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Salted Caramel toffee atops dense creamy cheesecake.

really enjoyed this dish! the beef doneness was perfect, paired with their homemade sauce drizzled on the rice. love that they have a top-up option for more beef on your don! :)

3 for 3 slices deal!! no need to describe its goodness, true cheesecake fans wld know ;) it was a birthday surprise for a friend who loves their signature over the moon. great for 5-6 pax :)

1 for 1 deal! Thanks to Burpple beyond! 20 skewers, 4 of each flavour.

📍Tonito Latin American Kitchen, Jewel Changi📍
💸 Mexican Ceviche: $25
💸 Fish Taco: $18
💸 Beef Quesadillas: $18
🤩 We used the Burpple 1-1 main dish deal
Had a great lunch at Tonito's today with an even greater view of Jewel's HSBC rain vortex😍. Loved the spread of food we got, from the super refreshing and appetising mexican ceviche to the crispy fish tacos. However, though the beef quesadillas were crispy and cheesy, they were unfortunately dripping with oil😰. Hence, they got a bit greasy towards the end and we felt ourselves having to reach out for the ceviche and salsa to cut the grease. Hence, we'll probably recommend getting their other foods instead, especially the tacos🌮 which had crispy fish🐟 encased in a soft flour tortilla with refreshing cabbage, pineapple salsa and tartar sauce. Loved how all the flavours came together, super delicious👌! Overall, a great place to chill out at Jewel with some good food and a nice view🌆!

Nestled in the buzz of downtown city life, Genius Central can be found in Far East Square right beside Telok Ayer MRT station.

I had the charcoal chicken burger (looked better in the menu), and it was pleasant! the charcoal bun was soft and buttery, and definitely complemented the chicken breast well. the sauce was really savoury, and the potatoes were baked to a crisp! however, i felt that the chicken breast was a tad dry and sad.

Overall, a good dining experience but nothing really to shout about. the ambience was great, and really a nice place to study, though their work and dine promo ($18) was not covered under Burpple.

Bought a whole cake and requested staff to cut it as it is meant for sharing not for birthday. However this request was rejected. Kinda disappointed coz it’s so hard so cut nicely at home.

This pasta really packs a umami punch. Super flavourful and tasty, and a slightly sweet node in the sauce. However, after a while, the sauce becomes slightly thicker which makes the pasta feel much heavier than I would’ve liked. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the flavours in this dish. The bonito flakes gave an interesting texture to the linguine as well. I think it’s definitely worth a try, however, it must be acknowledged that this is a bit pricey for what it is worth.

Cafe is a place with chill vibes and conveniently located at the mall. It wasn’t too crowded when I went on a weekday, and service staff were relatively polite👍🏻


Well-buttered and toasty bun stacked with an extremely flavourful beef patty. The combination of portobello mushrooms, caramelised onions, truffle sauce and cheddar really added additional layers of flavour to the burger - but the complexity became a bit too much after a while. Perhaps doing away with the truffle sauce may help to accentuate the already flavourful beef patty even more, and prevent the burger from getting way too soggy. Love the addition of streaky bacon - though it might have had made the burger a little oily. Appreciated the flowy fried egg🤤 rather worth the price for the quality delivered. Curly fries were also served crisp! Overall, a decent above average burger for the price which I would not mind paying for.


Had a slice of their tiramisu cheesecake - Sicilian Wild Cats! 😻 Spiked with espresso ☕ & constructed with mascarpone cheese 🧀, cream & espresso-soaked lady’s fingers (can have more of this IMO), my only gripe is that this is kids-friendly (i.e. non-alcoholic 🥃).

Sliced tuna seared on the outside, sprinkled with salt and pepper. The seared layer is a little tough and dried. Not amazing, still prefer their signature Aburi Scallop Salmon Don.

Cooked sea eel slices with traditional sauce and seaweed. This is one of the few cooked and warm food items under the Rice Bowls section of the menu. It is a different type of eel, cut thinly and served with a sweet-salty sauce.

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