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Their breakfast platter is just amazing. The scrambled eggs are textbook level, soft and just a little runny. The brioche tastes slightly sweet, and is toasted to that optimal spot where it's crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The veggies taste fresh, and salt from the meats amplifies that freshness. The whole dish is a brilliant bland of all tastes and colors, a great way to energise your day.

The temperature of the vanilla latte I ordered is well-handled that I was able to sip it as soon as it came to me.

The setting of the place is great too, it receives just enough sunlight to make you feel refreshed without becoming too hot.

If you decide to visit the Botanic Gardens in the morning, be sure to check this place out!

p.s. the platter is big enough to feed 2 adults; so, if you are only there for breakfast, order with caution

Verdict: can’t say it’s my favourite, but it’s definitely a very good cuppa joe. It was creamy, nutty and bold, not too much acidity which really falls right up my aisle. It was however also really sweet — to someone like me at least, who generally loves her coffee black. I also couldn’t get any particularly novel flavours from the milk (eg extra malty/nutty/etc) besides the overwhelming sweetness, so while I enjoyed the drink I can’t say it left much of an impression on me.

You can clearly see from the picture how dense and stiff the centre is, which sure may not suggest a good basque burnt cheesecake with a molten centre but could still turn out to be a really good creamy cheesecake; but no, it really was extremely tough and dense. It was definitely over-baked and had an exceedingly odd gummy texture — not pleasant at all, to say the least. The creamy salted caramel was a saving grace here (I loved it), but that was pretty much it. I left half the cake unfinished 🙃

Phoenix Park
320 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247980

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overall it’s a simple dish, wanted to order the crepe or ice cream but they only left with 2 flavours or less..

You can't go wrong with ribs, although to be honest this was passable only. The buttercream and pesto mayo helped. Sides were pleasing, from mash to grilled vegetables and pickled beetroot. Pretty plating too.

Absolutely value for money. Look at the salmon and avocado.

Great quality on fish, ample avocado to support.

Very subtle sauce as to not disturb the flavor.

Portion size fair for the price. 5 stars

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Executed really well. Al dente pasta, good crab, topped with smoked salmon and tobiko. Tossed in beurre monte.

It is named something else on the menu but this is essentially what it is. The pancakes were special with bits of corn and cream cheese in the batter. Smoked salmon, cream fraise and eggs were nothing to shout about but the combination when eaten together is something else! Definitely would come back.