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So sweet, the Uncle served it to us in heart shaped bread. But what happened to the two corners? 🤔

Prawn And Clams noodles ($7)
Just heard about @denisedeanna ‘s Deanne’s Kitchen and the awesome prawn noodles and by a stroke of luck chanced upon it while queuing for carrot cake. Wow, for a bowl of halal prawn noodles, I would never have guessed that the soup is made from absolutely zero pork bones. Definitely not too sweet nor did it felt dessert-like. The sweetness from the clams was just right. Ingredients were so generous and I love how the soup was lacking in the usual oiliness. Yellow mee with thin beehoon is a match made in heaven and I won’t have it any other way!

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Delightful bowl of delicious laksa.
Wallet friendly price.
Soft tender cooked cockles, half of hard boiled egg, taupok, sliced fish cake and thick bee hoon.


Renowned for their carrot cake, Chey Sua has won multiple food awards and commendations over the years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Expect waiting time of up to an hour during peak hours. Available from $2.50 onwards, the carrot cake is fried with preserved turnips to a thin crisp and savory sweet chilli is spread thinly at the top. The chilli gives the carrot cake a different dimension and elevates it to the next level.

Price: $2.50/$3/$4


A traditional Teochew cuisine of rice sheets in a savory broth with pig’s innards, braised egg and meat. This rendition is not quite the best as the meat was fairly tough, and there was not much depth and complexity in its broth. Chilli with the sourish tinge was good though to undercut the “jelakness”.

Price: $3.90


$9 for two pax. We were shocked that it was full of ingredients and yet so cheap. Skip the Q at blanco and coke here instead!

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The dry variation is so good! Generous amount of ingredients and mums fave pork lard


Went for my usual fix of salmon mentai don! Love how crispy the salmon skin is, and how the saltiness of the mentai compliments the the sauce poured over the rice! The sauce can get a little salty, but you can always request for less sauce. I also like how they torched the mentai to give it a smoky flavour. Don comes with a free miso soup, great to finish the don with!

Featuring well-cooked bee Hoon that is cooked with prawns, pork, vegetable, eggs and most importantly Lard. If you love the dry kind, this is for you. yummy but slightly salty! 😍😍

Still dreaming about this bowl of prawn mee. Soup was good, and there were so many clams I was literally alternating them between every bite and still couldn’t finish it. 😍

Came back again to try this, which comes from one of the most famous Hokkien in Singapore. This is the wetter version that came with good flavour of crustacean and some porkiness in the stock. The stock is wet but not watery, but thick.
What I'm puzzled with is how sweet the stock is, which makes me think that perhaps quite a bit of sugar is added. I also prefer my noodles to come with some wok hei, even if it's the wet version.
Tian Tian Lai (Come Daily)
Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
Blk 127, Toa Payoh Lor 1
Unit 02-27
Singapore 310127
9am to 2pm, approximate
Closed on Mondays
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Cheap & authentic Vietnamese in a coffee shop! We had the banh mi too which was pretty good