Recommended lists for Cheap & Good

Recommended lists of Cheap & Good food and restaurants in Singapore
Tastemakers Guide to Bugis Under $15
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good Tastemakers Guide to Bugis Under $15 We're kicking off our very first Burpple Tastemaker-powered guide in one of our favourite haunts — Bugis! Every place on this guide comes highly recommended by our Tastemakers. From sharing authentic Thai food on Tan Quee Lan street with your friends, snacking on pan-fried dumplings in Bugis Village or taking away Indonesian pancakes in Bugis Cube for your colleagues, there's plenty to eat and explore. The bonus? All places featured will cost you under $15! Go forth and feast joyfully — your tummy and wallet will thank you later!
Cheap and Good Food for Groups in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good, Good For Groups Cheap and Good Food for Groups in Singapore It can be tough to please a crowd when planning dinner for a large group, especially so when it has to be affordable. Thankfully, these restaurants offer feasts made specifically for group dining, so you can share some seriously good eats. From french food in a casual setting at Bedok, to tasty korean stews for four in Suntec City to $1 oysters in Tiong Bahru, this guide contains our top 15 places to dining with a group of any size.
10 Cheap and Good Meals Under $10
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good 10 Cheap and Good Meals Under $10 Aside from the typically affordable hawker fare, we've sniffed out 10 cheap and good meals under $10! Whether it's fiery tom yum from a stall tucked away in Burlington Square, a mala hot pot set lunch in Orchard or juicy XLBs from Chinatown Complex Market, here are our favourite wallet-friendly eats. Your wallet can thank us later!
19 Value For Money Eats in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good 19 Value For Money Eats in Singapore Always looking for a good deal? We've updated our guide with 10 more foodie spots that offer incredible value for money, including a massive serving of $23 risotto good for two, $12 Japanese rice bowl sets in the CBD, and luscious pastries under $2. Make this your little black book for penny pinching days!

Top 10 Places for Cheap & Good

Top 10 places for Cheap & Good

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cheap & Good
One look and it was like saying....

I am going to light up the fireworks on your palate. 🔸🔸
A very fiery red with chilli oil here, there and everywhere. I literally prepared myself to be blown off. One spoonful and ... wham! Looks are deceiving. Regardless of it looking like hot lava from a volcano, surprisingly, the spicyness was mild. Not over the top chilli hot. Consistency was not thick but of a more liquidy feel. Easy to slurp .. yes.. I meant every sense of the word.
Have tasted many versions of laksa, I still prefer those that I could eat with chopsticks; those I can pull and stretch every single long strand. This spoon version is better than many. But the "oomph" was not felt.
A hidden gem located in the basement of Roxy Square #inmyhood
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[Tong Fong Fatt Boneless Chicken Rice]
Tried another round of extremely tenderlicious chicken! Situated at ABC Brickworks market and food centre! .
P.S. Thou only 3 pax of us, but we ate 6 plates and bowls of Rice, Chicken and soup!
🎈 # 01-32 , ABC Brickworks food centre

Mee Tai Mak W Century Egg 9.8nett

Noticeable wok hei and century egg was pretty good. Rather savoury esp with the chunks of prawns, and the small amt of chili. Was it my imagination or is there a little bitterness?

#soi19 #thai #wantonmee at Jurong East.

It's really tasty with the green chilli and chilli powder.
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Support Local day.

Three in one combo Laksa, Carrot cake & Bee Hoon. #burpple #7plus #singaporefood #food #foodporn #yum #instafood #TagsForLikes #yummy #amazing #instagood #photooftheday #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #fresh #tasty #foodie #delish #delicious #eating #foodpic #foodpics #eat #hungry #foodgasm #hot #foods #myfab5

One of the oldest-standing popiah in SG

Bought these from a pop-up stall on Kueh Appreciation Day 2017 instead of the original one at Joo Chiat. Apart from their handmade skin, this popiah stands out from the rest in terms of its presentation and taste. First, it's served uncut in a plastic bag so you've to eat it like a burrito; and second, it has a more savoury, crustacean taste than others which often has just one-dimensional flavour. Also, it has bits of beancurds and fried fish skin (I think), making it really unique!

• Soft and chewy skin made on the spot
• Distinct umami taste from the turnips
• Very good crunch from the beansprouts, cucumbers, and fried fish bits
• Generously stuffed
• Skills have been passed down to the third generation! #supportyounghawkers

• Turnips are a little dry
• Would love to have more crunch and fragrance from the peanuts
• Can get a little messy eating from a bag
• People who prefer sweeter popiahs may not enjoy this

Verdict: 4/5 (Just because I'm not used to the unique umami taste and I'm not eating from the original stall)

Koung's Wan Tan Noodle.

Too sweet to my liking. Overall a good plate of wtm. Love the char siew.
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Dry Mee Siam 9.8nett

Like the laksa, it's decent but lacks a punch. Luckily you can ask for extra sauce and they will happily oblige. Did i mention that their prawns are good? >

Dry Laksa 9.8nett

Not the usual laksa flavour but it has been adjusted to suit the dry version i guess. Not bad but lacks a punch and lacks flavour. The prawns were rlly good tho.

Sashimi Don

$12.80, i find this is really worth?? The slices are fresh too. The whole bowl is 👌

Shovel nose shark head, oh my, I am in collagen heaven!

Steamed, topped with a piquant tau cheo sauce which was savoury and not overpowering and accompanied by deep fried crunchy bits of lard, this was just so good. Let's just say I probably ate the lion's share of it.

Growing up in Ipoh, we were spoilt when it comes to Soon Hock or what the locals there call Lam Kong Yue.

Due to its popularity, a lot of restaurants these days serve the farmed versions of this prized fish. Well, today we are lucky enough to have the wild caught Soon Hock. Steamed to perfection the flesh is sweet and has a certain bite to it, unlike the farmed ones which flakes more easily. So yummy! Iggy and Janice, thanks for ordering this. Thorougly enjoyed it.