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Wanton Noodles I never really liked wanton noodles since young because of the alkaline taste of the mee kia used usually. Recent cravings of wantons led me to this surprise gem at the Clementi Market and Food Centre! It's not difficult to understand why there was a long queue at the stall but it moves quite quickly. The signature wanton noodle ($3/$3.50) comes in a reasonable portion of springy mee kia, 5 pieces of thick char siew, 1 golden crispy fried wanton and a bowl of soup with 2 wantons. The sauce of the noodles was rather unique as it was more sweet than savory, and on top of that, sweet ketchup was added as I asked for it to be non-spicy. Though the char siew was on the slightly dry side, I liked how chewy they were. But what I enjoyed the most was the crispiness of the fried wanton that gave the satisfaction when the wanton skin breaks so fragilely in one bite. One thing about their wantons is that they aren't salty like some that really spam salt in the minced pork!
Miss Ha
Spicy Wonton Mee With Dumplings A hearty breakfast at Clementi hawker after an orientation camp in school is a great way to start my birthday proper. Queued for around 10 minutes for this, $4.40 was what I paid for 2 extra dumplings with the wanton noodles. Chili was spicy and decent but not very amazing. Noodles were good but what will leave me wanting more would be their dumplings which whole shrimps can be found and was worth every buck. I followed the crowd in the hawker and I'm glad I did it :) it closes very early roughly after lunchtime so be there before lunch time!
Poh Peng
Boon Kee Wanton Noodles The true legend of the west, one of the heaviest wanton I had. When I mentioned it's the heaviest which means the one of the best wanton noodles I've had.
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Orh Nee Yes I know this weather is too crazy for a hot dessert but i woke up with a dense craving for orh nee - not just any Orh nee but the Orh nee specifically from ONly you. 😂 I like their version of Orh nee given that it’s not too sweet and that it’s not greasy - it won’t pass as a traditional Orh nee but it’s certainly good enough for me . It’s creamy and full of authentic yammy goodness - unlike most places that use pre packed Orh nee that’s cooked till sickeningly sweet - this is the real stuff . 3.20 is not cheap to pay at a Hawker but you do get quite a huge portion and topped with a generous amount of sweet potatoes and ginkgo nuts . Craving satisfied !😇 Such a great start to the weekend !
Yam Paste With Gingko Nuts & Sweet Potato Possibly one of the best yam paste dessert you can find. A bowl of smooth yammy goodness, not too sweet or thick, topped with sweet potatoes and gingko nuts - properly prepared, not the horrible canned type that you'd find some stalls using. I opted to leave out the coconut milk, not quite a fan of that combination. At $3.20, price point slightly high for a hawker center but I'll willingly pay for the awesomeness of this hard-to-get-right dessert.
Yam Paste with Sweet Potatoes An accidental discovery while looking for something cold and realized that they also do Yam Paste here. This was actually pretty good considering how it's smooth and subtly sweet, yet did not feel greasy and does not leave too much an aftertaste. If anything, I thought he was a little bit too generous on the coconut milk, though here they do give you an option of leaving it out if you prefer not to have it. The chunks of Gingko nuts and sweet potatoes were soft to bite too!
Xing Wei
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