Mid-Autumn : Last Minute Mooncake Shopping In Johor Bahru.

We've all been there, mid autumn seemed like a month away, but lo and behold, it's this week!

Here is a list of the best spots to buy the best mooncakes, while being dangerously close to the festive day itself!

Midvalley SouthkeyOne of the busiest and largest mall in JB has got the best offerings!

This place takes top spot on our list as they have an awesome selection at their centre court! We recommend the following.

  • Westin Desaru
  • For their delectable Matcha Red Bean mooncake (our favourite), as well as their less sweet white lotus variety.

  • Tip Top Durian
  • Durian mooncake, need we say more?

  • Oriental Kopitiam
  • The Charcoal Musang King, and Jade custard yolk mooncakes really caught our eye!

    AEON Bukit IndahThe Neighborhood shopping mall of Bukit Indah

    For those who don't want to travel to the city center, perhaps take a look at this place. They too have some interesting items worth trying out!

  • Joymom
  • RM50 for 4 mooncakes! That's a good deal! Unique flavors includes a tarty Dragon Fruit & Cranberry and earthy Pandan & Mung Bean

  • Hong Kong Bay
  • If you're out to impress, get a four pack of their Superior Black gold snow Skin Musang King durian (RM238). This set also comes with a fancy leather looking cooler bag.

    SDSThey've got multiple outlets across the state!

    If you're gifting mooncakes to someone, SDS's premium gift set is something your recipients will surely appreciate!

    Gleneagles MediniFirst ever Hospital to sell mooncakes?

    This one is for the health conscious mooncake connoisseur! Gleneagles being a prominent name in the healthcare industry has now started selling their own brand of mooncakes! Made less sweet, they still make for a tasty tea time treat!