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Mooncakes To Try This Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming on 1 October, so hurry and stock up on some of these delish and special mooncake flavours!

The Mid-Autumn season is easily one of our favourites, thanks to the unique mooncake flavours that come out every year. From contemporary twists of the snow skin variety to traditional baked pastries, we've picked out some gorgeous renditions to sweeten up your festive celebrations.

Goodwood Park

You've never had mooncakes as fruity as these before. Goodwood Park has launched two new flavours this year: the Orange with Grape mooncake ($37/2pc and $58/4pc) featuring refreshing bites of red grape and crisp fruity notes, nestled within a citrusy mousse with fresh orange juice! There's also an exquisite Japanese Sweet Potato with Pumpkin-Coconut Centre mooncake ($41/2pc and $66/4pc), with a gorgeous balance between creamy sweet potato flesh and luscious pumpkin purée with desiccated coconut. It's pretty and delicious!

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Raffles Hotel

You can't simply do a list about mooncakes without including the esteemed Raffles Hotel. Besides signature favourites like the Champagne Truffle Snow-Skin mooncake ($78/8 pcs), we see two delicious new additions. The Apricot and Sourplum Snow-skin mooncake ($76/8 pcs) is inspired by MasterChef Jereme Leung’s signature creation - which involves plum-pickled tomatoes - and sees a decadent union of fresh apricot purée, sour plum, and white chocolate. We also like the Yuzu and Osmanthus Truffle Snow-skin mooncake ($76/8 pcs), with rich floral flavours of yuzu and osmanthus tea leaves to heighten its natural sweetness. Perfect with a soothing cup of Chinese tea, we think.

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Thye Moh Chan

Local traditional Teochew confectionery Thye Moh Chan is no stranger to old school Teochew mooncakes, which come in a pastry style with a flaky outer crust. Crafted by two original veteran pastry chefs, two new flavours ($42.80/4pcs) to check out are the Assorted Nuts White Lotus and Lychee Rose White Lotus, with a nutritious combination of nuts and seeds - roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, almond, walnut, and pumpkin seeds - and a floral fruity hit of lychee respectively.

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Aroma Truffle

Aroma Truffle’s gold-dusted beauties that took Singapore by storm last year are back to tantalise durian lovers. This time, they're presenting the Black Charcoal Musang King mooncake and Butterfly Pea Musang King mooncake (both $88/4pcs), two smooth and luscious flavours infused with premium Black Winter Truffles harvested from Spoleto, Italy. Filled with 100% pure Musang King durian from Raub, Pahang, think sweet and creamy, yet mildly savoury durian with a strong truffle aroma. You can also top up $20 to get two packets of their fab Truffle Potato Chips!

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Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands isn't traditionally known for their mooncakes, but darn if they aren't delicious. Chef Antonio, who brings with him 20 years of experience in the art of pastry-making, injects new and lighter flavours in this year's lineup with four unique renditions: Baked Cempedak, Baked Azuki, and for the chocolate fans, Chocolate-covered Sweet Potato and Chocolate-covered Black Sesame. Having tried them for ourselves, we can say that they're not as overly sweet as they sound. A box of four mooncakes is priced at $48 and available in three different combinations.

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InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Signature's Man Fu Yuan is one of our fave spots for Chinese cuisine, so it's safe to say their mooncakes will surely delight. On the snow skin front, look forward to flavours (all $84/4 pcs) such as Gula Melaka with red bean, coconut, and pandan jelly; and Pulut Hitam, made of dark glutinous rice with candied longan and coconut. There's even a Durian Pengat filled with durian cream, gula melaka, and butterfly pea - yum! The mooncakes are presented in elegant tingkat carriers decorated in subtle Peranakan designs, each layer unveiling a delightful confection!

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Old Seng Choong

The mooncakes from Old Seng Choong have had our hearts for years. In 2020, they're bringing back perennial flavours like the well-loved White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk ($66.80/4 pcs, available exclusively in the Celestial Premium Gift Box) and novel savoury-sweet Red Lotus Paste with Bak Kwa ($72.80/4 pcs). Like durian? Don't miss the Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin mooncake ($88.80/8 pcs). Customers can also enjoy 15% off selected Old Seng Choong Heritage Cookies with any mooncake purchase.

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Capitol Kempinski

Capitol Kempinski is bringing the festive cheer with some delectable mini mooncakes. The hotel's signature cocktail, the Plantation 1840, is now transformed into bite-sized delights with the Mini Snowskin Plantation 1840 ($78/8 pcs), flavoured with rum for a mature treat. For something more delicate, the Mini Snowskin Lychee Rose ($74/8 pcs) will court your tastebuds with a fruity floral fragrance, like the prettiest bouquet of flowers! We also like the slightly more traditional Mini Baked Pandan Paste with Melon seeds ($70/8 pcs). Plus, once you finish off the mooncakes, you can reuse the gorgeous box (inspired by stained glass) as a jewellery box!

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