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This beautiful stack of malted pancakes, blueberry and maple compote, whipped vanilla and mascarpone cream is an utter joy to tuck into. Fluffy as hell, like the most tender-crumbed cake with a just little chew to it, the pancakes themselves won me right over. Then you’ve got that chunky blueberry compote of plump, juicy, whole blueberries, that actually tastes like the real damn berries and not some cheapass purée. And don’t even get me started on the mascarpone cream: exceedingly creamy, slightly tangy, rich yet paradoxically light 🥰🤤💕 I would’ve liked the malt to come across stronger — I honestly couldn’t taste it — but with all the amazing components here, this girl ain’t complaining.

• Beef Kofta Shakshuka ($16): 5.5/10
Similarly, the eggs were poached well and we enjoyed the bits of red pepper and tomato within. The sourdough was okay but we felt that the beef kofta was so negligible that we forgot that there was beef :,). I personally wouldn’t order this again.

Steak & Egg Bowl ($14): 6.5/10
The steak and sous vide egg were executed well that day, while the mushrooms, kale and bread stick complemented the entire dish amazingly. One thing though, the rice beneath was slightly over cooked and mushy. 💦

• Rustic Meatball Linguine ($14): 2/10
Okie I’ve been wanting to try the pastas so I finally did and oh boy...... I was so disappointed. The linguine was really mushy, the tomato sauce wasn’t well-seasoned and the beef meatballs were tough as heck. I barely managed to finish half of the pasta and I cannot imagine paying for this at full price. 🥺 Sadly, my dining companion felt the same way too so this is a major no go.
** not sure if I should’ve ordered the bacon & prawn Aglio Olio instead but oh wells major regrets

Pulled Pork Eggs Ben ($14): 7.5/10
Tried this a few months back and I was happy that the eggs were poached well + the brioche was crisp yet fluffy 👌👌

Whisk & Paddle is known for their waffles, and for good reason. This waffle was soft and fluffy and had just a hint of sweetness.

This is a unique take on chicken and waffles as there is no maple syrup in the dish, but instead the waffle is served alongside nanban sauce and egg tartar (think atas creamy egg mayo). There were five boneless chicken chunks on top which were tender with just a slight crispy skin. Overall, the different components of the dish complemented one another and made for a satisfying meal.

Consisting of 4 layers of moist chocolate cake and chocolate ganache, the cake was sweet but not overwhelmingly so. True to its name, the cake was served warm and definitely fudgey - although I personally feel that the cake could use just a little bit more of that delicious chocolate ganache.

My heart still belongs to PS Cafe’s Double Blackout Chocolate Cake, but this is a solid alternative that is worth a try.

We had our first Burpple one for one deal at Genius Central! I must admit, we were very surprised by how big and wide and clean the place is - filled with nice simple and homely interior, giving it an overall warmth! The food was alright! I would admit that the three heavenly dips is perfect for sharing while the fish and chips + chicken burger were alright! Batter could have been a little crispier and burger a little more moist. Coffee was great though. Overall - a pleasant experience! Will try the açai bowls next! :)

This was really yums! Better than any tiramisu ice cream I have tried.. Best thing was lower sugar (or no refined sugar) and gluten free.

Fries were crispy and infused nicely with truffle and kombu. Quite an interesting combination filled with tons of umami. My only gripe is that the seasoning does not really adhere to the fries, though that can be easily fixed by dipping some of the flavoured mayo first. Unless you REALLY love fries, it might be wise to share it with someone as it was quite a large portion. Definitely worth a try!

Price: $18
While the pasta was well cooked and throughly coated, the taste was not mind blowing and rather one dimensional. The portion was more on the smaller side as well. It was a pity that the flavours of the chilli oil and shio overwhelmed the ikura. Overall, worth a try but not a second.

Just like a fresh bounty chocolate. Chocolate inside and coconut on the outside.

Must try when at this Cafe.