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Brunched at Toa Payoh the other day and decided to give “Da Cheng Kway Chap” (stall #02-14) a try, mainly because I liked what I saw on display - namely pig’s ears!
To be frank, I still prefer “Feng Ji Kway Chap” at Jalan Batu but I did enjoy this stall’s. Their braised items have an old-school taste which I appreciate and variety is wider than most. For dipping, they provide a chilli sauce with a decent kick and proper acidity. The “kway” (rice sheets) is on the thick side and tends to clump but nothing a bit of chopstick action can’t fix.


I tried both dry and soup, and my personal preference, soup is better than dry
The soup was sweet even though they don't use pork at all, but its too light and not flavourful enough for my liking.
Served with 3 fresh prawns and slice fishcakes.
📍Deanna's Kitchen.
127 Toa Payoh Lor 1,#02-25


Unique preparation style of using machines instead of humans to cook the fried rice! However it’s a little steep on the price for the portion provided in my opinion. I ordered the Mentaiko Salmon Fried Rice ( $10.90 ) doesn’t really has the Mentaiko sauce & very small portion of Salmon. For a food court price might be a little costly to some. If you’re a runny egg lover, the egg that came in this dish might not be for you as it was little on the overcooked side.
As for the fried rice overall, they seemed to use pearl rice which is nice and the rice was a little too moist. good for those who prefers moist fried rice.

I joined the queue at Hup Chong Hakka Yong Dou Foo.
Normally I will go with soup, but limited space in my tummy, I chose dry, which is very good decision.
I really enjoyed the dry version, the sauce sweet and a little bit spicy, the YTF is fresh  and my favourite is the meatball 😆.
Too bad the intestine not clean.
📍Hup Chong Hakka YDF.
124 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh

One of the crispest Carrot cake I ever had!!! Queued for approx.40-50 mins along side with the hokkien mee and I would say, it is worth it. Probably should order >1 packets and the biggest portion to sin at one go 🥺

Amazing chicken! Big, juicy and crispy. On par with other eateries like Collin’s and way better than Astons. The fries and rice are decent! But the best is the sauce. The sauce is amazing. Do try out their combo of cream and black pepper sauce. Service is great too! Warm and friendly.
Service: 8/10
Chicken: 9/10
Sauce: 10/10
Rice: 6/10
Fries: 5/10

It was a simple flat white that gave me the caffeine kick I needed for the rest of the day!

It was a simple plate of waffles with scrambled eggs and honey bacon strips. I loved that the waffles were crispy and light. The whole dish felt very homely in a good way, and the cosy environment also helped to elevate the dish.

We had Bak Kut Teh & Prawn Noodle with Clam.

The bak kut teh lamb meat was so tender. Delicious more on the sweet side.

The prawn noodle clam feels so clean and chewy. Nice.

Tasty curry, savoury eggplant & lady finger, fried chicken and vegetable fritter.
A quick lunch.

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Bean Curd + Grass Jelly + Gingko
Decent portion smooth dessert.
Nice treat always.

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From Deanna’s Kitchen
Awesome bowl of soup noodles.
Succulent crayfish & prawn, flavourful soup, sliced fish cake.
Really enjoyed it a lot.