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A simple bowl of prawn noodles topped with fishcake and kangkong. The broth is not bad, but definitely differs from the taste of traditional prawn mee soup.

Food Trail - Toa Payoh
Hearty Breakfast at Toa Payoh
- Teochew Handmade Bao #02-02
- You Tiao Man You Tiao, 知者来 #02-05
- Chey Sua Carrot Cake #02-30
Address: 127 Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre Lorong 1 S310127

Visited this recently trending japanese food stall in a coffeeshop and ordered the salmon mentai don. Pricing wise is affordable but taste wise is just alright for me, not something i will travel down all the way for. Rating: 3/5

$6.80 for this deep bowl of handcrafted chicken teriyaki don. Teriyaki sauce is marinated into the chicken meat. Free miso soup for dine in.

Korean Fried Chicken - expect extremely tender and juicy meat under a thin crisp skin, sprinkled with honey butter powder.

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I like how they used purple cabbage to make their coleslaw visually appealing.
Chicken chop was nicely grilled and retained it's tender juiciness. Though I usually prefer my meat to be slightly charred for the smoky aroma.
Cheap and good find in the neighborhood which even my picky mama gave her thumbs up.

Wanted to check out what the hype was about. From top left (clockwise): chicken katsu don ($5.80), salmon mentai don ($8.80) & mentai maki ($5.80, 4 slices per plate). Both dons had not much wow factor, it actually tastes pretty normal. Also, the portions were really small so they can consider sizing up half a portion. Very generous with the mentai sauce for the salmon don- however, the mentai sauce on the salmon did not really complement the teriyaki sauce on the rice. The maki was not up to expectations either- torched salmon was not consistent- the side pieces were more cooked them the middle 2 makis. Perks: very efficient service and had a good system. Miso soup was given for each main ordered :>

☕️Matcha latte
- Smooth taste
- Non sweetened

This is really Matchy with cakes🍰

Enjoy your drink☕️

Assorted slice cakes
🍰 Red velvet cake

🍰 Mango tango - mango with passion fruit

🍰 Diamond black - chocolate with rum

🍰 Nuts about you - Nuts and peanut sauce

Homemade cake, freshly baked.
Worth trying 💚💚💚

🥗Mentai sauce on top of the salmon.
Salmon is soft and tender, super delicious. The sauce is daboom🍥🍥🍥

"Can I have another bowl please?"

🌸One bowl is 8.80 dollars.

It's a must to try... Enjoy!!!

I wonder why all these stalls are so near my home. 😏😏 anyways, I ordered steamed white chicken drum stick and it comes with a soup. The balls are however too mushy for my likings. I also used New ways to edit this photo in photoshop. Let me know if it's better than my past photo. 😂 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️

IMHO, it was tastier than that of Ah Heng's. The curry was creamier and more fragrant, and the chicken was definitely way more tender. Liked to have it was the Mee Kia that went well with the whole thing. What's the best? Order their succulent roasted duck to go along (think Thai curry duck). Yum!