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Recommended lists of Best Cheap & Good Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good 12 Value For Money Eats in Singapore The plethora of hawker eats in Singapore makes it really easy to get a delicious plate at under $5, but that's not the intention of this week's guide. Instead, we scoured the island to track down establishments that dish out value-conscious options of food that would otherwise set you back quite a bit on your food budget. From a modern European fine-dining meal under $30 to a whole roast duck at $15 and a super affordable tapas set lunch in the heart of town, this guide is packed with budget-friendly options for the penny pinching foodie. Your wallet can thank us later!
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good Tastemakers Guide to Bugis Under $15 We're kicking off our very first Burpple Tastemaker-powered guide in one of our favourite haunts — Bugis! Every place on this guide comes highly recommended by our Tastemakers. From sharing authentic Thai food on Tan Quee Lan street with your friends, snacking on pan-fried dumplings in Bugis Village or taking away Indonesian pancakes in Bugis Cube for your colleagues, there's plenty to eat and explore. The bonus? All places featured will cost you under $15! Go forth and feast joyfully — your tummy and wallet will thank you later!
Burpple Guides, Good For Groups, Cheap & Good Cheap and Good Food for Groups in Singapore It can be tough to please a crowd when planning dinner for a large group, especially so when it has to be affordable. Thankfully, these restaurants offer feasts made specifically for group dining, so you can share some seriously good eats. From french food in a casual setting at Bedok, to tasty korean stews for four in Suntec City to $1 oysters in Tiong Bahru, this guide contains our top 15 places to dining with a group of any size.
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good 10 Cheap and Good Meals Under $10 Aside from the typically affordable hawker fare, we've sniffed out 10 cheap and good meals under $10! Whether it's fiery tom yum from a stall tucked away in Burlington Square, a mala hot pot set lunch in Orchard or juicy XLBs from Chinatown Complex Market, here are our favourite wallet-friendly eats. Your wallet can thank us later!

Top 10 Places for Cheap & Good

Top 10 places for Cheap & Good

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cheap & Good

Vegetarian today. Didn't know that the vegetarian noodle here is actually more than I expected! The damage is just $3 for such a big portion. So try it!

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When my family comes to Maxwell, the fish soup is a sure order; but after an introduction to the above roast meat stall by the Hawker Spotlight event Burrple invited me to, things have changed. Torn between a plate of roast meat or fish soup, the perk of eating as a family allows an order of each to share. As my mum tasted the succulent and well roasted meat platter (叉烧,烧肉,烧鸭) for the first time, she favourably praised my (but actually Burrple’s) recommendation. While my family and I happily chowed down our lunch, I thought “its a joy to share the good stuff with my loved ones”.

P.S: another of my personal favourite here is the popiah stall that serves one of the better popiahs around at $1.30 per roll. On point skin and fillings- a excellent side dish to accompany your hawker spread.

A small cozy place in town that specializes in dry ramen, but also offers rice bowls and sweets. All items on the menu, that's quite limited, cost below $10.
Really worth the price I would say, for this bowl of mentaiko goodiness. Not too fishy, instead the savory mentaiko and the tangy mayonnaise of the mentaiko sauce were pretty appetizing. Could get a little jelak towards the end though due to the creamy thick sauce. Hidden beneath that luscious sauce were pieces of torched salmon. Slight disappointment as I couldn't really taste the charred flavour that's probably masked by the mentaiko sauce. And finally topped by a generous serving of fish roe which adds texture when each bursts in the mouth 🤤

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Last few times it didn’t impress due to inconsistencies.
There wasn’t any queue yet when we tried tonight and our verdicts were mixed. While the stock was quite flavourful and the starchiness was just right; the “ammonium” in the noodles was a bit too strong. Nonetheless, their chilli did stand out for us. Overall, good but not the best to us.

Alexandra Village
Yummy Hong Kong Soups

Being so used to drinking my mum’s soups - I shun from soups served outside because of the tendency to use lots of msg and seasoning or fatty pork / meat which renders the soup “ over nourishing “ .

Yummy HK soups was introduced to me by my dad many years back when they were at Bukit Timah Hawker centre. They have since moved to Alexandra village and standards are as good.

This cordyceps Flower Soup With chicken is so flavourful and filled to the brim with cordyceps flowers , longans , wolf berries and a huge chicken drumstick 🍗 which has been almost cooked to having its meat slide off the bones .
The soup is lightly seasoned , not overly salty not oily .

While most may just throw out the meats in their soups, I love dipping these tender pieces of meat in soy sauce with chilli padi . Just that and a bowl of steaming hot rice is so comforting to the soul.

Evident that the soups here are cooked for many hours , the soup base is almost opaque and filled with the goodness of all the ingredients.

When you are in need of a good bow of nourishing soup - you know where to go 😎

Pu Tian delights

A rainy weather is the best to tuck into this bowl of Heng hwa lor mee.

Chewy handmade noodles in a flavourful broth of clams, vegetables , prawns and pork .

And generously finished with toasted nuts and seaweed.

Simple yet so delectable.

It would have been better if the broth was richer but I am ok given that I couldn’t pick up any trace of oil or msg ( which is great for someone recovering from the flu and fever 🤒).
At 3.50 per bowl - this is so affordable .

A rare find in Hawker centre these days - I am Glad there’s at least an alternative Heng hwa style food here. They also do up a pretty good Heng hwa bee hoon ( and mee swa ) which is very light and tasty .

This $8 bowl came laden with liao. I asked for extra chili but the sauce wasn’t red. But boy it sure was spicy! I loved it! I usually enjoy meatballs more than dumplings but this was the opposite. The dumplings were absolutely yummy! Queue didn’t look long but still took 15 mins. For this quality, I will wait. Only wished for more pork lard.

Can definitely ensure that strong wokhey flavour. Added an extra egg for the gram. So good, so worth it.

Expanding beyond their tiny store in a corner is Kra Pow, which has now taken over 2 units at Far East Plaza.

The hidden gem of this Thai street food store helps to rid your Thai food cravings at pocket friendly prices.

One of my personal favourites is the Drunken Noodle Pork, which is stir fried rice noodles (kway teow), together with basil pork, long beans & chilli padi.

As simple as it sounds, the wok hei flavours are present & adds the extra oomph you need in every mouthful. For chilli lovers, enjoy that spicy punch as well which would either leave you in tears or dripping wet in buckets of perspiration.

For non-chilli lovers, not to worry, you can always ask for non-chilli options, that’s for sure!

On the second floor of Hong Lim Hawker ( just 2 stalls away from ji ji wanton noodles) is this dessert stall that does really good Orh nee .

So creamy and full of real yam goodness without being too sweet or oily - this is really one place that I’d always come back to when I crave for a good bowl of Orh nee .

Given that the lady tending the stall is thai / Vietnamese - and that she could whip up such a good Teochew dessert puts many Chinese dessert stalls to shame :)

At 3.20, it isn’t exactly cheap but when you taste how pure the dessert is without any hideous purple colouring or fillers , I would say it is paying for good quality food :)

🐔 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Hawker Center. They have been around since i was very young but their popularity and quality has declined over the years, but nonetheless kudos to them for surviving. lol Try them if you are feeling nostalgic.