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From 老沈鸡丝面
Popular among the morning regulars.
Tasty bowl of handcrafted noodles.
Tender shredded chicken, springy fish dumpling (鱼饺) & dry Mee Pok.
Wallet friendly prices.
Flavourful experience.

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• Fried chicken:
We had the plain, honey soy and spicy versions and my fav was defo the spicy one! It was reminiscent of the yangnyeom chicken I had in Korea albeit a bit less crisp on the exterior. The portion was also relatively generous and quite worth it! :)

• Jajangmyeon:
This looked really good but I was disappointed that it wasn’t up to standard as it lacked that smoky black bean flavour and was pretty one dimensional. Hence, eating this became really jelat. The meat in the sauce was also too finely minced and didn’t provide a textural contrast to the noodles :,(

Overall a 7/10 and I think going for the fried chicken would be the best

We got 12 pcs in total (chocolate, oreo, walnut, cranberry) & the boss even gave us one extra free which was his special flavour of the day (orange almond chocolate chip) so we essentially got 13 muffins for $12! We queued for about 30 mins on a Saturday morning bc we had to wait for the muffins to bake (but this just means that their muffins are fresh out of the oven when we buy them) & the boss even gave out a free muffin to us to try while we were queuing! Taste wise, the muffins were really good! It was slightly burnt & crispy on the outside & soft & buttery on the inside (just the way we like it). One of the best muffins we’ve tried so far & it’s so affordable! Would definitely be back for more!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

Lotus bun (80c)
Kong ba bao (80c)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Handmade (literally!) baos that my family loves so much, we eat them once a week 😂. Having grown up with them, I must say that these tiny-sized flavourful baos hardly disappoint. There is a generous ratio of ingredient to skin and we love the bite size version that makes it easy to eat. The longevity bun has a smooth filling that’s just the right level of sweetness, while the #kongbabao (braised pork bun) has delicious well-marinated lean meat. We used to also enjoy their char siew bao (80c) but have found that the quality of it varies, with the meat sometimes being more fatty and sweet. They also offer normal sized baos and other breakfast items like glutinous and char siew rice. Do expect a wait for this popular breakfast stall or perhaps try calling in advance
📍 Teochew Handmade Pau 朝洲自制包点有限公司,02-02,127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Tao Payoh West Market & Food Centre, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Would recommend if you were in the area! Very shiok and addictive without feeling too sinful!

What's most disappointing was the deep-fried fish. Never deep-fry salmon, especially if you're pairing it with mentai. The result didn't make sense. However, the mentai and donburi sauce salvaged the dish. Overall, $9 for this in a coffeeshop is a fail.

There’s few articles about this place with some interesting story about how they come across and open this stall together.

Recently they have moved to a new coffee shop down the street from previous place, continue to serve their signature fishball noodle.

For $5 you could go for their signature one that comes with all the ingredients in one bowl.

One of the sweeter yam filling. Not hating it though!

I was enticed by the mushroom & herbs muffin offered from the other reviews I read about Uggli Muffins, but after queuing for 30 min on a weekday afternoon, I was disappointed to learn that there were no savoury flavours on sale that day. The boss then let me try a chocolate muffin which was good, but I really wanted something savoury. Seeing my hesitant expression, he generously offered me a selection of random flavours of muffins on the house 😆 This was on top of the free muffin he had given out to the long queue of customers while they were waiting! All the muffins are of small-medium size, and can be finished in about 5 bites.

🧁 Cranberry: A generous sprinkling of almonds covers the top of the muffin, while the body of the muffin was CHOCK full of cranberries. I really enjoyed those last few bites.

🧁 Chocolate: The chocolate flavour of the muffin took the form of chocolate chips/rice embedded in the vanilla batter. It was enjoyable and not overwhelmingly indulgent.

🧁 Prune (special): A huge, soft and almost-stodgy prune was hidden in the middle of the muffin's body. I quite liked the blend of flavours, but it may not be so palatable to some.

🧁 Banana walnut: A generous layer of caramelised banana slices covered the top of the muffin, with a few walnuts here and there in the muffin body. However, my personal preference is for the banana to be inside the muffin body itself, rather than as a caramelised layer.

Taste first, looks seconds - am lucky to still have these piping hot from the oven even though I reached at 3pm on a weekend. The boss is super kind, and even offered me a try since I'm first time here (glad I got my hands on the raisin, Oreo, chocolate and raspberry ones. Particularly love their plump raisins. Hope to try their exotic flavours e.g. shiitake and herbs but heard it is seasonal

Can definitely smell the butter from afar

($12 for 12)

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