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First time here! Tried the Aburiya bowl and the Hokkaido soft serve. Got to say that the Hokkaido soft serve was a dream that transported me back to japan, with the Ballance of creaminess and milkiness, paired with some biscuits at the end of the cone for an extra crunch. Got to give it to the uniqueness of how the Wagyu beef was thinly cut and roasted, a great accompaniment with the glaze of the rice. Truly elevated the tastes! Very convenient to the mrt too :) loved it here.

On a nice Sunday I came here to try the Aburiya burger! It doesn’t just pride itself for its mains, but also the assortment of desserts here which has distinct tastes of Japan. The Aburiya burger was a fusion Japanese x western twist, with guacamole paired with tamago and sliced A4 Wagyu beef. The burst of flavour in each mouth was an accompaniment of juiciness and a tinge of sweetness, really lovely!

Pleasantly surprised that this came as a croissant as it was stated as a sandwich / toast on the menu. The croissant came with bacon, a sunny side up, mozzarella and aioli. Though the bacon strips were slightly too salty and tough, the croissant was quite nicely flaky. We preferred this out of the two items we had, but was still pretty average.

Recently did work in this bright and cute little space tucked in Ulu Pandan CC. While we found the food we had were average, the friendly service was fab! This sourdough toast had smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta and a sunny side up, with a side of salad. Was hoping for a creamier smashed avocado topping, as well as a stronger tang on the sourdough.

Tried the white, dark matter blend. Felt the coffee was a little too milky, but otherwise, pretty nice. My friend ordered the large cup and it seemed to taste stronger? Hmm

The coffee and orange ciabatta (as weird as it seems in a kopi shop) is spot on and unique! Even the traditional kaya toast is well toasted. The only no no was the soon kueh which was super doughy. But do come here for the coffee and toast!

Soft-launched in early April, DOUGH is opened by the folks behind Glyph Supply Co. and Runes, and the café has a Korean-inspired interior with a self-service counter to pick up your own bakes. Perhaps the most popular bake from the café is the Strawberry Brioche ($5), a brioche bun with a crispy meringue top layer and strawberry custard filling. It can get a bit too surfeited towards the end as the creamy custard is a bit on the heavier side but something different about it is that there is a hint of basil in the mixture, which gives it a unique touch.
📍 30 Victoria Street, CHIJMES, Unit 01-30, Singapore 187996
🍴 [Self Funded]

With two ombre Mother’s Day exclusive cakes available, the Yammy Mummy ($38.80) is made with Dajia yam from Taiwan layered with yam chiffon cake, yam filling, pudding cubes and fresh cream. The cake is then dressed in buttercream and hand-sprayed with purple cocoa butter before topping with fresh strawberries, blueberries and butterfly décor. In addition to the cakes selection, there is an assortment of buns such as the Yammy Croissant ($2.50) that contains mochi and yam paste, Mochi Cheese ($2.20), Blueberry Cheese Brioche ($4.80), So Yammy ($1.80) and Sweet Pur-tato ($1.60), all part of the Mother’s Day series. To pair with these bakes, you can wash it down with the Butterfly Pea Lemonade ($2.40) and Pur-tato Soy Milk ($2.40). Exclusive to the BreadTalk e-store is the Rolling with Yam ($12.80), a swiss roll of yam chiffon cake with yam filling and pudding.
✨ BreadTalk
📍 Available at all retail outlets islandwide
🌐 https://www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop
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It is not easy to find a cafe in Woodlands area, that’s why you see me coming back whenever I craving for some drink.

This time I go for the iced matcha latte, which taste stronger on the milk side, but a balance matcha flavour with it.

Wow this was was unexpectedly nice, it also has a sweetness to it along with some juiciness. Thought this would be less yummy than the gula coco one but no leh, both are pretty good!

The filling doesn't look as generous as their usual breads but there is actually sufficient purple sweet ptt flavour! Has a nice natural sweetness, would repurchase.

Actually I think I’ve reviewed this before. Anyway it was yummmmy the earl grey flavour is pretty pronounced, I don't find it dry at all but I do admit that it can feel a bit floury. But still I have tried this at least twice and I think it’s worth a buy.