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soup taste good, chicken leg is fall-off-the-bone-tender, came with yellow noodles sadly (i always think yellow noodles have the kee taste). after a while, the kee taste from the noodles infect the soup liao...

le hubs said first impression when he ate the ramen noodles was "did they buy the ichiran packet ramen and cook it?". ajitama was flavourful and the soup was not bad too.

$7 for this really generous yummy bowl of prawn mee and clams! Don’t think it’s been easy finding halal prawn mee in Singapore, so I’m always excited to have this. Really worth the price for the fresh ingredients used, generous portions and really flavourful broth.

both dishes are nice and delicious. my main gribe is it is both quite sweet for some reason...

Le hubs say very gao meat, thicc, abit 腻 if u eat more than 2

me say why is the meat so sweet ah!! is it supposed to be this sweet???

Very very underrated store in Toa Payoh! This bowl was only ~$6.50 yet packed to the brim. Rice noodles are very comforting and there were many bits of grilled pork. They give you a sufficient amount of sweet chilli sauce (that isn't spicy at all) to pour over your noodles. The combination is simply amazing. Not too heavy also, hence leaving you with the right amount of satiety.

Toa Payoh heartlanders have it good. If you happen to stay in the 120+ block area of TPY Lorong 1, you’ve no shortage of good food at reasonable prices. The dark horse is the roasted pork belly (Siew Yuk). I can mildly taste the five spice and the skin still retains a crunch. Hua Fong Kee is definitely an underrated gem of a neighbourhood eat.

Neither good nor bad; a safe choice to dine at if you’re around the area and just wanna have a quick brunch fix!

From Hua Fong Kee
Awesome looking & tasty sauce over this plate of roasted duck rice.
Highly recommended!

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From the multi tier steamer.
Classic steamed chicken glutinous rice.
Yummy snack!

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From Uggli
Irresistible butter aroma.
Bite sized yummies, daily bakes, consistently fluffy inside.
Muffins to share!

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