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Hokkien Mee (S$5.90)

Ordered through @tabaojiak with S$5 delivery fee and minimum order of a drink

Oh, so affordable and decent! Not the best hawker muffin (AJ’s got my heart! ❤️) but close to the best. Perhaps because of the tiny base, it got a lil’ dry and hard. The iconic squarish base was huge and disproportionate to the teeny base, a tad too ‘crispy’ and dry for my liking

This bubble tea shop hidden away in a HDB estate of Toa Payoh is amazing!!! The prices are a bit steep for an indie bubble tea shop, and the packaging isn't the best; but don't be fooled by the unaesthetic milk tea! The shop decor is quaint and cute, and the tea is really good. Boy and I went back within a week to get it again even though we don't exactly live within the vicinity. We also have this shop to thank for in discovering the wonders of coffee jelly (instead of pearls) as a topping. It is worth noting that their bubble tea comes in 3 sizes, but the "M" size pictured is relatively large.

Boy: Butter Milk Tea (M) with Coffee Jelly ($4.80 + $0.60) in 0% sugar. Tea was so buttery and smooth. There is no other way to describe it! Only thing that it's a bit on the sweet side even on 0% sugar and might get a bit jelat after awhile. That said, it's a perfect combo with the coffee jelly and a must-try. Coffee Jelly is crunchy like konjac jelly which I'm not usually a fan of, but was delicious in this context.

Girl: Lychee Milk Tea (M) with Tea Jelly ($4.60 + $0.80) in 0% sugar. I was expecting the usual lychee tea flavor, but this was surprisingly good! They do their Lychee Tea strong and extremely flavorful, and it's still sweet at 0%. I paired this with their Tea Jelly and it was great! A nice change to the usual grass jelly served at other shops.

Both the drinks above were part of their recommendations, which I must say are well-pointed out so maybe look out for those on the menu. The drinks are a bit on the pricier side but with Beyond is a very nice deal!

Service: 5/10
Drinks: 9/10 (not 10 only because it's on the sweeter side which may not be ideal for health conscious peeps)
Ambience: 8/10 (cute shop!)
Price: 3/10

> Red Bean Pau (豆沙包) ($0.80)
i really like their smooth texture for paste tbh and same going to lotus pau too. It's a bit sweet aftertaste but their paste filling was enough.

> Lotus Pau (莲蓉包) ($0.80)
i really like their smooth texture for paste tbh and same going to red bean pau too. It's a bit sweet aftertaste but their paste filling was enough.

> Char Siew Pau (叉烧包) ($0.80)
hmmm bbq pork was sliced in thin but filled a lot of charcoal bbq pork inside the bun.

This is the minimum order if youre ordering meat only.

Wasn't very crispy by the time I got home but can tell it's pretty good if you're dining in. The crisp is the kind with bite, not the biscuit or shattering kind. Flavourful too and not incredibly salty

The chili is heavy handed on garlic, which we enjoyed very much w the meat

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Disclaimer: takeaway so probably doesn't compare at all to having it while dining in

The duck was pretty flavourful but could have been a tad more tender. Skin wasn't crispy at all by the time we got home. Pretty darn expensive for 12bucks

The sauces were lacklustre. The black sauce was very mild, and barely added anything. The sesame sauce( think it's their signature) was interesting at least, there's a strong ginger taste. The citrus sauce was very lacking in sweetness, works ok w the duck(even tho it's bad on its own)

Expect long queues at this old school roast meat stall! and for good reason too; good quality at an incredible price. Got this plate of char siew + siobak rice for $4. Comes with a small side of veg and a bowl of soup. Great crispy skin on the siobak, but the char siew is just alright. Still, can’t complain at this price. Would consider this above average.

Decent prawn mee, very generous with the clams. I’d say it’s a good halal rendition. This was $6!

Aromatic and tasty Sarawak laksa ($5.90)! Have not had the original before so can’t attest to its authenticity.

The beehoon they use is slightly thicker than our usual thin beehoon and slightly thinner than our usual thick beehoon 😅 cooked to al dente so there’s a bite to it.

The soup is thick with spices that is brightened by a splash of lime juice, the perfect sour kick. I can’t take spice so I like that it’s not too spicy (didn’t add the extra chilli paste) I would say I’m a small to average eater and the portion was just nice for me.

Tall mug of sugar cane drink from Dong Fong Drinks Stall.
東風 甘蔗水

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