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loved how thin and tender the pork slices were, and they complemented the caramelized onion and sauce that they doused in; t’was soaked in flavour + the broccoli and rice added texture and cut thru the slight saltiness so u wldnt feel jelat eating this hearty bowl of goodness

while it looks unassuming at first glance, a quick mix revealed a generous bed of springy rice noodles and a substantial amount of tender lean beef slices, beef ball and veges

the broth is light, but still hearty and flavourful!! personal preference but i wished it was slightly more herby? i love the taste of basil, coriander etc which was slightly lacking ~~~

as with most fresh spring rolls, they tend to have this v raw taste that may be off-putting to some but the homemade sauce that comes w it amplified the taste to make it flavourful and tasty!! love that there was a clean bite to it, some places tend to have slightly soggy ones :( nth much to shout abt but wld definitely give the fried ones a try our next visit!!

tip: it’s much cheaper if u get them tgt w a main :~)

Donya is definitely a good place to check out for cheap and yummy Japanese dons, especially if you are around the neighbourhood. I’ve tried the Chicken Katsu Don ($5.80) as well as the Salmon Mentai Don ($8.80) but I’m always swaying back to the classic donburi! Comes with a complimentary bowl of miso soup if you dine in! 😉

Honey 🍯 Butter Chicken 🐓 Tender (S$6/ 4pcs)
Tender meat covered by a thin crispy batter, with honey 🍯 butter powder sprinkled on top.
Man’s Kitchen and Waker Chicken
Address 🏠 : Blk 125 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, # 01-523, Johnson’s Eatery, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 125
Open 🕔 : 6pm - 10.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

i must say i found the rice texture didn’t work well for me bc it was slightly too dry yet clumpy 😅 and the mentai mayo was also more mayo than mentai in flavour! this made it slightly overpowering and jelat esp w the donburi sauce! however, they did make up for it in portion!! it was pretty generous and at its price point ($6.80) it’s real decent!!

the maki was slightly overpriced ($5.80) for its tiny size but the texture of the ebiko contrasts w the creamy mentai mayo, which encompasses the rice and core filling which made a pretty yummy mouthful :~)

been here before and i think i prefer the unagi tama and donya maki!! nonetheless i think it still does the job or satisfying jap cravings and it’s a notch above other jap stalls at its price point!!

3 scoops of ice cream - roasted pistachio, sea salt gula melaka and earl grey lavender 🙌 + waffles ($13.20)
They are currently running a promotion- 3 scoops of ice cream for the price of 2 on Wednesdays :)

Waffles were super good - crispy on the outside and slightly fluffy on the inside just the way I love it
Their ice creams are also really good and fragrant!!

Unagi Tama Don ($8.80) is my favourite from @donyasingapore with six pieces of unagi on a wet omelette. Biting into its charred and slightly crisp top gives way to sweet and fresh meat, ending with a lightly savoury aftertaste. The egg flavours most of the rice while locking in its moisture. Each layer of this donburi is delectable and each mouthful is a mix of textures, making this donburi just so comforting.
It may not look like much unagi, but it felt reasonable for its premium taste, as it’s imported from Taiwan and Japan.

A piece of Mentai Maki ($5.80) from @donyasingapore is a sizeable mouthful that tastes so shiok. Crunchy ebiko pops in your mouth as you chew into a delicious mix of torched salmon and mentaiko sauce, with mayo coating the core of crabstick and cucumber.
You can watch them prepare this dish, layering fresh salmon over a large tray of maki to torch, before topping it with mentaiko sauce. The sauce crackles loudly as it chars, making it look even more enticing. There's only four pieces, but it's sufficient and satisfying for its price. 😋

Unwittingly discovered this lil’ ice cream parlor while walking off dem calories from the Thai place next door! They offer a mouthwatering smorgasbord of millennial-targeted ice cream flavors(e.g.: earl grey lavender, pistachio, speculoos, etc.), all of which are made in house. My final choice was a tie between the Belgium dark chocolate (which was decadently bitter and rich in cocoa) and Mao Shan Wang, but I was eventually swayed by my sister - who reminded me of durian season - to get TWO scoops of the MSW!! 😂 Though I would’ve liked it with more fibrous durian flesh, the creamy gelato carried the true blue flavor and aroma of durian sufficiently well and didn’t seem artificial in the least. Also, the 2 icy scoops went VERY well with the waffles; made on the spot, the crisp exterior hid a toasty and fluffy interior capable of soaking up all the melted ice cream goodness!!!

My final verdict: though it’s a little out of the way, I’d say it’s worth the travel as the offerings here are comparable to those served at Creamier! Also, why jostle with the masses for a seat when you can have the whole parlor and an instagrammable backdrop to yourself? 😉 Regardless, this quaint lil parlor has earned itself a loyal customer today!

🌯Revisit healthy & delish Vietnamese classics @ Que 🌯
👌Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio $6.90 (Grilled pork with fried spring roll noodle) really worth it with generous amount of pork & spring rolls inside the takeaway bowl. Wish we could have some basil & mint but this is such a value eat!.🍝👍
👌Banh Mi pork $6.50 just the right filling of pickles perfect with grilled pork inside the Baguette. The baguette was even better than last time and very crunchy! 😋🥖
The stall is running a promo of 15% off using the voucher we posted in the IG story. The total bill comes out very reasonable

Deep-fried fish roe. Lightly seasoned, the roe was deep-fried in hot oil for a few minutes — just long enough to brown the surface and make it crisp, but keep the inside soft too.

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