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Pasta Sotong Hitam 💵: $17.90++ 📈: 5/10 🤔: Pasta was cooked al dente, sauce itself was not bad, but becomes a bit too much after awhile. Was a pretty oily dish, and 1/4 of my pasta was submerged in oil after about 15 minutes into the meal. Squid also had a fishiness to it and although I like squid, I couldn’t get myself to finish it. Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything
Chilli Crab Pasta A halal cafe near the sultan mosque in Bugis area. The food here are reasonably priced and I don't even recall if they have anything above $20! No GST, only service charge. Do note that they only accept cash/grabpay. My chilli crab pasta wasn't too spicy and had alot of crabmeat! At $17.9+, i would think that this is one of the more affordable crab pastas out there. Tastewise was not bad, but not fantastic either. My colleague tried their carbonara and loved it! Portion is decent and definitely won't leave you hungry. A place to consider if you're looking at halal options! Beats those that charge pretty exorbitantly (ard $30).
A hipster bistro café LePak At Rayz has opened at Bussorah Street, a short walk away from Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan). It looks set to be the next popular dining spot among Muslim friends. The Halal dining place seems to be able to capture the sweet spot with the provision of Western favourites and Asian comfort food, in an almost-hipster environment. Several of the dishes did remind me of Spize though. I previously thought that the menu at Rayz Bistro would deter price-sensitive diners. It appeared there was some adjustment on the pricing to be more mass-market friendly.
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Not So Bad 1st Time Experience. Food was okay. Shell out portion could be better. We ordered 3 buckets with 2 sauces, salted egg and tiga rasa. The seafood pieces for tiga rasa sauce was poorly chosen. We only got 2-3 small pieces of squid with lots of small “keong” which was so hard to eat cos apparently they didn’t provide any utensil for it. Could’ve gave us toothpicks at least 😬 Sauces were delicious, bo complaints for it. It’s the service that they need to improve on. It was packed but only 3 ppl working last night. we wanted to ask for more drinks but couldn’t manage to do as it was so hard to call the waitresses.
‘Grilled’ Nasi Lemak with a Luxurious Twist Seafood Lemak Padang Pasta. Walaku makes their own ‘lemak padang’ paste, which is fried in a pan to release its deep aroma. Coconut milk is added to enrich the sauce before linguine is mixed in. Read more:
“Indonesian traditional pancake” The Martabak is a stuffed thick pancake that is popular in Indonesia. 最近ハマってるホーカーなどで買えるローカルパンケーキによく似たインドネシアのトラディショナルパンケーキが人気のお店へ。 想像以上。 最近ハマってるやつがホーカーで1つ80¢で買えるのに対し、こちらは1つ$6.5となかなか強気・・・だなんて思っててすみませんでした。 これはこれで別物。 生地のモチモチ感は似てるけど厚みが全然違うし、なんと言っても中身がすごい。 作ってるのを見ながら勝手に実況中継楽しかったな。 この分厚い(底が3cmくらいある)パン、欲しいな。 パンケーキとか卵焼きくらいしか使い道思いつかないけど(笑) ONDE ONDE (Green) BLACK ROYAL (Black) RED VELVET (Red) 下2つは、1ブロック分のチーズとチョコレートのスライスがたっぷり。チーズとチョコレート!?って思ったけど、本当に本当にすみませんでした。 美味し過ぎます。 息子はレッド推し。 わたしはブラック推し。 携帯画面越しに見る彼女達も素敵。 これやってみたかったのよね。 でも1人じゃできない(笑) センスあるお友達が夢叶えてくれました。(写真9枚目) もうこれだけでも満足だったし、大きなパンケーキと並べると見劣りしちゃうけど、Golden crab burger $16の美味いたるや。 ソルティドエッグソースが絶妙。 添えてあるフライも美味しくて息子がほぼ1人で完食。 ほんでドリンクはブラジリアレモネード。 気になるでしょ。 冒険好きを刺激させるじゃない。 で、ブラジリアンって何がよ?って話なんですが、ん?これレモネード?レモネードの概念覆される、と言うかこれをレモネードと呼んでいいのかわからないけど、ラッシーみたいな?カルピスみたいな?ヤクルトみたいな?乳酸菌?! ん〜とにかく美味しい! お店の人に何が入ってるのかを聞いたら、コンデンスミルクが入ってるそうで、なるほど。納得。 場所が場所だけに次いつ来れるかわからないけど、美味しいものはちゃんと記憶に残ってるからね。 また来るね。 #walaku #martabak #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールごはん#シンガポール生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #シンガポール子育て #singaporeinsta #igsg #🇸🇬 #駐妻#sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodies#foodpics#burpple#sgfoodporn#eatoutsg#みど朝活隊
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Nasi Ambeng (from $14.90) [or from $12 via the Communal Dining at Kampong Glam App or FB Messenger] The enormous platter is meant for sharing among friends and families. While I can't comment on the beef rendang and paru (lungs), I quite enjoy the sambal squid that comes with tender slices of squid. The serundeng (fried coconut flakes) was nice but could have been spicier. Another great option if you want to try a little bit of everything.
Nasi Ambeng ($12 / $14.90 Usual Price) Communal Dining at Kampong Glam is a group dining experience where diners can prebook their table and preorder their meals from a variety of participating merchants via the facebook messenger chatbot called “Communal Dining At Kampong Glam”. Be it Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or Malay, there are plenty of choices for everyone on the curated menu and food prices are discounted if you order via the application. The Nasi Ambeng platter includes fried coconut flakes, salted fish, spiced beef lung, beef rendang, steamed rice, sambal balacan, stir-fried long beans with tofu & tempeh, potato cutlet and chicken in spicy coconut gravy. Perfect for sharing if you are dining in a big group.
Nasi Ambeng [Burpple Eatup] Another good thing for making reservation and ordering your food on the Communal Dining at Kampong Glam app or Chatbot (Facebook Messenger), you can pay directly online without the hassle of splitting the money to each of the restaurants. So you could just reach your table and enjoy your food being deliver to you. Beside Derwish, Padi is another restaurant available for this service. Padi serving authentic Malay food along Bussorah Street. Nasi Ambeng is one of their signature item on the menu. The platter include steam white rice, beef rendang, sambal squid, stir fry long beans with tofu & tempe, potato cutlet, chicken in spicy coconut gravy, mixed vegetables tossed with grated coconut, tenderly spiced beef lung, salted fish, fried coconut flakes and sambal belacan. The portion can be serve for 1 pax to 5 pax.
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