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Double chocolate brownie [$7] with single scoop [$3.90] premium [+$0.70] // . Launched 3 weeks ago, this double chocolate brownie is made using 2 kinds of chocolate: 65% Inaya Dark chocolate 41% Alunga Milk chocolate, topped with caramelised cooca nibs and served warm in a pot. The portion served is indeed huge, requiring at least 2 pax or more to indulge in, unless you have a huge fetish for chocolates. As I was dining alone, I must admit that I got really taken aback when it was served to me, as I was wondering how I would be able to manage it all on my own, despite having a sweet tooth. True enough, I was on the verge of giving up before half of it. Not that it wasn鈥檛 nice or so, the decadent and luscious chocolate cake was a pleasant indulgence and satisfaction to the palate only for the first few bites as it got rather overwhelming and saccharine after awhile. Fortunately the scoop of uji matcha ice cream which I had added on managed to alleviate the situation a little, with a subtle, fragrant earthy note. Made using matcha sourced from @matchayasg, the ice cream had a distinct earthy note but unfortunately lacking a lingering bitter undertone which I would have adored, as a hardcore matchaholic. The texture was great though; a smooth, creamy and melt-in-the mouth kind. On the other hand, the brownie came with a crisp surface layer with caramelised cocoa nibs that added a pleasant crunch factor. On the downside, the texture was a little dry and crumbly at some regions and it would have been better if it was more fudgy and moist instead . . . . #burpple #smitteneats
馃捀: $6 + $3.90 per scoop [ Charcoal Waffle with Blue Milk Ice Cream ] . . After my first taste of Apiary late last year, Apiary has became my favorite dessert place in Singapore ever since 鉁↙ocated in a small but cozy spot in Outram Park, it鈥檚 a good spot for you to eat quality food and catch up with your friends at the same time! Prices are super affordable and with the quality of the mouthwatering waffles served, it鈥檚 super duper worth the price. . As always, the waffle was soft and moist and once you take a bite into it, it鈥檒l melt in your mouth 馃い The ice cream was creamy and milky and I was begging for more! I really can鈥檛 describe how deep in love I am with Apiary鈥檚 waffles 馃槱 Highly highly recommended place for people looking for desserts! 馃挄 . 馃搷: Apiary 馃晳: 12pm - 10pm ; 12pm-11pm (Fri & Sat)
Apiary offers a range of unique flavours (e.g. blue milk) which are really quite novel. the usual flavours such as Thai Milk Tea and Pistachio are not bad too! but most of the others are quite mediocre like the waffles were ok and the charcoal ones were not distinctly different from the normal waffle. overall an ok experience鈥 will not travel for it but a possible option for dessert if in the vicinity:-)
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Dofu Creation 1 : $5.60 . . Black Soy Ice Cream, Hershey's Chocolate, Orange Popping Boba, Paillete Feuilletine, Mini Mashmallow
Wee Guan
Black Soy Ice cream 鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆 Hooray! Here comes some healthy ice cream you can feast on without guilt. Made from non-GMO top grade soy beans, with no added fats nor artificial ingredients, the ice cream is a healthy snack for anything time of the day. 馃攨 I had a medium size with five toppings. The surprisingly part is the soy pudding right at the base, soft and wobbly. The ice cream has a tofu-liked texture with a smooth consistency that's not so sweet. 馃攨 This post so long liao but since @5meanders wants a poem... Dofu dofu I want eat your tofu I know it's sinful But you are so beautiful Even if I am very full Even if I don't look cool All the sessions we've been through You are my comfort soup You are my golden hue If only you knew I wanna woo you . And eat you. 鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆 馃構 Dofu 馃挵<$10 馃嵈20A Yishun Central #01-05 Yishun Bus Interchange, Singapore 768830 鈴睴pening Hours: Daily 11:30AM-8:30PM
Organic Black Soy Soft Serve, on Chilled Organic Black Soy Pudding Organic Black Soy Soft Serve, on Chilled Organic Black Soy Pudding ($4.90 with 3 toppings) Available at @DOFU.SG which opened 2 days ago. Selected Salted Caramel Sauce, Yogurt Pearls, Blue Chocolate Pearls as toppings. Base + 5 toppings at $5.60 Base + 7 toppings at $6.20 Each topping at $0.50 I wish that there was more fruit toppings. Currently only saw peach slices. | | DOFU Address 馃彔 : 20A Yishun Central, # 01-05 Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange, Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞 768 830 Open 馃拡 : 11am - 8pm MRT 馃殗 : Yishun (NS13)
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