for.

In my opinion, this is my favourite place for dumpling & noodles in singapore! Their prices are super affordable and even though the queue is long, the wait is very fast. Pais only $4 for 6 xiaolongbao and $4 for each bowl of noodles. As you can see, the noodles came with generous portions of chicken cutlet & dumpling! Their noodles were springy as they were handmade from scratch.

Spicy fried rice with chilli, prawn paste, egg and chicken.

Spicy but so shiok - different kind of spicy compared to the drunken noodles. This prawn paste spicy fried rice is addictive and not too greasy. Like it with fried sunny egg (+$1.50).

Will order again. Similar pricing to Naakon but much better.

Flat rice noodles, minced pork, bird’s eye chillies, carrots.

Spicy but so shiok. Silky wide rice noodles with thai basil minced meat. Savoury, spicy goodness from the sauce and bird’s eye chillies. Can see why this is everyone’s favourite here.

Will order again. Similar pricing to naakon but much better.

Truly authentic russian cuisine! They have really unique taste and the dumplings were really good. The fillings were generous and the skin was chewy and delicious. The food is surprisingly filling too! My personal favourite is their salmon cheese crepe :) they have a wide variety of alcohol too!

Yam Glutinous Rice Balls with Peanut Soup

Nice & Cheap

(from 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup)

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

Decent but not great, the noodle lack of wok hei and the crispy pork lard not given, probably won’t be going back anytime soon.

(from Youfu Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle)

Dropped by Dumplings.ru to try something different! The staff there were helpful and friendly — they noted that it was our first time here and brought out a menu explaining the different types of fillings that were in the dumplings. My favourites were the beef and the lamb ones! We ordered the combo platter which had 12 dumplings ($19.90). Good for sharing and trying out the different flavours! I also really enjoyed the Salmon Cheese Crepes which had smoked salmon and cream cheese stuffed into the slightly sweet pancake ($12.90).