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Back again @thebrewingground for their brunch. Probably one of the more inaccessible cafes, cos it’s hard to get in or out without a car.

While Crab & Signature Scrambled Egg on Toast ($24) remains one of the favourites if you prefer something less fishy, grab their Breakfast Burger ($20). Kinda like a big breakfast packed together. Toasted brioche buns sandwiched with pork sausage patty, fluffy scrambled eggs, caramelised onions and cheddar cheese, it comes with a hash brown on the side.

Love The appetisers and desserts! Super worth with the app.
We had 3 course meals, starting with
Spicy salmon tatare (okay, crispy seaweed 漏风)
Parma salad (throughly enjoyed this)

Iberian pork (good!)
Filet Mignon (okay)

Kopi O (the coffee ice cream and cake combi was superb! Slightly too much cream tho. Good for ppl with moderate to sweet tooth)
Meyer lemon trifle (thyme in chantilly cream was genius! But if you dont like herbs, might not be the right dessert for you since its rather noticable)

Both dishes were superb! Mushroom risotto came w truffle taste which was a great combi! Ordered the chicken🍗 & the fish&chips which were quite dry.

📸: Margherita pizza + pepperoni, Mushroom and truffle pizza | Beer on tap: Singapore brewlander acid hop (pineapple sour IPA), Belgium Bavik Super Pils (Pilsner)

💸: $$

Nightcap has an ongoing partnership with @keenwaybread now and the dough is to die for. If you like your pizzas on the thinner side with a chewy(think sourdough bread) and light(fluffy and airy) crust, you will be hard-pressed to find another worthy cafe.

Beers were as described; fresh and crisp, what you’d expect out of a tap. For beer drinkers who enjoys lagers, I’d highly recommend the super pilsner. For those with a more fruity palette, the pineapple sour IPA is just as worthwhile. Catch them before their beer menu revamp! (that’s what the staff said)

Reservations are recommended as there are few seatings.

They pour whiskey on the chicken and set it on fire! It was delightful to watch and tasted pretty good and tender since it was cooked just right. At a price tag of $18, it was quite affordable.

This tasted like a Chinese noodle dish more than a Western one. It's likely due to the ingredients they use. Mix all the ingredients together and you’ll get a nice tiny crunch of the tobiko in between bites, along with shredded crab meat for texture. I did quite enjoy the al dente spaghetti tossed in beurre monte sauce.

You could smell the pesto sauce when the dish arrived. The sous-vide chicken breast meat was unfortunately quite bland. The pesto sauce was overly creamy and we couldn't taste much pesto at all. It may get a bit much if you aren't into creamy food.

This ultimately tasted like fries you can prepare at home by yourself. We couldn't taste the truffle at all, just a hint of smell of it. Skip this and get a dessert or a drink instead.

Mentaiko fans will love this dish - angel hair pasta in mentaiko sauce topped with a poached egg - the sauce is actually pretty good, mentaiko taste was strong but not overwhelming or too salty, texture was creamy and satisfying. Quite a solid pasta dish.

We visited on a Sunday early afternoon - seats were alright to get for two but it got quite busy during lunchtime. Best to come early to guarantee indoor seating.

Mac & Cheese but replace the cheese sauce with cheesy salted egg yolk sauce! Pretty tasty but the salted egg sauce was strong tasting, probably best to share this because I got quite overwhelmed halfway through the dish. Still interesting to try though, especially if you’re a salted egg fan!

I liked that it came with chicken, broccoli, prawns and cherry tomatoes, which made the dish a lot more worth it, unlike some places which Mac & cheese tend to be just macaroni and cheese (I guess they’re not wrong).

We visited on a Sunday early afternoon - seats were alright to get for two but it got quite busy during lunchtime. Best to come early to guarantee indoor seating.

Pay like $17 for 2 drink and 2 cake.Cake was quite meh won’t come back again.Drinks was also soso.

Surprisingly good pizzas with unusual toppings. The pizza base was chewy and had a good texture and bite.