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Fried cauliflower, Egyptian jewelled rice, rocket leaves, smoked egg. This is our favourite dish during our brunch here. The flavours just work so well together and who doesn’t like fried cauliflower?

We also ordered mezze platter ($24), crab and bacon toast ($30), crispy lamb floss ($28). Overall the dishes are good but portions are small for the price paid. We 4 ladies shared 4 dishes and left slightly hungry still.

I like their bread and hummus. They are known for their crab and bacon toast but that was my least favourite dish - I find the bacon slightly too tough.

Will give their dinner a try next time

Not technically a coffee and I normally wouldn't drink these hipster-ish kind of thing but I was really intrigued by this brilliant blue drink ($6.20) so I decided to give it a shot. It was served in a glass cup that showed off the perfectly aerated foam and its deep blue hue.

The milk gets its color from blue pea flower and its made with coconut milk. It's got a really exotic pandan-ish flavor. I like that coconut milk is thinner and not as rich and creamy as dairy milk which can get jelak.

Overall a very interesting drink indeed! Not something I'd order again, but something that I'd definitely remember about TBB.

At $7.20, this cappuccino doesn't exactly run for cheap but I thoroughly enjoyed it. TBB gets their beans from a local roaster, Common Man Coffee Roasters and their beans are really of superior quality.

That delicious deep nutty flavor paired perfectly with the rich, buttery pastries TBB sells. The foam is well-aerated, smooth and creamy. That hint of chocolatey bitterness from the cocoa powder on top was the cherry on the cake.

They have a choice of several milks and I had this made with low-fat milk. Still tasted really creamy though; the magic of aerating milk. 😊

Little oasis lies in the everton park heartlands that is a not-so-secret hipster enclave known for cafes, traditional kuehs and bakeries. Great place to chill. We went over after lunch and ordered their iced citrus mint tea and berries smoothie to refresh ourselves. Will want to go back again to try the food.

$8 // *seasonal christmas menu item* loved it!! the acidity from the raspberry and cinnamon (which are also 2 flavours that i didn’t think would work together, but surprisingly work amazingly together) really elevate the acidity from the espresso base of this drink, and when mixed together with the cream on top using my cinnamon stick as a stirrer, it made for such a festive flavour!! paired with the red aesthetic of this drink, really made this such an appropriately christmassy drink 🎄🎄

$7 // the description on the menu said it was a latte macchiato with indonesian gula melaka with hints of coconut and pandan. while the coffee was rich, creamy and perfectly blended, especially with the accompaniment of the distinctively local flavour of sweetener, the “hints” of coconut/pandan was really something to be searched for, and always almost non existent 🥴🥴 the only way i got a hint of pandan was when the pandan leaf was near enough for me to get a whiff of it, while i sipped on my coffee, and imagined i was drinking a pandan flavoured coffee lol.
appreciated an amazing cup of coffee, but was high key disappointed that the flavours they promised in the menu were not there, considering how i ordered it for those flavours.

$23 // this was surprisingly nice!! where the very different flavour profiles melt together in a harmonious blend on my tastebuds. first, you get the standard taco shells, and then there’s the salsa made up of fresh mango cubes and mayonnaise (!!), sounds like a gross combination, but somehow mangoes and mayo rly work very well together lol. then you bite in some more and you get chunks of lightly battered snapper. yumz!! it comes with a huge serving of curly fries (think macdonald’s cny twister fries), and wellll, i guess the healthiness of fresh fruits (ie: mangoes) helps to lessen the richness from the oil from the fries.

Toasty crunchy warm baos wrapped around salted egg chicken! Flavour was just right and it was fun to see their large variety of baos..

Will def return to try their rice bowls!

Thin crust and really tasty! Would come back again!