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Was tempted by the above item when we looked at the menu. Ordered the Warm coffee cake with coffee ganache, served with ice cream in a chocolate coffee cup. The coffee and chocolate compliment each other, although it looks very chocolatey but the sweetness was not too overpowering. Yumzz ☕️#shopback1for1 #ocbc1for1

Tuck in Jalan Besar and on 11 Hamilton road, this cafe aims to bring to best experience to the diners that patronize there!
We got to sample a range of food here from their dinner menu and they all stood out in their own way! From the Pastas, Steak, Burger and to their Chefs special too!
▫️200g Ribeye Steak
▫️Chef’s Special of the Day (Slow cooked eggs with chorizo sausage)
▫️Rigatoni Crab Pasta
▫️The Big Hamilton (Burger)
▫️Grilled Octopus
Now here’s your chance to try their food as I’ll be giving away ‘3 x $10 vouchers’
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Thks to @11hamiltonsg for having us !

There were two plump slabs of trout on top of a bed of zucchini noodles (great for those on keto)! This was such a treat to eat although I would say that trout looks and tastes really similar to salmon? The meat was really fresh and tender! 💯

I have never been a pasta person as I always felt that most places serve too much pasta with too little toppings but this dish proved me wrong! There was plenty of fresh crabmeat pieces tossed in this tomato cream sauce that went well with the tagliatelle (tastes like Italian banmian to me 😂) If you like your spice, sprinkle it with some red chili flakes to oomph it up! Might get a little gelat to finish the whole thing so do consider sharing it with your dining companion!

The Ayam buah keluak is my Favourite. Love how authentic it taste like. Not very spicy which is a downside.

Overall , the food is awesome. The price is affordable. Highly recommended!

Part of the breakfast selection at the new Millenia Walk outlet. The Ondeh Ondeh Kaya Toast was all kinds of decadent — unbelievably crunchy ciabatta toast, fragrant salted butter and most importantly, a smooth custard-like pandan kaya that bursted with flavour.

The bread was not soggy and delightfully crunchy even after we took a few minutes to take some pictures. The guac was seasoned lightly and had the right amount of tartness to complement the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. Avocado toast done simple and right!

Truffle Eggs Prosciutto($22). The eggs were scrambled to perfection — so silky and fluffy at the same time 😻.

The toast however was not as fluffy as we expected it to be. The sides were quite hard and the bread dry. It had more of a crumbly than layered texture that a Shibuya toast would.

The Smoked Eringil Mushrooms & Ricotta was a great combination of the sweet and savoury. The ingredients were all sooo fresh and the ricotta was super light and creamy.

Definitely need to come back to try the other items. Great place for brunch or lunch!

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- Lemon Cream Cheese Mousse, Almond Crumble, Mixed Berry Compote
The dish turned out exactly as described. Strong lemon flavour from the mousse paired very well with the sweet almond crumble topping and base. The mousse was not too thick and very refreshing as well. However, the berry compote was literally ice-cold, bit into pieces of half-frozen berries and was a tad bit too tangy. So while it worked well with the almond crumble as well, when eating all the elements together, felt that the tartness feom the berries overwhelmed the dessert.
Taste: 7.5/10 (A unique dessert that is worth trying)

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Note: All prices are subjected to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST

Served medium
- House blend beef patty, Glazed bacon chop, Mushrooms, BBQ sauce, Fries, Slaw
The Slaw had lots of mayo which may get a bit filling/'jelat' after awhile.
The fries were crispy and above average. I don't really eat fries but I didn't mind nibbling on some of these. They were not overly salted as well.
The burger came with a thick and juicy beef patty but when I bit into it, it was surprisingly flat and lacked much flavour. I would say for the beef patty alone, it's below average, at least based on what I've tried thus far. The brioche bun, whilst fluffy, could have been grilled/toasted slightly longer to make it crisp on the outside. Nevertheless, the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, really THICK cuts (think the better word would be slabs) of bacon were really good. I felt like I was eating Western-style braised pork belly/kakuni. :)
Overall, it's a good burger but the main component (beef patty), was slightly lacklustre.
Taste: 7/10

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Note: All prices are subjected to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST

- Guacamole of tomatoes and corn, Poached eggs, Sourdough, Baby Radish, Furikake
This was very clean tasting with creamy avocados and very well-cooked poached eggs. I particularly liked the sourdough, remaining a bit of crunch and crispiness though it had soaked up the juices from the avocados and the egg. (First time trying avocado toast)

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