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This is smaller than it looks but yummy nonetheless 😋 love the batter and the vibes here - mostly because they have alot of we bare bears plushies for you to cuddle 😁 definitely gonna come back for a second visit because mains are one on one on #burpplebeyond

Came here when they had the Beyond deal but sadly they do not have anymore. But even without the deal, it tasted so good and I would probably come back again. I got the cubanos which may look simple, was complex in terms of flavour with every bite. Paired with a beer, it made a good brunch destination on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Prices were really reasonable with the Burpple Beyond deal we used. We got the Mentaiko Pasta and Porky Bowl with a cup of coffee to go along with it. Overall the mentaiko pasta was abit bland and wet. Can’t really say that it was very pleasant. But the porky bowl was amazing with the flavours in it coming out strongly and fusing together well. Texture was really great with the wet egg and crunchy pork as well. Coffee was decent.

EGGS COCOTTE: Sauteed baby spinach and portobello mushroom with truffle oil; well-balanced taste; with 2 half slices toast..
PESTO CHICKEN PANINI: Grilled chicken and pesto sandwich between 2 fluffy bread; chicken is tender; pesto sauce is not too overwhelming; light and balanced taste; generous portion; good for sharing..
MOCHA: Balanced chocolate and coffee taste; sweet and bitter without the need to add additional sugar..
MATCHA LATTE: My usual favourite drink; balanced matcha and milk taste..
Overall a satisfactory and filling brunch in a cosy cafe; simple and yet flavorful meal; service is good; no service charge; will be back to try their other food options..
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Of all the eggs benedict that I’ve eaten, this has got to be my favourite! Most of the times eggs benedict are topped onto toasted muffin that could get a little tough & hard. At Rookery, their perfectly poached eggs were topped onto brioche which was soft, with avocado spread! You can choose either pulled pork or smoked salmon however I chose the latter. Thank you Burpple Beyond for bringing me on a journey!

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If you love avocado toasts as much as we do, the smashed avo toast and pulled pork eggs Ben (comes with avo spread too) are good choices, made even better with beyond!

The beef was really tender and the greens were fresh, tasty and refreshing with the fragrance of the truffle vinaigrette! Haakon is one of the places I like to visit as they serve a wide variety of healthy food, ranging from light treats like açai bowls and juices to heavier meal options like salad bowls and all day brunch. It’s a place I like to go to satisfy my superfood cravings and they never fail to make healthy food taste good! Always refreshed and energised after a meal at Haakon!
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Can’t go too wrong with grilled cheese but theirs made better with a trio of Brie, cheddar and mozzarella and balanced off with a hint of sourness from the sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) - doesn’t get to jelat too!


Not short on flavour are the shortribs. Sous vide in soy sauce, mirin, burnt onions and apple juice then glazed in a thick sheen of burnt soy and brown butter reduction, the marinated meat was fall-apart tender, and possessed a depth of complexity not often found in cafe food. Eat it Korean ssam-style with the meat wrapped in the accompanying lettuce leaves.

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Taste: 3.5/5

Utilising the 1 for 1 deal from Burpple Beyond; the steak was ok and the crab linguine was mind-blowing 🥳

Took some time this morning before work to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, but first, the design of the cup really intrigued me. Being a good listener is an art and sometimes, you need to know when to stop babbling on about yourself because frankly, no one cares.

Rant over, TGIF!