Recommended lists for Breakfast & Brunch

Recommended lists of Breakfast & Brunch in Singapore
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Top 10 Places for Breakfast & Brunch

Top 10 places for Breakfast & Brunch

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Breakfast & Brunch

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Ninja Okonomiyaki

$18 (without GST)
Not nett price! need to add GST
Mini okonomiyaki pancakes are too oily
24hour braised beef cheek is rather salty
Semi dried tomatoes ? I dont see any
Poached eggs are cold

Cafe seats/ tables are very small
Service is without smile and no thank you

Not recommended

Treat Yo Self after a Night Shift

What better way to start the day after your last night shift for the week than with someone else making breakfast for you 😉

Had the Breakfast Waffle ($9) and a 5oz White Coffee ($4.50)

The Breakfast Waffle's a combo of 4 waffle slices, sunny side up egg, a choice of crispy bacon or ham, and a side of maple syrup. Simple yet delicious ^w^

The White Coffee also had its own unique taste. Though small in size, its flavour shows its worth

I'd come back here again to study (w/o the need for internet) and/or to read a book to pass the day away :)

This place is vibing me memories of Melb (somehow, somewhat).

🥘: French toast (fried brioche, rhubarb berry marmalade, fresh berries, almond flakes, poached pear and vanilla ice cream) // Corn fritters (pan fried corn fritters, sweet tomato salsa, hummus, guacamole, poached egg, baby spinach tossed in yuzu vinaigrette) // Sautéed mushrooms // Mocha

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Lp's Chilli Crab Pasta

Here's another main course from Les Patisseries that I think was done right. The Lp's Chilli Crab Pasta (S$18.00) is served with house-made chilli crab sauce from scratch, plus generous portion of tempura soft shell crab and came with a fried bun (man tou) for a hearty meal.

The soft shell crab was fried to a very crispy finish, and eating it together with some chilli crab gravy and linguine, I felt that the combination in my mouth was heavenly. Although the gravy can level up with a little more sweet and sour finish, look closely into it and you can find traces of real crab meat and egg!

The chef did not scrimp on the gravy for this pasta, so if you have already finished the pasta and don't know what to do with the residual gravy, that is when you can use the man tou to wipe the plate dry and finish everything to the last drop. I'm bloated by the end of this meal.

Nitro Cold Brew

Finally got round to one-north to try One Man Coffee's Nitro Cold Brew which is exclusively available to this branch.

The Nitro Cold Brew here is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink — it's pretty light on the palate, with a light body and a fruity flavour profile and a clean body; somehow resembles a bit of a light stout flavour at the end.