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The noodles were divine, thin with a great bite. The sauce is inauthentic tho, it's very sweet and lacks depth. It's still enjoyable though, just in a very basic way.

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@sumdimsumsg was introduced to me by a friend and I went there for dinner when I was in the area one day. I had a fried prawn roll chee cheong fun and it was really good because the prawn roll was still crispy and the chee cheong fun was silky smooth! I had that with Signature Hot and Spicy Dumplings which had a nice balance with the chilli and vinegar plus the dumplings had a generous amount of filling too! Will be back with more people so I can try more things in the future hehe

Before ending off with the chilled lemongrass jelly dessert, we had the Stir-fried Ee-fu Noodles with Wild Mushroom and Shrimp Roe. The restaurant accommodated to our request to replace the original Fried rice with seafood and egg white in XO sauce. Nothing too extraordinary but I have to say the portion was,perhaps, larger.

Ya Ge also serves different lunch and dinner menus that are affordably priced.

This was followed by the 3rd course, braised Dong Po pork with broccoli. I have always been wary of this dish for its ultimate fattiness, and can safely say the best I have ever had was still the one in Shanghai. Fortunately, the braised pork here wasn’t extremely fatty, yet unfortunately, the lean meat wasn’t tender enough to melt in the mouth. Instead, it was actually a little tough.

The double-boiled chicken soup with cordyceps flower was light in flavour, nutritious, and just right on the overall basic taste. It was particularly homely, as it reminded me of the exact one cooked by mum at home.

Housed within Orchid Hotel, Ye Ge serves traditional Chinese taste with a modern twist. Individually portioned, the lunch set began with the Ya Ge Dim Sum selection that comprises a beautiful thyme butterfly pea infused shrimp dumpling, crispy mini pumpkin pastry with minced chicken resembling 南瓜饼 but with a savory touch while not being overly starchy, and crispy ugly duckling with chicken, yam and mushroom. It’s the commonly known yam ring shaped into an adorable duckling , just that I am not a fan of yam ring. This first course was already pretty heavy and filling.

Interesting noodle. Food are fresh n light tasting, but the batter of the white fish is too thick, n egg tart crust too hard. Can reject the appetiser.

Da Rou Bao 大肉包 (S$2.50)
dBunnie 玉兔包 (S$1.50/ pc)
Longevity Bun 寿桃 (S$1.30/ pc)

Location: Shang Social, Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., #01 - 219 to 222 Singapore Changi Airport, 819666

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Filling was decent, not too strong and slightly sweet. The crisp was not bad but it's not as strong as it looks, nor does it last as long. Inside was quite hot at first but it cools down quickly. Vinegar was sharp but quite mild when you dunk the dumplings in, idk why either

Overall it's decent, and relatively well executed because there's not too many great places, but it's not top tier

A classic of Hong Kong char chaan teng, nothing shouts more Hong Kong than a bolo pau.. and some char siew roast. At the point of ordering (dinner peak), we were informed that this required a 20mins waiting time, like all baked dim sum items on the list. However, this was served sooner than expected! Here’s a breakdown of the sandwich from top to bottom -
Bolo bun
Freshly baked till a nice golden yellow with crusty brown squares patterned over the bun and butter on the undersides. It’s nicely toasted to deliver some crisp (& mess) with each bite. I like how the bun felt ‘airy’ - y’know how disappointing it is to find a bolo with dense, doughy insides that makes you fill so stuffed that you don’t need a second bite.
Co-star of the bolo sandwich and would be key in determining the success of this sandwich. This was sliced to the perfect thickness, just right for a sandwich (neither too thicc nor miserly thin). It was nicely roasted with dark crimson sides that shone with some glaze. A good balance of lean meat-to-fat ratio, very tender and juicy, definitely up to mark!

Sunny side up
Perfectly executed with runny yolk! Nothing like a disappointing, cakey yolk centre.

Fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce in pieces (not sliced like the ones from McDonald’s). All part of a balanced diet I guess?

All the above were stacked nicely with some mayo to gel it all up. The presentation along whets up the appetite! My mother-in-law was sufficiently enticed and decided to add the same to the order.

For those who prefer to gobble this in their hands, do be mindful of the runny yolk tho! My MIL didn’t eat it too glamly as the yolk dripped down her bolo sandwich… and down onto the table! Of course, cutleries are available should you prefer to stay glam!

Their pau is quite different from normal, it's got quite a bit of integrity and holds its dome shape without collapsing at all when you break it open. The centre cavity is quite big and it's well maintained too when you break it open. Red bean paste was very gooey and was quite interesting, but not stunning

Overall it's fine, except that one part of the bun was particularly thick