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Managed to learn about Que’s existence at Toa Payoh from Johnson Eatery’s Facebook page. Quite interesting to know that Que is a one-woman show; the lady boss being the only person running the stall — a brave entrepreneurial move considering how Que is her very first F&B venture that she is involved in.

I was torn between this and the Banh Mi but figured out it was better to start off from a safer item here first. The Bun Thit Nuong Bun Gio checks the right boxes here when it comes to the made-to-order spring rolls and grilled pork; while many places served up pre-cooked ingredients for their dry noodles that had been set aside for a while, the grilled pork and spring rolls were served hot — the former been tender, moist and savoury without being too tough to chew, while the latter comes all crisp without being greasy whilst well-filled inside. The rice vermicelli was also slurpy and springy, while the basil and chili helps to give it a distinct aroma with a slight umami flavour and a hint of pretty manageable spiciness. Recommend giving this a good toss, and portioning out the generous amount of ingredients with every spoonful; the simple ingredients here comes together for a comforting meal that is predictable yet flavoursome dish which is not too heavy on the palate — an item apt for dinner after the massive feasting after CNY.

PS: would try to make a visit for their Banh Mi another time; the menu illustration simply seems to be too tempting to resist ...

Because any trip made to this area of Toa Payoh is not complete without a visit to Creamier (or so, I feel).

Dropped by to grab a scoop; the Orange Milk Chocolate being a flavour that simply stood out to me today; probably festive enough for the CNY season. It’s rich without being overly sweet; consistently creamy as per the ice-creams that one would expect from Creamier, carrying notes of bittersweet flavour from the chocolate. There are nibs of soft marshmallow within for a chewy bite, while a hint of zesty orangey flavours can be detected within every bit of that ice-cream for a nice contrast that works for those who are into the chocolate and orange flavour combination.

Another alternative choice for carrot cake in this neighbourhood, with not really a queue there. They served only the white version.

Affordable Japanese foods found here at Toa Payoh, just beside the hawker centre. The chicken was crispy and don’t forget to grab some wasabi sauce from the counter. $6.80

It's been a long time since I've had Chicken Rice Balls but they've always been a classic gem in my mind. Sought after because of how rare it is nowadays. I must admit I perhaps don't know how to appreciate this. The rice is fragrant and delicious, but because it's packed together like this, it becomes almost like glutinous chicken rice, and I think I prefer the texture of regular rice over this. The chicken is good as well but I'm a lazy Singaporean and I appreciate boneless chicken more 😅. The soup is really good if you like chicken feet and peanut soup. And it must be noted that you'll rarely find a chicken rice store serving chicken feet soup. This whole tray which is enough for two cost $12.

Some thai hor fun for you? Not so sure why the thai store was selling this becoz this just looks like the hor fun chinese store sells. lolol 🥘 #sundayfunday

I like Cheese Fries, Salted Egg Yolk Fries and Truffle Fries. But what’s amazing here is that 吃Western was actually able to combine all three into a plate of Cheesy Salted Egg Yolk Cereal Fries, and this only causes S$4.50 damage!

When eaten hot, the crispiness of the fries is retained, so the thick salted egg yolk infused cheese sauce is not able to soak into the fries easily. But it’s tested and proven too, that soggy fries does not go well with the sauce. So it’s either you do not enjoy this too slowly, or to share it with a few others.

When I first visited this stall and saw two gentlemen dressing like restaurant chefs, I wondered if they are overdoing it. I think they did, not just in their dress sense, but in the quality of food that they serve.

Take this Steak Frites (S$14.00) for example. 180g of chilled New Zealand Ribeye steak grill to a point with a sort of chargrill finish, then plated so nicely in purple coleslaw and a good serving of fries. Special mention to their homemade red wine and black pepper sauce, which brought out the flavours of the well-cooked steak.

Seriously, if you are presented with this plate of food in a coffee shop, don’t you think they deserve an “A+” for effort in their cooking and plating?

So through the dinner, I was feeling so satisfied savouring the juiciness and the slight fatness of the 1cm-thick steak. The superior quality delivered by this hawker stall somehow puts some restaurant steaks to shame.

I am surely going to come back for more Steak Frites next time!

On the table: BLACK DIAMOND ✨ / Tiramisu / Chocolate Banana Bun. Tiramisu had the softest mascarpone layer and struck the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Black Diamond, happily, reminded us of the inimitable G Spot by @patisserieg. The rich chocolate mousse packed a punch but the cake was missing some crunchiness. In sum, this bakery was an absolute delight: rustic, traditionalist, nothing too fancy or pretentious about their cakes. Been back twice, will be back again.
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Creamier hardly needs introduction. Comfort food on a warm day! Had peanut butter and jelly and salted gula melaka ice cream - certainly did not disappoint! The waffles were soft and fluffy in the inside.

$8 a bowl of Unagi Don. The flavors were on the sweet side which made it easy to eat. Couldn’t taste the fattiness of the fish but expectation need adjusted as the price was pretty affordable. .
I would recommend their curry fried chicken rice and mentaiko sushi roll. Not a bad eat.

Always thought the best carrot cakes are the ones glistening with dark sauce, but this was revolutionary!!! Exterior was eggy and crispy, interior was soft, bouncy, and savoury with a nice piquant taste.

Verdict: 9/10 confirm will come back.