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Very simple, just pick a croissant from the dozens on display and if you get the Golden Croissant, filled with a luxurious custard that sparkles and shines with gold flakes and sprinkles, you are the lucky winner that will enjoy this delicious treat!

This contest start from 11 October 2021 till 9 Jan 2022 and the lucky winners will win 365 croissants worth $1277.50.
This is a dine-in promotion only and available across all TBB outlets. 

📍Tiong Bahru Bakery Outlets

#media drop

💕Seafood Spaghetti Cartoccio.
Slipper lobster, scallops, squid, mussels, lobster bisque, cherry tomatoes, garlic
Availabe Saturday & Sunday 11am - 5pm, and daily 5pm - 10pm
(From Buon Weekend Day Menu, and Buonasera Evening Menu)

💕Scrambled Eggs On Toast
Butter brioche sourdough toast served with scrambled eggs and finished with grated parmigiano reggiano, finely chopped chives,
cayenne pepper and black pepper.
Available daily, 8am - 11am
(From Buongiorno & Buon Weekend Day Menu)

📍Da Paolo Gastronomia Great World.
Great World, #01-163.


Danish was slightly crisp, would have preferred it crisper but too bad they don’t offer toasting services during off peak (we went at about 3pm when it is queue-less). This had ~half a nicely roasted apple, which was soft but still had a bite to it (not mushy!) with warm cinnamony flavours, and some caramel sauce on top. There were some crumbles on top - they mention that it is a hawaij crumble, which Google says is a spice blend. It tasted kinda like a warm spiced streusel to me. We didn’t rly like the creme anglaise sauce that they gave separately, it was too runny and didn’t rly taste like much, sort of just like a cold milk which we didn’t think added much. I got this at $2.38 bc of my prior fave cashback but I thought it was quite pricey at $8.

Have tried their KA before but this is the first time having it in-store! Kindly requested them to toast it for us and it was a slightly different experience from our past 2 tries of their KA. This was served crisp and hot, but it was a little hard at the bottom where the sugars had melted and re-hardened. It wasn’t as nice as the previous try, where it was fluffy inside, and there was that nice buttery flavour with a delicate sweetness. A little sad because I really liked their KA but this did not hit the same level of satisfaction.

cute panda bread with mr panda, mrs panda and baby panda. one set for $5.50 at breadtalk

📍Tan Hock Seng, Telok Ayer📍
💸 鸡蛋糕
Couldn't resist getting another round of Tan Hock Seng pastries, and this would truly be our last☹️. In addition to their Beh Teh Saw, we decided to get their cake as well🧁. Super eggy🍳, fragrant and slightly dense. Absolutely loved the slight sticky and sweet layer on top of the cake as well🍯. Overall, a nice light tasting afternoon snack to go along with a cup of coffee or tea☕!

milk tea (iced) $6

I approve this to be the best bolo bun in Singapore.

GST chargeable.

The full breakfast set from @dough.coffee was surprisingly good! Highlight had to be the bacon chop glazed in maple syrup - super tender and juicy, with the right amount of sweet and savoury

The wait for @burntends.bakery.sg seems to be longer lately but I'm glad I ordered these because these brought us a lot of joy! The Nutella Doughnuts were a bit more doughy than usual but still fluffy and filled with a generous portion of Nutella! We liked how it wasn't too sweet too. The Gruyère Cheese & Scallion Scones were fragrant and buttery and I loved how it was crispy after toasting it. The cinnamon roll was huge and pretty good too, just that it had too many raisins in it 😅

teatime at bacha has always been at the top of my list. the ambience at bacha gives off a super atas feel with the use of gold and high ceilings.

tried out both their kaya and pistachio croissant and very much preferred the former which had kaya cream oozing out. kaya wasn’t too sweet either. as for the pistachio one, i think it’s more of a paste within the croissant so it’s much drier overall. can’t really taste the nuttiness of it.

Cool cafe with a lovely ambience to chill. Smooth iced coffee was a respite on a hot day.

Danish was pretty ok. Nice with the coffee.

Come for the insta vibes!