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The Sesame Treat Launched just yesterday at Apiary is The Sesame Treat; a interesting tasting platter which involves a scoop of White Sesame Ice-Cream (which is exclusively available to The Sesame Treat), Black Sesame Ice-Cream, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Japanese Sea Salt and Sesame Oil. The dish also comes with a set of instructions on a card which recommends the best way to enjoy the tasting platter as well on the side. Following the instructions written on the card, one would first get a taste of both scoops of ice-cream before pouring in the Toasted Sesame Seeds, Japanese Sea Salt and then the Sesame Oil to enjoy the tasting platter with the various flavour combinations. While the toasted Sesame Seeds helped to enhance the already and fragrant and roasty flavours of White Sesame and Black Sesame respectively, the addition of Japanese Sea Salt helps to add a unami flavour to both scoops of ice-cream which were nothing short of Apiary's smooth and creamy consistency for their ice-creams. The addition of Sesame Oil was the most interesting for me 鈥 while it enhances the creaminess of the White Sesame Ice-Cream, it adds a even stronger aroma to the Black Sesame Ice-Cream. Pretty interesting, especially given it's probably the first time I have come across an ice-cream tasting platter locally.
Xing Wei
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Always a pleasure to be at Apiary for ice-cream. Had a Double Scoop ($7.20, +70垄 for premium flavours) of The Apiary and Blue Milk, the former being my usual option just because it would be something different with every visit, and when I went there was the use of bee pollen which I'd assume are the yellow specks around the honey flavoured ice-cream. Love the added natural sweetness it gives, and this might be my favourite variation so far! The latter, on the other hand, might just be my favourite flavour of all there! With the use of butterfly pea flower, the blue is all natural and there is this strong milky sweetness that I find extremely addictive. Really, really good; if only I had discovered it much sooner! 馃挋
THAT CHOCOLATE. Apiary waffle and ice creams are a great way to close off a FriYAY night with friends. We chose the Apiary and chocolate flavored ice cream and ended up all just diving straight into the chocolate one. Not that the signature Apiary ice cream isn鈥檛 good, it is really smooth and creamy without coming off as too sweet, however, the chocolate was WHOA. Dark, creamy and subtly bitter, it just worked so well with the sweet crusty waffle below. And oh, please don鈥檛 miss out on the waffles, fluffy on the inside, crusty on the outside, it is a perfect match for the ice cream.
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All-you-can-stack Yogurt!! Thursday night post-dinner dessert at Yogurtland with @geekyelephant 馃崷馃崼馃嵀馃崷馃崼馃嵀馃崷 S$6 for all-you-can-stack yoghurt and toppings in an 8-oz. cup (weekdays only). Promotion valid till 2 July 2017. ========= (ps: if the battery's running low on your mobile phone, bring your own cable and come grab a yoghurt while you recharge. USB charging ports available here.鈿★笍馃攱)
First Yogurtland store in singapore! They sell froyo by weight, at $3 per 100g. Its self service - U get to put everything by urself! Its pretty fun. The service team was very kind too, letting us taste each flavor before we decide which to get. They had 8 flavours on sales - plain, alphonso mango tart, kiwi raspberry sorbet, dragon passion tart, strawberry shortcake pop, cheese cake, chocolate. I cant decide which to get cuz all are good. 馃 End up with plain&mango, kiwi raspberry sobert&dragon passion tart. Add my fav topping like passionfruit pops, nata de co co, almond flakes Its so fun making my own froyo. But its pretty expensive comparing it to llaollao. This medium size, half filled, cost me $7.40 馃憤馃徎3/5 鉁旓笍 worth visiting 馃搷#yybffpromenade
Finally Here But Expensive Yogurtland in Singapore: finally here but expensive. Twice the price of US at S$3 per 100g. Plus the flavours are not as exciting. How to fight with llaollao when this tiny cup cost $5.55 and you can get more at llaollao for the same price? 馃檨
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Dofu Creation 1 : $5.60 . . Black Soy Ice Cream, Hershey's Chocolate, Orange Popping Boba, Paillete Feuilletine, Mini Mashmallow
Wee Guan
Black Soy Ice cream 鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆 Hooray! Here comes some healthy ice cream you can feast on without guilt. Made from non-GMO top grade soy beans, with no added fats nor artificial ingredients, the ice cream is a healthy snack for anything time of the day. 馃攨 I had a medium size with five toppings. The surprisingly part is the soy pudding right at the base, soft and wobbly. The ice cream has a tofu-liked texture with a smooth consistency that's not so sweet. 馃攨 This post so long liao but since @5meanders wants a poem... Dofu dofu I want eat your tofu I know it's sinful But you are so beautiful Even if I am very full Even if I don't look cool All the sessions we've been through You are my comfort soup You are my golden hue If only you knew I wanna woo you . And eat you. 鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆鈽烩樆 馃構 Dofu 馃挵<$10 馃嵈20A Yishun Central #01-05 Yishun Bus Interchange, Singapore 768830 鈴睴pening Hours: Daily 11:30AM-8:30PM
Organic Black Soy Soft Serve, on Chilled Organic Black Soy Pudding Organic Black Soy Soft Serve, on Chilled Organic Black Soy Pudding ($4.90 with 3 toppings) Available at @DOFU.SG which opened 2 days ago. Selected Salted Caramel Sauce, Yogurt Pearls, Blue Chocolate Pearls as toppings. Base + 5 toppings at $5.60 Base + 7 toppings at $6.20 Each topping at $0.50 I wish that there was more fruit toppings. Currently only saw peach slices. | | DOFU Address 馃彔 : 20A Yishun Central, # 01-05 Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange, Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞 768 830 Open 馃拡 : 11am - 8pm MRT 馃殗 : Yishun (NS13)
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