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After my first positive experience with their pinkish roasted pork belly, I was craving for it. I ordered 500g of it via delivery. This time, though, the meat was cold and crackling not as crisp, and meat is not as succulently pink (evident in the photo taken). Disappointed.

Not sure if the packaging had a part to play as this time, it was packed in a paperbox with their name and logo printed on it. Precisely, it as packed in a white styrofoam box, which would have helped retained the warm food longer. Plus, their roasted pork belly doesn’t come cheap. I’ll think twice and three times the next time.

From Chey Sua Carrot Cake
Pan fried carrot cake.
Crispy sides, fluffy inside, fragrant eggs.
Highly recommended!

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From Liang Heng Food Stall
Bowl of Prawn Noodle $4.
Had added cut Chilli for more shiok factor.
Sidekicks: sliced deep fried fish cakes.

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This coffee shop is perennially packed to the brim and the appeal is evident, given the quality of its dishes. I particularly liked the beans with minced meat and 3-egg spinach! It is, however, a tad pricey. These dishes (and rice) cost $80 for my group of 6!

Residents of Toa Payoh would be familiar with this exceedingly popular tze char store! They are also famous for their white bee hoon ($12) - it lacks the usual gravy, but more than makes up for it in flavour. Rich with hints of wok hei, it also comes with lots of ingredients!

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Morning staples of this stall in block 127 Toa Payoh 1 got 60 years in its making! Great with soya bean drink and suggest having it right there.😸

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Yums crispy Korean Fried Chicken in Toa Payoh! Easily one of the better korean fried chicken in Singapore! Its tended by a Korean (authentic!). Tried their Soy this time round. Compared to the other places, the soy sauce is very liquidy but soaks into the chicken nicely. The honey butter was nice too as I recall.

@jooeunchung got me their chicken porridge a couple of months ago when I was terribly sick and I have been a fan since.

Boon Chiang's porridge is sweet and savoury, and full of generous chunks of tender chicken meat. It is simple and satisfying.

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Sharing both their food and their story with the heartlands in toa payoh - making fancy Japanese dishes affordable for the masses. From seeing the torched mentaiko, it's irresistible smell, and digging in to the generous mentaiko paired with nicely done salmon (crisp skin, tender flesh) - it's a winner. ($8.80)

This place is about a 5mins walk from Braddell mrt

Also happy that they now have an outlet in bugis!

Kway Chap (a set) I felt that Kwap Chap ingredient is a bit bland taste and chili is a bit sour aftertaste. To dip with chili, the ingredients was quite over covered with original taste.

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That’s 500g if roasted pork belly. After much contemplation (because they’re not one of cheapest priced), decided to try their roasted pork.

I must say, it was good! The pinkish tender meat and crisp crackling 👍👍


Very very affordable pricing, this was $7.50 ($1 for the cheese) and comes with sauce (I chose salted egg for another $1), a side, and salad. The portion is huge and the fish was well-cooked too. Butter rice was very fragrant. Very underrated and value-for-money. Will definitely come back often.