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- piedmont hazelnut, cone (around $6??)
was craving this some time back and decided to get it. never would i have thought that the staff would give me the biggest fattest scoop of ice cream i’ve EVER seen, like i could feel her dedication in scooping it for me and ong i was so grateful 💘
sad thing was that it got a bit too jelak for me halfway but worth it for the calories

Tried the minibon mix and match for $14 which consist of classic, choco & caramel pecanbon. I tried the classic one and the flour used to make the cinnamon roll is quite unique and chewy. It is also not overly sweet and I like it.

Came early at 7am on 1st April for the crossiant campaign of 7 crossiants. The crossiant original price is $4 and it is the best crossiant I had. The skin is crispy and flaky and the astastic look capture my heart.

This dish is a must order! A little spice kick from the curry, the lamb was generous and goes well with the yoghurt dressing.
Great bite with a nice cold beer!

We order this after seeing review that this was very nice. Was a little disappointed with this dish as the beef was very veiny hence it was hard to enjoy the dish properly though the sauce and vegetables were nice.

Instead of being pounded flat, the pork chop was a thick piece of kurobuta pork breaded and deep fried till crispy. I found the meat a little hard though.
The fries were nice and stayed crispy even when cold.

#neverfails pt 2
Some of the best and consistent Kouign Amanns and croissants in SG period
And hello new outlet near the East 😎

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#neverfails pt 1
Everyone can have their own favourite bakery and one of mine is this in the east where I live

Another favorite of mine was the Blossom dessert, which literally combined 2 of my favourite flavors together. The first flavour you get from the first bite is the strong tangy yuzu with a little sourness, followed by the slight bitter and roasted matcha flavor from the mousse. The yuzu cream was encapsulated in inner layer of the matcha mousse, and the ratio was great, allowing the balance of both flavors to come together well, with the bitterness from the matcha balancing the sweet and tangy yuzu. The texture of the mousse was soft and creamy which I really enjoyed, with a thin layer of biscuit base at the bottom that added texture to the pastry.

One of my favorite dessert from Fang Patisserie was this chocolate mousse tart that was topped with hazelnuts, had a crunchy biscuit bottom, chocolate filling and chocolate mousse. Overall, it wasn’t too sweet, had a good balance of hazelnut and chocolate flavor, and had a complex texture from the crunchy biscuit bottom, soft and creamy mousse and creamy and rich chocolate inner layer.

Have you tried this famous Melbourne cafe? With its first international location in Singapore, Puzzle Coffee is best known for its edible biscuit cups 🫶

We had…
🍵 Matcha Latte
🍠 Purple Sweet Potato Latte
🍐 Pear Crumble
🥐 Kaya Croissant

The socially responsible artisan coffee house commits to using only sustainable packaging which is why you will NEVER see plastics here 👀

For every 100 cups of coffee or bag of beans sold, they will donate a tree 🌎 BYO reusable cup and enjoy further discounts on your coffee ☕️

While I had better matcha elsewhere, they are after all famous for the Melbourne coffee beans roasted in-house 🫘 Coffee lovers, feel free to share what you think about their coffee!

Overall, a spot suitable for quick catch up in town ✨