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Saw people posting about the colourful cheong fun from this stall and make my way here to try it.

Unfortunately it wasn’t my luck as they don’t have it for the day I was there. But since I have queue up so end up getting their original cheong fun instead.

I would say it still taste decent with soft texture of the cheong fun, filled with egg and pieces of prawn. The chili paste provided really give the kick I want for the taste.

I guess next round when I’m here hopefully they will have the colourful cheong fun.


Beancurd was smooth. The syrup wasnt too sweet . Good bowl of tau huay

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Retailing at $0.70 per piece, these mini longevity buns are a must try! The lotus paste filling is thick and not overly sweet. Bun to lotus paste ratio is perfect as well. Have been getting these buns for birthdays celebrations - highly recommend this place if you’d like to get something for your old folks!

The cafe is known for their artisanal bakes while also serving quality coffees and brunch food. Being a cafe in a HDB neighbourhood, the exterior of Niche Savoureuse stands out compared to the neighbouring stores. It is the only store with a beautiful rustic look - wooden storefront with large glass window. You can’t help but peer in to have a look at what is going on inside.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/niche-savoureuse-quaint-cafe-in-toa-payoh/

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The Uggli muffins were unlike the usual moist, dense and cakey muffins. It had a chewy bite to it. As it was freshly baked, you could smell a strong buttery aroma when tearing into the Uggli Muffin. Unsurprisingly, the muffins were also generously stuffed with toppings. I loved the macadamia toppings especially, every bite had a piece of macadamia in it.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/uggli-muffins-ugly-but-tasty-muffins-in-toa-payoh/

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For the Hokkien Mee connoisseurs out there, you would know that we can broadly categorise them into either dry, or wet Hokkien Mee. As a fan of the saucey goodness, I was delighted to find that Come Daily serves them wet! A piping hot plate of mee ($5) with sufficient moisture probably due to the steaming of the noodles, that made it so soft such that it almost melts in your mouth.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/come-daily-fried-hokkien-prawn-mee-michelin-guide/

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For a single serving, the plate of mixed organs and meat was more than sufficient. Da Cheng Kway Chap had the usual ingredients - taupok, pork belly, pig intestines, and braised egg. What was surprising was that we also found fish cake in the braised dish! Perhaps it was to make up for the lack of soft tofu we usually find in traditional Kway Chap.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/da-cheng-kway-chap-toa-payoh-lor-1/

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Fruit tea loaded with many fruits. Love the cream cheese in the boba series. Huge cup and worth the price.

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Seldom find Chinese satay and seldom buy from Chinese also but honestly, this is good! 👍

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This is a unanimous thumbs - tasty, light and homey kid!


This was not only tasty, it was nostalgic . Like a home cooked plate of hor fun to look fwd to.


Light, slightly crispy at the top, aromatic. We ordered the chocolate, Oreo and cranberry flavours. The Oreo and chocolate flavours were the best to me.