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Hadn’t been to Lola’s Cafe in quite a while —they are still popular as ever, considering that the cafe is pretty much at its maximum capacity even with dine-in restrictions in place, filled with patrons who have made a reservation and still bustling with takeaway orders as well; there is even a small waiting time involved for walk-in dine-in patrons as well.

Having seen how Lola’s Cafe had recently released a few new tarts and that I have been rather intrigued by tarts lately (must have been those visits to Tarte by Cheryl Koh lately; one time too many), I decided to stop by to give the Sakura Yuzu Meringue Tart a try. Consisting of elements such as White Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Yuzu Curd, Toasted Meringue and Salted Pickled Sakura Flowers, I actually found the Sakura Yuzu Meringue Tart to be pretty appetising. Whilst I had initial concerns that the White Chocolate Ganache carrying a distinct sweetness for a dessert that should be focused on the zingy notes of Yuzu, my fears were unfounded — in fact, the element seems to be largely unnoticeable if included still. The dominant flavours here come from the Yuzu curd — zippy and tangy whilst being smooth like how it should without being overly sour. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the Salted Pickled Sakura Flowers however; understand how it was supposed to provide a flavour contrast but there was this odd lingering sweetness even in the light, airy and smooth meringue that didn’t quite sit well with my taste buds. The tart base was however pretty well-made; slices off cleanly without crumbling into a mess — not too hard but also not too moist and soggy as well. I was actually pretty surprised how well the Sakura Yuzu Meringue Tart went so well with the Iced Peach Oolong Tea I have had on the side as well; a dessert and drink pairing that is especially well-matched to end the day with.

Lola’s Cafe has been pretty much the go-to spot at Kovan for most cafe-hoppers, and it is easy to understand why — reasonable prices and a decent quality of food for what one is paying for essentially makes them a pretty popular and almost “default” cafe option when dining in the ‘hood. While the Sakura Yuzu Meringue Tart has its own shortcomings when it comes to my preferences, it is an item that stays true to that narrative that made Lola’s Cafe what they are now. Would really like to see more creations from them such as these — something that would keep things especially interesting for a reason to revisit.

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Tucked away in the basement of Havelock 2, this bakery dishes up fusion Portugese tarts made fresh daily by the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo! Choose from an assortment of 8 savoury and sweet flavours, ranging from Signature Egg Tart (Original) ($4), Brown Sugar Boba ($6.60) to Savoury Ham & Mushroom ($7) and Lychee Champagne ($6.60). Don't miss out on their top selling flavour — Earl Grey Black Tea ($6.60) and Yam & Purple Potato ($6.60) topped with gongko nuts.

Newly opened in Street 91 of Tampines, this hidden neighbourhood joint serves up authetic and affordable Thai food, perfect for that WFH afternoon lunch break. Take your pick from their wide range of dishes — Thai Fish Cake ($5), Thai Mango Salad ($6), Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($7) and Stir-Fried Basil Leaves with Minced Chicken/Pork ($8) for sharing.

Ordered my thai zichar fix from 99 Thai Taste! They are your typical homely and warm downstairs coffeeshop zichar place nestled below a group of HDB blocks - just that they serve and bring you a platter of Thai goodness and solid delicious food.

I had the Stir-fried kangkong ($7), kai lan ($7), omelette with crabstick and minced chicken ($7), and petai pork ($10), and their thai fishcakes ($6)! All of them were freshly cooked from the pan and were scrumptious. The curry gravy from the petai pork was impeccably rich, and went sooo well with a bed of rice to stabilise the strong flavours. Their thai fishcakes are strongly recommended too! They go well with the sweet/sour chilli sauce - juicy and decadent.

I’d be back if there were more burpple deals :( but I love this place because you can just drop the owner a text (their number on their profile), order, then pay upon collection! so fast and easy :)

Returned today because previous time here was so good.

This time I had the beef steak. Its even better then the chicken chop.

More filling.

One thing I realised is that chilli sauce mixed with their black pepper sauce and onions makes a very damn good combination with the steak.

Cheap and affordable and good.

Just don't expect restaurant standards yah.

Join Group buy to order from @eat3bowls.
The mee sua not soggy, the broth quite flavourful, smooth and not too starchy.The intestine is clean.
Recommended to add black vinegar.
To place an order, can visit this link https://eat3bowls.oddle.me/en_SG/

📍Eat 3 bowls
103 Pasir Panjang Rd.
Singapore 118531

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📍MABC at lucky plaza asia food mall store

Filipino style fried chicken. This was the max fried chicken combo meal ($9.40).

For the price point, i thought it was slightly too expensive with only one chicken drumstick. The fried chicken was also tooo fried and dry for me and the marination for chicken wasnt strong enough for me. but the thick cut fries were alright with the accompanying dip. Liked that they had the option for iced lemon tea!

Perhaps one can try the other combo meals instead if you are here! Heard the korean style and american style fried chicken are good!

Tendon Beef ball soup $4
Looks plain and boring but it is surprisingly flavourful! I thought the soup was light and refreshing but my friend described it as plain and unimpressive. I think it really depends on what kind of person you are ( zhong kou wei or not). Would definitely be back for the tendon beef ball soup! The tendon beef balls are undeniably more flavourful than the beef balls 😋 Skipped the chilli as i felt that it spoils the flavour of the beef balls.

Sliced beef beehoon soup $4
Sliced beef kway teow dry $4
Sliced beef is tender but not v flavourful imo. Initially thought that the sliced beef would have a ‘beefier’ taste as compared to the beef balls

Prices starts from $4
Didnt manage to get the suan pan zi :( Looked amazing tho 😢

Enjoyed every dish i ordered. Felt like a v healthy n hearty meal. 家🏠

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Value for money with most of the dishes priced around $2. Meat was also well marinated.

crispy chicken wings with juicy meat inside! it’s $5 for 3 pieces (wing+drum) so the picture only shows 1.5pieces. really liked the chilli sauce too, got kick🌶

as for the YTF, i really liked the soup! but i felt very thirsty after so must have been the MSG oop. portion was quite small for $4.90 too. but i must say that quite a variety of ingredients were included!

Fresh is the word I will use to describe the food here. From the bun to the patty to even the sauce, the burgers here really fresh tasting. The What The Fish Burger ($8) consist of dory fish that are very beautifully charred and goes very well with the charred zucchini inside! The Classic Beef Burger ($7.50) is juicy but yet not too salty nor oily. I think what hits me most is the hand cut fries ($2.50) which were so fresh and fluffy on the inside. It's bursting with potato flavours 😍 The queue is pretty long here so be sure to make reservations!

From Anisah’s
Hand crafted deep fried curry puff 4 pieces.
Friendly and smiling always.
Great snack for anytime of the day.

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