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Sort of satays-fied...... I'm a little uncertain about the satays of Satay Sejati (#01-23) at Haig Road Market & Food Centre. The satays (S$0.60 each) are substantial in meat and did not appear too dry or fat, but what's really lacking is that oomph from the satay sauce. I guess I like a thick and rich sauce to go with my satays....
Mee soto from Nur Khairiah, at Haig Road Food Centre. I'd characterize this as simple and balanced, with a punchy kick. It again started with me wanting to go to a specific stall but finding it closed (why does this keep happening to me??). It was already quite late and I saw this stall was still open and selling some noodles, so I got mee soto from them. I was glad that I did. The taste wasn't too strong like some mee soto I've had before. It was all balanced nicely. The chilli had a really nice kick though! I usually would ask for extra chilli coz I usually feel that the chilli in Singapore is not as spicy as I'd like it to be. Glad I had not asked for extra that time as it would have sent me gasping for air 😝 I only wish they had begedil (potato patty) to put on top, that'd be perfect!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #noodle #noodles #ilovenoodles #noodlelovers #lovenoodles #bakmi #bakmiclub #instanoodles #instanoodle #liftingnoodles #foodporn #foodphoto #noodleporn #noodlelover #noodletime #noodleworship #noodlelife #sgnoodle #sgnoodles #sgnoodlelover #buzzfeast #noodlelog #burpple #noodlelogSG #noodlepull #meesoto #hawkerfood #sghawker #sgfoodtrend #asiannoodles
Visited the famous Haig Road Putu Piring at their Original Haig Road location. . $2.50 for 5pcs (per packet). It comes with 5 pcs of slim putu piring, aromatic gula melaka and generous shaved coconuts. Definitely a nice mixture if you eat all the 3 ingredients at once. . My verdict: very good. . However, as a regular visitor in Melaka and ate Tengkera Putu Piring, their are not up to Melaka standard. . #chubbybotakkoala #burpple #burpplesg #whati8today #whatiate #sgrestaurant #hungrygowhere #igsg #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgigfood #sgblogger #instafood_sg #instayum #sgfoodporn #sgeats #singaporeinsiders #nomnom #topcitybites #vscofood #foodoftheday #foodporn #putupiring #haigroadputupiring #putupiringsg #haigroad #dessertoftheday @haigroadputupiring
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Wanton Dumplings Noodles ($4); You know you have to try it when you see a signboard that states Traditional Wanton Noodles, and it sure doesn't disappoint! Noodles were springy and flavourful when you toss it with the sauce and chilli. You get abit of everything, with two each of dumplings, fried and steamed wantons. The wantons and dumplings were made fresh by the stall owner, and the fried wantons taste just like how my grandmother used to make it for me. Located at Albert Centre Food Centre, try it next time when you visit Bugis Street or the famous Bugis Temple.
Fancy Some Traditional Wanton Mee at Albert Food Centre? Wanton Noodle. Read more:
Wanton Dumpling Noodles Trying out a random stall at Albert Food Centre named Traditional Wanton Noodle — this is the item to go for if you want to get the best of all worlds; each portion comes with two wantons, two dumplings and two fried wantons, all of them alongside char siew as well. As far as it goes being something I just randomly went for, I must say I am quite satisfied — the noodle springy and tossed in a good amount of sauce for the savoury flavour that it gets laced in. Between the three, I liked the fried wantons the most; it's crisp and well-filled without being too greasy. The dumplings came a close second with ample meatiness within. The char siew was rather generic, though serviceable considering it's a stall that focuses more on their wanton mee than roast meats. Overall, quite a decent eat I wouldn't mind going for if in the area.
Xing Wei
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